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By BooBear96
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BooBear96Taegan Marie   4d ago

It was the night of her twenty first birthday party. All of her friends had planned a surprise trip to Nashville to celebrate. It was only about a two hour flight from their hometown of Charleston; but they had surprised her with a five day trip. She had the best friend group! 

[b "I still cannot believe you guys pulled this off. I wish you would've just told me and I could've helped planned it!"] Cameron said as they walked into the AirBnB. [b "I cannot believe we have five days to do absolutely nothing except party, drink and relax. Where are we going tonight? I know y'all have it planned out!"] 

[i "Aldeans!"] Sarah blurted out. [i "We're going to Aldeans and I figured we would just wonder around Downtown. We have to go to Coyote Ugly at some point. But Aldeans is supposed to have great drinks and food, and celebrity's flock there so who knows who we might see."]

They ended up napping before they all got ready and headed out to Jason Aldeans. It was definitely a popular place. It was already packed, but they managed to find a bar top table.

[https://pin.it/7qBpZ97 outfit]
polkadotrockerKane 6.0   4d ago

Kane stood leaning against a table in the VIP section of Aldean’s. “I can’t believe y’all got me out here.” He said to his friends, Jason, the owner, being one of them. Taylor spoke, “Had to get you out of the damn house after that breakup, you’ve been going crazy.” Kane rolled his eyes at that. “Katie left me six months ago yall, it’s not like it was recent.” 

Jason turned to Kane and gave him a look, “And how many times have you been out since?” Kane thought about it for a moment or two before downing his first beer of the night. “Shit y’all got me.” He took a deep breath and picked up another bud light lime out of the bucket. 

“So just a guys night tonight then?” He asked as the waitress brought out food that Jason had ordered for all of them. Mozzarella sticks, fried pickles, chicken wings, all the bat food you could think of. Kane just wanted to sit down with that basket of French fries and chill but his buddies were pointing out girls for him. It didn’t help he was the only single one.
BooBear96Taegan Marie   3d ago

Taegan and her friends had settled into their bar top table pretty quickly. Everyone agreed for a round of drinks so she and Sarah headed up to the bar to order everyone drinks. [b “I don’t think I’ve told you yet, but I really really appreciate you guys so much for planning this.”] she told Sarah after they had ordered. She had a feeling that this was going to be the trip of a lifetime.

[b “Thank you!”] she said as she handed the bartender her card so they could start their tab. She turned on her heel to walk back to their table, but smacked into a…wall? What was a wall doing in the middle of a bar. The drinks in her hand had spilled all over the giant of a man standing in front of her. Her eyes trailed his body and went wide as she realized she had just spilt her drinks over Kane Brown. [b “i-I.”] she mumbled. [b “I’m so sorry.”]
polkadotrockerKane   3d ago

Kane shook his head and steadied her so she didn’t fall. “Don’t worry about it Darlin, let me replace your drinks.” He wasn’t honestly sure if she had ran into him or he had ran into her. Either way he was covered in drinks and she was drink less. 

Kane walked to the bar and looked to her, “What table are you and your friends at darlin?” He asked her and when he found out he looked to the bar tender. “Put them on my tab.” He would pay for all their drinks all night, he didn’t care about the money. This gave him the chance to talk to her since his buddies had urged him to. 

“I’m Kane, what’s your name Darlin?” He asked handing her a new drink. Kane wasn’t pleased to be wet from the chest down to his boots from the alcohol but he wasn’t about to complain. Hell if it wasn’t for his friends he wouldn’t even be here in the first place.
BooBear96     3d ago

Taegan blinked as the man reached out to steady her feet so she wouldn’t fall. [b “I—“] she giggled and just shook her head. [b “Wow. I’m definitely starstruck right now.”] 

Sarah had left her and returned to their table, leaving her in the middle of the bar with Kane.

[b “Thank you.”] she said as she followed Kane to the Bar. [b “We’re at the bar tops.”] She took the drink he held out to her and took a sip. [b “You really don’t have to pay for our drinks. I’m pretty sure I ran into you, so I should probably be buying you a beer.”]

She glared at her friends when they walked back, as if daring them to say anything out of the ordinary. [b “I’m Taegan, that’s Sarah and Cameron.
polkadotrockerKane   3d ago

Kane nodded, “nice to meet
Y’all and it’s the least I can do. I’m sure I ran into you at least partially.” He admitted. 

Kane could see his friends up on the balcony urging him to ask her to dance. God they were idiots. “Would you like to dance teagan?” He asked softly. He didn’t want to offend her or her friends but everyone else in his friend group was married and he didn’t want to get them in trouble with their wives by hanging out with a group of beautiful girls.

Kane knew the girl was star struck but he didn’t understand why. He was just Kane, not anything special except
His job wa sto sing. Other than that he was plain boring he thought at least. “Are you from Nashville?”
He asked awkwardly. Hell he wasn’t even from Nashville but had ended up here for his career. Sometimes he did miss Georgia though, it was his home no matter what anyone says. 

“I’m from Georgia originally.” He admitted to her.

Taegan grinned as Kane continued to follow her back to their table. [b "It's really nice to meet you.. If I'm being honest, Sara picked Aldeans because we heard a lot of singers hangout here. I just didn't think I would spill my drinks on one."] she said. 

She looked over at her friends wide eyed when he asked her to dance. There was no way she could say no. [b "I would love to dance."] she said as she held out her hand, boldly.

[b "I'm from South Carolina, Charlestown actually. Yesterday was my twenty first birthday so we came to Nashville for a few days to celebrate... My friends surprised me..."]
polkadotrockerKane   3d ago

Kane smiled, “Been to South Carolina a couple times, might be going back on the next tour if I can ever finish this album. My buddies dragged me out tonight, said I needed it.”
He admitted as he pulled her closer out on the dance floor. “By the way, happy birthday darlin.” He muttered with a smile. “I’m surprised they didn’t put you in one of those birthday hat crown things.”

Just then his buddy Taylor walked up to her friends, inviting everyone up to the VIP section, it seemed they had invited more single friends and Kane just nodded to him.

He didn’t know how to why but this girl, Teagan was special. “Where are y’all staying? Not far from here?” He asked hoping if her and her friends did get drunk, it wasn’t far. He could have Jason’s security take them home, yeah he would do that so no one got hurt.

After the song he took her hand to lead her out of the crowd. “Bama’s here? My best friend from high school and he’s got your friends doing shots, sorry about that.”

[b "I love South Carolina. It's home."] she said. [b "But I'm actually going to College in Georgia, I start my senior year in August. But Summer Break, we're back home for a few months."] she said.  She grinned when Kane made a comment about her not wearing a birthday hat. [b "Apparently they said it didn't go with my outfit tonight. They said I had to wear it tomorrow."]

She looked back as her friends were being shuffled into the VIP section. [b "I assume he's a friend of yours?"] she asked. [b "We have an air bnb about fifteen minutes from here. We ubered."] she told him. 

She blushed as he took her hand and led her back to his table. [b "Bama? Who is Bama?"] she asked as she grinned. All her friends were already doing shots. [b "Hey, we came to Nashville to have fun."]
polkadotrockerKane   3d ago

Kane chuckled, “Darlin meet my best friend from high school, Bama.” The man nodded to her. “Nice to meet you.” Her friends were already doing shot after shot and Kane pulled a guard aside and had them arrange cars back to the air bnb for the girls. 

“Don’t worry about getting back to your air bnb, it’s taken care of and a car will be waiting when we are done having a hell of a night”. He said to her softly. He could tell she was the responsible one of their friend group. Kinda like Jason was the responsible one in his. He was older and took care of the rest of them when they were being idiots which was usual.

Kane picked up a shot and offered her one. “Do one with me Darlin? For your birthday?” He asked and smiled. Downing the shot he shook his head, “Stronger than I remember for sure.” He muttered.

Taegan grinned as she was introduced to 'Bama'. [b "Its really nice to meet you."] she said as she watched Kane pull a security guard aside. She looked over at all her other friends and it seemed they had made friends with Kane's but they were all married so she hoped nothing happened.

[b "Why did your friends say you needed to get out?"] Soon enough he was back and told her that they had a car waiting for them tonight whenever they were finished. [b "You really didn't have to do that... We were going to reserve an uber again. But thank you."]

She quickly nodded as she took the tequila shot from Kane. [b "Wooo."] she said as it burned her throat. [b "So what's your girlfriend going to think about you letting a bunch of girls sit at your VIP table?"] she asked.
polkadotrockerKane   3d ago

"That right there is why I am out with my buddies. She left me 6 months ago and they thought it was a good idea to drag my ass out to the bars. Honestly I probably did need it but was too stubborn to come on my own so they came to my house, dragged me out and here I am." He said looking to her. "Pretty happy I came too or I wouldn't have got to meet the prettiest girl I've ever seen." He admitted. 

"My friends called some single friends to hang out with your friends." He said seeing Jon Pardi, and a few others come into the bar. 

"Wanna dance again?" He asked taking her hand in his to lead her back out onto the dance floor. This time it was the VIP section and no one would bother them.

Taegan nodded as she listened to him explain why exactly he was out with his friends tonight. [b "Well.. I'm sure it's her loss."] she said. She blushed as he continued to tell her that he was glad that he finally let his friends drag him out. [b "Oh how many girls have you said that to?"] she asked.

She looked up as more famous country music stars walked into Aldeans. [b "Oh wow."] she said. 

They ended up dancing the rest of the night. They both got pretty wasted.. But when it came time to go home, her friends went back to their air bnb escorted by security from Aldean's, and she herself went back with Kane to his house in the suburb.
polkadotrockerKane   3d ago

Kane woke up the next morning with the worst hangover he had ever had. He looked over seeing a beautiful girl in his bed beside him. Teagan. Damn. All he remembered from the night before was he was sure she was a dream. That girl was perfect, he thought he remembered asking her if he was drunk or dreaming. He was sure it was both but the girl in bed beside him was proof he was just really really drunk. Damn what did he get himself into?

Rambo was asleep at her feet and he smiled as he pulled on sweats and went to the kitchen to make some kind of breakfast. This girl deserved better than him, that was for sure but somehow she had deemed him worthy last night.

Taegan was confused as she rolled over in the bed and opened an eye. There was a sleepy dog at her feet. This wasn’t her bedroom at her AirBnB. [b “What the hell did I do last night] she muttered as she slowly sat up and looked around. She really didn’t know where she was at. All she remembered about last night was going to Aldeabs… and then proceeding to spill two drinks on Kane Brown.

[b “Oh. My. Gosh.”] she muttered as she realized that she must be in Kane’s bed. She looked around and seen an oversized tee shirt that he must’ve laid out for her. She scurried into the bathroom to take a quick shower before heading downstairs in search of Kane. 

[b “Wow. A great night and French Toast?”] she asked as she found him in the kitchen. [b “How are you feeling?@]
polkadotrockerKane   3d ago

"French Toast is the perfect cure for a hangover." he said putting a plate in front of her with a smile, "and darlin I feel like I got hit by a bus and I was hoping you wouldn't feel as bad this morning." He said getting mugs out, "How do you take your coffee? Have you checked in with your friends? I don't want them to be worried about you. You are safe here and they could be worried youre missing." He admitted. "I found your phone on the floor and laid it on the charger with mine, they were both toast from last night. How much did we drink babe?" 

He didn't remember much but her, he could never forget her. Rambo came in when she did and noticed Kane had fed him and waddled over to his bowl. "See you met Rambo."
BooBear96     2d ago

As much as she was trying, Taegan was having a hard time piecing the rest  of the night together. Although it wasn't rocket science to figure out that they had slept together. She just wished she could remember. [b "French Toast just happens to be my favorite."] she said as she hopped up on a barstool in the kitchen. 

[b "A little sugar, a little creamer please."] she told him. [b "I texted Sarah before I showered, although I don't think they're awake yet."] 

[b "Um... So not to start heavy as soon as we get up. But uh. What happened last night? I normally don't make it a point to go home with guys I meet in a bar, much less famous ones."]
polkadotrockerKane   2d ago

“I don’t bring girls home from the bar ever so this is a first for me. I’m assuming the Jack and cokes got the better of us and we weren’t making the best decisions but at the same time I’m not upset about it. I remember telling you that you were the most beautiful girl and I still believe that.” He said handing her a hot mug of coffee. 

“I know it’s not the ideal situation but if your not opposed….would you go out with me? I know we’re doing things a little bit backwards since we’ve already been together and I should have led with asking you out.”
BooBear96     2d ago

The girl took a deep breath as she listened to Kane speak about their night together and what all happened. [b "I know.. Okay. You went through a really bad break up and you found some girl at your friends bar that you were infatuated with.. But that's exactly what I am Kane, I'm a girl that you brought home from the bar, we had a fun night I suppose, I can't remember, but you don't know me... I'll admit that I remember feeling a spark last night."] she told him, but you don't know me at all... So I don't think it's smart if we make this official I'm only here for a week."]

She took a sip of her coffee again before looking back at him. [b "I think there is something that could be here... But I'm not sure if it would ever work out. I'm from South Carolina, I go to school in Georgia and you live in Nashville, not to mention we live very different lives... I'm not the girl you should want, honey."]
polkadotrockerKane   2d ago

Kane sighed, “Will you humor me and hang out as friends then? If is uncomfortable I can invite some friends and your friends and we can all go to top golf today. Food, drinks just not as many as last night, and seeing me play golf badly.” He suggested, “That could be tonight, it’s cool at night, I could show you around Nashville today if that’s okay with you, show you the sights.” 

Kane knew what he had felt last night and he wasn’t going to give up that easily.

[b "We can definielty hang out, but you know at somepoint, I'm going to have to hangout with my friends... They did pay for this trip.. I can't just bail on them."] she told him.[b "Top Golf sounds fun.. But do you think we could go tonight instead? That way I can spend the day with my friends."] she told him.

[b "I'll see what I can do about seeing if I can ditch my friends tomorrow and you can show me around Nashville then."] she explained. 

Kane took her to her airbnb around lunch that day. He had already called and made them the VIP reservations for Top Golf that night at eight. She had never been to Top Golf before, so she was really excited about that.

[https://pin.it/4Ci3n1Q outfit]
polkadotrockerKane   1d ago

At Top Golf that night Kane was waiting on them with a few of his single friends when they walked in. “Thank you for coming darlin’, my buddies were convinced I made you up.” He had told his buddies he found a girl he really liked and he wanted to take things slow with her which was the truth, he wasn’t giving up on being more than friends just yet. 

He had no idea what she and her friends had done today but he had spent most of his day thinking about her and what he wanted to take her to do tomorrow.
BooBear96     17h ago

Taegan grinned when Kane told her that his friends thought she was made up. [b "I'm most definielty real."] she said. She followed Kane to the Bay he had reserved. She didn't know what to expect as she had never been to Top Golf before. It wasn't long after they had all seleted into their bay that drinks and food were both on the way. She was sure that Kane had made arrangements with that.

Her friends seemed to be hitting it off with Kane's single friends as well. While she know nothing serious probably wouldnt come of any of it, she had overheard them all making plans tomorrow so that meant she could sneak off and spend the day with Kane. [b "Looks like I'm all yours tomorrow. What do you have planned out?"] she asked.

None of this seemed real. Part of her thought that maybe she shouldn't have been as open as she was with Kane last night. While they had only slept together one time and they were both drunk, she didn't even remember a lot of it... She was worried about how Kane would take it when she went home in a few days. But hopefully they could just continue to have fun.
polkadotrockerKane   16h ago

Kane smirked and put his arm around her, “Was thinking about making breakfast for you at my place if you want to stay the night tonight or we could go out for breakfast, I can take you to the sights in Nashville, show you my favorite places to go that not a lot of people go to.” He suggested.

When it was Kane’s turn to swing he hit the ball and it hit the net. He sighed, “Ya win some ya lose some.” At that he picked up his beer again before sitting down in front of the mozzarella sticks.
BooBear96Cameron Elizabeth   15h ago

[b "I don't have any clothes with me. But if we don't get too wild, you could always drive me back to the Air BnB and I can come back and stay the night with you."] she told him. 

The rest of the night was a lot of fun. Everyone got a pretty good buzz except for Kane, He kept saying he wanted to be able to drive her back tonight. It seemed that everyone had somewhat coupled off.

They had went back to the Air BnB and she had quickly packed her backpack full of clothes. She was sure that she would be back there tomorrow so she didn't worry about packing more than one outfit along with her hair and makeup things.

[b "So what exactly are we doing tomorrow? And do I get another Kane Brown Breakfast?"]
polkadotrockerKane   13h ago

“You do and I’m showing you the sights in Nashville, we’re gonna have lunch at Hattie B’s and dessert at Bang Candy, the best candy shop in town.” He added with a smirk, “Gonna take you to see the Parthenon and anything else we find.”

He helped her into his truck and kissed her cheek gently. “You look gorgeous by the way Darlin.” He said his southern drawl slipping a little more than he usually allowed. 

Soon he was driving towards his place and opened the gate with the code when they arrived, “Code is 8888 if you ever need it.” He said softly. He was silently giving her permission to come over whenever she wanted to. He didn’t want to lose her so easily. 

In the house Rambo greeted them and Kane turned to her, “Are you opposed to Pizza in the theatre with me or watching a movie in my room?”
BooBear96Cameron Elizabeth   13h ago

Taegan looked at Kane as he told her what all he had planned for tomorrow. [b "Oh I'm excited! I wanted to go see the Parthenon when I found out we were coming here."] she told him. [b "I'm a complete sucker for all types of candy... Anyway possible we could go do a tour at Belle Meade?"] she asked as she took his hand to help her get up in his truck. 

They rode mostly in silence as they headed back to Kane's house in the suburbs neighborhood. [b "Oh does that mean you think I'll be coming back to visit?"] she asked as she giggled.

After Kane had parked the truck in his garage, they headed inside. [b "I'm gonna go change into my pajamas, but Pizza and a movie sounds great."] she told him as she grabbed her backpack and walked upstairs.

[https://pin.it/7JKdPYe pjs]
polkadotrockerKane   13h ago

Kane nodded, “That’ll be new for me too, I’ve never been to Belle Meade Plantation, just past it”. He admitted. He nodded to her when she said she was gonna change, “I’ll change too and order the pizza.” 

Rambo of course followed her and not Kane. He was more interested in their guest than he was Kane because he saw him all of the time. 

He changed into shorts and no shirt and ordered the pizza, his hat sat on his dresser now. He was usually wearing a hat so it was rare people saw him without one.

“Damn darlin.”
He said seeing her in her pjs. “Gorgeous.” He said softly. He was a lucky man. He wished she would give him a  real chance but he would take what he could get at the moment and that was what looked like a friends with benefits situation.
BooBear96Cameron Elizabeth   11h ago

Her week in Nashville came to an end, she and all her friends went back home to South Carolina. She only had about two weeks at home before she moved back into her Townhome near Campus. It was her senior year. This year would be pretty easy, she only had an english class and then photography and some journalism courses. She was hoping for an easy-ish year.

She and Kane texted almost every day. On her last day in Nashville, he had told her how he felt and basically begged her to stay. But she couldn't, she had to finish school and he had his own life in Nashville. He didn't need to be tied down by a college student who still didn't know where she wanted to do or end up. It was kind of hard, leaving him. But she knew it was for the best. 

Classes were back in full session and she had been feeling pretty crappy lately, which wasn't normal for her. She was almost never sick. It wasn't normal at all. Her friends had urged her to go have a check up with the clinic on Campus. She figured she was low on some vitamin but it turns out that she was pregnant.. The clinic on Campus couldn't pin point just how far along she was so she would have to follow up with an OB in Athens.
polkadotrockerKane   10h ago

Kane had played a few shows and had a few days off when he texted her. “Just landed in Nashville, I have four days off. How are your classes Darlin?” He asked her. He was genuinely curious. Kane never got tired of talking to her. 

The label had a car to take him home and he didn’t  pay attention to the roads he was just waiting on her to text him back. Rambo went with him so he was asleep beside him in the seat. 

“Been thinking about you.” He said texting her back. He got home opening the door and sighed. He missed her. Really missed her. He had half a mind to get in his truck and drive to Georgia tonight.

Without thinking about it Kane dialed her number as he leaned against his kitchen counter. He also wanted to share a bit fo a song he had written about her but he didn’t know if she was busy this weekend or not,
BooBear96     10h ago

Taegan had made it back to her apartment after her doctors appointment and called Sarah over to help her try and process everything. She didn't know how this had happened. She was on birth control.. She had been taking pills since she was seventeen.. But then she remember in the midst of partying and going out in Nashville, she had skipped a few days. [b "I don't know what the hell I'm going to do."] she told her friend. [b "It was practially a one night stand. I mean he's a famous musican.. He's not going to want to be tied down with me."]

She looked down at her phone after she had felt her apple watch go off. She grinned slightly when it registered that Kane had texted her. [i "Classes are good. Hoping it continues to be this easy.. I've been thinking about you too. How were your shows?"] She typed. 

She didn't get to hit send before her phone was ringing and his face popped up. [b "Oh my gosh. He's calling me."] she told Sarah. She took a deep breathe before answering.
polkadotrockerKane   10h ago

Kane waited a few rings, “Hey darlin, just got home and thought I’d call you. I have four days off, are you busy this weekend? I could drive down and pick you up? Spend a couple days with me here in Nashville?” He suggested not knowing
Anything about what is going on with her.

Rambo barked and Kane chuckled, “Rambo says hi too Darlin.” He knew the little dog loved her. “Shows went well, couldn’t stop thinking about you, still think we shouldn’t date Tea?” He asked softly. 

He had just offered to drive four hours to come get her and bring her back to his place and he always paid for everything so that wasn’t a problem. “I care about you Teagan, please consider it?” He asked hopeful she would say yes. He didn’t know how much more fight he had left in him.
BooBear96Taegan Marie   9h ago

Taegan looked up at Sarah as she listened to Kane. [b "I have classes honey."] she said softly. [b "I can't just skip them."] It killed her, honestly right now; she wanted nothing more than to tell Kane to come pick her up.. But she knew that this would ruin him and she couldn't do that. Plus she had school to think about. [b "I wish I could, but I just don't think I can right now... Where are you playing in October? That's my fall break."] she explained. [b "Maybe I can come visit then."]

She missed him more than she was letting on, that was for sure. [b "I care about you too Kane... I think it's just bad timing... But I'll think about it, I promise... I really want to talk to you but Sarah just walked in and she's going to help me with my English paper."] she told him... she was lying to him. But she didn't know what else to do. [b "I'll call you later if you want."]
polkadotrockerKane   9h ago

He sighed, “October I’m in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana for a week and then back in Nashville for three and doing a pop up with Jason at Aldeans on Halloween”. He said looking at his schedule. He sighed again hearing her say no and nodded but spoke, “I understand baby.” He sounded broken but he couldn’t help it.

“I could drive down to visit a little?” He suggested. “Just think about it and call me back? I’ll be home tonight just with Rambo, working on a new song for you…about you.” He added and sighed once more. “Talk to you later, miss you.” He said again and hung up.

“Fuck.” He said to no one. What was he doing wrong? He wanted her to be with him, wanted to be with her, why wouldn’t she let him in? He was too frustrated to care at the moment.
BooBear96Taegan Marie   9h ago

She had put him on speaker and was looking to see when his exact tour dates were. [b "I can be in Michgan and at Aldeans?"] she asked, hoping he would tell her yes. [b "If I can get my assignment early, I can fly up to Ohio too."] she told him.

[b "Let me work on my paper tonight and I'll call you back honey, I promise."] she told him. 

She looked up at Sarah and smiled slightly. [b "Help me pack. I'm going to Nashville."] she told her as she packed her laptop and electronics in her pack, she still had homework to do. [b "If I leave now, I can be there by Eleven. I'll be back by Tuesday."] She was thankful that she hadn't schuelded any classes on Monday now. She packed a few outfits so she could have a few choices. She had no idea what they could go do. 

Four hours and thirty minutes later, she was putting the gate code in and parking in Kane's garage. She  squealed before she grabbed her bags and went to knock on Kane's door.
polkadotrockerKane   9h ago

Kane nodded and said into the phone. “You tell me where you can be and I’ll arrange your tickets and passes darlin.” He was happy he would at least see her a few times in October. He did send his manager Martha an email that he needed a permanent pass. 

Kane was asleep on the couch with Rambo, he had fallen asleep watching transformers waiting for her to call him back.

He heard the knock before he registered what it was. No one could knock on him a door. They couldn’t get past the gate. He got up and glanced at the camera and saw Teagan.

“Baby.” He said before hugging her tight after he Opened the door. “Missed you so damn much.” He admitted and kissed her gently. “You drove all the way up here, baby thank you.” He said softly. “Come in, Rambo is going to lose his mind, he misses you too.”
BooBear96Taegan Marie   9h ago

Taegan grinned as the front door opened. She knew Kane would probably be a little confused as to who was knocking on his front door considering he had the security gate. [b "Hi."] she said as she was pulled into his arms when he registered that she was in front of him. [b "It's only been a month honey. But I missed you too."] 

She walked into the kitchen and grinned as Rambo ran in after he had heard her voice. [b "Hey buddy."] She looked up at Kane. [b "I don't have classes until Tuesday so I have to leave Monday afternoon and I have two papers due Saturday night. We can go out, but I still have homework. I just figured I could do said homework from a certain someone's living room."] she told him, explaining why she had decided to come visit.
polkadotrockerKane   7h ago

He smiled, “you can and I can order in some food right now, what are you hungry for?” He asked picking up his cell phone. “Thank you for coming Darlin, I was going crazy. I had half a mind to jump in my truck and head to Georgia just to kiss you. Would have been worth it”. He said and pulled her close to him again. They were basically dating without the labels.

Rambo was jumping at her feet. “I think he missed your magic scratches.” He said chuckling, “So pizza or Chinese?” He said knowing they were the only two things open right now. Nashville didn’t have late night delivery, only Broadway was open past nine usually. 

“God I can’t believe your here, I missed you, even wrote a song about you baby.” He admitted to her. “Well working on it but it’ll be done soon, maybe I can play it for you.”
BooBear96Taegan Marie   7h ago

She had been back in Athens from her spur of the moment trip to Nashville for almost two months. Classes had picked up so she hadn't been able to get away to Nashville and apparently Kane's label was pushing him for a new album so he was busy touring and writing new songs. 

She was now about three months pregnant and she was starting to show a little. Her hormones were all over the place and she was stressed to the max about classes and just the baby in general. She had no earthly idea what she was going to do... 

But she had finally realized that there was no way she could do this by herself. She reached over on the night stand and picked up her phone. [b "Hi.. It's me... I um.."] she sobbed. [b "I need you."] This was the first phone call they had since before she left for Nashivlle
polkadotrockerKane   7h ago

Kane had just gotten home from an Oklahoma show and had gotten out of the shower. “Okay Darlin, send me the address where you are and I’ll be right there baby.” 

Kane must have gotten lucky because he made the four hour drive in his hellcat in 2 hours and 15 minutes. He parked by her car outside the small apartment building. It was nearing 1 am now but he didn’t care. 

He found her apartment easily and knocked. “Darlin?” He asked hoping she heard him and would open the door. He had came right away and asked Taylor to check on Rambo if he wasn’t back within a day. He didn’t know what was wrong with Teagan. 

His new song, Found You, was set to be released and he was going to shoot the video at the shows she would be at coming up. He wanted her in the videos.


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