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BooBear96Cori   72d ago

It was the night of her twenty first birthday party. All of her friends had planned a surprise trip to Nashville to celebrate. It was only about a two hour flight from their hometown of Charleston; but they had surprised her with a five day trip. She had the best friend group! 

[b "I still cannot believe you guys pulled this off. I wish you would've just told me and I could've helped planned it!"] Kori said as they walked into the AirBnB. [b "I cannot believe we have five days to do absolutely nothing except party, drink and relax. Where are we going tonight? I know y'all have it planned out!"] 

[i "Aldeans!"] Sarah blurted out. [i "We're going to Aldeans and I figured we would just wonder around Downtown. We have to go to Coyote Ugly at some point. But Aldeans is supposed to have great drinks and food, and celebrity's flock there so who knows who we might see."]

They ended up napping before they all got ready and headed out to Jason Aldeans. It was definitely a popular place. It was already packed, but they managed to find a bar top table.

[ outfit]
polkadotrockerKane   72d ago

Kane had been asleep on his couch when his friends bombarded him in his own damn house. He regretted giving Taylor that key even if it was to feed and water Rambo on the rare occasion the dog didn't go everywhere with him.

"What do you assholes want?" He asked looking to the idiots tearing apart his kitchen for snacks. "Get dressed we're going out tonight." Bama, his oldest friend, said. Kane groaned, "Ya'll out, I don't want to go to the damn bar." 

Taylor shook his head, "You're going and you're going to like it. Already have a bar top table at Aldean's reserved and Jason comped everything because and I quote, "Kane needs a night out." 

He shook his head to protest and Bama stopped him, "its been a year since Kaylee broke up with you, its time, get dressed you've got ten minutes." Kane rolled his eyes but went up to his room to change. 

At the bar he looked to the waitress, "Jack and Coke, strong please." He needed more alcohol than known to man to get through tonight. He was uncomfortable but hopefully a few drinks would ease that. "Why are we were again?" He asked both of his idiot friends.

Kori had never been to Nashville before, which was kind of funny since it was only six hours aways.
But she had quickly fallen in love the moment the drove into the city. They were staying at the cutest little air bnb downtown. She was sure they would have the best time.

[b "This is insane!"] she said as they found their table. Sarah had splurged on a VIP bar top which she thought was crazy, but they were all really excited. They made their way up to the bar and ordered a few drinks before making their way back to the bar top table.

Aldeans was already crazy packed but the energy was unlike anything she had ever seen before. She turned to look around at everyone in the bar and almost spit her drink out when she noticed Kane Brown and some other singers at the table.
polkadotrockerKane   72d ago

Kane was downing the last of his Jack and Coke and ordering a second one and food. He wasn't intending to get hammered but the drinks were helping him relax. 

He couldn't help but notice the cute little brunette in the white cowboy hat at the table behind them. Probably a batchelorette party, that was most of the girls out in Nashville especially that would pay the premium for a VIP table. He looked to her and her friends and didn't see any sashes that said bride. Kane didn't want to approach an engaged woman but damn this girl was fine. That lace bodysuit wasn't leaving much to the imagination either.

He looked to Taylor, "think shes single?" He asked him. "hottest girl in the bar." Kane muttered. It was the truth. "Out of my league or nah?" He asked his friends waiting for an answer.
BooBear96Cori   72d ago

Kori couldn't help but blush as she noticed Kane was looking at her as well. She raised her drink up slightly, trying to be somewhat friendly. The shots they had taken in at the rental house was apparently already going to her head she was sure of it. They had a little pre party while they were all getting ready. 

She looked over at Sarah and Grace who were already flirting with some guy who had bought them a round of drinks since they heard it was a birthday trip. She looked down at her drink before throwing her head back and downing it before walking over Kane's table. [b "Are you just going stare at me all night or are you going to ask me to dance?"] she question before walking backwards toward the dance floor. [b "Better hurry up."] she called.
polkadotrockerKane   72d ago

"Damn." Kane muttered as she started to walk away and nodded, "Darlin, would you like to dance?" He called out over the music. He intended to keep her dancing and with him as long as he could. She was the hottest girl there and he did have a thing for blondes. It would be the death of him and he knew it.

After they danced, Kane ordered them another round of drinks and motioned for her to sit beside him. "Whats your name? I'm Kane." He said with a smile. He was trying not to come on too strong but the alcohol was taking affect. 

"Before we danced I ask my friend is I had a chance with you because you are the most beautiful girl in here and he said no, what do you think?" He was trying to gauge if she would go home with him tonight or not. He couldn't help but think about her in his bed.
BooBear96Cori   72d ago

[b "I'd love to."] she told him as she held out her hand. It was for sure infact a country bar, the VIP dance floor was too crowded yet though. 

They danced to about five songs before they decided they needed another round of drinks. [b "I'm Kori with a K."] she said with a wink. [b "You're Kane Brown, the famous new musicain with an amazing voice. I figured we'd run into some famous singers while we were here, I just didn't think any of them would be so attractive."] she admitted. She looked around and noticed her friends swapping faces with the men they had been with all night.

[b "I'd say if you play your cards right, those chances are pretty damn good."] she told him before stepping a tad bit closer. [b "Maybe I'll let you use more than just your imagination too."]
polkadotrockerKane   72d ago

"Damn." He said and leaned in just then to kiss her. It wasn't agressive but he was letting her know what he wanted...her. 
The food Kane had ordered came then, "Hungry?" He asked her, "Help yourself, I figured if I was dragged here I might as well enjoy myself and then I saw you and I realized I was supposed to be here tonight. Would be a shame if I didn't get to meet you so maybe my idiot friends knew what they were doing after all." 

"Where are you from?" He asked taking another sip of his drink. "You seem to know all about me Kori, I'd like to know some more about you." He said smiling to her. It seemed his friends and hers had the same idea but were getting to the point a bit faster than Kane and Kori were. He was just shocked a girl like her talked to him. His ex had done a number on him.
BooBear96Cori   72d ago

Kori looked up at Kane as he leaned his head down closer to her. She just grinned as she moved her lips with his. [b "The alcohol is for sure going to my head.. I just made out with Kane Brown in the middle of a bar... In Nashville on my birthday trip."] she said as she stepped back with a blush on her face. [b "I'm starving."] she told him as she stepped back toward the table.

[b "Wilmington.. It's this little beach town in North Carolina."] she said. [b "Nothing compared to Nashville, that's for sure."] she told him. [b "What about you? You're not from Nashville are you?"] she asked.  

She looked around. No one was really paying attenion to them. [b "I'm surprised more people aren't paying attention to you... Do you think that we should get out of here before they do?"] she questioned. [b "I don't want to cause any bad press or anything like that... I don't really know what all thats about but I'm sure it wouldn't be good for ya."]
polkadotrocker     71d ago

Kane chuckled, "No I'm not from Nashville darlin', from Georgia about two and a half hours south of here." He said and then listened to her. "We can go if you want, I rode with them so I can call us a car, want to go back to my place? You can give your friends the address so they know where you are." He wasn't about to take her without her alerting her friends that she was leaving and where she was going but at the same time, all he could think about was taking her home. 

He didn't mention Rambo until they were almost to his house. "I uh...I've got a dog, I hope that doesn't bother you." he said knowing Rambo would want to make fast friends with her, she did have hands that could pet him after all. 

When the car pulled into the gate, Kane entered the code before they were parked in front of his house. "Welcome to my house."


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