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Final Fantasy x Fairy Tail Crossover

By Cat22
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Erza (Fairy Tail)
I’m here! ^^))
Cat22     194d ago

((Hey there! I think that we still have to plan out some more plot details such the setting of the crossover and as for characters, I think that I might stick with Bartz Klauser (FFV), Vaan (FFXII), Tidus (FFX), Ace (FF Type-0), Machina Kunagiri (FF Type-0) and Firion (FFII).
HyacinthArts     193d ago

I’ll be using the main group, Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, and Happy. For the setting, I thought it might be funny if the Fairy Tail characters were brought into the FF world. Honestly, I can imagine Natsu and Happy trying to tame and ride a Behemoth. Or they’d try to eat it-))
Cat22     193d ago

((That’s going to work the best for the hilarious factor to this and I have a feeling that Natsu and Happy might learn the hard way to not mess with a behemoth unless you’re prepared to deal with a burly beast that hits hard. Also, I wonder what’s going to happen when they encounter a tonberry?))
HyacinthArts     193d ago

Idk, Natsu might try to pet it and immediately get stabbed))
Cat22     193d ago

((Tonberries are mean and this is already shaping up to be rather hilarious when it comes to the setup and who should start the roleplay?))
HyacinthArts     193d ago

I can! I might be a moment though, deciding how the characters are going to get transported))
Cat22     193d ago

((Alright then! Take your time!))

Natsu (Fairy Tail)
"Now, Dimensional Portal!" shouted an unknown wizard. The male only wore a cloak and a red mask. After he had cast his spell, a portal opened up, attempting to pull the Fairy Tail wizards inside. A heavy wind blowed towards the portal, making it hard to stay in one spot. The one having the most trouble was Happy, whom had his wings out. He was the first to get sucked into the portal. "Happy!" the others exclaimed. Natsu had been hugging a tree for dear life. "Lucy, what are ya waiting for! Go get Happy back," he said. The blonde huffed, "He’s your cat, you go," she responded in an annoyed growl. "That’s enough. We’ll all go," Erza said, seemingly calm about this whole thing. With all in agreement, despite Licy’s original protest, each of them allowed themselves to be sucked into the portal. At the other end of the portal, the group fell onto the ground. They all groaned as they sat up. "I think my ass is cracked," Natsu said with a sigh as he rubbed his "lower-lower back." "Same," Gray groaned as he was also rubbing that area. "Of course it is," Lucy huffed. Erza glanced around, "Where did Happy go?" she questioned. The others glanced around as well, with no sight of Happy anywhere.
Cat22Tidus   193d ago

Meanwhile, somewhere nearby, the sound of two people arguing could be heard in the distance as a blonde haired teenager was arguing with a taller silver haired teenager over a recent encounter with what they would describe as a little green nightmare. Likewise, this seemed to annoy the other three who were traveling alongside the two very argumentative teens and even resulted in one of them actually creating a fireball out of nowhere before he spoke. “Tidus, Firion, if you two do not cease arguing in the next five minutes, we are going to have issues really quickly so please, for the love of the gods, cease your arguing.” The blonde haired teenager who had created the fireball earlier growled at Firion and Tidus. While the other two seemed to heed this warning rather well, there was still some clear evidence that there was still some tension between them which seemed to suggest that the two of them would start arguing with one another again in the near future. However, despite this tension, the other members of the small group of boys seemed to be rather relieved that they wouldn’t have to deal with any more arguing. “Finally, they stopped. I thought that I was never going to hear the end of that constant argument over the tonberry that ended up stabbing Vaan.” A raven haired boy said with a strong hint of relief in his voice. While he was relieved that the fighting between two of the group’s party members was over, he also ended up noticing that there were also several unfamiliar people whom he did not recognize. Due to this, he decided to keep his distance for the time being and ended up summoning one out of the two rapiers that he always seemed to carry with him within a pocket dimension meant specifically for storing items and weapons. “Alright so… who the hell are you lot?” He questioned to the odd group of people. “Machy… put the rapier back in the pocket dimension that you summoned it from… We don’t need another fight breaking out after dimwits A and B argued with each other on the way here.” An ashen haired teen spoke before glancing back over at Firion and Tidus who were currently giving one another the death stare for seemingly no apparent reason. While he didn’t fully understand why the two argued with one another sometimes, he also was still a little shaken from the previous tonberry encounter that had happened only a few moments ago and also had managed to bandage up the stab wound that he received from the encounter with a little bit of help from Tidus hence the reason why the bandages that had been wrapped around his arm were not as neat as they could have been and there also seemed to be a small seepage of blood that had appeared on the bandage. “Fine… I’ll dismiss it if that makes you happy, Vaan but for the record, you were lucky with that narrow escape from that tonberry.” The raven haired boy grumbled as he dismissed the weapon that he had summoned earlier which caused said weapon to disappear in a burst of mystical light.

Erza (Fairy Tail)
Erza stepped forward, her expression far from pleasant as she glanced at each of the boys. "I am Erza Scarlet, and these are my associates. Grey, Lucy, and Natsu. However, it seems one of our friends appears to be missing… Since we were transported here by some sort of magic, we do not know this land," she explained. Gray crossed his arms, uncertain he can trust the strangers standing before him. Natsu seemed the most relaxed, holding his hands behind his head. "Who are you guys?" the pink haired male asked calmly. Lucy stood beside him looking nervous. "Is that really the more important question right now..?" she mumbled quietly in slight annoyance by how calm her knucklehead comrade seemed to be.
Cat22Firion   193d ago

“It is nice to meet all of you. I am referred to as Firion and the four behind me are named Tidus, Vaan, Ace, and Machina respectively. We all tend to travel together although a member of our group, Bartz also went missing after a run-in with a small creature known as a tonberry.” Firion said with a hint of worry present in his voice. It was somewhat clear that he was worried about the aforementioned wanderer although this worry caused Tidus to attempt to tell him that Bartz would be fine. “You know, he’ll be fine! It’s not like the tonberries are going to-“ Tidus started to say before he was interrupted by Vaan. While he wanted to let Firion know that Bartz would probably be okay, this did not end off going so well with the ashen haired teen who was rather close to scolding him for potentially jinxing a situation. “Tidus, just leave Firion alone for the time being. He’s already got enough to worry about with Bartz going missing and he doesn’t need that worry to be worse. We also don’t want to jinx the poor guy as well.” Vaan hissed at Tidus before turning to the group of unfamiliar strangers. “Anyway, it’s a little too dangerous to be out in the wilderness like this especially since there are more monsters around this area than normal. However, if your missing friend ended up with Bartz, there’s a possibility that they both might end up in some serious trouble if they run into a pack of monsters.” He spoke in a way that made it seem like the wilderness was dangerous which it was a dangerous area to be in currently.

Erza (Fairy Tail)
"In that case, it’d be safer for all of us if we traveled all together," Erza suggested. "Unless someone has any objections?" she questioned as she glanced back at her friends with a deathly glare. Everyone seemed to tense up a bit. "No ma’am," the three said sheepishly. The scarlet haired woman smiled as she returned her attention to the group of boys. "I hope Happy’s doing okay," Lucy muttered as she sighed. The blonde was hunched over, she just wanted to go home. Natsu patted her back while grinning before turning towards the forest ahead. "This way looks like the right direction," he said as he ran ahead of everyone else. "Where are ya going, you idiot?" Gray questioned. The male huffed as he tried to follow Natsu.
Cat22Ace   193d ago

“Traveling together is definitely going to be the safest bet since if we run into any danger, we can deal with it more easily especially if we run into anything like a behemoth, malboro, or a tonberry.” Ace said before he walked over to a nearby tree and then looked around the surrounding area to see if there were any incoming monsters. While he was unsure what all could show up, he was a little more on guard than he usually was after the encounter with a tonberry that Vaan had earlier. “Well, that should give us all a better chance of faring against whatever could jump out at us within the wilderness although I will have to warn all of you that some of the monsters around here can be extremely dangerous to deal with if you don’t know what you’re doing. Also, should we… go after them?” Machina questioned before he noticed that Tidus had run off after Natsu without warning.  “Wait for me you guys! You don’t even know what’s even IN that forest!” Tidus exclaimed as he ran into the forest. While he knew that he would probably get scolded about it later, he didn’t seem to care about that in the immediate moment as his first thought was to just run after Natsu and Gray. “And there goes Tidus… Just great…” Vaan muttered softly as he watched Tidus run off as well. He never seemed to completely understand why he would decide to run off without warning sometimes however, he decided not to give chase for the time being.

Lucy (Fairy Tale)
"I’d say we just let them go off on their own. If they get hurt, it’d be their own fault," Lucy said, crossing her arms. "And who will heal them if they do get hurt? [b You?] It’s more logical to follow them to keep them from getting hurt," Erza said, glaring at Lucy. Lucy squealed, "Uh, fair point!" As Natsu traveled farther ahead, he wandered into a clearing. There, at the other side of the tall grass was a sleeping Behemoth. Curiously, the pink haired male snuck over to the Behemoth. Gray stopped in his tracks as he watched the male. "I don’t think you should be going over to that thing," Gray called to his friend. A small sense of concern could be heard in the male’s tone. Natsu grinned, showing no worry at all. "Aw, don’t worry Gray! I’m sure it’s fine," he said happily as he tapped the beast on it’s nose. He then hopped on the monster’s back, seemingly trying to ride the thing. "C’mon, big guy!" Natsu said as he tapped the Behemoth’s side. The beast immediately woke and stood up. Letting out a loud roar, it flung Natsu off it’s back. Nutsu ran around in circles as the Behemoth chased him. "Heeeeelp!" the pink haired boy exclaimed.
Cat22Machina   192d ago

((Yes, I referenced Final Fantasy X’s lightning dodging minigame.)) “Then we’re going after those dimwits. The last thing we need is for our friends to do something so unbelievably stupid that they end up endangering themselves or others. Besides, I don’t think that I exactly trust those who ran off to not do anything stupid.” Machina explained before he looked over at Firion and Vaan. While he was worried about those who ran off, he also appeared to be slightly frustrated as well. Upon catching sight of the behemoth and the other two, Tidus very quickly called down several bolts of lightning to strike the burly beast. “Let’s see how well you can dodge lightning!” He exclaimed before he ended up noticing that there was someone who was being chased by the behemoth. Due to this, he ended up stepping out of the brush that he had been hiding in before summoning a clear blue blade that he then used to slash at the behemoth before very quickly creating some distance between himself and the beast.

Erza (Fairy Tail)
"Then let’s get going," Erza said as she marched toward the direction Natsu and Gray went. Lucy slowly followed as she sighed. Glancing around, Erza eventually found the clearing where the three were. Her and Lucy just watched as Natsu ran frantically around the tall grass. Gray sighed as he formed a fist in one hand and rested it on the palm of the other, holding both hands out in front of him. "Ice-make prison!" the male casted, a prison of ice formed around the beast. It left Natsu enough time to get away, however, the Behemoth was able to break free. "Finally, I’m all fired up now! Thanks, buddy!" Natsu said happily, giving his friend a thumbs up.
Cat22Firion   192d ago

“Looks like they’ve found a behemoth. They’re normally found in areas with less tree cover or completely open areas but as for why one is in the forest, I have no answer to that.” Firion said before he ended up taking a crimson colored blade out of the sheath that he carried it in. “Well anyway, we have to either drive it off or slay it! We can’t have it lurking around here!” Vaan exclaimed before he ended up summoning a crossbow that he carried around within a small pocket dimension. Unlike Firion, he did not carry around all of his weapons but rather, preferred to store them within a small pocket dimension that he could use to summon them whenever it was needed. “It’s not over yet and just what the hell were you two thinking! There are monsters like that behemoth which are extremely dangerous and are not to be treated lightly!” Tidus growled softly. While he was a little frustrated about the current situation, he also noticed that the behemoth was still standing which could be rather bad if it doesn’t decide to leave the general area. Ace only took one card out of the deck of cards that he carried with him and held it in his left hand as the top edge of the card started to be encased in a small blaze. “Well, if it doesn’t leave, we’ll just have to drive it away from the area.” He muttered softly as he looked over at the burly beast.

Natsu (Fairy Tail)
Natsu seemed more confident than before as he cracked his neck and shoulders. "Defeating it shouldn’t be a problem now that I’m not being chased!" he said with a grin. "Let’s go! Fire dragon-" the male began, taking a deep inhale. He formed and "O" shape with his hands and put them around his mouth. "-roar!" What the male exhaled afterwards was not air, but a huge wave a fire. However, not only did it burn the Behemoth, but it also set fire to the nearby trees. Lucy huffed as she went up to Natsu. "Look at what you did, you idiot! You didn’t have to take the whole forest out with it!" she exclaimed. Natsu rubbed the back of his head, "Whoops." Gray and Lucy glared at him.
Cat22Vaan   192d ago

“You’re even more of an idiot than Tidus and that’s quite an accomplishment.” Vaan said before he created an orb of water in the palm of his hand through the use of the Waterga spell. While he held onto this orb of water for a moment, he ended up tossing it at the burning trees in an attempt to make sure that the entire forest didn’t burn down. “Well, at least the behemoth is most likely toast and hey, there are some people who actually eat behemoth meat as a sort of delicacy although it’s rather tough to get so at least it isn’t a total loss.” Tidus exclaimed before he started to search for the behemoth. He was hoping to bring it over to the nearest town if it had perished since he wanted to both get it out of the forest and make sure that nothing worse was attracted by what just happened. “Vaan, do you need any help with putting out the fire?” Firion asked Vaan. He had already created a shard of ice in the palm of his right hand however, he ended up using the shard to cast a Blizzard spell which ended up encasing some of the nearby trees in ice as a way to prevent the fire from spreading while Vaan dealt with trying to put it out. Ace and Machina only ended up laughing nervously at what just happened. While they weren’t expecting a wave of fire to be used against a behemoth, the two of them were also not prepared to witness as several of the trees within the forest were also set on fire.

Gray (Fairy Tale)
"Wait… Did you say we can eat it?" Natsu asked as he ran up to the remains of the Behemoth. Erza had followed him and casually picked up most of the meet with no problem. "If that’s the case, I agree that it’d be good to bring it into town," she said. Grazy sighed, "Either way, we should get out of here before Natsu does more damage," he said in irritated tone.
Cat22Firion   189d ago

“Agreed. The forest has already been trashed enough for one day so how about we head towards a nearby town before SOMEONE ends up setting the trees on fire again.” Firion said before he glared at Natsu. He was still not too happy about half the forest being set on fire however, he didn’t show this annoyance too much aside from the signature glare. “Let’s just… get out of here before any more monsters show up… We don’t need a repeat of the behemoth situation nor do we need to be caught up in a swarm of tonberries because as everyone who has encountered one knows, they are too deadly to fight alone…” Ace muttered softly. He wanted to get out of the forest quickly so that he wouldn’t have to deal with anything else going horribly wrong however, it was also somewhat clear that he was terrified of tonberries and wanted to leave the forest before any more of them showed up. “Well then, we might be close to Bartz’s hometown of Lix. After all, we are in the Merged region so we’d be seeing. Whole lot of locations that Bartz is usually familiar with although the neighboring region, Ivalice is on the opposite end of the forest.” Vaan exclaimed before he started to walk towards a clearing that he spotted in the forest. He was followed by Machina, Ace, Tidus, and Firion as he walked however, the four also seemed to be somewhat quickly advancing towards the clearing while also keeping an eye out for tonberries or other monsters.

Gray (Fairy Tale)
Natsu let out a sigh, knowing he messed up. He didn’t let that bring him down though. After a moment of sulking, he went straight back to his usual self as he quickly speeds up, walking straight ahead lf the group. It was clear he still hadn’t leaned his lesson. Now, luckily for him, there were no more monsters ahed. And though he still ahead of the group, he at least made sure he wasn’t going too far from the others. "That idiot never learns," Lucy muttered to herself in annoyance. Gray nodded in agreement as he stood beside her. However, somehow he had been able to remove most of his clothes within the short amount of time that they’d been walking. Though Lucy was used to this, and though he was still wearing his boxers, like usual she was annoyed. Especially since the male had been walking next to her this whole time. And rightfully so. "Put some pants on, Gray!" the blonde exclaimed, while Erza simply glared at the two of them. If the woman wasn’t carrying an entire behemoth carcass on her shoulders, she would have smacked Gray over the back of the head by now. "It’s too hot out here!" Gray complained. It was only 68 degrees…
Cat22Vaan   181d ago

“It’s not that hot out here! Besides, in the Dalmascan deserts, it’s scorching out there which is why those of us who live in Rabanastre usually wear rather light clothing meant for the desert although some of the men don’t exactly… wear shirts because the city is located within the desert.” Vaan explained as he continued to walk. “Vaan…” Firion muttered softly before he looked over at Vaan. While he could tolerate him more than he could tolerate Tidus’s shenanigans, he still tended to get annoyed with how naive the ashen haired teen could be in some situations although he never explicitly stated anything that could possibly result in a massive fireball being thrown at him. “What is it now, Firion?” Vaan asked Firion. While he was curious as to why the taller male had spoken his name, Tidus soon pointed out his bandage which his wound had bled through and due to that, the bandage needed to be changed again. “V, I think that he’s telling you that it’s time to change your bandage again. It’s… soaked in blood from that stab wound…” Tidus said before he got out another roll of bandages. While he had only bothered to bring a few bandages that were made out of various materials found in the wilderness, he had used up all but one of them when he was attempting to bandage up Vaan’s stab wound earlier. Ace and Machina opted to remain silent once again as they followed Bartz out into the clearing of the forest. Their only concern at the moment was getting out of the forest and heading to Lix in order to get some more supplies which included more bandages. “Could you two please leave Vaan alone? He can change his bandages once we get into town and why the hell is someone complaining about it being too hot in here? If you’re complaining about the forest then you wouldn’t fare well in the desert since it’s a lot hotter in the desert than here!” Bartz exclaimed as he continued to walk. While he looked back over at the newcomers, he also realized that one of them was not wearing a shirt… or pants… and as a result, ended up sighing.


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