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Once avatar Korra died there was peace... For a little while, people and spirits lived in harmony, the human-spirit livelihood act, this peace went on for years, around eighty to be exact, but the spirits in the physical realm, they wanted more, so does everything after a while. They started to rise, take control of the dead, they started to find allighnments with the aura of benders, it was as if they started to evolve in terms of who they would take over, some spirits would allighn better with earth benders, others with water, it was just the way of balance.

In 2005 the spirits started to really act up, although they hadn't started to resurrect the dead quite yet, they still found other ways to cause a ruccus, some would team up and create trees that would reach into the thermosphere, others would anger oceans, but the most destructive would destroy homes, light them on fire, flood them, or just plain bury them.

The current year is 2010, and the spirit realm has started to resurrect the dead, there are no real "safe zones" though people have tried, some are still standing. But the dead, as mindless as they are, they are ruthless, they have no fear of death, they only want to kill, and once you become one, there is no more hope, the only thing that can kill the shell that was once you is a pierce through the brain.

Once a spirit ressurects a dead person, the spirit has no mind, no recollection of what or who it once was, all it does is reactivate two main parts of the brain, the function that tells it to eat, and the function that allows it to bend. They have no control over what it does, the creature it brings to life is nothing but a hollow shell of what once was.

*This is a post-apocalypse Avatar roleplay, there is an avatar.
*There will be metions of violence, drugs, murder, suicide, and alcohol.
*This is a group RP.

Bending Element:
Sub Element: (if any)
Role: (if you work in a "Safe Zone" what is your role)

Accepted Characters:

Name: Reagan Zukaust
Nicknames: RZ, ReyRey, Junior
Age: 22
Height: 5'10''
Weapons: staff / glider
Specialties: inventer / mechanic
Bending Element: Air
Sub Element: Spirit projection / Spirit walking
Role: (none)
Bio: Zaheer and Pli had children before their imprisonment. (shocker) In the events of legend of Korra their children became fully grown and had families of their own over time. Currently in 2010, Reagan is Zaheer's great, great, great granddaughter. Stories of Zaheer's abilities and studies even after he gained the ability to airbend had been told through the family. He was idealized and immortalized magnificently, putting a family legacy to uphold. Reagan was raised never having an earthly attatchment and vigorously studying the ways of the ancient air nomads both in bending and spiritual abilities. In the last three generations her potential to be as powerful as Zaheer, if not moreso, was pushed to the brink. By age 14 she earned her airbending tattoos when she'd unlocked her ability to fly after the untimely death of her sky bison, Popo, who was caught in the crossfire of war between spirits and benders.
Other (unknown)

Username: MourningGlory
Name: Ayame Masahiro
Nicknames: Aya, Ame, Mya, Shy
Age: 24
Height: 5'5"
Weapons: Mini Hand Swords, Handgun, Basically anything she can get her hands on
Specialties: Water Bending, Blood Bending, Caring for Others, Observation, Acting like a Ditz but highly intelligent, Playing Instruments, Hand-to-Hand Combat (when neccessary)
Bending Element: Water
Sub Element: Mind Bending (Blood Bending to the extreme), Light Bending, Geyser Bending
Role: Doesn't Have One
Bio: To Be Discovered in the Role Play
Other: N/A for now
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