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bitterBelial   70d ago

[center [size12 A large looming eye, blood shot and wide, stared down upon the sorcerers as they moved around their daily lives. The eye belonged to Belial, one of Chidaruma’s original Devils that he had created. She was his righteous hand of punishment, dealing with sorcerers and even other Devils as she seemed fit to their crimes. She rarely took action because she found enjoyment in most of the random acts of violence and other horrible and disturbing things that she had witnessed.]]
[center [size12 Belial was a tall woman with long, black hair with long and rounding horns that protruding from her head. Her body was normally blacked out, only her large eyes were visible to give an eerie appearance that she was watching with no emotion in her face. But, once she made her actually appearance be seen, she had large, sharp teeth with a sickly smile that normally showed off said teeth. Both appearances had their own meanings.]]
[center [size12 One for docile and calmness and the other meant someone was going to be delivered the hand of judgement. She carried a large, wooden handle scythe with her when she went out of her comfort zone, to patrol. Its blade was long, curved and extremely sharp. She preferred to use that than her own magic since it felt more satisfying to feel the smoothness of the blade pass through someone. The blood gushing out as the body fell in two pieces in front of her.]]
[center [size12 Belial was one of the few Devils that had a more normal appearance than the other ones. She had not gone through the intense training as the others did, she was made into who she was. She was crafted with careful hands and a sick mind. Her magic was blood, it was a wide range of using her own to using someone else’s to control their movements. It was a large array of things that she could do to someone.]]
[center [size12 Chidaruma entered room which forced Belial’s sky eye to close for her to focus on her Lord and Creator. Her eyes closed for a moment before reopening to place them on the large, fearsome looking devil. Her head bowed slightly before she stood up. Even though Chidaruma was a large creature, Belial towered over the Devil easily. Her blank, emotionless eyes looked at the Devil as he spoke to her, explaining a situation that had begun as some simple enslaving of lesser users of magic to now there was a noticeable dent in population. Belial tilted her head in a slight concern. She had not noticed anything out of the norm.]]
[center [size12 [i [#810000 “I will deal with it as I seem fit then, sir,”]] Belial’s voice was slow and melodical with little to no emotion behind it. [i [#FF0000 “I created you to serve as my justice system, smite them if you have to, Belial,”]] Chidaruma ended the conversation and exited the room.]]
[center [size12 Belial’s room was nothing special, no characteristics that stood out to make that room her room. But the fact that it was a plain, minimal room did make it hers. She was not one for anything fancy or high class like her status. She did have a separate home that she did her judgements in with the sorcerers and even Devils in the past. Some would call it a torture chamber; Belial called it her [b doom shop]. Various instruments of tortures and tables with chains and ropes were littered around. Her most used instrument was her scythe though.]]
[center [size12 Belial relaxed her shoulders as the Devil exited her room, closing her eyes once more. The large eye appeared once more in the sky, moving sporadically over the large world before it stopped and focused in on one area of the world. A particular magic user that Belial watched regularly. She only knew him by his mask. It was only covering half his face. She knew the man by the Force of the Moon. She enjoyed watching him mercilessly destroyed people. The blood splattering against the wall was always her favorite part.]]
[center [size12 [i [#810000 “Come to Devas, I have a task for you,”]] a loud, monotone voice spoke out from the sky before the eye disappeared into the clouds.]]

[center [size12 With that, Belial gathered herself before leaving her room. She moved through the black home that the Devils lived in, making her way down a set of long, never ending stairs where she finally exited the house. She gently floated to the ground, landing gracefully on her feet. She rarely made long appearances outside of the Devil’s home, let alone leaving her room for any length of time.]]

[center [size12 The other Devils could fly, but Belial glided against the ground. It was like her feet never touched the ground as she moved through town and eventually made it out to Devas, a long-abandoned town. It had the most beautiful, decaying ancient architecture. It was a shame that no one lived there anymore.]]
ImpiusKino Aru   70d ago

To say life had been going along normally, would strike horror in those who knew his name. Or would come to find out what he did. Even for most sorcerers. Kino wasn't exactly a friendly sort. He didn't socialize much and rarely had a friend in his life. Even to call those people friends was being kind. Boredom was a hell of a thing, and Kino was very familiar with it. A black fox shaped mask covered the top half of his face, gold and silver decorating the edges and some details to the face gleamed in the city lights. Thick ox horns, one broken half way down, protruded from the top of the mask, the weight of them seeming to be unaffected by gravity. He was garbed in all black, a red scarf wrapped around his neck to add a little splash of color to his dreary apparel.


His pale white eyes swept back and forth, pausing every now and then on a random sorcerer as he nearly invisibly moved through the crowd. It was a busy day, but somehow there seemed to be less people moving about then normal. Kino noticed that he hadn’t seen a particular regular on this street in over a week. Small observations, but nothing that truly concerned him. He rounded a corner to a narrow alley and found himself colliding with a bigger, more solid body. The form turned around, a burly man with a sneering face shoved the smaller man back. “Get lost,” he growled.


Kino cocked his head to the side, [#dbc548 “You are in my path,”] his voice was cool and calm, devoid of much emotion. [#dbc548 “I will ask once that you move yourself.”] The bigger man let out a bellowed laugh. “I said get lost, runt.” He tried to swing on Kino only to shove him back again when he missed. After regaining himself from stumbling back, Kino let out a bored sigh and shook his head slowly. [#dbc548 “I said I would ask once.”] He raised his hand, smoke slowly seeping out from it. The larger man raised his own hands, shouting something that Kino ignored.


The smoke from Kino’s hand burst forward and consumed his foe. The man let out a terrified scream before it was replaced by the sound of blood and skull matter splattered the walls of the alley. He touched a gloved hand to his temple and shook his head, stepping over the corpse on the ground. [#dbc548 “What a waste of smoke.”] Perhaps he had overreacted as well, but that wasn’t something that would never cross his mind.


Leaving the body to be found by someone else, he finally reached his destination, a little shop that bought smoke. He filled out some forms and filled a couple vials in exchange for some money. Back in the streets, his feet took him back to his front door. He could still smell the blood from his encounter in the alley. Before he could fully turn the handle, a disembodied voice tickled his ears. His head leaned up, as it sounded like it came from above. There was nothing. Just the message to go to Devas. He sighed and pushed his way through the door. The only explanation would be a Devil summoning him. But who, and for what reason? Had he finally overstepped some unspoken rule? First things first, was to clean up and prepare to leave.


Devas was a strange location to meet at, Kino thought but that was what led him to believe it would be a Devil. Who else would meet at an abandoned city? Nothing was left but ruin and rubble. If you were looking for anything outside of sight-seeing that is. He sat on the edge of a simple but large fountain, littered with overgrown grasses and cracking stone. He was boredly leaned back against a stone that had fallen and crushed a side of the once flowing fountain. He lifted his gaze, sensing someone was drawing near. He saw a form moving toward him, gliding like a phantom of most peoples nightmares.
bitterBelial   70d ago

[center [size12 Belial slowed her walk as she saw the sorcerer sitting on a decaying fountain ahead. Her feet slowed to a slow glide as she got closer before finally stopping, looking down at the casual sorcerer with a slight head tilt. Her void eyes moved over the man’s face before the blackness of her body drained away. Her really form was revealed, not many people got the pleasure of seeing the Devil as who she was. Most of the time, if someone was seeing Belial in her true form, they were going to die anyway, so it did not matter.]]

[center [size12 This was not the case for Kino Aru, he was not going to die here. Or at least, if he complied with the Devil, his life would go on as always. Her void body was now an easier to take in. With pale, scarred skin. Her eyes were blood red with long eyelashes. Her mouth housed large, sharp teeth that would scare any man off just to see them.]]

[center [size12 [i [#810000 “Kino Aru, I have summoned you here,”]] Belial’s voice was slow, monotone. Some would call her voice creepy, eerie even. [i [#810000 “For a special request that have rewards that will follow closely behind. You will no longer be selling your smoke for money, but instead working for me,”]] Belial was not asking, she was telling the man before her. If she could, she would punish people for selling their smoke, but Chidaruma never thought it was a bad enough crime for her to be involved in. It was degrading to her and that was just one of her many thoughts on why it was wrong.]]

[center [size12 [i [#810000 “I have been informed that people have been disappearing at an alarming rate, which I am sure, you have noticed,”]] Belial began to explain, [i [#810000 “I need you to figure out who these sorcerers are.”]] She did not want to sound like she was asking for help, but she essentially was. Kino Aru had proven to be a resourceful and well-known sorcerer; his magic was strong. She would even consider him to take the intense, years consuming training to become a Devil if she had the clearance for it.]]

[center [size12 Belial’s tall frame then slowly lowered as she took a meek seat next to the sorcerer. She had never been this close to anyone other than people she was torturing. It was an odd feeling for her, she felt awkward and out of place as she sat there in a casual fashion. She gestured to the man’s hands.]]

[center [size12 [i [#810000 “If you do not help me, I will take your hands,”]] Belial quietly added in a calm voice. She would, without hesitation. [i [#810000 “I would take your hands and then send you to the Hole for you to figure out what you would do for the rest of your miserable existence,”]] Belial had forgotten that violent threats could also get her point across a little easier than bringing Chidaruma. She was not on their supreme leader’s level, but she was right underneath him. She could virtually do anything and Chidaruma would agree with her.]]

[center [size12 [i [#810000 “So, Kino Aru,”]] Belial looked at the man with large eyes, [i [#810000 “what will it be?”]] Belial did not want the man to say no. She hated killing skillful sorcerers.]]
ImpiusKino Aru   69d ago

[google-font][Josefin+Slab Kino Aru, like many others before him, shuddered, just a little, at the abysmal appearance of the Devil. Her blacked out form transformed in a fluidity that even water would be jealous of, into a more tolerable appearance, as one could put it. Despite this is humanoid form, there was plenty about it that rendered the body very [I not] human, or close to it. That in itself, could make a grown men shit himself and book for the woods, wherever would grant him sanctuary. This form was easier to take in but still had a great underlying disturbance to it. Nothing he would ever shy from.

[#dbc548 "So I guess the Devil's really do have eyes and ears everywhere, don't they?"] Less of a real question and more of a rhetorical one he already knew the answer to. He watch the Devil continue toward him, his mask concealing any amount of facial expression that could possibly show, if any. His lips remained in a relaxed frown, as usual. A job offer was not what he had been expecting, out of all things. Especially from one of Judgment.

As she took a seat next to him, he reached under his mask to get an itch that had begun to demand attention. He shifted his position to sitting cross legged on his thick stone ledge, facing her and leaning fully against the massive building piece that had fallen onto the fountain long ago. He listened intently and silently, bone white eyes refusing to let anything go about internal affairs.

No wonder the streets had seemed emptier then usual lately. People really were disappearing. Finding out who was behind the disappearances would be a whole different game. Something he wasn’t used to doing. A black gloved hand reached up to scratch at his temple in confusion. Usually his assistance involved getting rid of someone, or a group of someones. He propped an elbow on his knee and lazily rest his head on his palm, gazing at the Devil with what seemed to be boredom. He quit liked his hands.

[#dbc548 “Such an enticing offer, Devil. You almost have me tempted to accept your offer of losing my hands and being tossed in the Hole.”] A hint of a weirdly playful sarcasm heavily laid underneath his smooth ‘I don’t really care about anything’ tone. Most saw him as arrogant and needed to be taken off his high horse. Yet, no one was able to achieve that feat. He found the threat of taking his reliable hands more of a nuisance over an actual threat. He knew what this was. Nonnegotiable work.

[#dbc548 “However, I must decline that, as the rain is awfully dreary. I will help you find these sorcerers. Is there anything that I should know before I start my search? What type of aide will I receive?”] His head was still perched on his hand.]
bitterBelial   68d ago

[center [size12 Belial knew he only agreed because it was a Devil who was asking him and that it was not something he could turn down because of the repercussions that would follow. She took his apathic agreeance to it as a win in her book, but eventually, she would break him. She was not a huge fan of the general apathy and blatant disregard to her that he was giving to her, but it was a problem that she would later deal with. She could literally give this man an opportunity of a life time and he would probably still meet her with the same apathy. He was a bland individual.]]

[center [size12 Belial choose to ignore his arrogant sounding comments and proceeded with what she needed from the man. [i [#810000 “I need you to keep your eye on some select sorcerers who are high priority targets, like you,”]] Belial explained. [i [#810000 “It seems like powerful, rare kinds of magic are targeted more than common, non-violent magic users,”]] she continued before standing up. [i [#810000 “So essentially, I want you to act like bait for these people,”]] Belial said plainly before she held out her hand.]]

[center [size12 Her hand produced a small, blood shot eyeball that blinked a few times before turning its gaze to Kino. She held it out to the man, [i [#810000 “and this will allow me to see what happens with you throughout whatever endeavors you get yourself into in your daily life.”]] After the man took it, Belial turned around to begin to walk away. She did pause for one moment, looking back at him with unmoving eyes. [i [#810000 “I know you probably think you can handle it alone, but I do not think it’s a regular magic user who is doing this, so tread lightly, Kino Aru,”]] Belial said before gliding away for good this time.]]

[center [size12 Belial was off to do her own research about the situation. After she started putting together the types of magic users who had been disappearing and the alarming rate of it all did make the Devil believe that it actually might be one of her own kind. Most of the time, Devils did do things about of boredom and it was morbid and disgusting boredom. She had seen her fellow Devils torture sorcerers for the fun of it, turning their body parts into useless items and even throwing them basically in the garbage.]]

[center [size12 But this problem was big enough for Chidaruma to approach her about. It was something that he did not approve of. Which did say that the severity of it was quite large. Belial and Chidaruma had been known to torture sorcerers together, she would allow only him in her Doomshop to enjoy his own version of torturing which was more funny than actually traditional torturing. Belial just could not wrap her head around it being a Devil, but it was the only way to explain that rapid disappearances and the no evidence of anyone taking these people.]]

[center [size12 Belial found herself gliding through the town, her blank eyes staring at whoever passed her by with an emotionless gaze which made who ever meet eyes with her, hurry by and keep their eyes to the ground. Before she knew it, she was in the less desirable location of this world. [b The Black Market]. She knew it was not exactly kosher, but what was kosher about their civilization here. Her eyes glanced over the many oddities and body parts.]]

[center [size12 Belial then stopped when she saw a particularly head that was placed on a table far away. Her eyes were glued on it, gliding a bit quicker to the man who ran the table. Before the man could even react, Belial was right in front of him. She reached out, grabbing a fist full of the head’s hair, picking it up.]]

[center [size12 [i [#810000 “Where did you get this?”]] Belial asked and was met with nervous and incoherent babble as she held the head to the man’s face. [i [#810000 “I have sorcerers disappearing in an alarming rate and I find one of their heads on your table,”]] Belial lowly hissed before she reached out with her other hand to grab the kid by his shirt. She pulled him over the table, knocking whatever over before dragging him and the head away. The kid let out pleads and begs for mercy that Belial did not listen to.]]

[center [size12 Belial’s Doomshop was located not far from where the Devils lived, but it was a small house that was tucked back into some woods. She was dragging the kid all the way there, people definitely avoiding her this time, making it an obviously point to not even walk past the female Devil.]]

[center [size12 Once Belial made it back to her shop, she kicked the door open and tossed the kid to the floor and the head as well. It rolled past the kid before settling against the wall. [i [#810000 “So,”]] Belial started, her black form draining from her body once more. She stood over the kid before picking him up by his arms, holding him out in front of her. [i [#810000 “You are going to tell me how you got that head or I will kill you in the worst way imaginable,”]] Belial hissed through large teeth.]]
ImpiusKino Aru   65d ago

Kino let out a small sigh as he took the eye, thinking about how attracting attention to himself would be rather easy, by his distaste. Attention was not was he needed. His boring expression never seemed to change, his eyes still and barred of information. A bait cat thrown into a ring of dogs. Only this kitty cat had some major teeth and claws. As Belial turned to speak her last words to Kino before departing, he tipped his head slightly in a nod, raising two fingers to a sloppy but genuine salute.


A Devil’s eye to spy on his every doings. What a way to feel pressured. Kino let out a sigh that was so exasperated that even the local gossips would have been offended. Where would he start? Should he build up the attention, work small then go big? Or should it be one big act one time? Many questions buzzed through his mind, wishing he had at least asked a few things before Belial glided off like a ghost. To be fair, Kino admitted that he still wouldn’t have asked anything, and he doubted he would have the option to anyway. She did say he could handle it alone, anyway. He shrugged it off thinking nothing more of it and pushed his way into a coffee shop to enjoy the pleasantry of his favorite brew.


As he sipped his icy brew, Kino figured he could start with talking to some of his old acquaintances. To call them friends would have been… generous. More than generous. Once his cup had been emptied of its contents, the sorcerer made his way to a familiar little house that edged the center of town, compacted in with dozens of other homes. Knuckles rapped hard on the solid door. It creaked open just enough for half of a face to pop out. The eye peering at Kino widened and was followed by a gasp of surprise. “Kino!” Came a husky voice as dead bolts, chain locks, and other various locks were heard sliding and clicking. The door opened and a round old man stood before Kino, who dwarfed him. “Come in, come in.” Without a word, he stepped in.

“Tell me, what has brought you here? Are you working again? Taking on [I dangerous] missions?” A hot kettle of tea sit on the coffee table and both men had a cup in their hands, sipping cautiously at the hot contents.

[#dbc548 “Sort of. Have you noticed anyone disappearing?”]

“Now that you mention it…” The old man was stroking his long white beard. “I haven’t seen my good friend Viktor in a few weeks. I figured he had left town on a trip, but he doesn’t stay gone this long, usually.”

Kino nodded. That wasn’t much, but maybe something. [#dbc548 “Have you checked in with any of his family?”] The old man shook his head, saying he really didn’t interfere with others business like that. No help at all. Kino set the small tea cup back onto the tray and stood with a clap to his thighs. [#dbc548 “Well, I need to continue my… investigation.”] He showed himself out after curtesy thank you’s. He was hoping for at least a common area the disappearances have been happening in. His old man had lost his touch with his awareness of happenings. Age displeased Kino greatly. Maybe he even feared it.


Gloved hands rubbed together. He really didn’t want to be bait. Tactic and stealth, that’s what he preferred. Or to run head first in, ripping his surroundings and enemies apart as he went, but he had to know who he was fighting for that one. Time to step out of the shadows a little. A group of four men had gathered under a bridge. They were obvious thugs, dirty and spoke with limited education. The shadowed man stepped into the light, slowly and calmly walking up to the four of them. Their chatter stopped as eyes peered into his soul.

“Who are you?”

Kino didn’t answer. It would be unimportant to them soon. Another man shouted for him to stop but again he ignored them. They had dropped into aggressive stances now, Kino having closed half the distance already, still calmly walking toward them with pocketed hands. They were weak individuals and if each could work together well as a team, it was possible they could have done… something of very little significance.

“Show us your hands!”

Like that would matter, but he complied with this one at least, pulling his hands from his pockets and lazily raising them above his head. He did not stop walking. They tried to get him to stop again with their words, one even tried to spew some weak smoke that would have been a tickle to the nose of anyone like Kino, and a laughable joke to one like Belial.

However, the man who had begun to try and use his abilities soon found that the world around him felt crushing and he crumbled to the floor, the man crying out in pain as the pressure increased to the point where bones felt they would snap. Kino flicked his hand and shoved another back against the concrete support beam of the bridge. His body wrapped around it like a clip, making a loud crack noise before he slumped to the ground, unmoving and blood draining onto the dirt from his mouth and ears.

The third man began to back away, panicked eyes seeking an escape route. Kino [I tsked] the man, wagging his finger back and forth. [#dbc548 “What happened? I thought you were tough?”] He let out a single breath of a laugh. The fourth tried to come at him from the side, but Kino rose a hand quickly and the man was consumed with smoke. He had almost got Kino, only a few feet away. But now his body was stretched apart, his bones separated until his body shut down.

Kino looked back at the third man, who had stumbled and fell in his attempt to flee, only to freeze and stare in horror at Kino. The fox mask with thick bull horns protruding from the top gleamed in the light. Finally, the thug realized the mistake. No one on his level could ever afford or earn such a mask. He glanced at his friends, one slumped on the ground with a snapped spine. Another had been crushed and his last friend stretched before his eyes. The detached limbs still pooled blood. He gulped and looked back at Kino’s white eyes. “Who are you!?” Terror consumed his voice.

[#dbc548 “Hear it well, and remember it. I am the Moons Force. Now, leave my sight before you end up like your friends here.”] The man didn’t hesitate to scramble away.
bitterBelial   64d ago

[center [size12 The unsuspecting kid that was being held up in front of the Devil began scrawling, trying to wiggling himself free of the woman’s grasp, but Belial only tightened her grip on his arms. [i [#810000 “Tell me, child or I will rip your arms off,”]] Belial spoke plainly, the kid stopped for a brief moment and looked at the Devil in front of her.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know,”]] the kid began hollering, crying loudly at the Devil. Belial narrowed her eyes, pulling on his arms more. [i [#FF0000 “I was giving pieces of sorcerers to sell in the Black Market, but I don’t know who it was. I haven’t seen anyone, the parts were just placed in my apartment,”]] the kid yelped before his arms were pulled off. He fell to the ground with a thump. He rolled back and forth, whining as he begun to bleed out.]]

[center [size12 Belial bent down at her waist, kneeling in front of the kid. She tilted her head at his cries. [i [#810000 “Zero help,”]] Belial huffed before standing back up, walking over to grab her large scythe off the wall. The blade hummed as it scraped against the wall, pulling the blade over the kid who was bleeding all over the floor.]]

[center [size12 The kid took one look at the large, gleaming blade, begging for his life. [i [#810000 “Your life in exchange for who has been killing these sorcerers, but you cannot provide that for me. So your life, it is,”]] Belial spoke evenly before pulling the blade down across the kid’s body. She was slow and methodical with her slices. Slow enough for this kid to feel everything before he finally panicked himself to death.]]

[center [size12 [i How weak,] Belial looked at the lifeless body in front of her. She pulled the blade of the scythe closer to wipe the blood from it. She then turned her attention to the eye that she had given to Kino Aru. Her eyes closed and she could now see through the small eye she had given to the man.]]

[center [size12 [i [#810000 “Why am I in a pocket?”]] Belial asked dryly, not seeing much. But she could hear the echoing of people dying around the man. [i [#810000 “Oh,”]] Belial’s voice was muffled inside the pocket.]]

[center [size12 [i [#810000 “Kino, can you take me out of this stinkin’ pocket,”]] Belial huffed and once she was out of the pocket, her eye could fully take everything in that had happened in the room. She could hear squishes and bones breaking, but this was nothing she could actually imagine.]]

[center [size12 [i [#810000 “So what did we accomplish from this?”]] Belial’s eye rolled over to look at Kino Aru in his eyes, [i [#810000 “Is this your way of bringing attention to yourself?”]]]]
ImpiusKino Aru   64d ago

[google-font][Suranna Kino was dusting himself off, as if he had accumulated some sort of filth during his play time. He would hate to admit that Belial’s voice echoing from his pocket didn’t almost make him jump out of his skin, but he pulled the eye from the darkness and looked at it. He was rather surprised that it was also a communication device. He should have figured. A mental slap to the back of the head.

[#dbc548 “Well, I will admit that originally I had hoped to gain some sort of lead as to where these people are being taken from, buut that didn’t work. So I was going to try drawing some attention to myself, when these four guys decided they wanted to be used as examples.”]

He was walking again, eye resting in his palm still. [#dbc548 “Bait must be placed in order to attract the prey.”] It might be a good idea to find a way to fix the eye into a pouch of sorts so he wouldn’t have to worry about being scolded or punished if Belial missed anything important. He knew that would be unpleasant and he was rather comfortable with his skin intact.

In the meantime, he would continue lurking around and keeping his eyes peeled. The streets at night were notorious for infamous things. For once, he would not be the one causing trouble. [#dbc548 “I will be honest, I do not know what to expect or where to truly begin.”] He continued to speak to the eye in his hand as he made his way to the market place. Before he did anything, Belial’s all-seeing eye would be adorned to his wardrobe in one way or another.]
bitterBelial   64d ago

[center [size12 As Belial peered through her eye at Kino’s surroundings, she was busy in her own moment by picking up a split in half kid off the floor. A small sigh escaped her lips as she tossed the corpse down what looked like an old, small box elevator. Her eyes carefully flitting back and forth from her own room to where Kino was going.]]

[center [size12 Before long, she actually sat down at an old, grimy table to be able to focus exactly on what the male sorcerer was doing. Her eye glanced around at the surroundings before she got a big giddy. [i [#810000 “Ooh, are you going to the clothing district?”]] Some of the few times that she showed more than dry, bland emotions. It was replaced with a small sound of excitement before quickly dissipating to go back on task.]]

[center [size12 [i [#810000 “I do know that the task seems impossible, but I am sure they are already on your trail anyway. They’re only going after rare to mythical types of magic users, I am actually surprised you have not been napped yet,”]] Belial made the plain observation, but then her mind wondered over to who it actually could be.]]

[center [size12 Belial has always had a special interest in Kino Aru, he was someone who could prove himself easily in the intense training to become a Devil. Maybe that was why he had not been messed with or kidnapped already. Belial would have noticed too quickly.]]

[center [size12 [i [#810000 “What if it’s a Devil doing this?”]] Belial’s eyes blinked a few times and her body tensed up. Honestly, how could she be so blind as to not even think of it being someone of her own status. Devils were bored, lonely creatures that tended to bully and torture sorcerers. Which sometimes, Belial did not agree with their antics, but most times she could not do anything about it since Chidaruma was okay with most of it. But, the Devils would have no one to rule over if all the sorcerers were disappearing as quickly as they are.]]
[center [size12 Belial mulled the thought over in her head. The only Devil who would be bold enough would be one of the older ones. She could not quite put her finger on which one it was. Most of them do vile and disgusting things to sorcerers, but she would have never imagined them going this far. So far that Belial would have eventually gotten involved and only she could kill a Devil.]]
ImpiusUriah Necket   63d ago

[google-font][Suranna Kino glanced down at the magical eye in his hand when Belial’s tone change came through. The clothing district? Was that something the Devil fancied? He couldn’t imagine someone on her level of authority and power taking a day to do some good old fashioned clothes shopping. It was a silly image that formed in his mind, the terrifying Devil with shopping bags hanging off her arms. He pushed his way into a shop he often frequented. As he approached the counter, he shrugged. [#6e5205 I do not make myself known very often. Or there is no one left to know me.”] A head popped out from a door leading to the back of the shop. The woman held up a ‘one moment’ finger and disappeared.

[#6e5205 I cannot think of very many reasons as to why another sorcerer would be doing any of this,”] he gave his feedback to Belial’s thought coming through the eye. The woman appeared again, thick glasses adorning her face. “What can I do for you?” She eyed the object in his hand curiously. He raised his hand up and gave her a better view. [#6e5205 “I just need something to carry this with.”]

Kino could see questions buzzing behind her dulled eyes, but she did not ask any. She pulled out a tape measure and got a rough estimate of the size before disappearing into the back area again. She was gone for several minutes. He leaned against the counter and gazed around the shop. Various rolls of fabrics and yarns lined the walls, in the middle there was a couple of busts with outfits adorned to them for advertisement.

[#6e5205 “If this is a Devil, then I will really need to make myself pop to gain some attention.”] He wasn’t speaking to anyone in particular, but he figured Belial would always be listening. [#6e5205 “Which shouldn’t be too hard.”] The woman came back and set something on the counter. Kino grabbed it and wrapped the thin leather straps around the eye, sliding the excess through the buckles to secure it snuggly. He clipped the end to his belt and paid the woman, thanking her.

Kino aimlessly wondered down the road, stealing glances at those he passed by. Would someone who kidnapped fellow sorcerers have a certain look to them? He had no idea. For the first time, Kino cursed himself for having such a lack of care and attention to what was around him most of the time. [#6e5205 “Is the eyes location favorable, Belial?”] From the corner of his eye, he could swear he saw someone dart through the shadows. He let out a curious and low ‘hm’ and kept himself alert.]
bitterBelial   62d ago

[center [size12 Belial did fancy herself some mortal items, like fancy clothes and even fancier meals. But as a Devil, she never found much need in it since realistically, nothing matters since she lived forever. Eventually, she could find the time, but she did have all eternity.]]

[center [size12 Soon enough, she had her eye a little pocket to sit in. It was kind of awkwardly adorable that he would have even thought to do that. Most of the time, Belial expected most sorcerers to be idiotic and selfish. He was kind of like that, but not as dumb. She appreciated the gesture. Cute, even.]]

[center [size12 Once they were out of the store, Belial’s eye positioned upwards to look at the man’s masked face. [i [#810000 “You know, I do fancy a little of the mortal realm. I get to live until someone kills me, so I got all the time in the world. Hobbies are quite important,”]] Belial half joked, an echoing chuckle that sounded slightly sickening and demonic from the eye. Belial was definitely an odd one. Creepy, but odd.]]

[center [size12 [i [#810000 “I would suggest to snoop around in places that you shouldn’t,”]] Belial suggested in a dry tone. She was, of course, suggesting going around to the last known areas of where sorcerers have been disappearing. [i [#810000 “But yes, the side piece is always my favorite position,”]] Belial joked once more.]]

[center [size12 [i [#810000 “But on a more serious note, look around in the Hydra Forest. Where all those old Cross Eyes used to make shitty black powder to make themselves seem like they were worth something,”]] the location made Belial cringe in real life, sitting at her table. She disbanded the Cross Eyes and their pathetic excuse for magic a long time ago, so she would imagine that someone had gotten the idea to start dragging sorcerers off into the woods to mutilate and kill them.]]

[center [size12 [i [#810000 “Honestly, I feel kind of stupid for not even thinking about it in the first place,”]] there was an echoing a soft smack as Belial popped herself in her face for being dumb before rolling her eyes. The solo eye gave a slight role, as well.]]
ImpiusKino Aru   58d ago


[Suranna Kino found himself giving Belial a genuine chuckle at her side piece comment. [#6e5205 “I guess you would TECHNICALLY be a side piece.”] The amusement in his voice shined through like a beacon of light.

He found himself glancing over his shoulder every so often, feeling a set of eyes peering on him ever since he left the shop. This feeling did not come from Belial’s eye that hung from his body. Ignoring the feeling as Belial was speaking to him, he shoved his hands into his pockets and adjusted his course toward the Hydra Forest as suggested. He also felt a little ashamed of himself for not thinking about the Forest. Even though the issue with the Cross Eyes preceded him, the stories were still around. [#6e5205 “So you said hobbies are important to immortals. I have never thought of a Devil with hobbies, what are some of yours?”] The conversation was meant to be light and he wanted to take his mind off whoever was following him.

Kino found himself standing at the edge of the trees, leaning against a crumbling but still used, building. The pair of eyes he felt still bore into him. Trying to shake the feeling, he began taking steps toward the trees. The uneasy feeling kept growing as he ventured further in. The hairs on the back of his neck began to stand, there was something off about this area. He had been here before, a few times, but that was long ago. [#6e5205 “Belial, I think I’m being followed out here. Just in case something happens out here.”] His voice was low and quiet, his head tilted slightly downward to try and direct his voice more toward the eye at his waist.]
bitterBelial   56d ago

[center [size12 Belial went to speak on her hobbies, but the uneasy feeling of being followed was strong enough for her to feel, even though she was no where near Kino. She could only imagine how he felt at this time. She took in a deep breath before the eye rolled up to look at the man.]]
[center [size12 About the time that Belial went to speak, Chidaruma entered her room. She snapped out of her trance that connected her to the eyeball and turned her attention to the all powerful Chidaruma. [i [#810000 "Yes, Chidaruma?"]] Belial gestured to the table that she was busy. [i [#810000 "I have a magic user that might be in danger right now and you choose to interrupt me now?"]] Belial sounded a bit annoyed, standing up. She was met with Chidaruma's deep sigh before he spoke.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "If the Force of the Moon is in danger than it must be a Devil, huh?"]] Chidaruma spoke plainly before inquiring further, [i [#FF0000 "I know us Devils enjoyed torturing magic users for fun, but this has gone too far."]] Chidaruma sounded annoyed, frustrated even.]]
[center [size12 [i [#810000 "I need to go,"]] Belial began heading towards the door before Chidaruma stopped her, holding out a simple hand which Belial stopped in mid step.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Here,"]] Chidaruma handed Belial a knife, it was not just any knife. It was the only blade that could kill Devils. She took it, staring at the blade with careful eyes that followed the long, kitchen knife blade. It had to easily be a foot long if not longer. She carefully slid it in her waist band before giving her master a nod as she was allowed to finally leave.]]
[center [size12 She was running on borrowed time, time that made her kind of nervous of what she might find once she gets there. If its the Devil she thinks it is, Kino would have a pretty balanced fight with the Devil.]]
[center [size12 GuraGura and he was considered the most volatile and bored Devil out of the whole group. It got so bad that he has pretended to be people's dogs and kill sorcerers on accident when he was torturing them. Belial never really agreed with his habits and hobbies, but each Devil was different, so she never got too involved in it. But now, she might have to kill him.]]
[center [size12 [i [#810000 "Kino Aru, you are going to find yourself in a balanced battle with a Devil,"]] Belial was exiting the house, trying to speak to the man, who could be fighting for his life right now. [i [#810000 "Keep him busy,"]] Belial had a reassuring tone that echoed to Kino.]]
ImpiusKino Aru   53d ago

[google-font][Suranna The hair on the back of Kino’s neck was standing so high they felt as if they would pop off and run away from him. He had never felt like this before and it made his gut do summersaults. With sweaty palms he tried to let himself be distracted with Belial’s hobby interests, but his attention kept snapping to over his shoulder. There was never anything but the trees and their shadows. Their quivering, liquid shadows. A tremor ran up Kino’s spine, threating to loosen the hairs on his neck. [#6e5205 “Beli-“] He didn’t even get to finish as one of the trees shadows materialized itself. A solid black dog stared at him. The long tail of a Devil waving in the air. ]


[Suranna Every hair on his body prickled and his organs tightened within his body. Belial’s warning came the moment GuraGura stepped away from the shadows. [#6e5205 “Defiantly got company,”] he told the eye that connected him to his Devil. GuraGura took his true form and was a truly disgusting sight. Even though Kino was a sorcerer, he had a soft spot for animals. And the sight of the rotten jackal like head, puss pulsed from deep holes and patches of skin were missing. He looked like he had been the one to introduce plagues upon the world. He made Belial look as if she was a completely normal sorcerer, razor teeth and all. Zombied white eyes bore into him like hot iron. The face was pulled into a pissed snarl, thick drool dropping onto the ground.]


[Suranna Kino being who he was, and in a state of nervousness he had never felt before, did what Kino did best. [#6e5205 I would think that an ancient Devil like yourself could afford something better than a rip off biker costume.”] GuraGura snarled at him, snapping the air with his yellowed K-9’s. [#6e0202 “You dare speak to me like that, Mortal?”] He sneered the last word as if it was poison in his mouth. [#6e0202 “Obviously you know not who you speak to,”] the Devil’s voice dripped like toxin in Kino’s ears. The snarled speech gave him a slight headache. That or it was the fear that gripped Kino’s gut. [#6e5205 “Yea, you’re the piece of shit that’s been killing everyone, aren’t you?”] Kino hoped he could buy Belial time by talking to him. His hopes were not high.


[Suranna GuraGura snarled again, snapping at the air and taking slow steps toward Kino. [#6e0202 “You will learn to respect those who are stronger than you, Kino Aru,”] again the last words he spoke were like poison. Already he seemed a little predictable, Kino thought but knew better than that. Kino was taking small steps back, trying to maintain the distance between himself and the Devil he knew could strike him down. He began to build his smoke internally, just in case he had to use it. [#6e5205 “Well, I don’t see you bowing down to me, soo…”] He let his last word trail off, watching the diseased Devil dog roar in anger and lunge at him.]


[Suranna Kino dodge to the side, his heart thumping so hard it felt like it was in his head. GuraGura had lashed out with his hand, long fingernails slicing through the air Kino had just occupied. The dog head snapped to the side and he lunged again, his giant maw opened wide with smoke brewing in the back of his throat. Kino tried to perform the same move but found GuraGura had reached out to grab him, nails digging into his arm. He let out a small cry as he felt them pierce through skin when GuraGura yanked him closer. Kino punched his arm into the Devil’s chest, his smoke burst forth, the pressure dropping around them both and exploding in between them. Both parties were flung back. GuraGura rolled across the ground a few times while Kino’s back horizontally found a tree trunk.]


[Suranna GuraGura snarled in frustration. [#6e0202 “You will pay for your insolence!”] He lunged again. Kino, still on the ground, rolled away from the tree and found himself now behind the over-lunged GuraGura. He jumped to his feet and tried to put distance between them again, but the ancient was far more superior in his movements. He had already redirected his course and was barreling for the smaller sorcerer. Kino stumbled back, fear gripping every neuron in his body, telling him to run. Listening to his survival driven instincts, he turned to run. His foot snagged, pulling back behind him as GuraGura had closed the distance with another great leap. His dirty nails were ripping into his ankle as he was dragged across the forest floor toward angry teeth and a widening maw.]
bitterBelial   51d ago

[center [size12 As Belial approached the scene with widened eyes, watching the Devil lunging at the sorcerer. Her eyes narrowed in on the Devil closer, watching him yank on the man half his size with a displeased face. Her floating quickened before she took a whole of GuraGura’s scruff with a tight grasp. She tossed him across the forest floor with such force that the trees in GuraGura’s path were completely destroyed as he was thrown back.]]

[center [size12 [i [#810000 “You were always my least favorite. The disobedient dog, that you are. I should have figured it was you,”]] Belial hissed through sharp teeth. Her full body coming into view as she sauntered over to the much larger than her Devil.]]

[center [size12 [i [#810000 “Chidaruma and I are tired of your pointless antics and chaos, destroying the city we work hard to maintain,”]] Belial held out her hand, a scythe materialized in seconds with a soft hiss and a plume of smoke.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “You have gotten soft for these mere mortals,”]] GuraGura snarled, gaining his stance once more against the Hand of Judgement. With her scythe raised high in the air, Belial’s gaze locked onto the Devil in front of her. But, before she could bring it down, GuraGura jumped at the woman with nails digging into her sides. Belial snarled in pain as she hit the ground with a hard [i thud]. Her blood boiled now, her cheeks heated up in anger.]]

[center [size12 [i [#810000 “How dare you harm me,”]] Belial was basically untouchable. Her position gave her that upper hand. She rarely had to fight, normally other Devils did it on her behalf. But this was an unavoidable fight. Kino Aru was no match for something that could not die, but by a specific weapon.]]

[center [size12 Store’s Kitchen Knife. A beautiful blade that besides Store, Belial could wield it without consequences. She was equals to their powerful Master, Chidaruma and the feared and respected, Store. [i [#810000 “Did you think you would get away with this and everything else for long, GuraGura?”]] Belial wedged her foot inbetween then and pushed the rotten dog off of her.]]

[center [size12 Belial rose from the dirt as if she was a vampire coming out of a coffin. The sight was enough to frighten anyone. GuraGura’s eyes grew wide as they laid upon Store’s Kitchen Knife in Belial’s hand. [i [#810000 “Your time has come to an end, GuraGura,”]] Belial’s voice was echoing in the sky in a monotone voice. [i [#810000 “As the Righteous Hand of Punishment, I condemn you to the lowest pits of the Underworld,”]] Belial grabbed the Devil by his jacket to keep him from running off.]]

[center [size12 There was sheer panic in GuraGura’s attempts to pull away from the She Devil, but his efforts were met with a stab of the blade through his heart before she twisted it and pushed his body to the ground which freed the knife from his body.]]

[center [size12 Belial took a piece of her loose-fitting clothing and wiped the Devil’s blood from the blade before placing back into its sheath. She spat at the dead Devil with a wad of spit mixed with blood before she turned to look at the Sorcerer with a soften gaze. She turned her body and glided over to the man.]]

[center [size12 Belial recomposed herself before approaching the sorcerer with a gentle look on her face. She knelt down on the ground to look over the man with careful eyes. Before she could speak, Chidaruma appeared behind her and made his presences known by clearing his throat.]]

[center [size12 Belial turned her attention to her Master before looking past him at the dead Devil on the ground. [i [#FF0000 “Belial, I have to hand it to you. I don’t know how you talked Store into giving you his knife, but well done,”]] Chidaruma congratulated her before glancing past her to the Sorcerer on the ground. [i [#FF0000 “The Sorcerer you recruited for the mission? Isn’t he an interest of yours?”]] He inquired, gesturing to the man on the ground. Belial just gave him a shrug before turning her attention to the mortal.]]

[center [size12 [i [#810000 “I know you don’t let just any Sorcerer train to be a Devil, but I always thought Kino would make a great candidate,”]] Belial plainly spoke as her body washed back into its void once more as she reached out to pull the mortal to a sitting position. [i [#810000 “But, that is the least of my concern right now. GuraGura was about to have his way with him before I stepped in, so I am going to take him to get some medical treatment,”]] Belial then picked up the man before looking back at Chidaruma.]]

[center [size12 [i [#810000 “But, your problem is solved and you better tell your other Devils that I will not hesitate to do the same to them if I find out they are doing nonsensical shit like GuraGura was doing,”]] Belial hissed between her sharp, bright white teeth at Chidaruma before walking off.]]

[center [size12 Belial floated along, looking down at the mortal in her arms. She thought to herself that he must have felt ridiculous being carried like a hurt child. [i [#810000 “I’m going to take you to my domain to get you fixed up,”]] Belial made a simple statement that realistically, he could not argue with anyway.]]
ImpiusKino Aru   46d ago



Kino Aru’s eyes widened as GuraGura was yanked away. He scooted backwards to put some distance between himself and the two Devil’s now fighting. As he got to his third push back, searing pain ripped through his abdomen. He stopped and glanced down, blood soaking through his shirt. Kino was panting hard, his limbs trembling as he put an arm over his stomach. His eyes returned to the fight before him. The two had exchanged a few words, and Belial led a spectacular fight.


He watched as blood moistened the ground and blows exchange. He saw Belial struck to the ground and then raise like the dead. The blow that resulted in her vampire rise had given her such an anger that he felt it from where he slouched on the ground. If he knew any better, he could smell the fear radiating off of GuraGura as she grabbed him and sharing some words he couldn’t hear over the thudding of his heart. The gash on his stomach had such a sting to it, he could barely focus on what was happening before him. When had he gotten slashed? It must have been during the first lunge, and he hadn’t felt the pain through the adrenaline that had consumed his body.


Through blurred eyes, he saw GuraGura’s body slump and fall to the ground with a soft thud. Belial stayed for a moment, her form shifting slightly before drifting over to where he now laid on the ground. He had slumped over onto his side at some point, an arm still draped over his bleeding wound. It was a considerable gash that would leave a scar once it was healed. His eyes slowly moved to look up at Belial when she was over him. Another form appeared next to her.


He listened to the exchange, his eyes widening as she moved him into a sitting position, his face wincing with pain. What was that about becoming a Devil? Did he even hear that right? His mind and body felt light, even as she heaved him off the dirt and grass. Kino didn’t fight this action, he felt too weak. His clothing had soaked up much of the blood that had oozed from his wounded stomach. He looked up to Belial’s face and smiled, despite his condition.[#6e5205 “Never saw myself to be the one getting carried.”] He grinned at her now. [#6e5205 “I didn’t take you to be the caring type.”] He closed his eyes and let out a steady breath, trying to ignore his physical pain. His eyes opened again and this time his smile was small and soft, eyes low with a mix of pain and appreciation. [#6e5205 “Thank you.”]
bitterBelial   45d ago

[center [size12 Belial looked down upon the face of the mortal in her hands with careful, large eyes as he spoke to her. Honestly, she had never really saw herself as the caring type either, but every Devil it seems has some kind of fascination with a particular Sorcerer. Normally ones that they had previous associations with before they did the Devil Exams. Previous partners, lovers, family, but Kino Aru had nothing in common with a Devil made Devil.]]

[center [size12 Kino Aru was a Sorcerer that Belial always had an interest in, watching him at least once a day, delivering justice on her behalf without him even knowing that he was doing her a favor every time he had killed someone. She figured she would eventually reward him for his unknowing service to her purpose in their weird existences.]]

[center [size12 [i [#810000 “Kino Aru,”]] Belial spoke plainly, looking down upon the man’s face with now a very serious expression, or at least what you can tell by looking at her eyes. Still and unmoving as they gilded through the streets. [i [#810000 “You could have died tonight, but you did not. I do not really know how to express myself in a way where mere mortals can understand, but tonight,”]] Belial paused for a moment as if she was looking to put how she was feeling into words.]]

[center [size12 [i [#810000 “I want to reward you with the privilege of becoming a Devil, if that is what you would like. If not, I could figure out another way to show my gratitude for your help,”]] Belial knew that he could hear her and Chidaruma’s conversation and eventually, he would bring it up in the future, but might as well mention it now. It was a brutal and physically demanding process with a lot of self-control and discipline involved.]]

[center [size12 [i [#810000 “But for now, I need to focus more on you living through the night than something that you might die before you get to experience,”]] Belial was definitely blunt about it, lacking the social skills to be lower key about things.]]

[center [size12 They were nearing Belial’s Doom Shop. She definitely could not take him into the Devils’ home, not in a million years unless he, himself, were a Devil. As they got closer to the house, she carefully placed Kino on his feet, holding him against her lanky body as she pushed the door open.]]

[center [size12 The smell of copper and rot was strong for mortals, but it was not a smell that bothered Belial by any means, which was why she never cared to clean up much after her victims were dead. She hoisted Kino back off of his feet before placing him down on a table with some care. It felt a bit foreign being softer with someone in her place of torture, but she had to cut that feeling for a moment to care for what she has invested in.]]

[center [size12 Belial pulled the man’s shirt up, looking over his wound as if she was analyzing the correct way to go about it. She could give him the mortal treatment of stitches, bandage, and the whole nine yards, but instead, she placed her hand over the wound and smoke began to pour from her hands. The wound began to slowly close, but still, it looked fresh. It was not a complete heal, but enough to make him more comfortable. She was already so powerful to begin with, using magic was not her go to most of the times.]]

[center [size12 Belial turned around to a set of cabinets, where she pulled a kit of various bandages, creams, and other things. Ways to keep people from dying so quickly, of course. She placed it on the counter and pulled a few of its contents out to patch him the rest of the way up.]]
ImpiusKino Aru   35d ago



Kino Aru was silent for a time. The offer to become a Devil had stuck him with such surprise, he really had no response to give. In his eyes, he was turning to run and flee. Fear had gotten the best of him, and for good enough reason as he would have died if the Devil Belial didn’t intervene with the battle. The interaction had brought about a realization of mortality that he had been unaware of previously. The feeling made him feel cold and clammy, bones ached and his head throbbed. Perhaps that was just the blood loss he was experiencing. Regardless, Kino felt like shit and wanted nothing more than to lie down for the next week without movement.

His thoughts raced through his mind like a mad hive of bees, pausing occasionally on a thought needing a little more attention. It was always the offer of becoming a Devil. Unworthy he felt, but if she had thought him to be worth the time and effort, perhaps it was so. This feeling of utter defeat was new and settling in the longer he was carried. Even the rancid smells of the Doom Shop did not seem to bother him much, though it did make his stomach churn and flip a few times at first. The smell of his own blood had already stained the inside of his nostrils.

Kino winced when he was placed on the table, acknowledging that she had set him down as gently as possible. He also acknowledged that in no way could there be a comfortable way to be set down, or moved, when one’s entrails were threatening to say hello to the outside world. [#6e5205 “Thank you, for saving me and helping me. You express your own gratitude, but it is really me who is rather gracious.”] He paused, the last word had been a strange one to cross his tongue. [#6e5205 “I would have died without your help. Even if you never had asked for my help, he would have come for me eventually.”] Kino was looking around the torture room, trying to distract himself from Belial’s work on his abdomen.

[#6e5205 “I doubt you do much of this in here,”] He glanced at his partially healed wound, his eyes wide with surprise. He didn’t feel like his organs were about to spill out, not that they actually threatened to in the first place. He would definitely survive, and that is what mattered. He thought back on her offer, watching as the Devil set up bandages and other medical supplies. She was right, it would be better than selling his smoke for meager prices and struggling through life. [#6e5205 “About the offer to become a Devil… If you are serious about it, I accept.”]
bitterBelial   32d ago

[center [size12 Belial’s large, unblinking eyes stared at the man as he expressed his gratitude to her for tonight. She would have done whether he was involved or not, GuraGura had to die. Kino was just an extra chess piece in the entire game that she had been playing with the other Devil. Hated that he was involved, but glad he did not die. She nodded her head before she began to poke and prod at his half-healed stomach with a curious expression.]]

[center [size12 [i [#810000 “I know you did get a taste of your own mortality tonight,”]] she poked the side of his stomach with a curiously sickening expression as if she was taunting him with her own immortality before her expression returned back to a flat, emotionless form.]]

[center [size12 [i [#810000 “But, yes I am serious about the offer as a reward,”]] Belial plainly spoke before continuing, [i [#81000 “Lucky for you, tonight was not a part of the trials.”]] She could have easily done that and he would have failed immediately, but he also would have been clueless to it and that would have been setting him up for failure.]]

[center [size12 Belial knew that the man in front of her was not necessarily scared of Death, but he was shaken from tonight’s brush that she could see his own brain still processing the evening still as she was rolling the cloth bandage around his body. She was careful not to roll him around too much, she purposely did not fully heal him to see the limits of his body. So far, she could give him a passing grade for surviving such a life threatening wound.]]

[center [size12 [i [#810000 “If tonight was hard for you, then the trials will completely shatter you,”]] Belial’s wide eyes stared unblinking into the Sorcerer’s own eyes with such a seriousness behind the bland stare. She was studying his expressions, body language, and the look in the back of his eyes. [i [#810000 “If you think you could survive worse than this then I would be more than happy to guide you,”]] Belial’s eyes soften into a polite smile beneath the black void that was her body.]]


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