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The sword and the Stone

By Colorful_insanity

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People knew of SAO, even AAO, even GGO. But here always hesitant to try any new reality warping type of video games when it came to Virtual reality, especially those in full dive. However, Sword Art Online had come up with a new concept to their whole game. Wiping it cleaning, everything was from a new scratch, however they changed the map entirely. Now there was no "neutral" areas, no noncombat areas, no safe zones, no maps, nothing. all new players had to start fresh from the map. All spawning in the same area and going from there.

First thing was first. Making a safe zone around the starting area? Or perhaps adventuring out making sure to get resources and levels before anyone else? Perhaps it would be to establish a far away city as a base of operations for everyone? Maybe getting a guild up and going?
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Colorful_insanityAric Dawn   67d ago

Dawn, that had been the username he assigned himself sense day one. From that many have given him nicknames. The Lightbringer, The God Forge, The Dawn's light. It was indifferent to him what they called him as long as they knew of whom it was, they spoke about. 

Aric was sitting on his bed and his bright ice blue eyes stared away at the clock slowly ticking away. Midnight is what he needed, but that was yet another half an hour away. Why midnight? Because that is when the new Full dive game came out on the VR headsets. It was supposed to be a masterpiece all on its own and that doesn't even include what the previews shows you.

Anyone who played Beta knew that while the graphics and fine toning of the game still had to be done it was all but set, the opening world would be blank, no cities, no walls, no villages, nothing. All one wild world for players to explore and build from the ground up. To expand their own ways like here in the human world. At least everyone thought so. The difference is this world would have magic in it. 

Aric had watched as the time still yet ticked away. ten minutes now and he could jump in. Perhaps he should sleep a little bit, but his anticipation for this game was far above what his nerves could handle and sleep now was as evasive to him as the clouds were to fish in the deep ocean. Aric had waited those few precious moments and finally it was midnight.

Jumping up from his bed He grabbed his VR headset and threw it on. Jumping right into the game. At first nothing happened, but a female voice came over in his head. [b "Customize your character or Import character to level one."] clicking Customize character Aric wanted to try something new. Clicking male he looked through the body types first. Choosing a tall kind of lanky guy, he nodded. Next, he chose to match his eye color to that of the Ice blue. The hair also like his short, brunette, and styled. 

jumping into the world he was confused, normally he would have had to pick a class, a race, anything, but not this time.
KanedgySamuel Isen   67d ago
yee haw mf

Samuel decided to make this night one of the first of his many all-nighters to come. Tonight at midnight the new VR game would come out. The hype for this one was unreal. It was the first one the developers made with just nature, not many cities and magic!? Of course he had to pre-order it, so he wouldn't have to wait on the software not working due to everyone trying to by it at the same time. He could be one of the first to load the game and put in their character. He was planning on doing something different for this one, since the powers and stats were different than the others. 
Of course his user would be the same. Just in case some of his old buddies would hop on and want to play. People addressed him by Isen. He was widely known as The Scholar or otherwise, in the bigger cities, Elder of Unity. Due to his way to persuade others and him always investing in charisma it was child's play for him to scurry the ranks of politicians and negotiate wars and such. 

Samuel always had a mind for strategy games. Every since he was little he played tabletop games like chess or card games like spades. Now he was in control of his own life and he chose to try and complete every fully submerged VR game.

The previous two were pretty good in his opinion and he finished without a problem, but a man who went by the username 'Dawn' was a huge help on the way. Intelligence wise and strength wise. The man was praised in Samuel's mind ever since. In a way, Samuel aspired to have the outlook Dawn did.

Samuel was eager for the game to come out so he could get a head start and get as far as possible as soon as possible. As he opened his eyes in his pitch-black room with no other lights but the window and his clock, he turned to the right and watched the clock turn 12:00.

Immediately he started the download. Because of the pre-order he got a manual in game that would give more than just the basic help and would assist him late-game as well. He got up and walked towards the mini fridge in his room and grabbed a monster.

Slowly....he watched... 

As soon as it reached 100% he opened the game to begin his latest adventure.
Colorful_insanityAric Dawn   65d ago

as Dawn had loaded into the game, he noticed a few people had already logged in. Likely beta players who had downloaded everything from before the alpha phase of the game and went and decided to play it because they liked it. looking around some more he noticed one small thing. the regular clothing, he had upon his being. a plain cloth shirt and pair of pants to match. at his side hung a sword, inside the right leather boots on his feet was a small dagger he could grab if necessary. On his back hung a simple strung bow with ten or so arrows. 

It must have been what everyone started with and going from there is where their character development went. Hearing a crowd began to gather he headed that way. It was it seems the first sighting of an NPC. The NPC had a small yellow diamond shape above their head indicating a quest. Clicking on the menu he pulled up the conversation button with the NPC.

[b "Welcome, Adventurer, we need your help. There is no safe place here. We wish to establish one, but where is up to you. Adventure from here and find a place to establish a starting city."] Dawn had instantly gone into gamer mode. Safe place would be hard to describe to a gamer it could be out in the middle of nowhere in other games a city could pop up anywhere, but here you had to think strategic as a camp is likely to still be attacked by creatures that roam the area and had to be easily defendable, but also easily enough to grow around as well. Cities here would grow as more and more people came into the game once they were established. 

Dawn had known a good spot. He saw it close enough to where the group started as he dove in, but it was far enough away that likely lower leveled players wouldn't want to go to it right away either. Thinking to himself how best to get there He heard a familiar voice from behind him. 

[#aa6413 "Ah Isen."] he said to himself as the male came up to the quest giver themself. [#aa6413 "Isen lets team up."] Holding out his hand and sending the party invitation Aric smiled. [#aa6413 "I have a perfect spot in mind to establish a city, and with the resources its wanting us to get they will be close by. We just have to get a full raid party going to make sure we get it done and quickly."]

Scrolling through Aric threw invitations to the Beta players who had added him and were on already with the simple explanation of come join up, the Brotherhood will rise again. Many accepted, but Aric just stood there looking at Isen. [#aa6413 "What say you Isen? Will you join the group and get this game rolling, right?"]
KanedgySamuel Isen   65d ago
yee haw mf

Sam was filled with excitement as he loaded into the game and made his character. Once he was done and loaded in he immediately checked his gear. Basic stuff, no big deal. He noticed in the corner he had a letter from a dev. Obviously automated. Just a thank you for making a pre-order with some cosmetics and coins to start off.

Exiting the inventory, he switched to the game menu and began to scroll through the users online. Many of them were beta testers or enthusiasts such as himself.

He didn't notice that Dawn was online so he sighed quietly and went to the first npc he saw, already testing for hidden movement mechanics. In past games he would use these to pick fights or to get from A to B in a convenient way.

No surprise, they were patched. Or a whole new source code was used. Another reason Sam loved video games was analyzing code, and figuring out why it worked the way it did. Having taken a few years of coding and knowing the two easier ones to learn which were also widely accepted made it mean more to him. It gave him the fuel he needed to stay in.

Once he got to the NPC and it gave him the first mission, which happened to be pretty vague, he heard a familiar voice call: [b [I "Isen, let's team up"]] He looked where the voice came from, and saw Dawn. A slight smile passed Isen's face as he received a party invitation and Dawn explained that he had a great spot for a safe zone.

[I "Of course. Always a pleasure, Dawn.] Isen replied as he accepted the invitation in the message tab.
[I "I may not be around forever, though. I plan on exploring everything there is."] Isen said to Dawn as they looked to the distance.

Once again, Isen would begin another adventure. Who knows how long it would take him? He certainly didn't. None of that mattered to him at the moment. All he really cared for was the thrill, anyways.
Colorful_insanityAric Dawn   62d ago

Dawn had taken the news that Isen wouldn't be sticking around. Of course not no one ever wanted to stick close to a safe zone once it was established everyone wanted to go out and do their own thing, however Isen would be the only nonmember of the Brotherhood that would know where the city would be located until it was established fully as a safe haven base.

Nodding Aric took out the map all players were equipted with as well. [b "We will head north, Towards the mountains. There should be a position somewhere that will be surrounded on three side by mountains. There we can establish a base camp. From there we will go a little bit more north and dig up for stone."] Looking to the group of ten people he gathered they all nodded. [b "This is going to be dangerous as the farther north we travel the higher the levels of enemies we will be fighting, which means we have to do this more strategic like instead of the brute force way."] looking towards the rest of the group he returned his gaze to the paper and continued. [b "Once we get enough stone and such we can establish the city right inside the mountain itself. We will need a basic run down of the city itself however. Tunnels, Walls, etc."]

Dawn was known as the God Forge for one reason. He was a Master forger and the only being in the entire gamer world known to be able to use any materials and turn it into a master work. You could give him fish scales and he would make an impressive set of armor. You could give him a stick and he would make it lethal.

Aric turned his attention to Isen. [b "I am establishing a group of front runners. We are going to be known as the Brotherhood of Ashes. I would like for you to join up with us. We are going to go after the rare monsters once we have a city established. We are going to make a name for ourselves. Those who will be our enemies will fear us, those who will be our friends will cheer our names."]
KanedgySamuel Isen   44d ago
yee haw mf

Isen smiled. Dawn never ceased to amaze. Even in this game, he's already gathering a group to monopolize the entire power struggle of the game. Slightly laughing he replied to Dawn's request, [I [b "Well then, I'll agree on the terms that you don't keep me cooped up at the safe zone. . .and some say on what my duties are. Of course I'm not asking to do nothing I just want to do things I excel at so I'm not useless."]] He finished with a sigh. Looking up at the sky, he figured this wouldn't be easy. The one game Dawn had already taken so much initiative and thought into just so happened to be the one he was least prepared for. He regarded his request as not impossible and did not want to make himself and enemy so early on. Of course, Isen was going to try to get a small cult following that would grow over the years and he would overtake the alliances, and put himself in a place of power. One which he had never been in.
Colorful_insanityAric Dawn   44d ago

Dawn looked towards Isen. [#ca872f "I can tell that look. I remember it from the last time we played together. Power has its responsibility that goes with it."] a tap on his temple he was showing Isen that he needed to remember that. [#ca872f "I would hate to have us turn into enemies in this game like how we had met the first time."] Turning to the rest of the group a wide grin on his face. [#ca872f "Alrighty folks, we head out in a few minutes, gather up what you think you need before we head off. This will be the last warning. You want to leave now be my guest I won't hold it against you. Just know the Brotherhood of Ashes will begin with this single expedition and those here and now will be held in high regard always."]

Dawn had once again spun to face Isen. [#ca872f "I would make sure you have the things you need as well. Get yourself familiarized with your character movement and the like."]  The male tapped himself a few times and opened up the menu to check his inventory and skill sets. [#ca872f "Interesting..."] he said to himself. [#ca872f "It seems this game has a player specific unique skill."] clicking on it, the description only read that it was a single skill that only that specific player had which meant the skill was only accessible to that player, however it would be later discovered as the game progressed.

Aric looked at the group as it reformed up a few players had skipped out, but a few more had joined up. This was not odd really for him. Normally the Brotherhood of Ashes started out on bumpy at best. They were usually highly skilled players that Dawn had known in real life or met from past games, but those players who joined he didn't know he didn't turn down.

Pulling a map out for the entire group to see he spoke up so everyone could hear him. [#ca872f "I'll say it again for the new folks that have joined us. The plan is simple we head North straight to the mountain pass not far from here, while at the Mountain border we find a place to fortify and safe up. We will use this as our base of Operations and from there expand out. We will want to make sure everyone knows where this safe haven is once they leave this area. Likely we won't see any activity inside our little city for a while, but we need to make sure it can sustain itself in case it falls under attack from monsters in the game, NPCs, or even other players."] 

Releasing the Map Aric trudged to the front of the group and pointed north to the mountain range in the distance. [#ca872f "It's been calculated that the travel will be about a week's time."] a few complained about how they didn't have that much time to spend in a game, others decided they didn't want to do it anymore and would rather stay in a zone they know has other players around they can ask for help.

It was at this moment something happened all players turned white like they were teleporting. All the players returned to where they had logged into.

[b "Hello players, I am Kiro. The maker of this game. I am here to let you know. That you are now Locked into the game. If you look at your menus you will notice the log out button has been removed. Also know that if you die while inside the game you will die in real life. The only way out of this game is to beat it. How you do that is by killing every single rare spawn, world boss, Dungeon, and Raid within the game. This also includes the Rare event bosses that will pop up durnig the seasons."]  Dawn had looked down the menu and found that what he said was true. This made things a bit more complicated.

Once the man was done, he disappeared. Dawn and gathered up his little party and looked out among the group. [#ca872f "This doesn't change anything of the plan. We will still head North and make a safe base in the mountains. If you don't want to go leave now. Those of who are going we are heading out now."]
KanedgySamuel Isen   41d ago
yee haw mf

Isen nodded at Dawn's statement. He never ceased to amaze Isen. Even approached with the same problem, when Dawn completed it, the way was utterly obvious and efficient but for some reason overlooked by most. That's what Isen believed gave Dawn his edge. The mention of Dawn desiring Isen as an ally warmed his heart at the least. The first time they met was messy. Both of them lost a companion, and Samuel lost the fight overall. Isen always liked to think it was closer than it actually was. There were some factors still unchecked in his mind. As Dawn explained the plan a few more times to the eager newcomers who thirsted for power, Isen checked his abilities, skills, and proficiencies. He too noticed the player-specific ability. This intrigued Isen. The variability of every player having a different ability that you may not know of was concerning to say the least. The tides of a battle could change in an instant with an ability that's unknown. Isen clicked off as Dawn finished. Shortly thereafter, they got the message they were trapped in the game. Samuel didn't really care. He wasn't stupid enough to put him in a situation where death would be inevitable, otherwise he could prevent it. A few other players seemed worried at this news, though. Some ran off to who knows where while others formed groups similar to Dawn's, with more people joining the Brotherhood. Isen started his way north and looked to Dawn and the group [b [I "What are you hooligans waiting for? Hurry up. No time to waste.]] He said before turning back around and resuming his way to the designated area.
Colorful_insanityAric Dawn   34d ago

Dawn had taken no time to catch up to Isen. The man was bold that was for sure to say the least but being pushy would have them loose many of the players that were there with them. Especially if they tried fighting while exhausted. It meant the journey would be longer in the process over actually planning it. The group was making good progress of course, but it was not so slow. 

All in all, there was Thirty members here. Each group made up a separate "cell" or party. One member was a tank type class. Heavy armor, light weapon, Shield, melee type style. Each group also had one healer. a light armor, Light to no weapon, No shield, far ranged type class. The other three were various dps classes. Dawn was his groups Tank and healer. It was his specialty even though the group he ran with had an extra dps to replace the healer, Dawn had a backup healer as a DPS in his group just to be safe.

Aric had stopped a moment and raised his hand for the rest of the group to stop moving. Pointing out across the sand that lay in front of the group he motioned to the moving sand. [b "We are going to have to be more careful here. This is where the bigger enemies start, we will have to work in our designated groups to make sure we can take them down as needed. I don't want to lose a person unnecessarily."] 

Dawn had picked the pathway into the sand and trudged onward. The first few steps were easy, but as he stepped farther and farther into the sand mobs seemed to be attracted to the sound of the moving sand. Going into his battle stance Dawn yelled out [b "Battle Ready. Group one and two guard the left side, Group three and four guard the right, group five guard the front. Group Six guard the rear. I want a full circle here folks. We are calling this formation the Turtle."] 

As the mobs came closer and closer the beast's heads, bodies, and claws had popped out of the sand. It was giant scorpion like creatures with human bodies for their upper half. [b "Watch the tails."] he called behind him. 

As the battle raged on Aric could feel the unbearable sun beating down upon him. But what he noticed was the bodies of a few of the players littered the sand along with the dead mobs. It was a pity they had died so early on. Most of all that meant they would have died also in real life. Breathing heavy Dawn looked at the latest of mobs that had charged the group. Dawn was finished.

As the mob's final swing went to strike Aric it had paused in midair. The male opened his eyes to see the dead had returned to life at full health and everything. The strike had been haulted. It was then the male also noticed the heat wasn't from the sun but from himself.

Raising his blade towards the sun Dawn called out [b "You will BURN."] releasing the energy in a blast from his sword towards the mob in a cone like shape fire spouted from his blade and scorched the sand into glass, the mob gone.
KanedgySamuel Isen   18d ago
yee haw mf

Isen noticed that Dawn quickly followed. Isen still didn't truly know who his cell was composed off but chose to go his normal route of spellsword, in otherwords Damage/Healer type. Using both skills would help him and his team the most due to the damage output and survivability he could provide later on. On the way, they were able to easily pick off the smaller enemies with no casualties. That was quite short lived however. After a few miles of such trivial enemies Dawn made an announcement about formations and how enemies would be stronger throughout the cove they were approaching. Isen sighed and sped towards the right, where he believed his group was designated to. Shortly after a wave of the scorpion-like creatures ran at them. Isen was able to take a few down and quickly went to healing the tank in his group, which seemed to take a bunch of unnecessary hits due to being sloppy. Isen was able to keep his initial cell alive despite how incompetent he deemed them. For the rest of his right-side formation he regarded no thought to. Once he cleared out most of his side he turned to Dawn, who seemed to unlock some strange ability. This ticked off Isen to the point to where he halted his healing to his own cell and began to go berserk against the scorpions. He had no idea what Dawn or what he was doing. He felt a slight increase in energy due to Dawn's area of effect in his ability, but Isen did not take the fact it was Dawn into account. After he ran out of most of his energy, he was doing all he could to stay alive. Blocking as many attacks as he could. As soon as he almost became completely overwhelmed he saw in the side of his eye the words in bold red [b [+red Path Chosen]]. He ignored this but without realizing the mobs that were harassing him turned to ash in as they made a shrilling shriek during their final moments. He began to get back up, as the ground began to shake around him he bolted so fast towards the rest of the mobs it left a trail of dirt and dust floating away. He held his hand out instinctively and a black katana appeared. Looking at it, in the same bold red [b [+red "???"]] showed above the sword. One slash with it caused the mobs to explode. A few minutes of the frenzy and the mobs were cleared. After, the sword disappeared and a marking appeared around Isen's wrist.
Colorful_insanityAric Dawn   18d ago

Dawn had watched the group of people. Many confused, others more so. Unknown to the group was Dawn's new unlocked power. Once he was clear long enough, he looked at the skill. The Sun Forger, confused he would have to look at it in closer details later. Looking through the groups he saw everyone was alive, even those who had fallen earlier. Isen was holding the right side by himself. Dawn had taken to the center of the entire group falling back to watch as everything went down. 

Once fighting had finished and no more Mobs were pushing the group, or none close enough to have aggression towards the group the entire group gathered up really close. Dawn looked around and counted. All thirty party members were alive. The group had beaten a total of twenty-five mobs all way above their levels. This was signified by the skull where their level bars should be. [b "How curious."] moving out of the circle of people he walked up to the patch of sand that had turned glass under the damage he had done. [b "Even more Curious."] Having his booming voice over everyone else. [b "Alrighty folks. As I said things were only going to get more difficult. We need to move out before these mobs respawn, get what you can off the creatures before we continue. Meat, Scales, Poison, etc. Get as much as you can before more of them come."] 

Dawn turned to Isen a smile on his face and a silent nod to him as well. Dawn had watched as everything happened and seen the male had unlocked some form of subclass to his overall class. Perhaps that was the power he held now, but if that was the case a symbol would have appeared upon his being, yet he found not a one. 

[b "Understand that one just formation one. From here on we are going to go directly into the turtle formation when we are attacked. We need to get into this formation quickly and effectively so from here on I am moving a few people party around to make sure our defensive and offensive abilities are balanced out everywhere."] 

Pulling up the screen to do so Dawn moved a few people around. Moving Isen into a group with Dawn just the two of them by themselves. Merging the few other groups to fill in their gaps and moving around others. Standing next to Isen Dawn spoke in a soft tone so only the male could hear him while the others got busy to work. [b "Isen I am going to need your skills in battle to keep me safe. I will be the center of the group. I will coordinate where people need to go as necessary, and it will mostly be you that I will send to help groups that need it, but you and I will stand alone from the other groups. It means you will have to heal yourself and make sure you don't die. I will do the same. If you need my help just scream Seven."] Holding up his hand and arm to form a bond Dawn knew better Isen wouldn't stay long with the group, but it would be affective.

Without any more waiting Dawn called out for everyone to hear. [b "Let's get a move on. I want to be across this desert before dark. The trees on the other side seem more comfortable over being out in the open."] 

Hauling the group, it took them a few more hours to finally reach the Forest where they would make camp for the night. The peace of mind and relaxation would not last however as many people reported seeing movement and the feeling of being watched as they looked into the forest. Dawn nodded. [b "This is the Whisperings woods. The game said it was here that NPC silver elves, Fairies, Nymphs, Fae creatures make their home."] looking to the forest edge himself he knew this is where his own character would claim as home. [B "The Elves are a neutral party to those outside of their own race. The rest will remain as nothing more than watchful eyes as long as we don't go into the forest."] The plan was to go around the Forest, but to shave off almost half their travel time he would bring up going through the forest instead. 

Dawn was more worried about the desert side of their camp than anything else. They had been attacked within the desert several times; the once was the worst of it. They did not know who or what they would fight but after a couple of encounters the group got use to what they would see and adapted to it quickly. That didn't mean the desert didn't have other hidden surprises that could come out at night.

As the party lay down to rest Dawn pulled up the menu he scrolled through and found his player ability and read it more closely. 

[center [b The Sun Forger]]
[center Ability is split into three different talents.]
[center [b The Forger's Fire] This talent allows the user to control a highly concentrated cone blast of fire incinerating any living thing within its blast and turning none living into solid Obsidian or glass substance.]
[center [b The Reforging] This talent allows the user to bring back party members who have been dead for less than five minutes. This fully restores them health wise, but not energy, mana, or Rage. The damage taken after revival is negated, however upon a rest that damage is evenly distributed to the full party or raid.]
[center [b The World Maker] This talent is currently Locked and will be revealed later.]


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