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i walk around, wearing the morning sun

By bitter
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[center [size13 [b .i walk around, wearing the morning sun.]] [size10 [i by muta & bitter]]][center [size11 a story about a clueless farmer, who is trying to make a big change in her life & a scholar, who has been researching and learning of the area that filled him with so much wonder. The common thread was the fox, who elludes them both. The fox brings them together as an unlikely pair.]] [center [pic]]
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bitteraspen   197d ago

[center [size12 Ivy Ridge was a small, quiet town with little going on. Most of the farmers in the area left due to the less than desirable traffic through the town. No one had the patience, nor the will to continue living in such a small, unnoticed town except some of the families that had been pushing the town along, their ancestors were the ones who either founded the town, or moved there not long after the first ones settled. The town was a massive trading post for the longest time before larger corporations realized that cheap labor on their farms was not only cheaper, but quicker than the slow, methodical process of being a solo farmer.]] [center [size12 The tiny farming town used to be home to the Thatcher family, a large family that were mainly red heads and had quite the green thumb. Not a green thumb, but a type of magic that focused on growing and having a deeper connection with animals. The witch family came from Ireland around the time that the town had been founded and created their little nest in a large piece of land in the North West of the town. It had creeks running through it with a small cave at the bottom. The house was looming, casting a long shadow across the land with large windows with a beautiful wrap around porch. It was built from strong wood to withstand the wear and tear of time and it did.]] [center [size12 The last surviving member of the Thatcher family was sitting a small apartment miles away from the mountain town, staring at a hand written letter with a worried expression on her face. Unknowing to what she was and who she could be. A mousey red head with a large attitude and her name was Aspen Thatcher. The piece of paper in her hand was the deed to the farm, staring back at her as if it was beckoning her to do it. She wanted to, but the fear of the unknown twisted her guts. She balled the paper up before sighing, smoothing it back out against her table. She had felt useless, clueless of where she needed to go and what to do. This might be her calling, the wrinkled paper spread out across her table. She then carefully smoothed it out once more before folding it into a small square, leaving it there as she stood up.]] [center [size12 Aspen began gathering her most important items, leaving whatever she did not care about behind. She sent a quick text to one of her only friends about what she was doing before grabbing her bag, walking out the door. She tucked her only apartment key underneath the door mat before leaving her life behind her.]] [center [pic]] [center [size12 Aspen sat on a train, looking out the window with a longing look. She was nervous, her stomach twisting into knots as her brain racked over what was about to happen. She left her entire life behind to pursue a life of nothing, but hard work and loneliness, but she was already doing that before she even left. The only reason why this sounded remotely interesting was because it was a new place with new people, who did not know her.]] [center [size12 As the train slowed to a stop, Aspen gathered her things. The conductor came over the speak with some static to announce the arrival at Ivy Ridge. She looked out the window as the train slowed to a stop. With a brave face and a deep breath, Aspen took her things into her arms and made her way to exit the train.]] [center [size12 Aspen stepped onto the platform from the train, almost falling off in the small gap between the train and the platform. A gentle breeze pushed her forward. Aspen, for a brief moment, questioned what she had felt before shaking it out of her head. She rolled her eyes before gathering herself once more to make her way to the town hall to see how she would get to her farm to start her new life. But, she was stopped by someone a little bit older than her. He looked official. He introduced himself as the mayor. Aspen nodded her head when she was asked if she was a Thatcher because of her red hair. She had not realized just how important her family was that still to this day, she would be recognized as one.]] [center [size12 Aspen followed the mayor with a soft expression as they moved through the town towards a long trail that lead to her soon to be farm. The town felt unreal, magical, and full of the unknown. She felt a chill that ran up her spiral. It felt odd, but a comforting kind of odd, like she had belonged in that very moment.]] [center [size12 As they approached the empty land, her eyes grew large. The farm was huge, run down of course, but massive. She could not fathom what she was even looking at. As she was caught up in her thoughts, the mayor gently nudged her with some assurance and told her that if she needed anything to let him know. But for now, he left her to get to know her surroundings and take everything in.]] [center [size12 Aspen dropped her things on the front porch of her run-down farm house with a soft sigh. She felt heavy still, like she was holding her stuff times ten. She did not know if she would be capable of doing this, especially alone. A soft gust of wind and a soft, angelic voice spoke in the trees. She could not make out what it was saying, but Aspen started to feel a bit more okay with everything. Like the weight had been lifted up a little bit off her shoulders. The trees felt alive, moving with the chilled wind. For a moment, Aspen felt at peace once again. The busy life of a lonely existence with nothing, but work and failed relationships. Heart break and sadness, Aspen put it all behind her. She was free to be who she wanted now.]] [center [size12 With a new look at her situation, Aspen collected all of her belongings before taking them into the house. She pushed all of her body weight against the door to get it to finally open. As the door swung away from her, a large plum of dust danced around her feet making her cough. The house was dark, damp, and she knew this was going to be just as big of a project as the farm itself. But, one thing at a time, Aspen told herself as she placed her things on a table. There were pieces of old furniture that she could make do with, but eventually, she would need to sprinkle some of her own style.]] [center [size12 [i [#d7ae9f "At least the house is not falling to shambles, just old,"]] Aspen quietly spoke to herself in a soft, Irish tinge. She ran her fingers over the edge of the table that her belonging sat on and smeared the dust in between her fingers with a quiet huff. Dirty.]] [center [size12 Her eyes moved over the old furniture before she heard a soft scratching in the back room. Her head jerked into that direction before slowly approaching the door. She pressed her ear against the door, hearing soft whining. It sounded like a scared animal, she could only assume that she might find a few more animals that found themselves trapped. Aspen placed her hand on the knob before turning it. It did not open at first, but with a little force, Aspen got the door open. A large and even weirdly long, Fox ran out to the front door. It stopped only long enough to look at Aspen with large, green eyes before making its way outside.]] [center [size12 Aspen's brain could not process what she had just seen. The town gave her an odd vibe when she exited the train. A whimsical, odd feel as she walked through the town. Like this town was enchanted, but lost its way a long time ago. On top of that, as she looked in the room that the fox had come out, it all made sense. It was a room full of spell books, brooms, and other various magical items. Aspen would never guessed that her ancestors were witches, but the beautiful family portrait confirmed it all. All of them redheads and Aspen looked like 90% of them in the painting.]] [center [size12 It was not like witches did not exist, but Aspen's family had removed themselves far enough away from their old practices that Aspen had no idea about who she actually was. Being a nobody with nothing going for them for the majority of their life, it was a shock to find out how powerful her family truly was. The impact of the Thatcher family was finally coming to light as Aspen began looking through the various things on the large desk.]]
mutaarchive   196d ago

[google-font] [center [size15 [abel Morning light trickled in through the open window on the eastern wall of the large library. It set the room ablaze turning everything it touched a warm gold. The miscellaneous gemstones and glassware that cluttered the space caught the light and dispersed it in intricate technicolor patterns on the hardwood floor below. Hundreds of books lined the floor to ceiling bookshelves and littered the floor leaving a tight maze from one end of the room to the other. A tall, wiry man sat hunched at a writing desk pushed up against a large window. He studied an ocean colored mushroom that grew from a terracotta pot. It appeared to pulse and breathe with the ticking of the clock on the wall. The man scribbled in a leather bound notebook as he turned the pot a few degrees. With a thin finger, he adjusted the glasses on the bridge of his nose. Turning a page in the journal, he began to sketch the mushroom and scrawled a few words in the margins of the paper. A knock at the door pulled the man from his thoughts. He glanced at the clock and called over his shoulder, [b [#59021D “Come in!”]] After a moment, the door swung open and a middle aged man hung in the doorway. He was short and stocky and wore a crooked grin. His salt and pepper hair was pulled into a loose bun and exacerbated his receding hairline. [b “Good morning Dr. Bradbury, I’m here to restock,”] he greeted, placing an empty glass jar on the table next to others identical in shape and size. [b [#59021D “Right, I almost forgot.”]] Wylder Bradbury said as he stood up from his desk. He furrowed his brows as he stalked about the room, searching for the parchment he’d misplaced. Eventually he found what he was looking for: a brown paper bag tied neatly with twine. He let out a sigh of relief and handed it off to the man. [b “Do I owe you the same as last week?”] He asked, taking the package and retrieving his wallet. [b [#59021D “For you David, it’s double.”]] Wylder said dryly. David let out a laugh and handed over the cash. [b “Thanks for the salve, you’re quite the miracle worker,”] David shook the package gently to emphasize his satisfaction. Wylder waved a hand disapprovingly. [b [#59021D “I’m glad the cream is helping with the pain David but you should really see a doctor,”]] he urged. Wylder knew the man wouldn’t listen but he couldn’t help but try. [b “Of course, that’s why I’m seeing you!”] He chuckled. Wylder glared at the man but he couldn’t erase all evidence of the smile that had begun to form on his lips so it lost its bite. [b [#59021D “David I have two doctorates in history. I’m not the type of doctor I was referring to.”]] David waved him off with a grin, [b “I appreciate the worry Dr. Bradbury but I’m fine. Anyway,”] he paused as he checked the time on the clock on the wall before continuing. [b “Did you hear we’re getting a new neighbor?”] Wylder turned away from the man and returned to his work, obviously uninterested in the conversation. Ivy Ridge was a small, unassuming town people rarely visited unless they had family there or in his case, had work to do. He’d moved a year prior in order to study the magical energy that pulsed through the town. It caused strange plants to grow and unimaginable animals to flock to the woodlands. He was there to do a job and wasn’t interested in the local gossip. [b “Apparently she’s the last living Thatcher,”] David added, thumbing through the books on the shelf. The books were all in languages he didn’t recognize but he still enjoyed looking at the covers. The name Thatcher caught Wylder’s attention. He’d read about the family name when he began his research into Ivy Ridge but he’d come to the conclusion that they’d all died. Could he have been wrong? There was a first for everything. [b [#59021D “Oh really? What’s she doing in Ivy Ride?”]] He turned his chair to face David and crossed one long leg over the other. His black dress pants strained against his boney knees and raised taught above his ankle revealing funky purple socks dotted with yellow ducks. [b “Not sure, I heard she was taking over the family farm.”] [b [#59021D “Oh,”]] Wylder hadn’t expected such a mundane answer. He would have to get answers for himself, gossip wasn’t enough. Pressing a thumb to his lip, he turned back to his notebook. The blue mushroom glittered in the midmorning light. He jotted down a few quick notes before shutting the notebook and burying it in the brown satchel that hung from his chair. [b [#59021D “Get out David, I’ll see you next week,”]] Wylder dismissed the man who was overstaying his welcome. The banishment didn’t seem to bother David. He waved his goodbye before disappearing through the door. Wylder filled a small pencil pouch with a pen and a few stubs of charcoal before placing them in the satchel with the notebook. He slung it over his shoulder and adjusted his sweater. Flipping the ‘open’ sign in the window of his workshop to ‘closed,’ he headed off in the direction towards the general store. His quaint workshop was on the edge of town close to the entrance of the forest. He preferred the quiet for his work but he appreciated how easy it was to get from one end of town to the other. Despite being a city boy, in the year he’d spent at Ivy Ridge, he’d grown accustomed to the peace.
bitteraspen   191d ago

[center [size12 The further Aspen dug, the further she began to spiral out of control. Her family was more than power, they were pivotal people in this community. She was shocked, but that soon faded into anger. She closed the large box that sat in the middle of the table with a soft sigh, shaking her head. She was frustrated, her mother never told her. No one in her family never told her. It was like decades of secrets were coming out and Aspen could not even ask anyone directly related to her for help. She was at a loss.]] [center [size12 Unable to continue looking at what her life could have been, Aspen exited the room and shut the door behind her. She would take the time to go into all of that at another time. As she left the room, she looked around at all the dusty furniture and not working appliances and wanted to test what she could potentially be. She took in a deep breath and held out her hands. Of course, she was completely clueless on how magic actually worked. But some of the movies that she had seen, showed magic as being something out of thin air. She then concentrated all of her thoughts and energy on the broom in the corner.]] [center [size12 Aspen almost suffocated from her own stupidity, holding her breath. But the broom did budge before falling over. She huffed, pouting to herself. [i [#d7ae9f “I guess it is going to be the hard way at first,”]] Aspen walked over to the broom, picking it up with a heavy body. She felt defeated and overwhelmed. For now, cleaning might distract her.]] [center [size12 Pulling the broom behind her, Aspen began opening all of the windows and pushing all the doors all the way open before she began to sweep. She knocked it all out onto the wrap around porch through the doors before sweeping it all off of the porches to the ground. She paused for a brief moment, looking out at the forest that her farm was nestled in. She could see the fox far off, peeking at her from behind a group of trees.]] [center [size12 Aspen got caught in a staring case with the fox before it ran away once more. She noted that she might be seeing it around more often. Aspen could only assume it might be a [i familiar] or a spirit animal. After placing the weird, little fox out of her mind, she began cleaning once more.]] [center [size12 After making a large dent in the cleanliness of her new home, she realized that it was later in the day and she had not eaten anything. Her stomach growled lowly, making Aspen pause everything that she had been doing. The feeling of emptiness was one of Aspen’s least favorite things. The girl admired food above most anything.]] [center [size12 Placing the broom against the side of the house, entering for just a moment to grab her bag before setting off. She assumed there could be nothing to steal instead of the home while she was gone.]] [center [size12 There has to be a sort of café or tavern styled place here, Aspen thought to herself as she began walking from her farm into town. She vaguely remembered the way back, but definitely did not come out the same way she came in. She emerged through a bit of trees and bushes.]] [center [size12 The town was quite small and most everything that the town had to offer was right in front of her. A barber shop, a general store, a clinic, and a few other small shops. Once the café came into view, Aspen made a beeline straight for it.]] [center [size12 Aspen pull the door opened and with a soft chime, the entire café turned their attention to the small, redhead girl. She took a deep breath and sauntered up to the counter. With what little cash she had, she placed it onto the counter. [i [#d7ae9f “What can I get with this?”]] Aspen was definitely unsure of prices in such a small town.]] [center [size12 The kind looking girl across the counter nodded her head at the sight of the money. She turned around and began preparing what she knew would be around the total of what Aspen had put on the counter. Aspen waited patiently, glancing around. A few people were still staring at the red head with glaring eyes, like they were analyzing everything about her outward appearance.]] [center [size12 A large, ice coffee was pushed in front of her with a small snack that was perfectly wrapped inside of soft, parchment paper. Aspen looked at the girl with bright, awe-stricken eyes before saying thank you in a soft tone. As she turned around, one of the customers approached Aspen. He had asked her if she was truly a Thatcher.]] [center [size12 Aspen almost dropped everything in her arms, being slightly startled. She nodded her head at the man before he sighed in relief. He explained that her family was the reason for their success, but also the reason for their downfall. Soon, Aspen began feeling the weight on her shoulders once more before hurrying past the man and out of the café.]]
mutaarchive   190d ago

[google-font] [center [size15 [abel The doorbell chimed overhead as the man entered the general store. A short, older man stood behind the counter with a book in hand. The title read ‘the Farmer’s Almanac’ in a block font. He looked up to see who’d intruded on his reading time. A smile spread across his face when he recognized Wylder Bradbury. He dog-eared the page he was on and placed it on the counter. [b “Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes Wylder Bradbury,”] the man greeted. The warmth in his tone caused Wylder to blush profusely. He wasn’t accustomed to such high regards despite his good reputation with all the townsfolk. [b [#59021D “I was just in here on the first of the month Harrison,”]] Wylder said with an awkward smile. He rubbed the hair on the back of his neck nervously. He padded down the aisle to his right to browse the wares. The shop wasn’t big enough for the two men to stop their conversation even if they couldn’t see each other. [b “That was nearly two weeks ago Bradbury!”] Harrison exclaimed. [b “Who else will I gossip with when you’re not around?”] Wylder shook his head as he picked up a parcel stuffed with flour. [b [#59021D “Don’t give me that, I know you and Miss Patty have your secrets.”]] Wylder said, unable to hide his smile. He rounded the corner and was greeted by the produce section. He nabbed a ginger root, a parsnip, and an onion before setting his items on the counter. Harrison rang up the items and bagged them in brown paper before handing them back to his customer. [b “Ah yes, but you are always so level headed. I enjoy your input on things. Like I assume you heard about the new Thatcher girl. Have you seen her ‘round yet?”] Wylder perked up at the subject of the Thatchers. He shouldn’t have been surprised at how fast the news traveled but it was the second time in an hour the name Thatcher had come up. [b [#59021D “Yes, David told me earlier. Do you know why she’s here?”]] He asked, trying not to sound too interested. [b “Hm, not sure. She’s taking over the family farm but other than that, I haven’t heard much.”] Harrison mused. His eyes lit up as he remembered something. [b “Oh yeah, do you mind delivering this to the cafe?”] he bent behind the counter and plopped a bag of coffee beans in front of Wylder. [b “My delivery boy is out sick and I don’t have the time to take it myself,”] he explained. [b [#59021D “Of course Harrison,”]] Wylder replied. Since coming to Ivy Ridge, the alchemist found himself more often than not sticking his neck out for his neighbors. He wanted to blame it on the magic of the small town but he knew deep down that he’d grown fond of its residents. [b [#59021D “You mind if I pick up my groceries on my way back?”]] Harrison eagerly agreed and sent the man on his way. The cafe wasn’t far from the general store and the thought of coffee put a skip in Wylder’s step. As he approached the cafe, the alchemist caught a glimpse of himself in his reflection in the storefront windows. His dark sweater hung loosely on his thin torso and his black dress pants were neatly pressed. He noticed how pale his hands looked in the cool autumn. He recognized the dark bags under his light eyes from lack of sleep. The late nights in his study were catching up to him but he just couldn’t put his books down once he got started. He thought maybe at one point he’d been handsome; with his sharp jawline and narrow nose, but now with his unruly black hair and bulky glasses, he wasn’t so sure. Ignoring his vanity, he pushed his way inside. Just as he was entering, a short woman with hair the color of falling leaves caught his attention. The thought of the portraits of the Thatchers in the town archive popped in his head as he watched her leave. Without thinking, he reached out to grab her wrist to stop her. Her wrist was small in his hand and the realization of what he’d done made him pull away abruptly. [b [#59021D “Uh, I’m sorry. I thought you were someone I-”]] He trailed off, unsure of what to say. A soft flush brushed his cheekbones as he looked away from her. He stood nearly a foot taller than her and suddenly felt conscious of his lankiness. Shuffling his weight from one foot to the other, he tried to think of a way to diffuse the situation. [b [#59021D “Um, I’m a historian and I’m doing research on the magic energy of this town. I was wondering if you could answer some questions for me at some point?”]] He rambled on. Reaching into his pocket, he fished out a small piece of tanned parchment. In a typewriter font, it read [b [font "courier new" ‘Dr. Wylder Bradury, PhD, Alchemist.’]] One the back it had his address and the hours of his apothecary. [b [#59021D “Here’s my card. Anyway, I should get going.”]] He gestured to the bag of coffee beans in his hand like it might answer some questions she might have. He waved a hand at her and headed inside.
bitteraspen   190d ago

[center [size12 Aspen was almost home free, avoiding most of the people who were looking for a conversation with the girl. She had not realized how popular her family name was, let alone how important they were to begin with. But as she got closer to the door, she was stopped physically this time. She froze in place, glancing at the arm. Her eyes followed the lanky arm up to the body and then the face. It was a man, most likely closer to her age than most of the people in the café. She swallowed hard as he began talking.]] [center [size12 Magic this, magic that. She did not even know she was a part of something as magically as it apparently was. She took the card reluctantly before nodding her head. [i [#d7ae9f “I could find the time,”]] she gestured to the card before pushing it into her pocket. They soon departed without much more words. Aspen left the shop, looking back at it as she began heading back to her home.]] [center [size12 [i What an odd man,] she thought to herself, shaking off the encounter as she neared her home. She sipped on her coffee, sitting down on the dusty porch. She looked out at the dilapidated farm, realizing that she really did have her work cut out for her. She had no idea how long it would take her to clear most of this, especially since she had magic, but had no idea on how to use it to begin with.]] [center [size12 Aspen placed her coffee to the side and pulled out what bakery item the girl had picked out for her. Aspen was not a picky person when it came to eating, but she did have her select food items that she loved more than others. It was like the girl at the coffee shop knew exactly what Aspen would want. She pulled the large, beautifully baked croissant out of the bag. Aspen’s eyes lit up at the mere sight of it. A warm feeling swelled inside of the girl for a moment, an odd feeling that made her pause for a brief moment, before she took a bite of the croissant.]] [center [size12 With a child like happiness on her face, Aspen sipped on her coffee once more before standing up. She brought her food and drink inside, placing it on a table. She had found the energy once more to continue cleaning. As she reached for the broom, the broom propped its own self up and began sweeping for her. She tilted her head, swallowing what croissant bread she had in her mouth.]] [center [size12 [i [#d7ae9f “Did I just trigger my fucking powers by my favorite food,”]] Aspen was in disbelief before laughing at the thought. She wanted to test it out now. She turned to the open door and walked back outside. She raised her hands at the few tools she had around to begin to trim the fields down, the tools jiggled before coming to life. The field began to work itself; her eyes widen in shock. [i [#d7ae9f “Holy shit,”]] Aspen laughed out of awkwardness. She was one little girl with a large farm, her magic was definitely going to serve its purpose for now.]] [center [size12 As the farm began to look a bit better, Aspen reached into her pocket to pull the card that she had forgotten about out. [i Wylder Bradbury,] she read over the name a few times before pushing it back into her pocket. Would it be rude to go to his place now, even though the sun was setting. She shrugged at the idea before waved her hand for the tools to return to their places. She turned to the house, peeking in. The house was started to look lived in, but she was not quite ready to be alone just yet, in a house she had never stayed in before.]] [center [size12 Aspen closed up all the doors and windows with a quick wave of her hand. She grinned in excitement. She was almost giddy at the idea of her powers actually working. She then turned away from her house and began walking through the woods once more, through town, and finally up to the man’s door.]] [center [size12 Aspen did feel quite awkward, standing at the strangers door at a slightly late hour. But, he also seemed intrigued with the thought of speaking with her. With a quiet knock, Aspen patiently waited.]]
mutaarchive   189d ago

[google-font] [center [size15 [abel Wylder was distracted when he delivered the bag of coffee beans. He didn’t catch what the barista said to him but he accepted the to-go cup filled with a warm liquid that smelled bitter and sweet. His mind was on the red head he’d passed by minutes before. Their interaction was short but he couldn’t stop thinking about her gemstone eyes and copper hair.  When he finally noticed his surroundings, Wylder’s feet had carried him back to the general’s store. He’d been so lost in thought he hadn’t realized he was already on the path for home. He quickly stopped in the shop to pick up his groceries and said a good bye to Harrison. The sun was beginning to set when Wylder returned home. His house was an old Victorian building with pale siding and a large turret. The foliage was overgrown but not unkempt and gave the place a magical warmth. As he entered the corridor, Wylder snapped his fingers and the room was set a glow. He balanced his groceries in one arm and retrieved his mail from the small, ornate hallway table and made his way into the kitchen.  He thumbed through the envelopes and sorted the junk from what was important. There was a letter addressed to him from the university and a small package from his sister. He set the letter down for a later time and opened the package. Wrapped in brown paper was a small wooden box hand carved with a decorative blackbird on the lid. Opening it carefully, he was surprised to find an assortment of rocks and crystals glittering in the lamplight. He picked up the card that had been hiding underneath the box and read it.  [i ‘Dear Wylder,      I hope the country is treating you well. I found these in the northern city of Rinden and thought of you. Best, Rosie’] The messy script of his sister’s handwriting was both comforting and heartbreaking. He hadn’t realized how much he’d grown to miss her in the year that he’d spent in Ivy Ridge. Maybe it was time to take a trip into the city? It had been several years since he’d visited his hometown of Celestide and he wasn’t sure if he was prepared for the hustle and bustle of the big city. His job at the Alcombright College of Magic Arts was located in the mountains of Dewmark and was a fraction of the size of his hometown on the coast. His new home in Ivy Ridge was even smaller and he felt he’d lost his appetite for city life.  Gingerly placing the box down on his kitchen counter, he shook the thoughts away of his childhood and went to work on dinner. Cooking was a soothing activity for the alchemist and after a long day he was happy to be in the kitchen. With the ingredients he’d acquired from the general store, Wylder made a spicy curry that filled the house with the scent of warm spices. Just as he was about to sit down for his meal, he heard a knock at the door. Furrowing his brow, he tried to imagine who’d visit him so late in the evening. He left his dinner on the counter and headed to the door.  Wylder was confused to find the red headed girl from the cafe standing at his door. It took a moment for him to recall his bold behavior from before and a flush dusted his cheeks. [b [#59021D “Oh, good evening Miss Thatcher,”]] He greeted, his British accent made the sentence sound more formal than he’d intended. At dusk, the outside air was cool and unforgiving. Frowning, Wylder stepped aside in his doorway and gestured inside, [b [#59021D “Would you like to come in for a cup of tea?”]]
bitteraspen   185d ago

[center [size12 Aspen looked up at large home with even larger eyes. It was beautiful, much larger than her new home. She moved around the porch for a moment to take in the house. As she moved along the outside of the home, she could almost swear that the house radiated warmth and felt so inviting. But, before long, the door opened and her eyes moved from the architecture up to the man’s eyes with a soft blush rushing across her pale, freckled cheeks.]] [center [size12 Silent for a moment, but quickly fixed her posture and cleared her throat. [i [#d7ae9f “Sorry for the late hour,”]] her accent was thick, falling off her tongue naturally. [i [#d7ae9f “But, I figured you could answer some questions for me, instead of the original plan,”]] Aspen boldly spoke before entering the home.]] [center [size12 The feeling of the home was just as warm and inviting as what she expected. Her cheeks warmed at the scene she took in. It was chaos, but it made sense. Her eyes could barely process the amount of stuff the man had inside of his home, but it felt so big and that there was still space to move around. She did not feel cramped even though it was so casually cluttered.]] [center [size12 As she moved through rooms with the dark headed man, Aspen looked at him for a moment to find the right questions to ask him. She could only imagine that he knew more about her own family than she did.]] [center [size12 [i [#810000 “How can the most deliciously baked fuckin’ croissant give me the magically energy to make a broom sweep for me, but if I wanted to do anything right now, I wouldn’t get shit,”]] Aspen had quite the sailor’s mouth at times, not really censoring herself very often especially around people she was not familiar with. It got her in trouble a lot as a child since she grew up in a household that did not show restraint in that area.]] [center [size12 [i [#810000 “I may or may not be way out of my depth right now, but honestly, you could tell me more about myself than I can,”]] it was hard for Aspen to admit, but she was basically becoming vulnerable and opening herself to this man that she barely knew because he seemed somewhat of a trustworthy person. And, he had answers about her family that Aspen did not know the answer to.]]


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