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Another Search Thread

By Cat22

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Hello there! If you have seen me around before on the site then you need no introduction but if you have seen me around before, I am Cat and I tend to hang out around chat threads and some group roleplay threads. I am currently 17 years old and am typically in school from 9:00 AM to 3:55 PM EST. However, on days where I end up having a day off, I can be on a lot more often.

When it comes to literacy, please be semi-literate and write a minimum of at LEAST 350-500 characters although writing more is always appreciated. This has been put into place so that I have enough information to work with when formulating a reply which can be rather hard to do if the person that I am roleplaying with writes one liners consistently. In other words,

As for my current interests when it comes to fandoms, genres, and other things, I will end up listing them below. Also, don’t be afraid to ask me for a crossover roleplay.

My Fandoms
Final Fantasy (Currently, this is my most wanted fandom that I want to base a roleplay in)
Kingdom Hearts
Super Smash Bros
Fire Emblem
Dungeons and Dragons

However, when it comes to genres, I almost always prefer fantasy/dark fantasy and multifandom roleplays although I also like the horror genre and Slice of Life as long as there’s magic and other fantasy elements involved. However, when it comes to romance, it is a theme that I am not as fond of however, in terms of pairings, I only write MxM (and possibly the occasional MxNB) pairings when it comes to romance. In terms of roleplay formats, I am open to both 1x1 and group roleplays and I ask that any roleplays that I am in are to be kept SAFE FOR WORK because we don’t need to get banned from the site.

Also, as another small little note, Tidus is probably one of the most chaotic characters that I use so just be a little wary of him and also, if anyone approaches me with a multifandom roleplay, you already know that I will most likely be on board with multifandom shenanigans.

Also, DO NOT roleplay in this thread. It is specifically meant to be a search thread for people to request a roleplay with me. Also, if you prefer to reach out to me in PMs, don’t be afraid to do so for any questions or potential roleplay ideas.

(Yes, I had to remake this thread because I screwed up with creating it the first time.)
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ElizabethA_FNaFAika Rezaru   69d ago

Hey! I might do a type of roleplay that has to do with shadow demons. Its a concept I have in mind yet I don't have a plot
ElizabethA_FNaFAika Rezaru   69d ago

Actually here's a plot• Each demon has a special ability/power. For some, it might be the ability to turn into an animal, it could be teleportation, mind control, or even something really out there like being able to sense certain bonds between people/demons
Cat22     69d ago

That definitely does seem like it’s rather interesting and I do want to know more about that plot. Also, sorry for the late reply.
ElizabethA_FNaFAika Rezaru   68d ago

Its fine! I've had school since then so I don't mind
ElizabethA_FNaFAika Rezaru   68d ago

Yeah and I was thinking we could add to the plot
VeilMoonyOOC   67d ago

Hello. Your interested in Smash Brothers correct?
Cat22     67d ago

Yep! I am interested in Super Smash Bros although I only ever played the 3DS version of the fourth game in the series (which was a dual release between the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U).
VeilMoonyOOC   67d ago

I see. What kind of Smash Bro's roleplays are you thinking about?)
Cat22     66d ago

Well, I did once have this idea for a Super Smash Bros and Dissidia Final Fantasy (a bit of an explanation about this one, it’s more of an arena fighter featuring a cast of Final Fantasy characters from different games and they… fight each other) crossover and I also once tried to do a roleplay that featured the cast of the popular crossover platform fighter in school although with a few added characters who weren’t present in the series.

And maybe there could be a plot idea of where there’s a new Super Smash Bros tournament on the horizon however, before it could fully get underway, something ended up crashing the tournament which scattered the fighters and spectators across the world where they would then have to find one another and face whatever had interrupted their tournament.
VeilMoonyOOC   66d ago

That sounds genuinely dope.

Though I know little to none about Final Fantasy.

Maybe we could find a way to make it make sense for the both of us.

(Sorry for the late reply.
Cat22     66d ago

We could definitely find a way to make the first idea find any sense although I also ended up suggesting two other ideas as well.
VeilMoonyOOC   64d ago

I think i'd like the last one.
Cat22     64d ago

Then we could go with the new tournament idea although there might still need to be some more planning when it comes to the events in the roleplay.


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