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HyacinthArts     76d ago

Hi hi
Yourlocalhoodiefrien     75d ago

heya peep =w=)
Yourlocalhoodiefrien     75d ago

ee =w=)
HyacinthArts     75d ago

Oo .-.))
Yourlocalhoodiefrien     75d ago

ok so here is the plot that I had in mind: Y/C is an experiment subject at a unknown laboratory in the middle of a forest, The people that work at the had a goal to figure out the abnormal abilities of the subjects with magical "powers". They do test on the subjects but they do tend to shock them if the subjects get out of hand. Y/C was escaping the laboratory until they find M/C also escaping the place but was caught by the scientist that work there, Y/C decided to help M/C out and hoping if M/C want to escape with them. After all of that, Y/C and M/C manages to escape the laboratory, now its up for them to find a home, food, shelter and comfort. When the two become close like best friends, sibling like relationship or whatever, the scientist tracks them down which forces Y/C and M/C to flee and find somewhere else to live)
HyacinthArts     75d ago

Sounds good))
Yourlocalhoodiefrien     75d ago

great! you want to start us off or me?)
HyacinthArts     75d ago

Sure thing! I might be a min tho))
Yourlocalhoodiefrien     75d ago


Sato sat in his cell, wondering what would happen to him. He had been stripped of all his clothes, so it was easier to study. He has been here since he was born, stolen away from his family. He only wished to leave this place, but he knew that he couldn’t.

The male glanced at the scientists who had been observing him. Each of them wrote on their clipboards, all wearing glasses. Sato sighed as he laid down. He felt a shock travel through his body. "Sit up," one of the scientists demanded.

Sato didn’t listen, allowing himself to continue being electrocuted. Eventually, the electric waves stopped as the scientists entered his cell. Finally, this was his chance. Teeth as sharp as knives, the male bit the scientists as he sat up.

He ran out of his cell, quickly sprinting down the hall. He locked himself in a room, killing the scientists inside. In a closet, he found his clothes and put them on. He also found a mask, one to hide his teeth. With that, he left the room. No scientists in site, he contacted down the hall, trying to find a way out.
YourlocalhoodiefrienDemi   61d ago

A loud roaring can be heard through the hallways and some people struggling by something or someone...the scientist was trying to get hold of a big...tall creature that was trying to escape from the laboratory. This creature was a Emporer Xiphen, a rare and very powerful creature, this one was name Demi...he had planned to escape this  place for a long time and this was the opportunity to do so until scientist caught him. The chains where wrapped around him to keep him from moving away, he growled loudly as he yanked the chain off and knocking over the scientist.

Sato heard the commotion as he traveled down the halls. Curious, he turned a corner and ran toward the sound. Standing just a few feet away from him, he saw this creature standing in front of him with a scientist on the ground. However, he didn’t just see a creature, he saw a person. A person, who like him, was just fighting to escape. So, as more scientists came running over from the other end of the hall, he made a choice.

Sato quickly ran beside the Xiphen male, and with all of his might, he lunged at one of the other two scientists that had been running down the hall. He had pulled down his mask and swiftly jumped on one of them, bitting down hard on their neck. He had managed to completely bite off the scientist’s head. The other was a woman, who was trembling in fear.

She had just watched her husband get his head bitten off. Sato covered his ears as he heard this woman scream cry. He could only stand there and watch this female scientist as she has a panic attack. He felt bad, like terribly bad, but at the same time, he knew, he needed to do this to survive. So, despite the pain he felt, he bit off the woman’s leg as she screamed in agony. Maybe, just maybe she could get help and survive, but for right now, Sato just needed to be free. The woman fell over and he let out a sigh as she watched her crawl away.

Afterward, Sato turned back to the Xiphen male. Before he could introduce himself, the one scientist— the one that attacked the Xiphen —gets back up. So, like with the other man, Sato bites off his head. He then, despite being drenched in blood, smiled softly at the being. "Hello," he greeted, as if he didn’t just tear three scientists apart just now.
YourlocalhoodiefrienDemi   56d ago

Demi looked at the kid...towering over them due to his size being tall and big, he heard more humans come their way. He doesn't say much as he signals the kid that more of the scientist are heading there way...but that's the only way that they can escape, Demi starts running to the entrance of the laboratory when seeing the every staff trying to catch them...this didn't stop him as she grabs people and throws them, bites them, and tear them into shreds on whoever comes in his way. He looked back seeing the kid following him to the entrance of the building, he didn't care at first so Demi shrugs it off and continues on running and killing in side of the laboratory...he was glad that this day would be the day that he escapes from the horrible place...Demi felt bad about the other subjects that had to suffer here, when saying to himself that the others will rest in peace when passing away. Few minutes later, him and the kid made it to the front doors of the laboratory, when getting close to victory...they stopped when seeing every single scientist and guards surround them, he growls deeply when getting on all fours...ready to starts attacking.


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