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[Bleeding Hearts]

By -RaeLa-
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[center [pic]] [center [font "Verdana" [size12 Thread for [ StolenRelics-] & -RaeLa- We know the rules. [hr ] Prompt: She was beautiful. Melody had never once doubted that. But she was familiar. All to familiar. Where had Melody seen her before? Spotted in a local coffee shop in the dead of winter in New York City, you looked her up and down for what felt like hours trying to decide who she was- why you felt like you [i knew] her. A childhood friend, perhaps? A child of a friend of the families? Truth was, and unaware was Melody in the moment, she had seen it all. She wasn't looking for new, she was looking for safety and different people. She couldn't settle. People would begin to question her lack of aging. Vampires don't tend to age after being turned, and if born, only age to initial maturity in their early twenties.
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-RaeLa-[Madeline]   205d ago

[font "Verdana" [size12 The wind trying to bite at Madeline's cheeks as she walked to work was losing its battle. While passers-by had rosey cheeks, Madeline's complexion remained unchanged. Despite this, all winter long she wore a thick red scarf around the bottom half of her face, draping behind her delicate shoulders. The breeze brushed her hair back, tangling it as it flew behind her ears. Every morning she walked to work she felt a longing to truly feel the wind on her skin again, feeling it through her hair often had to be enough. She was used to this walk by now, yet she would always feel on her guard. As safe as the last few years were, the sense of panic was around every corner. Someone staring too long.. asking questions.. whispering.. [i 'Do they know? Do I have to run again?'] Madeline had been in New York City for a handful of years now. Such a big city.. such a crowded city.. left space for shifting and moving without going far. Recently, she had settled on a small studio apartment. Quaint. Maybe she didn't have the best neighbors, but they kept to themselves, and that's what mattered. Her building was only a 15 minute walk to work. A diner that thankfully rarely saw tourist traffic. A handful of regulars kept the place afloat. The owners were borderline elderly and mostly took care of the money and chatted with the vendors on load days. Other than that they were just a sweet old couple living out their days in a little apartment above the restaurant. No children. Just each other. [i 'What I wouldn't give.. No, what I ] would [i give...'] That kind of love would never be possible. Every attraction merely a crush. How do you ask someone to leave their entire lives behind? To run from.. whoever it was.. that robbed Madeline of decades of memories.. of life? How do you tell someone you have no idea who you truly are.. but you do know that you haven't aged a day since you awoke, you can't survive on human food alone, and the sunlight touching your skin was like pins and needles, slowly torturing you from the inside-out. That in order to promise forever.. they'd have to be a Vampire, too. Madeline approached the door of the diner, sighing as she entered the building.  [b [#776A6A "There she is! My little grave-shift miracle-worker. Thank you for coming in, again. Oh, I could just kiss you!"]] [b [i [#990000 "I don't think your wife would like that very much, Stanley."]]] Madeline smiled at the white-haired man before her. He was the true owner. His wife just helped him keep track of things. [b [i [#990000 "I can never say no to helping, Stanley. You know I don't mind the night-shift. You should talk to Maya about her attendance, though. Don't let her take advantage of you. This is her third call-out this month. Now go home and get some rest, it's already ten-thirty."]]] Madeline walked passed him and around the counter to the back of the building. After hanging her things she removed the scarf last. She inhaled deeply as she walked into the kitchen, tying her apon around her waist as she stepped through. The smell of aggressively fried food was amazing at covering the scent of Madeline's deepest craving. Though Madeline had little understanding of how she became who she is, she knows she loves the comfort of the junk food humans consume. It would never compare to blood, but feeding discreetly was hard enough as it was. At least actual food could curb the craving for a bit at a time. The bell above the door gave it's little ring as it opened and shut. Madeline saw a woman with bright red hair walk in and sit at the front-window booth. She had seen her a time or two before, but never happened to be on her shift. Madeline grabbed the carafe of coffee and walked to the table with her usual soft smile. She tucked her hair behind her left ear and began pouring a into the white mug on the table as the customer sat down. [b [i [#990000 "Welcome in. We have a soup special this evening, Broccoli Cheddar, made in-house. Oh- it's the end of the night so we've got to get pie out the door. Just five dollars a slice. I recommend the peach. Can I get you started with anything?"]]]
StolenRelics-мeмory   202d ago

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 A sigh passed through the woman's lips as she looked down at the phone cradled in her hands. [b [i You are nothing, you should have let me kill you when I had the chance. You can run, but you can't hide from me. I know all of your secrets little bird, and I will hunt you down like the prey you are. Mark me words. You'll be seeing me soon.]] Melody's eyes scanned the message over and over again. How in the world did Scarlett get her new phone number? Did she have someone following her?]] [google-font][noto+sans [size12 It was like Melody couldn't escape the nightmare of Scarlett. It's been about seven years since she'd last seen Scarlett. The scar on her back was enough of a reminder of what happened, and how close to death she had been. All because she was trying to protect an old friend from the monster Scarlett was. The woman blocked the phone number, and deleted the text message, her hands shaking a bit, as she looked up at herself in the mirror. Hazel eyes stared back at her, scared, and lonely. Her heart fluttered in her chest slightly.]] [google-font][noto+sans [size12 Night had fallen on the city, and the woman needed to leave the apartment, and get some studying done. She gathered up her things into her book bag, and slid her wallet, phone, and keys into the bag as well, and then found her shoes and slipped them on. Winter came sooner than she thought, and the chill in the air made her shudder again. She pulled her coat onto her slender frame, and she pulled a beanie over her head, and made sure she had her favorite boots in hand. She sat down and pulled them on.]] [google-font][noto+sans [size12 When she was done, she slipped the strap of her bag onto her shoulder and walked out of her room. Her bestfriend and roommate was coming down the hall, with her lay of the night, and the two paused. [b "Where are you going this late?"] she asked with a small giggle. [#cb4154 "I'm heading out to get some studying done. I can't stay here much longer. Plus I see you are a little busy. I'll be out late, so don't worry too much"] she said as she slipped past the two in the hallway.]] [google-font][noto+sans [size12 She stopped when she felt Odette's hand on her arm. [b "You heard from her didn't you?"] she asked softly. Melody nodded lightly, as fear filled her eyes. [#cb4154 "I did, but I'll be okay. I promise"] she said softly. Odette pulled the woman into her arms, and hugged her tightly. [b "Let me know when you get there at least"] she whispered in her ear. Melody promised she would, and then made her way out of the apartment, and out onto the snow covered streets. Everyone was out tonight, and she felt slightly better about leaving the apartment.]] [google-font][noto+sans [size12 She zipped her coat up, shoved her hands into her pockets and headed towards the only coffee shop in town, that was open 24/7. The only place she loved going to study. No one bothered her there, and she adored the older couple that owned the place, but she wouldn't see them, because it was late. As she walked she let her mind wander to a time she was happy. Or thought she had been anyway. Before she knew it, she was at the shop and she reached out a hand and drew the door open.]] [google-font][noto+sans [size12 She stepped into the coffee shop, found her favorite table and sat down. She slipped the beanie off her head, and placed her bag onto the table. That's when a shadow passed over her, and a voice started speaking. She looked up and smiled at the blonde before her. [#cb4154 "I'll take a couple slices of the peach pie, and a vanilla mint coffee if possible please"] she said softly. She took the woman's appearance in for a moment, and she paused. She felt like she knew the woman, but she didn't know from where. She shook her head slightly, as she set about pulling out her books, and laptop, to get ready for the long night of studying before her.]]
-RaeLa-[Madeline]   201d ago

[font "Verdana" [size12 Madeline felt a tinge of familiarity in the face of the woman sitting before her. Her stomach twisted at the idea of finally recognizing someone from whatever life she had before she lost her memory. She shook the thought and halted pouring the black coffee.  [b [i [#990000 "My apologies. I'm on autopilot this time of night. I'll go ahead and go get that pie for you, and get your coffee started."]]] Her customer-service specific smile remained unmoved. She had to admit, it was rare a customer took her suggestion on the pies. No one had a tendency to like that pie.. except for Madeline. The classic cherry was the winner of the shop and has been for years. Setting the carafe at the edge of the table she pulled out her ticket-pad and wrote down the order. Her handwriting neat and small across the small scrap of paper. As she went to tuck the paper back into her apron the coffee-pot began to slip off the table. She quickly reached to catch it, realizing how hot it was only after it was too late to drop it and act as though she were burned. She swiped the half-full coffee mug quickly from the table with her free hand and turned to walk to the counter, setting the coffee-pot back in its place on the warmer. She could only hope the guest at the table hadn't noticed as she was unloading her bag. Thankfully, it seemed no one else had witnessed that short scene. [i 'The pot wasn't really that hot... No, no. Stupid. Then I'd have to explain attempting to serve cold coffee.. '] She worried about how to explain herself if she was indeed caught. Her face was coated in panic as she stepped to the opposite end of the counter to get the coffee started. As the gurgle of the machine began Madeline loaded a small plate with two large slices of the peach pie from the warmer. As she finished making the coffee and had the order together she took a deep breath. Madeline scooped the order into her hands and for a moment she stopped in her tracks as she turned to face the customer across the room. Her heart practically skipped a beat in fear. No.. excitement, perhaps? It was impossible to tell. At the very least it was obvious to Madeline that the woman would be here a while, noting the books stacking on the table.  As if she were floating she made her way quickly back to the table at the front of the room. [b [i [#990000 "Alright. The coffee is absolutely scalding, but the pie is just right, as always."]]] Madeline's gentle smile returned. She hoped if she could get a conversation started first that she could avoid being asked about the coffee-pot or her hand. [b [i [#990000 "Quite a few books you have there. College, I assume?"]]] She asked as she gently set the food down.
StolenRelics-мeмory   191d ago

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Melody let out a small sigh as she finished unpacking her bag. She was in for a long night ahead of her, and she knew it too. At least the coffee shop wasn't too full. She could easily slip her headphones in if she needed too, but she was kind of curious about the waitress that was there with her. She heard the small commotion going on, but didn't see what happened. She finished placing her books on top of the table, and pulled out her laptop and charger, and plugged the charger into the wall beside her.]] [google-font][noto+sans [size12 As she was waiting for the laptop to boot up, the woman came back over with the pie and coffee. A small smile spread across her lips, her mouth watering at the sight of the pie. When the question was asked, she nodded lightly. [#cb4154 "Yeah, something I don't wanna do, but it's something my parents require of me, while I'm still living under their roof. I go to college, and then when I'm finished I can get a good job, and move out"] she said with a roll of her eyes. Something she hated to admit.]] [google-font][noto+sans [size12 Normally people her age would have their own apartments, or living with someone, but not her. She had moved back home after she had gotten out of the hospital, and since then she's been there. Working a small part time job, but mostly going to school. She wanted to become a piano teacher, and teach the children the beauty of music, but her parent's frowned upon that. They wanted her to go to college, get a degree in business, and open her own company, but that wasn't her dream at all. Her dreams were put on the back burner.]] [google-font][noto+sans [size12 She stole a glance around the small shop, before looking back towards the other. [#cb4154 "Are you always working the late shift? I'm here quite a bit, and this is the first time I'm seeing you. Unless I'm too wrapped up in my studies to notice"] she said softly. She made a mental note, that if the blonde was here at night, she would make sure to come more often. She still felt like she knew the blonde, but she didn't know from where, and that was going to drive her insane. She reached for the fork slowly.]] [google-font][noto+sans [size12 She cut into the pie, and popped a piece into her mouth. The peach taste hitting her tongue, made the woman groan softly, and her eyes closed. It's been a while since she's had peach pie, and this was the best she's had. [#cb4154 "I don't know about you, but this pie is to die for. If I could live off of this alone, I would"] she said as she let her eyes drift open once more, and took another bite. The pie was amazing, and the coffee was even better.]] [google-font][noto+sans [size12 She reached for the cup, and wrapped her cold fingers around it, before lifting it to her lips and took a sip. It was still hot like the other warned, but it didn't bother her that much. She took another sip, before placing it down, and looked around once more. [#cb4154 "Is it always this dead in here? Or do you get the weirdo's coming around?"] she asked. She knew she had to get studying, but the blonde woman had her attention, and she wanted to keep it for a while longer.]]
-RaeLa-[Madeline]   188d ago

[font "Verdana" [size12 Madeline felt the sweep of relief fall over her chest as she realized the woman at her table hadn't noticed the coffee accident.  She nodded along as the red-haired woman answered about her books. Not the first time she was ever told someone was a student for their parent's sake. She often wished college were an option for her, but maintaining proper identification and getting into school was not easy anymore. It was to many people to persuade and lie to nowadays. A small job getting paid under the table was enough to keep her housed and let her leave quickly with little trace when the time comes, as it always inevitably seems to. [i [+red "Are you always working the late shift? I'm here quite a bit, and this is the first time I'm seeing you. Unless I'm too wrapped up in my studies to notice."]] Madeline nodded, [b [i [#990000 "I've been on the night-shift for quite some time now. We must just not cross paths often enough."]]] [i 'I'd know by now if we had... right?'] She thought to herself for a moment as she pondered the face before her a bit longer. Madeline's smiled became more genuine, nearly in disbelief, at the customer seeming to sincerely enjoy the pie that usually ended up being last out the case. [b [i [#990000 "You're telling me. You'd think I'd weigh the sun by now eating that pie before it goes to waste. I'll have to let Stanley know I'm not the only one keeping it on the menu."]]] She couldn't do enough to try to avert her gaze from this customer. Like a magnet held her to that one tile at the edge of the table. It were as though if she moved the woman might disappear. Madeline rested a hand against the table, relaxing into her stance as she was asked about the quiet room and it's guests. [b [i [#990000 "It's quiet, but we like it that way in here. Not much in here to attract tourists. The food is delicious, but rarely worth raving about in the papers."]]] Madeline laughed, albeit a bit nervously. [i 'People still check the papers for restaurant reviews.. right?'] Madeline felt tension, but only momentarily. She felt calmness as she stood near the woman. Less afraid of slipping up. Less worried of scaring them away. Like for a second.. a connection wouldn't be a mistake. [i 'It's always a mistake, Madeline...'] Her inner-voice kept telling her something was wrong, but her body told her if she moved she'd make a mistake much worse. [b [i [#990000 "Plus.. the owners like to get to know the regulars. I like to know my customers, myself.."]]] Madeline stood back up from her relaxed position and smoothed her apron, for the first time locking eyes with the woman seated before her, [b [i [#990000 "..and I was much too focused on taking your order and seemed to have lost my manners along the way. I didn't even introduce myself."]]] Madeline's breath hesitated for a mere second, [b [i [#990000 "My name is Madeline. What do I have the pleasure of calling you?"]]]]]
StolenRelics-мeмory   149d ago

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 The sound of the other woman's voice was soothing. It was odd, but Melody loved the way it sounded. She wanted nothing more than to keep speaking to the woman before her. She watched as the woman leaned against the table, and she shrugged a bit. Everything seemed to be happening so quickly. When the woman mentioned the pie again, she was brought out of her thoughts. [#cb4154 "I'll have to make sure to keep ordering it, because it's amazing. Whatever the owners add into it, is mouth watering for sure"] she said with a smile.]] [google-font][noto+sans [size12 The female kept speaking, and Melody couldn't help but wonder why the woman wouldn't make eye contact. It was as if the other could hear her thoughts, was when their eyes finally met. Her breath caught in her throat. She knew those eyes all too well. But how did she know them? She felt like her heart was about to burst out of her chest, and she finally got the woman's name. Madeline. It suited her perfectly. She took a breath, and swallowed trying to catch her breath. [#cb4154 "My name is Melody, or Mel. Whatever you'd like to call me"] she breathed out.]] [google-font][noto+sans [size12 She wouldn't mind if Madeline even got her name wrong, as long as she could see those eyes, and hear that voice often, she'd be in heaven. [#cb4154 "I should learn to pay more attention when I'm here. Because if you'd been here for awhile now, I would have seen you, and remembered you for sure"] she said, her mouth dry. She reached for the cup in front of her, and she took a sip. She had to tear her eyes away from the beautiful woman before her. Still feeling like she knew her somehow.]] [google-font][noto+sans [size12 When she felt like she was a little more under control, she lifted her eyes back to the woman. [#cb4154 "I understand the quiet, I think that's why I enjoy coming so late at night, because then there's not so many people, and voices to distract me from my studies"] she said lightly. [i [#cb4154 'Well except you maybe. I wouldn't mind you distracting me from my studies every night']] she thought. Odd, she didn't know why that thought passed through her mind, but it had. A small shiver ran down her spine just then as well.]] [google-font][noto+sans [size12 Her attention was all of a sudden drawn to the door as it opened, and in walked a couple of men. They didn't look like the kind you'd want to mess with. She got a really bad feeling from them, but she hid it pretty well. [#cb4154 "Looks like you have more customers. Maybe if you get time, or on your break or whatever, I'd love to talk to you more"] she said lightly, as she turned her eyes back to the female before her. Her words rang true too. She wouldn't mind talking to the woman more.]]


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