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The Invader {1x1 Search}

By Kuro_Rosey

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Based on Disney Dreamlight Valley

She abandoned everything and moved back into her childhood home, where she spends most of the day asleep dreaming of a place more magical than reality, where characters beloved by millions call her Queen and bestow upon her a love she has never truly experienced before, and with there help the Queen is able to start fighting the thorny darkness that pierces her very soul. Of course that was until one day out of the wishing well came a person, a person the Queen didn’t recognize… or did she? Well at the very least they weren’t a part of the many worlds of fiction her other villagers were from. No this person was from the dreaded universe of REALITY! What are they here for and What do they want with our queen, that my friend is up for you to decide.

Important Info:
It is my current head canon that Dreamlight Valley is the dreamworld of a SEVERELY Depressed individual as everything I have seen so far {at ~100 hours current playtime} points to that, but I know not everyone is going to want to spend the $30 USD to purchase the base game let alone $70 USD for the ‘Ultimate Edition’ when the game is still technically in Early Access and is looking to end up as some crappy free-to-play upon release so here’s what I want from you. The Password is ‘A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes’. We play two separate people I am ‘The Queen’ obviously and you may play either a male or female in their early 20’s {my character will be 20} and you may be 1 of 3 things. 1. You are a ‘dream therapist’ who has come to get The Queen out before she starves to death in reality. 2. You are an Old Friend who once played make believe with The Queen as children and you somehow stumbled your way into ‘The Valley’ as an adult and you must now figure out how to get out or risk losing yourself to ‘The Valley’ and becoming a villager. 3. You are a rando who somehow dream hopped into ‘The Valley’ and you either try to help or go villain and try to get The Queen to succumb to her depression. Romance IS available in scenarios 2 and 3 and Pregnancy WILL probably be a thing in all 3 so this is your ONLY warning.

1. Be able to write 500+ characters a post we’re making a story here people.
2. Any PDA beyond a deep kiss will be timeskipped.
3. As it is a dream you can Godmod but beware SO CAN I BITCH!
4. No Under 18’s as I don’t deal with Children
5. All other villagers will be Disney Characters and played as NPC’s
6. YOU MAY NOT PLAY THE FORGOTTEN! If you know the lore of the game you know there is an NPC known as The Forgotten who, in my head cannon, is essentially the literal manifestation of The Queen’s mental disorders so I ALONE will be controlling this NPC if you choose to be evil yourself you may interact/fall in love with The Forgotten but YOU MAY NOT PLAY HER.
7. I work a 3 strike system if you break my rules 3 times I delete the roleplay and block you no further questions.
8. I would like at least 1 post every 7 days, but will make an exception to a certain few whom I still consider friends.
9. If you have read THE ENTIRE THREAD and would like to try out this plot PM me with the password and we’ll go have some fun <3
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