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Here We Go Again (Closed)

By PrincessPeach

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Centuries ago a girl fell through the well. She broke a spell and set a half-demon with a past and future that were entangled. Or so the story goes.

Girl isn't one to believe in old "wives' tales". She's a realist and down to Earth. She questions EVERYTHING and can be a bit of what others would call a "sassy ass" and a "know-it-all".

There's a half demon male with an evil twin. Both had been in competition since they day they had been born. Even to the point of war. Their own personal war that is. But overly, one twin is like the "Legendary InYasha" after the jewel wanting a wish.

Girl goes to the old shrine and just to prove to a friend drops something in. When she bends over to look, surprise surprise she falls in.

Climbing out after many calls to said friend, girl realises she's no longer in the shrine. Only she comes face to face with said half demon who wants the wish.

What can possibly go wrong?
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HyacinthArts     78d ago

Hi hi)
PrincessPeachJezzy   77d ago

And I do apologise for not starting things off yet!))
HyacinthArts     77d ago

That’s alright, I’m just chilling-))
PrincessPeachJezzy   74d ago

[b "Oh not again Bekka. Those are all just stories to try and teach us lessons. Besides we aren't children anymore. Magic isn't real. And time travel isn't either."] The redhead with the bright green eyes said as she and her best friend were spending the weekend on their own personal field trip before the summer was over and they would once more be stuck in a classroom.

"But Jezzy! Everything is RIGHT here!" Complained the brunette named Bekka as she was all but jabbing the legend in the pamplet she had.

Green eyes rolled. [b "Fine. Then let's go see the well. And I will PROVE these are all stories."] Soon, the pair had slipped into the old well's home and were gazing down into the darkness. [b "See, just an old well."] Jezzy said as she picked up a rock and dropped it in. 

For a moment or two, both girls continued to stare down into the darkness expecting to hear a soft tump. But nothing came. "See I win!" Bekka chirped. 

The redhead again rolled her eyes. [b "It was a small rock. We were expecting too much. I'll just have to go get it.'] And with that, the girl was on the edge of the well and hopping down.

Landing at the bottom not long after, Jez found her rock. But a strange chill was making its way up and down her spine. And the reason was confirmed when she looked up and there was no ceiling but a bright blue sky. Quickly she shook her head and called out for her friend. Nothing...

[b "Okay, this is weird...and just a dream probably.. I probably fell and hit my head.."] Yeah, even in dreams Jezzy had to be a true realist. [b "Though I wonder..."] And she climbed her way out of the ancient well and was surprised to see EVERYTHING had changed.

Sorry...I hate starting posts...))
HyacinthArtsKagero Akuma   75d ago

That’s alright. I don’t either))

A white haired male sat resting under a tree. He wasn’t quite human, having fluffy ears at the top of his head, fangs sharp as can be, and a long snow white tail. The male’s fluffy ears twitched, hearing a thud coming from the old well that was nearby.

Sword at his side, the white haired fella traveled through the forest. Upon arriving at the old well, that is when he saw her. A strange looking girl, wearing strange clothes stand by the well.

[i "Who are you?"] the male asked, tilting his head. He had a curious expression. His tail hung low, swaying from side to side.
PrincessPeachJezzy   74d ago

The girl looked from side to side and saw nothing she knew. No shrine, no best friend... Trees and a forest...and...a white haired male with animal ears and a tail? She had to be dreaming... Right?!

Her thoughts were soon interrupted when the male spoke and gave that curious look. One that made Jezzy think of either a cat or a dog. And it was for that reason did she take a moment longer to answer than she probably should have.

[b "Jezzabelle... But everyone just calls me Jezzy or Jez for short. And who are you?"] The words she spoke sounded much more confident than she actually felt. But one thing she had been taught as a little girl was to guard your emotions. Fear especially. If you did, they couldn't be used against you.

[b "And where exactly are we?"] Her next words slipped before she could stop them. Whelp, now she would have to deal with the consequences of what her big mouth had done.
HyacinthArtsKagero Akuma   73d ago

The male scratched his head. Perhaps this girl is a foreigner? "I am Kagero Akuma," he said softly. His name only explained his appearance. "Akuma," meaning "demon," and "Kage," meaning "wolf," which indicates that he might be a wolf or dog, it fit very well and made sense that he would have such a name.

The demon then sniffed the air and determined she wasn’t foreign, based on her smell. She seemed to come from here, but that doesn’t explain her appearance. "We’re in Japan..? Tell me, how did you get here?" he questioned.
PrincessPeachJezzy   68d ago

His name made sense with his looks. And honestly, the girl couldn't say she wasn't slightly mesmerized by his appearance. Particularly those ears. They just looked so soft and made her want to touch them.

Jezzy was getting lost in her head and ALMOST forgot the strange situation in which she found herself in. ALMOST. Or rather she had until the male's soft voice and words cut into her thoughts and pulled her back to the present.

A slow shake of her head was given and a hand did motion back over her shoulder. [b "Here...I didn't even know I left... But the well..."] Those words were soft as she was still trying to tell herself this was all a dream. She was trying to tell herself that when she had jumped into the well that she must have bumped her head or something.

[b "How would the well have had anything to do with it though? Those are only old stories and legends."] Jezzy was thinking out loud as by now she had turned from the wolf-demon male to glance back at the well.
HyacinthArtsKagero Akuma   68d ago

Kagero glanced at the old well, then back at the girl. His ears twitched as he took a moment to think, placing his hand to his chin and resting his elbow on his other hand. Sniffing the air again, he could smell a strange cent coming from the well. [i "Could there be a yokai living in the well," he thought as he peaked down into it’s darkness and sniffed again.

He then tilted his head, he didn’t smell any kind of yokai at the bottom. "What…" he mumbled, curiously throwing a rock down into the well. As he expected, the rock made no sound. "Whatever brought you here, it might be possible to return."
PrincessPeachJezzy   60d ago

Watching the male's ears had the girl a little on the distracted side. Even though she had been told this was real, the girl was still having a VERY hard time in believing that to be the case. Between everything being completely different than what she had last see AND the male's appearance, Jezzy just was not having it. Only with the actions that had been taken, namely the rock throwing, the same action that had gotten her into all of this was the redhead able to regain some form of focus.

Like Kagero, Jezzy had not heard the rock hit the bottom. It was when he spoke did she pull her gaze from the well. [b "So you think that the well will just let me pass again? Aren't those just stories?"] Someone else may have let it go and at least TRIED to understand this. But nope, that wasn't her. Jez had always in a sense been the sort of girl that actions spoke louder than words OR in this case, seeing was believing. Or was it that repeating the action meant that it was possible and it was true? Either way, the girl was not ready to accept all this was not a dream.

Kegero shook his head, "If there are stories, I’ve never heard of them." Again, the male peered into the old well and sniffed the air. This second time, he seemed to smell something that he didn’t recognize. However, he only shrugged it off as he returned his attention to the girl. "What you tried jumping back down? If all else fails, I can simply pull you out," he suggested as his ears twitched.

((Ugh- One paragraph is the best I can di at 2 AM-))
PrincessPeachJezzy   47d ago

No worries! Late night brains are neve the greatest when wanting to do things!))

The male's words confused her slightly. There were tons of stories out there. How on Earth had he not heard of them? The redheas opened her mouth once, twice, and three times before she decided to keep it shut. It was ONLY the fact that everything now around her was not her own. Or the things she had left.

[b " you think that another 'fall' down this thing will help? I mean if you were me would you end up giving it a try?"] She asked as she let green eyes fall on the wolf-demon boy whose ears she still REALLY wanted to play with.


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