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Hateful Wonderland

By _Apocalyptic_

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Hateful Wonderland: The land where teddy bears can talk, and where the butterflies lull you to sleep. A bizarre and surrealistic world consisting of sentient, anthropomorphic dolls living in 1940s England. The world is a wondrous and colorful place, but also a place where hate and abhorrence derive.
Things to know before you roleplay

This world is made up of dimensions, and realities. To some dolls, this claim is a myth. However, some believe it to be true.When an individual travels out of their realm of origin, they have the possibility of dying in that other realm. Dolls that are outside of their own realm need to be wary of this fatality. Mortals are more at risk considering that they can die within their own realm as well.These are just the main five realities that make up the Hateful Wonderland universe, meaning that there's great possibilities of there being even more realities, parallel realities, and alternate realities. Nobody really knows for sure though.

1st: Dream Realm/The Ghost Realm:
This realm is thought to be responsible for dreams. This is also the realm where rested spirits are believed to dwell. However, it is unknown how to travel to this dimension.

2nd: Mortal Realm:
Dolls/mortals dwell in this dimension. This is the only dimension where life dies and starts over again.

3rd: Demon Realm:
Obviously this is where demons are. Nightmares are also created within this realm. This realm and the Nightmare Realm are closely attached, However the Demon Realm is more like an entrance to the Nightmare Realm.

4th: Nightmare Realm:
This realm isn't shown or mentioned much, and is vague. Nobody dwells here much.

5th: Terminus:
A colorless, and empty, realm. Even sound does not exist here. It is the end.
These "dolls" have a system which is known as "The Ragdoll Complex". The Ragdoll Complex consists of four layers in a doll’s body; the fabric layer, stuffing layer, nerve and organ layer, and skeletal layer. Each gets more delicate the deeper it is located in the body. Taking this information into account, this would mean if one were to be poked or lightly pierced with a sharp object such as a needle, they do not feel pain. However, they only start bleeding or feel pain after that said sharp object has passed through the fabric layer far enough.

Fabric Layer:
The least delicate layer of a doll. Fabrics are sewn tightly, and usually made of a soft, but rough material. Similar to skin on humans. The fabric layer can be pricked with needles and other sewing objects without causing any actual pain to the doll.
Stuffing Layer:
The third delicate layer of a doll. Instead of muscles, dolls have stuffing to support their limbs. Without it, their bodies would be dead weight, and practically useless! It also acts as similarly to cartilage. Sewing utensils are painless, unless passed through this layer.
Nerve and Organ Layer:
The never and organ layer of a doll is one of the most delicate layers of a doll.
Skeletal Layer:
If needles were to pass far enough to the skeletal later of a doll, it would hurt immensely. Similar to if you were pricked with a syringe that ended up hitting your bone. Painful, right
Gost and demons
*Those who state to not believe in such a thing will never see. In other words, if they claim to not believe in supernatural beings, they won't be able to see them. Those that sincerely believe for there to be such a thing, will see the supernatural.

The Damned
The Damned are a type of creature that contains disturbing or unsettling memories and are the result of bad people or dolls in this case. Their self centered and destroyed lives are punished by living in the 3rd reality for the rest of eternity or in other words, damned to hell. They dress in a baroque fashion and are known to be unsettling disfigured.

These nightmarish beings are greatly attracted to hearts being able to sense them from miles and miles away. They have sharp teeth for tearing out the organ of a mortal and sharp fingers made out of the sharpest scissor blades to tear and shred fabric and flesh if needed. Surprisingly after having written all of that, they'll take anyone in who has a great fashion sense; whether they're friend or foe. They tend to throw parties quite often.
In this particular world, dolls thrive instead of humans. These type of dolls categorize as puppets/rag dolls (puppets are any type of dolls the can be "animated" or have emotion shown in them. Rag dolls are dolls made of cloth, buttons, and other materials of the sort.). Then some made by one of the dolls are alive but they do not need to eat ot breath. The dools have a heart and brain buy can not move. The eyes are buttons and the dolls can see but the dollmaker put a cloth on the head so that can not judge them.
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_Apocalyptic_     77d ago

[B chaper one]
Stephen would wake with a start, panicked from what happened in his nightmare he would jump up. He quickly walked to the bathroom and look in the mirror. His right ear went straight up and flopped at the top, but his left ear was more flopped outwards. That ear has been like that snice he was young. His light blue eyes seemed dull. Lately they have been. He sighed and splashed water on his face his golden yellowish fur now dripped with water. 

He took a towel and dripped his face. His stiches now showing more he had two in the middle of his right ear, then some around his ear and some connecting his ear to his head. The same was to his left ear maybe some was off to his right ear. Then he hands some on his neck. And his hands. They had four fingers, one of the was a thumb. And stitching was there to and his writs just like all the other doll’s, right?  “Bloody Hell.” He muttered to himself. He would slowly walk out of his bathroom to a hallway. The hallway was a bit long, but Stephen didn’t mind it. The hallway connected his room, his bathroom too the kitchen. He looks at the clock in the hallway sourly. He would realize how dull and dark the walls looked snice he took off the photos. 

He shook his head. He knew his eyelids and around them was black. He hasn’t sleep good in days it felt like. He would look in his fridge for something to eat, he would find some cereal and milk, and he made him some.. He would sit at the table. It was deathly quite in his house,  depressing almost.  This house wasn’t never meant to be for one person, but Stephen still bought it. 

He looked out his window and saw some people around his age outside. After all he was just twenty eight surprisingly, because he acted much older than he was. 

He rolled his eyes and finished eating. He put his bowl and spoon in the sink then it was time for him to get ready for work. He put on a nice black shirt it had two small white hearts at the corner of the collar. Then a black tie and black pants. His eyelids were half shut as he took his stuff and walked out. He was greeted by two foxes; they were little, and they laughed and stopped when they saw him. Their ears perked up. 
"Hello, Sir.” One of the foxes said as both would wave. 
"Can we help?” the other asked. Stephen would open his mouth to say no but before he could an older fox called them.

“Bye, Sir!” Both piped as their tails swept the floor and ran to who he could only this was their mother. He waved back and started walking to his job. This was his first day he did just move here. He would see his job it was a butcher he  didn’t mind these kinds of jobs, but it was the best he could do . 

Soon he saw the budling, he would walk in and put his stuff down he was greeted by a bear. The bear was a mess, but he could tell he looked descent. The bear’s hairstyle was like his somewhat swiped left and up. The bear smiled,
“You’re the person that just moved here, right?” the bear tilted his head. As he did so his floppy ears showed a patch,the patch was dark green with black lines making it look somewhat plaid. His face was dusted with dirt like most  of his clothing. 

“Yes,” he nods, “ Stephen, tis’ my name. And you are?” 

Stephen’s ears would flop about as he nodded.  “Oh, I’m Fredrick!” he smiled. Stephen would hold a hand out to shake. Fredrick raised an eyebrow but then he realized what was happing. He would take his hand and give a firm 
“I am sorry.” He said looking down. Stephen shook his head.

“Its fine. So do you work here?” he questioned now getting  his stuff to head inside. 

“No, sir. Well, somewhat I deliver orders here and other places. My brother helps with the trains.” He said, “well I better go.” He would start to leave and before Stephen
 could add anything Fredrick was gone. [I He’s an odd one that Fredrick,] Stephen would think walking behind the counter. 
He saw his tie. [I Why did I even wear a tie?] He would question himself as he took off the tie. He put it in his bag.  The bag was old and worn down. He would put on the apron on it was white another bad choice. 
 He would just shake his head. He looked at some of the papers. The first order and surprisingly last order was for a Mr. Polar Bear. At lest what the paper said. [I All he wants is seal, and oh great Rabbit,]  He thought but well this was
 nothing new to him. He would walk to the back with his ice
 box and get some rabbit. And cut his face showed no emotion as he did so. He was quite some blood got on his 
apron but soon the job was done. Well part of it then the order said he wanted two more rabbits and a seal. 
Seals not the easiest or legal thing to come by. So of course, he had none, so what did he do get more rabbits.About two hours went by. The door never opened but he fished. . He heard loud footsteps walk in.

“Hey where’s my order?” boomed the bear. 
He bagged up the order and walked out front. 

“Here, Sir.” He said “Now pay up. Ten Pounds.” He said glaring at the bear. 

“What?” he laughed at the yellow rabbit, “I’ll pay you one pound and that’s it.” The polar bear growled to him. 

“Do it now or you don’t get your food. The price went up be glad that the rations are now slowly leaving.” Stephen growled back at the bear. He seemed to show no fear 
to this bear that could very easily rip him to shreds.

“What!” the Polar bear exclaimed and started to hit Stephen. He would stop in his tracks. Stephen had pulled the bloody knife on him. 

“Now pay me and get your order or leave.” He said flatly then a smile formed on his face, “Or keep going and ill have
 a polar bear doll for sell.” The polar bear was shaking as he would give him the money. Stephen would put his knife down. “Have a nice day.” He smiled to the bear. 

 “Y-you too.” He nodded and started to leave. Soon a small rabbit walked inside. She was a sand color. Her ears were 
straight down and ended at her waist. She was wearing a vest that was brown and light brown stripes and a brown
 bowtie. She wore brown shorts. How odd she’s not wearing a dress. He would think to . Unlike other people he didn’t mind what people wore if it covered everything, he was fine at lest for now. . The Polar Bear on the other hand wasn’t.   
“Miss your supposed to wear a dress how would- “Stephen would glare at him to cut him off. The Polar bear would leave. The small rabbit was shaking as she hopped up to the counter.
 She was about one point fifty meters at best.  
“How may I help you miss?” he asked her.

 “Uh um.” She started stuttering, “My-my girlfriend o-order-ordered some meat.” She looked down.Stephen looked at her he was just worried for her. 

 “Under what name?” he asked he though it was so odd people would judge others.

 “Huh? Oh yes. I’m terribly  sorry. The name is Marinella fox.” He would nod and go  
back. It was some duck. How odd for a fox to only want one. He raised an eyebrow. But it was already bagged, 
so he walked up.

“It’s okay, is this it?” he asked as he showed the duck. 

"Um can you add one more duck?” she looked up. 

“Of course.” He would do as she asked.

“How much do I owe you?” she asked him. Her long ears would flop left then right as she shifted her weight. 

“Four pounds.” He said she would quickly give it to him.

 “Wait your Stephen, right?” she would ask after a moment.

“Yes I am.” He nodded. 

“ Marinella told me about you. You remember her? Childhood friend?” she would ask.

“Of course!” [I How could I forget her she was one of my only friends he would think.]

 "Maybe you could come over and say hi sometime.” She said “Here” she quickly wrote where they lived down and waved. 

“I’ll see what I can do.” He waved back. He would put it up and look at the clock. Time seemed to fly by, it was time for closing. He would take off his apron and close. 
. Before he left, he washed his hands. His yellow fur was stained red bur soon the red went down the sink.

 He would yet again dry his hands and grab his stuff. He would start to go home. He looked down at the paper that the small rabbit gave him as he walked. He looked back up and then walked inside. 
He shook his head and put down the paper.  

“ Maybe tomorrow.” He muttered to himself. His words seemed to echo in the house. He saw one of the old photos.
 Him on the Easter Bunny. It was a black and white photo. The bunny wasn’t alive it was just a Rag doll, not like him.

 The Easter Bunny had big black buttons for eyes and a small black nose. The rest of him was white. He had arms and legs everything looked okay, the rabbit’s ears went straight up but he had no mouth. Then they was Stephen on the rag dolls lap with a smile. He looked so happy and full of life then. [IBOh, how I wish I could see you that way again you, monster.] He would think. Then he put down the photo face down. 
The yellow furred rabbit started to go and get some whisky then sat down,and started to drink. He would Put it down.  
[I I’m a butcher of many things] he thought to himself
_Apocalyptic_     77d ago

[B Chapter two]
The small rabbit doll had hopped her way home with the two ducks and had put then in the stove to cook. She knew that Marinella would be home soon. Bella long ears would flop behind her as she walked around the house. In her hand was a book about train she seemed to always have a fascination with locomotives. The book seemed to be almost to big for her to carry around. Yet Bella managed to take it to the study.

 The room was filled with all kinds of books and paper flies most being medical related, seeing how that is Marinella job. Marinella is a nurse. The yellow rabbit always felt bad for her, but Marinella would aways say for her not to worry.  Bella put down the big brown book on the table as a paperfly landed on her nose just to run back to the kitchen to get the ducks out. 

She put them on a serving plate and then to the table as she finshed up some corn and green beans. Some salt and pepper. Then had that to cool at she got out some drinks for the two of them to drink. Her blue eyes lit up as she heard a footstep then a heavy footstep right behind it then a sweeping sound. Marinella was home. The small rabbit quickly walked to see her.
She was still in her work uniform, a blue button up rolled to her elbows with a white dress over it. On the chest was a red cross the same with the hat. The dress tied in the back with a nice white bow. Her left leg was a light yellowish color that was the prosthetic leg. But every where else was a redish orange color, her fingers was more of a light redusj brown color along with her toes, tip of her muzzle and long tail. Her tail would touch the floor no matter what she did. The tip of her ears, checks and eye lids was a dark red like color. Her green eyes would shine as she saw Bella.

" Oh, your home early! I just finshed make dinner, I do hope you like it " Bella would say walking over to her. 

" it smells delicious." Marinella would reply to her as she took off her hat. " first we both need to change." The fox would walk to her room as Bella did the same. Bella changed from the brown striped vest and pants to a dark blue dress. Bella would look down at the dress. She didn't like wearing dress she never had but she forced it away as much as she could. 

Bella walked to the kitchen wear Marinella was. Marinella was now wearing a emerald green dress with matched here eyes. 
" oh your wearing such a nice dress. Are you comfortable with it?" Marinella asked in a sweet caring voice that no one but Bella and her younger brothers has ever heard.

 " Of course, love" Bella would lie as she sat down. As soon as she sat Bella changed the subject. " Oh I almost forgot. I meet Stephen today. He Is interesting. I hope you don't mind I gave him our place." Bella looked up she expected anger but all Marinella did was nod to witch Bella ears twiched. " that is okay, right?" She questioned again. Marinella would sigh with a soft smile.

" yes, it is like I've said before. You don't need to worry as much as you do." Marinella would reply as she got some green beans and duck. " thank you so much for fixing the food tonight." Bella's blues eyes lit up with delight. Both would eat in enjoying one another company something they don't get to do much anymore. With Marinella being off working most of the day sometimes even till light at night or early the next day. Of course on days like that Bella would pace the house felling like she would drown in her own worries and thoughts. That is why she has got more into reading and writing hoping that would help it does to a ponit. Soon the both of the would finsh the foods on the plates, and put them in the sink.

 "Oh, I do have some reading I need to do. Would you like to come with me?" Marinella asked to which Bella would nod. " oh I also fond a new book of trains! It is very big and talk of all the iner-working's of a train. When I see Thomas again we will have so much to speak about. Do you know when he will be back home?" The hyper rabbit asked the taller fox. 

" No. I do not but let's hope soon." Her tail would sway left then right as they walked to the study. Marinella would quickly grab a book with some notepads and sat down and opened it. Bella would do the same but with the brown book. Bella would smile as she started to read. In the nineteen twenties train could go up to 100 mph. She would right that down along with other notes that she had already wrote. Soon she started to train and draw on of the trains. Marinella would smile as her emerald eyes looked over seeing that Bella wasn't understress. Marinella notes was about when to make what move. This was going to be what they would study the next day so she wanted to be ahead. She flipping page after page yet all of this she knew. The fox was still happy to be refreshed but disappointed that it wasn't the book that she wanted. It still made it worth her while to just see Bella unbothered by others. Marinella would force herself to stay awake even after a long day of work. Bella looked over to the tired doll as she shut her book. Some of the paper flies would land on it. 

 " love, I'm getting tired beside we both need time to get in out gowns." Bella hoped down and took the book and notes from her hand and put it on the desk. Both would stand and go slowly out of the room. A few hour's would pass by. Marinella had fallen asleep, yet no matter how hard the poor rabbit tried she couldn't fall asleep. Her own though would race one of them behind that she had to talk to. [I what are they called yes therapist.] Bella would remind herself. She must talk to a therapist tomorrow the doctors said that was the only way the she could get better. Which this was okay but she hated every last moment of it. 

Bella was shaking she would close her eyes and try to calm herself as not to wake Marinella. Soon Bella felt Marinella hand grab her. That would slightly calm her.
 " I will be with you, nothing to fear. You know I won't let them harm you, don't you?"

"Y--yes, I know." Bella meek voice replied. Bella closed her eyes as she heard Marinella voice drifted to sleep. As the moon would fall to the rising sun both would wake up to start their days once again.  This time in a rush. Bella would put on a green  dress as Marinella put on a red dress. Then they walked out the door. The doll houses around seemed to be bustling would dolls going in and out. 

The green grass blowing in the wind. Bella watched as a green leaf flies  flutter to the ground from the trees. After they hit the ground Bella picked up one. It felt just like a normal leaf. 

Soon love flies caught her eyes. 
The light pink butterflies flew around two dolls. [I How sweet] Bella thought as she looked down. Soon a carriage would stop in front of them and take them to the nurse. 

It felt like house to poor Bella that she had to talk to this doctor. Who was 'helping' but it never felt like it. She watched as her doctor and Marinella would talk. 

" best if she is not left alone. " the doctor would say.  Bella would just sigh as Marinella would walk to her. 

" we better go." Marinella whispered as both started to walk outside.
[I what will we do now?] Questioned Bella and Marinella.


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