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SusseCastell   79d ago

[center [size12 [i "Why am I here?"]]][center [size12 Such a simple question without an honest answer. Or perhaps it already held one she'd rather ignore until the time felt more prefect. Especially when her [i comrade] left an atrocious taste in her mouth. [b [i Mouths.]] Oh, right. Inside each of her throatless mouths. Toothless mouths. Dry, moist, all of them.]]
[center [size12 [b [i 'Better.']]]]
[center [size12 The young woman involuntarily shudders for a moment before she found the strength to exhale. Then she begins clawing at her forearms. As she's doing this, her skin is crawling. Literally. It is altering. The muted sounds of bones breaking, over and over, devoured the night. Torpid eyes would gleam from between her fingers. It is maddening.]]
[center [size12 [i Stop it.]]][center [size12 Castell suddenly freezes. Exhales once again and slumps back against a nearby tree. That's right. She must remain together. Superfluous to her own self. Plus, that asshole should be arriving soon.]]
[center [size12 And if they viewed such an obscene spectacle, how would they react?]][center [size12 Her human-like arms slide to their usual position, crossed and unbothered. Dull, bloodshot eyes gazing up towards the gloomy night sky. Cloudless. Barren of even the moon itself. There's nothing here besides herself and an array of trees.]]
_Tc_The_Creator_Jasper Hami   79d ago

[b "great..."] [I He thought as he approached the set spot to meet. Jasper sighed, he didn't want to do this but he had to. He forced a calm look and smile. He pushed the hook that was falling out of his back pack in and zipped it up. [b "hello?"] [i he called out hoping for a response. He looked around trying to see. He scoffed at himself. [b "so I murder at night yet I can barely see."] [i he saw Castell and approached her cautiously. [b "hello....."] He said the calm expression now turning into a panicked one.
SusseCastell   79d ago

[center [size12 If you ever found yourself inquiring on how Castell customarily behaves, indefatigable would be the response. Her resolute to follow through is paramount. People trusted the young woman to keep her promises. No matter the cost. No matter how unreasonable the other person could be. [b Regardless,] her current composure is wearing fast.]]
[center [size12 That is until [i his] voice perforated through the fervid silence.]][center [size12 [i "At last,"] Castell's tone is flat. There's such an intense lack of emotion behind it that the space between them lost every ounce of appeal. She continues to speak her peace. [i "You are here. Kept me waiting, didn't you."] Her laidback stance remains strong, unchanged. Back firmly pressed into coarse bark. Arms folded without a single care.]]
[center [size12 What a foolish display.]]
[center [size12 [i "I know what you are."] There's a pause as she could barely control a loud snort. [i "You must have sense it from me, too."] Another lull for a gentle hum. Castell then shifts the slightest of movements to reveal her position. [i "The so-called monster gene functions in unusual ways, eh?"]]]
_Tc_The_Creator_Jasper Hami   79d ago

[i He laughed uneasily. [b "Yes...."] [i He says. He didn't want to or felt comfortable speaking long sentences. Jaspers feet shifted a bit. He looked calm but he also looked ready to run.

[b "....I hope you don't know you could call it..."] [i He says uneasily. [b "although I doubt it..."] [i He says, he was speaking as calmly as he could. 

Jasper looked around making sure no one was watching. Which of course no one was. He sighed.

He stayed in silence not knowing what else to do but wait for her to respond.
SusseCastell   79d ago

[center [size12 What a massive, rubbernecking jest this man had just provided her. Did he truly not understand? Or could it perhaps be as simple as him desiring to push her buttons? [b [i No.]] No? [b [i No.]] Right, he is clearly on edge. The apprehensiveness behind his every word is sound. After all, she invited him to this empty place.]]
[center [size12 [b [i Nobody would disrupt them on a dumping ground.]]]]
[center [size12 Castell finally steps forward while stretching her arms over her head. Several cracks would fracture the ever-present hush as she did. [i "That is not how it works."] Her gaze is burning into him. [i "If our powers were considered good, this would not be an issue."] It became quite apparent Castell detested this subject. For her approach is seeping with emptiness. Nothing remotely close to the serene grace shown to humans.]]
[center [size12 [i "I do not even understand the logic behind our mutual acquaintances, truthfully."]]][center [size12 Another step is taken towards him. [i "Their assumptions that we would make a quote-on-quote brilliant couple is laughable. At best."] She couldn't stop herself from making air quote, in fact, Castell appears more animated while speaking about those bumpkins. [i "Of course, humans are known for being geniuses. It is almost fascinating."]]]
[center [size12 [i "Regardless of them, we had to speak. Privately."] Now she stood before him. There's a small smirk blossoming across her features.]][center [size12 [i "So, what is your ability?"]]]
_Tc_The_Creator_Jasper Hami   79d ago

[i he laughed uneasily. although castell could tell it was forced. [b "ah..well...rather genes....I have....a.... magnetic field around me...I can manipulate any metal within forty feet of me from any direction......" [i He said ignoring the comment about brilliant couple.

He stepped back as she stepped twords him. His hand glided to his pocket as she approached. [b "why are you getting closer?"] He asked uneasiness setting in.

His hook fell out of his back pack but he ignored it. It was stained with blood from murders. [b "........."]
SusseCastell   78d ago

[center [size12 [b [i What.]]]][center [size12 Those vacuous scientists have judged magnetic fields to be villainous? Such a folly! Such a waste! She had agonized for an entire week debating on whether or not to setup this blasted meeting, and that's his power? A playful magic trick? Castell simply stared at him with a blank expression. She didn't even register anything else he said.]]
[center [size12 That's when the smoldering rage began to breathe.]][center [size12 She instinctively crosses her arms before glancing away. [i Calm down. Calm down. Calm [b D O W N!]] No. It would all be released until a muted noise caught her attention. Castell refocuses back onto him. Her somber eyes had narrowed and without uttering a word, she slowly tilts her head to the side to peek behind his figure.]]
[center [size12 What she found bought forth a simple, [i "oh."] Which is followed by surprised laughter. She is sonorous and inconsolable; however, a tiny detail is soon to be known. There are others. Smaller in nature, yes, but it's clear her chortling is being echoed.]][center [size12 And they all appear to stem from Castell.]]
_Tc_The_Creator_Jasper Hami   78d ago

[b "what's so funny?] [I he asked confused. [b "only god knows...."] He thought. He stepped forward, he meant to be threatening which he wasn't good at. And he doubted she'd even be 'threatened.'

Jasper's feet shifted. [b "so thats it? This...'meeting' is over right?"] [I he asks uneasily. He wanted to get this over with. He wouldn't admit it but he was scared of her. [b "I shouldn't say anything... antagonistic........] [I he though. Although he would probably say something that would end in him either getting harmed or killed.]
SusseCastell   78d ago

[center [size12 Castell genuine couldn't contain herself any longer. Her laughter swelled when he attempted to exhibit a tougher facade. He is absolutely comical, and frankly? His overall behavior is going so far beyond her wildest expectations, that she's feels nothing except joy.]]
[center [size12 Or at least something close to such an odd emotion.]]
[center [size12 Of course, Castell did gather whatever she could to respond to his meek inquiry between her cackling. [i "Behind you,"] her voice is rather bright. Full of all the life she tended to lack. There's even a faint smile spreading across her dark features.]]
[center [size12 And maybe if what bought this merriment wasn't a bloodied weapon, it'd feel more normal; however, it wasn't meant to be. The young woman finally understood something. Tonight, would be interesting.]][center [size12 No matter the outcome. They'd have their moment.]]
_Tc_The_Creator_Jasper Hami   78d ago

[I his expression changed to a: [b "I'm not falling for that."] Look and Hsi shoulders sagged. [I Yet he turned around regardless.

He didn't know what to expect but he really didn't care. He just wanted to get out of here even if it meant making a fool out of himself.

[b "why do I always do this?"] [I he asked himself. [b "why am I always making myself look like a fool?"] [I he asked himself again. 

He was curious so he thought he should cut himself some slack. Although he never did that ever.
SusseCastell   78d ago

[center [size12 The corners of Castell's mouth twitched further up when he turned around. His hesitation is palpable but so is her own. Although nothing is to be provided. Not even a pathetic rebuttal. She is rewarded with absolutely nothing other than him muttering to himself.]]
[center [size12 Her once elated laughter fades.]]
[center [size12 Now she's confused. What is his damn goal here? Why is he [i playing] around with her? Had she been mistaken? Did she not truly understand him at all? These unspoken questions might have beaten her down if she didn't realize something.]]
[center [size12 [i Her demand had not been followed.] Not correctly anyway.]][center [size12 [i "Down," Castell slowly breathes out. [i "You dropped something, Killer."] The final word is heavily emphasized.]]
_Tc_The_Creator_Jasper Hami   78d ago

[I he smiled softly at the word killer. [b "So finally you have sense?"] [I He asks bending down picking up the hook. [b "Although I'd prefer you didn't know. And if you knew my ancestry then you'd know why scientists..."] 

[I he didn't finish his sentence. He put the hook in his backpack unzipping it. He turned around and stared Castell in the eyes. [b "I'll let you decide what my ancestry is... Although I have an idea who..."]

He pulled out his pocket knife and some cloth and wiped the blood of the knife. His feet shifted uneasily and the air around him changed again. 

[b "God damn metal..."] [I he muttered.
SusseCastell   78d ago

[center [size12 The murderer isn't given a proper response as her thoughts had been thrown into a whirl. [b [i What a curious development.]] For she assumed he would deflect the title. Make up a quick excuse, then attempt to escape and merely continue living on his wretched existence. But he didn't. Instead, he's implying information she couldn't possibly have any knowledge upon. Particularly when villain records are often scrubbed.]]
[center [size12 It is too much to ponder. Henceforth why she shoves it all aside to smile towards him. Not a friendly one, no. Amusement. She still found him entertaining regardless of his [i 'crimes.']]]
[center [size12 The emotion might have become bigger than herself honestly.]][center [size12 Why else would she have chosen to behave in such an insane fashion?]]
[center [size12 [i "Hey,"] her mouths are dry. [i "Can you end my suffering?"]]]
[center [size12 Castell's expression is now bland. Devoid of that bemused smile. Her multiple eyes dark yet sincere. [b Wait.] Multiple? Oh. That's right. Besides her normal human peepers, several more have forced themselves to appear on her arms. All of their tiny pupils are focus upon him.]]
_Tc_The_Creator_Jasper Hami   77d ago

[ I he laughed. [B "so. I see. You think I'm a mindless murderer. I am but mindless. When anyone disrespects me or my brother or any of our friends then they'll have to run. But that's all the can do. There's no running from me."] [I he says this calmly, he sounded used to killing. 

[B "I will not kill you without a reason. Neither can you make me."] [I he smiled calmly and he looked calm now. 

[B "I won't kill anyone without a reason. I will not become my brother....our wretched parents..."] [I He muttered bitterly. [B "why do you want to die?"] [I he asked.]


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