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By Susse
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Hello all. I am an old bird attempting to find her wings again. It's been roughly three years since I've written, and my skills are quite rusty. At this moment I'm interested in creating some sublime memories with one or a couple of people. These will be 1x1 roleplays, not group as I don't believe I could keep up. I do work and sometimes I require a bit of "me" time, so I won't always be available to post. Now onto the real business and perhaps why you are reading through this. I would like to find someone that can provide me with a bit of substance. To stretch my metaphorical wings once again. My current character limit is 500-1000. There will be times I meet the minimum and nothing else. There will also be instances where I'm stricken with inspiration and will blow through words without a second thought. Furthermore, I will admit now my writing language tends to lean on "flowery." My descriptions can be over embellished to oblivion, yet I hold little interest in changing this. It's who I am. For pictures, themselves, I only use digital (anime-like). I prefer not to employ the use of someone else's face, although I don't care if you do. We'll work around it as I've done before. Onto themes, I enjoy surrealism, romance, drama, horror and most things in between. Of course, I don't care for instance romances unless it is fairy tale related. Or a magic spell that can be explained quickly. Violence subjects are a special case. It can be horror related but also lustful in nature. If it occurs, I want a solid reason why it did. Whether it be one of our characters is a murderer or a monster devouring a former lover, I don't want it to be random. [b "The sake of being evil for the sake of being evil."] This means I don't want to read your character running off by themselves and getting brutally gang rape without a chance for my character to assist them. This has happened to me before and it didn't appeal to me. Current ideas I have for roleplays are: 1. Two college students keep meeting through mutual friends. At first, it's merely a ploy since their friends believe they have plenty in common. Which should blossom into a long-lasting romance, right? Unfortunately, or rather somehow, their personalities clashed. They couldn't speak more than five sentences without one of them losing their cool. It happened every single time they were in the same room. Eventually their friends gave in and stop forcing those two together. It should have been great, yet the hated duo decided to meet up one night. Under a foggy moon, they found agreement in one thing. Nobody could ever find out about their powers. This will be an anti-superhero roleplay. Our characters won't have normal powers. These abilities will be monstrous. Humans won't be happy to view them in action. There is also an underlining issue in the background. Superheroes are mostly common. Villains are not. If someone is born with a "bad" power, they are given supplements to contain it, or invasive surgeries are done upon babies to remove the "offending" gene that controls the ability. 2. An introverted, young woman is forced to live with her grandparents on the countryside after some trauma. She desperately required a place to breathe, relax and perhaps even find herself again. Her grandparents own a large farmhouse with all the typical trimmings. Rooster weathervane that rarely turned. Ancient tree in the front yard with a wooden swing. Random hay bales laying around even though they didn't own farm animals anymore. It was all rather quaint. At first. Then boredom began to seep in. The closet village is 30+ miles away and her grandparents owned that cliched beaten pickup truck that would surely leave her stranded without any cell service. Not to mention there were no neighbors, just a delivery man that bought them food every other week. What's left is empty fields where cows once graze, among other animals, and silence. Almost maddening. Soon the woman gains the grant idea to explore the little wooden area towards the far back of her grandparents' land. It wasn't forbidden by any means, yet her family wouldn't speak about it. In fact, they left a bit of food in a basket near its entrance. The fact it'd be gone by morning struck the woman as strange, if not a bit frightening. AND maybe exciting if she were being honest. So, she goes off on her own without a word to her grandparents. The main plotline is that the young woman meets an elf. A lone elf that hadn't been around another creature in decades. He won't know how to react to a human. Such beings disappear in a matter of seconds to him. To her, this long-eared man means adventure. What happens between them? [b [i I might add more to this list at a later date, I may not.]] For the roles, I can be either character. I also have no qualms about tweaking the stories I've provided as the outline should bend to suit our characters. Now, if I have caught your attention, please do send a message my way. Title it with "Tres Leches Cake." I will respond when I am available.
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