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-RaeLa-[Demitri]   122d ago

[font "Verdana" [size12 Demitri hadn't had a sober thought in several days. Why not cut loose after losing yet another job?
He stumbled his way, bar though bar, tempting fights and sliding his way out of them with a charm that didn't even make sense to most. There's days to kill before then landlord comes knocking for yet another late rent check he'll have to sweet-talk his way through avoiding.
He flung through his closet, eyes squinting as the light from the windows knocked on the door of the migraine he wouldn't shake until he finally ate something. He smirked and ripped the suit shoved in the back off it's hanger. What a choice. No one questions a man of class... right? 
He creases the cuffs of the jacket and combs his fingers through his hair. Grease.. gel.. who's to say?
Phone. Wallet. Keys. Check. 
Which bar will have the best snack menu?
Thank god for public transportation.
He peers out the window, watching the building he passes until he finds one he hasn't stepped foot in and sparked trouble for yet..
Demitri opens the large glass doors and sets for the center-most bar stool, sliding in with no shame and sliding cash out from his wallet.
With his lips barely turning up to the left as he smiles with his eyes, [b "What do you recommend coming off from a long night?"]]]

Acheron had been at the bar for a few hours now. His blue eyes would scan over the bar everything seemed to be going descent, no fighting, How boring. 

 He looked down at his black vest over his button-up to see that something had been spilled on it. He would roll his eyes and let out an irritated huff before walking from behind the bar. He would go from group to group and sweet-talk to each person. He would move to the next when he had his fun. Acheron would look at the doors when he heard them open the man that walk through would and wouldn't recognize him. He must be new around here. 

Acheron would take his leave and make his way closer to Demitri so he would be able to get a closer look. One of the bar-keeps would look up to Demitri,[B " Well if it was a hard day then maybe a Bourbon Sour, or would you like something a lot stronger?"] The new bar-Keep asked. 

Acheron would keep his distance to see how his new barkeep would do to see if he would keep his job. So Acheron would talk to a few of the customers seeing the two of them out of the corner of his eyes.
-RaeLa-     122d ago

[font "Verdana" [size12 Demitri looked the bar-keep up and down- his eyes sharp, yet his voice sweet, [b "Bourbon Sour is good enough for now. I don't plan to only be here for one drink, anyhow."] He slid his debit card across the bar-top counter, tapping it against the hard surface as he set it down. Never picky.
Demitri swiveled on the stool to face the rest of the room as he awaited his beverage. He leaned back, elbow on the edge of the counter, heal hooked on the bar-stool, scanning the room. He didn't catch a glimpse of anyone worth his time this morning.. until.. him. Bingo.
He noticed someone side-eyeing him, if even slightly, from across the room. He was clearly keeping his distance. But .. why? 
[i 'Is there a problem?'] Demitri rehearsed in his head. [i 'Have I caught your eye?'] ... [i 'Looking at something?'].. Nothing settled right. What should he say?
He turned back around to face the bar, his drink made and in front of him. He picked it up and took a sip, his brow furrowing.
Why was something about this guy so off? Why the hesitation to say something? The last several days have been filled with nothing but drinks, fights.. but something in Demitri's mind said to wait it out. If he could keep his adrenaline going he didn't have to face the time he was wasting. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up. Danger? No. Thrill? Perhaps? 
Demitri took another swig of his drink and set it gently back to the counter. He tapped his finger against the glass a few times before looking behind him again. [i 'Get up.'] he urged himself. [i 'Don't be a coward .'] Something in the back of his mind told him he wouldn't be able to charm his way out of this one. It was all or nothing. 
He grasped his glass, tossing his head back as he finished the contents. A smirk spreading across his face as he taps the counter, [b "Another drink, dear. Maybe two. I'll be here a while."]. 
Demitri stood from the stool. Every movement swift as he focuses on his target. Walking with his usual confidence he locks eyes with the man before him, still several steps away, [b "Either you're staring because you enjoy the view, or you're staring because you'd like to make my day. Which is it?"] His coy grin never faltered. It was nearly too obvious that he was only speaking up to cause trouble. But most could never be bothered to cut in when they see the way Demitri could charm his way through every confrontation both verbal and physical.
Demitri kept his hands in his coat pockets as he looked over his own on-looker. His knuckles aching to make a fist and swing. [i 'Say something.']  The voice urged. Demitri waited for the man to speak up, second guessing his decisions for the first time in years.

Acheron would nod to himself as the man finally got his first drink. He tried to read him once more.
[I How odd.] His light blue eyes lit thinking of ways that might work so he could read him. When he snapped back he would see the man walking toward him.
 Still nothing. 
He laughed to him himself this would be a game. Something to pass the time. When the man stopped to speak Acheron turned to face him still taping his fingers on the table. Every so often his black ring would hit the table. The tapping would stop as he started to speak,

[B "The view, yes very nice now that I am looking at you. Sadly before I was seeing how my employee would do. I do not plan on keeping someone who is not right for the job."] Acheron would pause as a grin formed on his face. He would take a few step forward, but left space between them, 
[B " Yet you walked to me first, so do you want something."]

He would try to read the man as he looked him up and down. He expected to be able to read something, but nothing. 
His eye would look at the person behind him.

[I God, does this guy ever shut up.] A man at the bar thought Acheron looked back to the unknown man I'm front of him. Soon Acheron caught something well anyone could.
[I he's looking for a fight.] Acheron's grin would quickly change to nothing as he took his own hands from his pockets not wanting him to get the upper hand if he did choose to fight. 
[B " Chloe, fix me a French 75."] One of the bars-keep would do just that.  Acheron had stopped looking at Demitri ready if he starts the fight. This was what he was looking for, a fight.
[I Don't Start the fight finsh it] He would remind himself as He would act as if everything was fine even though it was nowhere near it. [I Maybe I can get out of this without hurting him to badly]
-RaeLa-     122d ago

[font "Verdana" [size12 Demitri tensed as the other man stepped towards him. [i 'This is new.'] It wasn't like Demitri not to be the one to close the distance. [i 'What is happening right now?' What is in my head?'] Demitri looked the man over once more, realizing he was being spoken to. A faint buzzing distracting him as he tried to focus again. He noticed the change in posture across from him and realized.. [i 'Either find a reason to swing or go finish your drink.'] 
[b "Your staff seem more than courteous."], his expression remained intact, until his gaze diverted to the man's hands and back up to his eyes. They were.. off. Yet, the brightest things he'd ever seen. 
He calculated his next moves carefully. For once he had chosen wrong, and he believed that. He wondered if his charms would worm him out of.. whatever this was about to be. 
[b "It's rare someone so easily admits they're admiring. Perhaps my introduction fell short in my concern for your attention,"] he extended his right hand, open-palmed. [b "Demitri Bennett."]]]

Acheron saw the change in the man it would put Him at ease. He saw the mam trying to find a way out. [I I was that harsh was i?] He asked himself as he couldn't find no issues with what he did he look back. 
[B " Of course they are. Doesn't mean they can stand up for themself."] He watched as the man's eyes would look away. The thoughts of others seemed to get louder the mare he tried to read him. He looked to Demitri hand. Then back to his face. 
His left hand would reach out and shake his hand. The rings gem would shine in the light. 
" Oh was that what I was say, pardon me then." He smiled to Demitri, [B "Well, Nice to meet you. I'm Acheron Morningstar."] He looked  behind him to his seat.  The man was to far away to hear what Demitri had order yet he would ask, 
[B " shouldn't you be getting back you your Bourbon Sour? Plus I do have a drink waiting to. We can keep talking over there if you wish."]  He ponited to Demitri's drink.
-RaeLa-     122d ago

[font "Verdana" [size12 Demitri tilted his head, [b "You're right. I should get to my drink, and you absolutely should join me."]
Demitri swiveled on his heels and walked back to the stool he was at previously. He sipped his drink and looked back at Acheron. He seemed focused, yet incredibly distracted. [i 'Are you an easy target or not? What could you possibly be thinking? Why do I care?']
Demitri tapped the edge of the counter with his finger-tips, deciding where to focus his next move. He came in expecting his usual fun, that card was going to go negative if he truly spent much here. [i Do I leave?]
He took the last sip and tapped the counter toward the bar-keep. [b "Another, please? Give me what your owner would recommend."] He smiled, unknowingly beside the man.
He had to admit, the man before him wasn't hard on the eyes. Quite the opposite. 
[b "What brings you here, Acheron? What's peaked your curiosity?"]]]

He would take slow methodical steps as he walked to the stool on Demitri's left side. 
The bar-keep would look over to Acheron with a questioning look.
[B "Give him a Dark 'N' Stormy, put it on the house."] He would tell him without a second thought. [I well maybe this will make him open up a bit.] His eyes looked over to Demitri seeing him look over at him. [I he's  has been the only person I  haven't been able to Crack.  What makes you so difficult to crack?] Acheron would take a sip of of own drink. 

[B " Oh why I'm here?"] Acheron would think for a moment, [B " well the people here are so interesting so what a great place to start a bar. So I could see all kind of people."] He let pit a chuckle,[B " Besides it was becoming  quite dull where I was."] 
He would take a closer look to the man beside him. This was the first time he took time to really look at him. His statement from before wasn't a lie but didn't do him justice. 
[I well better than the others] He looked away taking another sip as the bar-keep handed Demitri the Dark 'N' Stormy looking with a rasied eyebrow to Acheron to Demitri.
-RaeLa-     122d ago

[font "Verdana" [size12 Demitri hears as Acheron recommends a drink to the bartender and watches as they begin mixing it up. [i 'Of course he would be the owner..']
[b "Now that's a recommendation I can get behind. Not enough owner's who will recommend on flavor over price."]
As the drink was slid to him over the counter, he nodded in thanks. His mind began moving a mile a minute, the buzz he felt before only more present the closer Acheron stood. Demitri shook his head briefly and sipped his new drink as he listened to Acheron speak. So fluid and confident. [i Is this how it feels when I speak unto others?] 
[b "I'll agree there. The locals keep things from ever being boring. There are definitely plenty worse places to be."] 
Demitri again gazed around the room. The customers seemed to keep quiet and to themselves, aside from an occasional laugh that would boom through the building. There wouldn't be a fight here today, at the very least, not one Demitri thought he could get away from unscathed. Even a verbal altercation looked like it may come to a loss here.
[b "Have you been in the area long?"] Demitri asked. He took this time to notice Acheron clearly had impeccable taste in clothing, sighting a bold ring on his finger. [i 'Thank God I wore this here. Imagine he'd seen me in my usual.'] Demitri toyed with the edge of his suit-jacket, his other hand holding his drink to his lips. 
[i What about him has this hold on me so soon? Who is this man?]

Acheron brought his drink to his lips as he would listen to Demitri speak. As Demitri looked over and spoke to him, Acheron would be enthralled by him. His eyes would trace him for anything but noting. Yet he found this more intriguing. [B " Oh, I wish they would though."] He paused and let out a chuckle, [B " Besides I thought that seemed to fit you."] Acheron seemed to be slightly relieved that Demitri liked the recommendation he had made. He would look at his ring and look at it himself as if to make sure it was still on his finger.  Every so often Acheron's eyes would look to another person that would walk through the door before looking back to Demitri.

[B " Oh, isn't that the truth!"] He motioned his drink towards him with a sly grin before taking a drink of the now almost finished drink. 
[B " This has been an uneventful night, no fights, yelling, or well anything, almost anything worth my time anyways."]  [I nothing is working on him.] A sly grin would flash across his face, [I I'll have plenty of time...] Acheron would snap back as he realized he was being spoken to.

[B " Eight years give or take a few months. What about you Demitri, how long have you been here?"] He raised an eyebrow as he asked the question. Acheron traced Demitri's eyes and saw he was looking at his ring. He slowly took the ring off. He looked over it once as he held it delicately in his hand. Acheron held his palm flat with the ring in the center.
[B " Would you like to take a closer look? But do give it back after."]
 The black ring on the sides had a snake leading to the Gemstone. The two snakes outlined in sliver with the eyes and fangs also sliver. For some reason, the ring seemed so compelling. People would walk by they seemed drawn to the ring as well. Acheron would look to Demitri and see nothing then looked to another person. The man would look to Acheron.

[B" so what do you want good sir?"] Acheron question. The man seemed to be in a sort of trance.

[B " Well, I want to start my own small town shop. So I could make different king of pottery to sell."] The man would snap out of the trance like state and start to back up.

[B " to do that you must quit working at Jason company. That is correct isn't it?"] His blue eyes would almost stare though him. The man would pause for a moment then walked back to his own seat. Acheron looked to Demitri.
[B " what about you what do you truly desire?"] He asked but as he tried to read him like he has done to others he couldn't. As he tried gus head would start to throb.


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