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Two vampire families have been at war sense the dawn of their kind. One family follower of Kain, the other followers of Raziel. Both believe their origin the stronger of the pair. As the years pass neither family seem to become stronger or weaker. Lock in a stalemate it was the disappearance of the Heir to the families that caused a commotion among both. Now the families are blaming the other and the only thing keeping them from spilling the others blood is the loyalty of the other families among their kind. While the vampire world is turned upside down the two heirs themselves have formed their own family to challenge the powers of the old covens, believe it's time for change they wish to bring the vampires into the new era and not leave it in the past.
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Colorful_insanity     77d ago

[center [i Vampires are not what people think, the books have them completely wrong. They aren't the pure sex adrenaline, or the creatures that want nothing to do with the death of a human, or that they have a way to walk in the sunlight, or that they are the incredibly sexy beings. No instead everything you've ever thought. Get rid of it. Vampires are a force to be reckoned with, and even alone a vampire can kill hundreds before its finally put down. Only those with skill know how to properly fight a vampire and survive, however its very rarely ever seen. With hunters however being very young and always on the hunt for a creature of darkness they tend not to live very long, and they also are a standoff person.]]
[center [i Signed Abraham Van Helsing]]

[center whoosh whoosh could be heard in the middle of the night. Within seconds of hearing the wind however screams could be heard in the distance. Running away from the scream was a creature, that it had to keep itself a secret otherwise it would be hunted down like a wild animal, and it was indeed just that an animal living on nothing but basic instinct of survival. Food, Shelter, liquid, and body urges such as urinating and shitting comes to mind. However, what draws any attention to this creature is that it's out of the ordinary. It seems at first glance to be nothing more than a human boy, however we come to find that it's a Vampire, to be exact its Alexander Dawn, the first vampire in House Dawn after the house Maker Akos had been turned by Kain. The first person Kain had taken to his side was Akos his most subservient human that had sacrificed many in the name of the Demon Kain. Akos had been the reason Dracula even met Kain. Akos had been turned into a vampire Centuries before Dracula and had outlived the outlandish creature.]

[center Alexander had taken several victims during the night leaving nothing to spare if he could help it, but during his first few victims he had become somewhat slack with carefulness. Instead of cleaning up after himself like he normally did after feeding he had moved onto his next victim without care. He left what pieces of human flesh he couldn't stuff into his mouth on the pavement and dirt that seemed to line the streets of Constantinople Turkey. He had been here nearly a month and they were calling him a murderer. It was like humans couldn't understand him or his kind and their constant burning thirst for sustenance, with the only thing that could cool the burning was that of the flowing life liquid that ran within all living things, but that was their flaw. While his kind had their immortality, they were not alive, in fact Alexander had sometimes considered himself something far more cruelly put onto the world then the monsters that roamed its worlds. Werewolves were one of his biggest hates. They were hunted like animals, just like his own kind. Yet somehow, they were still living things that had the life liquid flow through their system just like that of humans and beasts alike, but they also had the gift of immortality like the vampires. It had caused the two races to clash for centuries. Alexander had fought several werewolves and nearly died himself in the few centuries he had roamed around Asia.]

[center The male ran quickly with his most recent pray still being pushed down his throat. His first victim was nothing more than a harlot. a woman who couldn't make ends meet without selling herself to others. It had sickened the male to the point where he didn't care had she seen him before he walked down the alleyway, he killed her in she probably would have not followed him. His second, the reason everyone is screaming was nothing more than a morsel, a bite on the go. It had been a little boy, no older than six years of age. Alexander had swooped into the boy's bedroom window, giving himself a headache in the process due to his very sensitive ears to the noise of the wind on the glass. The noise he made however caused the boy to open his window and gaze out with most of his body leaning over the side. That was when he was taken. The vampire didn't even take the boy more than two feet from his window when his mother had come into the room to check on the boy. She had seen him, she had seen Alexander, and what seemed like her boy were flying. The boy however was consumed right in front of her very eyes. She had screamed and it still hadn't stopped.]

[center His third victim, which was the most delightful of them all was a lawman. a person who had seen what went on with Alexander and the second victim. He had followed the male, but what he didn't know was that the vampire knew the man was there, in fact he led him exactly where he wanted the man to go, a dead-end alleyway. The vampire had quickly turned back on the man and drained him dry, quickly dumping the lawman's body into his stomach and donning on his clothing. The screams continued and it carried even to Alexander's ears, but it hurt. To know that he had kept his secret so close, but now it was loose. The Entire peace force of Constantinople would be on a hunt for him, or they would call in a professional that would follow him until he was dead, or until they believed that he had left. No The vampire would never leave. He knew all the hiding spots within Constantinople. He could keep feeding off humans for several more months before he had to turn to the disgusting street urchins and animals that lived in the sewers to feed from until the hunter left.]

[center Finally returning home to the abandoned castle Alexander stepped into one of the few rooms, after feeling somewhat satisfied with his hunger for the night the male looked over his belongings. His eyes first scanned the bed. It was the one thing he had that he would never use. Vampires didn't use human beds to sleep, however they also didn't use coffins. They instead needed no sleep, instead they went into a state of death freezing their bodies at least while the sun was up. His eyes switched to the mirror vanity that he sat in front of to see no reflection of himself from. That had been at least the one thing most books had gotten right about vampires. However, in front of his vanity was several different things. A jade pendant, that he had taken off a girl whom he killed the first night he was here in Constantinople. A teddy bear, off a male who must have been on his way home to his child, the bear's brown fur all covered in an even darker brown color of dried blood. An ear, pierced in several different places. One would guess it had come from an outcast; however, it had actually come from a man of the cloth. The holes in the ears while obvious on the dead skin, had nothing in them.]

[center Alexander's eyes went to the left of his vanity to see a body just lying there. It would be food for when he awoke during the day to feed on. It was nothing more than another harlot he had picked up several days ago. He had recently taken and ripped off most if not all of her skin, leaving barely enough layers left to it so that her body wouldn't bleed out, but she would most definitely have felt the pain and what it would be like had he actually taken and fully removed her skin. Alexander had been so tedious with it that he had done it with his teeth, that way he didn't waist even an ounce of his precious morsel. He would consumer her entirely down to the most extreme of the bone marrow to draw out the last bits of blood. Perhaps instead he should have picked up one or two on his way home also? no he had been in a rush to get away from the hot spots tonight, especially sense he had caused such a commotion already.]

[center Alexander's ears picked up the soft footsteps of something coming up the stairs to his room. [b "
Alexander, you've returned."] said a familiar voice. The male turned around to face what seemed to be one of his own kind. [#be196a "Yes, I've returned home. Now off with you. Dawn is approaching and we cannot stand to much longer to be in sunlight."] The male seemed to pout at first. [b "Father is looking for you. We have an important party to attend to tomorrow."] giving hisses Alexander stood from the seat within his chambers. [#be196a "Very well, lead the way."]  the vampire said in a very commanding voice. The other stumbled at the door falling over a few of the other coven members trying to get away from him. [b "Away with you."] the male figure called after them as the few members he stumbled over got back up and headed deeper into the castle caverns. Alexander slammed the door behind their running down the stairs to get farther and farther down the stairs. With the last few coven members not far behind in tow leading down to the one area of a castle sunlight never lit. The foundations.]

[left [pic]]
[center Finding his father Alexander dead staired the bear like man Infront of him. How he hated the man so. sticking to the old ways, more like clinging to them like a hound would to a bone if it was allowed. The man's golden red eyes fell upon Alexander's own Golden eyes. [#3f19be "We leave for Rome. House Raven has invited us to a ball, and we must attend. I am told all the coven will be there to welcome a new House into our Coven."] How many now did that make? Alexander would learn one day exactly how many houses he would have to remove to make sure he and his kind would no longer fear the old ways. They would be predator not prey. [#3f19be "Boy pay attention."] Alexander snapped back from his own thoughts as he saw the hand come across his face.]

[center Leaving a bright red mark upon his face the boy made no face at the sting he felt. No tears were shed as he father straightened himself up from the smack. [b "You and your brother Aric will be attending with me. Both of you are to be on your best behavior. House Midnight will be there as well."] At the mention of the other house many of the coven members hissed but was instantly hushed by their leader standing up even taller. [#3f19be "This is not up for discussion."] were his last words as he cut the rest off.]

[center Alexander quickly started formulating in his head, but this time made sure to keep paying attention to what the man in front of him had to say. Many would say that the man in front of Alexander now was his father, but that was a mistake. no Akos had made Alexander, Akos had made Aric Alexanders twin brother in both vampire history and that of human life. They were both turned at a ripe age of twenty-nine. in reality however Aric should be next in line to rule the House of Dawn, but Akos had chosen Alexander.]

[center Aric had been present long enough to hear that the pair would be joining their leader at this ball being held by the original house of the Coven in Rome. Alexander had looked towards his brother a smile on his face the golden eyes hiding what he was going to attempt at the party itself. He would end the old ways or end himself.]

[center [b [u The next night]]]
[center Alexander, Aric, and Adam had arrived at the grounds of House Raven. The solid alabaster white walls surrounding the grounds stood maybe ten feet high but was low enough they could see the house from outside. The mansion sat back away from the main gate by a quarter mile surrounded on three of the sides by amazing gardens or water displays. It was a show of wealth and power to the rest of the Vampire world, not just the Coven itself. A marvel in on itself. Built more to look like a Castle then a house. Alexander had slipped out of the car he and the others had come in. Huffing a little as he straightened up his suit and one final brush down to remove any remaining fur from the cat they had kept at the house. [#3f19be Lets go boys. We meet the Head of house Raven inside."] Taking the steps up to the doorway Alexander stopped at the door and waited with the other gusts, but one particularly caught his attention. Standing next to her he gave a chuckle.]

[center [#be196a Lady Midnight. It's a pleasure to see you here again."]  a low growl escaped from a vampire nearby, but the male only ignored it. [#be196a "It would be delightful if I could talk to you in private away from all the ears, but perhaps after the party has started?"] while the houses of Dawn and midnight did not get along Alexander and Eliana were more civil towards one another. [#be196a "I have matters I would like to discuss with you that I think might tug at your interest."]  smiling the male looked towards the door to see them open up wide a single being standing within the grand entry to the house of Raven.]
StolenRelics-вlood   73d ago

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 The sound of moans could be heard through the chambers of Eliana's room, and the sound made the woman want to shut the human up. She let the male use her like a play thing, because soon enough the roles would be reversed. The feel of the male on top of her, trying his hardest to please her, was really getting to her. The feeling of sex didn't do anything for the woman anymore. At least not with a human being anyway. [b "Enjoying yourself princess?"] the male asked in her ear. The woman rolled her eyes slightly.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 She knew the male wanted to hear that she was, but in all honesty she wasn't. [#cc6699 "No. You are boring me, and nothing you are doing is making it better"] she growled. The look of shock on his face was soon replaced with a look of pure terror. She had flipped them over, and she was on top on him. Most men would have loved to have someone like her on top of them, but when she lowered her head and ripped into his neck, was something the male wasn't expecting at all. Which was good.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Eliana pulled back blood dripping down her chin as she looked down at the male, and his hands moved up to his neck, and he chocked. [b "You bitch.. You bit me.."] he chocked out. Eliana licked her lips and looked down at him, a small smirk dancing on her lips. [#cc6699 "Oh darling, I'm going to be doing much more than that to you"] she said as she lowered her head down, and finished off the work she started. The sounds turned from moans, to screams, and it seemed to fuel her even more.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 The female finished feeding, and she pulled back, the man's blood running down her chin, and onto her chest. She rolled her eyes as she looked down at the lifeless male. [#cc6699 "Pity, you would have been such fun"] she giggled. She licked her fingers and slid off the bed, and grabbed a towel wiping her chest, and chin clean. She then wrapped the towel around herself as she made her way to the adjoining bathroom. She paused as she looked over at the bed. Would she need to keep him there? Or was she full enough for the time being?]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 She shrugged slightly as she made her way into the bathroom, to wash the dead human off of her skin. She dropped the towel onto the floor, stepped into the shower and turned on the water. The woman stood there, as the water washed over her body, she tilted her head back and closed her eyes. She stood there letting everything wash over her, as she thought back to the time she had been changed. Her whole life had been ripped away from her. She had a life she wanted.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 That was until she met Raziel. He had been the most beautiful creature she had ever laid eyes on. He had made promises that he didn't keep. He had ripped her away from everything. She lost everything, her family, her love, and the baby she had just given birth too. When she had been first turned, she killed the baby, just to make sure she could get the hunger under control. When she realized what she had done, she hated herself for the years to come after that. There wasn't a day that went by, that she didn't think of her child.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 She shook her head lightly as she finished her shower, and climbed out. She grabbed a fresh towel, and wrapped herself into it. She walked out of the bathroom and paused in the doorway, seeing one of Raziel's men sitting on the bed, licking his fingers. [b "I see you enjoyed yourself tonight Princess"] he said smirking. [#cc6699 "What do you want Vincent? Also how long have you been in here?"] she snapped. [b "Long enough to listen to you showering, wishing I could join you"] he said with a smirk. Eliana flipped the male off just then.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#cc6699 "What do you want?"] she hissed. The male pushed himself up and looked towards her. [b "Tomorrow is when the ball is at House Raven, and Raziel wants you to attend"] he said. Eliana stood there and shook her head. What was so important that she attended this bloody thing, but she kept her mouth shut about it. She nodded lightly, her way of saying she would go. What other choice did she have anyway? She nodded towards her bedroom door, waiting for Vincent to take his leave, but he didn't he just stood there.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [b "Are you done with this creature on the bed?"] he asked. Eliana knew what he wanted, and she nodded. [#cc6699 "Yes, take him and leave."] she hissed. The other male didn't need to be told twice. She watched as he wrapped the blood soaked sheets around the body, and lifted it up like the man didn't weigh a thing. When she was finally alone, she got dressed, put clean sheets onto the bed, and sat down upon it. A moment later, she laid back, thinking about what the next night would bring.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [center [b [i The next night.]]]]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 The night of the so called ball arrived a lot faster than Eliana wanted. She took her time getting ready. She applied her makeup the best she could, because she couldn't see herself in the mirror, but one of her closest friends and maids told her she looked amazing. The two were in Eliana's bed chambers getting Eliana ready. She found her blood red, off the shoulder dress, with a slit up the side and she draped it over her body. She found her black high heels, and slipped them onto her feet as well. She then found her locket last.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 She turned and the other woman helped clasp the locket around her neck. [b "You look breathtaking Eliana.. I hope you enjoy the evening tonight"] the smaller girl said. Eliana turned to face the woman and smiled. [#cc6699 "Don't worry mouse, I will. We are finding out the new coven from the sounds of it. I spoke to Raziel this evening, and got a little bit more information. Thank you for your help, get home and I'll see you soon"] she said. The woman nodded and slipped out of the room.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Eliana made sure she had everything she would need. She then slipped out of the house, and went to the carriage waiting for her. She stepped inside and let the door close behind her. She wondered of Jedediah would be there as well, but she wouldn't worry about that right now. She had other things to worry about. When she arrived at the house of Raven, she stepped out of the carriage and smiled when she felt all eyes on her. She knew she was one of the few breathtaking ones here, but that wouldn't get in the way of tonight.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 As she stood there waiting for the doors to open, she felt someone come up beside her, and she heard the males voice, and she turned her eyes to him and smirked. [#cc6699 "What do you have in mind Alex dear?"] she asked, her interest already peeked. He was one of the few vampires she could handle being around, beside Jedediah. Thinking of the other male, she looked around to see if she could spot him, and yet nothing. She chewed on the inside of her cheek, as the doors opened for Raven House.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#cc6699 "Tell me where, and I'll meet you in about a half hour. Need to make the rounds so to speak"] she said as she plastered on a fake smile, as they were allowed to enter the huge house. Tonight was gong to be interesting, she can feel it.]]

a small smile played on his lips as he heard Eliana's answer. [#be196a "I will find you love. I mean the stunning daughter of Raziel is hard to miss, even with the growing crowd."] the smile still on his face he watched as the door opened. A single member of house Raven standing at the doorway as the grand entry seemed to fill up with guests from the other "lesser" houses as House Raven constantly put it. [b "Ah welcome guests, Tonight is the night of the Raven Ball, it is when we honor the blood between our covens. Even with our coven being across different countries we are all still one in name."] Raising his hand, a female figure seemed to join him on the steps. [b "We welcome House Dragon into the fold of the coven. Lead by the Lady Sara."] the women took a overly elegant bow as her name was pronounced, perhaps a newborn vampire most likely not wanting to follow the rules of her maker, so thinking she could get away from them she made her own coven and joined house Raven.

Alexander scanned the crowd to notice several vampires bored at this introduction, but some more hyper focused on the lady on the stairs. Perhaps these were former members of the group she was in? Was she stupid enough to join house Raven from one of its own separate houses? Now curious as to what was going to happen Alexander's eyes once again drew to the lady on the stairs. Her body curved nicely enough, but the emerald that sat upon her breast was to much out of place. Her pale skin complimented by the snowflake white sundress she wore with the same shade elbow length gloves. Watching as the male figure stepped towards her she tried slinking back into the crowed only to frown as she was forced to stay upon the stairs. [b "I am told she is a former member of house Dusk, however we will welcome House Dragon into our folds. We need new blood in the house even more so with the hunters, and those dogs pressing us harder every year."] the male's eyes scanned across the crowd some showed disappointment others hope. [b "the house Dragon shall take to Germany which will be our farthest reach to date."]

Alexander had waited and waited, but no Suprise happened to the women. Normally her head would have been torn off, or her arm would have been burnt to a crisp to the point of not being able to heal.  As the male on the stairs waved his hand the doors on either side of the gathered group opened up. All of House Raven would be open for the night to everyone, of course with few accepts such as the head office, or the armory, etc.

Alexander had followed one crowd into the ballroom. Taking to the music he watched as groups danced together like the old days. Taking it upon himself he went looking. Finding Eliana once again a smile placed upon his face again he held out his hand. [#be196a "If the lady would be pleased, I come to offer a partner for a dance?"] giving a sly wink it was his way of letting her know what he truly meant to do while they danced.
StolenRelics-вlood   62d ago

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 A small smirk passed the woman's face as she made her way into the crowd. She paused when the doors opened and a man started to speak. [b "Ah welcome guests, Tonight is the night of the Raven Ball, it is when we honor the blood between our covens. Even with our coven being across different countries we are all still one in name."] Eliana stood there with her arms crossed, watching the woman's ever move. She seemed slightly nervous, but kept a level head about herself. That did impress the woman slightly, but wondered how long it would last.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 "We welcome House Dragon into the fold of the coven."] the male spoke. Eliana's eyes wandered up and down the woman's body. Her name was Sara, and she was pretty much disowned by her own, and ended up creating her own coven. She wasn't that impressed anymore, but what other choice did she have? She would have to accept Sara and the House of Dragon. She wasn't too happy about it, but she would deal with it in her own way. She entered the large house, and went into the main meeting hall.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 The chatter around her was enough to set her on edge slightly. She couldn't help but wonder who they were whispering about. The music started playing, and she walked over to a table and sat down. She crossed her long legs, and watched everyone start to pair off. That's when she felt someone at her elbow, and a man whispered in her ear. [#1684BA "You don't look too happy about being here"] came the sound of Jedediah's voice. Eliana rolled her eyes, and looked over her shoulder towards him. [#cc6699 "I'm not, but I don't have a choice"] she snapped.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#1684BA "We all have a choice my darling. I see Alex has his sights on you. I'll speak to you tomorrow"] he said, and then slipped back into the shadows. A small shudder ran down her spine, as she was all of a sudden alone again. She hated that about the man. He was always sneaking up on her, and then vanishing in the blink of an eye. Sure enough a second later Alex was in front of her, offering her his hand. A small smirk passed over her lips, as she slipped her hand in his.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#cc6699 "Of course you can my dear"] she said as she stood, and followed the male onto the floor. She could still feel Jedediah watching her, and wondered why he was even here in the first place. Only one person from each house needed to attend, unless he had something up his sleeve. She shook the thought out of her head, as the music changed into something more slow, and sensual. She turned her attention back to the male before her, and slipped her arms around his neck, lacing her fingers together at the base.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#cc6699 "So what's this little plan of yours. Or whatever you need to speak of?"] she asked, as her body fell into time with his. The whisperings around her, the eyes on her was enough to drive anyone mad, but not her. She loved the attention, and she was curious as to what the other needed to speak to her about.]]

The blonde only had a smile on his face as the pair twirled around the dance floor. He knew all eyes were on the pair of them, mostly on Eliana. One like her was rare even among the kind of vampires that they were. [#be196a "Not just yet love. To many ears are listening in right now to be of comfort."] a hush sound played out as the music stopped for just a moment. a finger came up to the blonde's lips. [#be196a "I am surprised the little pet Jedediah didn't put in his two cents already about us dancing. I feel his eyes are constantly on you, or more exactly myself to make sure I behave while your around."] 

a small space of air came between the two as the music stopped a second time. This time however someone stepped up behind Eliana, another male vampire that seemed to want a dance, only Alexander stepped up to the lady once again bringing the pair only centimeters apart. [#be196a "I will see the collar off of you, and our kind. The old ways are dying, and the elders know it. They are trying to snap rules into place to keep us young ones in place. I know you have felt it. Raziel, Kain, Abel, Abraham, Lilly, Even Vladamir fear us younger breed."]

The blonde male dipped Eliana and brought her back up to him with a fluid motion like that of a cat hunting its prey. [#be196a "While I know alone us young cannot stand against the older vampires, together we are stronger. It is time for the Coven to see a new leadership in place."] stepped away as the music slowed to a stop Alexander winked to her. [#be196a "Perhaps the Lady of Ice will join the Court of Ashes."] he was of course referring to Eliana and the group of young vampires he led. [#be196a "There is always room for one more seat at the table. After all three is the best number for our kind anyways."] refering that he had at least one other person in mind as a leader. [#be196a "I am sure your brother would be more than willing to follow you into hell if you asked him to."]  Taking a bow Alexander left the dance floor. [#be196a "Midnight the Queen roses bloom in the Eastern gardens I'll be there waiting."]
StolenRelics-вlood   20d ago

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Eliana's eyes locked on the male's before her, a small smirk passing over her lips. [#cc6699 "Oh trust me, Jedediah doesn't need to speak of anything, he knows where your eyes lie"] she said with another small smirk. As the music flowed to a stop, she felt someone step up behind her, and she looked over her shoulder towards the male vampire. He took a bow towards her. [b "May I cut in?"] he asked. The female was about to say something when Alex swept her away. Was that some sort of jealously? She knew it wasn't, but deep down wished it was.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 As the male spoke, her body followed along with his. The chatter around them just becoming back ground noise. She raised a 'brow slightly as he mentioned that the elders were starting to fear the younger creatures like themselves. Would it be wise to ban together like he was speaking of? Would Ice and Ash really be able to work together? She then realized he had spoken of one more leader. She knew that her so called brother would follow her anywhere, and Alexander knew that too. It was kind of sad to be honest.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 The music flowed to a stop once more, and she was dipped and then brought back up. Midnight. She would be there. She was curious. [#cc6699 "I'll meet you there"] she said as she watched the male walk off. What was he planning? She was curious, and knew there were too many ears to overhear something they shouldn't. She bit her lower lip lightly as she turned and walked off the dance floor. The other vampire that tired to step in cornered her. [b "Don't trust him. Whatever you do, do not trust him"] he whispered into her ear.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 A shiver ran down her spine at his words. She tilted her head to look at him. [#cc6699 "And whom are you to tell me who I can, and can not trust?"] she hissed. [b "Things might be changing, but you can never really trust someone. Just make sure you watch your back Princess"] the male said, as he slipped off into the crowd of people. Who in the hell was that? He didn't speak his name, and she hadn't seen him before. Was he a new coven member? Or was he an outsider?]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Why was he warning her about Alex? She knew Alex like the back of her hand. She made a mental note to speak to the other about it, when they met up. She shook the feelings aside, as she let herself get lost in the party for the time being, counting down the hours until she'd finally be able to hear what Alex had in mind. She was curious, and yet she didn't know what to do about the strangers warning either.]]

It wasn't hard for the young male to find the flower of which is spoke of, often referred to as the Queen's Rose, because it's the largest Rose within the world. More commonly known as the Tea Rose. While normally pinkish in shade or even found in red the Main house had somehow managed to find themselves a snowflake white Tea Rose plant. 

Pacing around a little bit the male had known he was early, but that was the whole point of telling someone to join you somewhere is to be there first. It was silent save for the silent crickets chirping off in the distance or the birds humming in the gardens around the home of the vampires. Many animals avoided the place, but it was the brave ones that came face to face with the beings that held the house as their own. 

It grew quiet, a bit too quiet for Alexander. He turned to face the house and saw in the light coming off from the house a person standing there in the doorway. Another figure heading towards him. Turning completely to face the pair he knew better then to expect Eliana to come this early, so perhaps his own coven members that had joined the party? Perhaps others coming to talk to him? 

a few more moments and one of the figures was gone from sight. Putting himself on alert Alexander let his sense's spread out over the garden itself. While his sight would not help him his hearing and fast reflexes would. 

Coming in at his left he saw the flash of silver before the hand holding the knife. It wasn't until he smelled it that he knew what it was attacking him. Of course, the smell of a Dog would be covered up by all the perfume that the females had on and the musk most males had about themselves. They wanted to show off their power and the more power they had the more musk a male would give off, or the more perfume a female had to use to cover up that smell. It wasn't a bad smell to Alexander he preferred the earthy, forest musk over the smells most humans found elegant to the male they smelled more like chemicals then what they were suppose to.

Taking the dagger from the attacker he spun the thing around to see it wasn't a vampire at all who had attacked him. burying the knife into the thing's chest all the way up to the hilt and breaking it off he caught it mid shift. Half expecting the creature to turn back human it had just stayed halfway turned. Looking to the other still in the doorway the red eyes of a vampire paused a moment to watch only to return inside.

Waiting a moment Alexander instead decided this was a bit more important to discuss with everyone over waiting. As the male dragged the corpse back to the ball he saw Eliana. Waving her over blood covering the white shirt he wore and a little splash on his face he grinned. [#be196a "I will make this quick as it seems we have uninvited guests."] Kicking the dead body still half transformed into a wolf he turned to face Eliana again.

[#be196a "I want to take over the covens. Not just the ones we belong to, or the ones that we are associated with. I want all the vampires to be under one coven again. We used to be feared, now we fight among ourselves over what scraps we do get. And even worse we fight each other to stay alive."] Kicking the corpse again. [#be196a "While we slowly fade away to killing each other werewolves are gaining strength and waiting for us to be weak enough they can wipe us out in a single motion."]

taking a moment and a breath Alexander looked around allowing his hearing and smell to again go out into the garden. [#be196a "While I do agree with some of the rules we have in place now, not all of them are necessary. Why we have to keep to all the old traditions? Always killing a person is not the way we grow or even show ourselves we can grow beyond beings of kill or be killed. While yes Keeping our people hidden is a good thing especially away from Mortal eyes, but I am sure if we worked beyond our monetary predatorial instincts we could become the one thing vampires from the start until today have always wanted. To be able to walk in the daylight. To not fear the burning of the sun."] 

Dropping down to the body he grabbed a cloth out of the pocket of the corpse and wiped off his face. [#be196a "For now that is what I have, but I need to get this body into the party. As unpleasant as that is going to be."]

Hauling up the body onto his back he walked past the doorway into the party. A few eyes went to Alexander as he kept walking into the largest of the ball rooms a Crowd gathered around. [#be196a "Ladies and Gents. I am sorry to interrupt your evening however we have uninvited guests."] Throwing the body down in the center of the room he pointed to it. [b "It seems there are some Dogs among the men and women here. And most of all they attacked me while I was on the grounds."] Looking out among the group he spotted the same red eyes as before.

[#be196a "To make matters worse we have Vampires working with the dogs. I remember seeing a vampire watching what was going on in the garden and yet did nothing."] Stalking out to the group Alexander drew out a blade and stuck it up his sleeve. Grabbing the red eyed vampire. She was a blonde female vampire who looked surprised. Right before Alexander went to stab her however his arm was grabbed by none other than the male from earlier. [b "We do not harm Coven members."] 

While he did not outright speak it the threat lingered in the air. Alexander withdrew his arm from the man's grip. [#be196a "And we do not threaten one of our own either."] Once again red eyes appeared in front of him. a few more members of the leading House had joined around the group. [#be196a "Not only did I get attacked by a werewolf and left by a fellow vampire, but now I am threatened by the leading coven?"]

[#3f19be "Alexander, that is enough."] From the outer crowd came the booming voice of his father and maker. The group parted for the male and Alexander's twin, with them Eliana and Jedediah. Looking to the other group the oldest of them only nodded. [#3f19be "You out of anyone Riley should also know to threaten a coven member is threatening the coven itself. If Alexander knows who the vampire that helped the dog was then that being is no longer a coven member, less of which means that vampire is here unwelcomed and punishable by death. Sunlight is still how we kill our kind."] Stepping up to the head house leader The male looked down the few inches. [#3f19be "Now tell me Riley, Why did you stop Alexander?"] 

a few flashing moments later the female's head was in Alexander's hands infront of the group. [#be196a "I may not remember a person's face, or a person's name very well, but their scent I remember well. If you smell her she will smell like rotten eggs and sea salt. Along with the horrible smell of Wet dog. She let the animals in by the sewer way. The drain being in the kitchen. I'm guessing the eggs were just a bonus to her."]
StolenRelics-вlood   16d ago

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Light grey eyes scanned the room, watching everyone with a cautions glance. Her fingers itched, and her mouth was watering. Thinking about getting a hunt in, was enough to get her through the night. She wasn't going to wait around much longer, as she wanted to know what was going on in Alex's mind. She broke away from the small group that she had attached herself too, and made her way to the doors. As she did, Alex was in front of her, and threw a body onto the ground. Her eyes moved to the bloody creature.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#cc6699 "What the-"] she broke off as the male started speaking. He wanted to make sure everyone was under one coven again. The elders did fear them, and she wasn't about to back down from a fight either. She was about to speak to Alex, when he picked up the body once more, and carried the body into the grand room. Jedediah came out from the shadows, his arms crossed over his chest, his eyes locking on Eliana's. They didn't need to speak a word, as he offered the woman his arm, and they walked into the room together.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Eliana paused when she saw what was happening in front of her. Alex was bound to get what he wanted, and then she heard the other's father's voice. She looked towards him, and he nodded to her. [b "You look beautiful as always Princess"] he said with a bow. [#cc6699 "Thank you, as you look amazing as well"] she said as she lowered her head, before he turned his attention back to his son. Jedediah placed his hand on hers, and she felt herself being drawn to his side a bit more. Was there really [i dogs] around?]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Her eyes scanned the room around her, and the faces of the other's. She hadn't really paid much attention before, but now she was curious. Would she be able to pick them out. She pushed those thoughts aside, as she looked towards the other's. She fell silent as she watched Alex work his magic. Seeing the blonde vampire's head in his hands, made her mouth water once more. Who else was betraying them? Would they all be under investigation now? She looked up when Alex spoke once more, about where they so called [i dogs] had come from.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [b "It's time to hunt"] one of the elder's spoke out. She felt her brother drop her arm, and went to join some of the other's to go and find the other wolves. The woman wanted to join, but knew she couldn't, at least not yet. She walked up to where Alex was, and she touched his arm lightly. [#cc6699 "You do know, you have myself, and Jedediah's loyalty as well. I've been thinking the same thing, it needs to be over. Everyone needs to ban together as one, instead of fighting against one another"]]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#cc6699 "Everyone needs to work together to make this work. How do you plan on doing so? I have a feeling not everyone's going to go along with it, but if there was something set in stone about it, I'm pretty sure other's would follow"] she said softly. Her eyes then scanned the room once more, if their own kind turned their back on them, who else was doing it? Who was there left to trust? She wanted nothing more to make this work, and she wanted everyone to stop working against one another. She would do everything she could, to help make that happen.]]

Alexander had watched as some of the head house moved to come after him, but many of the elders from the branches stepped also to defend him. It was the elders from the head house that had called attention to themselves. Moving to the center of the group they had spoken to remove the dead mutt's body and not to have the floor soiled anymore. Jumping to it a few members watched and waited for more action between vampires. It was however the elders who still called attention to them as they pointed out several members from the houses and had them going 'hunting' for the other dogs if there even any in the area anymore.

Alexander had waited a little longer before letting his guard down. As he went to leave his arm was grabbed by Eliana her words had gave him comfort knowing she was on his side if an all-out war did break down between houses in the coven. It's not like his coven did not just openly declare war on the main house more Alexander gave them a warning of that if he found out they were going to help dogs murder them he would kill them all. It was the slightest of warnings but it was there none the less.

Looking to Eliana he turned his attention out towards the group of their own kind still around. His own group having Ice blue eyes where the main family had their blood red. Each house was represented by their own eye color. It was all based upon their diets mostly, but the region also where they come from. 

[#be196a "We need to first need to get our own houses in order. The whole plan will fall out if we do not have our home base under lock. It should be easy enough for my brother and I to take over house Dawn, however you also have to take over house Midnight. From there we merge our two houses together, Perhaps House Eclipse will do much better then two separate houses. From there we then force House Raven to recognize us as the head house of the coven now and no longer a subordinate of theirs. That or we separate from them. Once that is done we go to the Royal ball."]

Taking a moment to look over the guests no one seemed to be listening in more intent on making sure they didn't get attacked by dogs with their guards down. [#be196a "The royal ball is all the coven leaders and elders in the world get together to try and appoint a Council of Elders, the ruling body of our kind. We either get them to consider our proposal of uniting all vampires under a single Coven again or we force them to understand that we are not a normal breed of vampire. The ball is on the next full moon. That is a month time."]

Smiling Alexander looked to Eliana. [#be196a "This also means that the Silent sisters, The brotherhood of Ashes, and The Blood roses will have to be forced back into our fold as well. The elders of those covens are not so easily convinced to join anything unless it benefits them more over the other party."]  Pausing a moment Alexander had a playful smile on his face. [#be196a "This is where the most secret thing comes into play. The last thing I told you in the garden. It will be our Ace. Anyone who joins us will have the same option, those who do not, will not be given it."] Tapping the side of his head next to his eyes. He was of course referring to the fact he was working on having their kind becoming daywalkers.


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