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[center [h3 Tracking A Lost King]]

[center [b Outside the kingdom north of the gates. Nyra a Ranger that was an expert on tracking was looking for the king.. Her own flesh and blood. Where had he gone? What had drove him to such a thing? The kingdom was distraught lacking it's leader.]]

[center [b Nyra could see a clearing in the forest, with broken branches and other possible clues for her to find.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]
If you click on you're character sheet you can click on a skill ^^


When you roll a dice on one of those I'll be able to see it as well. 

I wasn't 100 percent sure how you wanted to start her journey/tracking but here we go ^^
LukiNyra   80d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center [b[+orange Searching]] 

The days had turn into weeks, weeks into months since her brother Jasper had vanished from the kingdom. The kingdom had fallen into a state of despair. With out a ruler it made the kingdom seem venerable. It put Nyra in a tight spot. 

Being an unwed woman meant she couldn't rule. So she was given exactly two month to fine her brother or force to be married into a loveless marriage. 

Nyra set off after taken one more walk through her brother bedroom. The room seemed so dual and lifeless without her brother inside.  She sighed softly as she  closed her gold colored eyes. The gold eyes was family trait that seem to run through her family. 

It was rare to meet anyone outside the royal blood line with gold eyes. Their eyes were a very intense gold that even contact couldn't hide. 

Nyra was nervous about traveling alone so the kingdom allowed her to take her pet (familiar) with her. Momohiki was the lions name. It was honestly such a girly name for a scared beast. Nyra didn't care she had that lion since he was just a cub. 
The two set off leaving the kingdom grounds. 

(I guess roll survival ?)

[center [h3 Setting Off]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Nyra had begun to track her brother starting yet again from scratch, heading out of the kingdom grounds making her way into the forest. "Lion's Maw" was the name of said forest known for wild beast and at times even poachers though the royal guards had done much to clear out such trifles.]]

[center [b Traveling through brush and grass, clue's that could be long washed away. Scents.. Footprints and other signs of life. She was a skilled ranger and close to her brother but this was a merely impossible task they had told her. Though Nyra wouldn't back down from a challenge it seemed. Traveling through the brush she can see a clearing up ahead. There was.. Three men talking to a woman at a clearing. They had her surrounded. Their lips curling to a crude grin. They had shortswords at their side wearing leather armor with bucklers on their arms. Three slender tall humans who seemed muddied and full of dirt, not uncommon traveling in the woods.]]

[center [b The woman however looked rather maintained, she had wore leather armor but underneath was rather fine silk clothing almost like that of a noble. She had snow white hair and rosy pink lips with a pale complexion. She had a lean and slender form, lacking the muscles that Nyra had possessed she seemed however rather lithe her stance and the way she stepped had shown a gentle elegance. It was hard to hear what they were saying from here.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[ Nyra page for rolls]

I added my character in the campaign ^^

Survival works great to track him! Want me to roll it or you? You can see it on the page when I roll it (So ya know I don't fudge the rolls lol)

So Nyra has grassland as her "Favored" terrain. So for her survival roll you can roll twice and take the higher roll. This is known as "Advantage" ^^

You're survival roll will determine  how many clues found so far ^^

She can roll perception to read lips from here.

Or roll stealth to get closer.

Or if she rolls both they don't have to be as high for each roll. (Cause she's doing two things to hear more effectively)

Course you can use a spell/attack or just run in and talk with persuasion/intimidation. 

Whatever you can think of ^^
LukiNyra   74d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center [b[+orange "Ignorance is your new best friend"]]

Nyra has seen the group of people surrounding the slender elegant woman. Momohiki let out a small grunt. Nyra ran her fingers through his soft mane. The cat was ready to attack. She smiled softly as she whispered into a cats ear.  

The lion understood what she was saying a crept off towards the group from behind. Nyra walked straight towards the group. [+Orange "How rude ganging up on a woman... how sick are you"] she said dryly  

Nyra could see the unpleasant look on the woman face. She knew she couldn't just leave her the woman. Everything seem to be going according to plan. Nyra cat like eyes catch a small glance of Momohiki. She was glad he made to where she need him to be unnoticed. She waited for the group of men to say something or make a move before giving Momohiki the signal.

[center [h3 Laying in Wait]]

[center [b Nyra's beast had taken to the shadows. Managing to hide itself from the perception of these three thugs. The woman had turned tilting her head. She seemed somewhat surprised someone had came to her aid in this moment. The three men had cackled at the woman's threats.]]

[center [+red Another pretty one boys! Now you'll have to pay the crossing toll just like her!]]

[center I don't know boss.. She looks armed.. And serious?]

[center [+blue Yeah boss.. She looks kinda built too. Maybe we just let her pass and just rob the white haired one?]]

[center [+red Rob? Who said anything about robbing? I just need you lovely ladies to pay a crossing toll. Simple right?]]

[center [b The woman with snow white hair had scoffed at the man's notion. Taking to Nyra's side she had drawn her rapier looking to the bandits before looking back at Nyra. "Why would she help me..?" Anastasia had thought, her eyes glistening at the robust and strong looking woman. Though she wouldn't ponder on that long before looking forward.]]

[center [+blue Boss.. Maybe we should bring back up..."]]

[center [h3 OOC]]
[center So for beast Master you can use a creature's stat block that is 1/4 or lower. 
It gets stronger with Ranger level.

I won't explain too much but it is kinda has customization but I'll wait till you're more comfortable with the system before throwing out how it can be changed etc.

You're beast has +6 in stealth I rolled stealth on you're sheet of +5. You got 16 (It'll show up for you too) that means you're beast woulda got 17. So it is successfully hidden against their passive perception! ^^ I rolled intimidation for her and she got 15! Against their wisdom save (Bravery basically.) She scared them a bit. Least two of them.]
LukiNyra   73d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center [b [+Orange Defiance ]] 
Nyra golden eye narrowed as the leader of the group didn't want to back down. [+Orange "You do know there is no toll in Lion's Maw... If the king finds you doing this he would have your heads..."] she said with snarl. 

Nyra crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. [+Orange "You really should of listened to your buddies, let us pass now"] she  said with a growl. Her golden colored eyes seem to almost glow like shimmering coins. 

Her tail flickered behind her in agitation. It was clear that the men weren't going to let he pass with out a fight. Nyra wasn't going back down either. Nyra could only smile. Right as the men were going to say something Momohiki had appear behind them letting out his mightiest roar. 

Momo's roar was so loud that birds in the near by tree flew away in fear. She hope this would send the men running. The large cat bared his sharp ivory teeth at the three men.

[center [h3 Frustration]]

[center [b The leader had looked at Nyra with frustration before sighing at his comrades cowardice.]]

[center [+red F-Fine.. But once the boss here's about you.. You'll pay.. For sticking you're nose where it doesn't belong!]]

[center [b Before he could leave the lion had came in with a roar! His two comrades had went off running but before he could turn heel Anastaisa raised her hand for a moment.]]

[center [+grey Before he goes, I would like his buckler. It's a perfect fit for me and I believe.. It is only fair as he was going to "Frisk" me for anything useful.]]

[center [+red Y-You bitch.. L-Look I may have been wrong about the toll b-but you're not going to let her take my buckler are you!? T-That's robbing me! How would you're precious king feel about that!]]

[center [b He said pointing at Nyra hoping she would stick up for his point of view. Anastasia still had a pleasant smile strewn across her rosy soft lips. She had looked over to Nyra with large doe like eyes awaiting for her own judgement on the matter. The man's legs had appeared to be shaking, alone with two armed women and a lion in the woods. How the tables had quickly turned on this man.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center I'm sure ya know but a buckler is just a small shield ^^. Anastasia is terrible for wanting one but it'd help her protect herself >>
+2 AC!

Course I understand if that goes against Nyra's morals lol
LukiNyra   67d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center [b [+Orange Decisions]]]
 Nyra stood there thinking silently. She honestly could careless. It was against her king for her to turn a blind eye to someone in need. Nyra shook her head. [+Orange Leave me out of your minor conflict..."] she said sighing softly. 

She no longer was needed here. She need to get back hunting her brother. [+Orange "Come Momo, we need to keep going."] she said as she began to walk away from the couple. She was sure the woman could handle a one on one fight. Three against one wasn't fair one on was. She felt bad leaving but she need to get going.

[center [h3 Elegance or Brutality?]]

[center [b Nyra had begun to scour off onto her mission. Anastasia had drawn her blade more than glad to finish what had been started. (her intimidation was 13 you can see in the game log ^~^) the man had looked at Nyra shocked she'd allow such a crime. He had taken a deep breath ripping the metal buckler off his arm and throwing it at Anastasia with a grunt.]]

[center Fuck you.. Fuck both of you.. I'll get you for this!]

[center [b Anastasia had payed his threats or insults much as she grabbed the shield placing it on her arm. She would feel more confident traveling with this and it fit perfectly. Nyra was quick to tarry off however, the woman had quickened her stride to keep pace. Leaning over to look up at Nyra she had offered a small curtsy.]]

[center [+grey Thank you for you're aid, I am an Anastasia Whitesong and I like to repay my debts. I'm not sure what brings you out here but.. I'd like to offer you my aid.]]

[center [b Her voice was soft but direct and to the point, she offered another smile flashing her bright pearls as she curled her rosy lips into a soft smile. She had found her snow white hair falling in from of her face, taking her slender fingers she had brushed her hair behind her ear to look back up at Nyra again with large doe like eyes.]]

[center [OOC]]

Nyra gains 75 EXP for handling that situation!
Also you can roll survival (Or do you want me to for her) to see how she continues the pace/what she finds and such ^~^
LukiNyra   59d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center [b Hunger and tiredness] 
Nyra was getting tired already, they had only just set out but the sun was already starting to setting. Soon the days would be getting shorter. They need to find some form of shelter before the sun set completely. It was going to at least take another day in half to get to the next down over. Lion Maw was rather large forest.

Nyra was slightly startle when Anna caught up to her. She wasn't excepting anything from her. She smiled softly when she thanked her.  [+Orange "You are welcome."] she as she stop for a moment. 

[+Orange "I am sorry I cannot stay and chat but I must keep going..."] she said with a soft sigh. The woman standing before he was very beautiful. It was hard to believe that she was even in a place like this in the first place. 

[+Orange "I suggest you get a move on too... The sun will be setting soon and it isn't safe out in the open after the sun set.... The king might rule this land but even he can't control what happens at night."] she said with a soft sigh. She wasn't sure if she could trust Anna yet she wasn't even sure if anyone really knew about the kings disappearance. The kingdom did its best to hid and cover up the fact that he is actually missing.
(You can roll for me.)

[center [h3 Chance Encounters]]

[center [b Anastasia had pursed her lips into a smile as she nodded toward Nyra. She understood it would be dark soon and one couldn't waste time idly by but her smile had shown gratitude for Nyra's acts. Anastasia had done her best to be subtle about glancing but Nyra had appeared rather beautiful almost handsome in a way? It wasn't that she lacked feminine qualities but she had a rather strong aura behind her beauty.]]

[center [b Nyra had managed to make good time following clue's and not staying lost in the forest. Night was soon approaching but up ahead was a strange moss covered tavern, with many strange creatures entering the tavern. Gnomes and fairies and eladrin elves alike. The tracks had lead here and with her beast sense of smell and Nyra's own survival instincts she can wager that the king had stopped her and spent some time here as well. Anastasia had followed Nyra despite her warnings she had meant it when she said she repaid her debts.]]

[center [+grey I will get a move on, but I will not leave you're side till I have repaid my debt. Though I have given you my name I am quite curious to what you're name may be.]] 

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [i Anastasia rolled deception to hide the fact she had glanced over Nyra. (As would most people in real life xD) ]]

[center Anastasia has a +7 in deception but I rolled a 3 in our game log so it's a 10. Making a 10. Nyra's passive insight is 12 so Nyra would sadly notice >~> (Awkward lmao) 

Nyra has a +2 in survival rolled a 18 for her in the gamelog she got a 20!
LukiNyra   54d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center [h3 [+Orange Shelter ]] 
Nyra had noticed Anna following her. She didn't seem too  mind but maybe she should tell her she could repay her debt another time. No really knew the king was missing except those who took refuge in the castle. Everyone was order to keep silent about the kings disappearance. 

It didn't stop roomers from spreading around the town. Some of the citizens were starting to wonder if the king still care about them. In order to stop the roomers, and lack of faith in the king.  Nyra had to make a speech. She hated lying but it was for the better good of the kingdom. She told everyone her brother had grown ill. It was going to take a long time for him to recover. 

Of corse when any who asked her where she was going she simply told them she was going to get some medicine for her bother. Luckily everyone seem to believe her. [+Orange "Look it is very kind of you to be so honorable want to repay you debt but right now isn't a good time."] she said with a soft sigh. [+Orange "I am going to be very busy on the road for a long time so please understand I appreciate you but you cannot come with me on this quest... You have your own life you must attend too."] she said sweetly and elegantly as she walked closer to the tavern.


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