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"I can't love a mortal."

By _Apocalyptic_
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On a breasy night in L.A at a new bar a party seemed to be happening. A group of your friends wanted to take you there for your birthday and against your better judgment you go. As you and your friends start to go to get a drink that's when you see him., The bars owner. His black Hair was neatly put back out of his face. The Bar owner seemed to walk towards your group the stop and look over.

" I do hope you all are have a splendid time here. " He would say in a English (British) accent. His oddly darkly colored eyes quickly look for person to person as if he was trying to figure out something. Soon his eyes paused, " your the one they must of been talking about. Happy birthday." His eyes seemed to glow oddly, " ibdo hope you all will come back soon."He would smile and walk back to the bar. As he leaves you realize that everyone seemed so hypnotize by him yet you somehow wasn't. The more you hear people talk the more you want to find out about this mystery man. To find out how this no one came here.
This is a romance but this will start off with neither of them liking each other then my character will soon get felling for your character. Yet he won't tell them but keep it to himself but later on finally tell them. I'll pm you details so we can make it a bit more if you want.

Also my character is Lucifers sun. So he has powers but they don't seem to work on your character. He is also 26 so please have your character be between 23-28.
Another character I have is Lucifers daughter. She is 21 years old so keep that in mind when having a character love interest. You don't have to have a love interest for her but I do want you to play two character and so will I.

I would like it to be male x male for Acheron as for Claudia I don't mind.

I do not want any one liners so I'll have a minimum if needed.

Please full this out
Character Name
Looks ( you can have a photo if you don't want to describe them.

This won't just be a romance keep this in mind.
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The man seemed to easily get though the big groups of people that was at the bar. Sone of the groups would look up offended other would just keep talking among themselves. Everyone around seemed to be having a blast. The music would sometimes rumble and shale the ground so people would sometimes have to scream just to talk. As the man moved he would talk to some of the people and smile his eyes seemed to shine as he did so. 

Soon the young man got to the bar and quickly going behind it. A young woman and man would be serving drinks behind the bar. The man would tap the young ladys should and ponit to a room. He would say something that you could hear but she would nod as she walked off. The dark hair man would poor the Drinks and would smile as he talked to some of the people around him.  

The other man would soon walk around getting empty cups. The bar owner would start to turn down the music leaving a ringing in everyone's ears. The others seemed to slowly but surely leave the building. When Acheron would start to turn down the music was him telling everyone time to get up and leave witch mist would do, but sometimes he had to force them out or help them. 

The outside would of been pitch black if it wasn't for the city lights. The tights seemed to make the outside more calm in a odd way. Over the city it was almost like stars seeing how you could hardly ever see stars in the sky for all the light. A dark skinned woman would take her stuff and look out the window before walking out to her car. Soon the young red haired man walked out leaving Acheron alone or at lest he thought. Before he called it a night he would walk around looking to make sure everyone had left.

As he walked he would dust off his black vest he wore over a white button up. His dark eyes would scare the room slowly left to right then back to the left. His hand would stop only when he felt as though it was fairly clean. Acheron would make a low humming sound as he walked. [I Click. Click. Click] His shoes would hit the ground as If he tried to put someone to sleep, but he would stop out of no where.

" Oh, Dear." He would pause. His British accent seemed to be thicker than most, " you do realize it's time for you to leave right?" He would ask then slowly walk closer.

Claudia, Acheron younger sister, was walking to the Bar. She knew that it should be time for him to close that distasteful bar. Of course he was older so she had to act as if all of thus was a good idea. In her mind this was all just so stupid. Her hair feel infront of her eyes as she quickly walked to his Bar. She held some food for both of them to eat while she tries once again to convince her brother to come home. She new that she couldn't convince him to come back no matter what but she still felt as though she shold try. She looked to the sky which had no stars or well blocked by the light. Cars would go left and right. The city was still so busy. People wold block her way and she would shove them out of her way.

She would hold her stuff tightly not trusting anyone around her in the unfamiliar place. A gust of wind would blow her long hair back behind her. Her hazel ey÷ would glare at anyone who would come to close to her. She would look around realizing that she was lost. This wasn't where she needed to be. She would not slightly panic, her phone would read that it almost one in the morning.

She would get a message from him saying that he might be a little late on closing. She would hurry hoping that at someponit she would recognize something, anything. In her rush she fell over her own feet somehow saving the food. She would look up and see someone over her she jumped up and glared not knowing who this person was.


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