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War is Hell with MourningGlory

By Kuro_Rosey

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A spin off of kenbloodmoon's, now deleted, Heaven vs Hell war thread where the 3rd princess of Hell finds a pregnant angel in the castle dungeon.

Juniper played by Kuro_Rosey

Rosaline played by MourningGlory
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Kuro_RoseyJuniper   86d ago

The night was quiet as Juniper hummed softly preparing dinner for her lovely husband-to-be and lightly stroking her stomach, [#de90ff “Mommy can’t wait to tell daddy about you my sweet oh he’s going to be so happy, mommy promises to give you the best life I can and hopefully we can help end this dreadful war by showing just how much stronger love is.”] the angel spoke her words in a sing song kind of way her wings flapping ever so gently, but just as she was putting the soup down on the table she heard a commotion outside and suddenly several men burst into the room and threw her lover to the floor and Juniper screamed when she saw how beaten and bloody he was.

[b [#FF0000 “The boys were right bastard has a pretty little angel cooped up in his home hey there honey what’s your name?”]] one of the men sneered looking at Juniper with hungry eyes, but Juniper ignored the man kneeling down over her mate.

[#de90ff “Killian what have they done to you, are you okay?”] Juni asked and the beaten man looked up at her with what remained of his one good eye his breathing haggard as he spoke his final words.

[#000e93 “Run baby RUN!”] he croaked before turning and stabbing the spear he was holding into the closest man and Juni screamed again but got up and quickly made for the back door, but it was to late as there were men there too and one of them laughed as they brought their sword down upon Juni, but suddenly everything seemed to be moving in slow motion as a powerful burst of light seemed to burst out of the angel and engulf the house, and a good portion of the small village they had chosen to reside in and one last scream could be heard from the angel as everything fell dark.

Juni woke with a start and it set her into a dry coughing fit as it had been days since she had, had anything to eat or drink, the chains she hang from rattling from her convolutions. Once the coughing finally settled the angel opened her bloodshot beaten eyes to look at the room of the dungeon she had been kept in since the day her lover died and the child inside her decimated their village in order to protect Mommy, it had been about 6 months since then, give or take, and Juni was nothing more than a hanging corpse at this point as the overwhelming power of her baby was keeping her alive, but Juni had no idea what would happen after the baby was born. Juni turned her eyes towards the window of her cell and looked out at the hellfire wishing for the millionth time she had died that day with Killian because the men here were what she had always been warned about, demons they were demons, and when they came to visit her they made sure she knew that. Even if by some miracle she managed to get out of her cell she wouldn’t even be able to go back to the pearly-gates to beg for forgiveness as these vial men had taken her wings. Juni began dry sobbing at the thought of the next visit from these creatures and feared for the future of her baby if they even had one and wondering why she was ever stupid enough to believe love would save her.
MourningGloryAVD   77d ago
Lady of the Night

A black gloved hand slowly touched glass of the window that the midnight haired young woman, demoness had been staring out. Green eyes were focused on the town below the castle that had not changed in centuries. It was still as old fashioned as ever, which to one Rosaline, rather Rose was a shame. She had always thought that as time changed that they would too. Thought that it was time this enternal war be put to rest as both heaven and hell truly were two sides of the same coin. [b [i 'No Rose...those thoughts are treason...they are what got mummy and daddy to lock you up in the first place. This is the first time in YEARS that you are allowed to leave this damn tower..']] Her thoughts were scolding her as she shook her head and let the gloved hand finally fall from red tinted glass.

Slowly, Rose turned from the window as she heard the heavy door to the dugeons being opened and laughter drifting up from the tunnels below. When there was laughter such as what the demon princess was hearing that meant the guards were up to something vile and cruel. Without another thought, the door of her own room was thrown open and she rushed through a secret passage that only she was aware of to head the guards off.

[b "And just where do you think you are going?"] The princess hissed, faintly glowing green eyes locked of the guards that she had JUST beaten to the entrance to one of the cells. The cell which had the angel locked in. Her arms were crossed over her chest and she stood as tall as she could, which would have been amusing to anyone, well the guards she faced as she was only about five feet and two inches tall. But being the princess as she was, it did have the guards curse under their breaths and look down. 

"Nowhere your heighness. We were just going for a stroll..." Ray muttered as he chanced a glance at Rosaline and then looked down as the "young" woman had not budged at all.

Her eyes only flashed more so with anger at the response given. [b "Down here in the dungeons? I do not think so. Remember Rayus and Jeremiah I have my ways to find out. So if you wish to keep your heads I would leave and NOT tell mother and father I was down here."] For being "not hard on the eyes", when passionate about something Rose could have both a hell of a temper and bite. Both the men had been on the receiving end of it once or twice before and so knew not to defy her orders.

For a moment, the demon woman watched the guards go before she herself turned to the giant wooden door and opened it, slipping into the dimly torch lit cell with the barred window. [b "My God...what have they done to you..."] Her words were barely over a whisper as she laid eyes upon the angel chained high above the ground who was near skin and bones aside from having a very pregnant belly. And without thinking, Rose moved to one of the levers and began to slowly lower it and the angel from where she hung.
Kuro_RoseyJuniper   77d ago

The laughs that echoed through the dungeon caused Juni to stop breathing as fear took a hold of her very being causing her to shake involuntarily and her ears began to rang as she pulled at the chains, knowing they wouldn't let her go but every cell in her body told her she needed to run, but she couldn't and when the door scraped open and the angel felt herself being lowered to the ground she let out a scream, not that it would change anything.
Once fully on the ground Juni struggled and moved herself into the back corner not even looking at today's attacker, not that she could see them anyway since her eyes were dying due to the malnutrition and abuse. Juni curled herself up in the corner and waited shivering while her baby created a small force field around the their mommy, a field that wouldn't last long, but one that would at least protect the woman from a couple hits of whatever weapon they decided to torture her with today.
Juni sat there for several minutes waiting and panicking, but when she felt no harm come she finally glanced up and looked at the tall feminine silhouette. [#e35cff "Wh-Why are you just standing there? Pl-pl-please just h-h-hurt me and get it over with."] Juni sobbed her voice gruff and hoarse as her body still trembled.
MourningGloryAVD   56d ago
Lady of the Night

Pitiful. The poor thing was just pitiful. And it seemed to Rosaline that the angel had been used and abused since the moment she had been brought to the cold and dark depths of the dungeons. And it truly saddened the princess of hell. She knew that she was not supposed to have a heart... Not supposed to show compassion to the prisoners. But it was the prisoners and those like this angel woman whom Rose felt more a connection with. For she herself had been a prisoner to the castle almost her entire life...a prisoner with privileges but still a prisoner.

Green eyes stayed upon the shaking woman who had by now struggled to the back corner and all but curled in on herself. And the light around her, powerful but weak at the same time. Just enough to offer a few moments protection. Until that glow was gone, the demon princess stood back and continued to take in the angel and what had been done to her.

[b "Because I am not like them. I could never find joy in something so...vulgar or barbaric... Especially not towards one who is so heavy with child..."] Voice and words were soft as the "young" woman spoke and finally made her way towards the other and knelt down, brushing some of her hair back, finger tips glowing and healing a gash in her cheek. And she also let her gloved hand gently move over her eyes to heal them too before she stood again.

When she was standing fully again, the midnight haired woman took a few steps back. But she did however allow green gaze to once more fall on the prisoner who was still upon the cold stone floor. [b "I know they have...done so very much to you... But does having the use of your eyes back...does that at the very least tell you I am not lying about not being like them?"]
Kuro_RoseyJuniper   72d ago

When the silhouette spoke Juni flinched, but then almost melted under it’s gentle velvety tone but became very confused by her words. When the young woman walked over to Juni she braced herself for impact, but was shocked when the other simply healed her eyes and a cut she had on her cheek.
[#e35cff “I-is this some new kind of mental torture y-you are trying out?”] Juni asked before the other spoke again and Juni took the opportunity to actually look at the woman before her. She was beautiful that was for sure but after using a little bit of magic to read the girl’s aura Juni placed her hands over her mouth and shrunk even deeper into the corner sobbing.

[#e35cff “P-p-p-please your royal highness.. I’m sorry for not recognizing y-y-you but please I’ve been stuck in h-h-here for so long… just do w-what you came to do and then leave me alone!”] the angel sobbed now even more terrified than before as the current king of this land had been one of her most ‘frequent visitors’ and Juni was terrified that the woman before her was just the king shapeshifted as Juni hadn’t the power to look deep enough into the other’s aura to see she was a completely different person and had seen simply that they were a royal.
MourningGloryAVD   56d ago
Lady of the Night

When the angel seemed to panic all the more, it was more than worrisome to Rose. For just a moment, the "young" demoness didn't understand. Or it took her a moment to connect the dots. And when she did, Rosaline was highly angered that her father could do such a thing. Of course she knew he was a vile being and even the definition of "evil". But there was still some part of her that wanted to believe the king had a heart.

Slowly, Rose shook her head before she moved towards the angel. [b "You must mean my father... He is 'your highness'. He or my mother. That title does not belong to me...well it does but not under these circumstances."] The words which she spoke were as soft and gentle as her first had been as she had healed the other woman's eyes and cheek.

God, she hoped the words she spoke made sense. She hoped that the prisoner would hear her out and the words had not fallen upon deaf ears. [b "I am neither king nor queen of this realm... merely the 'imprisoned princess'..."] And as those words slipped from plush pink lips, Rose again knelt down and brushed the woman's hair. [b "I'm not going to hurt you...that should be in my nature...but it never has been."]
Kuro_RoseyJuniper   57d ago

{I apologize for being away I have been a bit stressed lately}

Juni continued trembling in the corner as the girl spoke and the gentleness made the angel flash back to her lost love, and she looked up at the female devil a spark of hope in her eyes was this girl like her Killain? Juni stared into the young princesses’ eyes for several moments before opening her mouth.

[#e35cff “W-what do you want from me?”] Juni whimpered her cheeks glowing slightly red as the girl brushed Juni’s hair out of her eye. [#e35cff “I have no money, I have no power… If you want my baby all I ask is that you tell them I loved them..”] Juni sobbed as she uncurled and allowed the other to fully see her and the baby in her tummy could easily be seen moving around with how skinny the angel was it truly was surprising the angel hadn’t died with how paper thin she was, hell even the simple movement to uncurl gave her several new cuts and bruises with how terrible the dungeon was.

Juni looked at the princess once more before closing her eyes and bracing herself for having the baby torn out of her hoping that it would be strong enough to live a happy life.

Upon feeling it’s mother uncurl and listening to the pain and fear in the muffled voice the fetus turned towards where they had heard the other person and pushed a fist against the uterine wall as if it wanted to punch whomever was out there all the while it’s magic flared up again creating another magic barrier around themselves that would stop anyone from tearing them out of their mommy.
MourningGloryAVD   56d ago
Lady of the Night

Arms crossed as she looked at the angel, taking in just how paper thin she was. How pale and severely battered she was. The demon princess KNEW that her father and some of his men were vile beings. But even in her knowing that, Rosaline could not imagine torturing a being so pure into such a state of submission. Torturing anyone in that sense. Of course, she had had her own trials and tribulations as she too had been a prisoner to her father's wrath. Though, she had to quickly shake those thoughts away.

[b "I do not wish to gain anything from you. To take your child either. There was merely one I did not know...and I could sense immense pain and suffering...I wanted and needed to know what was going on. As I have said, it should be my nature to be blood thirsty and to have a wish to inflict pain... But it is not. I only want to help..."] Her words were soft and held a tenderness towards the angel woman and her unborn child. Rose was hoping that the forcefield that had been pushing against her own power would dissipate and allow her closer.

Within thinking, once more her own power, the soft violet glow inched towards Juni and again was trying to heal her. The demon princess meant everything she had said. She did not see the difference between angel and demon...All she saw was a woman who needed help...and as her thoughts from earlier resurfaced, Rose was seeing that they were both two sides of the same coin. She was only hoping that the angel who had been kept for God only knew how long in the dreaded dungeon would understand.
Kuro_RoseyJuniper   56d ago

Once again the demon’s words were kind and Juni looked back at the other confused by them then flinched when the demon moved to try and heal her once again.

[#e35cff “W-Why? Why be kind? M-m-my apologize for my h-honesty but My Lady what y-you are doing is useless the g-guards are due b-back any moment and any healing you g-give will simply be undone by the king and his men…”] Juni stuttered a dry sob hitting her throat as she weakly grabbed the princess’s wrist to stop her magic, [#e35cff “And o-once they find you h-here they’ll hurt y-you so I ask you to p-please tell me truthfully what y-you want as I don’t w-want to see a k-kind heart like y-yours lost t-to the abyss.”] Juni sobbed flinching slightly as she heard the sound of the door at the end of the hall opening and footsteps starting down it along with the agonizing cries of the other prisoners, it wouldn’t be long before they got to her cell. Panicking slightly Juni pushed the Princess away and grabbed a rock from the floor and started beating her self with it until almost all the healing the Princess had done was gone then Juni placed the bloody rock in the princesses hand and flopped onto the ground just as the door to her cell opened and in walked the demon king with a couple minions, different from the earlier ones, all with a thirst in their eyes and tents in their pants.

[#FF0000 “Well now this is a surprise, greetings daughter may I inquire why you are out of your tower?”] the king sneered before fully taking in the scene before him. [#FF0000 “Well now isn’t that interesting seems your time in isolation really has started getting results…”] he said smiling a sick smile. [#FF0000 “… But my dear please inform me next time you have a hunger and I’ll prep an angel just for you. Men if you could please escort the princess back to her tower. I’ll punish her later...”] he sneered and the two guards began making their way closer to the two.
MourningGloryAVD   25d ago
Lady of the Night

[b "I do not ask for anything. I just cannot stand to see someone so pure tortured in the ways of my father and his men. Never have I agreed with their ways.."] Words were soft as she spoke them. Her magic at that moment had still been healing the angel who was trying to talk her out of it.

Only when her wrist had been taken did Rose's magic vanish into thin air and stop what it had been doing. She had been about to ask what Juni was doing. About to ask what the last words spoken had meant. But before she could get her thoughts together or even utter them, the angel had found a rock. And worse than finding the rock, she began to beat herself with it. ALL the healing that Rosaline had done gone in a few short moments. Juni was back to the same battered and bloody mess, if not even worse now than she had been and the rock forced into her hand.

Shrill screams filled the air and cold laughter could be heard. It was no wonder that Juni had panicked in the way that she had. The dwmon princess though wished that the angel would not have done what she had. She would have rathered taken her father's wrath yet again IF it meant that for a short while the little angel would have been healed.

Cold gaze went to the demon king and his men as they entered. And without even thinking, a soft and almost gutteral growl slipped from the princess. [b "You are the one who wished this of me father. Aren't you even in the least but pleased? And as to picking an angel pet... I already have. So if you do not mind, keep your bloody hands off her and those of your goons as well."] Violet tinted green eyes and her magic sparked at her father and his men as a warning. Just because she was "young" did not mean she was not powerful. What was funny, was that Rose was actually even more powerful than her father. That had been another reason the man had chosen to lock her up. He always feared the raven haired beauty that was his daughter would betray him and try to overthrow him.

Her magic continued to spark as she backed towards the angel who was still on the icy stone floor. And as she did, Rose knelt down and scooped the girl up, vanishing with her and taken her back to her tower. Upon reappearing in her room, Rose rested Juni on the bed and got a bowl of warm water and a cloth and began to gently try and clean the blood away. Or at least some of it. [b "None of what I said to my father is the truth...I have no intentions to hurt you. Either of you."] Once more words were soft and eyes were their normal sweet green.


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