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The Silver Wolf {With PrincessPeach}

By Kuro_Rosey

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Twilight AU

Samantha Black played by Kuro_Rosey

Lucinda Eclaire Maxwell played by PrincessPeach
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Kuro_RoseySamantha   88d ago

The night was still and eerie as a young woman walked alone down an abandoned alley quickly her eyes darting back and forth as she clung to the child in her arms who seemed just as alert as his terrified mother. [b [#FF0000 “Darling come back home, I promise it was for your own good…”]] a slimy voice echoed behind her causing the woman to freeze and pale before breaking into a run. A chase then ensued as the inhuman creature followed screeching. The woman ran with all her might as tears began streaming down her face she knew this was the end, but she had to at least get her baby to safety. One wrong turn unfortunately landed the young mother face to face with a hoard of the creatures who smiled from under dark hoods their fangs bloody, skin pale, eyes red and all the woman could do was scream as she knelt down to protect her child as the creatures swarmed her. The woman sat shaking waiting for pain that never came and as the ringing in her ears resided she heard fighting along with the sounds of tearing flesh. Opening her eye the tiniest bit the woman simply saw a flash of what she swore was silver fur before a brown cloth was draped over her head and she was lifted into the sky by something that smelled of home baked cookies fresh out of the oven, of home and as her anxiety resided she and the babe in her arms fell into a deep sleep.

Meanwhile back at the site of the attack, a young woman no older than 19 was tossing the last arm onto a pile of body parts before setting it aflame grumbling lightly as her arm twinged from a bite wound, when a man in a brown cloak dropped down next to her. [#AB00CB “Mission Accomplished Roy?”] the 19yo asked and Roy knelt in a bow that made the girl’s eyes roll.

[#068600 “Yes My Liege I dropped the woman and her son off at The Baker Institute they should be able to find her adequate therapy and help there.”] Roy said and the girl nodded her eyes tired as she warmed her hands over the pile of burning vampire corpses.

[#AB00CB “You know you can call me mom Roy just like the others.”] the girl said looking up at the battle hardened warrior who looked twice her age, when he was probably much, much more.

[#068600 “With all due respect My Liege you are not my mother and it is improper for the warriors to call you as such I will talk to them.”] Roy said as he stood and walked over to the girl and started picking at the bits of vampire that had stuck to the girl during the fight.

The girl rolled her eyes again and swatted at his grooming, [#AB00CB “Oh stop being such a stuck up Roy just because this body didn’t give birth to you doesn’t mean I’m not your Mother, but if you must insist at least call me Sammy I hate that ‘My Liege’ crap.”] Sammy mocked earning a grumble from Roy, who was about to retort when out of nowhere Barbie Girl by Aqua began playing and Sammy flinched and pulled her flip phone out of her pocket. [#AB00CB “I seriously wish she would let me change that…”] Sammy grumbled before flipping open the phone and putting it to her ear. [#AB00CB “Hey Ness what’s up?”]

[#ff61ce “SAMANTHA MARIE BLACK WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU? You told me you would only be gone for only up to five days it’s been five days and 1 hour!”] A voice on the other end screeched, the voice of Renessmee Cullen Sammy’s best friend and who was currently very pregnant with twins from Sammy’s older brother and Ness’s imprint Jacob Black.

[#AB00CB “Ness were you seriously counting the minutes again you know doing that is bad for your mental health, plus stress is bad for the babies, where is my brother?”] Sammy asked groaning the vampire hybrid was known to cling to the older girl.

[#ff61ce “Do NOT change the subject you’re late! So tell me where you are so I can come beat you up!”] the hybrid screeched and Sammy rolled her eyes placing her hand on the bridge of her nose a headache forming.

[#AB00CB “Ness calm down the job ran long I’ll be heading home in the morning…”] Sammy tried to explain only to get cut off.

[#ff61ce “NO TELL ME WHERE YOU ARE NOW DO YOU HAVE ANY… eep Jake honey… huh i-i-it’s just Sammy… what nononono Jake give me back my phone.”] [#744400 “Hey Sammy? Sorry she slipped out when I was helping Seth.”] Jacob explained having taken the phone from his hysterical wife who Sammy could still hear crying and shouting in the background.

[#AB00Cb “Yeah I had a feeling look I know you can’t keep an eye on her 24/7 but she’s going to go into early labor if this keeps up you guys know I have work and I can’t keep placating her every five minutes.”] Sammy said her tone irritated.

[#744400 “Yeah I know I’m sorry okay? When will you be back? OW Nessie stop biting me!”]

[#AB00CB “I should be back by tomorrow morning as long as nothing else happens tonight.”]

[#744400 “Great we’ll see you tomorrow then I’ll keep her phone confiscated, but I’d turn yours off if I were you OW okay gotta go bye…”]

[#AB00CB “Love you guys too…”] Sammy grumbled as she hung up and hit the power button.

[#068600 “With how she acts you’d think you were the husband…”] Roy said and Sammy looked at him smacking his arm after seeing his smirk.

[#AB00Cb “Shut up gods I need sleep, come on lets finish this so I can hopefully get some kind of peace for a little bit.”] Sammy said and Roy chuckled before the two ran off to finish clearing out the vampire coven that had been terrorizing this city.
PrincessPeachLucinda Eclaire Maxwell   86d ago

Six pale skinned men with bright red eyes and dark trench coats began to follow Lucinda and the children she had been babysitting that night. As the men had not stopped after a block, Lucy had decided to take the children into the alleyway and hide them in the broken bricks that created a crevice just big enough for them. [#fe381b "Stay here...and no matter what you hear, do not come out..."] She whispered and soon was face to face with one of the men who had all but flashed to where she had managed to get to away from the children and had her pinned against the wall, hand gripping her throat with the nails digging in. The redhead HATED when she had to do this, but IF she didn't then both she and the children whom she was responsible for would be dead. It was with that thought in mind were hazel eyes glowing a bright gold and she shifted to a great sized red wolf and began to tear through the vampires as they bit and scratched at her.

Only when the last vampire was torn to pieces did the wolf shift back to her human self and change into the clothing that she had packed in the backpack she had with her. But she had made the mistake of forgetting to check if ALL vampires were gone and that was when she got into a hand to hand fight with a female vampire who was clearly new based on how messy her technique was. It was she who had gotten the best bite to her upper arm and had ripped her red turtle neck shirt before Lucy was able to bite into her throat and quite literally tear her head off. It was after she had finished with the vampire woman did the young woman make sure that no others were around and she gathered all severed body pieces and lit them up.

Her nose wrinkled due to the putrid sweetness of the smoke and a soft hiss slipped from her lips. Her shirt was ripped and she had blood all but pouring down from a gash she had gotten midarm when she had been fighting the vampires that had come after the little boy and girl who were huddled in the crevice of the pitch black alleyway. Lucinda Maxwell, well Lucy had been babysitting Elizabeth and Connor and had been walking them back to their single mother's, Annabelle's apartment after the movie they had gone to. 

Her nose continued to twitch as both Elizabeth and Connor by now had disobeyed her and were at her sides. Both were tugging on her arms and whining as they wanted to go home, but Lucy was in a form of trance as she could smell something she had NEVER smelled before and the smell was approaching fast. Her eyes were glowing as she watched the entrance to the alley and she was tense upon seeing the two hooded figures. [#fe381b "Who are you?"] Came softly growled words as she moved the children behind her. Honestly, she was afraid that they were more of the vampires who had been infesting the city and whom she had been TRYING to get rid of but more seemed to keep popping up.
Kuro_RoseySamantha   87d ago

Sammy and Roy finished clearing the subway of vampires and were about to start the trip back to Buffalo, New York when she caught the scent of more vamps and hissed, [#AB00CB “Son of a Bitch some got away come on Roy before they get away.”] Sammy snarled shifting into her silver wolf form as she ran across the city Roy, in his own dark auburn wolf form hot on her tail. The two pursued the group for some time, but never seemed to close in and soon Sammy and Roy found themselves on a rooftop looking down at the vamps fighting with a beautiful large red wolf. Sammy stood frozen as her eyes couldn’t leave the wolf, and she felt her heart pounding not from the stressful night she had, no this was different it was as though the red wolf was now the sun Sammy was to revolve around she had a pull that Sammy couldn’t resist… Roy placed a paw on Sammy’s shoulder snapping her out of her trance and they both jumped down into the alley and shifted back into their human forms before slowly approaching the, now ginger haired, young woman and two children. When she asked who they were Sammy stepped forward and lowered her hood bowing slightly. [#AB00CB “Our apologies for scaring you miss, I’m Samantha and this is Roy… you did a good job with those vampires I once again apologize for letting the coven get to the size it was, those that you destroyed should be the last of them, but in a city as big as Atlantic City you can never be too sure. Oh yeah here here’s a card for The Baker’s Institute… those kids are gonna need some therapy and The Baker’s Institute is run by well The Bakers their a kind wolf couple who know how these attacks can mess with one’s psyche, plus they never charge for sessions as they are funded by The Silver Wolf Foundation, that website should be on the card to and…”] Samantha rambled taking a business card out of her shoulder bag and placing it on the ground before sliding it closer to the girl not daring to get any closer than she was though for some reason she was unable to stop rambling at least until Roy stepped in.

[#068600 “What the young lady is trying to say is we apologize for the situation you found yourself in tonight and we will do our best to ensure it never happens again. Would you like any help getting you and the children home?”] Roy asked giving a gentle smile as he activated his calming power a power that made one feel safe by reminding them of the last memory that made them truly happy, usually through scent.
PrincessPeachLucinda Eclaire Maxwell   86d ago

Lucinda was still on edge when the hoods had been lowered and the young woman, Samantha as she had called herself spoke. But she wasn't growling now and did slowly kneel down to pick up the card that had been pushed her way and was reading it over. After a moment, the ginger haired girl nodded. [#fe381b "I have heard of both the Bakers and the Silver Wolf was a long time ago though..."] Her words were soft as she spoke them, hazel eyes falling on Samantha who had apparently been still fumbling with her words and needed the man, Roy to save her and make sense of what was said.

[#fe381b "The help in getting Elizabeth and Connor back home to their mother's would be nice...but y'all don't have to really worry about me. I will be fine."] It was a lie, but Lucy was much more used to being on her own. That had been the case for the young woman of nineteen since her mother's crazy ex-husband had tried to kill her the day she had turned seventeen and he found out what she truly was. It had been since that day that the red wolf...well wolf-vampire had been on her own. And when she did find people she cared for, this time the case being Elizabeth, Connor and their mother, Annabelle she only stayed for six months at most and then made them forget about her.

She shook her head slowly to draw herself out of her thoughts and once more looked between Samantha and Roy. It was weird when she did as a sudden calmness fell over her...a calmess she had not felt in SO long...not since... but that smell and her eyes snapped to Samantha almost immediately before she looked away. Samantha had been the ONLY true friend that Lucinda had had and that had been back when she was eight...back before her mother took her and ran off with the crazy ex-husband who had tried to kill her.

[#fe381b "They live about a block away from here....their mother will be expecting them home. Tell Annabelle that Lucy was the one to send you back with Abie and Corny...She'll know with those names you are telling her the truth. I can't face her right now being covered in blood like this...and it's also time for them to forget and for me to leave..."] Those words were MUCH softer as she just managed to make herself fully look at both wolves...yeah, she had figured out that they were NOT vampires by now...or she had the moment Samantha had opened her mouth and tried to both apologise and explain things to her.
Kuro_RoseySamantha   86d ago

At the girl’s agreement to getting help Roy smiled and moved closer before kneeling down so he was eye level with the children who were starting to fall asleep due to Roy’s influence and he held his arms out and the girl, Elizabeth, immediately separated from her brother and Lucy to fall into the warrior’s arms and Roy cradled the child gently glancing at the others. Sammy hadn’t moved from her spot as she was once again transfixed on the redhead there was something about her that nagged at Sammy’s psyche that wasn’t the pull that Sammy was now recognizing as an Imprint but a memory fuzzy of back before her mother died of cancer and she got thrown into the hell that came with her awakening, a little girl of about 8 sobbing as she and Sammy clung to each other their mother’s trying to pull them apart.

[#068600 “My Liege we should probably get the children home after all you have an angry wife to get back home to.”] Roy whispered now carrying both Connor and Elizabeth who were sleeping peacefully in his cape. Sammy jumped at the man’s words and glanced at the children then back at the redhead catching the last bit of the girl’s words about how she was leaving the city.

[#AB00CB “Oh... uh... yeah Roy you return the children I should probably start back to Buffalo… um… you can join me if you’re not planning to stick around I live with my big brother and his wife’s family up in Buffalo, New York I’m sure they’d be happy to give you a room until you get back on your feet they’re like filthy rich and own this huge fucking mansion.”] Sammy said not realizing what she was really saying, but she knew that she really didn’t want to leave until she at least got the girl’s number. Roy rolled his eyes at his stuttering mistress and headed away with the kids chuckling at how no matter how many lifetimes he helped The Silver Wolf keep the peace, she was always a bumbling idiot when it came to relationships.
PrincessPeachLucinda Eclaire Maxwell   86d ago

Shocked hazel eyes fell on Samantha when the offer had been given. She remembered how sweet and kind a soul the other young woman had been when they had been children and best friends. But she had not expected the offer to come. Though in retrospect, given the work that Samantha was doing in trying to get rid of vampires and making sure the survivours had resources to continue moving on, it should not have come as quite the shock as it had. But it had based on the life that she had led the last two years. Being the type of hybrid that she was, the redhead of nineteen didn't belong anywhere really. Or that was what she had come to believe anyway.

[#fe381b "I..."] EVERY damn thing in Lucinda was screaming no. Was telling her not to accept the offer. In fact, everything in her was telling her to run. Run far, far away. But her fondess of her old friend...the feelings that had started off as an innocent childhood crush were drowning her. They were very much beginning to cloud both her head and judgement as Roy walked off with the two young children asleep in his cape.

It took her a moment more before she gave a hesistant nod. [#fe381b "That would be nice...I promise that I won't get in the way too much...let me head back to my apartment and get washed up and changed...pack my things too... And I'll meet you soon?"] The question was for the other ginger to answer...but it was also a question for herself of what the hell was she even doing?
Kuro_RoseySamantha   86d ago

Sammy’s face broke out into a huge smile when the girl accepted. [#AB00CB “No Yeah Awesome um meet me on The Boardwalk in front of the Ferris Wheel two hours?”] Sammy asked as she dug through her shoulder bag once again and pulling out a piece of paper and a pen and scribbling her own number down on it before handing it over. [#AB00CB “There’s my number I should be able to tell when your close, but just in case I don’t just send a quick text or call and we can head out.”] Sammy said then after getting conformation shifted into her wolf form, bowed to the girl and took off towards the boardwalk where she met back up with Roy and several other hooded warriors.

[#1F85DE “MOM! See Sara I told you she would be here soon, so is what Roy said true? Did you really fall head over heels for someone who isn’t Renesmee? Ow Hey!”] a warrior named Tegan asked before getting elbowed in the stomach by his sister Sara.

[#AB00CB “It’s called imprinting Tegan and… yeah though I think she used to be my best friend back in elementary school.. before all this crap... I had no idea she was a wolf too…”] Sammy said her face turning a little red.

[#068600 “My Liege as much as we’d love to sit and talk relationships while braiding each others hair can we please finish the mission first?”] Roy asked and everyone turned to glare at the much older no nonsense man.

[#1fd6de “Roy you’re such a buzzkill you already keep us away from mom every chance you get, with your stupid training so give us five fucking minutes to talk with her before we go over how we cleared this stupid city of ‘evil’ goddess.”] Sara hissed and Roy bristled at the younger warriors words and was about to start arguing with the other when Sammy put her hands up separating the two.

[#AB00CB “No Sara Roy’s right let’s debrief then I’ll make some time within the next month to come across The Vail and tell you guys all about what’s going on. I’m really tired and I have to get back to Buffalo before Ness blows a gasket and ends up giving birth 3 months early.”] Sammy said which caused the younger warriors to pout, but they all quickly moved into the debrief talking about how they rescued 50 women from the hell coven but the bad news was they were all pregnant so that was going to be a rough month, but they were now in the hands of Chimerica and the Bakers so hopefully they would at least survive the birthing process and of course the children would be logged before getting shipped off to South America to be under the guidance of Nahuel and the Resistance Foundation.

[#1fd6de “Unfortunately though we heard from several members that they have bases all over and that the Hell Coven’s true goal was to ‘evolve humanity into it’s next stage’ which we are pretty sure means they won’t stop until every woman gives birth to at least one hybrid, so sorry mom but I don’t think you’ll be getting a very long vacation this time as the moment we track down the true headquarters…”]

[#AB00CB “Yeah I get it don’t worry ‘always on call’ is my job, to bad the pay sucks.”] Sammy joked before placing a hand on her head again she hadn’t noticed it with Lucy, but her headache was getting worse.

[#068600 “Okay that should be everything Tegan please open a portal, My Liege do you want us to open a portal to Buffalo?”] Roy asked looking at the 19yo with worry.

[#AB00CB “Hm? Oh no thanks I’m… I’m waiting on someone and plus I think a run through the forests will do me some good.”] Sammy said and the warriors all looked at each other Tegan and Sara smirked before Roy shooed them off, but before stepping through the portal himself he turned back to look at Sammy.

[#068600 “My… Sammy I know this is not my place, but now that you found your imprint please start thinking about breeding a new generation of warriors we are short staffed as it is and it’s been several lifetimes since a Silver Wolf bore any new warriors, so please breed with her so that she may have protection for when the world discovers you are no longer alone.”] Roy said and Sammy shot him a glare as he vanished back into The Vail and Sammy let out a huge sigh before walking down the boardwalk towards the Ferris Wheel her eyes watering as she let out a large yawn.

Once she was standing at the Ferris Wheel Sammy took out her phone and turned it back on so that she could check for Lucy’s messages only for her to notice she had 100 new texts and 50 missed calls from Ness. [#AB00CB “I’lL KeEp HeR phOnE cOnFiScAtEd my left buttcheek,”] Sammy groaned now more irritated than before by her brother’s utter lack of respect for doing the one thing she asks of him, to keep his wife in check. Sammy started going through and deleting Nessie’s desperate texts while waiting for Lucy praying nothing happened to the redhead while she wasn’t there.
PrincessPeachLucinda Eclaire Maxwell   85d ago

Hazel eyes looked down at the piece of paper, well the back of another card that Sammy had quickly scribbled her number on for her. And the quickest of glances did flitter to the other ginger and at the bright smile that she saw, it felt as if her heart had decided to leap into her throat. Or rather made her throat feel dry as the desert winds and so it took a moment before she was even able to speak. [#fe381b "Two hours should be plenty of time...I'll see you then."] Her own returning smile was more shy but it was the same sweet one she used to give Samantha when they had been little girls.

For a moment, Lucy stared at the place where the silver wolf had been before it ran off. And a sigh slipped from her. [#fe381b [i 'What am I even doing? She probably doesn't even's been what? eleven years? And she's probably with someone now why did my hybrid ass decide to even agree to this?']] Her thoughts were TRYING to make her see logic and to make her rethink her choice. But it wasn't working very well and so hands stuffed themselves into the back pockets of black skinny jeans as she made herself walk the remaining distance back to her apartment in her human form as people were not typically accustomed to seeing giant wolves roaming about.

When she got home, the nineteen year old let herself in and went to the table, taking out a piece of notebook paper and an envelope. She scribbled a note for the property manager and stuck the rent money into the envelope. Once she had done that, the young woman went to the bathroom and stripped from her bloodied clothing as she turned the shower on as hot as it would go and stepped into it, letting the water run down her slender body and wash the blood away. By now, the gash to her arm was mostly healed...but it would be leaving yet another crescent moon shaped scar. She had so many it wasn't even funny

Twenty minutes later, Lucinda was out of the shower and drying off with a fluffy blue towel and made her way back to her room and to her closet where she chose a pair of back skinny jeans and a red corset with a short black jacket. Quickly she got dressed and tied her hair back into a messy ponytail before she grabbed her suitcase and filled it with her clothing, the few books she had, a couple necklaces that had been her mother's, and her favourite stuffed cat and bunny she had had since she was little. Once packed, Lucy made her way around the room once, twice, three tines just to make sure she wasn't forgetting anything.

Finally, after an hour between getting her shower and making sure EVERYTHING was in order, the vampire-wolf hybrid was ready to kiss the life she had known for the last few months goodbye. And in doing so, that meant making sure that Elizabeth, Connor, and Annabelle forgot she had even been there. When she had done that, the hybrid took her suitcace with her and made her way to the Boardwalk and towards the old Ferris Wheel.

[#fe381b [i 'Hi's Lucinda...and just letting you know almost there..']] And she hit the send button before she could second guess herself.

Maybe ten minuted after she had sent her message, she slipped out of a group of passerbys and gave Sammy a small smile. [#fe381b "Umm...hi...are...are you ready to head out? Or did you want to grab a bite to eat first...? My treat..."] God she sounded awkward as all hell, but she wanted the other young woman to at least know she didn't hate her or anything. She was just nervous. Now though since she had spoken, the ball was in Sammy's court and she had to wait to see what the other would say she wanted to do. All the while, Lucy could not stop with her nervous bouncing.
Kuro_RoseySamantha   85d ago

A thrill ran up Sammy’s spine when a text from an unknown number hit her phone and she opened it a large smile on her face as she added Lucy’s number to her phone then she stuffed the device back into her pocket and went on high alert happily bounding over to the other the moment she caught wind of the other wolf, and in response to her question Sammy’s stomach growled and the girl blushed. [#AB00CB “Oh food right that would be awesome, but you don’t have to pay like I said my brother’s in-laws are loaded and they treat me like a daughter so since I’m the one that convinced you to move in It’ll be my treat as a kind of last goodbye to the city. You craving anything special? I’m up for anything as I don’t think I’ve actually eaten anything of substance all week… I mean unless you count vampire flesh…”] Sammy rambled as she turned and slowly started walking down the boardwalk with Lucy so many questions were bubbling up inside her, but she didn’t want to accidentally scare the poor girl off.
PrincessPeachLucinda Eclaire Maxwell   78d ago

As much as she really should not have, Lucy found herself laughing when Sammy had mentioned the vampire flesh as "substance". All wolves knew that it tasted like rotted meat. A slow smile did come to her lips as she shook her head. [#fe381b "I know what you said about your brother and the in-laws...but I still kind of want it to be my treat. You didn't have to do much convincing..."] Her last words were softer, almost a little bit more on the shy side as she wasn't sure why she had even said them to begin with.

Hands found themselves in her back pockets as she was walking with the other girl who seemed over the moon. But, in her own way, so was Lucinda. It had been years since she had seen her old best friend and she was praying to whatever God there was out there that Sammy would remember...praying that MAYBE they could rekindle an old friendship.

[#fe381b "Oh...right... I never did answer you about food. about corndogs and fries here on the pier? Maybe play some games too? Ride some rides?"] Oh good God, what was she thinking?! They were meeting just to leave. Why was she suddenly wanting to make this ALMOST like a date? She really had seen too many of those corny-ass romace movies. This. Was. Real. Life.
Kuro_RoseySamantha   79d ago

As Lucy spoke flashes of memories continued to play through her head, but Sammy was having trouble fitting everything together, though she was starting to get the feeling that she’d known this girl really well once…

When the girl mentioned what she wanted to eat and mentioned maybe hanging out on the pier for the rest of the night Sammy was all to ready to agree as she started to walk towards where the best smelling corndogs were, but she froze when out of her pocket came that damn song and Sammy’s joy shattered as she pulled her phone out of her pocket and glared down at the singing device wanting so badly to just chuck the device into the nearby water. Sammy waited for the music to stop before she opened the phone and hit the power once again turning the device off, before looking back up at Lucy and forcing a smile. [#AB00CB “Sorry about that I know that song is irritating but my stupid phone is set to pick up if I open it… now where were we? Oh right you wanna hang out on the pier for the night, well sure I mean I’m not really familiar with the area and if or when things close, but screw it we might as well have a little fun before I take you back to Buffalo, cause unfortunately [b That] is going to be a big enough headache…”] Sammy grumbled before continuing onto the food stand and ordering their meals refusing to let Lucy pay as Sammy handed the person a black credit card that had no limit… she really was seriously spoiled by her in-laws for the sole reason that she was Renessmee’s only friend, despite the fact that the half-breed had stopped aging and could absolutely go out and find someone else to cling to. Of course with Lucy, Sammy realized that she was going to have to force the 9yo to finally grow up or else Sammy would never get to be with Lucy alone to even explain to her about Sammy’s role as The Silver Wolf, and now especially was Not the time to bring it up when they hadn’t even known each other for a day yet.

Once they got their food and moved to sit at a nearby table Sammy gazed at the other just taking her all in when suddenly a clear memory finally managed to burst through, causing Sammy to choke on a fry. [#AB00CB “Lucinda Eclaire Maxwell your mom was a part of the coven in Belen, New Mexico until the divorce that forced you guys to leave… Holy shit how the hell did it take me this long to recognize you!”] Sammy exclaimed her face turning red at the realization that she couldn’t even recognize her best friend from back before her mom got sick.
PrincessPeachLucinda Eclaire Maxwell   78d ago

[#fe381b "That song...used to like it. Now it makes me flinch...But nothing to be sorry for. You have your reasons..."] God she hoped she didn't sound to harsh. But she HATED that headache of a song and hated more how it seemed to make Sammy's skin crawl.

Honestly, after the phone call and Sammy's seemingly sunk mood, the young woman of nineteen had not actually expected for Sammy to take her up on the "date night". So when the other young woman did, cheeks became an almost brick red. Redder than her hair. [#fe381b "I...well it's just something I have always wanted to do. It has always looked like fun...and the pier is actually all night..."] Her words came out almost rushed as she knew she was stumbling all over herself. Luce had just ALWAYS been awkward when trying to let anyone know she liked them. And she was more awkward still when trying to ask them out.

The two of them continued to the place with the best smelling corndogs and the ginger ALMOST protested when Sammy still refused to let her pay. But from the glance she had been given, Lucy knew it was best to keep her mouth shut. In a sense, one might say she was compelled to do so. And once at the table, she took her seat, hazel eyes taking the other in just as it seemed she was being taken it.

As soon as Sammy choked out her name, Lucinda nodded. [#fe381b "I was wondering if you were going to remember...actually, I was hoping so. And yeah, momma had been a part of the New Mecico coven...and we found out later that I'm well....I'm both wolf and vampire...just rely more on the wolf unless I have no otner choice..."] Her last words were softer as she did slowly reach across the table to let her hand reat on Sammy's and give in a small squeeze. [#fe381b "It really is good to see you again Sammy...I've missed the hell out of you.."]
Kuro_RoseySamantha   78d ago

Sammy’s eyes teared up when Lucy rested her hand atop hers and she swallowed a sob that was threatening it’s way up as everything finally flooded back in clarity and she wanted desperately to get up and go hug the other, but held herself back using her free hand to bat away the tears. [#AB00CB “I missed you too Luce things were never the same after you guys left… then mom got sick… I never thought I’d see you again…”] Sammy sputtered failing to keep her sobs back. [#AB00CB “M..Mom told me you… you guys were wolves before she di… die...died due to the fact that I was about to become one… though our stories are a bit different in that regard heh… but she never told me about your birth father… Have you met him? I could have sworn the man your mother divorced was human, he got kicked from the coven not long after you guys left for using dark magic, or at least that's what I was told, so maybe I just am not remembering properly it was over a decade ago…”] Sammy rambled using her cape to wipe the tears that seemed never ending.
PrincessPeachLucinda Eclaire Maxwell   74d ago

God it was so good to see Sammy again. REALLY see the girl and not just the images her imagination would conjure up for her. But she didn't say those words though she very much wanted to. Instead, the hybrid listened to her old best friend and let her ramble on and on. Quite honestly, Luce could and would never tire of hearing Sammy's voice. Her voice kept her calm and relaxed. Two things she had not truly been in so very long.

[#fe381b "My birth father...well it turns out he was a vampire. The only way to actually save my mom and me while I was going through my transition was to use dark magic. Apparently my dad was killed and then we were kicked out and had to run... After that, things went very much south..."] Her words were soft as she spoke them. But she felt like it was only fair of her to explain some of her past to the other ginger.

Again, Lucy's hand gave Sammy's a gentle squeeze..[#fe381b "I am so sorry about your momma and her death. When we heard....I wanted to come back...But at the time I couldn't control either part of who I am... so I..."] But she shook her head and did give a small smile.  [#fe381b "What matters is that we found the other again."]

For a moment longer, the redhead let her hand keep Samantha's before she let it go. But she had not wanted to. Not really. But she also wasn't ready to face what she already knew deep down. Well she wasn't ready yet. And she knew by the damn wolf laws that an imprint COULD NOT be mentioned until the imprint guessed there was something there or admitted to feelings of their own. The other part that sucked for Luce though...she truly did not belong in one world or the other. So as a vampire she didn't have to stick to normal imprint laws..but she would because her vampire half scared her.

[#fe381b "So did you still want to spend the night here on the pier? Play the games and ride the rides?"] Lucinda was TRYING to change topics and to hopefully brighten both her mood and Sammy's.
Kuro_RoseySamantha   72d ago

Sammy nodded at the young woman’s explanation of her family and the urge to hug Luci deepened but again Sammy held back as they were already getting strange looks from the people around them. Sammy squeezed the hand back at the condolences but said nothing, as even after all these years the loss of her mother was still a hard topic for Sammy and she didn’t want to talk about it so when Luci changed the subject Sammy let out a half-sob half-laugh and nodded.

[#AB00CB “Yes I’d like that.”] Sammy said before forcing herself to stop crying before finally diving into her food making insignificant small talk to try and get into a better mood.

Once they were done eating Sammy let Luci pick what they would do first with her only stipulation be that they rode the Ferris Wheel last and Sammy let herself fully relax around the other as they played and had fun and it felt like they had never been separated.

The two finally got into line for the Ferris Wheel as the night was ending and once they were at the very top watching the sunrise Sammy turned to Luci lightly biting her lip. [#AB00CB “Hey… This has been amazing I’m so glad we were able to reconnect and I’m happy you want to come with me to Buffalo… but I… I haven’t been completely honest with you…”] Sammy said her eyes drooping as the reality of the world once again began crashing down on her shoulders. [#AB00CB “I… I live with a family of vampires they, usually, don’t eat humans but they have a hybrid child among them… she unlike you is half human, but she’s… attached to me in an unhealthy way as I came into her life not long after she was born and have essentially been her only friend for most of her life… and I… I have a job that essentially boils down to traveling the world and playing Peacekeeper between humans and the supernatural… and the reason I’m telling you all this is… [i sigh] is because I’ve Imprinted upon you and I fear that, whatever fucking magic that entails has caused you to want to abandon whatever dreams or goals you may have as I’m not Anywhere near what you’d consider a ‘normal’ wolf… so please tell me now if you don’t want to come with me and I’ll let you go as I love you enough to want you to have whatever life you wish to lead…”] Sammy explained once again fighting back tears as she turned her eyes to the flaming ball of gas rising over the horizon a pang of guilt stabbing her right in the heart for having not been honest with Luce, but also because if Nessie was up Sammy knew she was raising hell since Sammy broke her promise to be home by morning.
PrincessPeachLucinda Eclaire Maxwell   67d ago

The ginger haired girl of nineteen knew Sammy better than anyone else did. Even after all that time they had spent apart, the young woman remembered Sammy did not like to dwell on things that were hard and hurt her. That had been why the gentle hand squeeze and then the attempt at trying to change topics. Namely the two of them trying to figure out what they would do the rest of the night before heading back to Buffalo and whatever life Sammy happened to lead there.She was more than happy to oblige the other girl's stipulation of the Ferris Wheel being their last venture. In truth, Lucy had hoped it would be as the view in the early mornings was one of the most magical things to her.

And so for most of the night, the hybrid girl dragged the other from ride to ride and game to game. She even managed to win a stuffed wolf which she gave to Sammy and a panda which she herself kept. To her, this night had been the best she had had in a very long time. She had been able to reconnect with her best friend and it seemed as if nothing between them had ever changed.If she had wolf ears, they would have been twitching and even dropping with what the other was talking about as they were at the top of the Ferris Wheel. Actually stopped at so they could see the view of the pinks and oranges rising over the horizon at it's best. And slowly, the girl's hand did move into the other's, hazel eyes fell on her.

[#fe381b "Remember when we were little girls and I said I would follow you anywhere? That hasn't changed even now. I want you to know I'll be here for you and by your side..."] But that was as much as the girl said. As much as she could say. Luce knew that she also had imprinted on Sammy and even in not telling her because all of this was hard for her, the hybrid did hope her words would make that clear enough. They would have to for the time being.

[#fe381b " promise you won't try and get rid of me?"] Those last words she felt somehow she needed to add.
Kuro_RoseySamantha   57d ago

Sammy’s eyes lit up at the girl’s words and she smiled, but it was quickly snuffed out by the girls last statement. [#AB00CB “Of Course I would never leave you! As long as you want me in your life I will be here!”] Sammy exclaimed shocked that Luce would ever think she would. Sammy slid herself off her bench and knelt before Luce taking the girl’s hand in hers and placing them on her own forehead.

[#AB00CB “I Samantha Marie Black hereby swear my undying loyalty to Lucinda Eclaire Maxwell and promise to protect, love, and cherish her until the day she dies or to the day she decides to leave my side by her own will.”] Sammy spoke causing magic to rise around the two as Sammy made a Loyalty promise to the other girl before looking up into her eyes to see if the other would accept it.
PrincessPeachLucinda Eclaire Maxwell   48d ago

The young woman had not meant to insult Samantha at all when she spome her words. It was just she was so used to people leaving her and being on her own did her words slip before she could catch them. Good God did Luce wish she could take them back. She wished she could explain what had been going through her head. But before she could, Sammy was telling her that she would NEVER leave her. And then to surprise her even more, her best friend from childhood was knelt before her and making a promise of loyalty which seemed to make magic begin to swirl around them.

Hazel eyes were locked with Sammy's eyes and her cheeks were a dark red. This had been something she had dreamed about. The crush she had always had on Sammy was what made her wonder. But NEVER in her wildest dreams had Lucinda ever imagined that the girl of her dreams would actually be her true soulmate. God did she want to be pinched to make sure that she wasn't dreaming.

Her cheeks only got darker as she realised the magic was still around them and Sammy's eyes were still looking up at her from where she was knelt before her. [#fe381b "Yes....and you have the same promise...It has always been you, you know..."] That was the closest that Luce had come to saying about the imprint, though she knew the other redhead knew. It was just going to take Lucy time to warm up and to accept that they were finally getting a chance togerher.

The Ferris Wheel and their cart reached the port and the two of them were let out. Slowly and shyly did Luce let her hand slip into Sammy's as they were making their way through the crowd that like them had spent the night on the Pier. [#fe381b " was this the first date you wanted? Or do you think we can come up with something else?"] The words were soft as she spoke them. Though the truth... Lucinda did NOT want the night to end. She did NOT want to be thrust back into the real world or the world that the two of them would have to face. Her only comfort was knowing that she was not alone anymore.
Kuro_RoseySamantha   14d ago

Once Luce responded the magic around the two flickered before erupting in a bit of a mini fireworks show meaning the promise was sealed and Sammy smiled before moving back onto her seat as the ride finally started it’s decent. Back on the ground Sammy was slightly surprised when Luce threaded their hands together and asked if this was a good first date and Sammy could hear a hint of not wanting this to end in her voice and Sammy was all about to suggest they spend a few days sightseeing on the way back to Buffalo when Sammy heard the sound of a portal in a nearby alleyway and looking towards it Sammy saw Tegan who looked miffed before he spotted Sammy and Luce and pouted before running over to them looking very apologetic.

[#1F85DE “...I am SO sorry to interrupt you two… but please you need to come with me.”] he said and Sammy growl sighed of course this was all to good to be true and she turned to Luce smiling meekly.

[#AB00CB “Looks like our time is up. Tegan this is Lucinda my truemate of this lifetime, Lucinda this is Tegan one of the last soulchildren warriors born of the previous Silver Wolf I know he looks young but he’s I believe 157 this year along with his twin sister and I must warn you other than Roy whom you met earlier most of the people you are about to meet call me Mom as technically I am the same soul as the previous Silver Wolves I just have a fresher body and memories.”] Sammy explained as the three made their way to the portal and stepped into what appeared to be a room that you’d expect to see in FBI dramas or space documentaries with several monitors showcasing maps of the world all with little red dots and sitting in front of them were several rows of computers lining what looked like large stairs similar to that of a college lecture room.

Once fully inside the 50 or so people there turned their heads and smiled and several moved to stand but a quick glance at Roy’s face had them sitting back down and Sammy slipped her hand out of Luce’s her face no longer smiling as she walked to the elder warrior leaving Luce to Tegan who smiled at her and lead her to a nearby computer desk that had no owner asking if she needed anything to drink or eat.

[#AB00CB “What’s the sitch?”] Sammy asked and Roy only lightly glanced at her as he grabbed a remote off the desk and pressed a few buttons causing the maps to shift, some zoomed in while other’s switched to what looked like Live CCTV surveillance.

[#068600 “Unfortunately our attack last night has caused several of the other hives we’ve been monitoring to decide it’s time to go into fuck everything mode and many reports have already come in that women all over Dallas, Monte Crisco, and Moscow are being attacked and raped in broad daylight by sparkling monsters. I’ve already sent out Halford, Montie, and Ragina’s teams to try and get a handle on things”] Roy explained and Sammy hissed lightly.

[#AB00CB “Good… Any movement from the Volturi?”]

[#068600 “Nothing yet, but I doubt they’d let this slide… unless…”]

[#AB00CB “Heh seems we’re on the same thought wave, but until they actually start showing signs of being a part of this in any way other than the passive aggressive way they have been leave them be I really don’t need to get on their bad side any more than I already have, plus you know the Cullens are still pretty much loyal to them now that Ness has proved to not be a threat.”]

[#068600 “On that topic My Liege I suggest you head back their through the portal once we finish here or you might find there no home left.”] Roy said as he flipped a screen showing the cameras looking over the Cullen’s current residence along with a live video feed of the rampaging 9yo in a roughly 20yo’s pregnant body and Sammy groaned earning several giggles from the warriors behind her.

[#AB00CB “...and there’s the headache again… Any clues on the main hive or are we all still just in hypothesis territory?”]

[#068600 “No the outbreaks and lack of manpower have us pretty much stuck here… as I mentioned before…”]

[#AB00CB “Don’t start Roy I know, but we literally just started getting to know each other again I can’t ask her to start impregnating me with warriors at least until we’ve hit the third date at least.”] Sammy muttered quietly turning red.

[#068600 “And yet she’s already willing to move in with a bunch of vampires and your rather disgusting excuse for an older brother.”] Roy said and Sammy bristled glaring at the man.

[#AB00CB “These two are COMPLETELY different topics Roy did you forget what the imprint crap does to someone’s will? Especially when the mate is The Silver Fucking Wolf?”] Sammy hissed under her breath and Roy let out a chortle before glancing back at the others before handing Sammy the remote, saluting and wandering off to check on the others leaving Sammy confused until she turned and saw Luce right behind her. [#AB00CB “H-hi… h-how long have you been standing there?”] Sammy asked her face now completely red.

{#1f85DE is Tegan's color code if you want Luce to have a convo with him, this place is within the 'Wolf Sanctuary' where Sammy goes if she needs to take time away from reality, but unfortunately this version she really can't, though time does move more slowly so any 'live feeds' should look as though they are moving at .5 speed.}


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