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What would you do if you saw a man appear out of nowhere? You would be terrified, right? Well, a few people have appeared out of nowhere. None of them has any idea how they got to the town. Now those people are in one building without any clue on why they are there or where "there" is. People in lab coats walk in ask questions then walking out never telling them why they are there. Soon the people who were there found out that they was others there, and after what felt like forever they were able to leave that small room, but they were not allowed to leave the area. The ones who tried found out that one, they were locked in, and two the places no one recognized. Luckily for everyone they were able to go out and see the sun and talk with one another. Will the "Doctors" help them, will the people find out what is happing?

The budling( very quite description):
The budling seems to be abnormally large above ground it has 60 levels underground they are to the people that got brought there only 7. They are also a cafeteria on each of the levels so everyone doesn't have to go down any stairs to eat. one each story the rooms seems to go and go but not every room is for people to stay in. even though people stay and work there the budling seems to be too sterile even for a hospital. the same is for the room as it is to empty. Some rooms are cut off from the people that get sent there.

1) No one liners!
2) you might be asked to have one doctor and one "normal" person
3) be patient with me I do have a life.
4) this is horror so I ask you to:
Be okay with gore(blood, cuts, ect.)
Be okay with darker themes
Be okay with cursing
Be okay with a slow pace horror or romance if you choice to add that to it.
4) if you want romance in this rp don't make it just about that. As I won't just make it horror.
5) Fill this out
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Being alone, drowning, Hights
You can Chek the profile it will be updated.
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A young man was in a small room. His arms were crossed as he seemed to refuse to reply to the so-called doctor. Shortly after the doctor gave up for the time being. The young man stood up and grabbed his jacket. His blue eyes seemed to somewhat glow. His hair fell in one of his eyes as he walked out of the room. The man looked down as he walked not wanting to say anything to these strangers that he had no clue who they were. The man sat at the edge of the cafeteria. He seemed to be judging everyone that went by him before walking in himself. Of course after he got his food he sat by himself.

His blue eyes would go left to right as he ate so no one could sneak up on him without him seeing. He knew he wouldn't be able to do anything even if someone did.
TinySmolBeanMettette (SCP 191)   86d ago
I can't 💀I just cant

A young blonde women was following one of the doctors, she seemed to always cooperate with them. She never seemed to cause them to yell or ask more than once, her red soft glowing eyes seemed to have been looking at the ground as she stayed quiet. Her hair was in her face and traveling down her back, as her dress lent down to her upper knees. She didn't have any shoes to what it seemed but she had white sock; Covered in dirt and stained in mud.

The man would pause as he says the young woman walking. [I why isn't she resisting them. Her eyes how odd.] He watch and would look at her finding the way she was acting was odd. [I how long has she been here?] He asked himself. He would still stay where he was. He wondered why he had never seen this table or person. 
The man would look away for a moment to eat now.

(Is everything okay?)
TinySmolBeanMettette (SCP 191)   62d ago
I can't 💀I just cant

Yes! I'm so sorry for the absences again!!) 

"Mettette, go eat." A doctor had told her, she nodded and quietly left him. She was very obedient, as she grabbed her tray of food she sat alone at a table eating. Two doctors were watching her and taking notes, how she acted and all. She pushed down her mask to reveal a scar on her lower chin, it didn't seem to bother her but she had the mask to hide it. She began eating as she looked over to the male, she noticed him watching her earlier but had said nothing, as usual. Mettette blinked softly watching him as the red glow dimmed her face with a bit of red.

He would look to the doctor's and watched them. When they looked away he would look back to the unknown lady. After he would eat for a moment he would feel the thoughts nagging at him to find our who this was. He would sigh to himself. He looked to his empty plate seeing how he wasn't to hungry st the moment. So he put the plate to be washed and slowly started to walk to Mettette.

( hey it's all good!)
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Hey sorry for intruding but I wanna let you know someones watching this rp. Both of you might wanna block him. 

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(thank you so much for letting us know kind user :) Im not the owner of the rp so we will have to see what they think about this!)

Mettette went back to looking at the empty tray, her glowing red eyes light it up to be a dim red.. She suddenly heard footsteps approaching her and looked over, to her surprise it wasn't a doctor. It was the Boy from earlier, in which she caught him looking over at her a few times before, but she hadn't minded it. She knew she was a freak, and it didn't bother her the least, or at least that's what she had people think. When the male grew close enough she finally spoke, her words were soft and gentle in very kind ways. "Hello.. Whom might you be?" She asked, her voiced seemed as if she hadn't spoken to anyone in a while..
TinySmolBeanMettette (SCP 191)   59d ago
I can't 💀I just cant

Im also very sorry that I write a little long, My friends irl have been telling me to be more detailed in writing and thats what im trying. But it seems it kind of kicked in whenever im writing)

(No worries! Hey sorry I haven't been able to reply. I have some tests coming up.)
He seemed slightly surprised by her voice. 
" Oh, I'm Amory." He would pause for a moment before holding out his hand for a hand shake. " and you are?" He asked rising a eyebrow. His voice seemed as if he had been yelling for a while and his voice was dry. His eyes looked around to see where the doctors was at.
TinySmolBeanMettette (SCP 191)   45d ago
I can't 💀I just cant

(No Worries, same here. Im gonna die from these exams though there always so hard)

One specific doctor looked over at the two, observing them; as if they were animals in a cage.

Mettette looked as if she was giving a smile, as she took his hand into hers and shook it.  "Im Mettette" She seemed to have a quiet voice, as if she hadn't spoken in a very long time.. Her Skin was as cold as ice and she was very pale, her red glowing eyes looked up at him as her messy dirty blond hair was slightly in her face.

Oh I hope your doing okay! Sorry I haven't replied lately. )
He clearly didn't like the doctors. It make his skin crawl with the way they looked at him. Then the questions they asked him. He hated it. His eyes looked from the doctors back to her. 

" nice to meet you." He said in a quieter voice tring to make it so the doctors couldn't hear him. He would move his own hair out of his face. He was unbothered by Mettettes eyes and tried not to bring them up. " can I sit down here?" He pointed to a seat infront of her.
TinySmolBeanMettette (SCP 191)   39d ago
I can't 💀I just cant

No worries, I'm glad this isn't much of a fast going roleplay. Gives us time to get back to the world we live in and if we need to figure ourselves out we can without worrying!)

The somewhat petite girl looked at the seat, than back up at Amory. She seemed to of noticed his hatred towards the doctors but didn't mind it, as she knew not everyone was the same. She soon snapped out of her thoughts and cleared her throat quietly. "Yea, That'd be nice." She has a small smile, as she sat down and patted the seat next to her. She wanted to know more about this stranger, or maybe even a new friend? He seemed to be around his late 20's in her view, or maybe he just looked like that. From anybody's view Mettette looked like an early 20's or late teen, which wouldn't bother her as she stopped counting her age the moment she arrived here.

( yeah I do like that part. It'd just I know most people on here now like fast paced roleplays, witch nothing against them but I like slower roleplays.)

He sat down and was quite for a moment before asking, " so, how long have you been here?". Heis voice was in a quiter tone. He could let that for some odd reson she didn't hate the doctors. With that he thought that she must be new here or they treat her differently. Well, they do treat everyone differently he thought for a moment.  To him she look to be anywhere from late teens to very early twenties.
" sorry, I'm not the best at talking to people I didn't mean to offend you. If I did. " He added soon after the question.

He seemed to be getting more comfortable as he sat down trying to forget about the doctor's. He would seem them out of the corner of his eyes talking to one another.
TinySmolBeanMettette (SCP 191)   37d ago
I can't 💀I just cant


The young women studied her new Aqquentance her small smile, her pale hands laid on the table holding each other as she listened to him. She soon spoke after not too long of thinking, "I stopped counting a while ago.." She whispered slightly, she was there for a while but she usually remains in her cell. Or most times was in a testing lab, they wanted to know how and why she was made with a robotic leg and hand. Though the hand and leg didn't do much but basic needs it was still quiet odd, as she heard him speak again she shook her head laughing quietly. "It's no big deal, I just look very young to most because of my height and appearance." She told him as her smile seemed to of never faded of her face

He took his time not used to talking to others around here. He looked to one of the doctors who was taking notes. He normally was in a room with fifty thousand questions being asked. Well that's what it felt like. He would nod and realize that her smile was still there no matter what. 
" well you have to be one of the more happy people I've seen around here." He commented with a smile of his own.

He gently tapped on the table. It was a steady beat he didn't seem to relize that he was doing that for a while.
TinySmolBeanMettette (SCP 191)   32d ago
I can't 💀I just cant

Mettette looked at his hand, listening to the taps as they were in time with one another. Her smile became smaller but hadn't faded, as she nodded. "When I keep on a smile, the guards can't tell my feelings most times." She said, indicating that her emotions were what made her vulnerable.. 

Her eyes flickered from red to green within the moments she spoke, which made her rub her head with still a small smile. She than looked him in the eye and spoke softly, as she normally did now.. "Why do you hate the doctors." She asked, it seemed demanded at first but then she covered her mouth. Closing her eyes for a moment, to allow her eyes to stay red again.

His tapping would stop as he heard her response. " O-Oh, yeah that makes sense." His smile would fade as he spoke.he would look st her surprised but would chuckle. " well one I was  taken here away from my family out of nowhere. I am normally stuck on a room for hours on end.." He would sate he wasn't angry but was just like before, he found it humorous. " they ask me questions that make no sense as if I'm supposed to know. "  He fell quite as he iched his hand. 

 " I have a question, do I look normal? I mean like I have a power?" He would ask before shaking his head, " Never mind." He looked to the doctor's. Witch one had walked over and gave him a old bouncy ball. 
" don't lose that again, Maxwell." The doctor would sigh showing that this clearly wasn't the first time. 
" well he's okay better than the other doctors." Amroy would say once he was out of range. Then bounced the ball he was given.
TinySmolBeanMettette (SCP 191)   31d ago
I can't 💀I just cant

Mettette listened to him speak as she moved her hair out of her face, she then looked over watching one of the doctors come over and giving him a bounce ball. She blinked as she was usually given papers to read words off of, never toys. She then shook her head and looked at Amory with a smile that seemed to almost fade out but stayed. "You look normal to me, at least what I think is normal now." She spoke, her voice was still quiet as always. She then looked at her leg and hand, she knew she wasn't normal and wished to be. But she wishes for that for a long time.

He would grab the ball and look over to her, " well I think so bur the doctors don't think so." He looked to the ball, " I ended up having this when I woke up so it's mine. " He explained after a while. He looked to some of the doctors. He knew soon they would go and take him back asking more and more questions.   " do you wanna walk out of here? I mean not so many people." He ponited out, " and we can just walk better than sitting." Amory  would stuff the ball in his pocket He didn't realize but as he got more irritated he would glitch it was  small amount at first. As soon as he calmed down it would stop.
TinySmolBeanMettette (SCP 191)   31d ago
I can't 💀I just cant

Mettette watched the ball bouncing as it stopped, her smile almost gone but still there. "Like roam around?" She asked, a bit confused on the question. She then turned her head to the doctors that were pointing at her leg and arm, and whispering to each other. She then looked back at Amory and seen the small glitches, she tilted her head and realized that's probably the reason he's here. "Fresh air? I've never been allowed to 'Walk out' or get any 'Fresh Air' it's just been from my cell to the hallway to the laboratory or from the laboratory to the hallway to my room or to here to eat." She spoke quietly still, as she then looked around. "I'm not allowed to usually walk around without a doctor.. They told me that I'm to weak and to fragile to be left alone other then my cell." She told him, she was very gullible to the guards and didn't say a word most times.

" oh please. That is a lie you aren't weak." He would state as he rolled his eyes. " come on you can walk around with me" he offered as he stood up one of the doctors seemed be be watching him. Amory wouldn't pay him no mind as he got a apple .  His eyes slowly made their way to the doctor. His look went sour as the glitching would comeback. This time e it was worse than before. 
" Those doctors-" His voice glitches along with his appearance. Soon it stopped, " shouldn't be able to tell you what you can and can't do." He went on like nothing happened. He smiled bow waiting for the reply.
TinySmolBeanMettette (SCP 191)   21d ago
I can't 💀I just cant

Mettette watched as she slowly rises up, she seen the glitches and smiled thinking they were pretty cool. She then looked at the apples and got up, she slowly walked over and grabbed one. Following Amory without question, she then seen the doctors talking about her. As they seemed disappointed by her decision, she slightly frowned not liking the thought of disappointment.. [I Stay calm Mettette.. Stay calm..] Her eyes kept flickering from red to yellow, as her hands were Fideling and messing with each other. She seemed... Nervous?


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