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Tales of the Gods [Closed]

By Lovely_Poison

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The_PriestHermes   87d ago

The messenger of the Gods was zipping about on his winged sandals. He was guiding freshly departed souls to the Underworld. He slowed his haste once he had them all so they would not get lost and guided them down a dark, twisting path far, far below the Earth and past the realm of mortals.
  On his return, he noticed a woman with Hades. They appeared to be having some sort of conversation with one another. 
 Hades was talking her into staying with him. Hermes gave a soft, amused chuckle. She didn’t seemed too pleased with being tricked to stay by some cursed fruit. 
  The young trickster really didn’t blame her. He watched the two interact from behind a stone pillar. He was curious and it wasn’t like he was trespassing. He was only, making a small stop.


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