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“There’s something hunting us you know..? I don’t know how to prove it but.. there in the woods, through that black fog I can see it shifting sometimes. It’s eyes watch us in the dark. Waiting for us to make a move…”

In the dark wood you move, hoping that the next breath isn’t your last. Creatures and beasts unlike any you’ve seen haunt you, the souls of the damned wail in your ears, whispers of danger as the ones trapped here watch and persist, hoping that you don’t meet the same fate as them. The ghosts tell you of a hatch, somewhere amongst the trees beyond the pikes that house their corpses, an escape, salvation from this hellish limbo. Your hunter takes many forms, vindictive spirits whispering to them just as the condemned whisper to you. Find the hatch, find the exit. Find your way out of this Limbo.
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GlitchVento   89d ago

[google-font][Rokkitt The thrashing of cans and refuse jingled as a dirty hand pushed the lid of a dingy dumpster out of the way it’s top smashing against the bark of tree that sat behind it. Thick fog permitted the forest floor as the boys head popped out from the mouth of his scuzzy abode. Parts of his jacket still covered in the neon luminescent goo from his last encounter. The whispers brought him to yet another trial, another hunting grounds, which meant like before he was to find the hatch and escape. Maybe this time he’d be lucky enough to not even run into anyone. The boy  breathed in through the mask and closed his eyes. Letting the cool of the night give way to silence. No whispers… Which meant no shrines had been erected yet… Either no one else was here or he was the first to this game.

[center [pic]]

At least, that’s what he thought of it, a dark game to some cosmic entity. Or satan himself if one believed in such things. Checking himself over he found his wounds had healed somehow. Painfully he still felt a ghost pain of being run through with a knife. And while his abdomen no longer bled he still didn’t relish the idea of assuming he just couldn’t die. With the crack of a small twig some 20 yards away he startled like a squirrel and dropped back into the garbage can, trying his best to not be seen. Immediately he began to pull black bags over himself and holding his breath unsure as to if his next moments would be his last. Then, heavy footfalls accompanied by the sound of something being dragged across the forest floor. The unfortunate stowaway could only imagine what monstrosity or deranged killer stalked past in such slow methodical steps. For a moment he even thought he could hear its ragged breathing. Then nothing. After his breath could be held no longer he slowly pushed forward popping his head out once again, praying whoever or whatever spooked passed was long gone.

He let out a sigh or relief before pulling a banana peel off of his head tossing it to the forest floor before slowly climbing out and trying his best to rid his clothes of any litter. No whispers to warn him of danger he put his back to the dumpster and slid down in defeated exhaustion. He was no hero… but someone had to open the lines with the voices… suppose the pelvic bone resting amongst the trees was as good a start to a shrine as any…

[center [pic]]
NullificationNancy   87d ago

At the very least she was wearing appropriate shoes, if nothing else. Her loud attire with neon colours and the shorts did little against the odd coldness that permeated the air with the odd fog. She moved through the trees and underbrush, keeping as quiet as she could because she knew fine well if anything heard her, it would be some nasty injuries that would somehow heal up but leave her stiff and sore. She clicked down on the cassette hitched to her hip as it started to rewind, thankfully the tape had a fair amount of music on it otherwise it would be repetitive and she did her best work to music. 

Movement caught her eyes and she dipped behind a tree, back pressed to it as tightly as she could as she held her breath. She ever did notice how loud her breathing was until it was stone silent everywhere, even her heartbeat always seemed like a banging drum when it was quiet. It wasn't heavy footsteps like it so often was, or dragging or some rancid heavy breaths. No, this was lighter and almost sounded like some scared form of prey and she peered out from behind the tree to see a figure crouched, fumbling with a bone of sort and part of her wondered if this was a trap. The things she had seen in this place, people anyone would think were normal...

Nancy was tired, sore from the running already and stiff from slashes and piercing. It was exhausting work and she still felt no further forwards on what the Hell she was supposed to do or why she was here, last thing she remembered she was at the roller disco with some friends, having a good time with Madonna blasting from her cassette. The lights had gotten too quick, everything had swirled like some radical tie-dye and here she was. 

[+center[+orange "Uh, hi?"]] 

Well, that was a smashing start now wasn't it? Her cassette clicked and started playing, the music emanating from the headphones and she reached down, her chipped nail varnish in all sorts of colours clicking the button to stop it. Nancy kept her distance, wisely. This person might well be one of the others, one of the killers that stalked this place and it was a good idea not to trust anyone or anything, she didn't particularly give off the vibe of nerves though. She had never been like that, confident and as airheaded as a fairy most of the time with exactly two cares at any one of time. Still, she would run the minute this guy presented any sort of threat because she wasn't entirely stupid.
GlitchVento   87d ago

[google-font][Rokkitt Vento jumped out his skin at the sound of a feminine voice whispering out behind him. All but tripping over himself in defense with expectation of some horrid Cthulhu creature with a human top and octopus bottom. Only, when he opened his eyes he saw no such thing, instead a shift of neon colors peaked out from behind a tree at him. Pale skin and bright red hair made out her visage. Another survivor like him..

[center [+teal “Who-…! [i who are you? ]]]

Collecting himself he rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating. She was still there as he quietly tip toed towards her. His head popping up from behind the tree she was hiding behind to closely examine her inches from her face. Green eyes, fresh wounds… her clothes looked like something out of a 50’s movie. Backing off he peered out deeper into the ferest.

[center [+teal “Is this your first game….?”]]

His mind wandered as he slipped behind the tree with her. Shifting his thumb over the sharp edges of the bone in his hand, the feeling of its sharpened edges reminding him of his frailty. While meeting another survivor was great, he was more worried about if she knew what she was doing. Bones were a good start, something that died here, always a tribute to the voices. Others that he knew of were harder to come by. A flower from a foreign land, a love letter, keys that belonged to someone living, or perhaps a wallet would work as personal possessions as well. Among others the voices gave many hints when they were at their loudest, not all of them he could remember now. But from what he could, he knew what to look for next, candles. No shrine could be erected without them. But where in this desolate place could such things be found…? Taking a deep breath beneath the mask to steady his breathing and his mind he slid down the tree to look her in the eye.

[right [pic]]
[center [+teal “I haven’t seen it yet, don’t suppose you have either… I’m…”] He paused, his name… what was his name…? He’d been here so long he’d forgotten… looking at the garbage can where he came from he read the word on the front of it. Probably the company that owned the thing… [+teal “Vento… call me Vento…”]] he smiled slightly beneath the mask and raised a dirty hand to shake hers.
NullificationNancy   84d ago

This guy was as scared as she was and she eyed him over, she hadn't meant to startle him although given their predicament she figured it made sense anything would frighten him. He was stammering and she took a step back, just in case her proximity was means for alarm. She kicked her feet and shrugged a little. 

[+orange "Uh, no? Second, I think?"] 

She honestly didn't know, time was a bit of a mess in this place and it all meshed together into one puddle. He looked worse than she did and frankly, she didn't want to talk about the smell. 

Vento? What kind of a name was that. 

[+orange "Nancy."] She said after a moment of thought, as though remembering and she looked around. No, she hadn't seen it. She had no idea if it would even be the same as last time or not. Her last one had been a twisted creature, it had crawled and crept with bursts of speed she had barely gotten away from. 

[+orange "I uh... Last time I just got lucky, I think?"] 

Nancy figured this guy, Vento, knew more than she did when it came to these things and she swallowed. He had his hand out and she eyed it over, she was still somewhat clean. She shook his hand and looked him over, bewildered but really glad there was some form of company right then because boy, did she need it. 

[+orange "Look, why am I here? I was at the roller rink, then poof, here."] She said, her tone lowering because honestly those things could be anywhere and she knew fine well she didn't want it to overhear her. These things could track them and she knew they wouldn't stop. Last time she had only gotten out by the skin of her teeth and she didn't want to find out what happened when she ran out of chances. It seemed like forever since she had felt human contact, and she was such a social thing. Popular back home, an it girl with a personality to match. 

She missed it.
GlitchVento   81d ago

[center [+teal “How should I know? I was using the mainframe when i-... Roller rink?”]]

The hell was a roller rink? He figured it was some sort of new brain chip, those sorts of things came out every day, no surprise he hadn't heard of it. With a sigh a bit of relief came over him when he realized she wasn’t just some crazy broken soul, another fear taken innocent, unknowing of the voices or the hunt. Maybe that scared him more than anything else. She wasn’t displaying the typical behavior of a newborn. 

[center [+teal “Only thing i know about are Newborns… The ones that are new to all of this… you’ve seen them right? They run like headless chickens, they die without ever understanding the Voices… they leave useful things. Like lighters… or candles… We need both or we won't be preem. People like us, I call Deathtones.”]] 

He spoke the thoughts in his mind, maybe by sheer enjoyment of actually finding another Deathtone wandering Limbo like himself, or from just sheer awkwardness.

[center [+teal “It’s rare to meet one, rarer to meet one that doesn’t just attack me on sight. Points for that by the way. But there were more before… They were Newborns… and the Deathtones were ripped up by the hunters… I’m the only one left that i’ve seen from the previous Game…”]] Happy to just be in the company of someone again he only barely noted that something about her was odd, was it her attire? Her mannerisms ? He couldn’t place it aside from understanding that she just wasn’t from where he came from. 

[right [pic]]

[+teal “We aren’t safe here. I heard a scream earlier… meaning it knows we’re here. We should get moving.. find those candles.”]

Settling himself he motioned for her to follow. His pace slow and methodical he moved from tree to tree trying his best to make himself small. Then a distant scream sent chills up his spine. A man, screaming bloody murder meaning everything was as he feared. They were still in limbo… Still dancing to the sadistic tune of some higher powers game. Hitting a tree and peering out at a distant wooden cabin he signaled for her to follow. 

[+teal “You afraid of poking wasp nests…?”]
NullificationNancy   80d ago

This guy must have bumped his head. 

Who didn't know what a roller rink was, maybe he was one of those wocial outcasts who just stayed at home all the time and did nothing? She didn't recognise him as anyone she even remotely knew. Transfer student? He was saying a lot of words and though she understood them individual the way he put them together didn't really make a lot of sense. Nancy scratched the back of her neck, anxiety weeping through the cracks. Something was off about him. He acted like he was from a completely different planet, a world away almost. 

He dressed different under the grime and muck but she supposed he was right. Whatever things they were versus now, it new they were here and it wouldn't take long with the newbies. Nancy couldn't help but feel a touch cruel to the newborn as Vento called them. It felt crass but if they were both Deathtones then they needed to be quick and get out of here. 

Nancy watched him move and cocked her head, gathering things and finding stuff wasn't her forte really, last time she could remember she had ran which had been terrifying but Nancy had managed, plugged into her headphones ams blocking everything out. There had been a couple of close encounters though, she could remember that enough to know the danger had been frighteningly real. She didn't even know if anyone else had made it out, others had been in her trial and she felt selfish, she ought to have checked or waited or tried to help another but she had just left, ragged and bruised with a few injuries. 

Nancy eyed him over, 
[+orange "This wasps nest? Yes qnd you ought to be too, weird guy."] She remarked to him as she approached and eyed the wooden cabin, drawing in a breath deeply and making herself look as brave and unafraid as she could, walking forwards and then getting low as she could as she got closer. Nancy eyed the area, it looks undisturbed, at least for a while and she stepped into the shack, breathing hitching slightly in her chest as she moved forwards. The whole thing looked like it might collapse any moment and she was almost worried to look inside. 

She gestured Vento over, whatever courage she had left her immediately when she looked at the shape on the ground. It resembled a person, barely. Slumped there and twisted, it didn't look bloody but she also didn't want to get any closer. She wasn't sure if this was the first time she had actually seen a corpse but it felt like it was, she felt like it was horrifying and she hovered in the door way, maybe they were still alive somehow? Nancy wanted to check but she also didn't want to touch them. 

[+orange "Do we just leave them?"] It seemed wrong, but even if they could lug a body round, what would they do? They couldn't get out of the bigger place so whoever this was would just remain missing, their families without closure.
GlitchVento   76d ago

[google-font][Rokkitt Crossing the threshold through the gate the smell hit him in the face like a ton of bricks. Black twig-like spikes were embedded across the floor pinning the body to his grave. The corpse didn't worry him aside from a brief stare of remorse and a slight tinge of empathy knowing he would just as well end up the same way. 

[Center [+teal "He's pinned there… and even if we did move him there's nowhere we could bring him… That fog out there, its endless. Simply walking into it just leads you back into the forest, more lost than before… This place keeps us here. So here's where john doe stops… Same goes for us…"] He paused for a moment looking her in the eyes. [+teal "Honor my body by staying alive Nancy."]] Averting his gaze he found himself more interested with the method of John doe's demise rather than his lifeless corpse. Reaching a cautious hand out, he proceeded slowly towards one of the black spines in an attempt to understand more of this strange realm. A sharp breath left his mouth. Immediately he jolted backwards when a small tendril reached out to him from the spine attempting to touch his fingers.

[Right [pic]]

As the tendrils receded Whispers began softly in his ears. Peering at his newfound cohort he glanced at her lips and found them closed. Definitely not her whispering… It was the voices again. Not one voice but many began to caress his ears as if multiple people were inches from his face. Some of them Childlike wishing for his safety, Others a bitter murmur hating him for the fact that he still lived. He didn't know well enough to place them as otherworldly entities, or just the trapped souls of those that came before him in this accursed limbo. It seemed Nancy could hear them too by the look on her face. And as he peered at her their voices changed. They were speaking about her to him. Or… were these just echoes of his own thoughts? [I "Ally… Innocent… Friend… she's scared… she doesn't know you…."] The voices overlapped themselves, making most of their spirited discourse difficult to make out amongst others that were further off. As if a dozen or more people were crowded around him all vying for his ear. And of course, he imagined it was the same for her…

[center [+teal "Try not to listen to the hateful ones… They'll go away… Eventually. Though the fact that we can hear them now is a good thing. We're going the right way.”]]

He tried to lead her with a voice of subtle confidence. Whenever he glanced at her he just thought of the other Newborns he stayed silent with. Their ensuing deaths niggling at him with every guilty action. He didn't want to add her to the list of deadto faces he saw when he closed his eyes. Candles sat further in… John doe had started a totem already. 

[Center [+teal "see those books and candles there… a few more items like those gathered up and the voices will lead us out of here…"]]

The dirty survivor approached slowly. His footsteps quiet yet leading as the floorboards squeaked under his weight. He began to arrange the candles and books more reasonably together, adding his femur to the pile. Trying not to think about if John doe was experienced and still got caught off guard he opened his mouth again before the voices caught onto his doubts and added onto them with their bickering.

[Center [+teal "So uhh, Nancy, I don't imagine being trapped in a hellish limbo surrounded by ghostly voices was where you thought you'd be growing up… What district are you from? Somewhere with a lot of money given how brilliant you look I imagine..."]]
NullificationNancy   75d ago

Nancy eyed the body over, he probably had a name and a whole story of his own. And now no one would really know it. Maybe his family back home would keep searching for them and he didn't even have any discerning marks to identify him by. His family would forever search for him no doubt. Nancy figured this wasn't Vento's first rodeo given his attitude towards the body. She watched him closely and when he reached out, she could hear whispers. Had they always been there? She looked to Vento as though he was the one doing it but his explanation, although it made no sense, it worked for this place. 

[+orange "I don't-"] She cut off at his words. Honor his body? She sighed and figured she'd want the same, no point in countless people dying trying to move her corpse somewhere nice. She fiddled with a button on her cassette player nervously. 

The whispers were almost deafening and she couldn't quite make out their phrases and she wasn't sure she wanted to. She crouched a little to inspect what Vento was doing right then. Books and such, that seemed almost too easy? They just had to find things, pointless trinkets and they would get out and then what, another round or out like properly out? Given Vento was still here, she doubted it. 

Nancy couldn't stop her eyes glancing to the body, she felt sorry for him. He looked like he had died painfully and although she couldn't do anything for him, it didn't make her feel good. She almost felt guilty for being alive. 

[+orange "Huh? District?"] 

A lot of money? Vento may as well have been speaking Dutch right then. 

[+orange "London? Uh, capital of Britain? The bright stuff is... It's the 80's, everything has to be bright. You just missed the memo."] Nancy said to him with an almost smile, it didn't quite make its way to her face properly. Maybe he was American, they always caught the fads late somehow and she figured his get up was weird and she looked out some of the gaps in the wood, surveying the area. She couldn't shake the sensation they were being watched from everywhere and it made her bristle uncomfortably. 

A twig snapped somewhere and it almost made her jump out of her skin, trying to search out the cause of it in the thick fog. It was so dense out there, everything hated behind it and she wasn't even sure if it was natural. It just clogged up all vision points and felt claustrophobic. She couldn't see anything. 

[+orange "Vento."] She whispered.

[+orange "Someone's out there."]
GlitchVento   73d ago

[google-font][Rokkitt He looked over the totem site crouching to get a better look. The boy listened beginning to use chalk laying beside the centerpiece to finish marking some of the runes needed to complete the shrine. The knowledge of how to do so being whispered in his ears by the many voices. They imparted knowledge of otherworldly things, ways and methods to imbue the body with qualities unbefitting of normal humans. Of course such things were hard to believe but given everything so far, and what he’d seen he wasn’t sure what to believe anymore. 

This place, Limbo is what he called it, it bent the rules of everything he knew to be true. Mortality was an abstract concept in this plane of fog and death. There was a voice within him, one that came about twisted by either his trauma from being here, or a slow possession of the voices that whispered honeyed hope in his ears even now. It lusted for more knowledge of this place, the power that could be imbued to one here. And while Nancy was stuck on the body, his mind continued to ponder the possibilities of him actually obtaining and harnessing the powers the voices whispered of.

[Center [+teal " 80’s….? Like, you think it’s the 80’s?] ]

With surprise on his face he realized he never considered that limbo didn’t just apparently pluck people from anywhere, but any time as well. Mulling it over he began to understand just why they were having such a hard time communicating. Things like the mainframe didn’t exist in her time. Hell, if he remembered his history lessons well enough the internet hadn’t even been widely adapted until the early 70’s… let alone the cyber crash that happened in 2050. Hell they were only on their second world war in the 80’s… She’d have been surprised to learn about the other 3 since then. She came from a simpler, more flamboyant time where junkies didn’t roam the streets, rainwater was still safe to drink and corporation’s didn’t rule over everyone who wasn’t on their payroll. This made things a bit easier to understand on his end but he wasn’t so sure she could understand just what sort of life he lived having been raised after the golden age of information.

He wanted to tell her what he figured but when he turned he caught her peering out of one of the cabin windows suddenly they began to flare up. The voices pleaded to him now. Some laughing, others crying, and all of their words began to mold into an otherworldly drone that was as ghostly as it was loud. Standing up his heart began to race. The drone was one of danger. Reaching out he grabbed Nancy by the wrist in a panicked motion.

[Center [+teal "it’s coming… move slowly with me.”]

They had to hide, let it slip past until they’d at least seen what it could do.]
NullificationNancy   71d ago

[+orange "No, its the 80s."] 

Nancy spared a glance at him, pulled from the rustling outside. What did he mean [i think] it was the 80s? Maybe he had bumped his head in here. Maybe there was something deeper going on here but now wasn't the time for the menial concerns. Vento seemed visibly on edge as he took her wrist and she watched him. Was this different from last time, another [i thing] creeping around. That couldn't be right, this couldn't be some kind of infinite universe the unknown, could it? 

Then she heard it. 

It qas a low sound, one she likely missed before in all of her panic before where she had ran and dodged as best she could but even that hadn't saved her from nasty injuries that just scarred up miraculously. Hide, was it? 

Nancy hadn't even known that was an option before now, where would they hide? The fog was thick and the droning seemed to be louder as she glanced towards the entrance to the small, broken down shack. She gave his arm a tug but didn't unattach herself from him, in all of her fear it was a comfort to at least have someone around, a reassuring presence. She moved out and eyed the trees, she couldn't climb very high and the risk of falling might prove fatal. 

[+orange "Vento. Where?"] 

He seemed to have been doing this longer, he had to know some sort of strategy and given Nancy hadn't even known about hiding and trying not to be seen and had recently just ran like a mad woman, she trusted his judgement. 

Nancy searched the area, she had switched to clutching his hand like it was the only thing grounding her right then to this reality, this twisted and horrible reality she found herself in. Nancy usually prided herself in her appearance, her strong and playful nature mixed in with the curiosity of a cat but this wasn't something she could talk her way out of or flounce away from. This wasn't a competition she could beat, she was the popular girl back home and could charm the sense out of anyone but that counted for nothing here. She'd never even been camping before, nature was messy after all. 

[+orange "Vento."] She whispered quietly and jutted her head towards some rubble, it might make a better hiding spot than pressing against the cabin and hoping they weren't seen.
GlitchVento   68d ago

[google-font][Rokkitt His eyes darted around the cabin. Their time here would be brief as the threat that whatever it was could and would just run into them loomed closer. Cautiously he slipped out of the front door back into the forest. He used the cabin as cover, slipping behind it while trying to find some answer to her question. Where could they hide….? Through the distant fog he spotted structures far off, he couldn't quite make them out but they looked like pillars. Massive pillars jutting out of the ground that rose above the trees. They were man-made, or atleast they seemed that way. Unknowing what the game had in store for him he took it as his best bet.

[Center [+teal "they're too far off… the rubble works but we'd have to find a way to get under it… lets just move i don't want to be cau-"]]

[right [pic]]

With a thud he felt the voices shrek in his ear as a cold chill ran up his spine. The laughing ones cackled while the others sobbed. All of them panicked as he realized what was behind him. It's breathing was ghastly. It let out a pained groan like every movement was agony. The creatures elongated limbs cracked and popped at the joints as the horrified face of Nancy said it all to him. And yet for a moment he was unable to turn around. Was it fear that paralyzed him? He wasn't sure, the only thing going on in his doomed mind was imminent death. Then. As it reached out to him. It's movement unnatural and uncanny he jerked back to Nancy out of pure reaction. Now he laid eyes on it. It's jaw distended from its head as another ghastly pained moan left its tortured form. The spines on its back were similar to those embedded to the dead body in the cabin. And as it reached back to them with a snap of its wrist. He called out to her 

[Center [+teal "Nancy… Run!"]]

They bolted off through the forest. Losing track of her as spines struck the trees in front of him. Whistling as they slipped past his head. He took off in a sprint weaving through threes as he could hear the popping of its joints behind him. Against his better judgment he peered back to glance at it as he ran. Only terrifying himself further when he saw its disproportionate arms fully stretched out at him just barely swiping at his coattails in an attempt to yank him to the floor. And now as it stood easily 12 feet tall just lankily chasing them he realized that running wouldn't work. It was taller. It was faster and it'd catch up soon enough. He spotted it for a brief moment to his left. The rubble she pointed out earlier. But he needed to cover her while she reached it. Turning on a dime he made for what looked to be an old ruined truck sliding beneath it briefly as the creature caught up within seconds.

[size 16 [i this way, it'll see-it'll see!]]

A child's voice whispered to him. And a path made itself known to him in the form of lights ahead of him. Still panting from his run he slipped out from beneath the truck just as the creature broke line of sight. Taking the path through the foliage nearby just as the entire truck was punched through with spines. Wailing of metal from its frame groaned as the thing let out an ear piercing scream that echoed throughout the forest. With a racing heart he realized It wouldn't entertain the car too long. He kept line of sight off of him as he slid back to the rubble, tripping slightly and tumbling into a hole that ran under the debris. Rolling directly into something soft with a thud. Through his heavy labored breaths he couldn't see what it was in the pitch black darkness, only that it was soft and warm. Then he heard breathing and dug into his pocket for his lighter. With a pull a small flame illuminated their frightened faces. He'd landed on Nancy who laid silently in the mouse hole with him.

[Center [+teal "Are you hurt..?”]
NullificationNancy   66d ago

Nancy stared in utter horror as the creature stood behind Vento. It didn't seem to have real eyes, it was breathing hard and it judt stood and watched them, like a cat waiting for the mouse to run. Nancy didn't breathe, she didn't move as she just stared at the thing. It's limbs and the sounds it made, almost prompted her to be sick right there and then. It made sounds when it did move eventually, moaning and distorted wails like it wasn't coming from the throat. The voices were too loud and she stared at it, almost willing it to go away. There had to be a way to get rid of it, a weak spot but they didn't have time. 

Vento didn't have to tell her twice especially when he moved and Nancy ducked low and ran. Thankfully, the time spent at aerobics and the gym and roller rink had done her good and she was in decent shape. Nancy realised the thing had split off after Vento and she watched from a distance. The thing didn't move naturally, almost like some sort of poorly crafted puppet on a string. It's movements were like stop start, she couldn't take her eyes off but the voices around her urged her to move. 

[i "Go, run, hide. It'll see."] 

It was a woman's voice, so close to her ear Nancy had to double take to make sure she wasn't actually there. She was alone and she turned to see debris again, moving towards it and practically throwing herself down into the whole beneath it. Her heart was hammering in her chest, threatening to break free and she clamped her hand over her mouth tightly, silencing herself as she listened above. 

It went oddly quiet, Nancy actually thought the worst for a moment. Perhaps it had finished Vento off and Nancy's only acquaintance in this unholy place was just gone and she wouldn't find him again. 

Nancy shut her eyes tightly and then there was footsteps and something landed on her as she scrambled madly beneath him, panicking and thinking it was the creature. A tiny flame sparked then and she looked up to see Vento's eyes staring back at her and she almost knocked out with relief, slumping back in the dirt and feeling her tremors subside. 

Was she hurt? 

Nancy didn't know, the thing hadn't come after her, it had gone after him. She maybe had a couple knocks but it was nothing. He looked exhausted already but it was hard to tell in the dim flame light if anything had happened to him. She managed to sit awkwardly in the small hole and glanced towards the entrance, he had somehow given that thing the slip! How?! 

[+orange "I- No?"] 

Nancy stammered out, confused and bewildered by it all. That thing, she had never seen it before and she wasn't sure she could outrun his hanging limbs. 

[+orange "Are you?"] 

Nancy moved quietly to the mouth of the hole and peeped out. Nothing, it had just gone, given up or there were others in the area. She didn't know but something else had proved more interesting than them. 

[+orange "I doubt we can start a life down here."] 

Nancy muttered quietly and nervously laughed at her own stupid joke. Anything to settle the jitters. Vento had mentioned building the shrines, finding knickknacks to stack together because apparently that was somehow important? Nancy wouldn't pretend to understand the logic but she would be damned if she died in a stupid little hole with some random guy in flame light. No, it wouldn't happen and she pulled herself out, turning and offering Vento a hand out, 

[+orange "Come on, let's find stuff."] 

It was as though the fright had turned to our determination and frustration somehow, annoyed with this thing and just angry at the world.
GlitchVento   61d ago

[google-font][Rokkitt The whispers began to fade as he imagined the creature wandered off. He could still feel his heart racing from the encounter. And as he stared at the pale white face welcoming, but eerily lit by the small flame in his hand he began to wonder if she was real. If this redhead wasn’t just some figment of his imagination. Or worse some sort of monster. Maybe she’d just been there to scare him. Terrify him into an early grave. His mind played into his fears subconsciously, egging him into actually considering what he was thinking. His nervousness became an overwhelming fear, blasting horrible anxieties into his mind. Then he was pulled back to reality by her. Looking up he realized her face wasn’t one of terror, just one of fear mirroring his own… He shook off the thoughts, only barely hearing the whispering of a little girl telling him that Nancy was creepy, and that she looked make believe…  Like a monster even… Her sweet whispers became his delusions, realizing he’d somehow fallen into a trance momentarily. What was that…? Why did he fall into it so easily…? How many times had that happened before? His questions unanswered as he was prompted to look over himself for any wounds. Everything hurt so it was hard to tell. But he supposed his run in with the creature hadn’t left him impaled.

[center [+teal “All things considered, I’m okay…[i she's not like that she wouldn’t] Lets just move carefully…”]]

Not realizing his own muttering to the ghost in his ear he took her hand and pulled himself out of the hole. She had an angry look on her face, as if someone had wronged her… Had he done something wrong..? His suspicions rang up when she referred to the ritual items as [i stuff].

[center [+teal “I forget you're still new to this… That stuff is our key out of here. We… We need to gather the items for the shrine, and an exit will appear… At Least thats how Ive seen it so far…”]]

[right [pic]]

They walked amongst the trees, the boy taking slow caution to not make sounds while going from tree to tree. His shoulders shrieked up when he heard a small snap of a twig beside him. Looking at Nancy he whispered to her.

[center [+teal [i “Watch your feet. You're so pale and bright that you can be spotted a mile off with those neon diggs...” ]]]

He gave off a light smile to her as they walked. Now the fog cleared enough for him to get a good look at the pillars. They seemed to be mossy stone, ancient and weathered as wide as apartment buildings.. He’d never seen such things. If there were any clues to how to get out of here, they had to be there. Silently they creeped forward until they were met with a strange sight. At the base of one of these pillars was an entrance marked by a giant skull. One look sent his back to a tree as he hid out of sight. Peering over to Nancy he read the look on her face and couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

[center [+teal “I dont think we’re anywhere near where we came from… So uhh… How do you feel about possibly walking into a giant skull looking for clues…?”]]

[center [pic]]
NullificationNancy   59d ago

[+orange "Alright. Let's get the key to getting out of here, better?"] Nancy remarked to him, was now really the time to be choosy over her phrasings? She let go of him and followed his lead, for now. Nancy wasn't much of a follower and once she got her bearings in this place and wasn't such a newbie to it all, she would find her feet soon enough and then she would be a law unto herself. Nancy glanced around warily as they moved, she couldn't shift the feeling they were being watched from everywhere even though it was a ridiculous notion. 

Nancy felt a twig snap underfoot and looked to Vento. He wasn't wrong when it came to her get up, she was neon bright and that didn't make for great cover and she figured she might have to muddy up her clothes or something so she wouldn't be so easily picked off. Not that Vento's gear was much better and if anything he just looked like a misplaced goth that had been shaken up a few times for good measure. Hardly a dashing white knight, then again she did like the neon splashes, that much was at least redeemable. 

Nancy crouched low when the cave came into view, it did strongly resemble a skull and going in there was likely a terrible idea but they didn't have many options right then either. It was too open out here and she was eighty percent sure that thing could climb trees if it wanted to or dig under rubble. They were fish in a bucket if they stuck around like this for too long. 

[+orange "You're the boss."] 

She remarked, so far he hadn't done a terrible job and if she could just get a hold of being a helpless clutz then she might actually stand a chance by herself. If this place was as awful as he claimed, she may well need to learn not to rely on him so much just in case he became a twisted corpse on the ground. 

Nancy spurred her feet into action, no time like the present, she supposed. She moved onwards and towards the mouth of the cave, stopping to peek inside, it seemed quiet but there was things littered around and flickering torches. It cast ghostly shadows that danced along the stones walls in their merry jig. 

[+orange "This looks like a person made it."] She murmured quietly to no one in particular. How strange was that? It was as though this had been inhabited and maybe once upon a time. It was at least warmer and the whispers were still on the outskirts of her mind, ears? Nancy wasn't trying to listen right then as she just eyed the area for any danger, a couple skeletons lay around.
GlitchVento   51d ago

[google-font][Rokkitt This place seemed ancient. As the two of them cautiously threaded through uneven ground and tight corners it wasn’t long before cut stone laid beneath their feet. Torches bled light through the inside and beyond a tight corner the two of them found themselves in what looked to be some sort of dungeon. Stairs laid before them and just for a moment he hesitated. What could be down there? Horrors the likes of which he couldn't imagine. Maybe that creature from outside, maybe it came from here. It's ghastly sounds haunting him as the memory ran a chill up his spine. The voices; they repeated his hesitation aloud, digging into his mind as he stood staring into the abyss that laid at the bottom of this ancient place. With a deep breath he took the first step leading downward.

[center [+teal “You said earlier that it was the 80's… if you don't mind me asking… what year is it…?”]]

He looked her over, the torchlight finally giving him a good look at her, despite everything so far he still couldn't get a good read on her. Placing glances at her as they descended he couldn't help but notice she seemed rather unphased by all of it. Even though this was his third trial the fear of dying was still heavy in his thoughts. This entire ordeal was a nightmare. Yet there she was, hair fiery red with a stoic expression on her face. Was it the music coming out of her weird device…? If he could even call it that, getting a stray baseline when close enough he vaguely recognized it as an upbeat tone. Like a power ballad he'd never heard of. 

[center [+blue [i “shes going to leave you out to dry you know.. ” ]]]

A voice of many made himself clear above the others. A saucey tone could be imagined as Vento began to speak under his breath.

[center [+teal [i “it'd be too dangerous,  for the both of us there's safety in numbers… Nancy wouldn't do that–”]]] 

[Center [pic ]]

The delusional boy realized she was staring at him and smiled nervously beneath the mask. Waving away the slight awkwardness of the conversation and ignoring the voice going forward. Though he'd give that one a name incase it decided to backseat any more helpful tips. Keith… He’d call that one keith… He hated the name Keith so it fit. And after a few more steps he pulled a torch from the sconce on the wall, babbling to break the thick atmosphere.

[center [+teal “Don't mind me mumbling… to be honest im afraid of 

what we might find down there– the voices– They say we're heading the right direction…”]]
NullificationNancy   47d ago

[+orange "Ninteen eighty eight!"] Nancy said like it was some sort of feature of pride for her to be from that year. It was the year of greatest hits, George Michael, The Pet Shop Boys, music simply couldn't get better! She moved down the stairs, watching as Vento seemed to be preoccupied with something. The voices again? She could faintly hear them but she didn't want to listen. If they were going to be unfriendly and do nothing but make her paranoid then why should she? She did wonder why he wore that mask all the time though, maybe he had one of those hare lip things and he was embarrassed about it, poor thing. Best not to pry though right then. 

There were voices though, louder ones that weren't from the back of her head and she glanced to Vento. 
[+orange "If its the right direction then that's good news right?"] She remarked to him with a chuckle. It was a nervous chuckle though, the happy go lucky charade she was playing would wear off quickly enough and then what? She didn't know this man, he may well leave her in the dust if it came down to a choice and saving his own skin. 

Men were rarely valorant in that way. 

Nancy slowed when she heard low humming, it wasn't particularly melodic in nature nor did it sound like English or language she knew. She furrowed her brow and crept over to a ledge to look down. She could see shapes and she rubbed her ear as thoughbthat would make the agitating voices go away. She huffed a little in exasperation of them. They were growing tiresome and made her feel like she was going insane and she wasn't. She knew she wasn't insane, she had seen insanity and this wasn't it. Besides, if she was insane then Vento wouldn't be seeing the same stuff unless they were in a padded room somewhere just sharing hallucinations. 

Also a possibility.
GlitchVento   41d ago

[google-font][Rokkitt His suspicions were right, though it still blew his mind. Coming to a full stop to let it sink in just for a moment as their steps echoed throughout the chamber. She started listing off things left and right most if not all of them unfamiliar to him. He’d never known much about the past. Most of that stuff was long gone after the fires and evacuations. His life was spent learning the more practical aspects of staying alive like the rest of the children born after the war–. 

[center [+teal “Nineteen eighty eight. And you can't be much older or younger than me… ”]]

She didn't know about the Final Great War. About the radiation that it left making most of the planet’s surface uninhabitable for hundreds of years even to this day. Or about how the last remnants of the era before froze themselves to escape the devastation they created. She was from a far flung past when the world was still blue, and shades of debris and pollution didn’t reign supreme anywhere but the domes.Staring at her he wondered if he should tell her. If she’d even believe that she came from a world with grass and trees; A place from a dream as far as he’s ever heard.

[center [+teal “This place is stranger than I ever thought it could be. We’re not just from different places, but from different times.”]]

The excited recanting of pop culture and sounds were replaced with a silent confusion and quizzical look.

[center [+teal “The year is 2527. At Least… That's where I'm from. The old world is long gone. To be honest, I've never seen so many trees before now as far back as I can remember… I thought this place was a haunted, cursed dome or something… But now I'm thinking otherwise. ‘’]]

The voices left him with his thoughts as he went back to descending, the stone opening back into another cavern entrance that was dimly lit by sconces on the wall. There was someone or something here as well else they’d be in complete darkness. The cavern path was long and narrow until they came upon an opening that led to a massive cave vista and ravine.

[right [pic]]

[center [+teal “Though.. I don't mind hearing more about this… Bon Jovi Character. Best to keep my mind off of whatever we might run int–”]]

His eye spotted something then. Hitting the floor in silent prone they found themselves at the edge of a cliff leading down into an abyss. Across from them. Two figures lay at the opposite edge… Just who were they…?
NullificationNancy   40d ago

[+orange "2527?"] He was joking, surely! Nancy fell behind slightly as she watched him in disbelief. He had no reason to lie and the whispers got louder at the back of her mind. They told her to doubt him, to ditch him and to leave him in this forsaken place. She didn't listen and instead focused on what he told her. Well, it meant the world didn't end anytime soon really so that was reassuring, no apocalypse in her lifetime. Nancy thought for a while and mulled over his words. 

[+orange "I guess I'm technically older than you, waaaaaay older."] Nancy said with a chuckle and looked at him. She nodded when he mentioned Bon Jovi, maybe the music had stayed just as good in the future but if it didn't have Cyndi Lauper or Bon Jovi then how good could it really be? 

Nancy ground to a halt when they came to an overhang in the cave and she paused as she looked down. They weren't twisted monsters, in fact they looked like those renaissance people. Nancy furrowed her brow, she wasn't the smartest cookie in the jar but she could figure out that if Vento and her came from different timelines then ithers could too? That was only if these two weren't just monsters in hiding. It was entirely plausible. 

Nancy peered over the edge, curiously. The brunette woman with peculiar markings littering her body was muttering to herself, over and over and the man in armour didn't seem to want to quieten her. Then again she couldn't see his face, although he was brave wearing chinking armour when stealth had saved her life in these stupid, cruel and brutal games. 

Nancy watched them both, the woman seemed to be staring at them too. Nancy leaned over the edge some, looking for something that might discern them as friend or foe. Had they just holed themselves in this cave and had been surviving like this? For how long? Nancy hadn't believed she would see others, Alice like her and Vento. They had seen bodies though and it was a little more real now she could say for sure that man from before had really been alive at some point. 

[+orange "Uh...hi?"] Nancy dared, the whispers were quieter now, lulled almost and she was utterly stunned. 

The woman in paint crawled to all overs almost and looked up, her lips were moving hut no sounds came as she cocked her head at them. 

[+blue "HAH!"] The woman exclaimed suddenly and Nancy fell back and landed on her ass. The woman was now laughing, a relieved laugh almost as she danced her nails up the man's armour, her fingertips tapping the metal there.
GlitchVento   32d ago

[google-font][Rokkitt He watched her go through several faces on her journey to realization. Though, given their situation he should have known there wasn't too much shock to her putting it together. After all this nightmarish terror realm had worse in store for the unsure duo. The people down below spotted them. Quickly he slinked back into the cave hoping that their meeting these strangers wouldn't lead to ruin or bloodshed. A noise came from one of them as he peered at Nancy falling over out of shock. The blue eyed boy almost wanted to laugh given her animated reaction. It seemed like she had a bubbly personality beyond all the horror and clumsiness. Helping her up he peered out to see the people below had moved. They’d been spotted.

[right [pic]]
[center [+teal " Nancy, If this turns out badly we shouldn't fight. The way here was clear… We could run again…”]]

Unbeknownst to the boy in black; behind him a floating trail of strange luminescent color snaked in from the mouth of the cave. The head of it investigating him briefly him behind his back as he stood with arms folded coming up with escape plans. 

[center [+grey “Cut thine blasted heresy out witch! I've told thee before, magics draw too much ire!”]]

The muffled voice echoed in from beyond stealing his attention. Quickly turning to see the remnants of the snake become a multicolored lightshow in front of him before fading completely. Vento's eyes narrowed.

[center [+teal “They've experienced the entity too then…‘’]]

His mind began to race at the possibilities. Tensing up with anticipation for a fight. Only as the two of them stepped back a bedraggled head of brunette locks creeped out from the right corner, he noticed her inhuman eyes first. Luminous off the dim lighting Reminding him of a cat in the dark. Feathers and beads, twigs and matted hair marked her cemented her strange presence as foreign in his mind.

[center [+green “Huh… they usually run away when I sniff them out with magic. But it’s not fear I smell—”]]

[center [+grey “Resilience! You smell conviction! Perhaps even the will to survive such hard trials!”]]

The stranger was cut off by a louder male voice muffled by metal, no doubt the strange helmeted man they spotted earlier. He shouted with intent his booming voice all but sending Vento back a step.

[center [+grey “Pardon the witch, she knows not how to contain her vile magics, alas, this is our purgatory. Here lies the gates to the abyss, and it’s secrets! You may call me Sir. Rodrick! And whomst doth I hath the pleasure of introducing myself to?”]]

His body obscured with a darkened blue cloak there seemed to be a sheathed blade on his hip, no doubt this guy was from the dark ages. Either that or he was insane and just happened upon a museum somehow. And the woman beside him who stood confidently hands at her hips a smile on her face, just who was she…? He called her witch. Vento Met his question with a cautious silence. Only to watch the weirdo turn his attention to Nancy.

[center [+grey “Again with the lack of clothing, doth thou have no shame? Or hath the entity caught you at a most indecent time miladay?” ]]
NullificationNancy   30d ago

Nancy face a small nod to Vento at his words about running but she was intrigued by this duo. The witch was muttering but looked like she was having a good time all the same and the knight, an actual knight! Nancy watched the exchange. 

[+blue “Ha! They don’t know, they can’t know, why would they know? Tainted they are, together.”] 

Nancy watched the witch as she spoke in riddles and the Knight cursed at her. Sir Rodrick was it? Nancy stared at them both and nodded to the man in the armoured suit. 

[+orange “He called me Milady!”] Nancy said excitedly to Vento under her breath and giggled softly, it was almost a relief to meet others. 

[+orange “Nancy! A pleasure to meet you Sir and…?”] Nancy’s gaze travelled to the witch who brightened up at being addressed and her keen eyes felt like they were peering into her soul. 

[+blue “The monster under your bed, fair lady. You can call me Zodi.”] The painted woman said with a grin but upon closer inspection, Nancy could see it was as though her skin was faintly marked with ashes or tattoos in strange markings. 

[+orange “This is Vento, we’re stuck here too.”] She said to them both, how long had they been together. It was an odd sight, a mad woman and a knight hunkered down in a cave. The whispers were faint now, a brief respite but they couldn’t hide here forever, they would be sniffed out and they had a task. Did these two know what they had to do to get out? Nancy almost pitied them if they didn’t and they seemed so mismatched. Maybe that was the point, the foul creature that ran this world was toying with them and pairing them up in unlikely places with unlikely allies. It could have been a cheesy hallmark movie if it wasn’t for the gore and death. 

[+blue “Aren’t they pretty? The man in black behind the mask and the orange haired woman. They’ll write stories about them, Roddy.”] Zodi cooed and eyed them both over, giggling and turning her attention to Vento. 

[+blue “Peculiar creature, hiding behind a pretend mask like I cannot see what you truly are. She will too.”] Zodi said to him, reaching up and taking his chin in her fingers, grinning at him and licking her lips.

[+blue “You are the mask, it has swallowed you whole.”] Zodi flickered her attention to Nancy, rather enjoying her game and Nancy took a wary step back. 

[+orange “So afraid, little bird, fluttering your wings and never taking flight, stuck in one place, hiding behind bright colours to mask a charred soul in need of healing. Oh, I could eat you both.”] Zodi squealed in delight, voice echoing around her off of the cave walls and it made her somewhat more terrifying. 

Nancy swallowed slightly and raised an eyebrow, these two were weird and although she was completely enamoured with them, it was a mistake to misjudge these two. They had survived just the same somehow so there was resilience there, strength even and Nancy glanced around, cautiously. Her excitement had fizzled and she was now acutely aware of her surroundings. Not every survivor was a friend, they were here to survive and Zodi was creeping her out. Nancy did take the opportunity to sit on a rock and actually take a moment.
GlitchVento   23d ago


[center [+grey “Cease thine pestering witch, lest you scare the Newborns away.”]]

The eerie eyed woman backed off him. Squinting at her as her words were left hanging in the air. He wondered if she actually portrayed some sort of clairvoyance or if she had gone mad from her time in the dark, spouting coincidental gibberish ignorant of the knowledge the whispers grant. He peered at Nancy who found herself fascinated at the pair. And given by the knights terminology. Those two heard the voices as well. Skipping further pleasantries vento let his guard down.

[center [+teal "We're not Newborns. Though, this place is new… aren't you scared of the creature outside? It could come in here and kill you at any moment. The trial always makes sure of it.”]]

[right [pic]]

[center [+grey “Fear not! This place is hallowed ground! That vile demon avoids these caves. Though truthfully. I know not why.”]]

Thr knight explained tidbits about their past, that they too belonged from a different  time and The two of them went on taking turns talking, as if they hadn't had company in a long, long time. Eventually the question came to how long they'd been here yet neither of them could give a straight answer. The knight ushered the two of them forward with the witch following onto what was a small abode filled with books. A small beoken ruin of a stone bricked room. Missing bricks in the walls made it clear that this cave was part keep at some point long ago. Finding a spot to sit the witch explained the two of them arrived just as they had. Though her words were like riddles and barely made sense to the boy. Their living space laid on bricked stone flooring, a red carpet strewn from one side to the next. Torches lit on the walls in a warm flame illuminating various occult like witch-trinkets and baubles made from animal bones and glass. A couple scattered bookshelves gave way to open tomes that laid across the ground. The whispers here were almost silent.

[center [+teal "So… youve just been down here, for years possibly. How? What did you eat?”]]

He gestured his way to a broken stone pillar resting on it as his mind wandered at the possibilities.

[center [+teal "And how is it that youve managed to create a safe haven in limbo?”]]

[center [+grey “Isnt it obvious? My lord hath given us peace in his divine benevolence!”]]

All the sudden the knight's voice grew a more zealous tone. Vento met him with a raised brow ad he glanced at the eye rolling of Zodi just behind The Knight.

[center [+grey “We need not food! Nor water so long as we stay here! We came here wounded and our wounds heal despite their severity! It is only by ths lords blessing that we were granted such kindness by the whispering angels!”]]

It shocked Vento a bit just how differently one could perceive a horrible situation Yet somehow It managed to become endearing in a creepy religious way. He snickered a bit. Soon quieting down as the idea sunk in he hadn’t felt hungry since arriving nor did his wounds throb maybe this night was telling the truth. But if so did that mean that they had escaped? Were they truly free from the nightmarish woods above and if so where should they have gone from here? The more he spoke the more questions sat in Vento’s head.

[center [+teal "Angels huh? Is that what you call them? If I had so much free time why not construct a totem and complete the trial why are you still here?”]]

Vento peered over to the witch waiting for an answer, surely she knew. Surely she had some idea as to how to construct such a totem and how to escape the trial. Yet she sat here in a dark cave with a strange zealot of a man wearing a helmet. Why he wondered…
NullificationNancy   20d ago

Nancy watched the exchange and leaned slightly back from Zodi who was uncomfortably close to her. Zodi for the most part seemed to ignore the Knight, she had long since gotten used to his surly attitude and scoffs. It was almost funny to her now and there was fresh meat to be teased and poked at. Their reactions were much more fun than Rodrick’s anyway. 

[+orange “You could try and escape?”] Nancy echoed Vento’s thoughts as she tried to work out why the two hadn’t ever converged their forces and worked out a plan. Maybe they didn’t have one but Rodrick declared hallow grounds and she raised an eyebrow. It seemed unlikely these were actually blessed grounds but something had to keep the monsters away and keep them from death. She looked around expectantly, no crucifix or holy water. 

[+blue “Would you like to meet my pet?”] Zodi said suddenly and Nancy flashed a look towards Vento, actually not sure and she also knew that denying the woman probably wasn’t a good idea. Nancy instead offered up a nervous nod and watched as Zodi dug around in her various pouches and bags, finally procuring a string of beads. That wasn’t so bad but when she got to the end of the beads, there was a skeletal skull attached and Nancy swallowed down bile that rose in her throat. Zodi looked absolutely shimmering with excitement as she dangled the thing in front of Nancy’s nose. 

[+blue “I named him Grub.”] She said and Nancy just nodded again before going and looking around the area, there had to be some sort of clue as to why this place was so avoided and she looked around. There was nothing really of note, not at first glance at least. Maybe it was just a reprieve but she didn’t want to live the rest of her life in a cave with a witch and knight. It wouldn’t make for much of a life. She slipped her headphones over her ears and turned up the music, letting it play as she looked around, the music thumping in her ears and she tilted her head. The torches flickered off of the cave, bouncing around and she couldn’t seem to fathom a reason why this place was safe. 

It shouldn’t have been. 

The flames glinted for a moment and she caught the slightest glimpse of something on the wall and she stared at it for a while, bewildered. It was an etching, a weird sort of symbol or ruin.  She moved closer and used some of the rock formation to climb up and get closer. She poured over the inscription, it wasn’t anything she understood but it was the only tell tale sign that would match up with Rodrick’s theory. 

[+orange “Vento?”] She called and offered him a hand up to the ledge she was on so he could get a better view. She figured maybe he would understand it, being from the oogly-boogly future. Maybe not and a lot of stuff in this place was utterly foreign and it was unwise to believe that they had all of the answers when they simply didn’t and couldn’t. 

[+orange “This might not be a bad place to get some sleep.”] She murmured to him, she doubted the other two would try anything if they did get some shut eye. They needed it and maybe there was water to clean up, not that Nancy was prissy but she didn’t like being grimy and dirtied up like this. It was terrible for her skin.
GlitchVento   18d ago

[google-font][Rokkitt He watched her climb up, a determined look on her face as if the music in her ears channeled some spark of courage. Suddenly, He thought back to his younger self, obsessed over an old cellular device he found in the back of junk-ward thirty three. He obsessed for days trying to get working what he perceived as “priceless technology ” uncovered and restored, easily valuable to anyone with sense in their brain. Only thing was he couldn’t get the screen working. Wasn’t enough apple iphone xlr22100’s floating around the junkyards he frequented at the time to find the spare parts he needed. But the music worked. How strange it was to actually hear tunes coming from a broken device, the first piece of old tech that actually had a remnant of times before the wars. There were times when he’d just let the thing play while he rummaged around trying to fashion valuable tech from scraps… His eyes narrowed, a memory….? They were coming back in pieces , slowly he remembered the feeling of uneven junk piles below his boots and the color of rust against a clear blue sky. One of the only times he’d ever seen a clear sky in his life.

[center [+grey “Snap out of it, don’t keep the lady waiting.”]]

At the knights word he did just that, climbing up the rock and inspecting what was in front of him.

[center [+teal "It’s… not something I recognize.. sorry.”]]

He cautiously rubbed the back of his head smiling beneath his mask, a thin separation giving the liar comfort. Taking an extra moment to stare down the sigil. Taking a mental note to copy it into his book like the others. How fascinating the voices were. How extensive their magics could get. He’d seen such things before in his quest for answers but none so cleanly and powerful a ward as this…

[center [+green “Are you thinking about ending your life by jumping off from up there little Vento? Come down, meet the family, I’ll show you to the stream”]]

[right [pic]]

She wasted no effort amusing herself with her new guests, all but skipping along as Nancy followed her. A ratty dress fluttered behind the Witch. tattered and dirt covered at the bottom it made he silhouette from above look like a wilted flower. Strangely apt for a witch he thought. He climbed down peering over to her as she stopped with a smile.

[center [+green “You two have come such a long long way, stay a while, there are some bedrolls behind that big door, just go in and get comfy!”]]

Zodi had a sort of high pitched pep in her voice that one gets after winning the pit raffle or getting promoted at work, yet at the same time her eyes screamed danger. Looking into them was like peering into a burning building full of people in horrible agony whilst engulfed in flame. Terrifying… yet just as occult and attractive as the coveted knowledge granted by the voices.

[center [+grey “HARK! this is a most joyous occasion I assure you.” ] Vento jumped, not expecting the booming voice as soon as he touched the ground. [+grey “Meeting of deathtones mark great changes in the land! I have a proposal to make on the Morn. Relax and stay as our guests in the night, dine with us tomorrow and if thine ears are open and thine body ready for redemption. There will be much to be discussed.”]]

[center [+green "The fresh stream is right this way my little explorers. Come, get cleaned up your filthy!”]]

Vento let out a sigh, it felt like she was just chomping at the bit to get them alone and stripped of their clothes. Maybe she planned to put them in a soup, maybe that’s why they were only a couple. He glanced over to Nancy hoping her reaction to their obnoxious hospitality was any less gear grinding. Thankfully though, apparently unlike himself, she seemed to enjoy people. And so, soon enough he found himself meekly stepping towards a waterfall within the cave rocks. Naked, standing under it still recovering from the breath being robbed from his lungs. Skin showing everywhere but his mask which he kept on. His lower half obscured by waist high boulders he looked over to catch Nancy trying her best attempt to stare at anything that wasn’t him in the large open dimly lit cavern. The witch sitting beside her talked in hushed tones while they waited their turns.

He misplaced his foot and almost fell. He stepped on something slippery leaning over to pick it up it slipped up and out of his hands into the air. Quickly panicking he barely caught it before it slipped down deeper into the cave stream never to be seen again. Thought now that he had it, it confused him… It smelled nice but…what was it…? He spoke slightly embarrassed, opting to turn his head away from them while he asked to spare himself any snickered looks.

[center [+teal “Excuse me… but… what is this…? It’s like waxy.. solid fat…”]]

Holding it up as his back faced to them he simply placed his wet head under the stream directly waiting for the cold water to purify his mind of embarrassment.
NullificationNancy   18d ago

Nancy smiled softly as she followed the little trek towards the stream. She had assumed that they would simply be washing their faces and she went a rather nice shade of pink upon watching Zodi peel back all of Vento’s layers. She cleared her throat and looked away, towards the oh so interesting stream, saving him some embarrassment and herself. It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with Vento, quite the opposite given the curiosity he was and Nancy was a sucker for a mysterious man which usually led her into all types of trouble when she was dating back home. She simply didn’t want to cause any sort of embarrassment. 

It was odd that he kept the mask on though, Nancy peeked over at him under the waterfall and had expertly avoided Zodi’s nimble fingers and wondered what Vento could be hiding. Perhaps it wasn’t her business, but part of her wanted to ask. 

[+blue “Ah come now, off with it. You have to be clean.”] Zodi prompted and Nancy rolled her eyes. She wasn’t ashamed of her body by any means but this all felt a little too intimate. She shooed Zodi off as she started to undress herself slowly, it was a relief to be out of the shoes and she waited for Vento to duck under the water as she moved in and the coldness of it shocked her core. 

Nancy looked over to see Zodi fiddling with her hair bow and she swam out slightly. Once she got used to the water it was at the very least tepid in temperature. She stayed hunched down so nothing was on show, her time spent at her beloved roller rink and the pressures on women to look good made sure she had a sleek body, but curvaceous enough to keep men interested. Cursed diners. 

Nancy looked over when Vento almost slipped and she eyed the thing in his hands. Their nakedness forgotten for a moment, she looked stunned. 
[+orange “Vento, it’s soap. For cleaning yourself.”] Did they not have that in the future? That explained a lot and she shook her head, dipping under the water and groping around the edge and Zodi plonked down a bar on her hands, still marvelling at their clothing. 

The soap wasn’t the best she had ever had but right then it may as well be the second coming of Jesus Christ because it was a relief to just be clean and smell nicer than damp and dirt. Nancy raised an eyebrow, Vento didn’t look half bad from the back but she didn’t say as much. Most men of her time weren’t as easily embarrassed like he was, then again they were frequent gym attendees and the summers always gave way for pool time. Vento must have missed out on all of that. 

Nancy got up towards the waterfall and brought her own soap, making sure to scrub herself over and rinse her hair. She avoided looking at Vento, save for the odd glance. At least his was a living and breathing body, as opposed to being turned inside out by the creature. 

[+green “Come away witch, leave their things.”] Rodrick remarked in a low voice, he would never look upon a lady in such scant undress. He himself had settled near a little campfire and Zodi pouted innocently and set down the clothes, which were miraculously cleaner than they had been. Witchcraft indeed. 

Nancy was silent as she rinsed off under the waterfall and then made her way back to the clothes, Zodi had lit a fire for them and the bed rolls she had spoken about were neatly put together close by and Nancy started to pull on her clothes but left the shoes and socks off for a while, basking in the warmth as her damp hair dried. 

She didn’t avert her gaze though when Vento came to dress, a little bolder and challenging his embarrassment with her green eyes. 

[+orange “That mask never comes off, does it?”] She asked him, if he wouldn’t take it off to wash then she doubted he ever did.
GlitchVento   13d ago


The boy let out a gasp as he turned and the cold rushing water lapped at him again. Turning his back to them before removing the mask and washing his face. Crouching down out of view he shouted.

[center [+teal "I know what soap is just not…not in a bar! [i It usually comes from dispensaries in the wall… but if this works then I’m not going to complain.”]]]

His voice became a mutter as he quickly finished not wanting to lose anymore body heat. Slipping the mask back on before showing his face again. And of course he found himself generating looksfrom the others. . By the time he’d slipped his clothed back on he found Nancy eyeing his mask. Reaching to clear the soap from his eye he thought up a clever avoidance to the topic.

[right [pic]]

[center [+teal “Keeps me from having to inhale all the dust back home. Guess I’m just used to it now. Corpses lead to disease, and in the junkwards there’s a never ending flow of people who can’t make it.”]]

[center [+grey “Not unlike my home, though through force of will I have kept my humors well. ”]]

The knight’s words were of a lower tone than the usual outside voice he portrayed. His helmet reflected the orange glint of the crackling fire. Looking over himself he found his clothes still dirty unlike Nancy’s which looked immaculate in comparison.

[center [+green “Hold still, your next.”]]

The witch approached and with a waggle of her fingers dirt began to sift itself out of the fibers on his clothes gathering just in front of his chest then falling to the floor. Stunned he stood eyes wide as she sat silently and nonchalantly beside her helmeted companion.

[center [+teal “How did you…?”]]

[center [+green “Don’t play dumb with me boy. You know how. She may be fooled but I know your ways. Those eyes of yours aren’t normal are they?”]]

Her tone shifted to a sudden seriousness that he hadn’t seen from her yet. As she spoke, she took on the feral look of a cat staring at another in an alley not big enough for the both of them. Under her scrutiny he simply narrowed his eyes. Silently pondering how to handle her sharp tone. Though, in an instant her composure came back with a smile winking at him with a schoolgirls giggle breaking the tension in the air.

[center [+grey “The voices grant ability to us all. It hasn’t woken for everyone but it will. Slowly corrupting us, turning us into creatures of this realm.”]]

The knight stoked the fire as he spoke whilst keeping his helmet trained on the flame. Vento decided to cautiously sit beside Nancy as the two went back and fourth again.

[center [+green "Their whispers lead to a blackened pit in the ground, it’s darkness so mesmerizing and alluring you’d be insane not to be transfixed when you see it. Of course, those eyes tell me you’ve seen it yourself right?”]]

She looked him dead in the eye, a perverted grin on her face as she daydreamed about her time gazing into the pit. Reluctantly he nodded to her not wanting divulge any more than necessary as she creepily stared at him.

[center [+green “You’ve flirted with it that much is obvious boy, I wonder just how much youve inhaled of that darkness, and what of little Nancy here? She seems perfectly normal doesn’t she? Maybe she’s never even seen one out there. How do you think she’ll react when she does? I mean there’s always a chance she-”] A hand was held out in front of the witch. Who had stepped close enough to Vento’s face that he could make out the small details in her eyes. [+grey “Enough you’ll frighten the poor girl. These people are meant to be our Ally’s remember?”]]

She changed demeanor again as if suddenly remembering where she was. Smiling at Nancy and himself before standing and stretching into an uncomfortably flexible pose. Seeming more feline than human by the moment. All at once her attitude shifted again, looking at the knight in a smug defiance before turning heel and humming away from the fire. With the witch trotting off merrily witha spring in her step, he was left with a confused looking Nancy and an unreadable helmeted man who simply warmed himself by the fire.

[center [+teal “I imagine she’s always like that.”]]

[center [+grey “Fortunately lately that’s been the case. She used to be a lot more… Turbulent. Perhaps she’s finally settled on giving up the search.”]]

[center [+teal “Search…? For who?”]]

[center [+grey “The trials took something from her. Or someone. Hard to tell she doesn’t speak on it. Nor should you, lest you invoke her wrath. Worry not, she means no harm in her prying. I imagine she’s just testing your grit. Think nothing of it.”]]

His words were reassuring yet raised just as many questions as answers. Those two seemed slightly off. Like they’d been down here too long and were one bad day away from a mental break.

[center [+grey “I imagine she retreated to our kitchen to retrieve food. Whenever she skips away like that, that seems to be the case. She will return.”]

Oh joy. Dinner with crazies. But now that he’d mentioned it, it was like Vento remembered he had a stomach. This Limbo was strange, food was never even a thought that crossed his mind here, as if he didn’t need it, nor had he ever remembered himself becoming hungry in this realm of realms.

[center [+teal “Do you ever hunger here…?”]]

The question sounded smarter in his head but given the circumstances he needed to know.

[center [+grey “Not quite, but food does taste good, and your body needs muscle doesn’t it? How else will you keep yourself from thinning and becoming an emaciated husk. One may not die from hunger here within the realm of the damned, yet their bodies will slowly change to fit their new dietary habits.”]]

We’ll that explained the feeling of gradual weakness he was beginning to feel after days running from monsters and touching things he probably shouldn’t. He’d seen small game out there yet since his stomach never growled the need to hunt was never more prevalent than need to hide from danger. 

[center [+grey “Enough about you gloomy. Fair maiden Nancy, tell me. What awaits for you when you finally manage to escape this terrible place?”]]
NullificationNancy   5d ago

Nancy raised an eyebrow, whatever future Vento was from, it didn’t exactly sound pleasant and she had to admit as grim as it was, she was almost glad she would be dead for it. Crawling through grime and corpses and disease, it really wasn’t her style. It was almost a shame that Vento didn’t know the 80s and how wonderful and colourful it was. Nancy smirked a little at that, he might even like it a little. Still, he wouldn’t ever know it. Part of her wished he could come back with her, maybe experience it for a while and learn the music and the beat and how everything worked. She snapped out of it, such dream like states weren’t befitting right then and she figured if Vento wanted to keep the mask on then it wasn’t hurting anyone. 

Nancy instead watched him and the witch, she seemed to be jabbering fantasy at that stage but Nancy wasn’t sure. It was unnerving to see her so suddenly serious and foreboding as she glanced to the Knight. What exactly did they mean? A hole? A darkness? She shuddered slightly, as though someone had walked over her grave. She wanted to ask what they were going on about but Zodi had pattered off apparently in search of food and she looked to Vento and Roderick. There was a chance she would? Nancy wanted to know, she wanted to know what she had to be frightened of but it was over in an instant and she eyed over Vento. 

What was he hiding? 

She narrowed her eyes at him but didn’t further her questions. Was he keeping secrets? She didn’t know why. They weren’t exactly friends but… they were in this together so why keep something from her if it pertained to this place? 

[+orange “What- Sorry.”] She apologised to Rodrick. 

What was waiting for her? 

[+orange “Friends, my family.”] She expressed with a wistful smile towards them as she moved her damp hair over her shoulder so it would dry properly and with some sort of style to it. 

[+orange “We would spends nights at the roller rink. We ride around with wheels on our boots, there would be beautiful lights of all different colours and we would eat well and drink.”] She giggled at that, the thought of everyone smiling and eating hot dogs, drinking cold coca-cola and just listening to music and having a great time. She always figured they would always be there, those nights. 

[+orange “Oh and fireworks, these explosions of colour in the skies. My friend Tommy and some of them would get fireworks for random weekends and we’d all stay out by the lake and watch the fireworks. I don’t know how he didn’t lose some fingers lighting the things.”] She grinned a bit at that. It sounded whimsical and hopeful, she wanted to have a light beer and relax. 

[+orange “What about you guys? Are there dragons to be slain?”] She asked Rodrick and her eyes glinted with amusement at the thought. From what she had heard, it didn’t sound like Vento had much to go back to really, it sounded awful where he was from and she really did wonder if he had anything to go back to.


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