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Multifandom Angels Vs Demons (Version 3)

By Cat22
Backup thread
Angels and demons had been embroiled in conflict since the beginning of time. Though when this conflict began is unknown, the two sides have been fighting each other for as long as the bad blood between the two sides existed. The angels believed in light and purity while the demons were seen as corrupt, wild and impure. The two sides saw each other differently and this was part of the contributing factor of the war. Prisoners of war were taken from both sides yet they were mostly not harmed by the opposing side. However, there were those exceptions of angels or demons who were hurt by the other side. Throughout all of this, there were always two core sides fighting against each other. Light against darkness, purity against corruption, good against evil, order against chaos, and finally, Heaven vs Hell.

However, what happens when some angels, demons, and hybrids start to question whether or not the war is right? Will they decide to act upon it and if so, will they succeed in stopping the war?

(There are three main realms within the roleplay. Heaven, Hell, and the Middle Grounds. Heaven and Hell are the home realms for angels and demons respectively however, the Middle Grounds was historically where most of the fighting took place. Due to this, it is considered to be dangerous to enter the Middle Grounds since it is rather easy for unsuspecting angels and demons to be captured by the opposing side amidst the fighting in the Middle Grounds. And yes, the whole plot point is shifted more towards some angels and demons questioning whether or not continuing the war is correct or not.)


1. No Cybering
2. No complaining
3. Don't be a bully outside of the roleplay
4. No sexual themes
5. Don't join if you don't like dark themes
6. Follow Site Rules
7. You are allowed to use OCs if you wish
8. You are allowed to have as many of your characters in a category as you wish
9. Keep n*dity, mentions of r*pe, s*icide, and mentions of s*icide out of this thread!
10. No racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.
11. Please do not kill anyone else’s characters without permission and a good reason to.
12. (Because this rule had to be added) Don’t derail the plot! I don’t care if you want to go save the captives and demolish the structures of one side, the story isn’t about action and combat 24/7 but rather, it mainly focuses on a small group of angels, demons, and hybrids who start to question if continuing the war is the right thing or not and then make an attempt to act upon stopping the war after a certain amount of time although every interaction doesn’t have to be within this main plot point. And yes, the technology present in the roleplay is akin to that in the medieval era.
13. Please wait for two other players to post before making your next post.

Character Form

Species/Race: (Angel, demon or hybrid (Nephalems are Angel/demon hybrid)? There are only angels, demons and hybrids and yes, they can look like other creatures other than humans and they also don’t always have to have wings.)
OC or Canon?:
Fandom They’re from:
Powers and Abilities:
Backstory: (optional)
Royalty, Prisoner of War or Warrior?:
Alignment: (Not necessary but for fun)
Extra Info:

If you don’t want to do the Character form then just PM me your character’s name, what series they’re from (if applicable), If they’re a canon Character or OC, their role in the war (royalty, warrior, prisoner of war) and if they’re an Angel, demon or Nephalem.


Tidus (Cat22, Dual Role, Originally from Final Fantasy X)
Firion (Cat22, Hybrid, Originally from Final Fantasy II)
Vaan (Cat22, Originally from Final Fantasy XII)
Karishin42 (Karishin, ROBLOX OC, Dual Role)

Machina (Cat22, Originally from Final Fantasy Type-0)
Haru (shadowthwwolf6754, Hybrid, OC)
Demonica (ElizabethA_FNaF, OC)

Karishin42 (Karishin, ROBLOX OC, Dual Role)


ANGEL PRISONERS OF WAR (Angels and hybrids held captive by the demons)
Tidus (Cat22, Dual Role, Originally from Final Fantasy X)
Bartz Klauser (Cat22, Originally from Final Fantasy V)
Robbin (Carlnimira, hybrid, OC)

DEMON PRISONERS OF WAR (Demons and hybrids held captive by the angels)
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