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Another World like Theirs

By Creek

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Sightings of Angels in the skies and roaming around the land of Sinners.

Are the rumours true or not?
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akuma4longcrow reed   95d ago

(K here)
Creek     95d ago

Hello! I’m gonna make my characters real quick- it’ll take some time-)
akuma4longcrow reed   95d ago

Creek     95d ago

(Ready? I will just get the reporter done later-)
akuma4longChains   95d ago

Creek     95d ago

“Live Downtown in Pentagram city, at the all known Graphic studio, P**n Studios. There was yet another sighting of ‘Angels’. Yes you heard that right! Angels!”

“I’m here right now with one of the 3 V’s, Velvet. Tell me- What happened?”

Velvet scoffed. “Can’t you see it?! Something flew through one of the windows during a session! When security got up there- they were gone! Left some feather behind!” Velvet holds up a long white feather.”

“Hm strange. Could we go into the place this person supposedly crashed into?”

Velvet looked around and nods. “Yeah! Follow me.”

Velvet walked into the studio, as Katie KillJoy was also doing her job as well. The new reporter and her camera man despised her, as she made them look delusional.

Velvet went into the room with the broken glass. “Hey! Val! We have a reporter! Probably wants to ask questions!~”
akuma4longChains   95d ago

Valentino looked at velvet and raised an eyebrow “why the fuck would they want to ask me questions? Did they figure out we were doing more illegal shit!?” Valentino stood up but then realized it was probably about what looked like an angel and sat down “well send them in I’ll awnser there questions and get this shit down with.

Chains was smirking as he would swing around the pole “well look it’s the airship again,time to fuck that shit up!” Chains would pick up his phone “hey cherri get that ass down here im bouta fuck this huge airship up!” He hung up and excitedly would get up onto the roof using the ladder looking up at the airship.he would then find away up onto it and drop through the window “whats up egg bitches!? Ready to get scrambled!?”
Creek     95d ago

Velvet let them in. “Also where’s Vox at? He’s missing out!~” Velvet smirked and swung her feet, sitting on the sofa that didn’t have any glass shards in it.

“Thank you.” The woman spoke. “Hi I’m Allison Rayking! Here to ask about your experience with…What you saw? What happened on your point of view?”


It seems the eggs bois, most were around, but that snake wasn’t.
He wasn’t around anywhere.
The eggs bois did try fighting back, but obviously would fail and crack on the grounds and floors.
akuma4longChains   95d ago

Valentino looked at velvet shrugging “I don’t know he’s probably out doing some chick or getting business done before I can get to him

Valentino looked at the lady and sighed keeping calm “some person with wings crashed through the windows of my building crashing a shoot and then before I get a real good look they fly out real quick”

Chains would turn his body into the chainswords looking at them “what a vulnerable state this ship is in” chains started to revenge the place killing all eggs he could get to and eventually he started to fuck up the ship smiling “fun as always!”
Creek     95d ago

She nodded and clicked her tongue. “No noticeable features at all? Any sort of glow? Bright features? Words? Nothing?!”

The camera man pulled Allison away. “Hey! Calm down- nobody’s ever gotten a good look alright?”

Velvet seemed to think. “Oh! I think I saw it go somewhere near the new turf war that started! I’m sure Val saw something as well!- except for the feather!”

Allison nodded and looked at Val.


It seems a distant talking could be heard from inside the airship. Not far but possibly far enough for no chaos to be heard.


3 of the Egg bois crowded around Sir Pentious as the voice on the hologram talked. “You’re good to go for 3PM today, Sir. Pentious.” The voice became slightly robotic as it spoke his name. “Use the code, “White Wings” for your spa today. Anything you want to add to it, except for the “Three Egg Bois special” and “Special scale treatment?”

“Oh oh! Boss! Can we get some food there?”

“Maybe a massage? Oh! Please boss!”
akuma4longChains   95d ago

Val looked at her and sighed “look what I tell you is what you get ok? I was busy on the phone getting the repairs sorted out for my building,but yes towards the  new turf war is where I think I saw them go,and if you must know the light from them was blinding as shit and I only saw there wings being white” 

Val then got up and looked at velvet walking to the door “now ima go find vox’s skinny ass and see if he’s got the schedule sorted”

Chains would jump out and go to the alley like usual do and pull out a cigarette smoking and pulling out his six inch switchblade and looking at his greased up hair so you could imagine what time he came from

Sir pentious let out an agitated annoyed hissing noise “yes you can get that if you guys be quiet!” Sir pentious had got considerably more nice to the eggbois recently since they have been doing a bit decent but knowing them they already fucked it back at the airship which inside was pretty fucked up now because of the attack. Sir pentious used the code adding a message to the list laying down
Creek     95d ago

Allison left quickly as Velvet went to search for Vox, and tell him what had happened.

“Okay! So to the turf war we go!” Allison took the white feather out from her pocket.

“Huh?! Isn’t that considered stealing?!” The camera man hissed quietly to her.

“What do you mean? This is evidence Zero!” She exclaimed happily and put it back in her pocket, going straight to where the turf war was.

“Wait!!! What about the van?!?” Zero shouted as he ran after her.


“Okay! Thank you for signing up- again- to starship Spa! We will see you here!” The hologram shuts off.

“She’s a nice lady Boss!” One of the eggbois smiled.

“She’s like an Angel!”

“Because she is!”

The reason the egg bois do know is because of other pasts times. When an angel fell into their airship, it freaked out and got security, two hologram angels. They managed to make a deal by giving Sir Pentious some security, which would be installed later, and also giving him weekly spa days. And they would be kept a secret.
akuma4longChains   94d ago

sir pentious would walk into the spa nodding “a pretty nice lady indeed eggs” he went and laid down waiting to receive his message and to have his scales clipped.he enjoyed how peaceful it was and that there weren’t many eggbois to annoy him even if the three of the eggs with him were also quite annoying.but sir pentious really didn’t care if the angel was there since well a free spa wouldn’t hurt to relieve the stress and because well he simply didn’t care to be honest.Sir pentious was just happy to chill out and having that as a side effect of this.

Chain was at the turf war like usual ripping people to shreds and just having fun as this is what entertained him since not only was it pretty easy to do but also because he liked seeing others in pain or at least he liked seeing people he didn’t care for which was almost everybody and or people he disliked which was also almost everybody.a few exceptions being his loved ones which he had none and his friends which he definitely had few of because of his violent tendencies
Creek     94d ago

The robot lady smiled as she gave Sir Pentious his massage as usual. “I’m guessing another turf war again Mr.Pentious? And also another break into your AirShip. I apologize deeply- we are still trying to configure your guards!” The lady chirped and hit a knot. “We will have them ready hopefully by tomorrow! Just remember! This is all a secret.”

The egg bois were relaxing in chairs as other robots were tending to them, giving them attention and also food.


Allison made sure to not get hit by anybody as she ran into the turf war, hiding behind fallen buildings and looking around for any signs of the angel. “See anything Zero?”

Zero shakily held his camera up and squatted next to Allison, zooming in and trying to get a good look through the lens. “Nothing!”

Allison gasped and stopped, covering Zeros mouth as she could hear somebody coming up from behind the debris.
She never went into turf wars for reasons like this.
akuma4longChains   94d ago

Sir pentious would look at the robot heaving a sigh “I guess it’s ok for now and my eggs should at least try and fend them off but who k owns since some of them or most of them are fucking ussssles” he would say it so the other eggs enjoying themselves couldn’t hear them so they could enjoy the break they had so he could work them some be honest pentious cared for the eggs some even if he didn’t show it at all.

Chains would start walking out from behind the dust blood on him and some egg yoke covered his chainswords looking around smirking “oh how much I love turf wars” he would look around scanning the area he was in waiting for a new challenger to show up for him to completely shred to bits.
Creek     94d ago

The robot lady giggled. “Don’t worry Mr.Pentious! We will get your guards done soon enough! But, your egg bois are really adored by our staff! They love them! But remember! This is place is a secret.”


Allison slowly tried moving away but made a noise as she hit her foot on a sharp edge. “Fuck!” She hissed and held her ankle. 

Zero hasn’t moved and kept his mouth shut.
akuma4longChains   94d ago

Sir pentious looked at them nodding “yea I know it’s a secret don’t worry” he would let them message him as he looked at the eggbois and then back at the robot “so tell me why are there angels in hell anyway? Seems like a shit way to spend your time if you believe in god now doesn’t it?”

Chains smirked “oh a new victim has arrived” chains never thought of his enemies as enemies he always thought of them as victims and free kills for his entertainment he saw them and smiled

“Ooooo the new reporter! I’ll have fun with this one!” He would start to run at her ready to gore her with his chiansword
Creek     94d ago

“Well…That’s a long story. The short story is…We accidentally fell here- from a portal spell- and…Now others are starting to fall- as it seems to be a continuous spell…” the robot has stopped for a moment but took out a big knot. “But now we are here underground! And nobody should be able to come through unless-“

A loud alarm sounded making the ceiling in the lobby open up.


“Stay back!” Zero went in front of Allison. He wasnt one to fight- having no lessons either. he stopped his hooves foot on the ground, but also into a small slot. This made it glow and slowly open up. The dust from the ground revealed a bright colored yellow and white platform.
It slowly opened up and made the three of them fall through.


The robot lady got up and gasped. “I’m sorry but- stay in this room until further notice! Thank you.” She rolled out and shut the doors to the room behind her as she made her way to the lobby.

Zero fell flat on his face while Allison landed on her butt.

“What the- Zero where’s your camera?!” Allison smiled and looked around. The alarms had long stopped.
akuma4longChains   94d ago

Sir pentious listened to what the robot had to say nodding as he would feel them take the not out of his back which Ofcourse felt good since he hadn’t felt less cal. Than he was at that moment.which then changed when he heard the alarm start going on and he shot up to go but on being told to stay there he trusted the robot and stayed put looking at the eggbois “just stay there ok listen to the robots here since they are technically on there side or helping him out so it was the best he could do for them was it not?

Chains would look at zero and chuckled “oh who’s this your boyfriend,I’m fine with hacking them to bits too you know” chains kept coming forward to get his kills but soon he looked down at the blinding late “oh god please don’t tell me I’m gonna have to deal with him again…hes so annoying” chains would fall through the floor looking at the sky  as he soon fell through and landed on the back of his head it hitting the ground hard as he rubbed it getting up and looking at the other two “hey don’t forget I’m still gonna kill you two”
Creek     94d ago

Allison hissed at chains. “Hurry up and get this Zero!-“

“My camera is up there!” Zero pointed to the opening but it quickly closed up. “Uh- We may or may not be stuck here…”

“Oh that’s just great!”


Just then multiple hologram guards came out with spears and shields, pointing them at the three. Allison put her hands up as also Zero. “Uh- shit…”
akuma4longChains   94d ago

Chains started walking towards them with a smirk and then he saw the holograms show up “oh shit…”

Now chains usually never yielded or stopped his aggression for nobody but this time he did put his hands up Since he thought he had an idea on who had sent these holograms and or angels to apprehend them.

It was rather sad he didn’t get to fight but it was whatever since he wouldn’t be able to win anyway and that was a fact he knew

Chains knew the drill to so he would jsut stick out his arms and get hand cuffed.chains always hated this process and looked at the other “well come on do the same”
Creek     94d ago

The guards cuffed the other two and brought them all to the office of the head Angel.


The robot lady was in there and glared at them all. “Okay who are you? How did you find this place? We were suppose to be secure- underground- under somebody’s bar!-“ it seems they haven’t been out for a long time, possibly ignoring all of Sir.Pentious’s worlds of the surface as well.


“Huh? There’s nothing up there!”

Zero nodded and gulped, being slightly shaken up.
akuma4longChains   94d ago

Chains looked at the gaurds “hey be easy!” He would follow hem and then look at the head angel quietly 

Chains let the lady talk on and on not giving a care as he sighed “well it wasn’t my choice to come here you know! A portal appeared under me and I was dropped into it!”  Chains complained more than stated facts to be honest but it was true he didn’t want to be there and the portals light was definitely blinding as he didn’t care there was nothing above them.

“Now where’s your boss? I regret to know him since he’s a real pain in the ass but he knows me”
Creek     94d ago

The robot woman tilts her head. “Uh- it is me. I own this place.” The robot lady goes up to chain. “And what do you mean? Who exactly? I have multiple higher ups I serve. But either way how did you get here?! You should t have been able to access this place unless given a pass of some sort! Or a…One of you is some sort of angel…” the robot stared at each of them but then shakes her head. “Nevermind. Put them in our pods. “I’ll talk to them all soon enough!”

The guards grabbed them and dragged them away. 

“Wait! No I have questions!-“ Allison growled and stomped her foot as she was dragged out of there.
akuma4longChains   94d ago

Chains didn’t get to say the name of who he knew before he was dragged off and then the fact became not important as he was thrown into the cell and looked at the others sighing “god this always sucked” he looked down and then realized that wasn’t the same robot since well they didn’t sound exactly the same the other robot he knew had a bit of a more deep tone but they looked exactly the same in his opinion.chains was good at remembering people. Chains looked a the others again and backed away “you two stay over there and I’m staying over here got it?” He really wanted nothing to do with the other to at all
Creek     94d ago

Allison was too busy to talk to anybody as she was rambling on multiple questions.

“I- Uh…Y-Yeah…” Zero nods and looked at his feet. “Wha…Would I…?”

Other guard robots came by and were accompanying Sir.Pentious.

“Do you know any of these demons, Mr.Pentious?” The guard had a deep voice and glared at the demons.

“Hey you’re that snake guy with the blimp! Who somehow sucks at taking over places…” Allison muttered to herself.
akuma4longChains   94d ago

Chains sat in the corner and would wait for something to happen so he could get out of this stupid cell and looked at a guard “ok tell one of the people chains is here and tell em to ask who’s chains,hey will understand”

Chains looked at them and just sighed leaning up against the wall
(Hey could my character have like a blitz stolas relationship with somebody,just asking it’s all good if it won’t fit with the idea)
Creek     94d ago

(I don’t mind don’t worry!)

The guard growled. “We ain’t ever heard of you-“

“I have!” The other guard piped up. “I’m sure the boss knows em! He knows everything!” 

The guard growled and huffed. “Fine. Take the snake to the interrogation room- a just in case- and I’ll go do this.” The guard went away.

“Okay!” The other guard purred and hummed as he walked off with sir.Pentious.”

Allison now seemed curious. “Huh? You know these angels?”
akuma4longChains   94d ago

Sir pentious was in the room waiting patiently until the gaurd took him to the interrogation room and well he answered all the questions denying ever knowing the people and saying he was just here for a message and to get he scales trimmed.sir pentious looked at the eggbois and sighed.

chains looked over at her and sighed leaning against the wall “unfortunately I do know these angels” chains didn’t like angels and really hated the way they do things as he just wanted to go around killing and lying and thieving like most others did.chains looked at zero “I’m sure your friend here would like me to stop talking so I will”
Creek     94d ago

“We apologize Mr.Pentious but this is protocol. We will be checking with the others who are also in our contacts.”

The egg bois looked down and stayed close to Sir Pentious. “Boss would never tell them!”

“That other man worked with the bomb girl, who smashed us and ruined the airship!”

“Hm? We can put them on a watchlist if that is fine?” The guard looked at Sir Pentious.


Allison seemed invested now and her eyes were bigger as she emitted a small purr.

Zero shrugged. “I-…I don’t know-“
akuma4longChains   94d ago

Sir pentious sighed and nodded “it’s fine I guess and my eggbois are right I would never chat like that with somebody who thrashed my airship and ruined it!” He would then sighed sitting down

“Yes please do put them down on a watch list they are so annoying and I really hate them with a passion” he would then look at the door waiting to be able to leave and go back to his airship”

Sir pentious would then get up and leave without any further questions to get back to his message if he could still get one after what happened.

Chains waited also wanting to leave since well this sucked being stuck in a cage like a wild animal
CreekOrange Hand (Lazzly)   94d ago

The guard came back and took them out of the cell. “He will speak with you…”


They were taken to a room with other angels and cherubs, who all stood by the side as they came in.

A portal opened up and out came multiple hands of different colors. An orange one spoke first.

“Chain? Didn’t think we’d see you again…Honestly…” The orange hand yawned and shrugged.

A yellow hand giggled. “Hi!~ oh my gosh! Chain? It’s been sooo long! Hehe!~”

A purple one seemed to glare at the others. “Chain. Deeply is a surprise.”


Allison stared in awe as Zero cowered behind Allison.
akuma4longChains   94d ago

Chains looked at them and sighed seeing the angels and cherubs knowing he was actually gonna show as he looked at the person who addressed him “ok whatever” 

Chains looked at them and sighed “zero you were so brave standing up to me earlier and now your soft like this? This is dam pathetic”

Chains looked at the hands and sighed “hey hands….” It was annoying to see them again  and wished he would have never had to since well they were annoying and half the time they were only there to annoy him 

“Yeah long time no see and all that but would you kindly let me the fuck go now”
CreekYellow Hand (Joyful)   94d ago

“Sorry but we can’t!….Yeah…No…” The yellow hand laughed. “Sorry! You still have your chores list!~”

“Y-You guys are actual angels?” Allison stepped forward slightly.

The purple hand hummed and slithered over to Allison. “Hm…A curious soul you are. You prey on people like this now chain?”

Zero just curled up into a ball and shakes his head. “T-They are Angels! I never encountered them before!…” Zero whispered and whined.
akuma4longChains   94d ago

Chains sighed looking at the purple hand and shrugged “I get what I can get plus I don’t even know there name so whatever” chains would shake his head “what chore list!? I finished that so long ago!” He didn’t remember what he had left to do and he thought he had finished that though it was totally possible he didn’t finish like a couple things.

Chains would turn to leave and get away from them not wanting to deal with them since well they were annoying and they weren’t even that powerful to him in all honesty
CreekPurple Hand (Wise)   94d ago

The purple hand snaps his fingers and the guards shove him back to them.

The purple finger snaps his fingers again and then a scroll appeared, unrolling and revealing names.

“Demons down here need to be punished. Since these two are here…They can accompany you. I’m sure they’ll figure it out.”

“W-What?!” Zero shrieked. “I-“

“Yeah we can!” Allison interrupted. She was too much in her head wanting to learn about the angels more.

“Oh good!” The purple hand floated back up. “Oh one more thing. Defy orders again. The dungeons will be your new home.”

Orange hand shrugs. “Eh isn’t that harsh…? I mean- I know it’s been a few years and all…”

The purple hand growled at the orange hand, who quickly shut up and went into the portal with the yellow hand.
akuma4longChains   94d ago

Chains sighed and looked at the girl a bit confused on why she would help and he knew he had to do it now since the dungeon sucked worse than anything you could ever imagine to be honest. So it was whatever since most of the chores weren’t to bad and pretty easy as he looked zero “shut up wuss” he would start outside to go do his chores looking around and doing his work a lot of it just cleaning to be honest but some were more important document jobs and stuff like that he used to have to take care of till he stopped being the angels errand boy cause he killed people and decided to pick up crime and murder and all that good stuff
CreekAllison RayKing   94d ago

“So- Whats that name? Lust? Who’s that? Also what’s that name at the bottom about an angel cult? And what’s a wisp?” Allison would go on and on as Zero stayed in the back, keeping to himself and staying quiet.
akuma4longChains   94d ago

“Lust is some guy who owns a club with another guy and I don’t know about the angel cult ok and a wisp is an annoying flame that never seems to listen to me when I collect them,and if you’d please stop asking so many questions and attempt to calm down your pussy friend that would definitely be nice” chains would keep doing his job and head out to go negotiate with some angel king now
CreekAllison RayKing   94d ago

Allison huffed and went to Zero who only shook his head.

“Are you serious Allison?! We can’t be working with- them!-“

“But for the first time we can actually get evidence this is real! Nobody will laugh at us anymore!”

Zero growled but nodded. “F-Fine..Let’s fucking go.”

Allison dragged Zero along and caught up with Chains. “Sorry! So where are we exactly? Why are we at a…Fighting…place?”

She saw a guy being thrown out and she stepped back.
akuma4longChains   93d ago

Chains looked at her and smirked “don’t worry you will see” chains walked into the place telling the guy his name and they let him though obviously he also said that the others were with him so that they could get in since he knew he was gonna have to babysit them while doing his work looking at the name on the list. 

Chains looked around and then looked around for the person he had to see hoping they were here so he could deal with them accordingly.chains didn’t know the guy well and he only came around when he had to do his “chores” so he never got to chat with them either
CreekAllison RayKing   93d ago

There was one person in the corner and sitting in a large booth by themselves.
They wore a long purple robe and having a large black jacket over their robe. The robe covered their face completely but a few strands of light blue hair stuck out. 

Allison followed Chains through the place, dragging Zero behind her as he jumped at every small sound.
akuma4longChains   93d ago

Chains would whistle while he walked through and grabbed a drink and sat next to the guy sitting back watching the fight “so you the guy on this list?” He would point to the list looking at them quietly just sipping the drink that he got and looked at the others motioning for them to sit down since he didn’t expect much of a fight really it looked like it would be a pretty civil conversation and that’s all he really wanted at this point fighting being to useless even if he loved to fight
CreekAllison RayKing   93d ago

The figure only huffed out blue smoke. “Yeah? What do you want?”

“Uh- what's with the style?-“ Allison pointed to their outfit.

“Eh- better to keep this on. It’s cold down here…”

Allison seemed confused as she felt like it was boiling hot down here.
akuma4longChains   93d ago

Chains would nod looking at the fighters “well you owe the angels money and I also heard that you possibly knew something about an angel cult down here” chains would look at them and continue to drink leaning back

“And I agree it is rather cold down here” chains was from a very hot ring of hell so this was like winter to him and he was sure it was the case for the other
Creek     93d ago

The person only shakes his head. “I don’t owe them anything. And that cult…” they glanced to the side. “They are planning something big…Total domination of…Well. This ring, then going through the others. Especially with those turf wars…”

“But I owe NOTHING to those damned creatures who think they are higher than all of us!”
akuma4longChains   93d ago

Chains looked at them and would shake his head “that’s all I needed to know don’t worry,you know where the place is?” He looked at the man getting up looking at the other two and on hearing what they had to say he set off to go and find the cult so he could destroy them using force as he left his drink walking out of the club and looking around quietly

Chains needed up going to a more secret underground area as he looked directly at the other two
Creek     93d ago

They slowly stood up and looked at Zero as he was behind, muttering and tapping his feet.

Zero turned and looked at the back of their jacket. A symbol of two, almost melting wings on their back with large hands holding them.

“Hey- where’s the jacket from?” Zero tilts his head.

They chuckled. “Just something from a gang I’m in- you interested?”

Zero shakes his head. “Well-“ they got out a card and gave it to zero. “If you are just make the ritual exactly as written on the card! Cya!~” they walked away.

Zero put the card in his pocket and catches up with Allison and chains.
“S-So- should we go to anybody?- who could- give us a clue on this place or something?”
akuma4longChains   93d ago

Chains looked at zero and sighed when he walked down a flight of stairs “well yeah I’m going to talk to somebody right now”

Chains knew the gang the other guy was apart of he just didn’t realize the other guy was apart of it since well he never paid that much attention to detail unless he really was rubbed the wrong way or was on edge

Chains would look at them standing in front of the door “let me do the talking and no asking them questions understood?” 

Chains walked through the door and it was an old looking bar as he would be in his normal devil like state looking around “long time no see” he went up to the bar and sat down smiling at the bartender
Creek     93d ago

Allison and Zero followed quietly behind Chains.


The figure turned and huffed but had softened up. “Chains! Let me guess…Either the location on another friend- Lust maybe?- or a bounty to earn some cash?”


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