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The Princes/Prince Noble Guard

By Yourlocalhoodiefrien

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Y/C was a honored Prince/Princess, M/C was a chief of the Noble Royal Guards. Y/C had hardly been outside of their castle, so they didn't know the lives of their subjects. Y/C, one day went into town for their coming of age celebration to become King/Queen. Of course, they were looking for a Wife/Husband. Walking by, Y/C spots M/C by the corner of their eye as they hide behind the bushes when watching M/C thing that everybody didn't know that Y/C had a crush on M/C for a while. They had to find a chance on how they gonna to confess to M/C before it will be to late and Y/C's parents will choose someone for them. Will Y/C get the chance or no?...
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YourlocalhoodiefrienAlfonso   96d ago

Peaceful day in the Kingdom of jewels where since...there are many types of useful jewels in this kingdom, over the past few years...many things have been going on lately but nothing bad though to be exact. The King and the Queen have really great guards that protected this place for many years ever since the kingdom appeared, but there is one person that really showed the King and Queen by just how they are good by protecting the kingdom which is Alfonso who is the chief of the royal guards. He has been severing his role for about 8 years or so, he started this at the age of of 17...Alfonso was inspired by his parents who were the royal guards before bad things started to happen when he was young...he doesn't quite know what happen to his parents back in the past. So now he lives with his grandpa that served as a butler for the king and queen, now lets see what is going on now today. It was a nice day where people were just hanging out or chilling on whatever they are doing, Alfonso on the other hand was out on a field doing some training for a while before heading back to the castle to get orders from the King or go on patrol.

She woke on a day like any other as an entourage of half a dozen maids swarmed her bedside. She wasn't exactly sure what the rush was all about, she hadn't necessarily been outside the castle much other than for a walk in the garden. She had overheard her father the previous night speaking of some sort of event where the noble population would have a chance to find a romantic partner.
This excited her, she'd never had the chance to even think of one of these moments spent together with a mate. Too bad she was so shy she had trouble speaking to others, not really great for publicity and as a princess.
"Up Miss, we have much to do-!" one of the maids squealed as Luma sat out of bed yawning incoherently.
YourlocalhoodiefrienAlfonso   96d ago

Alfonso was in the castle chatting with the king about some important this that needed to be discuss, he a good relationship with the king and the queen but manly just a friendship type deal though. He sighs as he walked off to start on his patrol through town...Alfonso was a really nice person when coming across him but he can be hard on his men at times but they know how chiefs can act so his men don't mind by it anyway, a few minutes later when walking through town talking to the town's folks about some random things...Alfonso was playing around with some kids and giving out advises to them if they want to become the royal guards just like him. Being in this kingdom has really impact him to become a good person, rather than being that one person that everyone hates...Alfonso was a stubborn person to others until he started warming up to them. While he was done playing around with the children, he walks off heading to a nearby field where he trains his men and doing training on his own but there was a reason on why he is heading there...the king told him that there was a bandit that was out there killing people at night so he was going over there to investigate further more on what is going on.

As the group of maids swarmed her and began treating her with every royal beauty tradition imaginable, within what seemed like seconds she was already in the baths being scrubbed down. She remained quiet as the maids began chattering, meanwhile, she slipped into an aloof daydream wondering about this supposed ball.. or was it a banquet..? She could hardly remember.
Although she had her eye on a certain someone, she'd been watching for a while, nobody knew of course. For a quiet girl and the princess no less she was quite sneaky and would elope every time she could to watch the Chief of the Knights train his men and himself. She wondered when she could sneak away again to see him, but today seemed like it was going to be incredibly busy. Perhaps she could.. [size7 "Miss!"] slip away after they tried to fit her dress..? 
"Miss!" the head maid yelped at her, as she jumped in surprise not realizing it was time to move.
"You mustn't get your head in the clouds, there is too much to be aware of to be lost in the clouds of yours, ya know?" the head maid laughed, causing Luma to smile. Luma liked it when the headmistress smiled it made her happy as well.
"I-I'm sorry.."
"No worries deary- let's just get a move on."
After all her hygiene rituals which seemed too precarious to Luma, the maids escorted her into the garden, the same one she'd seen 1000 times. She never seemed to grow old of its mesmerizing beauty and that's when she saw the Chief training his men, and as her two escorts talked she stepped away to watch. Taken in awe at their footwork and skill.
YourlocalhoodiefrienAlfonso   96d ago

"[#1f1fb2 hmm...nothing to out here seems ordinary...]" he whispered to himself when seeing that there was no signs of anything out of the ordinary...Alfonso continues his investigation a little more before heading back to the village and report to the king as well. An hour later and still no signs of anything that can catch his attention, he sighs in disappointment until finally something caught his attention..."[#1f1fb2 now what could this be?...]" when seeing some footsteps that was leading to a shack in the middle of the woods, while taking a look at the abandoned shack, it seems that someone was here before since everything look fresh. Alfonso leaves the scene and starts heading to the castle to report to the king about this...then after that he can get his men and see if they can look a little further into this. As Alfonso made it to the castle, he walked up to king that was talking to one of the butlers..."[#1f1fb2 my king I got some information that you needed]" he bowed. 
"What is the information that you have Chief Alfonso?" the king said when telling the butler to leave for a bit. 
Alfonso started saying the information to the king that he discovered at the forest early on his investigation.
DingyLunk     96d ago

She had noticed the Chief go into the woods so she couldn't see him anymore, but she continued watching the soilders. The maids she was with caught her peeping at the training camp, as they shouted at her, "Miss! You shouldn't be peeping!" Luma's face flushed with embarrassment as she waddled over to her enterauge. 
Walking through the garden, which was rather large especially for their estate it stretched about 2 square miles. Towards the front of the palace she noticed the Chief walking into the estate with an interesting look upon his face, one Luma hadn't see before, thinking about this new development her face flushed once again as she squealed.
She later went to breakfast sitting at the long table with her father and her mother, she once again, as always stayed quiet, silently chewing her food as her father cleared his throat and stood up and walked just outside the door talking to a butler, and was interupted by the Chief. Luma was visbly excited but kept it to herself.
DingyLunk     96d ago

(forgor picture
YourlocalhoodiefrienAlfonso   95d ago

"I see...bring your man with you and investigate more at that shack, find that killer..." the King order. Alfonso nodded when he called his men and started leaving the castle to head to that abandoned shack that was in the middle of the woods...this time he won't let his people go dead on his watch...A few minutes later, Alfonso and his men made it to the shack when continuing investigating more later on, so far nothing has changed when he was there early and there are no signs of anything suspicious in the shack. Alfonso order his him to keep on looking and let him know if they see anything, until one of the men came up to him with some information..."Sir! we found a closet that had many weapons in a room!" the men reported and they walked inside the shack to show Alfonso. Alfonso sighs when following one of his men and was surprised on how many weapons that was in the closet, "[#1f1fb2 grab all the weapons and we will come back tonight, soon or later this killer will surely come to town]" he said when telling his men to get the weapons and head back to the castle. When leaving the place...something caught Alfonso's attention when seeing a map on a table that shows the whole kingdom, "[#1f1fb2 the king really needs to see this...]" whispering to himself as he continued walking with his men back to the castle.


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