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The Faye's Dragon

By LadyCrow28

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I'd set the scene, but I haven't decided yet on modern world, historical fantasy, or slightly sci-fi/futuristic. I am looking for a Male Character writer. I have the main characters of this RP already mapped out so to speak. I just haven't figured out the flow to reach the ultimate goal.

The Faye.


Race: Anthousai
Name: Lila
Size: 5'4"
Age: 30 So far as human appearances go. She's almost ageless looking and will not age ever.
Flower: Starlight Jasmine (Purple and white Jasmine)
Description: Lila has soft lilac skin, pale jade green hair flowing with jasmine flowers of purple and white. Her eyes are golden with violet irises. She's pleasantly plump and her skin has a shine in the light like morning dew in the sun.
Personality: She is friendly, gentle, and free spirited. She manifested for the love she felt towards The Dragon, who spent hours quietly among flowers alone. She already loves the Dragon. It is often said that Anthousai manifest for many reasons, but the most noted is love.

The Dragon


Race: Mithril Dragon
Name: Alexander (In Human Form) Alastor, The Hidden
Size: (Human Form- 6'2" and 190 lbs) Dragon Wingspan 113 ft. Dragon height 27 ft.
Age: Dragon Years- 1,056, Human Years Late 30's
Description: While in human for he is has dark nearly black shoulder length hair, occasionally tied back from his face, but down more loosely more often. His eyes are a muted grey with blue tones. When angry they can be burning silver.
Personality: He's Stoic and gives off a powerful aura. He carries a room with no small about of fearful presence. He tends to seem cold and dethatched, making him unapproachable. Despite this he can be warm when he chooses and though he has little contact with humanity he enjoys peace and strives to maintain it in lands surrounding his Island and the tower ruins where he resides.

P.M. Me if you're interested!
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