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The Faye's Dragon

By LadyCrow28
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[google-font] [google-font] [size20 [font Handlee [center I am thinking a historical fantasy world. The classic mythical creatures living in secret from most of society, some known about or existing in legends, i.e. Dragons, Fairies, Vampires, ect.. The forest is vast and rests near the outskirts of a large human city. I am unsure as to whether or not I would like other races at the moment, i.e. Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, ect.. Anything is possible for now. Everything is calm and there aren't any threats established. That isn't to say there won't be. I am more than open to action if it is well written. I am looking for a Male Character writer. I will be selective on my RP partners, for my own comfort. I'm looking for someone 21+. I personally am uncomfortable writing with minors. I have the main characters of this RP already mapped out so to speak; there is some wiggle room of course. :) I just haven't figured out the flow to reach the ultimate goal. ]] [size20 [font Handlee The Faye ]] [size40 [font Inspiration Skeleton: ]] [center [pic]] [size20 [font Handlee Race: Anthousai Name: Lila Size: 5'4" Age: 30 So far as human appearances go. She's almost ageless looking and will not age ever. Flower: Starlight Jasmine (Purple and white Jasmine) Description: Lila has soft lilac skin, pale jade green hair flowing with jasmine flowers of purple and white. Her eyes are golden with violet irises. She's pleasantly plump and her skin has a shine in the light like morning dew in the sun. Personality: She is friendly, gentle, and free spirited. She manifested for the love she felt towards The Dragon, who spent hours quietly among flowers alone. She already loves the Dragon. It is often said that Anthousai manifest for many reasons, but the most noted is love.] [font Handlee The Dragon ] [size40 [font Inspiration Skeleton: ]] [center [pic]] [size20 [font Handlee Race: Mithril Dragon Name: Alexander (In Human Form) Alastor, The Hidden Size: (Human Form- 6'2" and 190 lbs) Dragon Wingspan 113 ft. Dragon height 27 ft. Age: Dragon Years- 1,056, Human Years Late 30's Description: While in human for he is has dark nearly black shoulder length hair, occasionally tied back from his face, but down loosely more often. His eyes are a muted grey with blue tones. When angry they can be burning silver. Personality: He's Stoic and gives off a powerful aura. He carries a room with no small amount of a fearful presence. He tends to seem cold and dethatched, making him unapproachable. Despite this he can be warm when he chooses and though he has little contact with humanity he enjoys peace and strives to maintain it in lands surrounding his Island and the tower ruins where he resides. ] [google-font] [center [Size40 [font Zeyada P.M. Me if you're interested!]]]
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LadyCrow28Lila Starlight   54d ago

Lila Starlight
[google-font] [center [Size25 [b [font Zeyada Crisp air blew between the trees. ]] [google-font] [size18 [font Handlee Lila stretched her hands out to her sides and upward as she sat up from the mossy forest floor. Her eyes stuck in a squint avoiding the light peeking through the wild canopy above. Her verdant tresses fell into her face, all tumbles and more than a few knots. Her pale lavender hands gently began working through the strands brushing her hair. As she finished clearing the knots, she began to braid it over her right shoulder. Encircling each section of braid were small white and purple flowers, dotting the way down. The braid ended up resting over her heart in the center of her chest. She swiped her hand across the grass to her left, the moist morning dew wetting her hands, she wiped her face with the cool water and stood up to begin her day. Her golden eyes scanned the open forest surrounding her, looking at the signs of a day starting all around her. She saw a small fox slink into a hallow log just outside the clearing, and a small stream of light covered a branch where a wildcat lazily sunbathed, and a short distance from that a small blue songbird was hopping on the ground searching for something to eat. She dusted some dirt off the back and sides of her pink semi-sheer silk dress and soft blue cotton stockings. Her stockinged toes curled around the mossy bed she stood on as she gave a final back arching stretch. She knew that this early in the mornings she'd see him. She'd observed him for the past two years; he would be in the grove at the edge of the forest near the abandoned Castle. She started south and thought about him with his coffee and a book, relaxing on the bench under the white wisteria tree. The ritual he'd seemed to follow every day during the spring since she manifested here. As she made her way to the castle ruin she hummed quietly and wove a bracelet from vines she had found along the path. Small blue flowers on thin vines made for a delicate piece of jewelry and though she preferred natures art she very much-loved sneaking to the city nearby and watching the women there with their gold chain necklaces and jeweled bobbles on their fingers. She hoped she could get her hands on at least a couple of the pieces like the ones she admired. The grove wasn’t far now, and her mind was full of ideas. Today she planned on saying hello. How would he react to her, would he be kind to her the way he was with the wildlife and plants she’d seen him care for, or would he be fearfully angry, and see her as a disturbance to his peace? Some months ago, she had seen him expressing displeasure toward some humans that ventured too near his solitary home. He had seemed more than frightening then. They fled, abandoning their small camp. The new moon that night had offered no light, and straining eyes could only make out a large figure with silver eyes burning in the pitch. The lasting impression wasn't something she would like to have leveled at herself. Lila knew his true nature behind visage of a man he wore. Still, she couldn't help herself and her need to try. Her reason for being born into this world surely wouldn’t reject her wholly, [#e882b5 “would he?”] she breathed in a faint whisper. ]


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