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By hextheblackcat
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The current era of humanity is a technologically advanced futuristic world. In this future, the government implants people with microchips that are used to control people. Most people are unaware that everything they do, and every choice they make is being subconsciously affected by the microchip within their body.

There are some people whose microchip does not affect them. This could be due to their microchip being defective in some way shape or form… These people are known as defects and are a danger to themselves and others. Thus must either be reconditioned or deleted entirely. Individuals who have been through reconditioning get their microchips fixed/replaced and are brainwashed to prevent any relapses.

This is a group roleplay that will be about the struggle between the system and the rebellion.


Paragraphs, 300 character count per post

You should post at least once a week

Stick to the posting order! Yes, there will be a posting order to follow

Images, please nothing oversized or overused.

Decent spelling and grammar, please. Mistakes happen, just double-check your work before posting please, and thank you~

Minor godmoding allowed. Yes, you can have your glory moments, but in moderation. I’m just asking that you don't be too overpowered(i.e. all-knowing, all-powerful, unbeatable, unkillable-).

No controlling another user's character without their permission. Ask them in chat, private message or just put the suggestion out there and see who responds to it.

Your character's role determines how they react to the control. Roles are not first-come, first-served and can change depending on how the rp goes.

No cybering, it's against site rules. Keep romantic relationships on the back burner and SFW.

Character drama and conflict is highly encouraged as well as fun/creative plot twists.

No magic, alien shit, please. The theme is a cyberpunk future think something like The Matrix, only there will be robots and cyborgs around.

Your characters can be human, cyborg, and/or robot. If you have something else in mind then feel free to message me or hit me up in chat about it.


Admins are the systems administrators. There are only seven at any given time and each one is only referred to by a code name based on a deadly sin. They can do literally whatever they like with the exception of physically harming another admin, commanding another admin, and/or commanding another admin's pets and servants.
admins commands override all with the exception of other admins.

Moderators are talented or skilled people of value. Some have status, and others have wealth. Whatever the case may be they are what make society function, are difficult to replace, and are in high demand.
Moderators only take orders from Admins. While they can command enforcers to a certain extent, an Admin's command will always override theirs.

Enforces are the government's dogs. They are basically highly trained soldiers who act as law enforcement and or private bodyguards
(deadly assassins)
to admins and moderators. Most enforcers are either reconditioned criminals put to work or specially bred to seek out and capture defects for reconditioning or elimination.
There are two types of enforcers:
refers to any enforcer who answers to a master
(they share a master and service relationship)
. Pets are completely obedient to their master and their master alone
(again Admins can override a master's command so long as the master isn’t another admin)

refer to enforcers who have no master and are subject to obeying any command given to them by a moderator or admin. They can resist commands from glitches and completely ignore any command from NPCs and ghosts if they so choose to do so.
Enforcers only take orders from admins, moderators, and their masters.

refers to any moderator and or NPC serving one and only one admin. Servants are like dogs but with more freedom.

They are your average citizen, people who are easy to dispose of as they have no skills/talents of value. No status, wealth, or privilege to protect themselves.
NPCs are completely vulnerable to the system and cannot disobey orders.

refers to irregular individuals who aren’t completely affected by the system. The world views these individuals to be “sick”. Defects are thought to be dangerous to both themselves and those around them, thus enforcers must hunt them down and send them to the rehab center for “help”.
There are two types of defects:
are people whose bio-core doesn’t quite work. Glitches are able to resist commands but aren’t immune to them since they can still fall prey to the effects of the system due to possing a bio-core.

are people who do not have a bio-core
(Which is highly illegal by the way)
. Ghosts cannot be controlled by the system because they do not possess a bio-chip. They are forced to operate everything manually.

is the name of the rebellion against the system. They are a group of people working together to free humanity from the admin's misuse of the system(possibly even the system itself). Its members are mostly made up of defects and ghosts.

sadly the system pins Breach as the bad guys so the world knows them as a terrorist organization that is hell-bent on turning people into defects, causing collateral damage, and more.
Note: Admins, Servants, and enforcers cannot be breach members...


Bio-core(a.k.a. cores) are special microchips that are implanted in the back of a person's neck upon birth. Once there, the core will slowly integrate itself into the person's central nervous system(brain and spinal cord), flesh, and bone.

Removing a core is simply unheard of since a core literally fuses with its person- Removing it would be the equivalent of snapping someone's neck…

Cores send subliminal messages, they make you second guess your choices, and when all else fails they allow others to take control of you like a puppet.


Cores react only to privileged users such as admins, mods, and enforcers.

– Users must be able to speak to control a person, and that person must be able to understand and hear the user's commands.
– Anything that prevents the user from speaking or the target from hearing will nullify the command.
– Users must be within visual range to control a person.

Users such as admins, servants, and enforcers can alter a person's memory. They must make physical contact to alter a person.

Users such as admins, mods, servants, and enforcers can persuade a person into doing almost anything they ask simply by speaking. The person being pushed will feel somehow compelled to do so despite reasoning or logic.

Puppet control admins only
Cores allow any admin to temporarily hijack a person’s body against their will. It allows admins to control a person like a marionette. The person being controlled is still conscious, but can’t control their body’s actions.


If a person succeeds in resisting then they can’t be controlled by said user for a few hours(2 to 3 hours). The user who was attempting to control them has a chance of suffering some kind of backlash too.

If a person fails to resist then falls into a deep trance-like state. Once in a trance, that person will willingly carry out any order given to them until they’ve either completed their task or have been released from the user's control. People in a trance usually have no recollection of any actions that they perform while under the user’s control. Those who have been interrupted and manage to break free may or may not remember.

You can knock some sense back into anyone being controlled simply by incapacitating the person being controlled (i.e. bind, restrain, imprison, paralyze, knock unconscious, or otherwise stop the person!).


Functional your core works fully as intended.
Bugged your core seems to malfunction a lot.
Broken your core just doesn't seem to work.
Removed your core has been fully removed.


Picture :
the image of the character you are using

Username :
your username

Name :
your character name

Age :
Gender :

Status :
Are you a member of breach? Yes or no.

Note : that admins and enforcers cannot be part of the rebellion.
If you are an enforcer are you a dog or a pet? And if you are a pet please list your master's name.

Role :
Admin, Moderator(Servant?), Enforcer(Dog or Pet), NPC(Servant?), Defect(Glitch or Ghost)

Core :
Is it functional, bugged, broken, or removed?

Cyborg :
Does your character possess any cybernetic enhancements/prosthetics(i.e. body parts)? Are any of them weaponized? Explain in great detail.

Weapons :
any weapon that is not a cybernetic enhancement/prostatic. Explain in great detail

Bio/Other :
whatever you to put want really


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