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valyria, the greatest city

By bitter

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Valyria, the greatest city
with the darkest secrets.
Valyria is located off of the south shores of Essos, stretching out onto a peninsula. The capital was nestled in between large mountains, which made it harder for enemies to invade unless it was a Targaryen on dragon back.
And that was how the Targaryens took Valyria. With fire and blood, they came over mountains in droves on the backs of their dragons and took Valyria by force.
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bitternefeli   3d ago

[center [size12 [i The Targaryen took the capital of Valyria by force with fire and blood. The capital of Valyria was surrounded by towering mountains that the city was nestled in the valley of all looming mountains. The only thing that could take Valyria was dragon riders, no matter how you looked at it. The leader of the Targaryen was Jacaryus Targaryen, who had two wives which were Haelena Valyron, a sub house that had married its way into the family and Rhaneys Targaryen, who was Jacaryus’ younger cousin and a power dragon rider. With them, where their three children. The mother could have been either women, but the father was Jacaryus Targaryen.]]][center [size12 [i The oldest of the three children was Jacaryus the second, a dragon rider that took after his supposed mother. He was tall, strongly built. His eyes were the purest lilac color and almost transparent, white hair. He was a kind soul, but had a commanding voice. Jacaryus was proud of the son he provided. So proud of the boy of 21 years that he named the boy after him because he knew his son would grow up to be as strong and fierce as his father.]]][center [size12 [i The middle child was Hael, a brutish woman that took after Haelena more than Rhaneys. She had an oafish appearance, but her intelligence was beyond recognition. She the one who strategized their conquest of Valyria with the help of her father, who took a high liking to his middle child. He wants to marry her to one of the Valyron lords once they settled in Valyria.]]][center [size12 [i Nefeli Targaryen was the youngest and one of our main characters. She was petite with an even smaller voice. She took to books and her dragon without much conversation between her siblings or parents. She became a dragon rider at a young age to get closer with who she believed her mother was, but no matter what she learned or showed to her mother, she was still casted aside for her brother. Nefeli’s dragon was the only one to date that had hatched in her crib as a babe, not even her brother received that kind of gift. Her dragon was named when Nefeli was old enough to talk and she had named her Nyx because she was as black as midnight with white freckles on her scaly skin. Nyx was a beautiful dragon and obeyed no one, but Nefeli.]]][center [pic]][center [size12 Once the Targaryens had settled in Valyria, Nefeli quickly found out that she was all alone. Her brother and sister had been married off to ensure peace between the large houses of Valyria. She was no as favorited as her siblings, which she was secretly pleased by this. She could spend her days as she wanted instead of trying to impress some stranger to win their love.]][center [size12 On most days, Nefeli took to the gardens right outside her balcony. She enjoyed the view on most days, but rain was heavy here and most of the time, she watched whole flowers float through the gardens in the water.]][center [size12 Today was no different for the young girl than others. She awoke to her handmaidens push the curtains back. Her blankets were pulled from her sleeping body. She would roll over and beg for a few more minutes, but the pleas were never heard. She felt her arms pulled by the youngest handmaiden and Nefeli’s best friend, Neera. Neera had tan skin and dark freckles on her cheeks and forehead. She was pretty and Nefeli felt her cheeks heat up sometimes when Neera sternly spoke to her when she was not doing the things she was supposed to be doing. It was not that Nefeli preferred females, nor did she believe she had a preference to begin with. She found both sexes pretty in different ways.]][center [size12 [i [#c98378 “Come on, Princess,”]] Neera urged as she pulled the girl from the lying down position and sat her up. Nefeli huffed and pouted for a moment before getting out of the bed begrudgingly. She did not wish to be awake right now and it was apparent with Nefeli’s expression of disgusting looking at the window.]][center [size12 [i [#ccb3d9 “Father is never going to find a match for me where the man is actually interested in me,”]] Nefeli groaned as she felt her gown being pulled off and replaced with a smooth, silky dress that hung loosely off her small frame. Nefeli was beautiful, that was not the issue. It was the young girl’s personality that was the problem.]][center [size12 People were familiar with her weird dreams and visions. Her muttering in Valyria about death and demons in the mountains. It was like she would go into trances and be unable to snap out of it. She had experienced episodes during dinner parties and meeting men that she was supposed to marry.]][center [size12 Neera softened her expression as she placed small jewelry pieces on Nefeli figuring out which ones worked with her soft pink dress that could almost be seen through. Once the jewelry was picked out, Nefeli glanced at herself in the mirror. Nefeli had a small frame and the dress that was picked out fit her perfectly. The small dragon pieces really brought it all together.]][center [size12 [i [#ccb3d9 “I just do not wish to be rejected once more because of the weird things I speak,”]] Nefeli spoke softly as Neera came up behind her in the mirror. The darker girl gently placed her hands on Nefeli’s shoulders, straightening her up with a small smile on her lips. She then rested her head on Nefeli’s shoulder, dropping her hands to Nefeli’s waist.]][center [size12 [i  [#c98378 “Nefeli, my princess. You are beautiful and I know you are a bit odd, but eventually, you will find someone that matches you,”]] Neera spoke softly against the girl’s shoulder, [i [#c98378 “if not, then I will steal you away and we can travel to the realm outside of Valyria.”]] Neera giggled, wrapping her arms around the much smaller girl, making Nefeli giggle as well.]][center [size12 [i [#c98378 “But, let us go before your father comes looking for you,”]] Neera then pulled Nefeli along out of the room and down the hallway to the grand throne room.]]


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