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DnD Group 1 (May change name)

By ShieldHero-
Backup thread

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ShieldHero-     157d ago

Fractum setting perhaps but different story/place.

Or Sol's campaign setting.

Or dare I craft yet another world?
ShieldHero-     138d ago

Fractum world.
Perhaps generated ruins?
Or perhaps I could make some ruins.

Let's think about some story aspects coming up.

Tala get attacked by bandits of the past.

Ram seeing one of his order out and about perhaps.

In the ruins we gotta have.
A handful of traps.

Than we gotta have looters trying to take what is in the temple.

Some artifacts and stories in the temple for sure.
Maybe some lore on Dawn or the Celestial war.

Have a few encounters. (Try to boost them to LV 2)
Find some magic items (No weapons or armor)
Maybe a few potions.

The order member they meet is Roger and he is a rogue swashbuckler and he tells Ram how is sister is doing. Sent by his mentor "Sir" yes that sounds fun.
Saying that the people inside don't realize that some of items inside come from other planes. And a few from the "Old" world.


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