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ShieldHero-     107d ago

[center [h3 Genre]]
Medieval with a budding start of steampunk and a hidden lovecraftian twist

[center [h3 World]]

Tellus was an extremely dangerous plane of existence a mere five decades ago. Rife with monsters and demons the world turned to many adventurers to resolve their solutions. Whether it be a bandit attack or a horde of monsters. These adventurers would even stop wars and sometimes they started them. There was one man however Philip Silverhawk who dreamed of a world where scholars could be.. Simple scholars. A world where a man hadn't needed blade or magic to make a difference. Though he thought of a way to keep society safe nothing came to mind, his inventions had proved useful in aiding adventurers before but now his goal might be too lofty to achieve. Although anyone reading this tale must know better yes? One day the good engineer made a mysterious breakthrough. He became a complete recluse even to his own family. Although his whereabouts are unknown he had shared his knowledge with the world. A formula of turning precious metals into a working force. Thus began his many creations such as the Clockwork knight's. The Dwarves were quick to learn these smithing trades. It wasn't long before the whole world wanted a piece of the action. Those who work on such things were appointed "Steam Weavers" those who could work with steam power. Many wished to be as great as Philip Silverhawk himself before his fateful disappearance. Now the world has four major nations running on steam power. The new super powers of the world, though the borders were protected that wasn't to say everyone within these "Kingdoms" were safe. The world wasn't cured of issues, bandits,monsters and plenty of other problems still arose as well as new ones. The need of adventurers though reduced was still needed. Though the world was indeed safer now.. Wasn't it? 

[center [h3 Notes]]

Town Greyward


Black Boar Pub- Job postings (Quest Board)

Cardinal Pioneers Office Building:

Enterprise (Famous ship) landing.

Undercity Greyward

Greyward Restricted Zone.

Uptown Greyward

Shopping District


Investigation Quest:

Social Inquiry quest: (Unhappy noblewoman for example)

Repair Quest:

Hunt Quest:

Give at least medium encounter exp for not combat quest.


Nearby Locales


Main road River.

If needed use some random tables and change them around
But this is a mess will construct more tomorrow need some sleep lol
Don't try to create world maps for all the other campaigns


Nation Names
DawnVale (Where they are from/Human Dwarf empire)
Dawn Vale capital "Flash Point"

Alderwatch: (Elven Empire)
Arcstead: (Unknown for now)
SilverHawk Kingdom: (Named after Philip Silverhawk)

[center [h3 Chapter One]]
Flash point capital (Since they may head here first)

Noble Quest: Kirai Akarui maybe OR Arthur himself could be fun but feel spotlight hoggy.
I think Kirai works really well and Kirai can be a Draconic Sorcerer Steam Weaver.

Learn that the Enterprise is coming with it's captain a Steam Weaver and a bearer of the Spark.

That he came to Greyward for an evaluation and is heading back to Dawnvale to finish the report. People wanna stop the report cause it points out Greyward is dealing with a thug group. The revolutionaries that stand for times of old and against the Steam Weaving future. Relics of a bygone age. The group must head to the Cardinal Pioneers to receive an interview with detect thoughts and a lie detector. To make sure they aren't spies of Revolutionaries. They can spend some time in Greyward first if the PC's desire.

Revolutionaries are hiding in the pub and in the alleyways and not all are crazy fanatics. Some have genuine good reason to not trust the work Philip Silverhawk brought the world. If seen traveling with Kirai the party may be stopped in town if not in public with some revolutionaries. If in public though the revolutionaries may try to pickpocket one of them. (Thief stat block) Roll a dice to see which one gets pick pocketed. Grey ward work is drying up because of the revolutionaries as well. Can try to hunt down the Revolutionaries the main base is close to the landing pad for the Enterprise as a workshop. The place is chockfull of guards (Very deadly) they can try to social and call a "Parley." The representative who talks for them has +2 in all diplomat roles. (Wis/int/cha) to make a challenge for the party. Kirai won't come and meet these backward "Degenerates" lost in a bygone age. Learn the head boss here possesses a "Spark" along with his right hand man

As they head out they can socialize with Kirai who is.. Difficult to talk to. A preference for men but with certain charisma can at least make good terms with him. Airships will be out except the Enterprise which is on a tour for others to see for the day a famous ship.
It's 20 miles (DnD travel rules.)
If the party moves fast they'll get 30% more gold.

A group will try to ambush them (3 revolutionaries)
LV 1 Fighter LV 1 Barb LV 1 Fighter
Each worth 100EXP (300EXP)

Sword and Board Fighter

Second Wind
HP: 13
AC: 18
STR: 16
DEX: 16:
Con: 16
Everything else: 8

Saving Throws

Longsword 1D8+5

Greatsword Barbarian

HP: 15
AC: 16
STR: 16
DEX: 16:
Con: 16
Everything else: 8

Saving Throws

Greatsword 2D6+3 (Plus 2 with rage)

Archer Fighter

Alert Feat
Initiative: 8
Studded Armor
Second wind
HP: 13
AC: 15
STR: 14
DEX: 16
Con: 16
Wis: 12
Rest: 8
Both 1D8+3
(If party gets hurt bad enough 500EXP instead of 300 to split)

All 3 roll stealth here and lowest goes against passive perception of the party. Whoever fails it is stealthed on.

If left alive can question for information/motive. Learn their local boss/capital

After the fight when they gain EXP learn they possess a inner "Spark" adventurers known to have grown stronger after every battle. That a spark can only "Ignite" around another spark. (Thus first time seeing such a thing for the PCs)

The party can make camp and rest afterwards if they wish. Kirai will ask the party to eliminate these revolutionaries. If they disobey affects his mood but if they disobey with proper social tactics/rolls it will not affect him.

Throw in one of the character's backstory hooks and roll for a social encounter table but altered ^^

Perhaps have the party meet rival party but if the party dynamics aren't quite there maybe not.

And perhaps one more encounter maybe. (A CR 2 or LV 4 sheet for 450 EXP either way. Maybe build them up a bit)

When they arrive they gain 500 gold
If traveled fast 650 gold
If mood wasn't torn by Kirai at all 1000 gold

[center [h3 Bonus]]

I'll come up with names/pictures for these NPC's later ^^
ShieldHero-     107d ago

[center [h3 Chapter 2 DawnVale]]
Will edit once I learn more of the party
ShieldHero-     95d ago

Drezmir's Group facing
Flying Swords but 1 AC less (16AC)
But two handing longswords.

They are that statblock but bandits two handing longswords in chainmail.

Of course for arguements sake they have to have 13 STR to use chainmail but that's still +1 on the stat block.
11 On the horde and a scout shooting down on them.
ShieldHero-     95d ago

Gilded's group
Two berserker stat blocks

3 Spy stat blocks down below.
ShieldHero-     88d ago

Corvus will meet Ayumi soon. Kirai's mother. But also her patron is the demon.. That burned down his family.
ShieldHero-     83d ago

Adventure group facing 5 thugs.
Get rid of Multi Attack but switch STR and DEX depending on if they are an archer or not.

And replace the gear.

Archer: Long bow and studded armor (2 archers)

Greatsword and chainmail

Battle axe and chainmail

Longsword and shield.

Instead of 83EXP everyone will get 100EXP each
ShieldHero-     81d ago

3 LV 4's Gilded's group fighting each worth 500EXP. All have some gold and a total of 1500 EXP. (Split between the 7 of them.)
ShieldHero-     74d ago

After the bandits and the dragons reward the party with 770 EXP each. Should push them all to LV 4 ^^
ShieldHero-     74d ago

As for their rival group. Let them all hit LV 4 as well.
Those already LV 4 stay LV 4
ShieldHero-     68d ago





ShieldHero-     12d ago

[center [h3 Crystal Meadows Town]]

[center [h3 Uptown, Diamond Avenues]]

[center [h3 Center town,Rural areas, Crystal Square]]

[center [h3 Downtown, Crystal Stream Downtown]]

[center [h3 Arcade, Glintstone Games]]

NPC's: Spots the goblin (real name Bazz Zeul) he likes to play here and will be here at daytime and nighttime (Friday and Saturday.) If Spots is questioned here about any information he'll get nervous. +2 for social encounters on Spots here.


Dance Games!
Dance Rebellion has 4 core difficulty modes with varying prizes! You get a "Gaming Card" that keeps track of first time victories!

Easy: 1gp tp play
DC 10 Acrobatic's 
Prize: 2GP 
First time Prize: Lesser healing potion!

Normal: 5 GP to play

Prize: 8GP
DC: 12 Acrobatics
First Time Prize: 2 Lesser Healing Potions

Hard: 10GP to play

Prize: Lesser Healing Potion
DC: 15 acrobatics 
First time Prize: Rare crafting materials! (For the Artificer to help craft a +1 armor or weapon. Can't be Plate or Split armor. Or Mythirl Armor.

Extreme: 100GP to play

DC: 20 Acrobatics
Prize: 200GP
First time Prize: Get to pick from the prize counter some old relics from the shop keeps old adventuring days! (Can grab a +1 weapon or a pearl of power.)

If you beat the hard mode gain the attention of a Satry Bard (Blades college freshman.)

VR Fighting Games!
Same DC's/Difficulties as the dance game. Same prices to play as well. Same prizes's but different first time prizes. The check is Athletic's now


Easy: 1st level spell scroll

Normal: Some rare materials for crafting! 

Hard: Bag of Holding 

Extreme: Can pick over the counter yet again!

Pop Quiz Games!
The check is random between the INT skills each question.

Investigation: 1
Arcana: 2
History: 3
Nature: 4
Roll a D4 for each check!

Easy: Spell Scroll Mage Armor (One time use)

Normal: Studded Leather armor

Hard: Pearl of Power

Extreme: Can choose over the counter AND rare crafting materials! (Can perhaps work on a gun?)

RPG Games!
Roll a D20 and it's a random check! Making these the hardest games!

Easy: Greater Healing potion

Normal: Splintmail armor

Hard: +2 Dagger

Extreme: The most rare materials! (For making +2 in time.) and a can choose something over the counter!

Sally Hooffellow (She hates her last name) she is a bit awkward but loves to dance and sing. 

She has fake ID's for dancing at the club and knows how to make them if the party is into that. (She is in bard class) 

Aurora comes with Bazz here now! Roth picking on Bazz and Aurora saying they are helping Sakimoto keep tabs on them!

Also in front of the Arcade see Okabe Rinwell questioning Ethan/Euphoria saying Ethan and her were missing and could be a major piece of the puzzle.

He'll ask why they were missing and what part they had played in everything. And he'll of asked what they know about Nari and Evie he'll claim that he got a lead that Ethan in specific was caught stalking Nari and Evie (Lying)

Ethan was getting in a fist fight with some guys from the Blade Blitz and was winning until he got overwhelmed. Euphoria who was grabbing a drink (Ect) and Okabe came up and helped him.

If Jeremy is still an issue he woulda beat on Ethan and Roth woulda been brutish with Euphoria.

Eugene is here (Nothing important but is here)

[center [h3 Rising Dawn Academy]]

This will be rather large. You have each of the classroom teachers of course. That'll be many NPC's
Teachers can vary from LV 8-12

LV 16 Blade Singer Wizard

Silas Forthright

Vice Principal
Dragon born

Giovanni Skywing


Fighter Samurai LV 15

Druid Teacher

Lux LightWing 

Druid of the moon

Ranger Teacher
Walter Surewind

Fey Wanderer Ranger


Warlock Teacher
Jack Highwind
HexBlade Warlock

[center [pic]]

Barbarian Teacher

Hilda StrongWind
Totem of the Bear Barbarian 


Artificer Teacher


Solice Geyser
Alchemist Subclass

Wizard Teacher


Nathaniel Williams

School of Evocation 

Bard Teacher

Roger Williams

Subclass College of Blades

Sorcerer Teacher

Linda Wright

Clockwork Soul

Paladin Teacher


Rose Highwind

Paladin of Devotion

Fighter Teacher


New Fighter Teacher Romeo Glittersoul


Rogue Teacher


Claire Bell


Monk Teacher


Danny Hail

Open Fist Sub class

Cleric Teacher

Rein Astra

Tempest Cleric


[center [pic]]

Blood Hunter Teacher. Mutagen subclass


(Will Hunt Pictures later just give description) 

Brightwing is a buff dragonborn paladin (LV 3) he's a freshmen but rather tough for his grade and a bit of a prodigy and a not a great guy. Going for the Blade Blitz team. May give Nari a hard time for his parents being outsiders.

You got the AV club



And other kinds of NPC's! 

AV Club

You got a 
Pixie named Aurora

Nerdy goblin
His name is "Spots" 

And a halfing guy who snorts a lot with freckles name John Wily.

You got a Senior 
Jeremy Blades (Goes by Blades) 
Jock human paladin type (LV 5-6)
Captain of Blade Blitz

You got an angry orc named Roth (Nickname The Wrath)
LV 6 Barbarian co captain of Blade Blitz

Emo Kid
Goes by "Reaper"
(Name is Eugene Fitz)

Prom Queen type is 
Penelope Drake
She is half dragon born and half human and prissy type.
She is a LV 6 Sorcerer Draconian 

She has two followers.
Cruz Blades
And Tess (Find out she is Jeremy's sister but hides the fact for popularity reasons)

Artificer Shop:
She'll have weapons in the making and will start on any project. You can give her materials/GP for her to make goodies! (Give out what makes sense for what is given to her.)

Jeremy and Roth are still acting odd and Aurora who is finally avoiding Roth it seems. In the background Jeremy has been giving an illegal Arcana Drive powered by a captured angel in the war.

Look to Jeremy Encounter for this.
Can be prompted in the streets or in a number of ways. (Not at school)

The vice principal will give a ceremony for the party of six but gives an extra medal to everyone except for Sakimoto and Aros.

Giovanni will give a rally speech to award the hero's (Aro's and Sakmoto only get one medal while the main 4 get 2) He talks of Reason and peace reining supreme and that with hard work he knows order can be restored. (This is a hint to Straus Haven's sword of Reason)

[center [h3 Ice Cream Shop]]
The owner of the ice cream shop is Flurry an Air Djinn that loves to make ice cream.

Flurry can hear Ethan singing across the street and his abandoned home looks more decked out with lights.

Aurora is at the ice cream shop with Spots/Bazz! She is over Roth but states Roth bullies even her and is been even angrier but.. On edge too.

Linda Wright is at the ice cream shop texting.. A shit load with a monotone expression.

[center [h3 Cathedral of the Divine]]

A church that accepts all the divine from every nation. Though the Knight's believe the god of Light should have it's own church as Clara helped stopped Straus from conquering the world.

Cleric Teacher Rein is also a priest here for Clara but is more laid back.

Rein Will be here fighting with the priest Cornello on Klaus getting a proper funeral for all the blood he shed for Burguss. It appears Burguss is slowly strong arming this church that is equal rights but Straus doesn't seem to mind that Clara is gaining more attention here in White hold.

Giovanni will be here and tell Rein that it isn't reasonable to expect Klaus to have a proper funeral even if it hurts him and Rein. (He fought beside Rein and feels pain for it but deep down believes in Sword of Reason)

[center [h3 Police Station]]

[center [pic]]

Okabe has been talking to Cerron trying to gain information on plenty of happenings in White Hold. Cerron tells him to be patient and that clearance is needed for said information with the security breach that was Klaus Evergarden.

Will take in interest in Evie

Sakomoto will be researching the two newcomers but is doing a bit better with medication and therapy sessions

They are looking for Adrianna the Goblin. She had went missing suddenly.

Okabe wanted to speak with Cerron and Herron about how purist are acting back up in Straus Haven. Bell (Rogue Teacher) has come to "Flirt" with Cerron/Herron/Okabe but in reality Bell is trying to learn more information on them. Bell hides what nation they are from. With proper insight/etc Can learn Cerron is trying to hide something from Okabe.

Giovanni will come to visit his good friend Rein but he will catch up with Okabe (Okabe and Giovanni became friends after the war)

[center [h3 "Guard/Knight Barracks"]]

Evan is doing well as a knight and is trying to see if Ethan would be interested in becoming one. He'd also wanna know if Kirai is interested in such a thing.

Gremory is looking to be a knight again but not much in the way of luck in such a thing.

The knights are also looking for Adrianna the goblin. Can ask where her parents live (They live in the Diamond Avenue)

They talk of Klaus's position being replaced but they wanna ask either Rein or Gawainn (Will be Rein)
Party can try to think of someone who suits it.

[center [h3 Larex School of The Gifted]]

Where Adrianne had went to school, ask the player to make a history check (DC15) if they can remember they will recall Teresa Phial who went missing now may be back to school. She is quiet and many doctors and such have tried talking to her. (Charisma Check DC 20) to get her talking out again. Can take her to the hospital too she may have useful information.

Adam Frankford is stalking Evie but he is using a disguise self spell (Spell DC17 investigation)

He also has +7 in stealth to watch the party. If caught he'll cast a spell than run. Arcana DC 15 to tell that the spell is Mislead. He is invisible and sent a fake double running! (Arcana 15DC will help you see this fact) if you catch him you'll see his real form. He'll look at the party (Evie Mostly) with some somber feelings (He'll roll deception to conceal his feelings.)
His Deception is just a flat roll.

Can arrest him if he feels too fishy.

Adam Knowledge: He knows Evie is his daughter (Will not share this easily.) Know's where the Divine Energy came from for the Arcana Drive but he won't share that he does. He was also here to see what these kids knew same as you he says.

Teresa Knowledge: If she be snapped back she can tell you she remembers a place.. Full of machine's and whirring. Smog and something being refined? She remembers the sight of Mythril and she was taken to a underground passage?

Minxi Knowledge: She says Adrianna had been kind at one point and suddenly she became.. Rather vicious and tough to be around. That she is sure Teresa knows something and is working on Teresa getting better as it is her friend. Has regret she couldn't help her better.

Penelope Knowledge: Knows of Jeremy Arcana (Will hide if encounter hasn't happened.) If it has happened she is under parole but doesn't know much past Jeremy's deal except that Adrianna had seemed so kind at one point and something just.. Changed. Adrianna is a fighter and the school is known for gifted casters.

[center [h3 Crystal Shaft's Mine]]

The Mines are back up and running farming for Mythril and other metals and now under guard. Okabe and Linda can be seen arguing as he tells her she needs to share more info she retorts the same to him. Can do social rolls against the both of them.

[center [h3 Brick Mortar Apartments]]

Eugene Lives here Adrianna is stalking looking to take him once again (In a trance) will head to the underground factory. (Must follow through her Athletics)

Eugene will admit he's caught her looking his way before and wasn't sure how to handle it and that Okabe has told him to be quiet about him asking of Nari and Evie. (If they knock on his door and ask)
Evie will know he lives her (Remind player)

Claire Bell is getting snacks at the vending machine makes good money but still chooses to live here.

Linda Breakneck lives here is using Stealth to hide and watch the group.

[center [h3 Furs and Claws hunting Gear]]

Can see materials for making guns (For Free)

Nari's Dad's will ask how he is doing and ask about Okabe that he seems cute and they want to invite him for dinner sometimes. And also maybe go hunting together if it hasn't happened yet.

They may even talk about Jack too (As they both slept with him at separate points)

[center [h3 Evie's Residence/Light Feathers Residence]]

Evie's Gnome Parents Adva and Berry ask how she is doing in school. That Okabe came over and seemed a bit interested in her they told him she is too young him. But left a business card to text her.

Romeo also is curious if Evie/Aros/Arthur/Himari would like to be Fighters.

The family talks about maybe helping Nari create an Enhanced Focus for her so they can think of them.

[center [h3 Drake Elementary]]

Nari's little brother Velvet Wave (Or Wave) has been excelling great in class. He has risk of suspension for fighting with bullies.

The principal wants to talk with Nari's parents as Velvet kept intercepting calls and notes to prevent this problem.

[center [h3 White Hold Hospital]]

Many cases going on here, the doctor the main doctor that the adventuring school gets insured by.

Stephan Gregory 
Has +3 INT and +4 wisdom. 
Medical rolls are +10 and has healer kits. All other Wisdom rolls are +6 and all INT rolls are +5
Charisma rolls are +1 and all physical rolls are -1

Helped a lot of kids rehabilitate from the crystal and physical and magical therapy. Linda and Okabe have been pestering Stephan for lots of information.

He'll be watching the patients who are suddenly passing out it's as if their minds are going somewhere else. Unlike the crystals it seems they are being drained but when they are drained too much they are given a chance to rest and replenish their life force or arcana. Giovanni will visit these kids. Insight can show a few glimmer of things...

[center [h3 Shimmering River]]

There is also a romantic boat ride given by a Tabaxi woman. Her name is Scarlet and she used to have a thing for Violet but was rejected for Flame.

Romeo is on a boat ride date with Solice. He's texting on his crystal but looks happy around Solice and flirty.

Giovanni will run into the party and tell them to watch Romeo he doesn't fully trust this new flirty guy. We gotta keep our eyes open after all.

[center [h3 Nari's/Quickfoot/Swiftfoot Residence]]

Tabaxi hunters two fathers Flame Swiftfoot and Violet Swiftfoot 
With fur matching their names

They wanna take Nari out hunting sometime!

The Hunt: Survival DC 15:

Stealth DC: 15

Make an attack roll (Advantage with stealth) Bond with parents. Flame will wanna spar with Nari. Archer stat block, but with Pistol +2 instead. Win or lose Flame will give Nari the pistol.

[center [h3 Chevalier's Manor]]

Nimue will wanna talk to Evie about Arthur. Gawain may talk to Arthur a bit trying to give him advice on the side as well.

Lance and Gwen will wanna talk to Evie as well but Nathaniel will be over talking to Nimue (Wanting to talk to her)

Nimue wants to help Nathaniel track down Evie's mother for her but the two will keep it a secret.

Arthur's butler Winfred will also be more than friendly if Evie wishes to speak with him.

Winfred will tell Evie that Arthur's divine powers did not come easy many thought he'd be only a fighter and even with that he was determined to be a great and powerful Holy Knight just like his father.
In Burguss Gawain is concerned the "Divine Shield" of Burguss.

[center [h3 Sato Residence]]

Hiroshi and Himiko Sato want Sakomoto and Himari to come over with Aros and Nari. To talk of what it means to join the Sato family if such a thing is to come to pass that Himari and Sakomoto have no real relationship experience.

Nari and Sakomoto will be expected to adopt.

And for Aros and Himari they will want a child.

May come off as a shock.

The father will speak with Aros and Himari further while the mother does with Sakomoto and Nari.

Mother and father both will talk of passing the Sato artifacts down to Himari and Sakimoto (+2 Weapons and they will once other members get some +2 weapons)

Alexander/Volos/Herron/Gawain will come to hang out during this.
Learn Alexander doesn't fully hate Herron he speaks of love and conquest and that he has been with all species and each of sex's.

Alexander will speak of a special woman he knew in Burguss.

[center [h3 Glimmering Shield Junior High]]

Act 1 Reminder?
A school that Burguss has taken an interest with the Sumia Shogunate. Heading here you will meet a politician from the Sumia Shogunate. Jungqwol the tortle (Really is the Shogunate can roll history to figure that out.) And wanted to see the students education. Get some Sumia lore here!

Arc 2
Jungqwol grew close to the kids and helps watch over them as they look for a new principal (Last Retired) but under a new name. (Fake Name Qwol)

Qwol wants to take in Nari's brother Velvet that he is misguided but talented with a strong heart.

[center [h3 Feather Blade Circus/Aro's Home]]

Are holding a major event! Can invite his friends! Gain money for the Circus!

Performance 10:

Performance: 15

Performance: 20

Can also use
Athletics: Strongman

Acrobatics: Gymnastist

Persuasion: Kissing booth (Pays 50 percent more)

Fortune Telling: Insight

Aros will feel.. A phantom voice call out to him (Fey Wild where his mother is from.)

[center [h3 Crystal Valley Mall]]

Many many shops here! 

Weapon Shop: Funded by Straus, Called "Arcane Steel"

Armor Shop: Funded by Straus called "Tempered Guardian"
Paladin Teacher Rein may be shopping here

Item Shop: "Bits and Wonders" 
Wizard Teacher Nathaniel may be shopping here.

In the mall can run into the Artificer teacher (Romeo) Talking to the Paladin teacher. She looks annoyed but is having a good time. (Looks like he is a cheater since he see's Solice a lot but just a flirt) Also Roll D20 for another teacher encounter!

Giovanni will be here texting Okabe but won't be meaning him.

[center [h3 Crystal Loft Cemetery]]

Andrew Veiss is fighting off left over Purist when you visit! They will have information! (Eugene will have helped Andrew)

They are being attacked by men and women in suits and ties and undercover and with enough pressure Straus Haven is cracking down hard on these guys.

(Hidden there is many Straus Haven that wants the old empire but are less radical and are more of "Reason")

[center [h3 Lost Haven Forest]]

Eugene can be seen here training himself up alongside Evan and Ethan. The three of them are considering making a party but Ethan isn't sure if he and Euphoria will be accepted. He wants Eugene and Evan in his band.

Lots of people take band practice out here as it's "Creepy" Soon a battle of the bands for the students by the students will be held here.

Okabe can be seen talking to Ethan here again friendly like.

Eugene will ask Evan how does he protect the people he cares about..

[center [h3 Abandoned Factory, Grand Spire Factory]]

Investigation: 20DC to find an underground passage to find Adrianna! She is with a few other hooded figures. Arcana DC18 can tell she's under the influence of some spell! A major crystal is being created to contain a powerful divine force! They use another device to power up Adrianna!

[center [h3 On The Rocks Tavern]]
Will add more

Old School Quest Board.
Use Kobold and NPC generator to create two quest/encounters on the board. (Quest will dry up at times) can eat and drink here as well! Eating the fine meal for 10GP restores one hit dice! (Can only do this once a day) 

Easy Encounter: 50GP

Normal: 100GP

Linda Breakneck is here asking questions about the barkeep and what they know of those in town.

Eugene will be hear bruised up drinking (If not encountered through the Jeremy thing)
Eugene wants to find his purpose.

[center [h3 Glistening Ball (Club/Dancy parties)]]

Bouncers Jaw and Maw, Jonathon out and on parole now.

Glistening Ball has been updated and renovated since the last fight!

Claire is being bought a few drinks. Okabe is in hiding but Claire was here to follow him. Planning to follow Linda next.

If Nari comes here Linda Breakneck will begin to start following him. (She is a gunslinger LV 8)

[center [h3 Gareth's Gas Station and Garage]]

Here is also the "Garage" which serves as a sort of DMV. Gareth will offer lessons if they pay/persuade otherwise nah on the whole car.
Used car is 500GP

Nicer cars have different cost. If you ask questions about people who'll have a surprising amount of info.. For a price. He isn't a fan of cops or knights due to all the drama however. 

Gareth will receive a letter from Straus which will cause him to let out a sigh saying. "Cereluen Wingstride really can't take no for an answer. (Gareth was part of the Imperial Guard when he was younger)
He will tell Sol that his least favorite part was working with Okabe that guy just.. Creeped him out.

[center [h3 Michael Bee's Diner]]

Eating a nice meal for 10GP restores a hit die (Can stack with the other meal in the tavern.)

See Jack and Rose Highwind eating together. If you stealth on them he'll talk about that "Crazy Pair" wanting to catch up with him again. Insight shows despite his sour face he is rather happy. (They are half siblings) Jack will look at Nari curiously

[center [h3 Hunting Grounds]]
Nari hunting with family Event

Velvet Wave was ambushed by three goblins! Nari can see this and before he helps his brother will end up dispatching them. He's not as strong as Nari but he's a prodigy.

[center [h3 Lost Spire Prison]]

Not sure what to add here for now. Klaus's Knights may be here.
Linda Break Neck are here questioning a lot of Purist.

Claire Bell comes here to visit an old lover. Tohama (He's an older looking human his crimes are unknown to the party)

[center [h3 Daylight Park]]

Velvet Wave is getting picked on by the older brothers of the bullies he fought.

Evan has been hanging out with Eugene and Velvet Wave.
Ethan and Euphoria they all look a bit hurt but the bullies get more people involved!
Encounter is just 8 Bandit Stat Blocks! (500EXP for everybody)

Velvet Wave admits he's really hated at his school. Ethan tells him he's a rebel and that's okay!

Before all of this he was gonna skip a grade and head into Junior high.
Evan may tell Nari that sounds good if it can still be done.

[center [h3 Notes]]

Probably Add NPC homes and more places later for sure.

[center [h3 NPC's]]

[center [h3 Arc 2 The Storm]]

NPC Generator (And quest) generator! 
Link for one just in case!  

[ Linky!]

May have to wing it sometimes! And that is okay!

Jeremy was given a device by Adrian, Penelope doesn't agree with this and isn't sure what to do but loves Jeremy dearly.

[center [h3 Time]]
If it's a weekend you get three visits.




If is a school day you get 2.

Friday you can use 3 for past evening for (Late night) Every extra action is a con save for exhaustion. DC10 for the first and 5 harder for each visit past that! Revisiting places can continue quest/relationships with characters!

[center [h3 Cerebum's Hall of Reason]]

Where important meetings and such are held! The kids will be asked to come here at one point of course.



Herron (Brings Ayame as an up and coming protege)





Linda Breakneck


Talk of Straus Haven having spies that go past the Purist. Cereluen Wingstride is the current Straus Emperior.

Volos talks of Florian Frost and the Arch Druid pulling students from White Hold.

Burguss wants to send the prince in hiding as a show of faith to White Holds heroic deeds for standing strong.

Herron will be reasonable to the accuassions brought to Straus Haven but Okabe will say "Need I remind everyone who brings White Hold it's funds?"

Alexander will state "We all pay."

Linda Breakneck who's from Sumia will state, this may be true but I know Straus Haven pays the majority of White Hold. What is the motive though?

Herron will remind her and the council that it was done in an attempt to restore peace. That he was there when the emperor was slain he had to fight his old council mates to discord. That he'd rather avoid that fate again.

Alexander had to kill traitors in his own kingdom but he tells them "Gawain had his own sins to bear."

Arthur will wanna know but will be careful.

Hiroshi will tell everyone to try and settle.

Linda Breakneck will ask that everyone's documents be checked once again to see if they are indeed legal. (Insight can show she glances at Nari in this.)

Cerron will ask everyone to try and stay calm.

Rein Astra will enter saying that apparently.. He's taking Klaus's Evergarden's place.

Cerron and Rein will try and calm everyone down. (Rein will also look to Nari afraid that Linda is looking to him.)

Linda and Okabe will bump heads as well.

[center [h3 Ethan's Old Safe House]]

Ethan is starting a band with Euphoria! He'll say Okabe is been helping fund his band and is a cool guy! But Linda Breakneck has been "breaking" his neck and cramping his style with too many questions!!

[center [h3 Dandelion Heights]]

Romeo is out on a date with Solice Geyser!

Jack Highwind was dragged on a "Date" with Linda Wright. Jack Highwind seems a bit disinterested in the situation.

Ethan got a gig to play music here! It's been sponsored by Okabe Rinwell!

[center [h3 Fey Wild]]

When they Enter the Fey Wild Evie will gain a sense of divine energy.

Himari will sense a rush of voices

Aros will also sense something.. Calling him (Again perhaps)

3 Major Encounters. Each Encounter will share a piece to the machine in Himari's.

If they get lost it'll get late and should head home (Or miss a Day.)

To focus on goal it's One Survival Roll and One Arcana Roll. (DC 30 with both dice together)

The door won't always be available to them. (Forcing them to investigate/explore the town more. This is because the Divine Force is trying to protect them from Okabe's plan.)

If they figure Okabe out before doing the Fey Wild will protect Nari's family better.

Lost Moments in the Fey Wild.

Six Illusions.

One for party member.
D6 to see.

Arthur: 1

Evie: 2

Nari: 3

Sakomoto: 4

Himari: 5

Aros: 6

To get out of an illusion the one it's cast upon must make a DC15.

Not always an Illusion for an example Aros may be stopped by a troop.

1: Illusion

2: Troop offering food and drink will tell Evie they saw a "Big her" Around here sleeping

3: A woman (Familiar voice) offering to dance. Aros can and if he does will gain a great connection to the Fey.

4: One fairy will talk to Himari calling her big sister but she can't recall causing this fairy sadness it's form distorting into a weeping like creature as it begins to leave.

[center [h3 NPC Cast]]

Haiver Longstorm: Herron's old friend from Straus Haven (Autmn and Summer Eladrin)

Valenae Longstorm: Winter Eladrin also know's Herron the same way.

Herron: Straus Haven Ambassador

Alexander Junior: Goes by Alexander (Part of Hiroshi's old party and a Terra Ambassdor)

Cerron (Police Chief) is accommodating two more special guest and will inform Sakimoto to take extra care of making a good impression on Okabe and Linda

Ethan (Tiefling former punk)

Hiroshi Sato (Himari's Adopted Dad)

Himiko Sato (Himari's Adopted Mom)

Gawain Chevalier (Arthur's Dad)

Okabe Rinwell: From Burguss Bureau of security, here to investigate Klaus's decent but in reality is interested in Evie knowing she has awakened the Blessing Klaus has given them. Making her friends and herself a bit stronger. (LV5-LV6) he plans on taking Evie back to the church of Clara. Doesn't trust Herron

Linda Breakneck : From the Sumia Shogunate internal affairs, she is here to Investigate the Swiftfoots but doesn't tell them that. When she learns of the circumstance however she will be sympathetic. However Okabe if he gets a hold of that information will send government assassins to dispose of Nari's parents.

People are going missing but due to Evie's source they aren't being put in crystals. They aren't sure where they are and this time it isn't magical students or just students.

[center [h3 Coma Chart]]
D10 for those asleep at the hospital (Mind into the Fey Wild to power a machine. Okabe wants to finish a project started awhile ago to draw power from the Fey Wild. It'll aid him since the Divine Angel he's captured in Fey Wild despite being immobile uses the Fey Wild to keep distorting her surroundings so that he can't retrieve her or gather her power whenever.)

1: Velvet Wave

2: Rein

3: Cruz (Penelope's Sister)

4: Volos (Giovanni had given Volo's food from the Fey Wild to make this possible)

5: Roger Williams (Bard Teacher)

6: Aro's Mother (Who has eaten Fey Wild food and had somehow regained her humanity)

7: Gremory

8: Ethan

9: Evan

10: Lux Lightwind (Druid Teacher)

Giovanni will visit them (As expressed above)

Roll the Coma chart not everyday but once for every day the Fey Door was open. Okabe and Giovanni are doing this.

Principals spell scrolls are going missing. (Okabe and Giovanni)

[center [h3 Extra Events]]
Giovanni and Okabe have been talking more and more.

Giovanni was in the war to help take down Straus (Internally he saw the peace Straus had with the sword of Reason) Now a believer he wants to bring order and peace back.

Eugene fought Jeremy and lost.. Badly.

[center [h3 End of Arc]]

Okabe and Giovanni (Both likely found out) party comes back from Fey Wild (Fully restored By Evie's mothers Eve.)

(Another voice and image will reach her from the Wild.. Evelyn talks to Evie for a moment. Don't state it is her just an Assimar women with angelic wings. She will tell Evie to talk to Alexander.)

Straus Spies are attacking Nari's home. Herron is here covered in blood (Reminder Flame and Violet killed his sister) but he's defending Nari's home.

Giovanni will try and stop the party with minions. (Suit for 3 of them) Party can split up and help Nari's family (Gives them an extra dice for things being okay)
Giovanni had a RARE scroll of Astral Projection to fight with his own statblock. Giovanni will be at Straus Haven making preparations as well as in the other nations.

The chart.

1-6: Flame dies

7-12: Violet's mind is taken to help fuel the machine.

13-20: They end up being okay.

Adam will have been fighting Okabe.
Okabe will use his energy from the machine to gravely wound Adam Frankford!

At the end of everything fighting can be heard about from all places.

[center [h3 Bonus Notes]]

Maybe make Adam look like a bad guy as a Red Herring.


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