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Anime_freakBlitzo   110d ago
We'll make memories, friend.

Blitzo spun in his chair a little, "No client yet today, I'm bored!" He called stopping to prop his feet on the desk. This is the first time in a while they haven't had a client, so he had gotten used to all of the work around.
CreekMoxxie   110d ago

Moxxie looked through some of the paper work and scoffed at Blitzo. “Sir- you have LOADS of paperwork to do! Why don’t you start with those?” 

Moxxie took a stack of paperwork and placed it on Blitzos desk. “So instead of spinning around you can do this.”
Anime_freakBlitzo   110d ago
We'll make memories, friend.

Blitzo gasped, "Moxxie that's BORING!" He swiped the work off the desk. "That's your job! Pick it up!" He shook his head, pulling out his phone.

"I want to do something fun." He grumbled, waving a hand. Motioning for him to still pick everything up.
CreekMoxxie   110d ago

Moxxie growled but did as told. “You are going to do these one day sir.”

Moxxie jumped as Loona slammed the door open. “Hey- there’s some creep on the phone asking for you blitz…Keeps repeating some weird shit…”

Moxxie glared at Loona and put the papers somewhere else. “That’s—“
Anime_freakBlitzo   110d ago
We'll make memories, friend.

Blitz scrambled up. "OooOO! Whatis it, what is it?" He held his hand out for the phone. Trying to reach for it.

CreekMoxxie   110d ago

Loona handed him the phone and rolls her eyes. “Probably a client…A very high one.” Loona left the room and took her phone out.

Moxxie huffed and sat on some boxes. “Of course I get ignored…”


The other behind the phone seemed to be waiting. As blitzo put it to his ear they immediately respond. “Need two DEAD NOW! Your business kills those humans on the surface world! I want you to kill two humans on a mountain. Their cabin large and far from civilization. I don’t care how you dispose of them. I will give an address later.”

Moxxie heard some of it and made a confused and questioning expression. The only question he had right now is why they speak like that.
Anime_freakBlitzo   110d ago
We'll make memories, friend.

"HEyYY speak slow, what am I doing? WhO am I killing?" He scrambled for a piece of paper and a pen as he held the phone to his ear. "Who, where, when??" He asked.

They didn't have the book right now, he'd have to go call Stollas, and go get the book from him. Of course they got someone asking for the surface when they DIDN'T have a book, gReAt.
Creek     110d ago

“Japan. Away from all those cities. Located somewhere in the mountains near a small town. The town has bright lights that shine all night long, you’ll be able to find it if you go sometime tonight- or tomorrow- honestly. I don’t care HOW or WHEN you do. Let us know when you are leaving.” There seemed to be somebody else talking on the phone this time but sounded similar to who talked fast.
Anime_freakBlitzo   110d ago
We'll make memories, friend.

He wrote it down, "Uh yeah, sounds good. Humans cost extra! How much are you paying? When are you paying?" Blitz asked, setting the pen down and looking over at Moxxie.
CreekMoxxie   110d ago

“We will pay once you kill them. We will call once you are finished with them.”

This time it was a much calmer voice. There was some arguing on the line before it cut off.

Moxxie still seemed confused and stared at Blitzo. “So— Where are we going to sir?” Moxxie still seemed weirded out by this as he could hear the mutters from the phone being different voices as well.
Anime_freakBlitzo   110d ago
We'll make memories, friend.

Blitz rolled his eyes. "I have to get the damn book." He sighed, "Get Millie, we've got work to do." He said as he put the phone on the desk and stood up.
CreekMoxxie   110d ago

“Yes sir…” Moxxie went out of the office and to where Millie would be at. “Hey Honey? We have a client!”

Moxxie seemed to gasp and jump back, seeing what seems to be an angel. He looked down for a second and looked up but it was gone.

“Wha?—“ Moxxie immediately got tackled and picked up. “AH!— Millie!!”
Anime_freakBlitzo   110d ago
We'll make memories, friend.

Millie stepped out of another room
blinking, "Yeah, Hon?" She called. Looking around.

Blitzo walked out of his office. "Moxxie keep it down!" He called, shutting and locking his office door as he stepped out.
CreekMoxxie   110d ago

“I swear I saw something…” Moxxie muttered but shook his head. He looked at Millie. “We have a client— they want us to go to Japan…I had a quick look at the notes”

Moxxie looked around one more time and dragged Millie along. “I don’t think we’ve ever gotten a client around there.”
Anime_freakBlitzo   110d ago
We'll make memories, friend.

(Who's gonna be Stollas?)

Blitzo walked outside to his car, starting it. Here he goes, making his way to Stollas's Castle to get the book from him.

Millie followed him, "Yeah- Well we had that one guy who broke the wall and came in." She added while looking around with him.
CreekMoxxie   110d ago

( stolas is the royal bird dude from the pilot episode- he’s also in more of them but he was first introduced in the pilot-)

Moxxie sighed. “It took me days to fix that wall…But that’s not even the strangest client!- I feel like something was off with this one…I swear I heard more than one voice and they seemed…strange?”
Anime_freakBlitzo   110d ago
We'll make memories, friend.

(Oh no I meant like which one of us is gonna be him?)
CreekMoxxie   110d ago

( Oh!- Is it fine if you could be?- I can be his daughter or the servant imps- if that’s fine? )
Anime_freakMillie   110d ago
We'll make memories, friend.

(Yeah that works!)

"Maybe they're tag teamers?" She shrugged, "I don't know, Hon." Millie sighed a little, grabbing his hand. "It'll be fine." She promised.
CreekMoxxie   110d ago

Moxxie smiled and nodded. “Yeah…It’ll be fine…” Moxxie still seemed suspicious but decided to trust her wife’s words.

“Come on- we may want to meet blitzo at the palace…”

Moxxie did look back at the room with that angel and he turned back.
Anime_freakMillie   110d ago
We'll make memories, friend.

"Yeah, so he's not too wasted to drive, or downright stupid." She nodded, swinging their hands as they walked down the stairs.


Around two hours later Blitzo walked out of the library with the book, flipping through the pages to find the spell."Moxxie, Millie!" He called.
CreekMoxxie   110d ago

Moxxie got up and tilts his head. “2 hours? What were you guys doing in there?—“ Moxxie stopped himself. “Nevermind don’t answer that.”
Anime_freakBlitzo   110d ago
We'll make memories, friend.

"Yeah, you don't WANT me to answer that." He shrugged, waving the book. "Get Loona so she can operate this for me." He tossed the book to Moxxie.

Millie looked over at him, then back at Blitzo. "So- Japan?" She asked, tilting her head at the two other demons.
CreekMoxxie   110d ago

Moxxie had called Loona, obviously being called some names before she hung up and made her way over to them.

Moxxie nodded and put his phone in his pocket. “Yeah! Apparently something with Japan— Are you sure this isn’t a bit suspicious sir?” Moxxie glared slightly at Blitzo. “Not the whole— killing part but— the multiple people on the other end?”
Anime_freakBlitzo   109d ago
We'll make memories, friend.

Blitzo rolled his eyes, "Oh whatever, we're getting paid so it doesn't matter!" He shrugged, walking back out to the car, and hopping into the driver's seat. "We could use some more cash around here anyway, gas ain't cheap." Blitzo hummed, starting the car.
CreekMoxxie   109d ago

Moxxie rolled his eyes and got in the car.

Loona soon came in and sat in the passenger seat.

“Wait- are we driving the van in?!” Moxxie could see the portal opened up and the car starting. “Sir! This is a bad idea!”

Loona paid no attention and just stayed in her phone.
Anime_freakBlitzo   109d ago
We'll make memories, friend.

"Oh- I guess we are- that wasplanned. Anddd no one cares, Moxxie!" Blitzo grinned, slamming on the gas petal, the car tumbled towards the portal at full speed, entering the glowing blue.

Millie blinked a little and gripped the side of the car as it sped up, lifting her feet off the ground when bottles tumbled around the back.
CreekMoxxie   109d ago

Moxxie shrieked and held on tight to his seat.

He looked out the car and again saw something. “What the-“ Moxxie yelped again when they had crashed into a tree.

Snow fell down into the top of the van and the portal closed behind them.

“What the fuck blitz?!” Loona let go of her seat and got out of the car. She was already starting to feel a bit cold. “Geez- why a mountain out of all places?”

Moxxie got out and looked around. It was very foggy and snowing. “Ugh- agreed.”
Anime_freakBlitzo   109d ago
We'll make memories, friend.

Blitz climbed out of his seat, and out into the cold. "Whew, that was fun!" He nodded, messing with the red skull attached to his suit, "It's not THAT cold, get used to it Moxxie." Blitz rolled his eyes, ignoring Loona's remark and simply going for Moxxie.

Mille quickly climbed out of her side, shutting the door behind her, she didn't say it, but she was freezing considering the fact she had grown up on the farm back with the Imps. It was always hot where she grew up!

Blitzo looked around the mountain. "Alright let's find this fucker and the cabin." He stated with a nod.
CreekMoxxie   109d ago

“Did they ever specify where exactly? Or near the mountains?” Moxxie raised a brow and handed weapons to Millie and blitzo while also taking a duffel bag with him.

Loona sniffed around to try and catch something of who they are killing. She couldn’t smell anything. “I got nothing…Can’t smell a single thing in this weather!”
Anime_freakBlitzo   109d ago
We'll make memories, friend.

"Nah, actually-" He pulled out his phone. "We have to call them for the address." Blitz shrugged, glancing around for a house first.

Millie studied the weapon for a moment, before slinging it over her shoulder. "Shouldn't we have done that first?"
CreekMoxxie   99d ago

Moxxie shrugged. “I don’t know- again! Isn’t it strange they call us when we JUST get here?”

Before blitzo could call the clients, they immediately picked up. 

“There ALREADY?! Good good-“ the insane voice yelped and the calmer voice sighed.

“Glad to see you’re there. Go north. There will be a small town. Ask around for a mr…What was his name?”

“Mr.Tellers.” a stronger more feminine voice spoke. “Ask for them and you will find them. Good luck.” They hung up.
Anime_freakBlitzo   96d ago
We'll make memories, friend.

Blitz shoved the phone in his pocket. Not bothering to answer Moxxie anymore. "Let's go." He rolled his eyes, kicking snow and getting ready to make his way down.

Millie frowned, but let out a small sigh and got ready to follow. Why was Blitz so careless?
CreekMoxxie   96d ago

Moxxie grumbled and followed behind Millie As Loona went next to Blitzo to try and catch any sort of scent.

She did catch one. The smell of noodles. “This way” she walked off to the right, going down a hill and towards a distant light.

“I don’t understand- how does nobody find any of this suspicious? The voices on the other line? How they KNEW we were HERE?”
Anime_freakBlitzo   90d ago
We'll make memories, friend.

[#62f9ea "Moxxie, cool it!"] Blitz shook his head, rolling his eyes at the demon.[#62f9ea "It's getting annoying."] He grumbled, setting off in the direction Loona had pointed out.

Millie sighed quietly, taking Moxxie's hand. [#1f107a "It'll be alright hun'."] She reassured him softly, looking around the seeming wasteland.
CreekMoxxie   90d ago

Moxxie sighed in defeat and nods, following blitzo.


Loona continued walking until they came across a large town of lights and old fashioned buildings. People were walking around or were out by their homes, greeting each other in a wave or a small conversation.
Anime_freakBlitzo   89d ago
We'll make memories, friend.

Blitzo carefully made his way to the sidewalk, avoiding people and covering his gun by shoving it into his belt. "Moxxie, see anything? ANYONE see anything?"
CreekMoxxie   89d ago

Moxxie was already out and asking somebody about a person.

“Excuse me miss? Do you know about a Mr.Teller?”

The woman seemed suprised but nodded. “Yep. We all do. Lives up there…” she pointed towards the mountains to the right, with a few tall trees and a trail. “I’m guessing you’re friends of his? He hasn’t had any since…Forever!”

Moxxie nodded. “Uh. Yeah…Thank you.”


Up in the house a figure scoffed and closed his window.

“What’s wrong with you?” A voice sneered and glared at them with their glowing orange eyes.

“Nothing just…” they licked their lips. “I’m going to make some food…”

“Don’t forget to feed Fuzzball! Damn thing slobbered everywhere last time.”

They nodded and started to walk out. “Hey…Anything from the group yet?”

“Nope…Momo is freaking out a lot because of this…I’m sure they’re fine..”

The figure sighed and nods, walking downstairs.
Anime_freakBlitzo   88d ago
We'll make memories, friend.

Blitzo groaned loudly, complaining about the walk. [#8B0000 "Do we have any other way of transportation?"] He complained, kicking some of the snow out of his as they trudged up the mountain.

[#8B0000 "We MUST have something else?"] He groaned, glancing around the place.

Millie sighed quietly as she followed behind everyone, not getting involved.
CreekMoxxie   88d ago

Moxxie shakes his head. “Didn’t you sell one of them for another horse?-“

Loona didn’t pay attention and she went up to the mansion like house. “This is it…I say we go in with caution and-“ Loona jumped hearing a window break. “Blitz!! I said with caution!!”


The person from inside gasped and clicked their tongue.

A large and fluffy dog came out as its tail wagged.

“Sick em.” 

The dog barked and ran to the location of the broken window, barking and tail wagging.
Anime_freakBlitzo   74d ago
We'll make memories, friend.

Blitz shot his gaze towards the bark. [#562412 "They've got a dog! Loona, get em for me sweetieee!"] He yelled, running through the halls, his two employees trailing close behind.

Millie hurried to follow, holding her gun  close as she ran through the hall, passing doors, paintings- God this house was big.
CreekMoxxie   63d ago

Loona didn’t seem to care and was on her phone. “Hm? Yeah cool…”

Moxxie was about to go inside when the dog jumped onto him. It licked him, a purple saliva coming from its mouth, and made him go limp. Moxxie freaked out more.

The dog resembling a large and fluffy black furred dog but had 3 legs on each side of its body. On its head seemed to be glossed obsidian like horns, it didn’t have a tail but came with soft glossed obsidian claws and soft looking glossed back spikes.

It only barked and sniffed moxxie as he couldn’t move from its weight and whatever the purple substance the dog licked him with, on its tongue.

Loona looked up and freaked out. “What the?!-“ she immediately growled and pounced at the dog creature.

The dog creature looked up at Loona mid pounce. It immedietly grabbed moxxie with two of its arms and ran inside the house from the broken window.

Loona growled and followed after the creature. “How do you get yourself caught so fast?!

As Millie and Blitzo go further in, small creatures skitter around. A figure comes out and throws something at Millie. It looked like a blue ball.

The smaller figure came out of the dark and jumped onto them, trying to grab the ball. These small figured looked like radishes with completely black oval eyes. Their mouths were sharp and there were no teeth in sight.
Anime_freakBlitzo   63d ago
We'll make memories, friend.

Millie and Blitz both instantly pulled out weapons, the first attack forcing Millie to duck.

"Awww what the fuck! Of course it's not normal people!" Blitzo yelled jumping around the strange things, looking for any type of advantage.

Millie yelped quietly, reaching for her ax that was slung on her back. "Oh fuck this Blitz, just start shootin'!" She yelled throwing the ax at the strange animals.

Blitzo nodded. "I can do that!" He grinned, shooting at the eyes of the thing.
CreekMoxxie   62d ago

The dog creature avoided the many attacks of Loona and ran up into the attic.

Loona quickly followed up. There was nothing.

All there was were cobwebs in the large attic but no spiders. Crates that seemed to be filled with strange items and some even having unlimited supplies of unspoiled foods. From the attics large window she could see many crops in the back. “This guy really intends to live forever…”

“But, where did you go…” Loona carefully stepped around the crates and searched around. She stopped at a sudden noise.

She turned and saw a tall figure with a circular head. One eye was glowing yellow and in a squint.

“Alright who the fuck are you guys and what the fuck are you?” Loona growled.

“Nothing you need to know about. It’s best if you leave—“ he had a deep Russian like accent to him, and continued to squint.

Loona didn’t listen and strikes at the male. The male simply dodged and growled. “The hard way it is….”

The creatures were easily chopped up into small bits, but tuned into puddles of golden like ink on the floor.

Another figure soon came out. Throwing a potion onto the ground that created a thick fog and a long tail yanking Millie, throwing her hard at the wall and trapping her there by the neck with a claw like arm weapon.

“The hell you imps doin here.” He spoke in an Irish like accent. His form was revealed when the fog faded. A rather large blue rabbit with a long white and blue stripped lemur tail that held a glowing purple potion. His outfit was similar to steampunk and he had one goggle over his visible eye while the other was covered with his dark red dread lock hair. His eye was like an old cartoon eye, a pie cut eye.
Anime_freakBlitzo   62d ago
We'll make memories, friend.

Millie hissed under the pressure, scratching at whatever was holding her down with her small yet sharp nails. Kicking around with whatever force she had from the momentom.

"Well, we're here for absolutely [i no] reason." He gave him a strained smile, "We can just leave if you'd like??" He offered with a hint of tattered annoyance in his voice. 

They were technically hired to kill humans. These were NOT humans, therefore they had no reason to be here. They would say  'Oops oh well' to the client and swindle right under their boots. Maybe steal a few valuables on the way down.
CreekMoxxie   55d ago

The rabbit glared at Millie and Blitzo. He was ready to attack but he stopped, he stood straight and looked back at Millie, seeming surprised. His grip on her softening but becoming tight once more. “No. You…You guys are way too valuable now. Right…Bomber?”

A figure grabbed Blitzo by the neck, lifting him up in the air, the hand wasn’t at all rough and blitzo could still breathe. Over the large figures shoulder was a passed out loona.

“It’s impossible as well…It shouldn’t be possible at all! But…” the rabbit shook his head. “Nevermind. Take em downstairs— I need to do a few test. And get the radishes to fix up the house”

Bomber nodded. He pinned blitzo to a wall, hitting him square in the face and making him pass out.

Moxxie whined and slowly opened his eyes, looking around and finding he was tied up next to Millie and blitzo.

“Millie? Sir?!” Moxxie whispered and looked around. He could easily break from the ropes, but seeing what took him out he’d rather not.

Loona was still passed out and her ears twitched every so often.

The room was rather large, and they were in a living room setting sitting on a very comfortable rugged floor. A dining room was connected to the large living room and so was a kitchen. There was three doors as well seeming to lead to other areas. There was a ledge that seemed to have lots of items around the area but nothing to make out but gadgets and a bit of a bullet board. The stairs up to the ledge had a bookshelf next to it with gadgets and papers taking up empty spaces.

“Henry I did see it!” The rabbit was going after a human after hopping down from the ledge and not using the stairs like the human did. “I could sense her presence!— and even smell the roses— on em! She was near them!”

“But that isn’t possible Momo! She is…Gone…” Henry sighed and shook his head, going to the kitchen and grabbing something from the fridge. “But if it’s true I have no clue why she would go somewhere like that! It’s much more- chaotic than our own world!”

“But they are assassins…Possibly deal with Pest also trying to get in. That could be why she was near them.”

Henry sighed again and went to the living room, seeing moxxie wide awake and stepping back some.

Henry had short brown hair that looked fluffy, some also being tied behind his head. He wore a cream colored long sleeve shirt, a brown vest and black pants with black shoes. He was covered in splotched of ink, clothing and skin.

“Oh…You’re…awake…” Henry mumbled and drank some water from the bottle in his hand.
Anime_freakBlitzo   44d ago
We'll make memories, friend.

Blitzo's eyes snapped open, glancing around the room as he tried to figure out what in the fuck was going on. "Moxxie shut the [i fuck] uP!" He yelled, shaking his head violently.

"What's going on??? I told you we'd leave! Free of charge!" Blitzo turned his gaze to Henry. 

Millie took a heavy sigh as she blinked wearily. She was sleeping quite alright- And now she was awake. "Moxxie?" She muttered, still [i very] tired- She most likely had a concussion, a harsh one.

"I'm still waiting on an answer asshole!" Blitzo yelled, wiggling in the binds. They were loose- He was so tempted to just bust ass out of here and NOT take the job. He didn't mind losing one client over whatever this was.
Creek     41d ago

Moxxie hissed. “Sir! I am already awake! I’ve been and then this…this human!—“ Moxxie then glared at Henry with a low hiss.

“I-I’m not a threat! I just want to talk! I want answers.” Henry sighed and put his hands up in defence.

Moxxie then glanced to the side. “M-Millie! What did you do to her?!” Moxxie hissed louder.

“Okay I’ll answer each question…” Henry glanced between them all. “But first let me get you out of those ropes…And get something for the wolf girl of yours…”

“I do terribly apologize for my friends…And myself…” Henry undid the ropes, snickering a bit from them being very loose. “You really suck at tying ropes Momo…”

“Oh shut your ass! Blame the bomb head for calling me!” Momo growled and walked off. “I’ll go check on em.”

Henry didn’t go near the imps and passed out hellhound. He took some steps back.

Moxxie took Millie in his arms. “Millie! Are you okay?”

“I’m sorry but I sent down our dog to go and chase you guys out…I thought you were that organization…They never leave me alone because they think I’m apart of whatever thing they have going on…And also because they say sightings of our strange dog…”

“But then my friends attacked as you guys broke in…But now hearing you have somebody I…We all knew…Apparently she was around you guys.”

“She?” Moxxie tilted his head. He seemed confused and also curious. That organization seemed  familiar. D.H.O.R.K.S- a pretty stupid organization of humans all about the paranormal and such.
Anime_freakBlitzo   26d ago
We'll make memories, friend.

Blitzo rubbed his arms, staring at everyone. These fuckers were crazier than he thought. "Okay, if it was all a misunderstanding then we can [i leave], right??" He scoffed, shaking his head once more.

Moxxie raised her head, trying to wrap it around what was happening. Did THEY Kidnap a group? No- The last thing she remembered was being tossed harshly and then hit before it all went dark. 

There was no way she was dead, either. This wasn't hell, she knew that for a 

Blitzo glanced at the scene as he waited for an answer. Surely one of these assholes would let him and his team go- He wouldn't want to have to call Stollas. Not after those D. H. O. R. K. S.
CreekHenry Tellers   26d ago

“Well we can’t now- or…Well we can’t exactly.”

“We want to know if she was truly around you guys. Somebody I use to know. My….Wife.” 

Moxxie stares at him. “What?! You’re- Okay I don’t think We can…Exactly warp our heads around this.”

“I know I know- it’s a lot. I mean…Weird creations just beat you guys up.” He chuckled then sighed. “But I promise we’ll be in and out of your hair once we see if she was truly around you guys. After that, we’ll be gone.”

“Please…Just take us to your base this once…To find my wife…Please…” a tear went down his cheek and he sighed shakily. “I’m begging you…”

Moxxie looked at Millie then at Henry. “You…You want to see her that badly?”

“Yes. I do. I’ll pay- I’ll pay you guys money or— Anything just—“

“Henry! God damn!” The bomb head walked in, dressed in a general war outfit while messing with a gadget on his arm with a screwdriver. “Stop— with the whole ‘I’ll do anything’ bullshit when talking about seeing your wife! You could get your soul taken dumbass!”

“But I do want to see her!—“

“Wait Wait Wait—“ Moxxie waved his hands and glared at the bomb head. “Okay that is…How do I put this…Bullshit? We are imps— I don’t think we even have the ability to…Steal a soul? Why would you think we even would want his soul?”

“Demons? I mean we got them also…many variants though. Most are nasty and…I assume—“

“Assume?!” Moxxie huffed. “Why am I even…Nevermind.” Moxxie looked to Blitzo. “So? Should we? Doesn’t seem they will…Let this go…if we don’t.” Moxxie whispered to Blitzo, continuing to keep Millie close.

Loona snorted and woke up. “Ah…Fuck— What happened?”


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