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odinsbirdAres, God of War   117d ago

There are two things which can never be understood by those who have not experienced them: first, what it means to be loved; second, what it means to be hated. For the God of War, hatred was an all too common part of his life. The anger which the humans would hurl at him could not be more vehement than that with which he hurled himself back; and in his own way, the war-god who had been worshipped as a king for many thousands of years, was just another victim.

It was his duty to destroy, war, and rage against them from every side of history. To have done otherwise would have been to deny his purpose. And so, when they turned on one another, the Ares fought in their battles with them—and in doing so, won some measure of peace in himself.

He knew well how to hate. It was all he knew how to do.

When time came, he would find himself in a meeting of the Gods upon Mount Olympus. In it's conclusion, many of the Gods would stay back, allowing themselves to enjoy in feasts and worldly delights, the fruits and flesh of the Earth.

For the rest of them, there were other matters to attend to. Their task would be to tend to the needs of mortals.

Ares would be among those that stayed-- it had been a while since he had seen his fellow Olympians and even longer since he'd had a warm meal. With a recent conquest having ended, there was suddenly much more time to enjoy these things. And so, he would do so with vigor.

During his vast meal, he would find his gaze turning towards the other side of the table, where his brother and his wife sat. He had heard of their union, but in his time away had completely missed the ceremony and festivities. With a sigh, he would stand up, making his way over to congratulate them.

However, it was clear that his brother was not paying too much attention, and so his attentions turned to his bride. "Congratulations. I hear that your wedding was...impressive, to say the least."
Lovely_PoisonAphrodite   116d ago

[center To say she got the crappy end of a deal would have been the understatement of the century. Marriage had never been in the plans for the goddess of love and beauty, oddly enough, and if it ever had been, it certainly would not have been to Hephaestus. Aphrodite was happy living her life as carefree as she could, relishing in the fact that men would grovel at her feet and that she had a beauty that none could compare to.]

[center Now here she sat, with her new husband on Mount Olympus, dealing with the headache of a meeting that she wanted no part of. She knew right away what her decision would be, knowing she probably couldn’t do much else with her time. She would have much preferred being in the arms of another person or enjoying some time in the sun with others fawning over her. That would have been much more enjoyable than a talk that would get some of them nowhere.]

[center She hardly paid any attention to what the others around her were saying, looking more at her nails or twirling a blond strand on her fingers to keep herself busy. She had no problem letting her disinterest be known. If not for the fact that the head man himself had requested them all she wouldn’t have even been there.]

[center Her attention was only dragged away when her husband's brother approached them. She would glance up at him, meeting his gaze before she sat up a little straighter. She offered him a smile, doing her best to hide the disdain and disappointment she felt. Personally, she was tired of hearing people congratulate them. She would accept it, however, if only to be nice. [b “It was. It’s a shame you had to miss it, Ares,”] she said, reaching out and taking the glass that sat in front of her.]

[center [b “I’m sure your brother would have been happy to have you there.”] She wasn’t exactly positive if that was true or not but the words seemed like the right thing to say at that moment.]


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