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The Apocalypse Canceled?

By Colorful_insanity
Backup thread

The Four horsemen of the apocalypse are charged with Job Incompetence and gross misconduct by the council of saints. The result was the discharge of the four horsemen, in other words they were fired from their jobs. The Horsemen are now forced to live in the worst place they could imagine, New York city, New York. Forced to live as humans now the horsemen have to contend with the fact no one knows who they are, or what they are. To make matters even worse. Their next-door neighbors are the archangel Michael, and Lucifer. The crazed four horsemen must learn how to live lives just like the humans do, how to fight the urges humans have, or how to sedate them even. Hunger, thirst, shelter, companionship, perhaps even the use of the bathroom. All of this is new to them. On top of all their human issues as a group each horsemen have their own issues to deal with as well. How will the four horsemen get through their lives as mortals? Will they ever be known as the four horsemen ever again? Will Lucifer or Michael perhaps drive them crazy?

Rules and Regulations

1. No God moding/ Insta killing obviously
2. Be sure no one liners please are all I ask I understand having difficulty being able to type a lot all the time, but I understand that you can do it.
3. Artish photos please if you need help let me know.
4. Send me a Pm with the skeleton
5. I understand that the Chat system is supposed to help keep the OCC's to a minimum, but please as I'm not sure how long the Chat system will be in place, so OCC will go Here <--(Clicky the word)
6. I understand real life things come up every now and then or writer's block happens, please try and be active I would like to see no more than four- or five-days in-between posts from people.

Character Skeleton

Puppetmaster: Who are you?
photo: a photo of your character
Spot: What Angel are you? Micheal? Lucifer? Death? War? Famine? Strife?
Name: Last, First (human name)
Nickname: what do those who know you call you?
Personal issue: What issue do you deal with being a human? (an example is War has anger issues)
Other info: Some useful Info if necessary, or if you want us to know more info about your character.

Accepted Characters

Spot: The Angel of Death
Name: Dawn, Alexander
Nickname: Strawberry, or Freckles
Personal Issue: Has suicidal tendencies along with severe case of PTSD which causes him to have nightmares and insomnia
Other Info: Death is the Oldest of the Four horsemen; however, he looks the youngest of them all. As he is freshly turned twenty-nine years of age his occupation keeps him away most of the nights from his home, he prefers it that way anyways so the nightmares don't get to him when he does sleep what little he can.

Spot: The Angel of War.
Name: Matilda Krieg.
Nickname: Melty Rice, Blitzkrieg.
Personal Issue: She has the insatiable hunger to dominate others to the point where she pushes everyone away. This leads to her unshakable depression and loneness.
Other Info: Among the four horsemen War has always been known to pick fights regardless of the outcome. The sacrilegious fragrances of blood, pain and domination were intoxicating, and her hunger could never be quench. In fact, those emotions had become more intense in her lively flesh. She could almost taste it while breathing now. Nevertheless, and perhaps even somehow, War lives an exciting life of conventions and raving fans. Her cosplays are quite popular online.
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