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Looking for RP! (Read desc.)

By Mercuri

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Hi! I'm back on the site and looking for someone to roleplay with!

Fandoms I'm looking to roleplay:

Five Nights at Freddy's
Warrior Cats**
Wings of Fire**
My Little Pony

(**I don't know much about the lore so my apologies if I get something wrong!)

I'll ALSO do any other kind of roleplay:
Wolf roleplay (or just any animal roleplay in general)
High School or school themed
And anything else you can think of! ^^

1. Please no one-liners. It's very tiring when I send a full paragraph and only get a single sentence back. If you send me a one-liner because you aren't sure what to write, then it's alright. I happen to do that sometimes, too

2. Nothing romance related please. I'm not very strong on that topic of roleplay.

3. NO NSFW/ERP/SRP. Please.

If you're interested, shoot me a PM :D
And if you have any questions, lemme know
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Um hello, would you like to do a roleplay that is based off of fnaf or a fnaf roleplay?
Mercuri     119d ago

Yea sure. But please let's discuss the details in PMs. I don't want anyone speaking on this thread. ^^'


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