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The Hidden World Of (Steampunk or Cyberpunk) City

By Yourlocalhoodiefrien
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Y/C was falling through a hole that was leading to a hidden world of steampunk/cyberpunk city that was never discovered by any human being. When Y/C landed on the ground they were knocked out by the fall until a tall figure came and woke them up. Y/C woke and saw the tall figure, the tall figure introduced themselves to Y/C and asked what happend. Y/C couldn't remember much that had happened but the tall figured decided to Y/C to there home and shows them around the city, when Y/C was exploring this newly discovered city...things did turn to the worst where the world government founds out about it and want the city in their control...its up for Y/C and he friends to stop the world government from taking control over the steampunk/cyberpunk city.
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