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Love After Midnight

By -Ghoul
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[center [pic] [#53a3f3 Love After Midnight ] It all started with simple meeting, at first it was nothing more than friendship. Then the two of you got closer, but your love was forbidden. A human and werewolf was simply taboo. Of corse it seemed so romantic in the movies but in the real world, there are rules. Wolves weren't suppose to fall in love with humans. It was against their pride and pack. Humans weren't suppose to know that werewolves existed so it was dangerous. The two species seemed to coexisted in peace for the longest time humans had no idea there were wolves lurking among them. That was until that faithful day you and Sora got into a very heated argument. The two of you had been together for about 2 months now. You wanted more you wanted to spend the night just once with Sora. Tonight was the night of the full moon. It hurt to say no you, Sora did that was when you lost it. You snapped at Sora saying harsh and bitter things. Those bitter words woke up the beast that dwell within. Standing before you was a monster. What would you do? Would you run out of fear? Would you try to tame the beast that stood before you.
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-Ghoul.Werewolf.   253d ago

[center [+Lightblue Pm me if you are interested.  What I am looking for ~ Someone who can post 1000-2000 characters. MxM  Anime or Illustrated pictures only.
-Ghoul.Werewolf.   251d ago

[center Let start from the beginning when the two of you first met. It was about three months ago. The two of you happen too bump into each other by chance. Sora was busy reading a book for some sort of assignment at the cafe you worked at. The two of you hit it off well even though you spilled hot coffee on him. Ever since then the two of you became close friends. To you Sora was perfect. Sora seemed like normal college student. He went to classes like everyone else. He even had an apartment and work near by. He worked in small book shop. It was quiet and cozy, to anyone Sora seemed normal, nothing out of the ordinary. The truth of the matter was Sora wasn't normal. Sora was a werewolf, every night of the full moon he was blessed with being able to release the beast within.  It was pretty odd that Sora had hit things off so well with you considering you were a human. You had no idea what Sora was. Even if you did would you be afraid? That thought often ran through Sora mind. You were never going to find out what he was.  Tonight the two of you had planned a meeting a midnight picnic. The two of you often met in the park and sat on top the hill gazing at the stars. Things didn't go as planned.  You were begging Sora to go home with you. [+Lightblue "I-I can't"] he said softly as he looked into your eyes. Sora could see the emotion building. His heart was aching. The two of you happen to get close in the span of only 3 months. Sora sighed softly as he sat up. The blanket the two of you were laying on bunched up slightly as Sora sat up. [+Lightblue "Look I am sorry..."] he said as he looked at you.
Channie-HyungFelix   251d ago

Felix was nervous about this picnic. He was in a bit of a panic. What if he messed things up? "I can't think like that" he told himself. What could possibly go wrong? Felix thought back to the coffee incident. "Huh...I guess something could go wrong couldn't it?" He really wanted Sora to come home with him but he was told he couldn't "Why not?" Felix asked. He found it quite odd that he couldn't come home with him. "Is it you can't or you don't want to?" Felix looked down into his lap. How did they even get this far this fast? It was only three months and they had feelings for each other. "Did I do something? Because if that's why you won't come then I'm sorry" He really wanted Sora over with him. He just wanted someone close to him, someone to stay by his side. He figured he wouldn't push it anymore, before he ruined things between them. His sigh was heavy and his breath was shaken. What could I have done? he asked himself. He just shook his head and looked up at the sky. Felix kept quiet and held Sora's hand.


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