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Us against Them

By bitter
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SoulDreamerapocalypse   132d ago

Finley rubbed her arm it still stung from where she had been shoved by one of her captors. It had now been quite some time since she had first been forcibly introduced to this group. And over that time all she found herself doing was trying to figure out different ways to escape. But when one is stuck between either a horde of mindless monsters and a calculating, cruel gang it didn't leave very many ideal options. Especially being on her own. 

She couldn't truly recall the last time she had placed enough trust in another human. At least not since the virus had destroyed the world she knew. Her family either had died or been turned into creatures that everyone had taken to calling zombies, cliché sure but accurate. No one had been prepared and society had collapsed almost instantaneously. 

For now she was stuck as a guest. Well guest was not the right word, more like prisoner. Sure she had mostly free reign off the camp they had set up, but it was not like she was free to leave. In fact she had tried to inconspicuously find where they kept the weapons just now, she had gotten caught but at least they hadn't been smart enough to figure out what she was doing. Finley just knew she had to get away before they decided she would be of better use as a zombie distraction.  

[b "Hey boss,"] she heard a voice ring out from nearby. [b "Looks like we found some fresh meat. Tho' probably be a shame to use this one as fodder. Seems strong."] It didn't take long for her to pinpoint who was talking. Randall, fancied himself as second in command in the group. Truly he was just a thug, though she supposed all of them were. 

Curiosity got the better of the young woman as she found herself walking towards the voices. She tried her best to make it not so obvious that she was watching the exchange. Standing partially behind the frame of door. Her eyes fell first on the leader who look appraisingly down towards whoever Randall had captured. Finley's eyes followed his line of sight until she saw the man. Now he looked intimidating. She could see why Randall would think it would be a waste to throw him to the zombies. Though she wondered how they even managed to capture him at all. 

Perhaps they had surprised the man, after all he looked like he probably was a head taller than Randall at least. Even without the height there was something about the energy that he gave off that made Finley feel like she would not want to take him on in a fight. Not while she still valued life at least.
bittermaddox   131d ago

[center [size12 Maddox never considered that he would be the one who would be ambushed, but late one evening, he was. Caught off guard while sitting in a tree stand. He had made sport out of killing zombies, there were even small pockets of civilians that paid him greatly to rid their area of zombies for a brief period of time because they always came back. There were definitely more zombies than there were humans now. How sad, but if it paid the bills, as someone would say.]]
[center [size12 Maddox had nodded off for a few hours, high up in a tree. Before he knew it, his nap was interrupted by male voices that demanded him to get down and drop his weapons. Maddox, at first, did not comply. He unlatched his knife from his chest, throwing it down at one of the men. Hitting him in the forehead, but that was met with a warning bullet that grazed his cheek. With no choice, Maddox climbed from his protected seat, handing his weapons.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Oh,"]] Maddox paused before wiggling the knife out of their dead partner's forehead before handing that weapon over as well. He liked keeping everything together and losing things were not an opinion for Maddox.]]
[center [size12 Before the zombies, Maddox was a hitman. He was paid to kill people and some would say that he had OCD, which was perfect for his job. He left barely any thing behind. It was like he did not exist for most of his life, but now, he was pined after for his skill. Who knew he would use that to his advantage later down the road. With a disgruntled huff, Maddox was dragged away to god knows where.]]
[center [size15 ~~~]]
[center [size12 Maddox was shoved forward to who he could assume was the leader. He looked at the man with emotionless eyes, listening to the men exchange words. He could roll his eyes, but he had to play this safe. They were speaking of using his skills instead of using him as bait. This meant that there was a possibility of escaping if he played this smart.]]
[center [size12 [i "What have you figured out about this guy, he has to be important if he has survived this long as a solo survivor,"] the leader pointed, looking Maddox over for bites or wounds of any kind. He was basically untouched with a few scars here and there.]]
[center [size12 [i "I found contracts for past work he has done, this man keeps every little scrap of paper he has ever come across,"] all of them raised an eyebrow at the man. They all chuckled in unison before they agreed that he was a weird motherfucker. [i "Just let him go and we can figure out what to do with odd ball later,"] the leader concluded before walking away.]]
SoulDreamerapocalypse   125d ago

Solo survivor? So they had found this man alone. It was easy to draw the same conclusions they had- that this man possessed some skills. Finley was aware that it could be a gamble to approach him with the hope to escape but this man could be the best shot she had at getting out of here. The white haired woman sucked air in through her teeth as she waited for the perfect moment to approach him. She had to wait until the others had left him alone. 

After a minute it seemed like they were mostly leaving Maddox to his own devices. Weaponless of course. They were cocky but they weren't dumb. Finley took a quick glance around to see if anyone was still watching him, seemed safe enough. Cautiously she approached the strange man. Closer up it was more evident just how big he was. 

The young woman steeled herself not wanting to seem weak. [+lightcoral "Um, hello,"] she managed wanting to smack herself on the forehead. Was that the best she could do? [+lightcoral "Look maybe you will think this is presumptions of me, but I have a feeling you want to spend as little time as a captive and I think escaping as a team will go a lot smoother than escaping alone..."] she said in hushed tones. 

She was aware that she hadn't introduced herself yet or given any sort of name. But it felt safer this way. If it turned out that he would try to turn her in then in the very least he wouldn't be able to name her. Which might make his claim look weaker. 

Finley took time to study the man again, her eyes scanning him. Taking in the sheer number of scars that laced his arms and face. The man's eyes always seemed at attention, narrowed with distrust perhaps. One cut on his face in particular drew her gaze, it was fresh still a bit red with blood. Moving gently she pulled a cloth out of her pant pocket, [+lightcoral "Here for your face,"] the woman said offering it to him. [+lightcoral "If it still hurts I can patch it up."] Finley was unsure if he would even take her up on that offer.
bittermaddox   125d ago

[center [size12 When the girl approached Maddox, he pulled himself to attention. He was staring right through her as she spoke. He was not interested in people as much anymore. He learned to be comfortable in his aloneness. He survived the best alone. He has gotten himself to this point, alone. He did distrust people. He actually just did not give the human kind a second thought, just like the zombies. It was all just sacks of meat to him with money sometimes attached for him to make.]]
[center [size12 As the girl finished her inquiry and then offered her help, he just shook his head. Being alone made Maddox almost a mute. He could still talk, but choose to stay silent most of the time, nodding and shaking his head to questions. Most of the settlements that had made it this far, knew of Maddox and his abilities and sometimes paid the man to use those said abilities and he had never spoken a single word to any of them. He almost forgotten how he sounded until he finally broke his own silence.]]
[center [size12 This was Maddox's chance to actually have a little fun. He narrowed his eyes before stepping to the girl. He was good foot if not more taller than her. He towered over her and was definitely a good 100 pounds more than her. He took a hold of her wrist tightly with glaring eyes.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "I could turn you in for even speaking such things to me,"]] Maddox growled in a low, stern voice, but then relaxed completely. He even had a small, soft chuckle that followed behind it. [i [#FF0000 "But, I will not do that because I don't want to use my abilities for zero profit from these assholes,"]] Maddox calmly spoke in a plain tone, clearing the air of his original approach. [i [#FF0000 "I must say that I was joking in the beginning,"]] Maddox assured, worried now that this girl might peg him for a distrust worthy man.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "So... How do you even plan to get out of place that I could never sneak in to murder the son of a bitch that runs the place?"]] Maddox made a connection on his captures. He had been given several contacts to kill the man, but could never find his way inside this settlement.]]
SoulDreamerapocalypse   120d ago

[center Well it seemed like the man didn't want any help when it came to the injury. Though she still waited for any reaction to her proposition. She had felt prepared for any scenario for his reaction. But she hadn't expected him to reach out grab her wrist. Her arm went stiff though she willed herself to not yelp. Her eyes narrowed as she focused on the way his fingers were wrapped around her wrist. 

Soon her narrowed gaze floated up towards the man's face. Finley tried to figure out what to say to him to show him that she wasn't just some weakling that would cower. 

His laugh caught her off guard. So he was messing with her then? Her eyes narrowed a bit maybe this was a mistake. Trusting him could be the end of her. It was a miracle that they never tried to use her as zombie chow- her leading theory was it was due to one of them being attracted to her. A thought that made her feel nauseous. 

[+lightcoral “Well that’s what will take a bit of planning,”] she said slowly to him. [+lightcoral “They tend to underestimate me here though and haven’t noticed I found hidden passages around the fort.”] Finely hadnt figured out how to exactly get out but at least she had snuck around enough to find things she probably wasn’t supposed to. 

She looked around them again, [+lightcoral “If you want to discuss this more, we should move somewhere less in the open…”] It was only a matter of time before someone came over to them to see why they were lingering around. 


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