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Chaos Rising (Prequal To The Chaos Squad)


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Farmer_VosslerFather Vossler - Uncloaked   2d ago

[b [I [center [size40 CHAOS]]]]
[center [I [center "A form of matter believed to exist before the creation of the universe..."]]]

Amongst the vast black a giant mass of pure dark energy swirled around itself and coiled with eachother. 

This went on for many years until one day the energies collided with an unknown energy that mixed with theirs.

This caused a reaction that caused the dark orange energy to vibrate and become unstable before shooting tendrils of it's energy outwards beyond the vast black.

However one bit of energy resided. As time went on this energy began to glow an even darker orange before getting a tinge of red around it. How long has it been? Months? Years? Eons?

Suddenly the last remaining bit of energy was propelled outward like it's relatives and ended up being sent to the first universe created. There it crash landed onto a carbon copy of planet Earth but during the medieval times.

There a commander and his knights of the main kingdom rode on horseback towards where the mysterious object crash landed.

In front of them was a massive crater until a giant mass of dark orange and red energy emerges out and towered above the group. 

Not knowing much about the life in front of it, it touched the commander before disintegrating and slowly the mass of energy transformed into the commander who had long black hair and a beard. 

The knights looked at the scene with horror and all ran off to warn the king of the attack.

The energy, now in the commanders body looks around and feels overwhelmed with all the stuff it sees and makes a run for it towards a small village to the west of the kingdom.

There he arrived at a small village where various villagers stared at the man and quickly entered their homes.

The way the man walked creeped.people out as he stumbled everywhere and didn't know how to walk. He grabbed a hold.of the post on a stable and was able to recompose himself before walking down the dirt road and eventually he ran into an old lady with long white hair and a kind old face.

"Oi! Sonny watch where you're going!" She told the man and looked up at him. "My goodness are you fine?" She asked.

The man didn't know what to do and he was led to the old ladies house where she gave him a room to sleep in and found out he couldn't speak.

"Don't be ashamed, a lot of poor folk here can't even read! That's where I come in, I'm the local scribe here!" She pulled.out a thick book and showed the man.

The man gently took the book and looked through it as he tried to mouth the words and the letters.

Over the past few months the man was able to form sentences and such.

Soon he gave himself a name based off of the old ladies last family name; Vossler.

Both the old lady and Vossler himself lived in peace until one day she passed away due to old age.

Vossler buried her in her backyard and left the home for greater adventures.

[b [I [center [size40 10 YEARS LATER...]]]]

Vossler arrived at the kingdom of Cadren on horseback. He waved at the gate guards and smiled. "How fares your day?" He asked the guards as they nodded and waved.

"All good here Vossler! I see you brought in more seeds from our good friends at Tyris!" One of the guards asked.

Vossler smiled and nodded. "I plan to grow them soon, I'm going to put them in my storage for now within my home! Then I shall venture out to my farm due east!" Vossler said as he rode towards a small house deep within the kingdom. There he unmounted from his horse and removed the satchels full of potato and tomato seeds.

He entered the home and he opened up a big chest full of bags that housed many seeds. He threw the potato and tomato bags in there and closed the chest before relaxing on his chair.

It was only then he felt a sudden surge of energy from his body and he quickly sat up and looked around. "What in the world?" He asked himself.


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