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the golden muse.

By bitter
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bitterrhaegar.   137d ago

[center [size15 Aegon the Conquer took Westeros by force and the Targaryen house was never going to lose its claim to the Throne.]]

[center [size12 Rhaegar, Aegon’s oldest son and pride and joy, was a calm boy with a gentle soul, but he also was ruthless just like his father. He was born a conquer with no fears. His mother is who gave him his gentle soul, his gift for art and singing. Rhaegar was the total package and now that everything has settled in Westeros and the Houses had finally sworn loyalty to the Targaryens, it was time for Rhaegar to find his match, as well as the rest of his siblings. This was something Rhaegar did not want to do, he wanted to fight. He wanted to be a Knight. The head of his father’s Kings Guard, to protect his family. If he took the oath, he would ruin his father and mother’s plans for him, the oldest and the golden child. He did not want to disappoint them either.]]

[center [size12 Rhaegar was considered the Realm’s Knight. He was the head of all the battles that the Targaryens fought in to conquer it. He was a brilliant artist, not only on the battle field, but also on paper. He was a ruthless fighter and his father could have not been prouder of his oldest child and who was going to continue his family line and rule over Westeros that Aegon had conquered with his dragons.]]

[center [size12 Rhaegar was large man, towering at six foot four and his body was built by the gods, themselves. His hair was snow white and his eyes were a beautiful lilac. He had soft, fair skin just like the rest of his family. His dragon was quite the opposite though. It was a large, blood red color beauty with bright green eyes. If he perched himself on top of the Red Keep, his shadow would darken almost half of the city below. Not quite Baelon the Dread size, but close in comparison. His egg was placed in Rhaegar’s crib when he was born and they have had an unbreakable bound since then. His dragon’s name was Saraxas.]]

[center [size15 ~~~]]

[center [size12 Rhaegar was having a causal stroll through the gardens, taking in the warm summer breeze. Winter was coming soon, so might as well enjoy summer while it was still around. In Old Valyria, he never experienced the cold like the North in Westeros had. His father had been watching him for the past hour, but Rhaegar paid no mind to him until he descended into the gardens, himself. He joined his son on his walk.]]

[center [size12 They began discussing Rhaegar’s hand in marriage. Rhaegar was not too keen on the idea, but knew that it was eventually coming. All of his other siblings had already gotten married and produced heirs to what ever castle they were living in. Rhaegar, who was next in line for the Throne had not and it was becoming a concern for not only the family internally, but also how the Targaryens were going to continue to rule. They were going to appear weak and Aegon did not want that. He told his son that he had a match in mind.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “A Lannister? Those pompous assholes only have gold to their names, Father,”]] Rhaegar scoffed, but was quickly hushed by his father who told him that he was going to have to do it whether he wanted to or not. Rhaegar backed down and nodded in agreement. [i [#FF0000 “I understand, Father. I will do as my Father wishes,”]] Rhaegar tucked his tail between his legs. He was never one to argue with his Mother and Father anyway.]]

[center [size15 ~~~]]

[center [size12 A Grand Feast was set to take place within a fortnight from Rhaegar and his father’s conversation to host all the Great Houses, especially the Lannisters, who hold the most wealth in the country. Another benefit between joining two Houses in marriage between the heir to the Iron Throne and a great House.]]

[center [size12 Rhaegar was dressed in his most beloved outfit. A jet-black pant and shirt set with a red dragon embroidered on the left side of his chest. He had a red and black cloak draped half way over his body, chained from side to side with a golden dragon chain. He definitely fit the picture of next in line for the Iron Throne. He was intimidating and gentle looking at the same time. Though, internally, he was nervous once he caught a glimpse of who his betrothed would be. She was beautiful and kind looking. He swallowed hard before clinching his cup of wine closer to his chest as he made his way through the crowd to get to her.]]

[center [size12 A few people tried to gain Rhaegar’s attention; most women had been throwing themselves at the fierce looking, soon-to-be leader of the Realm. He did not want to entertain any of them, he wanted to speak to the girl that was supposed to marry, but never even spoken to. He was curious and hungry with questions, he would not let anyone pull his attention for even a second.]]

[center [size12 Rhaegar took a large drink from his glass before approaching the girl in question. He gently touched her shoulder to grab her attention. He hoped not to startle her, but he would most likely fail in that endeavor. He was quite intimidating looking without even opening his mouth. The stories alone of him cutting men in half on the battlefield. His accomplishments in Old Valyria before it fell. He was the son of Aegon the Conquer and rode a dragon bigger than anyone could imagine. But his voice was soft, timid when he speaks to anyone not on the battlefield, especially to women.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I can only assume you are my bride to be,”]] Rhaegar approached in a kind voice, glancing down at the girl with soft, lilac eyes. His eyes searched her face for reactions, nervousness, or anything that would lead him to believe that she might be scared of him. It was the last thing he wanted, even though he had not wanted to marry a Lannister all of the Houses, but she seemed kinder than most of them.]]
Lovely_PoisonEleanor   137d ago


[center [Mate+SC Out of all the Lannister children, Eleanor was probably the one who went unnoticed the most. She didn’t try to stick out like her siblings did, had no real interest in politics or the discussions between her father and the men that stood by his side, nor did she really care for any talks of possible war. Sure, if she were present in the room then she would listen, if only because she was bored, but she never once tried to voice her opinion, speak her mind on any matters she didn’t feel she understood, or even do anything to get herself noticed.]]

[center [Mate+SC Nope, Eleanor Lannister was not an outspoken woman. Instead, she’d spent most of her childhood, if not hidden somewhere reading or focusing on her studies, doing everything she could to prepare herself for her inevitable marriage, though she never knew who it would be to. She was never betrothed at a young age, nor had her parents actively searched for anyone for some time. When she was younger, it wasn’t as much of a concern. Not until she finally came of age, and even then, it still took some time before they really started paying more attention to any proposals that came her way.]]

[center [Mate+SC Nothing ever stuck, as unfortunate as it was. It was something her parents didn’t quite understand. Eleanor was a lovely woman, kind to anyone she met, no matter how they treated her, respectful to everyone, and truly had a heart of gold. It was rare to ever see her even get mad or upset. It was why the news of her engagement didn’t completely surprise her or catch her off guard when her mother came to break the news to her. She had only smiled at the older woman and told her that she was happy they had found someone to their liking.]]

[center [Mate+SC At the end of the day, the young noblewoman knew her duties and she had no desire to fight them. This was what she was raised for and it was what she would go through without any complaints. She was sure her mother was relieved by that much. It made it easier when someone complied instead of arguing until their throat was raw.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [Mate+SC The night of the feast, Eleanor had made sure her unruly curls looked presentably, cascading down her back in pretty ringlets. The dress she wore was a red and gold one, with sleeves that hung down far longer than she would’ve liked. The red fabric of the skirt was trimmed out in golden designs and sparkled in the candlelight when hit at the right angle. It was the perfect dress for the occasion, or at least she thought it was. Perhaps others would think it was too much.]]

[center [Mate+SC When she finally left her room and made her way to the hall the feast was being held in, she felt just a little self-conscious. She had never spoken to the young Targaryen in question, had never once laid her bright blue eyes on him. What if he took one look at her and rejected her in front of all those in attendance? It would be quite the embarrassment and that was the last thing she wanted for her parents and their house.]]

[center [Mate+SC Upon entering the room, her breath would hitch ever so slightly, scanning each face that she could. She was realizing very quickly that she couldn’t do this. It all seemed like so much at once all of a sudden. Fighting the urge to turn and walk away or to throw up right then and there, she made her way further into the room, forcing a smile and greeting each person she could. She heard plenty of compliments on her hair, her dress, and even how brightly she seemed to be smiling. She was trying so hard not to show how nervous she was, and so far, it seemed to be working.]]

[center [Mate+SC Being preoccupied, she never noticed when the fair-haired man began approaching her. Never noticed the way people were watching him, never even noticed the woman who seemed so desperate to get his attention. For just a moment, she was in her own little world. Then a hand fell against her shoulder and she was sucked back into reality, a gasp escaping her lips as she spun to face the gentleman behind her. Azure eyes widened slightly as she looked up to meet his violet ones.]]

[center [Mate+SC Even without having met him before, Eleanor was still well aware of who she was. She knew the stories, had heard the words that people said about him, and was currently taking in his size compared to her petite frame. The two of them couldn’t have looked more opposite of one another if they tried. And yet, as he spoke, she saw none of what people had talked about. Could hear none of the ruthlessness in his voice that he was rumored to have shown on the battlefield. It was quite surprising.]]

[center [Mate+SC With a quick bow of her head, she would break eye contact with him, feeling her cheeks warm as they flushed a bright pink. [b “That would be me, Your Highness,”] she said softly, her voice almost catching in her throat. She was far more nervous than she had thought herself to be and now she was even more worried that she might possibly make a fool of herself. It didn’t help that so many eyes were glued to them.]]
bitterrhaegar.   135d ago

[center [size12 Rhaegar was quite surprised at her timidness. Most Lannisters were cocky, proud, and selfish, or at least that was what he gathered by the other ones and how they acted. But, this girl was different. He took in her appearance, the dress was stunning and her hair was fully of kinky curls, something that he actually liked.]]

[center [size12 Rhaegar did feel a bit guilty at her reaction. He had obviously startled her. He took a deep breath before bowing his head at her in guilt. [i [#FF0000 “I did not mean to scare you, My Lady,”]] Rhaegar threw himself to the sword when he glanced over at a blonde-haired Lannister who took a sharp glance in his direction. He hoped he had not started a war with how he approached the girl.]]

[center [size12 Rhaegar and the House Targaryen had quickly realized how easily these Westerosi Houses would be quick to go to war about. Aegon had already been putting out fires left and right. People over stepping into other House’s lands since Westeros had just begun to grow larger with the Targaryen’s rule.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “My name is Rhaegar, my Lady,”]] He took her hand and bowed his head down to give it a gentle kiss. He hoped to show her that he meant no harm by approaching her in such a sudden manner. Once his head was brought back up, he released her hand before taking a big deep breath. [i [#FF0000 “It is kind of stuffy in here, is it not?”]] Rhaegar pulled on his high collar before clearing his throat. He guided the girl back a few steps away from the crowd that had began to form around them in hopes to see the young Prince and his future wife to interact. He was not such of fan of nosy people, let alone people just crowding around him. He caused him as much anxiety as it seemed to cause this girl.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I hope you are not listening to the rumors about me,”]] Rhaegar cleared his throat, glancing off to the left. They were actual rumors. A lot of them were true statements. Rhaegar and his family had tortured prisoners, burned them alive for going against the Targaryen crown. The Targaryens were ruthless rulers, but Rhaegar wanted to be different. He wanted to show that the [i Foreign Invaders] were here to do good and get away from The Doom of Old Valyria. They were escaping to find peace and a lot of the Houses turned their noses down to the silver haired royalty and their dragons.]]

[center [size12 Before Rhaegar could even direct his Lady away, he was stopped by, who he could assume was her father. He quietly sighed before giving a small smile, bowing his head to the man. [i [#FF0000 “Good evening, my Lord,”]] Rhaegar greeted, turning his attention away from her to her father.]]

[center [size12 [i “My Prince, if this is only the welcoming feast, I can only imagine how the wedding is going to be,”] the Lord Lannister chuckled before placing his hand on Rhaegar’s shoulder in what seemed to be a friendly manner before directing the young Prince away from his future Queen. This kind of upset Rhaegar, he huffed to himself before looking back at the curly haired girl, longing to speak with her once again.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “What can I do for you, my Lord,”]] Rhaegar tried to speed up the conversation, ushering him to speak on what was ever on his mind. [i “I just wanted to point out something about my daughter. She is a quiet one, timid even. She has never been interested in marriage, only in making her family proud and I just wanted to give my thanks to the Young Prince and his family for take on House Lannister as an ally,”] the Lannister proudly spoke and Rhaegar raised an eyebrow.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I recognize the money and power behind House Lannister, but this was not my decision, my Lord. It was my father’s decision, so maybe you should go thank him,”]] Rhaegar quickly shut down the man before excusing himself quickly. As Rhaegar moved through the crowd, his best friend and battlefield partner approached him with a large cup of wine. He shoved it into Rhaegar’s hand with a loud laugh.]]

[center [size12 [i “My Prince, you look like you needed this,”] his name was Ser Thomas. Rhaegar’s best friend, the first person who approached the Prince after the Targaryens and wanted to be his friend. They had been friends since they were boys. Rhaegar took the wine with pleasure before taking a long sip out of it. His friend mentioned his soon-to-be wife and how beautiful she was. He was started to become a little vulgar with it. Rhaegar grabbed him by the collar, pulling him in closer with a threatening aura that surrounded him quickly.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “My future wife and her body is none of your concern,”]] Rhaegar hissed before pushing the man away. Rhaegar gulped the rest of his wine down before gesturing for another cut from a servant. He glanced around for his future wife once more. He was annoyed, his face showed it as he moved through the crowd, looking for the girl once more.]]
Lovely_PoisonEleanor   135d ago


[center [Mate+SC Eleanor watched the man before her for just a moment before she quickly shook her head, the curls bouncing all about before she offered him a soft smile. [b "Please, do not apologize. You did nothing wrong."] She was hoping he would believe her. The pounding of her heart had already subsided and the fear she'd felt had only lasted a second. He truly hadn't done any harm, yet the guilt in his eyes made it obvious that he felt he had. Quite the contrast from what she had heard about him.]]

[center [Mate+SC The smile faded quickly as he took her hand, her pale cheeks quickly flushing a bright red as his lips met the back of her hand. She felt her heart skip a beat and her breath hitched. There was nothing wrong with the gesture. It was quite the common one. Perhaps her reaction was because of who he was. Not only was he the prince, but he was her betrothed. It seemed a bit different knowing that. [b "Eleanor,"] she said softly in return. She knew at that moment that she was going to end up embarrassing herself. She was not as graceful as she pretended to be most of the time.]]

[center [Mate+SC She would quickly nod her head, pushing some hair behind her ear as she glanced about, looking at the faces of those that were watching them. It made her uneasy how interested they were in the two of them just speaking to one another. Could they not talk without people wanting to know what it was they were talking about or how they were speaking to each other? She was grateful when he slowly moved her away, though it didn't keep her from glancing back. Hearing him speak again, she would pull her gaze away to look back at him, meeting his eyes for just a moment. She envied the violet eyes, she really did. They were quite beautiful... She frowned just a little before she shook her head again. [b "Of course not, Your Highness. It would be rude of me to listen to the gossip of others before getting to know you myself."]]]

[center [Mate+SC Admittedly, the rumors had terrified her just a little. People had been quite detailed when telling her all about her future husband. She, however, was honest with what she said. She would stop to think about what she'd heard for some time but eventually would push the words from her mind. She was never present for any of what people were saying. How was she supposed to know if any of it were true? Her best way of getting to know anything about the man was to speak with him herself, not by talking to people who probably didn't know a single thing about him. [b "People like to talk when they believe it will do them some good or bring them entertainment,"] she said with a smile. Eleanor was not a fan of the backward attitude of it all. That kind of thing was how allies became enemies and vice versa.]]

[center [Mate+SC Being so focused on the prince, she hadn't noticed her father approaching them until he was already stopping them. [b "Good evening, father,"] she said softly, smiling up at him. The smile faded fairly quickly, however, as Rhaegar was led away from her. She had to wonder if she had done something wrong while speaking with him. She hadn't thought so, but if anyone heard a small piece of conversation without context, they could have easily run back to her parents and spun a story. She wouldn't be surprised if that were the case. With a sigh, she reached up and twirled a piece of brunette hair on her finger, watching the two for just another second or so before she would turn to move away.]]

[center [Mate+SC It didn't take long before she was practically surrounded by a few women, all asking her questions that she didn't know how to answer. It all became overwhelming pretty quickly, and it took all she had not to excuse herself from the room altogether. The best thing she could do was smile, offer whatever she could, and slowly inch away from the group. She almost gasped when one of the maids of the house reached out to take her arm, making an excuse to pull her away. [b [i "Are you alright, My Lady?"]] she whispered in her ear, faking a smile so more people wouldn't grow curious.]]

[center [Mate+SC Eleanor felt immediate relief and was glad she could breathe again. [b "Yes, Pheobe. Thank you for your intervention. I was beginning to worry those women might eat me alive."] She sighed before she offered the other woman a smile. [b "You may go, now. Do not fret over me too much."] The last thing she wanted was for Pheobe to get in trouble for stepping in without warning. She could see the look of hesitation before there was a nod and the blonde turned away, going to help Lady Lannister instead. Reaching up, Eleanor placed a hand on her chest, taking a deep breath to calm her pounding heart.]]

[center [Mate+SC Looking up, she would catch a glimpse of the prince as he made his way through the crowd with what looked to be a scowl on his face. Her stomach knotted up. Had her father said something to upset him, and if so, what? Did it have to do with her? She took a step forward to get to her future husband but stopped as a bit of doubt filled her mind. If her father had said something, would Rhaegar even want to continue speaking with her? She bit the inside of her cheek before she took another deep breath and pushed through those around her, keeping her eyes on the fair-hair man as best she could.]]

[center [Mate+SC She was not a go-getter. She never had been, but if the prince had been wronged in any kind of way, especially by a member of her family, she thought it best that she was the one to try and make it better. Once she was close enough to reach him, she would reach out, grabbing a hold of his sleeve before she came to a stop, hoping to catch his attention. [b "Your Highness?"] Her tone was filled with concern as she spoke.]]
bitterrhaegar.   134d ago

[center [size12 Rhaegar was chivalry down to the core. His father might have been a conquer, but it did not mean that he did not have relax for his wife. Rhaegar was the oldest sibling with a younger sister. He would never allow someone to speak ill of his sister, let alone the woman that he was going to marry. The comments from the Lannister Lord and then his so-called friend was almost too much for Rhaegar. It made him angry.]]

[center [size12 As he made his way back over to Eleanor, blinded with rage, something caught his attention. A gentle tug on his sleeve, it brought him out of his raging thoughts and pulled his attention to something much more kind. It was Eleanor who managed to pull him from his thoughts. His expression slightly softened as he glanced down at the curly haired girl. But, the rage was still there, hiding behind his eyes.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Oh, sweet Eleanor,”]] Rhaegar acknowledged her, taking her hand from his sleeve in a careful way to show that his anger was not directed at her. [i [#FF0000 “Do not fret, My Lady,”]] he sheepishly spoke, shaking his head. [i [#FF0000 “I would never bother you with the harsh words of men,”]] Rhaegar shook his head a few times, patting the top of her smooth hand a few times.]]

[center [size12 Rhaegar seldom allowed people, even his closest friends and family, to get him this angry over a few vulgar words. Rhaegar conserved his energy for things that were far more important than someone’s shitty way of describing a very noble, beautiful woman. But, this one time, it really got to him. He tried his best to hide it, but obviously it was not working. She seemed pretty concerned, she had touched him and she did not seem the type to go around touching people she barely knew, let alone concerning herself with vocal concern.]]

[center [size12 Rhaegar let out a soft sigh, seeming like he was expelling the negativity of his emotions before turning to the girl with a calm smile. His brows knitted together before he took her hand into his.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “It has nothing to do with you, my Lady,”]] he assured before glancing over to his actual problem. A man with bright, auburn hair. Someone that was known to be close with Rhaegar. His best friend, [i [#FF0000 “if it had been any other than a party, I would have broken his face.”]] Rhaegar was showing his true side to the Lady.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “But we are not going to concern ourselves with the opinion of someone, who will not matter for much longer,”]] it was a vague threat, but there was something not right with how he worded that statement. He quickly directed the girl away, into the crowd where people had been dancing. It was a custom of the Targaryen people. The music was upbeat, Rhaegar took the Lady’s hands and carefully guided her around to the beat. He exchanged his future Wife’s hands for another set of hands, passing around dance partners through turns and tempo changes. It was an entertaining way of dancing. He did finally catch Eleanor’s hands once more.]]
Lovely_PoisonEleanor   133d ago


[center [Mate+SC The anger was there, Eleanor could see it. She had seen it as he was walking and she could see it now, staring into those violet eyes of his. It didn’t seem to matter that his expression had softened. She’d heard the saying “the eyes are windows to the soul” one too many times. She realized at that moment how true those words really were. Her cheeks flushed slightly at the way he said her name. It caught her a bit off guard, though she wouldn’t tell him that. His actions and the way he spoke were the complete opposite of how pissed he had looked. It was interesting, that much was for sure. [b “I appreciate that, Your Highness. My apologies if I overstepped any bounds by worrying.”] She wasn’t sure she had but she knew it was better to be safe than sorry.]]

[center [Mate+SC She brought her other hand up to rest it on top of his for just a moment, offering him a small smile. It was hard to tell what someone was thinking but it was never too difficult to tell when there was something bothering them. For just a moment, she thought about asking whatever it was that had made him so upset, but decided against it fairly quickly. At the end of the day, it was none of her business. If he wanted to discuss it with her, surely tell her. It did seem, however, that he was willing to at least give her a hint as he looked over at the man that she didn’t recognize. His words were definitely harsher than expected. [b “Has he offended you? I can have the guards escort him out if you would like.”] If it kept the peace, she would have no problem making sure it happened.]]

[center [Mate+SC Before she knew it, or could really linger on it all, she was being moved into the crowd. She tensed slightly, her throat constricting as she glanced up at him. She wasn’t quite sure that she was ready to be dancing around after what had just transpired, and yet, before she knew it, she was swept up in the movements and music. She almost sighed aloud. Perhaps it was best to just enjoy the party instead of worrying about what was going to happy to the guest and her future husband.]]

[center [Mate+SC Once they came together again, she would look up at him and smile. Getting lost in the moment was definitely better than fretting over something she couldn’t truly control. If there was a problem, she had no doubt that someone would deal with it eventually.]]


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