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a dream of ice & fire comes true

By bitter

.a dream of ice & fire.
.by lovely & bitter.
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bitterdaemon.   4d ago

[center [size12 King Viserys had finally been overtaken by all of his decaying parts of his body from getting nicked on the Iron Throne one too much times. He passed away during the night, not in a gentle way through. The Maester sat with him all night, as well as Rhaenyra and the soon to be King, Daemon. He smelt of rotting meat, the room was heavy and moist. Daemon could hardly stand it, but he was there for not only his niece, but his brother as well.]]
[center [size12 Rhaenyra leaned her head against Daemon’s shoulder, softly crying. It was so silent in the bed chambers that when Rhaenyra’s tears hit the floor, each splash sound echoed off the walls. Daemon pulled a white piece of cloth from his coat pocket, handing it over to her.]]
[center [size12 Rhaenyra did not take it, so Daemon placed it on his leg for when she was ready for it. The Maester announced that King Viserys was dead. Rhaenyra started sobbing even harder. Her face pressed into Daemon’s upper arm. Not only did she lose her mother a few years prior, but now her father. Daemon was at a loss for words. He might have been the unhinged little brother to the King, but he still had feelings, especially for his niece. He felt sympathy, sadness for her.]]
[size15 [center ~~~]]
[center [size12 It had been almost a month since King Viserys had passed and Daemon had been named King since King Viserys had no living heirs other than him. Daemon’s small council were definitely weary of him, which they had all rights to be, since he was violent and unpredictable.]]
[size12 [center The Crab Feeder had already been dealt with when Lord Corlys approached Daemon about at failing with King Viserys to take care of the problem years ago. Now Daemon had to risk himself and his dragons to deal with a problem that had gotten far worse than it was when it was first was brought up at a small council meeting years ago.]]
[size12 [center Daemon came back a crowned King of another Kingdom, well a sea. King of the Narrow Sea was what he was named and all of Lords Corlys people were behind him now. He had been offered Corlys’ younger daughter’s hand in marriage, but Daemon respectfully declined it with a bigger picture in mind and explained it to Lord Corlys. His plans were directed up North. A lowkey independent group of people. The Northmen and women were strong, independent people that never really felt the need to need the King to help them. They dealt with most of their problems and internal conflicts with each small kingdom with a feast or a small battle to clear the air. Daemon liked that.]]
[size15 [center ~~~]]

[center [size12 Daemon held a small council meeting to propose his plan to travel North to speak to the Lord of House Stark about one of daughters’ hands in marriage to strength the Realm and his own political position. The Starks were mostly agreeable people, who only wanted to have respect given to them and Daemon had plenty to give.]]
[center [size12 The small council agreed with him and the fact that strengthening the Stark and Targaryen bond. And they began their journey North, after sending several ravens to neighboring kingdoms of Winterfell that the King was making his journey North.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “How do these Bastards even function in this weather,”]] Daemon closed his jacket closer around him, snuggling his neck into the fur. Lord Lyonel chuckled to himself, doing the same. [i “Well, Your Grace, it is said that the Northmen and women were descents from magically beings and that is why they can withstand such intense, low temperatures,”] Lord Lyonel explained in a very realistically way like he has always done. Daemon did remember listening to stories from his father and grandfather about the Northern, such fearsome people. Which was why he needed this marriage. The women were rumored to be extremely strong and direct, especially this Annalise lady. Daemon felt like he was about to have an interesting marriage, if her father even agrees to allow a [i a foreign King] take his daughter's hand in marriage. But, at the same time, he was also the King of Westeros and who could refuse that?]]

[center [size12 He also had a small, marriage gift to give his soon-to-be Queen. A beautiful, black as night stallion which the Starks colors and banners on his staddle and reigns. A hopefully kind gesture to show his respect and want for this marriage.]]
[center [size12 When Daemon passed through small villages and towns, soft murmurs could be heard from the locals about him. Silver haired and the dragon rider, the volatile little brother of the King who was lucky to get the throne so early, were some of the things that were flying through the air. Kids were peeking through their windows to get a glimpse of him as they rode through. He gave his famous, awkward smile, bowing his head to them as he rode by.]]
[center [size12 Daemon knew word of his rule and his brother’s untimely death would have reached them before he even thought about starting a journey to the North. He knew the words would either be kind or degrading. This was his land that he did rule over, but he was not going to act on his emotions and ruin his bigger plans for the future. A Stark and a Targaryen, two houses that have ties with powerful animals/dragons. The Starks were respectable people, Daemon would be stupid to ruin it before evening getting to the gates of Winterfell.]]

[center [size12 Once again, it was open road. The warmth of the passing town was gone, Daemon was miserable cold once more. He muttered something along the lines of him wishing he had road Caraxes down here and that he was not bred to deal with these cold winters. But, he also thought about the fact, before even leaving King’s Landing, that a dragon would have been a terrible idea. Winterfell did not have a Dragon Pit, let along road to even house a dragon for the fortnight that he was going to be here.]]
[center [size12 Daemon’s thoughts turned from the cold to his niece and her journey to the Free Cities with dreams of living a responsibility free life. He smiled for a moment; he did miss her. She was an interest of his for a brief people, but once things fell in line for him, he made peace with her dreams of leaving Westeros and having more of a life. He hoped she would return with stories far better than the ones from his youth when he had to priority.]]
[center [size15 ~~~]]
[center [size14 Winterfell is within view]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “This is way bigger than anything we passed on our way here,”]] Daemon stated, looking across the horizon. He was actually impressed. No wonder they have been fallen before in any of the old times battles. They could within stand a siege for almost as long as King’s Landing could and there is no where near the amount of people living there. He was impressed.]]
[center [size12 [i “While we are up here, are you going to pay a visit to Castle Black and the Wall, as well, Your Grace,”] Lyonel interrupted Daemon’s train of thought. Daemon glanced down at him and huffed quietly.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Why did you have to remind of that place,”]] Daemon moaned about it for a moment before agreeing with him. He should probably check on the Realm’s line of defense from whatever was across the giant Ice Wall that protected them. There was a prophecy that Daemon remembered being taught about. The Long Night and the battle of the dead. It was in a dream of Aegon the Conquer. A very vivid dream that all the Targaryens believed to be true.]]
[center [size12 The doors opened, a small greeting party was standing there. Daemon felt very out of place since he was being stared at like he was a rarity. A novelty to be exact.]]
[center [size12 Daemon leaned down to Lyonel, whispering to him. [i [#FF0000 “I do not believe these people have ever seen a Targaryen before,”]] Daemon chuckled quickly to him. Lyonel obliged with a small chuckle and a nob of his head.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   3d ago

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Mate+SC]

[center [Mate+SC When Annalise was a child, she would often get scolded for running about, tearing up and staining her dresses, ruining her hair, and getting dirt under her nails. It was never really for the fact that she would do it. It was more the fact that she did that kind of thing at the most inopportune time. Usually the day of something to remember or when someone of importance was coming to visit. It was never a problem when it was a normal day. Then she would run around and play with the other kids or use a stick as a sword or whatever else her little imagination could come up with.]]

[center [Mate+SC It, however, was never as fun on the normal days.]]

[center [Mate+SC Little Anna couldn’t help it. There was just something about being a devious shit that brought just a small hint of joy to the child, even if it made things difficult. Now, she didn’t enjoy upsetting her mother or being scolded. She just wanted to have some fun. She was a mischievous child, and nothing anyone had done could break her of that. From a young age, she was the way she was and the people around her were just meant to accept it and move on with their lives.]]

[center [Mate+SC Something that was much easier said than done.]]

[center [Mate+SC As she got older, Annalise [i did] tone down the roughhousing, pranks, and swordplay just a little, filling her time up with sewing and other things that were deemed necessary for her to learn. She knew, for the most part, when to be a lady and play the part, when to be as respectful as she could, and when to [i not] embarrass her parents. Of course, those moments were few and far between. After all, if someone wasn’t causing a ruckus at a feast or spreading the latest rumor, then was it really a party?]]

[center [Mate+SC It wasn’t until she’d hit the age of fourteen that her mother really started to crack down on her. No more practicing her sword skills, no more running around as if she had no wits to her. The time for games was over. She now had to learn what it would mean for her to prepare herself for marriage, childbirth, and all the other “fun” things that came with being a woman. None of it was very appealing to the young noble girl, despite the fact that she’d been told at an early age that she’d have to grow up sooner or later.]]

[center [Mate+SC She had really hoped it would be later.]]

[center [Mate+SC Now, years later, failed proposal after failed proposal, she sat in her room, staring out the window at the people that rushed around Winterfell, her heart sinking in her chest. There had been a proposal made that the Starks had been unable to refuse, one that they certainly hadn’t expected, and one that they seemed more than happy to see through. Anna couldn’t tell if they really were comfortable with the decision, but they had considered it nonetheless, and because of that, the newly crowned king was on his way to Winterfell.]]

[center [Mate+SC A sigh escaped soft pink lips before she moved away from the window, wanting so desperately to find a way out of the situation she found herself in. It was hard to say what threw her off more, the fact that the king himself had offered her his hand in marriage or the fact that it was the one who’d been nicknamed a “rogue prince” at one point in time. She knew, of course. Word spread fast, especially among the nobles, since it seemed that they only liked to drink and talk when nothing exciting was happening. It was easy to listen in when she knew how to sneak about.]]

[center [Mate+SC A soft knock on her door caused her to jump a little. [b “Come in.”] She couldn’t say she was surprised when her mother walked in, a blue and white dress draped over her right arm. Anna felt her stomach knot up just a little, but she forced a smile regardless. [b “I assume it’s time?”] she asked softly. It was a silly question. Of course, it was time. That had to mean that the king wasn’t far off, a thought that made her blood run cold for just a moment. What would happen when he arrived? Would he find that she wasn’t fit to be a queen? Why should she care? If not for the fact that her mother had hovered so much when it came to the proposal, to begin with, she probably wouldn’t have.]]

[center [Mate+SC Laying the dress out on the bed, Lady Stark offered her daughter a smile of her own, blue eyes decorated with laugh lines. She’d earned those, that much was for sure. She’d also earned every silver hair that was woven within the dark brown on top of her head from putting up with a daughter like Annalise. The rest of her children had been much less of a handful. [b [i “No need to fret,”]] she said, reaching out to place a soft hand on her daughter's cheek. [b [i “This is long overdue and a better decision than any.”]]]

[center [Mate+SC The way she spoke made Anna pause before she moved away to study the dress laid out before her. It was one of the most beautiful ones she owned, a way to make her stand out when necessary, and by far one of her favorites. At least that was a comfort. She would have the looks for when her soon-to-be husband arrived. [b “I know, mother,”] she said, reaching back to pull on the string of her current dress. It wasn’t as fancy, a light blue one that was frayed on the bottom hem from years of use and abuse. One of the sleeves was a little shorter than the other from when she’d caught it on a branch and it had to be fixed. It wasn’t noticeable at a glance, and most people couldn’t tell which one it was until she pointed it out.]]

[center [Mate+SC Letting it fall to the floor, she would step out of it and grab the one from the bed, staring at it one more time before she’d start shimmying into it. As she did so, Lady Stark picked up the other one and draped it over the chair Anna had been sitting in previously. It wasn’t a concern for the time being, it seemed. Sliding her arms into the sleeves, Annalise would stand patiently as her mother started lacing up the back, quickly covering her exposed back. [b [i “This dress was always so flattering on you,”]] she heard her say from behind her. She thought about thanking her, knowing it would be the nicest thing, but she couldn’t quite get the words out.]]

[center [Mate+SC [b “It’s why it’s one of my favorites,”] she said instead. The dress was tailored perfectly to her body, hugging every right curve and bringing plenty of detail to it with its intricate designs sewn into the sleeves and skirt. [b “Here’s hoping he likes it.”] [i And what if he doesn’t? Shall we bow down and beg for forgiveness for not wearing the right colors?] Yeah, she would rather die than do that. Annalise Stark did not beg for forgiveness from anyone, no matter what.]]

[center [Mate+SC [b [i “I’m sure he will think you’re lovely,”]] Lady Stark said as she finished tying off the lace. Spinning her daughter around, she would plant a soft kiss on the top of her head before she led her over to another chair, pulling the dark strands of her hair back before she started to braid them. Nothing too fancy. Just enough to look presentable. [b [i “You should feel honored that the King has taken an interest in you, so why do you look like something is troubling you?”]]]]

[center [Mate+SC For once, Anna bit back a retort. Of course, she was trouble. She was either about to experience the best years of her life or she was going to die not long after her wedding. It felt quite like a good fifty-fifty shot and she was absolutely terrified. She wasn’t about to change who she was to make a stranger happy or conform to any ways that she didn’t deem necessary. If things went the way everyone was hoping they would, she would be leaving behind her home in Winterfell, the family that she truly did care about, and everything that she had ever known to live in a castle and rule over a land that she hadn’t seen. It was all a bit much to process and it made her feel sick to her stomach.]]

[center [Mate+SC She wouldn’t say that, though. Not this time. Feeling her mother's hand on her shoulder, she would reach up and rest hers on top of her it, giving it a quick squeeze before she sighed. [b “I’m simply nervous. This is a rather big change in our lives and I want everything to go right.”] A bit far from the truth but if it made her mother happy, just this once, she would lie. The last thing she needed was another lecture. She’d received one of those when she’d expressed her distaste for the idea, to begin with.]]

[center [Mate+SC Another knock on the door would interrupt the moment, causing Lady Stark to move away from Anna, who would slowly stand, turning towards the entryway. [b [i “Enter,”]] her mother would say. A young gentleman slowly opened the door, bowing his head in greeting to the two of them before clearing his throat.]]

[center [Mate+SC [b [i “The King has been spotted, My Lady. He will be here rather shortly.”]]]]

[center [Mate+SC [b [i “Thank you, Emmett. Have you informed Lord Stark?”]] A nod. [b [i “You’re dismissed.”]] Another nod before the door shut again. The older woman would let out a sigh before she moved to the wardrobe, pulling out a cloak for Anna. [b [i “Remember, keep your head held high and your tongue still unless spoken to,”]] she said, handing the article of clothing over to her.]]

[center [Mate+SC Anna would purse her lips before nodding. [b “Yes, mother.”] With that, she threw the cloak on, clasping it before she took a deep breath. She was a proud member of her household. It didn’t matter what anyone said or thought about her, it didn’t matter how anyone perceived her. Everything would be fine and her parents would be happy with her for once.]]

[center [Mate+SC Just the way it should be.]]

[center [Mate+SC Making their way outside, the two women would stand on either side of Lord Stark, her mother on the left and her on the right, with her other two siblings to her side. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she had to force her feet to stay planted firmly on the ground beneath them, lest she try to run away. Even if she did run, she couldn’t get away from the cards that felt had now dealt her. One way or another, she had to face this.]]

[center [Mate+SC That, of course, was much easier said than done, especially when the doors were opened and the man in question finally made his appearance. Her eyes widened slightly, never leaving him for a second. She, in fact, [i had] never seen a Targaryen before. She’d heard people talk about the white hair and the purple eyes, but seeing it all in person was a much different experience. Not the mention, the man on top of the horse definitely radiated power. Her eyes suddenly narrowed just a little. She wasn’t sure that boded well for her at all in the long run.]]

[center [Mate+SC [i One way to found out,] she thought before kneeling down with the rest of her family, her eyes finally focusing on the ground instead of his gaze.]]
bitterdaemon.   3d ago

[center [size12 Daemon gave a small smile as everyone in the large courtyard of Winterfell bowed their heads in respect of him, The King. He lowered his head in a bow, motioning his hand for everyone to rise. He jumped down from his horse with a soft huff, hitting what felt like ice underneath him and steadied himself for a moment.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “You Starks are very impressive people,”]] Daemon started with a chuckled, [i [#FF0000 “I might have the blood of the Dragon, but I could not survive in such temperatures.”]] He approached Lord Stark first, who gave him a bow and a husky chuckle before patting Daemon on the back like they had known each other for years.]]
[center [size12 The Starks and most of the other Houses had sworn loyalty to House Targaryen decades prior and this was how Daemon was going to repay them for it. Most all the Houses since King Viserys died and Daemon became King, they began respecting what they called [i foreign invaders] more now than they have since the reign of Aegon the Conquer. Daemon liked this surge of power, raw power and now, if he joins the House Stark with House Targaryen, he could be unstoppable for the rest of his reign. He felt his lips curl into a smirk, but soften when his gaze went from the Lord of Winterfell to the daughter that he presumed he was going to be marrying.]]
[size12 [center She looked beautiful, but fierce. Wild even, underneath this well put together dress and hair. He could sense it, she was the unruly one of the family, every family had one. He was the one of his. Daemon placed his hands loosely behind his back, softly smiling as he glanced over the other siblings and even the mother, without meaning disrespect and sauntered over to her.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I am glad my soon-to-be wife is quite the she-wolf in sheep’s clothing,”]] Daemon calmly pointed out with a smirk. He was not offended by the type of lady that he was wanting to marry, honestly, she was perfect for him. He could see her wildness in her eyes, he grew hungry to have someone as wild as him by his side. His previous Lady Wife was not so into him and he quickly ended that marriage before his brother, the King, had passed.]]
[center [size12 Daemon could sense a small shift in the rest of the Stark family with his comment. It was like they were avoiding him from sensing that, he chuckled at the thought. He fought how traditional and plain the Westeros families were. It was kind of pointless to always do your duty and act like you’re happy. And in theory, it is what keeps the Realm going, but Daemon wanted to make changes. He wanted something that was not full of traditions and felt fulfilling whenever he finally died.]]
[center [size12 Lord Stark pulled Daemon from his thoughts with a quiet clearing of his throat. Daemon turned his gaze from the girl to her father and nodded his head. [i [#FF0000 “She is quite beautiful, Lord Stark. I could only expect that out of a great match such as you and your Lady,”]] Daemon noted, glancing over Lady Stark and the rest of their children, who all bowed their heads to him.]]
[center [size12 [i “Your Grace, our daughter has been looking forward to this day for a long time and we are so indebted to you for choosing her,”] it was a lie, Daemon knew it. The girl looked nervous and like she did not belong in the dress she was in, even though it hugged every part of her body just right. [i “We even prepared a feast for tonight to celebrate,”] Lord Stark clasped his hands together with a great smile on his face. This was his moment of relief. Daemon had accepted his soon-to-be bride at face value and he was going to take her away from her to continue on with the traditions and duties.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I am honored to experience a Stark feast,”]] Daemon nodded his head, being directed away from the rest of the Starks. Both men walked together through the courtyard, which dismissed the rest of the gathering party and Lady Stark and her children. Daemon had a small feeling about what was about to come with this private conversation that Lord Stark began. Lyonel was trailing close behind, but not close enough to be a bother to the two men.]]
[size12 [center [i “My daughter is…”] Lord Stark started, clearing his thought. [i “She is my little wild child and all of her other suitors have turned her down, so this is a great opportunity for her. We want this to go as smooth as possible which is why we are throwing a massive feast for this,”] Lord Stark explained and Daemon promptly rolled his eyes.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Well, I am looking forward to tonight’s feast, but for now, I must get off my feet. The ride up here was long and tiring,”]] Daemon bit his tongue with what he truly wanted to say to this Lord, simply because he did not want to start a war with the proud Northmen. It normally was not in Daemon’s nature to turn from a moment where he could have been a smart ass, but now was not the time. He wanted to find his future wife, get her alone, and pick her brain.]]
[center [size12 Daemon nodded his head to the Lord in respect before walking off into another direction, Lyonel stayed behind to deal with the Lord of Winterfell in Daemon’s place.]]
[center [size12 There were soft murmurs from the handmaidens and guards about a Targaryen being in Winterfell and the fact that he was taking Annalise as his bride. Daemon sauntered through the warm castle, hand resting on his longsword in a contemplative way. He moved down hallways, peeking in what rooms that were opened and the door was just ajar enough for him to see in. He was a curious person. Eventually, he stopped at a door that he assumed would be his future Queen’s room. Hoping that he was right about it, he knocked on the door before stepping back with a calm expression.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   3d ago

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Mate+SC]

[center [Mate+SC Everything seemed so loud for just a moment. Annalise could easily hear the soft thud as the king's feet hit the ground, could hear the pounding of her heart against her chest, could even hear the small gasp that her little sister gave from her side. She could feel her hands trembling underneath the cloak, feel the way her legs weakened just a little. For a moment, her head spun. When it was time to rise, she had to take a deep breath to keep herself from falling over and passing out. Why had her parents agreed to this again? [i You know exactly why.] Of course, she did. She was just looking for something, [i anything] else that said it wasn't because of her.]]

[center [Mate+SC Chocolate-colored eyes would dart from her feet to the man standing before her father, watching the way the two of them interacted. Were they [i that] familiar with one another? Her father had spoken of King Viserys a lot, but she couldn't recall a time where he'd mentioned Kind Daemon. Not in her presence, at least, and certainly not until the past few months. Was it because her father had sworn his loyalty? That would make the most sense.]]

[center [Mate+SC She didn't have much more time to think on it before he moved over, but not to stand before her mother. Her eyes slowly drifted up to his face. [i Chin held high.] She met his gaze, unflinching, doing her best not to look away. It wasn't easy, though. He had a very intense gaze... [i A she-wolf in sheep's clothing.] She tensed ever so slightly. [b "I'll take that as a compliment, Your Grace."] She had no doubt it was meant that way, but it would come off as rude if she didn't acknowledge his words. A slight blush would soon crawl across her cheeks at his next words. He was most likely just being kind. Anna had never thought of herself as beautiful. Definitely pretty, average at the worst. It was Lady Stark who was the beautiful one. Anna had always envied the blue eyes she never had...]

[center [Mate+SC Her father's words quickly brought a sour taste to her tongue. She had [i not] been looking forward to this. They knew that. Of course, they couldn't tell the King, though. It wouldn't be good if they upset him. Far worse if they made him change his mind. Her family would end up embarrassed, frustrated with her again that something had gone wrong, and would probably never speak to her again. Or possibly go to war, if it came down to it. She was never surprised to hear about such a thing happening. Before she knew it, the King was led away and she felt like she could breathe a little easier. The first part was over and he hadn't decided against the marriage. How interesting... She couldn't say she was surprised, though.]]

[center [Mate+SC [b [i "He seems quite scary,"]] her sister mumbled from her side.]]

[center [Mate+SC Anna could only shrug. [b "Perhaps he seems that way to trick people."]]]

[center [Mate+SC [b [i "Why would he do that?"]]]]

[center [Mate+SC [b "I don't know,"] she lied. People often hid their true selves to keep others from taking advantage of them. She hoped he was one of them and there was actually a kinder, softer side underneath the tough exterior. Otherwise, she was going to be miserable for the rest of her life.]]

[center [Mate+SC With a quick look at her mother, she would spin on her heel and make her way back to her home. The meet and greet were over. Now she could go hide away until the feast that night. Or so she hoped. Lady Stark had a knack for dragging the young woman away from her privacy or fun at the worst of times. It didn't take her long to duck into her room, quickly closing the door behind her before letting out a sigh of relief. It was all so nerve-wracking. She had no real idea what she was doing. She could only do as her mother told her for the time being and hope that she didn't stumble over her own two feet or say something to truly piss off the King. Really, she shouldn't care. If anything, she would usually try to find a way and sabotage it all.]]

[center [Mate+SC The problem was that he was no ordinary nobleman or even a peasant. No, he was the King of Westeros. One slight against him and her family could very well be branded traitors or who knew what else. For now, she would play the part she was meant to play. She just wouldn't do it for long. Once they were married or she was in King's Landing, she would go back to her usual self. Being the queen was important, sure, but hardly anyone would tell her she couldn't do as she pleased, right?]]

[center [Mate+SC With another sigh, she moved away from the door, just long enough to pick the handheld mirror off of her vanity to double-check her hair. The knock that sounded just a second or two later was enough to make her bury her face in her hands. It was her mother, she knew it, there to drag her off to go do who-knew-what. Setting the mirror back down, she made her way to the door, tempted to tell the older woman that she wanted to rest before the festivities that night. That she didn't have the energy to go through with anything else for the rest of the day. Upon opening the door, however, her heart would skip a beat and her eyes would widen slightly.]]

[center [Mate+SC [b "Your Grace."] she said, her throat suddenly feeling dry. Opening the door wider, she would bow her head before glancing up at him to meet his gaze once more. [b "To what do I owe the honor?"] The last thing she had expected was for him to end up at her door. Was he looking for another room and had just gotten lost or was he actually seeking her out? The latter seemed a little unbelievable, but she wasn't sure she would put anything past the gentleman. [b "Is there something I can do for you? Are you looking for my father?"] Hadn't they walked away together? She was stumbling over herself now, she knew it. Best to shut her mouth before she said more.]]
bitterdaemon.   2d ago

[center [size12 Daemon tilted his head down, tilting it to the side with an awkward smile that could almost be a devilish smirk hiding behind it. He liked to make himself seem softer than he actually was to appeal to people, who did not know him or who he did not know very well. His eat, silver hair became untucked behind his ear, falling down elegantly around his face before he straightening his head.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Well, your father did not quite hit it home for me with his lies. Especially, the obvious ones,”]] Daemon plainly said, stepping towards the girl. He made one singular movement to push past the girl and enter her chambers. He motioned for her to shut the door, waving his hand towards the door. [i [#FF0000 “I would rather get to know the real you than what ever fancy painting that your father is trying to paint,”]] Daemon approached her with his eyes scanning her face.]]

[size12 [center Daemon was not one for people trying to hide something from him or throw a veil over his eyes. He liked honesty to the point, he would rather someone pick a fight with him because they did not like him verses them lying straight to his face.]]

[size12 [center [i [#FF0000 “You know, I have literally killed people that lied to my face,”]] Daemon boasted with a chuckle, [i [#FF0000 “your father tried to make you seem more proper than you actually were.”]] Daemon placed his hands behind his back, glancing around the room with curious eyes. He fingered through some of her belongings and books, flipping pages here and there.]]

[size12 [center He knew that this would make this girl nervous, or at least he was slightly hoping for it. He turned around from his own curiousity and shrugged his cloak off his shoulders after unclipping it from his overcoat. He draped it over the chair in front of him with a smile.]]

[size12 [center [i [#FF0000 “So, my future wife and Queen, tell me about yourself and do not try to portray yourself as something that you are not because Lord Stark was a terrible liar, so I can only imagine how you are,”]] Daemon rolled his eyes before pulling the chair from the table and sitting in it backwards, trying to give an air of comfortability. He relaxed, propping his chin on the delicate designs of the chair top. His finger danced through the carving, waiting for the girl to speak.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   2d ago

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[center [Mate+SC Annalise couldn’t help the anger and annoyance that quickly tore through her as he spoke and made his way into her chambers. It seemed quite rude to do so when she hadn’t invited him in, but she wouldn’t question it. Not for the time being, at least. Turning around to face him, she would slowly shut the door, leaning against it for just a moment. She had to admit, it was impressive how easily he saw through the curtain her parents had put up. Most people were usually satisfied with the lies they told if it meant keeping the peace. [b “He is careful not to step on toes or upset anyone when possible,”] she said, keeping her eyes locked on his.]]

[center [Mate+SC Maybe it wasn’t his intention but he was very suddenly coming off as arrogant to the young woman. It was very obvious that he didn’t care if his words angered her or got a rise out of her, something she wouldn’t let him know. [b “That is a fact I am well aware of, Your Grace,”] she said as kindly as she could. She bit her tongue to keep from adding that she wasn’t born under a rock. He was going to find out very quickly, though, that Anna didn’t take anyone’s crap, King or not. If they were going to be married, he was going to have to learn to deal with her smart mouth.]]

[center [Mate+SC His rummaging through her things was unsettling enough to make her skin prickle a little. If there was one thing she truly liked, it was the privacy of her own room. Yet here he was, going through it all as if he owned every piece of it. It was not something that sat well with her and it took all she had not to ask him to stop. Surely that’s what he wanted. It got much harder to keep her lips sealed when he draped his cloak over the chair, however. This was not his home. It most certainly was not his room. Did the King have no respect for her?]]

[center [Mate+SC [b “I am going to speak freely then if I am allowed?”] She waited for his approval before she moved away from the door, making her way to the shelf to adjust her books. What could she say? She liked her things the way they were. [b “I can say without a doubt that I am indeed a terrible liar, though that is because I hardly ever lie unless I deem it necessary.”] She glanced over at him. [b “I do not take kindly to people looking down on me. For the most part, I speak my mind and I also do not like it when people lie to me.”]]

[center [Mate+SC She took a moment to step away before turning herself to face him completely. [b “I do not enjoy the fancy parties and dresses, though I do wear them when needed and I will drink and enjoy myself if it means keeping up appearances. Despite being a difficult child and young woman, I try more often now to not embarrass those around me.”] Not a complete lie. She really did try. Her problem was that she had no filter.]]

[center [Mate+SC [b “If I do not like something, you will be made aware. If I do not agree with something, you will know. I do give my opinion often and for that, I do not apologize.”] Her eyes searched his face as she spoke, looking for anything that might give her some insight into what he was thinking. [b “That is who I am, Your Grace. I hope my words have brought you some satisfaction?”] If not then she didn’t feel there was much more she could do. Anna had told herself a long time ago that she wouldn’t change who she was. She would only tone things down, and that was for special occasions.]]
bitterdaemon.   2d ago

[center [size12 Daemon’s eyes followed the girl as she moved through her room, straightening the few things he had pushed out of place by being a curious cat. He smiled to himself when her back was to him, he was honestly already enjoying her company. She was personable, not like all the other ladies he had met with about possible marriage arrangements. She had her own opinions and was fierce in how she felt. It was something that he could come to respect. It was very rare to met ladies with such an assurance on how they felt and stayed strong in their opinions.]]

[center [size12 His face fell back to its usual cocky smirk when her eyes met his once more. He was taking everything she said in, enjoying the conversation with a smile on his face before nodding to her. He gestured in a way to show that he agreed with her.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “You know, My Lady,”]] Daemon stood up, tall against her. He took a few steps, closing the gap between them. He grabbed at her sleeve, straightening it up with a soft expression on his face. [i [#FF0000 “I can appreciate you and your honesty,”]] he concreted how he felt with her by dropping his hands. He gave her a wink before grabbing his cloak. [i [#FF0000 “I cannot wait to see my future Queen in her true element once she is away from her family. Once you are Queen, no one can stop you or give you their opinion,”]] Daemon assured her before strolling to the door. He flung his cloak back around his shoulders, clasping the dragon pendants on the shoulders to pull it tightly around his body.]]

[center [size12 Before opening the door, he listened for a moment in silence for footsteps before opening the door. He lowered his head in a small bow to the girl. [i [#FF0000 “I shall see you tonight, my Lady,”]] Daemon closed the door and proceeded to where his chambers would be for the time being that he was staying here.]]

[center [size12 Lyonel was waiting for him as soon as he opened the door with a disappointed expression on his face. Daemon waved him off, knowing what it was about before plopping down in his own chair, at his own table which had finger foods and ale. His eyes lit up the moment he tasted the sweet ale, something that he preferred over the sweet wines of the south. He almost mused at the very taste of it before downing a few cups of it.]]

[center [size12 Lyonel placed what he expected Daemon to wear to tonight’s feast down on the bed before directing Daemon’s attention to it. Daemon stood up from his third cup of ale, glancing over the attire that was picked out for him. Lyonel definitely had attention to detail and knew the King perfectly.]]

[center [size12 Daemon ushered Lyonel out of the door before closing and locking it behind him. He took the cup once more in hand, pouring himself a fourth cup and mulled over the feast in his head. His fingers danced over the fabric in question. It was what Daemon would wear, most definitely. He downed his cup before placing it on the table and proceeded to undress.]]

[center [size12 It was a red and black themed outfit, it fit snug on Daemon’s body. The emblem on his right chest was the Targaryen symbol in blood red and a silver chain connected that to a cloak that was behind, draping it elegantly over his shoulders. Underneath the cloak, his shoulders adorned metal armor, as well as his chest piece that resembled dragon crawls closing in on his chest. A statement piece fit for someone like Daemon. He felt important, not a feeling that he was used to until his brother died and his niece moved half way across the world. He looked at himself in the mirror. His hair contrasted with the blacks, greys, and reds perfectly. He looked exotic. He straightened himself before placing himself back down in his chair for another cup of ale.]]

[center [size12 It was not long after he sat down, a knock broke his attention on the ale and brought it to the door. [i [#FF0000 “Enter,”]] it was a Stark handmaiden with Lyonel, both of them announced that it was time for the feast to begin.]]

[center [size12 Daemon felt good at this point, his head filled with all sorts of ideas for tonight. He mostly wanted to get to know the young Annalise more. Poke and prod at her, it was a game that he very much enjoyed playing. She might not though, but Daemon was King and he always got what he wanted.]]

[center [size12 Daemon stood up, following both of them out of the room and to the feasting hall. They stepped through solid oak doors into a large room with a hearth at the end of the room, where a great table was. He could only assume Lord and Lady Stark would sit in the two chairs in front of the hearth. He glanced at all the hunted animals decorating the walls with the rustic feeling. It felt homey and warm, he could get used to this.]]

[center [size12 People started flooding in soon after he entered the room. Everyone was intermingling and enjoying themselves. Lyonel left Daemon’s side to converse with some of the Starks advisors and the handmaiden had disappeared soon after entering the room. Daemon was left to his own devices once again, which was what he liked anyway.]]

[center [size12 Swiping another cup of ale before moving through the large crowd, looking for either Lady Annalise or her father. But he met eyes with the mother instead, who began to approach him with a stern expression. Daemon gulped before taking a long drink of his ale as she made her way to him.]]

[center [size12 [i “Your Grace, why have heard of your visiting Lady Annalise before the feast?”] Nothing got past these Starks. He rolled his eyes before putting them back on the woman with an annoyed expression. [i [#FF0000 “I was trying to get to know my future wife since your husband wanted to feed me lies about her,”]] Daemon scoffed then excused himself from the now stunned woman before filling back into the crowd.]]

[center [size12 Daemon was not very keen on people lying to him especially over someone that he was going to marry. He preferred women like Annalise anyway, so why even lie about it to begin with. He was annoyed and after having several cups of ale at this point before the feast even began, he needed to take a deep breath before approaching his soon-to-be wife that his eyes finally locked onto. He was hungry for another conversation with her. His eyes were dead set on her, moving through the crowd like a snake making its move on its prey.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   1d ago

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Mate+SC]

[center [Mate+SC Annalise felt her throat tighten just a little as he stood, moving until they were far closer together than she would have liked. She had to resist the urge to take a step or two back, lest she offend him or make him think she was afraid of him. She wasn't. Just intimidated, if anything. It didn't help when he reached out and grabbed her sleeve. The gesture seemed so... out of place. Why, she wasn't sure. It just did. A faint blush quickly spread across her cheeks as she stared up at him. Between the wink and his assumed approval, she felt a bit flustered. It was an unusual feeling for the girl, and one she did not like. [b "I... Thank you, Your Grace. Your words are greatly appreciated." It was the truth, regardless of how she was feeling.]]

[center [Mate+SC She would watch closely as he threw the cloak back on, paying closer attention to the clasps and other details. It was fitting for him. In a good way, of course. [b "Until tonight, then, Your Grace,"] she said, giving a slight bow of her own. As soon as the door closed behind him, she collapsed into the chair he had occupied just seconds before. [i By the Gods...] She was speechless for a moment. Was he truly not bothered by who she was? Did the King himself really accept her? Her head was spinning again. None of this seemed real. Every other man she had ever interacted with had given her a chance with a small chat of their own, and within a few minutes of getting to know her, had deemed her "unsuitable" or "improper."]]

[center [Mate+SC Of course, those words hadn't hurt her. She was glad they had seen her that way. In her mind, it was a way to weed out the weak-minded men. A harsh way of putting it, sure, but it was the truth. The King, however... she was learning rapidly that he was not weak-minded. Glancing up at the door, she let out a sigh. Their marriage was going to be an interesting one, that much she was sure of. She had to wonder, though, with two individuals like them ruling, what was the fate of Westeros?]]

[center [pic https://imgur.com/6Opfdjb.jpg]]

[center [Mate+SC Earlier in the night, Annalise had been frustrated that she had been made to change. The dress she wore was red, flowing out around her and barely brushing against the floor. It was a wine red in color, with a gold-laced bodice. Wider straps rested on her shoulders, which led out into two see-through, flowing pieces of fabric, which would catch the air around her when she moved. It almost looked like a cloak in its own way, just much more graceful. Her hair had been redone, the braids removed but the hair pinned back to keep it out of her face. She preferred it this way compared to having it up all the day. It felt much more free to keep it around her shoulder and back.]]

[center [Mate+SC Due to her insistence that she didn't need to change, and her stubbornness to move from the bed, she ended being late to the feast, much to the disapproval of her mother. She brushed it off with a quick apology, hoping that her willingness to at least get so dolled up would make up for it. Lady Stark would quickly adjust the straps on the young woman's shoulders before she smiled at her. [b [i "Please behave yourself tonight,"]] she said, her voice stern.]]

[center [Mate+SC [b "Yes, mother,"] was all she said before she quickly escaped her grasp, preferably wanting to stay as hidden as she could. As she had told Daemon earlier, she was not a fan of the festivities. If she could have it her way, she would spend her time in her room reading and keeping herself busy elsewhere while others used her engagement as an excuse to drink, screw, and gossip. Grabbing a glass off one of the longer tables, she would take a quick sip, scrunching up her nose at the unexpected wine inside. She wouldn't put it down, however. She figured that being flagged was the best way to deal with all of the snakes in the room.]]

[center [Mate+SC Keeping close to the wall, her eyes would scan the room, glass brought back up to her lips as she did so. Her eyes quickly met those of the Kings, causing her to freeze. She wasn't sure she liked the fact that he was making a beeline for her, and with so many people around, she knew she couldn't turn away or try to hide. She'd already seen him and he'd definitely seen her. There was no getting out of it now. Quickly downing the rest of the drink, she would grip the cup tightly in her hand before she would force a smile, standing up a little straighter before bowing her head. [b "It's good to see you again, Your Grace,"] she said, keeping eye contact with him this time.]]

[center [Mate+SC Even though they had been alone together earlier, she had no idea if he was being kind because he was in her home or if that was really who he was. She was confident that he wouldn't do anything to her in a room full of people, but what of when they arrived in Kings Landing? If he thought she was afraid of him, would he use that against her? Those thoughts quickly spiraled into others, making her wonder if making him believe she wasn't afraid was a bad idea, as well. She had no doubt he could break her if he tried hard enough.]]

[center [Mate+SC Truly terrifying thoughts, indeed...]]
bitterdaemon.   14h ago

[center [size12 Daemon nestled himself next to the woman against the wall, looking out at the crowd. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. The Starks definitely knew how to throw a party. Daemon could respect. He took another long sip out of his cup before leaning forward, grabbing the pitcher off the table to top his drink back off. He offered some to the woman, as well.]]

[center [size12 Placing back on the table, he relaxed against the wall with a relaxed sigh. [i [#FF0000 “Your House throws impressive feasts. Much more entertaining than such formal events held in King’s Landing, but the tourneys,”]] Daemon thought back on his days of jousting and fighting for prizes in the tourneys, when his brother wasn’t mad at him for his latest fuck ups. [i [#FF0000 “You would like the tourneys and the competitions that are held in King’s Landing,”]] Daemon pointed at her with his hand that was still holding the cup. He was making a playful jab at the fact that was less than a Lady as most women. [i [#FF0000 “You would cower and faint at the sight of someone losing their head in a joust,”]] Daemon smiled in an approving way as he glanced up at the girl.]]

[center [size12 Daemon then caught glimpse of the Lady Stark once more, she was eyeing them from across the room with a slight scrowl on her face, aimed more at Daemon than her own daughter. He could tell that he had caused minor stress with his little stunt earlier today.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I do not believe the Lady Stark is not much of a fan of me,”]] Daemon quietly laughed against the rim of his cup before taking a slow drink. He glanced over at the Lady Annalise, studying her facial expressions with great care. Daemon might not have been the biggest people person, but he could definitely read them pretty well.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “You know, once we are in King’s Landing and married, you can do as you please? Change anything as you please,”]] Daemon explained, [i [#FF0000 “I am not like my late brother. I do not believe in traditions. Traditions feel like a restrictive snake around your neck. And if I’m the King, then I say fuck traditions until someone else takes over after I am dead.”]] Daemon huffed, downing the rest of his cup. He wanted to take it a bit slower on the ale, if he got drunk, who knows how he would act. Definitely worse than himself sober. He was already inches away from crossing lines with the Lord and Lady Stark. He had to step lightly now.]]

[center [size12 Daemon was vastly different in the mentality of tradition. He was not a fan of men were solely in power. He learned that from how his niece was. She was a power woman that he did respect and she got his mind turning towards a more controversial topic about women in power, especially by giving him the lessons in history over some of their female ancestors.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "What I am trying to say is,"]] Daemon turned his body more towards Annalise as to have a bit of privacy between the two of them. [i [#FF0000 "Your family's opinion does not matter anymore,"]] Daemon leaned his head down, whispering in her ear. He was hoping to comfort her in that aspect since she had been rejected before for being too masculine for men. He did not view her that way and he felt like he was going to have to convince her of that. Her way of life was just as acceptable as a submissive bride. He liked the fight from an independent woman.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "And I want you comfortable with yourself and your soon-to-be position. Your father's lies to every man who he tried to get you to marry, failed. Your mother's grooming never worked. Your House's sigil is what you are and no one can ever change that, no matter how hard they tried,"]] Daemon tugged slightly on her flowing sleeves, straightening them out with a curious smirk on his face. [i [#FF0000 "I accept you for who you are and none of their convincing me otherwise will ever work,"]] Daemon concreted his feelings in his current conversation.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   8h ago

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Mate+SC]

[center [Mate+SC Dark eyes glanced at the King for just a moment, holding a hand up to refuse the drink. If she let herself go tonight, who knew what was going to happen? She had never been drunk before. It would surely be unpredictable. She paused for a moment, weighing that option out. [b "On second thought,"] she mumbled, taking the pitcher from him to fill up the cup before moving enough to put it back where he had found it. Just as fast as she had left the wall, she was back against it. It was almost like a safety net. [b "My parents do have a flare for the dramatic,"] she said softly. If it could be grand, they were going to make it grand.]

[center [Mate+SC She raised a brow as she looked at him again. [b "I do not believe I have ever had the opportunity to see one of these tourneys. It would be quite an interesting sight, indeed."] She brought the cup to her lips, turning her head, gaze sweeping across the crowd. Her gaze met her mothers for just a moment, causing her to bite her lower lip for just a moment. What was that look for? They were the ones who wanted this. Was it not a good thing that her future husband and she were spending time together? [b "I do not believe she approves of you,"] she said softly, finally looking away. Her mother's gaze was a heavy one.]]

[center [Mate+SC His next words made her eyes widen slightly. So he had meant what he'd said earlier when they were alone together... For the first time since he'd arrived, Anna felt relief. A part of her was screaming that it was some kind of trap or test. That he wanted to see just how "improper" she really was. The more rational part of her brain, however, told her she was wrong. She'd heard too much about him to completely doubt his words as she had before. [b "I like the way you think, Your Grace,"] she said with a smile. It was probably the most genuine one she had offered him.]]

[center [Mate+SC Him whispering in her ear caused a chill to run down her spine. Now how did [i this] look to her mother? She could only imagine that she was fuming right now. Though, as he said, their opinion didn't matter anymore. Once she was married to the King, they wouldn't be able to tell her what to do, so he had a very good point. She glanced down as he tugged at her sleeves again, her eyes quickly darting back to meet his. This was the first time that she actually felt comfortable with the idea of marrying him. [b "I appreciate that. More than you could know."]]]

[center [Mate+SC That was really the big thing she wanted. having someone who could match her for who she was would be quite the perfect match. Maybe that was what Lady Stark had a problem with in this case. She might have expected the King to be the kind of person to keep Annalise in her place. By his own words, however, that wasn't what was going to happen, and she actually felt happier about that thought. Bringing the cup to her lips, she took a sip from it, smirking. [b "You and I are going to make a fascinating pair, Your Grace."] She knew that much for sure.]]


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