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a dream of ice & fire comes true

By bitter
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.a dream of ice & fire
.by lovely & bitter.
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bitterdaemon.   139d ago

[center [size12 King Viserys had finally been overtaken by all of his decaying parts of his body from getting nicked on the Iron Throne one too much times. He passed away during the night, not in a gentle way through. The Maester sat with him all night, as well as Rhaenyra and the soon to be King, Daemon. He smelt of rotting meat, the room was heavy and moist. Daemon could hardly stand it, but he was there for not only his niece, but his brother as well.]]
[center [size12 Rhaenyra leaned her head against Daemon’s shoulder, softly crying. It was so silent in the bed chambers that when Rhaenyra’s tears hit the floor, each splash sound echoed off the walls. Daemon pulled a white piece of cloth from his coat pocket, handing it over to her.]]
[center [size12 Rhaenyra did not take it, so Daemon placed it on his leg for when she was ready for it. The Maester announced that King Viserys was dead. Rhaenyra started sobbing even harder. Her face pressed into Daemon’s upper arm. Not only did she lose her mother a few years prior, but now her father. Daemon was at a loss for words. He might have been the unhinged little brother to the King, but he still had feelings, especially for his niece. He felt sympathy, sadness for her.]]
[size15 [center ~~~]]
[center [size12 It had been almost a month since King Viserys had passed and Daemon had been named King since King Viserys had no living heirs other than him. Daemon’s small council were definitely weary of him, which they had all rights to be, since he was violent and unpredictable.]]
[size12 [center The Crab Feeder had already been dealt with when Lord Corlys approached Daemon about at failing with King Viserys to take care of the problem years ago. Now Daemon had to risk himself and his dragons to deal with a problem that had gotten far worse than it was when it was first was brought up at a small council meeting years ago.]]
[size12 [center Daemon came back a crowned King of another Kingdom, well a sea. King of the Narrow Sea was what he was named and all of Lords Corlys people were behind him now. He had been offered Corlys’ younger daughter’s hand in marriage, but Daemon respectfully declined it with a bigger picture in mind and explained it to Lord Corlys. His plans were directed up North. A lowkey independent group of people. The Northmen and women were strong, independent people that never really felt the need to need the King to help them. They dealt with most of their problems and internal conflicts with each small kingdom with a feast or a small battle to clear the air. Daemon liked that.]]
[size15 [center ~~~]]

[center [size12 Daemon held a small council meeting to propose his plan to travel North to speak to the Lord of House Stark about one of daughters’ hands in marriage to strength the Realm and his own political position. The Starks were mostly agreeable people, who only wanted to have respect given to them and Daemon had plenty to give.]]
[center [size12 The small council agreed with him and the fact that strengthening the Stark and Targaryen bond. And they began their journey North, after sending several ravens to neighboring kingdoms of Winterfell that the King was making his journey North.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “How do these Bastards even function in this weather,”]] Daemon closed his jacket closer around him, snuggling his neck into the fur. Lord Lyonel chuckled to himself, doing the same. [i “Well, Your Grace, it is said that the Northmen and women were descents from magically beings and that is why they can withstand such intense, low temperatures,”] Lord Lyonel explained in a very realistically way like he has always done. Daemon did remember listening to stories from his father and grandfather about the Northern, such fearsome people. Which was why he needed this marriage. The women were rumored to be extremely strong and direct, especially this Annalise lady. Daemon felt like he was about to have an interesting marriage, if her father even agrees to allow a [i a foreign King] take his daughter's hand in marriage. But, at the same time, he was also the King of Westeros and who could refuse that?]]

[center [size12 He also had a small, marriage gift to give his soon-to-be Queen. A beautiful, black as night stallion which the Starks colors and banners on his staddle and reigns. A hopefully kind gesture to show his respect and want for this marriage.]]
[center [size12 When Daemon passed through small villages and towns, soft murmurs could be heard from the locals about him. Silver haired and the dragon rider, the volatile little brother of the King who was lucky to get the throne so early, were some of the things that were flying through the air. Kids were peeking through their windows to get a glimpse of him as they rode through. He gave his famous, awkward smile, bowing his head to them as he rode by.]]
[center [size12 Daemon knew word of his rule and his brother’s untimely death would have reached them before he even thought about starting a journey to the North. He knew the words would either be kind or degrading. This was his land that he did rule over, but he was not going to act on his emotions and ruin his bigger plans for the future. A Stark and a Targaryen, two houses that have ties with powerful animals/dragons. The Starks were respectable people, Daemon would be stupid to ruin it before evening getting to the gates of Winterfell.]]

[center [size12 Once again, it was open road. The warmth of the passing town was gone, Daemon was miserable cold once more. He muttered something along the lines of him wishing he had road Caraxes down here and that he was not bred to deal with these cold winters. But, he also thought about the fact, before even leaving King’s Landing, that a dragon would have been a terrible idea. Winterfell did not have a Dragon Pit, let along road to even house a dragon for the fortnight that he was going to be here.]]
[center [size12 Daemon’s thoughts turned from the cold to his niece and her journey to the Free Cities with dreams of living a responsibility free life. He smiled for a moment; he did miss her. She was an interest of his for a brief people, but once things fell in line for him, he made peace with her dreams of leaving Westeros and having more of a life. He hoped she would return with stories far better than the ones from his youth when he had to priority.]]
[center [size15 ~~~]]
[center [size14 Winterfell is within view]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “This is way bigger than anything we passed on our way here,”]] Daemon stated, looking across the horizon. He was actually impressed. No wonder they have been fallen before in any of the old times battles. They could within stand a siege for almost as long as King’s Landing could and there is no where near the amount of people living there. He was impressed.]]
[center [size12 [i “While we are up here, are you going to pay a visit to Castle Black and the Wall, as well, Your Grace,”] Lyonel interrupted Daemon’s train of thought. Daemon glanced down at him and huffed quietly.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Why did you have to remind of that place,”]] Daemon moaned about it for a moment before agreeing with him. He should probably check on the Realm’s line of defense from whatever was across the giant Ice Wall that protected them. There was a prophecy that Daemon remembered being taught about. The Long Night and the battle of the dead. It was in a dream of Aegon the Conquer. A very vivid dream that all the Targaryens believed to be true.]]
[center [size12 The doors opened, a small greeting party was standing there. Daemon felt very out of place since he was being stared at like he was a rarity. A novelty to be exact.]]
[center [size12 Daemon leaned down to Lyonel, whispering to him. [i [#FF0000 “I do not believe these people have ever seen a Targaryen before,”]] Daemon chuckled quickly to him. Lyonel obliged with a small chuckle and a nob of his head.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   138d ago


[center [Mate+SC When Annalise was a child, she would often get scolded for running about, tearing up and staining her dresses, ruining her hair, and getting dirt under her nails. It was never really for the fact that she would do it. It was more the fact that she did that kind of thing at the most inopportune time. Usually the day of something to remember or when someone of importance was coming to visit. It was never a problem when it was a normal day. Then she would run around and play with the other kids or use a stick as a sword or whatever else her little imagination could come up with.]]

[center [Mate+SC It, however, was never as fun on the normal days.]]

[center [Mate+SC Little Anna couldn’t help it. There was just something about being a devious shit that brought just a small hint of joy to the child, even if it made things difficult. Now, she didn’t enjoy upsetting her mother or being scolded. She just wanted to have some fun. She was a mischievous child, and nothing anyone had done could break her of that. From a young age, she was the way she was and the people around her were just meant to accept it and move on with their lives.]]

[center [Mate+SC Something that was much easier said than done.]]

[center [Mate+SC As she got older, Annalise [i did] tone down the roughhousing, pranks, and swordplay just a little, filling her time up with sewing and other things that were deemed necessary for her to learn. She knew, for the most part, when to be a lady and play the part, when to be as respectful as she could, and when to [i not] embarrass her parents. Of course, those moments were few and far between. After all, if someone wasn’t causing a ruckus at a feast or spreading the latest rumor, then was it really a party?]]

[center [Mate+SC It wasn’t until she’d hit the age of fourteen that her mother really started to crack down on her. No more practicing her sword skills, no more running around as if she had no wits to her. The time for games was over. She now had to learn what it would mean for her to prepare herself for marriage, childbirth, and all the other “fun” things that came with being a woman. None of it was very appealing to the young noble girl, despite the fact that she’d been told at an early age that she’d have to grow up sooner or later.]]

[center [Mate+SC She had really hoped it would be later.]]

[center [Mate+SC Now, years later, failed proposal after failed proposal, she sat in her room, staring out the window at the people that rushed around Winterfell, her heart sinking in her chest. There had been a proposal made that the Starks had been unable to refuse, one that they certainly hadn’t expected, and one that they seemed more than happy to see through. Anna couldn’t tell if they really were comfortable with the decision, but they had considered it nonetheless, and because of that, the newly crowned king was on his way to Winterfell.]]

[center [Mate+SC A sigh escaped soft pink lips before she moved away from the window, wanting so desperately to find a way out of the situation she found herself in. It was hard to say what threw her off more, the fact that the king himself had offered her his hand in marriage or the fact that it was the one who’d been nicknamed a “rogue prince” at one point in time. She knew, of course. Word spread fast, especially among the nobles, since it seemed that they only liked to drink and talk when nothing exciting was happening. It was easy to listen in when she knew how to sneak about.]]

[center [Mate+SC A soft knock on her door caused her to jump a little. [b “Come in.”] She couldn’t say she was surprised when her mother walked in, a blue and white dress draped over her right arm. Anna felt her stomach knot up just a little, but she forced a smile regardless. [b “I assume it’s time?”] she asked softly. It was a silly question. Of course, it was time. That had to mean that the king wasn’t far off, a thought that made her blood run cold for just a moment. What would happen when he arrived? Would he find that she wasn’t fit to be a queen? Why should she care? If not for the fact that her mother had hovered so much when it came to the proposal, to begin with, she probably wouldn’t have.]]

[center [Mate+SC Laying the dress out on the bed, Lady Stark offered her daughter a smile of her own, blue eyes decorated with laugh lines. She’d earned those, that much was for sure. She’d also earned every silver hair that was woven within the dark brown on top of her head from putting up with a daughter like Annalise. The rest of her children had been much less of a handful. [b [i “No need to fret,”]] she said, reaching out to place a soft hand on her daughter's cheek. [b [i “This is long overdue and a better decision than any.”]]]

[center [Mate+SC The way she spoke made Anna pause before she moved away to study the dress laid out before her. It was one of the most beautiful ones she owned, a way to make her stand out when necessary, and by far one of her favorites. At least that was a comfort. She would have the looks for when her soon-to-be husband arrived. [b “I know, mother,”] she said, reaching back to pull on the string of her current dress. It wasn’t as fancy, a light blue one that was frayed on the bottom hem from years of use and abuse. One of the sleeves was a little shorter than the other from when she’d caught it on a branch and it had to be fixed. It wasn’t noticeable at a glance, and most people couldn’t tell which one it was until she pointed it out.]]

[center [Mate+SC Letting it fall to the floor, she would step out of it and grab the one from the bed, staring at it one more time before she’d start shimmying into it. As she did so, Lady Stark picked up the other one and draped it over the chair Anna had been sitting in previously. It wasn’t a concern for the time being, it seemed. Sliding her arms into the sleeves, Annalise would stand patiently as her mother started lacing up the back, quickly covering her exposed back. [b [i “This dress was always so flattering on you,”]] she heard her say from behind her. She thought about thanking her, knowing it would be the nicest thing, but she couldn’t quite get the words out.]]

[center [Mate+SC [b “It’s why it’s one of my favorites,”] she said instead. The dress was tailored perfectly to her body, hugging every right curve and bringing plenty of detail to it with its intricate designs sewn into the sleeves and skirt. [b “Here’s hoping he likes it.”] [i And what if he doesn’t? Shall we bow down and beg for forgiveness for not wearing the right colors?] Yeah, she would rather die than do that. Annalise Stark did not beg for forgiveness from anyone, no matter what.]]

[center [Mate+SC [b [i “I’m sure he will think you’re lovely,”]] Lady Stark said as she finished tying off the lace. Spinning her daughter around, she would plant a soft kiss on the top of her head before she led her over to another chair, pulling the dark strands of her hair back before she started to braid them. Nothing too fancy. Just enough to look presentable. [b [i “You should feel honored that the King has taken an interest in you, so why do you look like something is troubling you?”]]]]

[center [Mate+SC For once, Anna bit back a retort. Of course, she was trouble. She was either about to experience the best years of her life or she was going to die not long after her wedding. It felt quite like a good fifty-fifty shot and she was absolutely terrified. She wasn’t about to change who she was to make a stranger happy or conform to any ways that she didn’t deem necessary. If things went the way everyone was hoping they would, she would be leaving behind her home in Winterfell, the family that she truly did care about, and everything that she had ever known to live in a castle and rule over a land that she hadn’t seen. It was all a bit much to process and it made her feel sick to her stomach.]]

[center [Mate+SC She wouldn’t say that, though. Not this time. Feeling her mother's hand on her shoulder, she would reach up and rest hers on top of her it, giving it a quick squeeze before she sighed. [b “I’m simply nervous. This is a rather big change in our lives and I want everything to go right.”] A bit far from the truth but if it made her mother happy, just this once, she would lie. The last thing she needed was another lecture. She’d received one of those when she’d expressed her distaste for the idea, to begin with.]]

[center [Mate+SC Another knock on the door would interrupt the moment, causing Lady Stark to move away from Anna, who would slowly stand, turning towards the entryway. [b [i “Enter,”]] her mother would say. A young gentleman slowly opened the door, bowing his head in greeting to the two of them before clearing his throat.]]

[center [Mate+SC [b [i “The King has been spotted, My Lady. He will be here rather shortly.”]]]]

[center [Mate+SC [b [i “Thank you, Emmett. Have you informed Lord Stark?”]] A nod. [b [i “You’re dismissed.”]] Another nod before the door shut again. The older woman would let out a sigh before she moved to the wardrobe, pulling out a cloak for Anna. [b [i “Remember, keep your head held high and your tongue still unless spoken to,”]] she said, handing the article of clothing over to her.]]

[center [Mate+SC Anna would purse her lips before nodding. [b “Yes, mother.”] With that, she threw the cloak on, clasping it before she took a deep breath. She was a proud member of her household. It didn’t matter what anyone said or thought about her, it didn’t matter how anyone perceived her. Everything would be fine and her parents would be happy with her for once.]]

[center [Mate+SC Just the way it should be.]]

[center [Mate+SC Making their way outside, the two women would stand on either side of Lord Stark, her mother on the left and her on the right, with her other two siblings to her side. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she had to force her feet to stay planted firmly on the ground beneath them, lest she try to run away. Even if she did run, she couldn’t get away from the cards that felt had now dealt her. One way or another, she had to face this.]]

[center [Mate+SC That, of course, was much easier said than done, especially when the doors were opened and the man in question finally made his appearance. Her eyes widened slightly, never leaving him for a second. She, in fact, [i had] never seen a Targaryen before. She’d heard people talk about the white hair and the purple eyes, but seeing it all in person was a much different experience. Not the mention, the man on top of the horse definitely radiated power. Her eyes suddenly narrowed just a little. She wasn’t sure that boded well for her at all in the long run.]]

[center [Mate+SC [i One way to found out,] she thought before kneeling down with the rest of her family, her eyes finally focusing on the ground instead of his gaze.]]
bitterdaemon.   138d ago

[center [size12 Daemon gave a small smile as everyone in the large courtyard of Winterfell bowed their heads in respect of him, The King. He lowered his head in a bow, motioning his hand for everyone to rise. He jumped down from his horse with a soft huff, hitting what felt like ice underneath him and steadied himself for a moment.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “You Starks are very impressive people,”]] Daemon started with a chuckled, [i [#FF0000 “I might have the blood of the Dragon, but I could not survive in such temperatures.”]] He approached Lord Stark first, who gave him a bow and a husky chuckle before patting Daemon on the back like they had known each other for years.]]
[center [size12 The Starks and most of the other Houses had sworn loyalty to House Targaryen decades prior and this was how Daemon was going to repay them for it. Most all the Houses since King Viserys died and Daemon became King, they began respecting what they called [i foreign invaders] more now than they have since the reign of Aegon the Conquer. Daemon liked this surge of power, raw power and now, if he joins the House Stark with House Targaryen, he could be unstoppable for the rest of his reign. He felt his lips curl into a smirk, but soften when his gaze went from the Lord of Winterfell to the daughter that he presumed he was going to be marrying.]]
[size12 [center She looked beautiful, but fierce. Wild even, underneath this well put together dress and hair. He could sense it, she was the unruly one of the family, every family had one. He was the one of his. Daemon placed his hands loosely behind his back, softly smiling as he glanced over the other siblings and even the mother, without meaning disrespect and sauntered over to her.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I am glad my soon-to-be wife is quite the she-wolf in sheep’s clothing,”]] Daemon calmly pointed out with a smirk. He was not offended by the type of lady that he was wanting to marry, honestly, she was perfect for him. He could see her wildness in her eyes, he grew hungry to have someone as wild as him by his side. His previous Lady Wife was not so into him and he quickly ended that marriage before his brother, the King, had passed.]]
[center [size12 Daemon could sense a small shift in the rest of the Stark family with his comment. It was like they were avoiding him from sensing that, he chuckled at the thought. He fought how traditional and plain the Westeros families were. It was kind of pointless to always do your duty and act like you’re happy. And in theory, it is what keeps the Realm going, but Daemon wanted to make changes. He wanted something that was not full of traditions and felt fulfilling whenever he finally died.]]
[center [size12 Lord Stark pulled Daemon from his thoughts with a quiet clearing of his throat. Daemon turned his gaze from the girl to her father and nodded his head. [i [#FF0000 “She is quite beautiful, Lord Stark. I could only expect that out of a great match such as you and your Lady,”]] Daemon noted, glancing over Lady Stark and the rest of their children, who all bowed their heads to him.]]
[center [size12 [i “Your Grace, our daughter has been looking forward to this day for a long time and we are so indebted to you for choosing her,”] it was a lie, Daemon knew it. The girl looked nervous and like she did not belong in the dress she was in, even though it hugged every part of her body just right. [i “We even prepared a feast for tonight to celebrate,”] Lord Stark clasped his hands together with a great smile on his face. This was his moment of relief. Daemon had accepted his soon-to-be bride at face value and he was going to take her away from her to continue on with the traditions and duties.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I am honored to experience a Stark feast,”]] Daemon nodded his head, being directed away from the rest of the Starks. Both men walked together through the courtyard, which dismissed the rest of the gathering party and Lady Stark and her children. Daemon had a small feeling about what was about to come with this private conversation that Lord Stark began. Lyonel was trailing close behind, but not close enough to be a bother to the two men.]]
[size12 [center [i “My daughter is…”] Lord Stark started, clearing his thought. [i “She is my little wild child and all of her other suitors have turned her down, so this is a great opportunity for her. We want this to go as smooth as possible which is why we are throwing a massive feast for this,”] Lord Stark explained and Daemon promptly rolled his eyes.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Well, I am looking forward to tonight’s feast, but for now, I must get off my feet. The ride up here was long and tiring,”]] Daemon bit his tongue with what he truly wanted to say to this Lord, simply because he did not want to start a war with the proud Northmen. It normally was not in Daemon’s nature to turn from a moment where he could have been a smart ass, but now was not the time. He wanted to find his future wife, get her alone, and pick her brain.]]
[center [size12 Daemon nodded his head to the Lord in respect before walking off into another direction, Lyonel stayed behind to deal with the Lord of Winterfell in Daemon’s place.]]
[center [size12 There were soft murmurs from the handmaidens and guards about a Targaryen being in Winterfell and the fact that he was taking Annalise as his bride. Daemon sauntered through the warm castle, hand resting on his longsword in a contemplative way. He moved down hallways, peeking in what rooms that were opened and the door was just ajar enough for him to see in. He was a curious person. Eventually, he stopped at a door that he assumed would be his future Queen’s room. Hoping that he was right about it, he knocked on the door before stepping back with a calm expression.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   137d ago


[center [Mate+SC Everything seemed so loud for just a moment. Annalise could easily hear the soft thud as the king's feet hit the ground, could hear the pounding of her heart against her chest, could even hear the small gasp that her little sister gave from her side. She could feel her hands trembling underneath the cloak, feel the way her legs weakened just a little. For a moment, her head spun. When it was time to rise, she had to take a deep breath to keep herself from falling over and passing out. Why had her parents agreed to this again? [i You know exactly why.] Of course, she did. She was just looking for something, [i anything] else that said it wasn't because of her.]]

[center [Mate+SC Chocolate-colored eyes would dart from her feet to the man standing before her father, watching the way the two of them interacted. Were they [i that] familiar with one another? Her father had spoken of King Viserys a lot, but she couldn't recall a time where he'd mentioned Kind Daemon. Not in her presence, at least, and certainly not until the past few months. Was it because her father had sworn his loyalty? That would make the most sense.]]

[center [Mate+SC She didn't have much more time to think on it before he moved over, but not to stand before her mother. Her eyes slowly drifted up to his face. [i Chin held high.] She met his gaze, unflinching, doing her best not to look away. It wasn't easy, though. He had a very intense gaze... [i A she-wolf in sheep's clothing.] She tensed ever so slightly. [b "I'll take that as a compliment, Your Grace."] She had no doubt it was meant that way, but it would come off as rude if she didn't acknowledge his words. A slight blush would soon crawl across her cheeks at his next words. He was most likely just being kind. Anna had never thought of herself as beautiful. Definitely pretty, average at the worst. It was Lady Stark who was the beautiful one. Anna had always envied the blue eyes she never had...]

[center [Mate+SC Her father's words quickly brought a sour taste to her tongue. She had [i not] been looking forward to this. They knew that. Of course, they couldn't tell the King, though. It wouldn't be good if they upset him. Far worse if they made him change his mind. Her family would end up embarrassed, frustrated with her again that something had gone wrong, and would probably never speak to her again. Or possibly go to war, if it came down to it. She was never surprised to hear about such a thing happening. Before she knew it, the King was led away and she felt like she could breathe a little easier. The first part was over and he hadn't decided against the marriage. How interesting... She couldn't say she was surprised, though.]]

[center [Mate+SC [b [i "He seems quite scary,"]] her sister mumbled from her side.]]

[center [Mate+SC Anna could only shrug. [b "Perhaps he seems that way to trick people."]]]

[center [Mate+SC [b [i "Why would he do that?"]]]]

[center [Mate+SC [b "I don't know,"] she lied. People often hid their true selves to keep others from taking advantage of them. She hoped he was one of them and there was actually a kinder, softer side underneath the tough exterior. Otherwise, she was going to be miserable for the rest of her life.]]

[center [Mate+SC With a quick look at her mother, she would spin on her heel and make her way back to her home. The meet and greet were over. Now she could go hide away until the feast that night. Or so she hoped. Lady Stark had a knack for dragging the young woman away from her privacy or fun at the worst of times. It didn't take her long to duck into her room, quickly closing the door behind her before letting out a sigh of relief. It was all so nerve-wracking. She had no real idea what she was doing. She could only do as her mother told her for the time being and hope that she didn't stumble over her own two feet or say something to truly piss off the King. Really, she shouldn't care. If anything, she would usually try to find a way and sabotage it all.]]

[center [Mate+SC The problem was that he was no ordinary nobleman or even a peasant. No, he was the King of Westeros. One slight against him and her family could very well be branded traitors or who knew what else. For now, she would play the part she was meant to play. She just wouldn't do it for long. Once they were married or she was in King's Landing, she would go back to her usual self. Being the queen was important, sure, but hardly anyone would tell her she couldn't do as she pleased, right?]]

[center [Mate+SC With another sigh, she moved away from the door, just long enough to pick the handheld mirror off of her vanity to double-check her hair. The knock that sounded just a second or two later was enough to make her bury her face in her hands. It was her mother, she knew it, there to drag her off to go do who-knew-what. Setting the mirror back down, she made her way to the door, tempted to tell the older woman that she wanted to rest before the festivities that night. That she didn't have the energy to go through with anything else for the rest of the day. Upon opening the door, however, her heart would skip a beat and her eyes would widen slightly.]]

[center [Mate+SC [b "Your Grace."] she said, her throat suddenly feeling dry. Opening the door wider, she would bow her head before glancing up at him to meet his gaze once more. [b "To what do I owe the honor?"] The last thing she had expected was for him to end up at her door. Was he looking for another room and had just gotten lost or was he actually seeking her out? The latter seemed a little unbelievable, but she wasn't sure she would put anything past the gentleman. [b "Is there something I can do for you? Are you looking for my father?"] Hadn't they walked away together? She was stumbling over herself now, she knew it. Best to shut her mouth before she said more.]]
bitterdaemon.   137d ago

[center [size12 Daemon tilted his head down, tilting it to the side with an awkward smile that could almost be a devilish smirk hiding behind it. He liked to make himself seem softer than he actually was to appeal to people, who did not know him or who he did not know very well. His eat, silver hair became untucked behind his ear, falling down elegantly around his face before he straightening his head.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Well, your father did not quite hit it home for me with his lies. Especially, the obvious ones,”]] Daemon plainly said, stepping towards the girl. He made one singular movement to push past the girl and enter her chambers. He motioned for her to shut the door, waving his hand towards the door. [i [#FF0000 “I would rather get to know the real you than what ever fancy painting that your father is trying to paint,”]] Daemon approached her with his eyes scanning her face.]]

[size12 [center Daemon was not one for people trying to hide something from him or throw a veil over his eyes. He liked honesty to the point, he would rather someone pick a fight with him because they did not like him verses them lying straight to his face.]]

[size12 [center [i [#FF0000 “You know, I have literally killed people that lied to my face,”]] Daemon boasted with a chuckle, [i [#FF0000 “your father tried to make you seem more proper than you actually were.”]] Daemon placed his hands behind his back, glancing around the room with curious eyes. He fingered through some of her belongings and books, flipping pages here and there.]]

[size12 [center He knew that this would make this girl nervous, or at least he was slightly hoping for it. He turned around from his own curiousity and shrugged his cloak off his shoulders after unclipping it from his overcoat. He draped it over the chair in front of him with a smile.]]

[size12 [center [i [#FF0000 “So, my future wife and Queen, tell me about yourself and do not try to portray yourself as something that you are not because Lord Stark was a terrible liar, so I can only imagine how you are,”]] Daemon rolled his eyes before pulling the chair from the table and sitting in it backwards, trying to give an air of comfortability. He relaxed, propping his chin on the delicate designs of the chair top. His finger danced through the carving, waiting for the girl to speak.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   137d ago


[center [Mate+SC Annalise couldn’t help the anger and annoyance that quickly tore through her as he spoke and made his way into her chambers. It seemed quite rude to do so when she hadn’t invited him in, but she wouldn’t question it. Not for the time being, at least. Turning around to face him, she would slowly shut the door, leaning against it for just a moment. She had to admit, it was impressive how easily he saw through the curtain her parents had put up. Most people were usually satisfied with the lies they told if it meant keeping the peace. [b “He is careful not to step on toes or upset anyone when possible,”] she said, keeping her eyes locked on his.]]

[center [Mate+SC Maybe it wasn’t his intention but he was very suddenly coming off as arrogant to the young woman. It was very obvious that he didn’t care if his words angered her or got a rise out of her, something she wouldn’t let him know. [b “That is a fact I am well aware of, Your Grace,”] she said as kindly as she could. She bit her tongue to keep from adding that she wasn’t born under a rock. He was going to find out very quickly, though, that Anna didn’t take anyone’s crap, King or not. If they were going to be married, he was going to have to learn to deal with her smart mouth.]]

[center [Mate+SC His rummaging through her things was unsettling enough to make her skin prickle a little. If there was one thing she truly liked, it was the privacy of her own room. Yet here he was, going through it all as if he owned every piece of it. It was not something that sat well with her and it took all she had not to ask him to stop. Surely that’s what he wanted. It got much harder to keep her lips sealed when he draped his cloak over the chair, however. This was not his home. It most certainly was not his room. Did the King have no respect for her?]]

[center [Mate+SC [b “I am going to speak freely then if I am allowed?”] She waited for his approval before she moved away from the door, making her way to the shelf to adjust her books. What could she say? She liked her things the way they were. [b “I can say without a doubt that I am indeed a terrible liar, though that is because I hardly ever lie unless I deem it necessary.”] She glanced over at him. [b “I do not take kindly to people looking down on me. For the most part, I speak my mind and I also do not like it when people lie to me.”]]

[center [Mate+SC She took a moment to step away before turning herself to face him completely. [b “I do not enjoy the fancy parties and dresses, though I do wear them when needed and I will drink and enjoy myself if it means keeping up appearances. Despite being a difficult child and young woman, I try more often now to not embarrass those around me.”] Not a complete lie. She really did try. Her problem was that she had no filter.]]

[center [Mate+SC [b “If I do not like something, you will be made aware. If I do not agree with something, you will know. I do give my opinion often and for that, I do not apologize.”] Her eyes searched his face as she spoke, looking for anything that might give her some insight into what he was thinking. [b “That is who I am, Your Grace. I hope my words have brought you some satisfaction?”] If not then she didn’t feel there was much more she could do. Anna had told herself a long time ago that she wouldn’t change who she was. She would only tone things down, and that was for special occasions.]]
bitterdaemon.   137d ago

[center [size12 Daemon’s eyes followed the girl as she moved through her room, straightening the few things he had pushed out of place by being a curious cat. He smiled to himself when her back was to him, he was honestly already enjoying her company. She was personable, not like all the other ladies he had met with about possible marriage arrangements. She had her own opinions and was fierce in how she felt. It was something that he could come to respect. It was very rare to met ladies with such an assurance on how they felt and stayed strong in their opinions.]]

[center [size12 His face fell back to its usual cocky smirk when her eyes met his once more. He was taking everything she said in, enjoying the conversation with a smile on his face before nodding to her. He gestured in a way to show that he agreed with her.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “You know, My Lady,”]] Daemon stood up, tall against her. He took a few steps, closing the gap between them. He grabbed at her sleeve, straightening it up with a soft expression on his face. [i [#FF0000 “I can appreciate you and your honesty,”]] he concreted how he felt with her by dropping his hands. He gave her a wink before grabbing his cloak. [i [#FF0000 “I cannot wait to see my future Queen in her true element once she is away from her family. Once you are Queen, no one can stop you or give you their opinion,”]] Daemon assured her before strolling to the door. He flung his cloak back around his shoulders, clasping the dragon pendants on the shoulders to pull it tightly around his body.]]

[center [size12 Before opening the door, he listened for a moment in silence for footsteps before opening the door. He lowered his head in a small bow to the girl. [i [#FF0000 “I shall see you tonight, my Lady,”]] Daemon closed the door and proceeded to where his chambers would be for the time being that he was staying here.]]

[center [size12 Lyonel was waiting for him as soon as he opened the door with a disappointed expression on his face. Daemon waved him off, knowing what it was about before plopping down in his own chair, at his own table which had finger foods and ale. His eyes lit up the moment he tasted the sweet ale, something that he preferred over the sweet wines of the south. He almost mused at the very taste of it before downing a few cups of it.]]

[center [size12 Lyonel placed what he expected Daemon to wear to tonight’s feast down on the bed before directing Daemon’s attention to it. Daemon stood up from his third cup of ale, glancing over the attire that was picked out for him. Lyonel definitely had attention to detail and knew the King perfectly.]]

[center [size12 Daemon ushered Lyonel out of the door before closing and locking it behind him. He took the cup once more in hand, pouring himself a fourth cup and mulled over the feast in his head. His fingers danced over the fabric in question. It was what Daemon would wear, most definitely. He downed his cup before placing it on the table and proceeded to undress.]]

[center [size12 It was a red and black themed outfit, it fit snug on Daemon’s body. The emblem on his right chest was the Targaryen symbol in blood red and a silver chain connected that to a cloak that was behind, draping it elegantly over his shoulders. Underneath the cloak, his shoulders adorned metal armor, as well as his chest piece that resembled dragon crawls closing in on his chest. A statement piece fit for someone like Daemon. He felt important, not a feeling that he was used to until his brother died and his niece moved half way across the world. He looked at himself in the mirror. His hair contrasted with the blacks, greys, and reds perfectly. He looked exotic. He straightened himself before placing himself back down in his chair for another cup of ale.]]

[center [size12 It was not long after he sat down, a knock broke his attention on the ale and brought it to the door. [i [#FF0000 “Enter,”]] it was a Stark handmaiden with Lyonel, both of them announced that it was time for the feast to begin.]]

[center [size12 Daemon felt good at this point, his head filled with all sorts of ideas for tonight. He mostly wanted to get to know the young Annalise more. Poke and prod at her, it was a game that he very much enjoyed playing. She might not though, but Daemon was King and he always got what he wanted.]]

[center [size12 Daemon stood up, following both of them out of the room and to the feasting hall. They stepped through solid oak doors into a large room with a hearth at the end of the room, where a great table was. He could only assume Lord and Lady Stark would sit in the two chairs in front of the hearth. He glanced at all the hunted animals decorating the walls with the rustic feeling. It felt homey and warm, he could get used to this.]]

[center [size12 People started flooding in soon after he entered the room. Everyone was intermingling and enjoying themselves. Lyonel left Daemon’s side to converse with some of the Starks advisors and the handmaiden had disappeared soon after entering the room. Daemon was left to his own devices once again, which was what he liked anyway.]]

[center [size12 Swiping another cup of ale before moving through the large crowd, looking for either Lady Annalise or her father. But he met eyes with the mother instead, who began to approach him with a stern expression. Daemon gulped before taking a long drink of his ale as she made her way to him.]]

[center [size12 [i “Your Grace, why have heard of your visiting Lady Annalise before the feast?”] Nothing got past these Starks. He rolled his eyes before putting them back on the woman with an annoyed expression. [i [#FF0000 “I was trying to get to know my future wife since your husband wanted to feed me lies about her,”]] Daemon scoffed then excused himself from the now stunned woman before filling back into the crowd.]]

[center [size12 Daemon was not very keen on people lying to him especially over someone that he was going to marry. He preferred women like Annalise anyway, so why even lie about it to begin with. He was annoyed and after having several cups of ale at this point before the feast even began, he needed to take a deep breath before approaching his soon-to-be wife that his eyes finally locked onto. He was hungry for another conversation with her. His eyes were dead set on her, moving through the crowd like a snake making its move on its prey.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   135d ago


[center [Mate+SC Annalise felt her throat tighten just a little as he stood, moving until they were far closer together than she would have liked. She had to resist the urge to take a step or two back, lest she offend him or make him think she was afraid of him. She wasn't. Just intimidated, if anything. It didn't help when he reached out and grabbed her sleeve. The gesture seemed so... out of place. Why, she wasn't sure. It just did. A faint blush quickly spread across her cheeks as she stared up at him. Between the wink and his assumed approval, she felt a bit flustered. It was an unusual feeling for the girl, and one she did not like. [b "I... Thank you, Your Grace. Your words are greatly appreciated." It was the truth, regardless of how she was feeling.]]

[center [Mate+SC She would watch closely as he threw the cloak back on, paying closer attention to the clasps and other details. It was fitting for him. In a good way, of course. [b "Until tonight, then, Your Grace,"] she said, giving a slight bow of her own. As soon as the door closed behind him, she collapsed into the chair he had occupied just seconds before. [i By the Gods...] She was speechless for a moment. Was he truly not bothered by who she was? Did the King himself really accept her? Her head was spinning again. None of this seemed real. Every other man she had ever interacted with had given her a chance with a small chat of their own, and within a few minutes of getting to know her, had deemed her "unsuitable" or "improper."]]

[center [Mate+SC Of course, those words hadn't hurt her. She was glad they had seen her that way. In her mind, it was a way to weed out the weak-minded men. A harsh way of putting it, sure, but it was the truth. The King, however... she was learning rapidly that he was not weak-minded. Glancing up at the door, she let out a sigh. Their marriage was going to be an interesting one, that much she was sure of. She had to wonder, though, with two individuals like them ruling, what was the fate of Westeros?]]

[center [pic]]

[center [Mate+SC Earlier in the night, Annalise had been frustrated that she had been made to change. The dress she wore was red, flowing out around her and barely brushing against the floor. It was a wine red in color, with a gold-laced bodice. Wider straps rested on her shoulders, which led out into two see-through, flowing pieces of fabric, which would catch the air around her when she moved. It almost looked like a cloak in its own way, just much more graceful. Her hair had been redone, the braids removed but the hair pinned back to keep it out of her face. She preferred it this way compared to having it up all the day. It felt much more free to keep it around her shoulder and back.]]

[center [Mate+SC Due to her insistence that she didn't need to change, and her stubbornness to move from the bed, she ended being late to the feast, much to the disapproval of her mother. She brushed it off with a quick apology, hoping that her willingness to at least get so dolled up would make up for it. Lady Stark would quickly adjust the straps on the young woman's shoulders before she smiled at her. [b [i "Please behave yourself tonight,"]] she said, her voice stern.]]

[center [Mate+SC [b "Yes, mother,"] was all she said before she quickly escaped her grasp, preferably wanting to stay as hidden as she could. As she had told Daemon earlier, she was not a fan of the festivities. If she could have it her way, she would spend her time in her room reading and keeping herself busy elsewhere while others used her engagement as an excuse to drink, screw, and gossip. Grabbing a glass off one of the longer tables, she would take a quick sip, scrunching up her nose at the unexpected wine inside. She wouldn't put it down, however. She figured that being flagged was the best way to deal with all of the snakes in the room.]]

[center [Mate+SC Keeping close to the wall, her eyes would scan the room, glass brought back up to her lips as she did so. Her eyes quickly met those of the Kings, causing her to freeze. She wasn't sure she liked the fact that he was making a beeline for her, and with so many people around, she knew she couldn't turn away or try to hide. She'd already seen him and he'd definitely seen her. There was no getting out of it now. Quickly downing the rest of the drink, she would grip the cup tightly in her hand before she would force a smile, standing up a little straighter before bowing her head. [b "It's good to see you again, Your Grace,"] she said, keeping eye contact with him this time.]]

[center [Mate+SC Even though they had been alone together earlier, she had no idea if he was being kind because he was in her home or if that was really who he was. She was confident that he wouldn't do anything to her in a room full of people, but what of when they arrived in Kings Landing? If he thought she was afraid of him, would he use that against her? Those thoughts quickly spiraled into others, making her wonder if making him believe she wasn't afraid was a bad idea, as well. She had no doubt he could break her if he tried hard enough.]]

[center [Mate+SC Truly terrifying thoughts, indeed...]]
bitterdaemon.   135d ago

[center [size12 Daemon nestled himself next to the woman against the wall, looking out at the crowd. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. The Starks definitely knew how to throw a party. Daemon could respect. He took another long sip out of his cup before leaning forward, grabbing the pitcher off the table to top his drink back off. He offered some to the woman, as well.]]

[center [size12 Placing back on the table, he relaxed against the wall with a relaxed sigh. [i [#FF0000 “Your House throws impressive feasts. Much more entertaining than such formal events held in King’s Landing, but the tourneys,”]] Daemon thought back on his days of jousting and fighting for prizes in the tourneys, when his brother wasn’t mad at him for his latest fuck ups. [i [#FF0000 “You would like the tourneys and the competitions that are held in King’s Landing,”]] Daemon pointed at her with his hand that was still holding the cup. He was making a playful jab at the fact that was less than a Lady as most women. [i [#FF0000 “You would cower and faint at the sight of someone losing their head in a joust,”]] Daemon smiled in an approving way as he glanced up at the girl.]]

[center [size12 Daemon then caught glimpse of the Lady Stark once more, she was eyeing them from across the room with a slight scrowl on her face, aimed more at Daemon than her own daughter. He could tell that he had caused minor stress with his little stunt earlier today.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I do not believe the Lady Stark is not much of a fan of me,”]] Daemon quietly laughed against the rim of his cup before taking a slow drink. He glanced over at the Lady Annalise, studying her facial expressions with great care. Daemon might not have been the biggest people person, but he could definitely read them pretty well.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “You know, once we are in King’s Landing and married, you can do as you please? Change anything as you please,”]] Daemon explained, [i [#FF0000 “I am not like my late brother. I do not believe in traditions. Traditions feel like a restrictive snake around your neck. And if I’m the King, then I say fuck traditions until someone else takes over after I am dead.”]] Daemon huffed, downing the rest of his cup. He wanted to take it a bit slower on the ale, if he got drunk, who knows how he would act. Definitely worse than himself sober. He was already inches away from crossing lines with the Lord and Lady Stark. He had to step lightly now.]]

[center [size12 Daemon was vastly different in the mentality of tradition. He was not a fan of men were solely in power. He learned that from how his niece was. She was a power woman that he did respect and she got his mind turning towards a more controversial topic about women in power, especially by giving him the lessons in history over some of their female ancestors.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "What I am trying to say is,"]] Daemon turned his body more towards Annalise as to have a bit of privacy between the two of them. [i [#FF0000 "Your family's opinion does not matter anymore,"]] Daemon leaned his head down, whispering in her ear. He was hoping to comfort her in that aspect since she had been rejected before for being too masculine for men. He did not view her that way and he felt like he was going to have to convince her of that. Her way of life was just as acceptable as a submissive bride. He liked the fight from an independent woman.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "And I want you comfortable with yourself and your soon-to-be position. Your father's lies to every man who he tried to get you to marry, failed. Your mother's grooming never worked. Your House's sigil is what you are and no one can ever change that, no matter how hard they tried,"]] Daemon tugged slightly on her flowing sleeves, straightening them out with a curious smirk on his face. [i [#FF0000 "I accept you for who you are and none of their convincing me otherwise will ever work,"]] Daemon concreted his feelings in his current conversation.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   135d ago


[center [Mate+SC Dark eyes glanced at the King for just a moment, holding a hand up to refuse the drink. If she let herself go tonight, who knew what was going to happen? She had never been drunk before. It would surely be unpredictable. She paused for a moment, weighing that option out. [b "On second thought,"] she mumbled, taking the pitcher from him to fill up the cup before moving enough to put it back where he had found it. Just as fast as she had left the wall, she was back against it. It was almost like a safety net. [b "My parents do have a flare for the dramatic,"] she said softly. If it could be grand, they were going to make it grand.]

[center [Mate+SC She raised a brow as she looked at him again. [b "I do not believe I have ever had the opportunity to see one of these tourneys. It would be quite an interesting sight, indeed."] She brought the cup to her lips, turning her head, gaze sweeping across the crowd. Her gaze met her mothers for just a moment, causing her to bite her lower lip for just a moment. What was that look for? They were the ones who wanted this. Was it not a good thing that her future husband and she were spending time together? [b "I do not believe she approves of you,"] she said softly, finally looking away. Her mother's gaze was a heavy one.]]

[center [Mate+SC His next words made her eyes widen slightly. So he had meant what he'd said earlier when they were alone together... For the first time since he'd arrived, Anna felt relief. A part of her was screaming that it was some kind of trap or test. That he wanted to see just how "improper" she really was. The more rational part of her brain, however, told her she was wrong. She'd heard too much about him to completely doubt his words as she had before. [b "I like the way you think, Your Grace,"] she said with a smile. It was probably the most genuine one she had offered him.]]

[center [Mate+SC Him whispering in her ear caused a chill to run down her spine. Now how did [i this] look to her mother? She could only imagine that she was fuming right now. Though, as he said, their opinion didn't matter anymore. Once she was married to the King, they wouldn't be able to tell her what to do, so he had a very good point. She glanced down as he tugged at her sleeves again, her eyes quickly darting back to meet his. This was the first time that she actually felt comfortable with the idea of marrying him. [b "I appreciate that. More than you could know."]]]

[center [Mate+SC That was really the big thing she wanted. having someone who could match her for who she was would be quite the perfect match. Maybe that was what Lady Stark had a problem with in this case. She might have expected the King to be the kind of person to keep Annalise in her place. By his own words, however, that wasn't what was going to happen, and she actually felt happier about that thought. Bringing the cup to her lips, she took a sip from it, smirking. [b "You and I are going to make a fascinating pair, Your Grace."] She knew that much for sure.]]
bitterdaemon.   134d ago

[center [size12 Daemon was glad that there was a common ground between the two parties now. Annalise could be as she wanted to be and Daemon could continue being his usual self with no brother to hold him back or a boring wife to bore him to death. He had someone to where both would not be quick to bore.]]

[center [size12 Daemon tucked his hair behind his ear, glancing around the large, warm room. His lips placed on the rim of his cup, taking a long drink of his ale. He caught the Lady Stark speaking with her husband. He chuckled at the thought of Lord Stark’s wife being more confrontational than the man of the House.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Your mother is such a peculiar woman. She demands you to be silent and a good, submissive wife, but look at her,”]] Daemon gestured over to head table. She was all but berating her husband, the Lord Stark. [i [#FF0000 “Your father’s balls are in her dress pocket,”]] Daemon chuckled against his cup before pushing himself from the wall.]]

[center [size12 Daemon grew bored of just leaning against the wall, being basically out of sight from everyone. He was used to being the life of the party. He was used to grander feasts and long periods of celebration verses this one night of a feast. No House in the North had to kind of gold that King’s Landing had, not to mention to various types of people that you could interact with.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Perching ourselves on the wall all night long is no way to show what kind of power could be leading these kingdoms in a fortnight,”]] Daemon did make a point, [i [#FF0000 “plus, it is getting kind of dull having your mother watching us all night.]]

[center [size12 Daemon downed his cup of ale before replenishing it once more. This time, he could feel the affects of the ale after 7-8 cups later. He cleared his throat, pouring himself yet another cup. This was no where near the level of drunkenness that he could have been by now though. He was still functionable.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I want you to show me around Winterfell,”]] it was not exactly wrong for him to ask that. It was mainly the issue of the parents finding some kind of offense to Daemon running off their unwed daughter to go do gods know what in their alone, unsupervised time. Daemon is the King though and no matter’s who home they were in, Daemon had the real final say anyway. So, he found no wrong in what he was asking to do. He just hoped that her parents’ scowl or looks for disapproval will sway her to say no. He was actually curious to see what all of Winterfell looked like. He did plan on coming back to pay his respects to her House once they've been married for a time.]]
[center [size12 On the other hand, Daemon wanted to see the girl in her element, away from her parents' eyes. He wanted to see how she would conduct herself in privacy. It seemed like the only alone time she ever got was in her room, with her door locked which probably was not often to begin with. He gestured for her to lead the way, hoping she would take the gesture and not pay attention to her parents getting more invested in watching them. Her mother whispering once again to the mild mannered Lord. Daemon leaned in, [i [#FF0000 "fuck your parents."]] He, of course, whispered this into her ear with a mile long smirk on his face.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   133d ago


[center [Mate+SC Annalise directed her attention to her parents once more, listening to the way Daemon spoke. She almost choked on her drink at his comment, biting her lower lip to try and hide the smirk threatening to break across her face. [b “If people were to ask, I would gladly tell them that [i she] usually has the final say over things, not the other way around.”] Her father was a great man and a wonderful head to the family, but she knew just as well as her siblings and the servants of the home that Lady Stark was the one who swayed him in decision-making and such. If she had to guess, her marriage to the King was probably one of the few things her mother hadn’t been allowed to decide.]]

[center [Mate+SC She soon scrunched up her nose as she glanced up at him. If she had it her way, she would stay on the wall all night long. She had told him before that she took no pleasure in these kinds of gatherings. She had no interest in dancing with other people in the room or talking about what the future would hold for them. She was just about to ask what it was he wanted to do when he spoke once more. It was as if he had read her mind. Pursing her lips, she glanced around. She didn’t think they would be missed if they snuck away. Most of the people in the room were too drunk off their asses to notice if they were absent. On the other hand, however, her mother would surely have her head for leaving.]]

[center [Mate+SC She bit her lip once more as he leaned closer again. [i What is a night of celebration without a little fun?] Reaching over, she set her glass on a table, turning and motioning for him to follow her. [b “This way then, Your Grace.”] She refused to look towards her mother now, knowing damn well that she was going to notice fairly quickly when she didn’t see them leaning the wall that they had snuck off somewhere. After all, the King had requested to see Winterfell. What kind of person would she be if she denied him that?]]

[center [Mate+SC Away from the party, Anna would immediately let out a sigh of relief, reaching up to let her hair down. Shaking her head, she would let the waves settle into place before she would turn her attention to the Targaryen before her. [b “What would you like to see first, Your Grace?”] Just a while before, she had told her mother she would behave, and yet having the King around had very quickly convinced her to get back to her usual shenanigans. [i An interesting pair, indeed.]]
bitterdaemon.   132d ago

[center [size12 Daemon enjoyed not being around a large group of people anymore. He thrived off of one-on-one contact more than intermingling in a loud room, especially when it came down to getting to know someone. He followed the girl out of the large feasting hall and down a long hallway. Soon the warmth of the hearth was gone as they left the room and Daemon’s dragon blood ran cold. He gave a small shiver before pulling his cloak around himself, nestling his neck into the collar.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I cannot wait to get back to King’s Landing. I never liked King’s Landing, but its better weather,”]] Daemon quietly shivered before pulling the girl closer to him. [i [#FF0000 “And you should keep your hair down more often,”]] Daemon added with a soft smile on his face before they continued walking. He was interested in the North, of course. It was basically a completely different environment than what he was used to. The snow was pretty and with winter coming, he was bound to see more of it in the South soon.]]

[center [size15 ~~~]]

[center [size12 Once Daemon came back to King’s Landing with his soon-to-be wife was when all the tourneys started, feasts beyond comprehension, and the lavish parties. Not the mindless drinking and fucking, but elegant, breathable parties where people paid their respects to not only Daemon, the King, but his future Queen, as well. People were a lot more accepting in the South, or at least that was the biggest thing he wanted, as the King, was for people to accept the differences in human being behavior. Daemon was the furthest thing from normal and his reign over the Realm was driven by the simple fact of, everyone was different and he was going to use his position of power to make people understand that.]]

[center [size12 Daemon had himself dressed in a grand, dragon themed outfit, somewhat like the one he had worn meeting his future wife, but not as many layers. It was a red and black outfit with his silver dragon claws covering his shoulders. It was the last months of Summer, so he wanted to at least enjoy it while it lasted. He straightened himself before exiting his room to find Annalise. It was going to be her first experience with the tourneys and way better parties, he wanted to guide her through it all.]]

[center [size15 ~~~]]

[center [size12 Upon meeting Annalise in the grand halls, Daemon quickly pulled her into him as he passed by in silence. [i [#FF0000 “Before we go anywhere, my future Queen, I wanted to show you something that is very important to me,”]] Daemon explained as they walked in step together. He was leading her to the Dragon Pit, where she could meet his Dragon, Caraxez.The beautiful red dragon was Daemon’s pride and joy, his baby.]]

[center [size12 Daemon spoke High Valyrian to the Dragon Pit guards to allow him through and before he could even enter the Pit, itself, a soft growl could be heard that was followed by large, booming steps. [i [#FF0000 “I do not believe I have properly introduced you to my Caraxez,”]] the long, blood red dragon emerged from deep within the pits. It snarled, marching straight up to Daemon with what seemed to be attitude before pushing its head into the man’s arms that were held out to him.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I want to eventually teach you to be a dragon rider. If we ever have children, I want them to be fearless dragon riders. I have an egg in mind that I want to put in our future child’s crib, so they can be raised together like Caraxez and I were,”]] Daemon was very passionate about what he was saying and there was even a glimmer of hope that she would be okay with this. Most people were scared of the Targaryen’s power over dragons, but he expected Annalise not to flinch too much as Caraxez examined the girl with large eyes.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   132d ago


[center [Mate+SC Brown eyes drifted up to meet the King's gaze. She had to wonder what the weather would be like. She already knew it was going to be warmer than Winterfell but by how much? Would it storm a lot or would it be sunny every day? Would there always be a breeze? She was quite curious about it, though she didn’t get a chance to voice those curiosities before she was pulled closer to him. She would feel her cheeks warm ever so slightly before she finally spoke. [b “I apologize that it is not fitting for you, Your Grace.”] Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do about the weather. Reaching up, she tugged at a coffee-colored strand of hair. [b “If that is what you wish,”] she said, offering a small smile in return. She liked it down. It definitely made her feel a bit better if he did, as well.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [Mate+SC King’s Landing had not been at all what Annalise had been expecting. The weather certainly was better and the surroundings of the castle were beautiful. It was far more than what she was used to, but she never once complained about it. It was a nice change from where she grew up and she had come to find that she could adjust fairly quickly to the contrast of it all. Of course, there were more feasts to deal with, but she was able to deal with those without too much issue. People were much different farther South than they were at home.]]

[center [Mate+SC She hadn’t been in King’s Landing for long, had barely had a chance to really familiarize herself with the castle when she found her first tourney was upon them. The dress she wore that day was a light blue, similar to that of the sky, with golden swirls and flowers decorating the bodice and skirt. The sleeves broke right about her elbow and flowed down towards the floor, though she didn’t find them to be too long. The fabric was much different than what she wore at home, more silky feeling and much lighter. The clothing was another thing she had to get used to. She was so used to trying to keep warm that the airy attire often left her just a little cold or feeling exposed.]]

[center [Mate+SC Unaware of where exactly she was headed, she was caught a little off guard when Daemon found her, a small gasp escaping her lips when he pulled her to him. Had anyone else grabbed her the way he did, she probably would have put them on the ground in a heartbeat. [b “Alright, Your Grace,”] she said softly, her curiosity peaked. She wanted to ask him where it was they were going, but she had her answer pretty quickly. The soft growl that came from the room behind the doors was enough to cause her stomach to knot up. [i So this is where he feeds you to his dragon.] She hadn’t meant to think it, but the thought had crossed her mind without warning, despite the logical part of her brain telling her that wouldn’t be the case.]]

[center [Mate+SC [b “Caraxez?”] The name had barely passed her lips before the dragon made itself known. Her eyes widened as she took in the large creature before them. She was not unfamiliar with the fact that the Targaryen’s had dragons. It wasn’t like it was some secret. She, however, had never seen one in person, especially so close. One wrong move and he would surely eat her alive. [i A dragon rider?] She’d never thought about that being a possibility. The idea sounded frightening, that much was for sure. She wouldn’t admit that aloud, though.]]

[center [Mate+SC She raised a brow before she slowly approached Caraxez, reaching out slowly to touch the side of his face. She was a little terrified, she really was, and yet the dragon looked oddly non-threatening. [b “You are quite beautiful,”] she said softly, a small smile on her face. She then turned her attention to Daemon. [b [i “If] we have children?”] Having children was something she had expected to come along with the marriage, no questions asked. And yet he had said if. It was such a strange way to word it all. [b “I would like children, Your Grace. How many is still to be determined, and I do not say that because it is a part of my job as your wife, but because I love the idea of being a mother.”] She smiled at him. [b “And if Targaryen tradition calls for an egg to stay in the crib with the child then I will not go against your wishes. I will honor it as if it were a tradition of my own.”]]]

[center [Mate+SC Since she had met Daemon, he had been very accepting of the kind of person that she was. Because of that, she had no problem respecting him and the things that he held close to him.]]
bitterdaemon.   131d ago

[center [size12 Daemon watched the girl’s reactions closely as she interacted with his dragon. Caraxez seemed to be alright with her, leaning his head into her head. Daemon also reached his hand out, guiding Annalise’s hand against the dragon’s scaly face. [i [#FF0000 “I do appreciate you respecting my wishes, my future Queen,”]] Daemon’s thoughts poured in what his life might be like in 10 years. The Summers and Winters that were going to pass, all along side this girl, from his dreams, that became reality. He pulled his hand away, letting her have her moment with his dragon, who took to her rather well. Normally, Caraxez would have caused a fuss first, snarling for a few minutes before becoming slightly submissive, but Caraxez was already submitting to her touch.]]

[center [size12 The sound of people cheering from across the kingdom, it was booming. All these Houses came to participate in these games and feasts, to pay their respects for a new era of leadership. Daemon was the King with actual experience behind him. He killed the Crab Feeder who was occupying the Stepstones within 3 years, when his brother had chosen to sit on his lazy ass and do nothing, while the Veralyons were getting pushed back and killed off over the course of 5 to 7 years. Lord Corlys had approach Daemon after the first time he had gotten exiled from the King’s Landing, and between the two of them, they took care of the problem.]]

[center [size12 Now, Daemon was the King. He got to involve himself in whatever affairs he seemed right to do so. He was not afraid to fight, to show that their King was worthy of the Thone. And now, Daemon was marrying a woman, who would support him getting involved in a physical way, instead of sitting on the Throne and yapping about what needed to be done. He actually took matters in his own hand.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Do you…”]] Daemon trailed for a moment, as he climbed his way up to the base of his dragon’s neck. [i [#FF0000 “Want to take a ride?”]] Daemon had a mischievous smirk on his face, they were definitely late to the tourney, and it was being held in their honor. But, everyone knew Daemon. He disappears at the worst times and that was the way he liked it. He was unpredictable and strange with his ways.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I know we are going to be late, might as well be fashionably late,”]] Daemon chuckled, settling himself on his dragon. He gave Caraxez a soft pat on his neck and he began to gently lean himself to the side to allow Daemon to hold out his hand to the woman. He had a soft, curious look in his eyes to see if he girl would trust him enough to do this.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   131d ago


[center [Mate+SC Anna would glance up at him as he took her hand, smiling just a little as he guided it along the scales of the dragon before them. [b “Of course, Your Grace.”] Admittedly, she wasn’t eager to jump into being a mother, though she was well past the age where she should have been thinking about it, but to tell him that she wouldn’t be willing to do it or that she didn’t want it would have been lying to him, and if there was something she didn’t like to do, it was fib. She didn’t care what it was about. She wasn’t going to weave some story or come up with an excuse.]]

[center [Mate+SC She took her time running her hand across Caraxez’s face, watching him. A part of her really did expect him to snap at her or eat her if she made one wrong move, or just because she was a stranger, but the longer it took for that to happen, the more relaxed she felt. Despite knowing she was marrying a Targaryen, she had never given the dragons much thought. She hadn’t even expected to meet one of them, not seeing it as something that needed to be done. Yet here she was, feeling fairly honored that Daemon would allow her the opportunity.]]

[center [Mate+SC She could easily hear the people cheering, and yet she paid it no mind. They would head that way soon, she was sure, but she was admiring the vermillion creature in front of her and she wanted to enjoy it while she could. She would quickly be pulled from her thoughts as the King spoke again. She watched as he climbed onto the dragon, her eyes widening at his question. Meeting the dragon was one thing, but [i riding] him? That almost seemed like too much excitement. What if she fell off or found that she didn’t like heights? If she did fall, would Daemon catch her before she hit the ground, or would he allow her to meet her end that way?]]

[center [Mate+SC Realizing that she was letting her thoughts get carried away, especially with some outlandish ideas, she finally nodded, reaching out to take his hand. [b “I am honored that you are willing to share this with me, Your Grace. I am truly a lucky woman.”] Despite being terrified, and by the Gods she was, he had already mentioned that he wanted her to be a dragon rider, along with any children that they had. It would be impossible to make that happen if she didn’t even try to ride one. [i You will be fine,] she told herself, offering the King a small smile.]]
bitterdaemon.   131d ago

[center [size12 Daemon pulled the girl up, effortlessly before he guided her to sit behind him. He pulled her hands around his waist, directing her to hold onto him. He would not let her fall, or at least if she did Caraxez was fast enough that he would have no issue getting her back.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Hold on, Anna,”]] he had yet to call her by her name, let alone a shortened version of it. He normally addressed her in her respective ranking, my Lady or future Wife. He was slowly growing comfortable with the girl. Not casual comfortable, but the comfortability that actually matter if you were getting married to someone that was still a stranger, to a point.]]

[center [size12 Daemon quickly spit some Valyrian and Caraxez flapped his large wings and pushed off from the ground. It was an adrenaline filled moment for Daemon. He had not ridden his dragon in weeks. Being gone from the Capital made Daemon restless. Putting on an act for over protective and over controlling parents was exhausted after a while.]]

[center [size12 Caraxez soured through the sky, passing the cloud line and in a poof of cloud, they could see for miles in the clear skies. It was almost surreal, Daemon almost forgot how it felt briefly. He exhaled softly as Caraxez coasted at a reasonable pace which gave Daemon time to glance down at the girl.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “It is not all that bad now, is it?”]] Daemon turned his body slightly. He had amazing balance on his dragon. Both the dragon and Daemon had been raised together and fought together. Daemon did not trust a lot of people, but Caraxez was the closest thing Daemon ever had for a friend.]]

[center [size12 Daemon has fallen off his dragon before and Caraxez caught him moments before he hit the ground. Granted, his older brother told on him when it happened because Daemon was not supposed to be riding that day and once their mother found out about it, Daemon was not allowed to even be near his dragon for months until he proven himself to be trusted to not fall off again. Maybe that was why Daemon hated his brother for so long.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Caraxez and I have been through a lot of bad situations together, if either one of us were to fall off, he is smart enough to catch us,”]] Daemon assured before he straightened himself once more, giving his dragon a pat on its neck which signaled for it to dive towards the ground.]]

[center [size12 Once they were through the cloud layer, the tourney could be seen. It just reminded Daemon about the important event that him and his future Queen should probably be attending and now, everyone could see them. Cheers did erupt once they were seen. Like Daemon was trying to make a grand entrance, but realistically, he was just trying to enjoy a ride and get to know his bride.]]

[center [size12 But, this was a moment that he could use to make a Daemon level entrance to the event. Caraxez continued towards the tourney area before perching itself, with Daemon and Annalise still on its back, on a large piece of castle wall. It snarled and roared before settling down. Caraxez leaned its neck down to allow his riders to get off with ease.]]

[center [size12 Daemon stood up on the back of his dragon, leaning a hand to Annalise to help her off before jumping off right behind her. [i [#FF0000 “We both knew we were eventually going to have to join the party,”]] Daemon pulled the girl against his body, an arm wrapped on her shoulders to guide her to where they were going to be sitting.]]

[center [size12 It was a large, decorated area in the middle of the crowd, people were greeting the King as he made his way to his seat. Lyonel caught him for a moment to try and lecture him for being late to his own party. Daemon brushed him off with a roll of his eyes.]]

[center [size12 Right as Daemon sat down, looking at Annalise, they began announcing the jousting tournament. [i [#FF0000 “Oh, my favorite,”]] Daemon sat at attention to listen to the names being called off before the two knights came out on their horses.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   131d ago


[center [Mate+SC There truly was something about this situation that felt like a test. Annalise had to put her trust in both him and the dragon to guarantee that she wasn’t going to end up dead doing this, something that seemed absolutely crazy when she still didn’t feel like she knew enough about Daemon to put her completely trust in him. Yet she had a feeling that he wouldn’t let any harm come to her. It was why she allowed him to put her up. She would feel her cheeks flush a little as her arms were guided around him. This was the closest she had been to him since they had met, at least that she could remember. She supposed she should get used to it but it still made her feel just a little flustered, something she wasn’t used to.]]

[center [Mate+SC At the sound of her name, her eyes widened. That was the first time her name had ever crossed his lips. There was something about the way he said it that made her want to hear it again. Nodding, she tightened her arms around him a little more, her heart pounding in her chest, and not just from the anticipation of the dragon taking off.]]

[center [Mate+SC A gasp escaped her lips as soon as Caraxez was in the air, her arms tightening even more as she held herself against Daemon. This was the most terrifying thing she had ever done in her life, that much was for sure. And to think, she’d thought it would be marrying a man that she’d heard was ruthless as hell when he needed to be. For the first half, Anna would keep her eyes closed, knowing that if she looked around that she was going to pass out. The thinness of the air and the wind sounding around them were enough to tell her that they were pretty high. No point in confirming it.]]

[center [Mate+SC Or so she told herself.]]

[center [Mate+SC Before she knew it, her eyes were open and she was finally sneaking a look, eyes widening. It almost felt unreal. The view was quite incredible, she would come to admit, and after a while, she felt a bit embarrassed for being so scared of it. Then again, could anyone really blame her when it wasn’t something she had grown up doing? Her feet had always been planted on the ground unless she was up in a tree or something, and even then, that wasn’t nearly as high as this was. [b “No, I suppose it is not,”] she said with a slight laugh, glancing up at him.]]

[center [Mate+SC It was easy to see how at ease he was with the dragon. It wasn’t like he was a different person or anything, but he definitely seemed more relaxed. She only nodded when he spoke again, still feeling a bit breathless. She could feel her stomach drop when Caraxez took his dive. As scary as the whole thing was, she was going to have to do it more often. Once the panic wore off, it really was quite incredible.]]

[center [Mate+SC Not to mention, it was an interesting way to make an entrance. How many times could someone say they watched a dragon bring the King and future Queen to a tournament? Grateful that they had survived their little adventure, Anna reached up to take Daemon's hand again, taking a deep breath as she stood. Her legs were definitely shaking but a grin had spread across her face just a little. Not many people could say they had ridden a dragon, either. She had bragging rights on that one. Once on the ground, she took a step or two away to allow room for the King to get down beside her, waiting for him to make a move before she would start moving again. A small laugh left her lips. [b “That we did, Your Grace,”] she said, keeping pace beside him. Not that it was difficult with his arm around her, a face that kept her cheeks just a little pink.]]

[center [Mate+SC She was finding very quickly that she wasn’t used to those kinds of gestures. The closeness of it all and the intimacy. By the Gods, she’d been warned that she was going to have to be naked with a stranger, and [i that] hadn’t flustered her when she’d learned of it, and yet, with everything falling into place, she was finding that she didn’t know how to handle any of it. And that was only with the small things, like holding her arms around him and his on her shoulders. How was she going to cope with their wedding night?]]

[center [Mate+SC Sitting down, she took a deep breath before she pushed those thoughts away from her mind, keeping her head held high as she glanced around at all the unfamiliar faces. [b “An honor it is to share it with you, Your Grace.”] If the joust was his favorite then she would take note to pay extra attention to what was happening.]]
bitterdaemon.   130d ago

[center [size12 Daemon had not been this close with a female since he was much younger. He had whored himself through his time in Kings Landing, yes, but the intimacy that he was sharing with Annalise was on a whole nother level. His gestures were soft, unlike him relentlessly fucking whores in the best whore houses in the Capital. He actually liked this girl more than what he originally thought he would. She was outwardly brave and bold enough to challenge him and speak up to him in what she liked and did not like.]]
[center [size12 Daemon settled in his seat. Eyes were set on him and his future wife as if people were watching to see what this unruly King would do with the girl in front of everyone. He was too busy watching knights run at each other with full force on horse back to even be better with the states. He leaned forward in his seat, contently staring at the knights that went back and forth before one of them was thrown off his horse by the opponent, his metal breast plate dented in. Before he knew it, a sack of gold was being pressed against his leg from Lyonel. They had placed bets the night before and Daemon was always right with who he betted on. He used to be in the competition before Lyonel refused his participation once he became King. It annoyed him, but now he could make some quick gold on the side.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Not such a proud man now, are you, Lyonel,"]] Daemon made a small side comment before the man jerked his head back to meet eyes with Daemon. Daemon just chuckled before continuing with, [#FF0000 [i "I only joke, Lyonel."]]]]
[center [size12 [i "It would be a more impressive bet if you did enter the competition,"] Lyonel's comment made Daemon's blood boil. [#FF0000 [i "If my Hand would actually allow me to compete, I would put money down on myself,"]] Daemon hissed before Lyonel finally gave in to Daemon's small temper tantrum. Daemon was a physically active person, the life of a lazy King was not for the silver haired man.]]
[center [size12 Daemon stood up and grinned from ear to ear like a child who just got his way. He was all, but jumping for joy at this point. He did pause for a brief moment, looking down at Annalise. For a brief moment, he had forgotten that he did have company.]]
[center [size12 [#FF0000 [i "Time to take some poor souls head off,"]] Daemon was a very well known, feared jouster. He had decapitated man people, dented in the breast plate so bad that their very chests were pierced. He then bowed his head to his future Queen before he climbed down the stairs to get ready.]] 
[center [size12 [i "I did not mean to cut you and the King's interact off, but I could tell that he was restless and personally, I wanted to get to know our future Queen,"] Lyonel admitted, moving a few seats closer to the girl. [i "How has King's Landing been treating you?"] Lyonel inquired before everyone in the surrounding area grew quiet as Daemon stepped out onto the field, his large, black stallion beside him.]]
[center [size12 Daemon looked like belonged more in armor than he did, sitting next to Annalise. He had a confident air around him and he raised his fist in the air as the crowd went into an uproar that their King was competing.]]
[center [size12 Daemon mounted his horse with ease, getting into his rightful position before looking down the lane at his opponent. A man named Ser Issac of House Martell, a small man with a pair of dark eyes, staring back him.]]
[center [size12 Once the signal sounded, Daemon took off without missing a single beat, but at the point where the men should have collided, they both missed before turning a lap and going at it once more.]]
[center [size12 [i "Watch closely, my Lady,"] Lyonel leaned into the girl as Daemon moved down the lane once more. This time, he did not miss. The end of the pole jabbed right into the armor, denting it and dismounting the rider. The Dornish man hit the ground hard, letting out a groan as he rolled over.]]
[center [size12 [i "The proud Dornish man did not want to lose,"] Lyonel mentioned as the man stood up, pulling the sword from his sheath to challenge Daemon to continue their competition with swords instead of jousting.]]
[center [size12 Daemon scoffed before getting down from his horse. His arm resting on the hilt of his sword, watching the Dornish man charge at him. Daemon, at the last second, dodged the attack before turning on his heels and pulled his sword from his hip. Their swords clashed together before Daemon took his foot and pushed the man to the ground with a sickly grin. The Dornish man yelled for mercy, but who dared raise a sword to the King to even begin with. Daemon plunged his sword into the man's neck, watching the man underneath him squirm in pain before spewing blood from his mouth.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   130d ago


[center [Mate+SC Annalise was quiet for some time as she watched what was happening. She didn’t understand any of it at first but was still entertained nonetheless. Every once in a while, dark eyes would glance towards the King, gauging his reaction to the festivities. He had said the joust was his favorite, after all, and it was quite evident in the way he watched the knights before them. She would watch Lyonel pass on a bag of what she had to assume was payment for a bet before she turned her attention back toward the knights. As she watched, she started to gain some of an understanding of how it worked.]]

[center [Mate+SC She could hear the two men talking beside her and she had to keep herself from looking at them every chance she got. Would Daemon be allowed to participate? That would be an interesting sight indeed, but who would try to beat him? He was the King after all. She was doubtful that any of the knights down below would try to knock him off his horse. She did finally glance over when he stood up, getting her answer fairly quickly about his participation.]]

[center [Mate+SC Meeting his gaze, she offered him a small smile. She certainly had no problem if he wanted to be a contender. It wasn’t her place to tell him no. [b “Good luck, Your Grace,”] was all she said before he moved away. She wasn’t even sure he heard her over his own eagerness to join. She didn’t mind in the slightest. Turning her attention to Lyonel, she shook her head and offered him the same smile. [b “You have nothing to apologize for. If he wishes to get his hands dirty then I say let him.”] She was actually excited to see how he would fair.]]

[center [Mate+SC [b “Fairly well. I have not found a reason to complain.”] Sometimes she found herself feeling a bit lonely at night, but that was more her being homesick than anything, which was a bit shocking to her. She had always yearned for the day when she could leave Winterfell. Now that she finally had, she realized she kind of missed it.]]

[center [Mate+SC She knew when Daemon had entered the field. The sudden eruption from the crowd was a good indication and it was enough to draw her attention away from the man beside her. Right away, she could tell he was in his element. He looked far more at ease on the horse than he had sitting next to her. Just as he had when he was riding Caraxez. It was interesting to her. So far, from what she could see, he was a very unapologetic King. When he wanted something, he went and got it and he didn’t care what those around him thought. It was a change of pace from what she had heard about his brother.]]

[center [Mate+SC Anna didn’t look at Lyonel again, but she did not her head when he spoke. Her eyes widened slightly when Ser Issac drew his sword. She had yet to see that happen. She thought about asking what would come next, but she didn’t want to seem as clueless as she really was, so she watched in silence as their swords clashed. Her stomach would knot up a little when Daemon's blade came down, silencing the knight. She had expected the joust to be messy, sure, but she hadn’t been expecting that.]]

[center [Mate+SC [b “Is such a thing normal for these events?”] she asked, keeping her eyes trained on the King. Her mouth felt a little dry and her heart was pounding in her chest, and yet it was not for the reasons she expected. There was something oddly… fine about the King’s reaction to it all.]]
bitterdaemon.   130d ago

[center [size12 Daemon chuckled, glancing down at the dead beneath him. Who would be this idiotic to openly attack the King like he was not going to die in some way after he drew his sword. Daemon did not agree to continuing the competition with a sword fight. He was just trying to enjoy one of his favorite hobbies and that Dornish whore had to ruin it. Daemon swiftly kicked the dead body before a group of guards came down from the platforms to carry the body away, out of sight from the civilians who had been witness to the King’s aggression. His aggression was not a secret, but it was never the right move to push people to fear in any way, especially during a time that should be celebration.]]

[center [size12 [i “Well, my Lady. It is not custom, but it is normal for the riders to sometimes continue their competition with sword play, if they feel like the jousting was unjust,”] Lyonel knew that Daemon did not care if he was king or not, this was a normal outcome for Daemon when he jousted since most people found him arrogant or dishonest when it came to the honest competition. Daemon could cut most people down who tried to get in his way.]]

[center [size12 [i “I am sorry you had to witness that,”] Lyonel then motioned for his son, Harwin “Break Bones” Strong to get their King from the field with a quick gesture. Harwin gave a slight nod before descending onto the field, walking right up to Daemon.]]

[center [size12 The two men exchanged a few soft words before Daemon began to follow the man. Harwin had gotten lucky with Viserys’ death. Viserys was not a huge fan of Harwin due to his brute strength and quick to get into fights, but Daemon was always the opposite of his brother, Daemon loved having people like Harwin Strong around. The two men got along very well.]]

[center [size12 As Daemon was leaving the field, blood covered, he paused for a moment to glance up at Annalise with soft eyes. He was trying to meet her gaze, but caught Lyonel’s instead. He mouthed something to his Hand before disappearing into a large building that sat caddy corner to the large platform that the King’s seat was, where Annalise and Lyonel were still sitting.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Why are the Dornish so fucking idiotic,”]] Daemon began pulling his armor off, pushing his hair from his face. He was getting increasingly frustrated with his hair more than anything. It was getting too long again. Harwin stopped his King before he crumbled under his frustration and helped him.]]

[center [size12 Back with Lyonel, he stood up and gestured for Annalise to follow him. [i “Follow me, my Lady,”] Lyonel guided the girl down the back stairs as the tourney continued as if nothing happened. Lyonel knew that Daemon would rather have his future wife around. He made the connection that Daemon had toned down, even if it was only slightly, since she had been in King’s Landing. Lyonel was a smart fellow and knew how to play people correctly and giving his Kings what they wanted.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Wine,”]] Daemon huffed at Harwin, pushing his hair from his face. As if it was magic, Harwin had placed a glass full of wine in the King’s hand as he began pacing. He downed the first cup like it was water before motioning for another glass. [i [#FF0000 “I hate the Dornish, they are such proud cunts,”]] Daemon chuckled, [i [#FF0000 “They have yet to surrender under the crown and now, they send their fucking party to attend MY wedding?”]] Daemon was getting louder with each glass of win that he downed.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I will destroy them,”]] Daemon hissed before stopping himself as Lyonel entered the room. Before he even caught glimpse of his future wife, he began again. [i [#FF0000 “Who the fuck invited Dornish cunts and cocksuckers to MY wedding celebrate like they deserve to be here,”]] Daemon walked right up to Lyonel, Harwin behind him watching everything unfold, readying himself to step in. [i [#FF0000 “They have not even surrendered to the crown yet and its been something my House has been dealing with since Aegon the Conqueror took over Westeros,”]] Daemon raised his voice, but then stopped when Lyonel held a hand up.]]

[center [size12 [i “I was going to talk to their Prince to hopefully reach an agreement with them, Your Grace,”] Lyonel explained, but little did any of them know, the Dornish was building an army with the Triarchy which was brought about originally by the Crab Feeder, who Daemon hacked into pieces several years before this competition.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I want them all gone, or I will kill every one of them that I lay my eyes on,”]] Daemon was serious in his threat, looking Lyonel in his eyes. Lilac eyes met brown eyes, but it was not Lyonel’s eyes, it was Annalise’s. Daemon paused, swallowing what wine he had in his mouth, almost choking. A couple of coughs to clear his throat.]]

[center [size12 Daemon would have never been able to truly his true nature from the soft girl. He didn’t hide to begin with, but tailored himself down to make himself seem a little less aggression. But spilling blood always got Daemon up in the air. He was a naturally aggressive person, who needed to get most of his anger out on regular occasions or he got pent up and mean, which was a big reason why for the longest time he was a knight and then the Commander of the City Watch. The City Watch was his biggest intro into power and only the lowest of the low of King's Landing remember it in a horrifying manner. Everyone else viewed Daemon as a hero for sweeping the street of murderers and rapers. No, Daemon straight up murdered people for the fun of it and then his brother saw through his act and exiled him the first time to his Lady Wife, Rhea, who he later murdered in cold blood to get rid of her.]]

[center [size12 Daemon huffed, motioning for the men to leave him. [i [#FF0000 “Leave me, all of you,”]] Daemon was also talking about the guards that were standing about too, but looked at Annalise straight in the eyes. [i [#FF0000 “You, stay,”]] Daemon grabbed the pitcher of wine, pouring himself another glass.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "It might be the wine talking, but I want to cut my unkept hair back,"]] Daemon mused in an odd fashion, most likely trying to break some kind of tension that he felt when presented with Annalise. He felt slightly guilty that she had to see his outburst, but he knew there would plenty more of them, so no sense apologizing now.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   129d ago


[center [Mate+SC Annalise shifted in her chair before glancing at Lyonel. [b "How odd... I fail to see how that round was unjust but this is all new to me so I am afraid I could be wrong."] She wasn't convinced that she was but who really knew? After all, he had said if the person [i felt] it was unjust. It didn't necessarily have to actually be that way for someone to draw a sword. Thinking about it, the joust actually seemed a lot fairer that way. Both riders were given their horses and whatever it was they were using and took off at the same time. The rules seemed a bit loose. [b "Please, do not feel the need to apologize to me. I have heard some of the rumors surrounding the King. I was aware of what I was getting into when my parents agreed to this arrangement."] Watching the violence, however, was a bit different than hearing about it. She hoped he never turned that anger onto her...]]

[center [Mate+SC She glanced down to the field in time to see Daemon leaving it, taking a deep breath before she ran a hand through her hair. Nodding, she would stand up, refusing to meet any eyes that were on her. She had to remain unbothered if she was going to keep making appearances at these kinds of things. At least she thought she had to. She followed Lyonel away from the tourney, a bit curious about where they were going, though she didn't want to ask. She would just allow the man to lead her wherever trusting that it was nowhere unsafe.]]

[center [Mate+SC She could hear the King's voice before they ever reached the door. Her throat tightened a little. She had yet to hear him when he was angry and it was a bit concerning. However, she decided to keep her head held high as they walked into the room. She was a little worried, but not scared or anything. She had no reason to be as of yet, and so she wouldn't make it seem like she was. She was a strong woman. She would be fine. As she listened to him, she actually found herself smirking a little. [i Such colorful language,] she thought to herself. He obviously did not like the Dornish.]]

[center [Mate+SC She stood still with her hands beside her back as he approached Lyonel, content for the time being to keep quiet. It seemed better to just allow himself to let it all out. She tensed only slightly when his eyes met hers, though she didn't look away from him. When he started coughing, she thought about reaching out to pat his back, but the thought of that being embarrassing quickly crossed her mind and she decided against it. No point in pissing him off any more than he already was. When he finally motioned for everyone to leave, she had stepped back, intending to do so, but froze when his eyes met hers again. She only nodded as she waited for the others to leave the room.]]

[center [Mate+SC Anna would hesitate for just a moment before she slowly approached him. [b "Would you like for me to cut it, Your Grace? I have some experience from cutting the hair on top of my younger sisters' heads. I do not mind doing it for you, as well."] She wasn't the best, but she was good enough that she knew she could keep it even and make it look good. [b "Only if you wish it, though."] She wouldn't touch him without his permission.]]
bitterdaemon.   129d ago

[center [size12 Daemon situated himself, straightening his posture as he looked at the girl. ‘What a kind gesture,’ he thought to himself before he reached up to the girl’s own hair. He twirled his thin finger through one of the loose curls hanging account her neck before exhaling some of the stress from his body. He just could not believe how lucky he got with the second wife choice. It was not Rhea Royce, the most commonly looking girl ever that had a sack bigger than his. But this one, she was soft on the outside. She was how he described her the first time he met her, [i a wolf in sheep’s clothing]. He liked the allure about the girl.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Just a bit of length off,”]] Daemon sounded like he had submitted slightly to the girl. He would never admit it, but women were his real weakness. Their softness always gave him some sort of peace, maybe it was the fact that he missed his own mother, so any kindness from a woman made him weak at his knees.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “That would be lovely, it is a date in my bed chambers after dinner,”]] Daemon released the soft curl from his finger. He felt a bit better after his outburst and enough wine in his belly. [i [#FF0000 “The feast should be starting soon,”]] Daemon chirped, his stomach was craving food after the unholy amounts of wine he had on his empty stomach.]]

[center [size12 Daemon took the girl’s hand as if it was natural before pulling her along besides him. It felt almost as natural to him to hold her hand as a sword did in his hands. No one has made him feel this at ease in a split second in a very long time. Not his brother or his niece or even his whores. He was always tensed up, but now, he felt like he could be psychotic self and he could be his soft, cry baby self without her having the same reactions as everyone else. It was like she enjoyed it, but not in a bad way. It was freeing to him, probably just as it was for her.]]

[center [size12 As they walked to where the large feast was being held, Daemon began rattling off types of foods that would be there. He was excited to be served some of his favorite foods since it was a celebration for him and his soon-to-be wife.  So the theme is more of a mix of Targaryen and Stark themed, direwolves and dragons on combined banners could be seen on the way to the feast.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I am partial to sweets though, it has always been my favorite part of the meal,”]] Daemon mused, almost salivating at the thought of anything that could be considered a sweet, plus it always paired well with most of the wines that he drank.]]

[center [size12 Daemon pulled Annalise closer to him as he guided her around the tables and guests that were standing, listening to Lyonel’s speech about the two houses joining in unity to have a stronger Westeros because it was the North and South finally working together in harmony, not just because of their historical loyalty, but now it was by marriage.]]

[center [size12 Just as Daemon sat down with his bride-to-be, Lyonel directed his attention to Daemon to put him on the spot. He had a mischievous look about him. It was a lesson to be taught, Daemon had to learn to speak to the general public.]]

[center [size12 Daemon not even been seated for two full minutes before Lyonel was basically putting him up to the noose, or at least that was how dramatic Daemon was thinking in this moment. He would rather die than speak to the public, but as the King, he knew he had to do it. Lyonel motioned with a whisper to get up and speak before he sat down himself.]]

[center [size12 In less than 3 hours, Daemon had been care free and relaxed to blood thirsty and psychotic. He then was soft and timid before now switching to prideful and commanding. Most people had believed that Daemon had some mental instabilities due to the inbreeding that had gone on in his family’s linage, but he was also a spoiled brat which also played into it. But, it was just rumors because most people found Daemon’s antics entertaining or inspiring since he was not scared of most anything, he was a proven warrior, and a decent King… So far.]]

[center [size12 Daemon stood up after taking a deep breath. He stopped for a moment, placing a soft hand on his future Queen’s shoulder, giving it a soft squeeze. It was a gesture of affection for the common people to see that he liked his bride, but was respectful to traditions by not kissing her before they were married, even though parts of him wanted to take her how he pleased, but the Starks were too honorable of a House for him to actually go through with it with a guilt free conscious.]]

[center [size12 With wine glass in hand, Daemon began speaking on traditions and how he was not one to follow many of the traditions that people tried to place upon him, but he did respect some of them. His voice was melodic, but yet commanding at the same time. He had a silver tongue, for sure.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Now, I want to pay my respects to House Stark for giving me the most beautiful bride,”]] Daemon held out his glass, [i [#FF0000 “and accepting my offer to tie our houses together. Finally, the North and South are tied together, as one.”]] Daemon chimed before downing his whole cup. He plopped back down in his seat with a sigh of relief.]]

[center [size12 Daemon pulled himself up with a huff, pouring himself another glass. He put the cup to his lips before looking at Lyonel with a glare that could have killed the Hand if it was a sword with a single swing of the blade. [i [#FF0000 “I fucking hate you, Lyonel,”]] Daemon hissed into his cup as he gulped more wine to calm his anxiety before food began landing on the table. Daemon perked up for his plate being placed in front of him. [i [#FF0000 “You should be glad the food is here,”]] Daemon filled his glass once more, offering the pitcher to Annalise before he began stacking his plate as high as he could from the buffet style food that had been put out.]]
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[center [Mate+SC For just a moment, Annalise wondered if perhaps she shouldn’t have suggested helping him. Maybe he already had someone for that and he was just speaking his thoughts out loud. She stood before him, frozen to the spot as he reached out. The slight tug on her hair sent a chill down her spine. She would take notice of how he seemed to relax just a little. It made her feel a bit relieved. She was walking on eggshells at the moment, worried that she very well might irritate him. Yet it didn’t seem like he was frustrated with her at all. She knew he was already pissed with the way he was talking about the Dornish. She had just worried that she might make it worse. She raised a brow as he spoke, wondering at first if that was him telling her that he wouldn’t mind her doing it.]]

[center [Mate+SC [b [i It is a date in my bed chambers after dinner.”]]]]

[center [Mate+SC Her cheeks flushed slightly at those words and she nodded, watching his hand fall away from her hair. [b “As you wish, then, Your Grace,”] she said with a smile. It was a little fascinating to see his mood change so quickly. She wanted to ask him what had done it but didn’t want to risk bringing that sour mood back. Not now, at least. After dinner, then maybe she would let her curiosity get the better of her. For now, though, she would grip his hand in return, following beside him without protest or complaint.]]

[center [Mate+SC As they walked, she would find herself glancing at him every few minutes, as if waiting for something to happen, and yet nothing ever did. She wouldn’t say it out loud, ever, but she had been worried for just a while there that he might really take his anger out on her. After all, he was screaming at the two men in the room he had addressed. Why wouldn’t he say something to her? But he hadn’t and she’d felt a bit of relief because of it. If she was the reason for his calming down, though she was doubtful, then she made a note to stay nearby when he was on a tangent. It was the only way for her to really know.]]

[center [Mate+SC As he started speaking again, she would look up at him, listening to each word before she nodded, a smile quickly making its way across her face. [b “You and I have that in common, Your Grace.”] She had a huge soft spot for sweets, though she didn’t get to eat them as often as she liked. When she tried, she was usually scolded. There were nights when she would sneak some out and to her room if she wasn’t caught in the process. Those moments were always few and far between, however, since her mother usually made sure they weren’t available unless it was for a special occasion. The woman was cruel, truly.]]

[center [Mate+SC Dark eyes would widen slightly as he pulled her closer to him, keeping her hands clasped in front of her as she glanced around the room. She wanted to believe that she would enjoy this feast, she really did, but with so many people, she could already feel the discomfort creeping up on her. Taking a deep breath, she would quickly sit down in her seat, keeping her eyes on Daemon for the time being. If she kept her attention on other things, perhaps she wouldn’t notice just how many eyes were pointed in their direction. Of course, they were on the King, but it was still a bit nerve-wracking.]]

[center [Mate+SC Anna wasn’t sure if Lyonel or anyone else had noticed it, but it had seemed like Daemon was uncomfortable with the idea of speaking to the rest of the room. She hated that for him. She firmly believed that if someone didn’t want to speak, especially to the public, then they shouldn’t have to. That line of thinking was usually one of the things that got her in trouble but she was unapologetic for it. Why put someone through it when they obviously didn’t enjoy it? Without thinking, she reached up to place a hand over his, hoping it would offer at least a little bit of comfort. If she didn’t, then she would have to assume she was wrong in what she was seeing. She’d be a bit embarrassed, sure, but she would play it off without issue.]]

[center [Mate+SC Her eyes would never leave him as she spoke, though she would find her cheeks heating up at his comment and another smile would tug at her lips. A small voice in the back of her mind told her that he was just saying that to appease the other people in the room, and yet she didn’t really believe it. She liked to think she’d seen just enough to know that he didn’t care what they thought. Regardless of if he meant it or not, though, the compliment was still nice and she appreciated it.]]

[center [Mate+SC Letting go of his hand, she would allow hers to fall back into her lap, glancing away to stare down at the table. Back home, she would have started eating without much thought to what those around them thought. It was where she was raised, after all, so who would care about their opinions? However, for some reason unknown to her, Anna felt a bit too self-conscious to make a move for her glass or her plate. She liked to think it was her nerves, but she couldn’t really be sure. Seeing the pitcher from the corner of her gaze, she would look up long enough to take it, hesitating for just a moment before she poured some into her cup. Not quite sure where she should put it, she offered it back to him while picking up the glass with her free hand before taking a slow sip from it.]]

[center [Mate+SC The sooner this was over with, the better.]]
bitterdaemon.   128d ago

[center [size12 At first, the silver haired man was too consumed by food to notice his bride’s hesitation, at first. Both hands resting on either side of his plate with knife and fork in hand, he turned his attention to Annalise. He had a soften expression with a slight sadness behind them, swallowing what food he had in his mouth.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Eat?”]] Daemon quietly whispered before he took a hold of her plate, placing various items from the spread on the table onto her plate before placing it back down in front of her. [i [#FF0000 “Is there something wrong?”]] Daemon whispered and leaned over to the girl as to not make a seen about it. He then took a long drink of his wine before filling his cup once more.]]

[center [size12 Daemon’s attention was caught by a man who approached the table, it was Lannister and Daemon knew that by the golden locks that was hanging around the man’s face. He looked proud, arrogant even. Daemon’s face changed when his eyes went from Annalise to the man, who so rudely interrupted him speaking to his future wife. [i [#FF0000 “Yes?”]] Daemon had his cup against his lips before taking a small sip.]]

[center [size12 He could never really escape the duties that the Crown and the King had, he rolled his eyes listening to the Lannister speak about the Step Stones, like Daemon was clueless about it. Daemon placed his cup down, clinking the side of his plate with the cup. [i [#FF0000 “Are you assuming I am my late brother, the King Viserys? And ignoring the problem that I originally took care of to begin with?”]] Daemon leaned into the table, meeting eyes with the now very nervous man. [i [#FF0000 “I do not care about your glutton for your gold, or the fact that the Iron Bank will not send money from Braavos because of the Triarchy. I am marrying this woman before I take care of any more responsibilities that affect other people more than me,”]] Daemon hissed, gesturing for the man to leave the large table.]]

[center [size12 Daemon relaxed back into his chair, he was miserable now. His face twisted with a disgusted glare for the table full of Lannisters. Then he tilted his head against the back of the chair at Annalise, [i [#FF0000 “Lannisters are more obsessed with their golden hair and golden lions that they would interrupt a feast with talk of war when I am clearly just trying to enjoy myself and you,”]] Daemon, at this point, was almost half in the bag. He reached over to the girl once more, tapping on her knife and fork with a small pout.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I would appreciate it if you would at least eat the sweets I placed on your plate,”]] Daemon whined quietly, looking down at his cup before downing the rest of it. [i [#FF0000 “The Lannisters were the hardest House to submit to the crown, so they should probably tread lightly around me because I am not willingly blissfully unaware to people’s shit like my late brother was,”]] Daemon reached for the pitcher once more. Before picking it up, his thoughts poured over his brother. He shook his head to get them to go away before filling his glass once more.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   128d ago


[center [Mate+SC Guilt immediately stabbed at Annalise when Daemon took notice of her hesitation. She hadn't meant for it to be so obvious, she really hadn't. Her cheeks flushed a little as he put some food on her plate. He didn't have to do that, really, and yet she didn't try to stop him. She quickly shook her head and opened her mouth to respond to him, but quickly shut it when the Lannister approached. Right away, the air around them seemed to change, feeling tense. She reached for her glass, taking a sip from it as she glanced away, biting back a smirk as Daemon spoke to the man.]]

[center [Mate+SC She quickly pursed her lips before swallowing the rest of her glass, filling it back up rather quickly, cheeks flushing again at his comment. Their marriage was a priority? For some reason, that made her stomach flip. She would have never expected that in a million years. Was it because she just wanted to get it over with? She frowned. Why was she being such a sour puss? Why was she being so negative? That was dumb to even think about. She was always a negative person. [i No, you think logically. There's nothing wrong with that.]]]

[center [Mate+SC Glancing over at him, she noticed the look on his face. She was already starting to hate seeing that look on his face. [b "I wish I could say that surprises me, Your Grace, but it does not. They are quite self-important."] She hadn't had many interactions with the Lannisters but she'd been through enough to know that he was telling the truth. They were arrogant and full of themselves. It was one of the reasons why she had told her parents she would never marry one, no matter what they said. Thank the Gods they had listened.]]

[center [Mate+SC Setting the glass down, she nodded. [b My apologies, Your Grace. I hope I did not offend or upset you. It was not my intention."] It took her another moment or two before she did finally start eating, taking small bites at first to make sure her stomach wouldn't disagree with her. It wasn't long before she popped a sweet into her mouth. Once she swallowed it, she would look back to Daemon. Without thinking, she reached over and placed her hand on his arm. [b "I never had the chance to say it before but my condolences for your brother's passing. I am sure it was not easy for you."] She wasn't really sure if that was the case, but she felt like she had to say or do something to get that sour look off of his face.]]
bitterdaemon.   128d ago

[center [size12 Daemon Targaryen was the youngest sibling of Viserys Targaryen, both of them were extremely close. Viserys was always looking out for his little brother, even if it was in a way that Daemon did not understand. Like, Daemon doing stupid stuff and Viserys catching him, cleaning up his messes, exiling him for his benefit to not embarrass himself or kill himself. Daemon always just rebelled, pushing Viserys further and further away, something that he did end up regretting when he was watching his brother die. He felt guilt deep within his body and it would come out in various ways, mainly through anger or sadness.]]

[center [size12 As the party went on, Daemon choose to sit with his wife. He peered down at her hand on his arm. He softly sighed, leaning his head down on her shoulder. He knew he probably was appearing weak by laying his head on his bride’s shoulder. But, some tenderness would do him some good. He did miss his brother, of course.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Viserys lied so many times to protect me,”]] Daemon muttered before scoffing, [i [#FF0000 “even if he had to take the heat for something I did, he always lied for me.”]] Daemon sounded guilty, rolling his head over and pressing his forehead in her shoulder. Honestly, he yearned for Rheanyra to come home and visit, it would probably do him some good to see some kind of family. There was not a lot of Targaryen’s present in the Capital, and the Veralyons could only do so much for him. He did have his cousin, Rhaenys, but she stayed in Driftmark more these days since Viserys died.]]

[center [size15 ~~~]]

[center [size12 It was coming close to the end of the feast. Most people having more than their fill of food and wine. Lyonel and his sons had left not long before Daemon began making his way to the doors to lead through the Red Keep. He had Annalise’s hand as he picked himself up from the chair. [i [#FF0000 “I have consumed too much wine and I want to get my hair cut,”]] Daemon announced before leading the girl out of the large feasting hall.]]

[center [size12 Daemon was quite drunk, enjoying his time with his future wife. The halls were long and had huge open windows where you could see the gardens during the night. The breeze was soft, moving through the corridors. It smelt of sea salt.]]

[center [size12 Daemon pulled the girl into him, wrapping an arm around her small frame. [i [#FF0000 “You know, my brother was a terrible king,”]] Daemon pondered, looking up at the ceiling as they walked. [i [#FF0000 “But, he was a good brother and father,”]] Daemon chuckled, [i [#FF0000 “conflict was difficult for him. I would say the Gods gave me all the interest in conflict.”]] Daemon knew exactly how he was.]]

[center [size12 As they neared his bed chambers, Daemon released the girl to open the door for her. [i [#FF0000 “But, did you know… Our side of the Targaryens should not have been holding Iron Throne,”]] Daemon admitted, gesturing for her to enter the room and closing the door once they were both inside. Two Kings Guard knights stood outside his door for protection, Daemon knew they would not start rumors, which is why they were chosen to stand guard at his door and not any of the other Knights. It was Ser Harwin, Lyonel’s oldest son and Ser Harrold, both very trusted men.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “You have not met my cousin, Rhaenys. You would probably like her. She is very independent and was the actual heir to the Iron Throne. But we all know how that went,”]] Daemon sounded remorseful, even a little bit guilty. He agreed with the idea women could not lead, but there were certain women like Rhaenys and Annalise that were born with high strong, fierce mentalities that make them amazing leaders.]]

[center [size12 Daemon began removing the uncomfortable metal pieces from his outside, losing and untucking his shirt to relax a little bit. He like wearing clunky armor, but a nice dress outfit constricted him. He cleared the table of books and papers before placing a pair of scissors down that he found on the floor. [i [#FF0000 “Excuse the mess, I rarely clean and I do not like the help touching my things,”]] Daemon shivered at the thought before grabbing a pitcher of wine and two glasses. He would drink until he passed out every night if he could.]]

[center [size12 Daemon poured both glasses full before taking a seat in the chair, he pushed the scissors over towards Annalise’s direction. [i [#FF0000 “I only want this much cut off,”]] he gestured to his ideal length before he downed his cup of wine, relaxing back into the chair. He leaned his head back, looking up at her from the chair with a smile spread across his face.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Did you ever imagine you would be cutting the hair of a King and then marrying him in like a day?”]] Daemon mused up at her, reaching for the glass he had poured for the girl. [i [#FF0000 “Drink,”]] Daemon held it up to her before straightening his neck up to pour himself another glass.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   127d ago


[center [Mate+SC To say she was caught off guard would have been an understatement. The last thing Annalise would have expected was for the King to rest his head along her shoulder. At first, she had to wonder if he was already feeling the effects of all the wine he had been drinking. Now [i that] wouldn't have surprised her. He had been drinking for quite some time now. However, when he spoke, she quickly realized how wrong her intial thought was. Of course, it was expected that he would miss his brother. She gently squeezed his arm before patting it. [b "It sounds like he cared for you a great deal, Your Grace. I am sure he is proud of you."] Anna didn't know what to say when it came to moment like these, but she hoped her words at least brought him some comfort.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [Mate+SC As the night came to an end, Anna's nerves had calmed some, which was a relief. She had spoken to a few people here and there, but only exchanging a handful of words before she would grow quiet again. Back home it was different. While she was expected to keep up appearances, she never really did. She never thought there was a reason for it. Here, however, it was a bit different. She was going to be Queen. She had to at least be somewhat respectful. She had just finished the rest of her wine before she felt Daemons' hand on hers. She barely had time to glance at him before he announced their departure. She complained none as they left the hall, finding her hand on his back as he held onto her.]]

[center [Mate+SC Anna glanced over up at him, enjoying the breeze as it made its way scross her skin. [b "My apologies. I wish I could have met him, Your Grace."] Yeah, she was stumbling over what to say. With him being drunk, she wasn't sure if he would even remember any of what she was saying. Once they'd arrived at his chambers, she stood back just a little, waiting for him to motion for her to enter before she would. She would look up at him, eyes widened slightly. [b "I was unaware of that."] She couldn't say she even remembered how they came into power.]]

[center [Mate+SC Anna nodded as he continued, glancing away as he got comfortable. Had she known, she would have offered to wait outside of the room. He didn't seem to mind her presence, though, so she didn't feel like she needed to say anything about it. [b "No worries at all, Your Grace."] She certainly wasn't going to complain. It was his room, his life. She wouldn't judge him for living the way he did. She wouldn't say anything about the wine either as she approached, reaching out to to take the scissors. [b "Understood,"] she said with a smile, waiting for him to get situated. Reaching out with her free hand, she took her glass from him, taking a sip before she set it to the side. [b "I never would have imagined it, Your Grace. I am a very lucky woman,"] she said, smiling down at him.]]

[center [Mate+SC Reaching out, she ran a hand through his hair, taking a moment to get familiar with it. She was glad she hadn't drank too much so far. She needed to have steady hands in order to do what she had to do. Once she felt comfortable, she began cutting the strands, leaving it a little longer at first so she could get it to the length he requested without taking too much away. [b "Your hair is very soft,, Your Grace,"] she said quietly, taking the scissors to more strands. Once she felt like she'd cut it down to where he wanted it, she would set the scissors down, take another sip of her drink, and step back. [b "I hope it is to your liking? If not, I am more than happy to take some more away."]]]

[center [Mate+SC She was as careful as she could be and was fairly confident that she'd done a good job. Cutting her sisters' hair had been much harder, since they prided themselves on how it looked. She was always nervous to cut theirs and had been very nervous to cut his. She, however, wasn't as sure if he was the same way they were or if he would be content with it just being short. Perhaps he was lucky he didn't have to worry about its shine and putting it in braids. At least it would be easier to manage this way.]]
bitter     127d ago

[center [pic]]

[center [size12 You could have sworn that Daemon was actually purring when Annalise ran her fingers through her hair. His body relaxed for a brief moment before her voice pulled at his attention. He looked up at her with a soft hue of pink running across his cheeks, [i [#FF0000 “my brother was always telling me that I had the hair of a woman.”]] Viserys was just jealous about his brother’s softer hair and because of his hair, he got more attention from the ladies. Many girls have braided and touched Daemon’s hair, far more than his brother.]]

[center [size12 Daemon relaxed under Annalise’s hands as she began to cut away bites of his hair. He never trusted people, but her. Annalise and Daemon had an understanding, both of them were direct enough people that Daemon could trust the girl, maybe even with his life one day. He had never gotten to have that with anyone else. His passed Lady Wife, Rhea Royce, was a different breed of independent women. She was nasty, mean even. Their relationship was shit from the beginning and without question from anyone, Daemon had murdered the woman in cold blood. It was discussed a single time and never brought up again, especially since Daemon ascended the Throne, which worked in his favor. Maybe it was a part of a bigger plan for Daemon.]]

[center [size12 Once Annalise was done, Daemon reached up with his hands. He felt the ends of his hair before pulling himself from the chair to look in the floor length mirror. It was a familiar sight, the perfect length for him. Almost the exact length it was when he came home from the Stepstones, after he hacked a part the Crab Feeder. He smiled at himself before turning his attention to the girl.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Still have not disappointed, my Lady,”]] Daemon walked back over to the girl, taking a hold of her hand. He gave a slight bow before pulling her hand to his lips, giving it a soft kiss. [i [#FF0000 “Fearless and skilled with a pair of scissors. Maybe it is I, who is the lucky one,”]] Daemon complimented before releasing her hand.]]

[center [size15 ~~~]][center [size15 The Grand Wedding.]]

[center [size12 Daemon was determined to have his wedding go down in the history books for not only being the wedding that now united the North and the South, but the grandness of it. The largeness of it. He wanted to be known as the King who never disappointed in any avenue of his life.]]

[center [size12 The wedding itself was beautiful, Daemon was clad in his House's colors. His top half had a dragon claw cage around his chest and silver dragon skulls adored his shoulders. He clothes were a deep black with small red accents on the sleeves and the collar. He looked very much life himself, but even more so with the proud smile on his face as he looked down at his bride.]]

[center [size12 Once they announced that their Houses were joined, Daemon had finally got to do what he was waiting for this entire time. He respected traditions, sometimes, and he kept his temptation down about wanting to touch her in other ways than his small, gentle gestures.]]

[center [size12 His hand took a hold of her cheek and neck, cradling her face softly before pulling her into a kiss. A long, drawn out one, one filled with hunger and passion. Once he pulled back, he looked down at the girl with a mischievous expression, before pulling her back once more for another one as the crowd cheered.]]

[center [size12 Once he was done displaying his dominance, he let the girl's face go as the crowd lowered their voice. Daemon turned his attention to the crowd, holding Annalise's hand. He held her hand up, showing the crowd their unity. [i [#FF0000 "May House Stark and House Targaryen continue their unity for generations to come,"]] Daemon announced, cheering erupted from the entire room as Daemon lowered their hands.]]

[center [size12 With the actual wedding done, it was time for the grandest feast of them all. It was taking place outside, where there was enough room for all the House's that were attending and games and shows could be done. Daemon took his now wife's hand and hurried along down the stairs and out of the room as the crowd moved out as well. He was like a little kid on their birthday, he was so excited to finally have Annalise in his hands for good, not just as a promised bride.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Time to get drunk with my now wife,"]] Daemon was almost giddy as he looked down at the girl. He pulled her along to the large garden where they were holding the awe inspiring feast. This was definitely one for the history books. All the tables were covered in various food items from all sorts of cultures. There was wine, ale, and any other kind of drink that you could think of. There were small shows going on reenacting the Targaryen histories. People were already digging in, drinking to their hearts content. It was exactly what Daemon wanted for a wedding. Everyone indulging how they want to, just like he was planning to do.]]

[center [size12 As Daemon passed a table, he swiped two glasses of wine. He handed one off to this wife as they strolled around. He was not quite ready to sit down to do any formalities, that could be Lyonel's job for now. Any gifts that needed to be accepted was up to his Hand. Daemon wanted to enjoy his freeing relationship without anyone interrupting them.]] 

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Honestly, I thought I was going to die before I got married again. I was about to fight in the Stepstones again before my brother died and then I ascended the Throne,"]] Daemon explained against the side of his glass of wine. He allowed his mind wonder to what he could be doing right now if his brother never died. Probably his usual getting exiled from the Red Keep and returning to do stupid shit and make his brother angry with him again and again. He chuckled to himself as he took a long drink, downing almost the entire cup before Lyonel came along besides them, pouring his glass full once more.]]
[center [size12 [i "Your Grace, I can only express proudness in you,"] Lyonel nodded his head in approval. He had overheard a small portion of Daemon previous statement to his now Queen. [i "I really hope you do not plan to fight in the Stepstones after marrying Annalise,"] Lyonel advised, raising an eyebrow at the now rogue King. Daemon rolled his eyes before huffing against the rim of the cup. [i [#FF0000 "A King can do as he wants, Lyonel. Do not try to control me, you know how that works,"]] it was a vague threat, but enough for Lyonel to bow his head and leave the King and Queen to each other.]]
[center [size12 Once Lonely had left, Daemon pulled his wife closer to him. His arm wrapping around her shoulders. 'Finally, a wife with a personality,' he thought to himself. [i [#FF0000 "My Queen,"]] Daemon mused at the sound of the words, he could get used to say it. [#FF0000 [i "We should probably find out seats soon because I fear that Lyonel might come and find us again,"]] Daemon was assuming right because he knew how Lyonel was. Down to business and the serious type. Daemon begun to gently guide the girl closer to the table before refilling their cups of wine from a nearby pitcher.]]
[center [size12 As they neared the Kings table, Daemon stopped Annalise once more. He placed his cup down on the edge of the table and taking Annalise's cup from her hands, placing it next to his. He grabbed her shoulders, looking down at her with eyes that studied her closely. [i [#FF0000 "I am happy I married you and not any of the other women who threw themselves at my feet. You were the best decision,"]] Daemon quietly spoke before leaning down, finding her lips with his.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   127d ago


[center [Mate+SC Annalise stared down at the King for just a moment. Was he... blushing? She blinked for a moment before looking away. Surely not. She must have imagined that. He really did have beautiful hair, though. It was a bit of a shame that he wanted to cut it. She had done it though, and now she waited patiently as he examined the fair locks, her hands clasped in front of her. She found herself smiling at his approval, her own cheeks flushing as his lips met her hand. [b "I am pleased to hear it, Your Grace."]]]

[center [Mate+SC It was a bit of a relief that she had done a good job. While she was starting to believe he wouldn't get angry with her if she had messed it up even a little, she would have felt awful. He liked it, though, which made her happy. If he was happy with it than she could be as well.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [Mate+SC The day was finally here and Annalise couldn't have been more nervous. So many doubts had entered her mind while she was getting ready. What if he chsnged his mind? What if something went wrong? What if she emabrrassed him? Her stomach was twisted and knotted up in all sorts of different ways as her mind ran wild. The logical part of her brain told her she shouldn't worry, that she didn't have anything to worry about, but she was. This was a whole new world to her.]]

[center [Mate+SC Standing beside Daemon, she made an interesting contrast. Her dress was the color green of her house with white lace to decorate the skirt. The sleeves immediately split at the shoulders, flowing down her arms and her sides, almost like a cape. She wore a pin on the right side of her chest with her house sigil. She would be married to a Targaryen soon enough but it seemed like a good way to emphasize the uniting of their two houses. It was a big moment, truly. Despite her pounding heart and shaking hands, however, Anna had a smile on her face as she glanced up at Daemon. He had been nothing but kind to her since they had met and that only made her feel better about her parents decision for her to marry him. She was beginning to believe she wouldn't have been happy with any other choice.]]

[center [Mate+SC Her eyes would meet his as his hands would meet her cheeks. Now, Annalise had kissed a boy before. She shouldn't have done it when she did, but it had happened. She knew what it felt like to have someone else's lips against hers. This time, however, was much different than her first. Her first had been boring, a simple peck if anything. There had been no passion or interest behind it. The boy she had kissed hadn't known what he was doing anymore than she had. It was obvious, though, that Daemon did. That kiss almost made her melt on the spot and she couldn't help but wonder how many women he had made feel that way before choosing to marry her. The look on his face certainly didn't help.]]

[center [Mate+SC Turning to face the crowd, she couldn't help but smile. [i By thr Gods...] Not only was she was a wife, she was the Queen. How did one process that? It hadn't felt real until that very moment. She almost felt like she was in a daze as Daemon dragged her along. Glancing up at him, her cheeks would flush and she nodded. He seemed genuinely happy. It made her heart skip a beat.]]

[center [Mate+SC Taking the glass from him, she brought it to her lips, listening as he spoke. [b "I am grateful that did not happen then, Your Grace. We may not have met if that had been the case."] She'd probably be married off to a Lannister of her parents had it their way. Daemon had truly been a knight in shining armor that way. She looked up at Lyonel approached them, bowing her head a little before the two of them spoke to one another. It was always interesting to watch them interact. It was obvious to her that they cared about one another, even if it didn't come off that way at first. They almost seemed like brothers to her. Unless, of course, she didn't know how to read people like she thought she did.]]

[center [Mate+SC Annalise couldn't help but chuckle as she took a sip from her cup again. [b "As you wish,"] she said with a smile. They should be allowed to enjoy the festivities, after all. They shouldn't have to worry about any duties until everything had died down. As they neared the table, she let him fill her glass back up before she took another sip from it. She had told him before that she wasn't a fan of such large gatherings, but she had been enjoying herself so far, which was a good sign. If she could get through this than she might just be ok.]]

[center [Mate+SC Annalise would glance up at him as he took her drink, a puzzled expression on her face. She couldn't help but smile at his words, closing her eyes and relaxing against him, returning his kiss this time. Before, she'd been so nervous and caught off guard by the feeling behind it. Now she was ready for it and that eased her nerves far better than she could have hoped for.]]
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[center [size12 Once Daemon was done showing his new wife, he glanced up at the few people who seemed to be lining up to speak with the newly wed King and Queen. He could only assume either it was gifts or congratulations, it was going to boost the man’s ego either way. He could sit and eat while listening to people talking about how good for the Realm that their marriage was going to be. Of course, he knew it was going to be the best decision. Uniting the North and South was not only almost impossible, but the Southerns and Northerns were already on thin ice with one another, especially since the Starks were the holder of the North, acting as a King before Aegon conquered Westeros.]]

[center [size12 Daemon took a hold of Annalise’s arm before guiding her to their seats. [i [#FF0000 “I fear we must entertain our guests now,”]] Daemon quietly spoke to her as he took his seat. He motioned for a servant to refill his glass before downing the entire thing and having them refill it once again.]]

[center [size12 Daemon motioned for the first people to ascend the stairs to the table, of course the King’s table sat up higher than the rest of the tables in the gardens. He had to show his pride in every way he could. [i [#FF0000 “Ah, my favorite golden twats,”]] Daemon smiled before taking a drink. He received a nudge from Lyonel, on the other side of him.]]

[center [size12 [i [#ffd700 “We wanted to present to you your gift, Your Grace,”]] the Lord of House Lannister, Tyrus Lannister and his son had their servants place two swords. One was a longsword and the other being a big smaller than a long sword, but bigger than a dagger. [i [#ffd700 “My son was the first one that the Starks had approached about a marriage arrangement, but little did we know, there was a much grander plan in action,”]] the Lannister was trying his hardest not to sound put off by the original rejection the Starks gave him about Annalise. Daemon’s grin grew ear to ear as he listened to the man go on and on about how he was glad that Annalise got the better deal in the end. It almost made him want to laugh, loudly and obnoxiously, but he contained himself to not be criticized later by Lyonel.]]

[center [size12 [i [#ffd700 “We had our masons get in contact with someone who knew how to work with Valyrian steel to make you and your Queen a pair of matching swords. I know it is not the norm for a woman to have a sword, but Annalise was one to go against all norms,”]] it was a backhanded compliment that Daemon definitely caught onto, narrowing his eyes on the golden haired man.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I will take these gifts,”]] Daemon stood up, his happy mood was completely gone from his face. No snickering or smirking. He was angry at the last comment. [i [#FF0000 “But I want something in return,”]] Daemon pulled the swords from the table. He gently set the one that was meant for Annalise against her chair as he maneuvered himself around the other side, setting his behind his own chair. Both lords began to get nervous, the older Lannister stammering as if he was looking for a good way to apologize, but he knew he was too late.]]

[center [size12 Daemon was not going to kill them, no. That is bad luck on your wedding day, to have someone die where you were having your after feast was almost as bad. He made his way around the table before he took a hold of the younger Lannister’s long hair. [i [#FF0000 “I hate Lannisters, so proud and self-righteous all the fucking time. You people act you shit gold,”]] Daemon pulled the body along, down the steps before whispering a soft threat to the kid before he straightening him body and stopped squirming under Daemon’s grasp.]]

[center [size12 With one clean slice with his dagger, Daemon cut the man’s hair almost all off. It was crudely cut, uneven as well. Letting the loose hair escape from his grasp with a gust of the wind, Tyrus Lannister tried to approach Daemon with a plea. [i [#FF0000 “I will do worse, my Lord. This is a soft punishment for something that could be punishable with death. Speaking ill of my Queen can have you killed,”]] Daemon hissed, pointing his dagger at the older man before shoving his son to the ground.]]

[center [size12 Daemon sheathed his dagger with a satisfying click into place before he straightening his coat out and sauntered back up to his seat. The Lannisters scrambled to leave, the younger one almost in tears as his father hurried him away.]]

[center [size12 Sitting back in his rightful chair with a loud sigh, shaking his head. A million thoughts ran through his head before he heard a soft voice. A very recognizable voice, a voice that made every part of Daemon’s body tense up. The blood sucking leech and her family had some how made it into the wedding, even though Daemon had all, but exiled the cunt and her stupid kids and their stupid father, Otto Hightower.]]

[center [size12 [i [#228b22 “Your Grace,”]] Alicent quietly greeted, his white haired kids at her skirts with her father standing behind her. She was coming off as polite, but Daemon did not trust her father, at all. [i [#228b22 “My Queen, congratulations on having a marriage of the century,”]] Alicent bowed her head, her kids followed suit, but Otto did not budge. Looking over Alicent’s shoulder, straight at Daemon with cold, piercing eyes. Unmoving, devoid of emotions. [i [#228b22 “We wanted to present you with a rare book that our House’s founder had put together that started the recounting of the history of Westeros and hopefully soon, the past histories of the Targaryens, as well,”]] Alicent’s gift was thoughtful, it would have been better if her father was glaring holes in him as he was trying to listen to the widowed woman’s speech.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Thank you, Alicent,”]] Daemon was genuine with his words as he glanced over the book when it was placed down on the King’s table. He glanced back at the girl with a soft sigh, [i [#FF0000 “I know I suffered quite a bit with my brother’s passing, but I hope you are getting along well.”]] Daemon tried to approach before Otto gently took the main stage.]]

[center [size12 [i [#228b22 “I would like to know, Rogue Prince,”]] Otto started before clearing his throat, correcting his Rogue Prince with [i Your Grace]. [i [#228b22 “If you plan on having children, if not we need to begin planning for Aegon to take the Throne. He would need you as his mentor,”]] Otto was trying to find a compromise with what he felt like he lost when King Viserys died, robbing him of his seat as the Hand and his grandchildren becoming the future for the Realm. Plans were thrown to the wayside and that was how Daemon wanted to keep it.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “There is no need to be inpatient, Otto,”]] Daemon took the calm approach to this situation, the scene would have been way worse if Daemon chose to get violent once again. He wanted to throw Otto off completely with how he was reacting, which was working so far. [i [#FF0000 “I only just married the girl, yes the consummation is going to be later on this evening and if you want to watch, you will have to pay, of course,”]] Daemon only joked, but Otto was known for wanting to have his eyes on everything to make sure it was real because he was such an untrusting freak. [i [#FF0000 “But as it stands, I am going to be sitting on the Throne for a good bit of time to really think it over,”]] Daemon then gestured for them to leave with a simple wave of his hand. He picked up his cup once more, downing the rest of it.]]

[center [size12 Daemon leaned over to Lyonel to whisper something to him and Lyonel acknowledged him with a simple nod of his head. Daemon then turned his attention to his wife. [i [#FF0000 "All these formalities are so exhausting,"]] Daemon huffed, taking a sip of his wine.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   125d ago


[center [Mate+SC To say she was disappointed would have been an understatement. Anna had been enjoying the attention from the King, probably more than she should have been admittedly, but she was enjoying it nonetheless. She wouldn’t complain, however. She knew they would have to deal with others around them sooner or later. Perhaps it was better to get it over with now. Taking her seat, she would grab her glass and bring it to her lips, her eyes scanning the area for just a moment. It was quite the occasion, she would admit that much. She couldn’t think of a time when she had seen so many people in one place.]]

[center [Mate+SC She would watch patiently as Lord Tyrus and his son made their way to the table, raising her brow slightly. It took all she had not to laugh when Daemon spoke up. As she’d thought before, very unapologetic. She found no fault in that if she were honest. Some people needed to know where they stood. Setting her glass down, she eyed the two Lannisters for a moment, a bit impressed with the swords. She could vividly remember the argument she and her mother had the day she’d told her about the Lannister's proposal. Annalise had told her she’d rather jump off a cliff. Her father hadn’t been amused, though he had agreed.]]

[center [Mate+SC At first, Annalise had thought the gift quite thoughtful. She’d only held a real sword once or twice in her life, but she liked to think she was quite capable when it came to using one due to the many times she’d used a fake one. It wasn’t the same, no, but at least she had an idea of how to hold one and how to swing it. It wasn’t until he spoke, the second half of his statement, that she was caught off guard. The comment didn’t necessarily bother her. She prided herself on the fact that she didn’t fall into traditional norms that a lot of others did. She had never been ashamed of that fact. It seemed Daemon, however, had taken enough offense for both of them. His mood seemed to shift drastically. Pursing her lips, she glanced away, having no intention to stop her husband from doing whatever it was he was about to do. Let the men learn their lesson.]]

[center [Mate+SC She could hear his words as he spoke, her heart skipping a beat. People would learn fairly quickly not to disrespect her, she was learning that much. The thought made her smile to herself. Had she married Lord Lannisters son, she would have had to defend herself at every turn, she just knew it. With the King, however… she would be free to be herself and no one would say or do anything for fear of his retaliation. She only glanced at him once he returned to his seat. She had just moved her hand to place it on his, hoping to ease the tension just a little, when the next voice interrupted them. She turned her attention away from Daemon, searching the young woman’s face. She could see her husband tense from the corner of her eyes, which made her stomach knot up.]]

[center [Mate+SC She offered the other woman a small smile. [b “Thank you,”] she said softly, unsure how she should address her. She had no idea who she was and why the man behind her seemed so irritated. Glancing down at the children, she frowned just a little. [i White hair…] She had yet to put the pieces in place when Daemon spoke her name. She’d nearly choked on the wine she’d just sipped from. [i Fuck.] It hit her then who the woman before her was and she immediately felt her own blood run cold. She had never seen her in person but she did in fact know the former queen by her name. [i This is certainly interesting,] she thought, downing the rest of her drink before motioning over a servant to fill it back up.]]

[center [Mate+SC As the gentlemen behind Alicent stepped up, Annalise couldn’t help but stare at him in disbelief. Surely he wasn’t serious? Anger burned in her chest for just a moment. While she could certainly understand where he was coming from, with Alicent having beared children from Viserys, but she and Daemon had only just married. It almost felt insulting for him to bring up such a thing during the festivities. She could finally start seeing why her husband hadn’t seemed thrilled about their presence. Her cheeks would flush at the King’s response and she had to glance down at the table to keep from letting them see it. She certainly didn’t want this stranger watching whatever bedroom duties the two of them had, that was for sure.]]

[center [Mate+SC Taking a deep breath, she quickly nodded downing her drink again before sighing. [b “I realize who the woman was, but who was that man? Has she taken a husband so soon?”] Not that she was judging the former queen, but she at least wanted to know what she was talking about before she said more. It would be good for her to know things going forward.]]
bitterdaemon.   125d ago

[center [size12 Daemon should have known that those snakes would definitely show up to his wedding, especially since they did not even come to his brother’s funeral. They had taken off back to High Tower since Alicent had basically lost all of her positions of power, her kids were not technically even heirs. At this point, Daemon was going to at least have one child just to say [i fuck you] to the both of them. He did feel bad for Alicent, her father had roped her into this when Aemma, Viserys’ first wife had died in child birth. Daemon had a lingering sadness for the woman’s death, it had broken Rheanyra’s heart and Aemma was the only keeping Viserys patient enough to deal with Aemma. She was a kind woman, to say the very least.]]

[center [size12 Daemon laughed at Annalise’s question, shaking his head. He downed his cup of wine before looking over at her, [i [#FF0000 “5 extremely large thorns in my side, my Queen, is who all of them, especially the older man.”]] Daemon reached for her hand, holding onto it tightly. He had an odd feeling in his gut, something bad was going to happen soon.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Otto High Tower, he was my brother’s hand before he got kicked off the King’s council for trying to control everything that happened. Before I was made heir, my niece was heir to the Iron Throne, but she had grander plans than King’s Landing and being involved in politics,”]] to be honest, he should have refused Rheanyra’s offer and did what she did. Ran away, ignoring all ties to her name. He sighed, leaning his head back against the chair. [i [#FF0000 “She pushed the position onto me and now I have to deal with leeches that were once attached to my brother and are now trying to attach themselves to me and even you,”]] Daemon squeezed Annalise’s hand before Lyonel tapped his shoulder for his attention.]]

[center [size12 Daemon leaned over to Lyonel as he whispered something into his ears, Daemon nodded his head in understanding before looking back at Annalise. [i [#FF0000 “Lyonel is going to finish accepting our guests and gifts, I want to speak to you privately,”]] Daemon stood up, he took both of their swords before motioning for the girl to follow him.]]

[center [size12 Daemon was leading the girl to the Dragon Pit, the only place without eyes and ears to rely information back to anyone who could use it against them or give their enemies the upper hand. Daemon rested the swords against a stone overlook that stared out into the sea, the angry waves crashing against the side of the rocks that held up King’s Landing.]]

[center [size12 Otto High Tower would have to be a mad man if he was thinking about starting a war or even trying to poke at Daemon in the slightest. Not only did Daemon had the command of an entire army that was double the High Tower’s one, but Daemon now at the Starks and the North in general on his side. Daemon, honestly, did not want to embarrass the High Towers with the massive loss that they would be facing and war was expensive, Daemon did not want to shell out the money for it. But the High Towers were made of money, more money than the Lannisters.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “My Queen,”]] Daemon reached out, grabbing the girl’s hands before pulling her against him. He rested his head on her shoulder, the same position he returns to when he was stressed or thinking hard on something that was bothering him. He picked his head up and looked over the girl’s face with bright, lilac eyes.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Problems will be knocking on our doors any day now. Do you know what color the lighthouse in old Town glows when the High Towers call for war?”]] Daemon remembered seeing the whole group of them in green, his gut was telling him that they were calling for at least a political war, if not an actual one. Otto probably feels as if he was robbed of his position and his daughter should have married Daemon instead of him marrying a Stark girl. Daemon would have rather had Annalise than Alicent. Alicent was soft and had no real opinion to herself. Daemon could at least be active with his current wife in more than just a few ways.]]
[center [size12 Daemon should have known that those scum would make their way into his wedding. He was the type of person to do it, as well. He gets how sneaky people like Otto work and his daughter Alicent was just a sad, clueless pawn in the game. Daemon was now rolling over all these things in his head, he was growing angry.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "I cannot call for war right after I marry, I have to deal with the Stepstones before anything and I feel if I live my seat, they would try to wiggle their way back,"]] Daemon pulled the girl with him as he leaned back, resting against the stone fencing that kept people from falling off the cliffs. He then glanced off into the horizon. The waves pushing and pulling back from the shore, his was longing for his care free days. He was King now, he could have stayed a Prince and still married Annalise, most likely. It would have been easier that way, he knew that.]]
[center [size12 It was the uncomfortable act of confrontation for Daemon, he preferred to move around in the shadows and being sneaky to get what he wanted. Not open conflict like what Otto was trying to do. He son reached over for one of the swords that they had been given, unsheathing his. He stared down the blade, examining it closely before his face changed to being impressed.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "I have to hand it to the golden twats, they do make find swords,"]] the designs where beautiful and both blades were designed in a way to show both of their Houses combined. Wolves and Dragons together, in unity down to their swords. [i [#FF0000 "Have you ever swung a sword? Like once, at least?"]] Daemon questioned as he pulled his body from the stony fence, twisting the blade around in his hand. It felt light weight, but it was firm. Valyrian steel was worth the price in gold and the blade never dulled. Daemon only used Valyrian steel.]]
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[center [Mate+SC Annalise tried to stop it, she really did, but she couldn't help but snicker at his response. She glanced down at their hands before squeezing his. She very quickly brought her eyes back up to him, slowly nodding as she spoke. [i The right hand of ing Viserys...] And the girl had been the former queen. So either they were related or she had married the previous hand. Her head was nearly spinning for a moment. She knew she would have to take notes if she wanted to remember every connection that was important if she wanted to have any clue on what she was talking about. [b "Admittedly, Your Grace, politics are not my favorite thing. However, it does not surprise me in the slightest that they would try to find a way back up in the world."]]]

[center [Mate+SC She could see the shift just a little as he brought up his niece. She knew nothing about the young Rheanyra outside of what her family would talk about, and even then that was so few and far between. She had known when she was made heir to the throne since their family had to pledge their loyalty to her, but that had almost been the extent of her knowledge. With his wording, one would have assumed that Daemon resented the woman for leaving him to take over. However, the tone didn't hold a hint of that. For just a moment, she hoped that she could meet her one day.]]

[center [Mate+SC Reaching out with her free hand, she took another sip from her glass, hesitating before she finished it off. If this was just the beginning of what they had to deal with then she wanted to be as prepared as possible. Screw what people thought now. [b "Hm?"] She glanced over at Daemon when he spoke again, setting the glass down before she nodded and stood up. She placed her hand on Lyonel's shoulder and gave him a quick thank you before she followed behind the King, tilting her head a little. She didn't question where they were going or why, knowing she would get an answer to both those questions once they got there.]]

[center [Mate+SC Standing behind him, she listened to the waves, closing her eyes for just a moment. Anna wasn't a drinker, never really had been, and while she hadn't felt it when sitting down, now that she had moved, she could feel the effects of the wine. She made a mental note not to drink anymore when they got back. [i If] they got back.]]

[center [Mate+SC Opening her eyes, she didn't have time to react before she was pulled against Daemon, her cheeks flushing just a little. His actions caught her off guard, that was for sure, but not enough to put her off or make her uncomfortable. Reaching up, she wrapped her arms around him gently. She wasn't sure why he was holding her at the moment, but if he needed the comfort, she was more than happy to give it to him. As he shifted to look at her, she would keep her hands on his sides, her eyes meeting his. At his question, she shook her head. Perhaps she should have paid more attention when learning her history.]]

[center [Mate+SC She frowned a little before she moved one of her hands up to his face, cupping his cheek for a moment. [b "The High Towers are bothering you that much?"] The thought of having someone escort them out of the castle was quite tempting, especially if it was taking this much of a toll on him. It wasn't long before she pulled her hand away, watching him as he stared off into the distance. It was their wedding day... why did it have to be ruined by politics? Was one day care free too much to ask for? It seemed so.]]

[center [Mate+SC As quickly as they had been on the topic of the High Towers, they were soon on the swords. With her head swimming, Anna had to take a moment to catch up, looking over to examine the blade as he did. [b "I have swung one, yes, though it was while I was alone and I hurt myself in the process."] It was a bit embarrassing to even admit out loud but it was the truth. She'd held one a few times, but she'd only ever been reckless with it once. When she'd told her father, she'd been warned that it could have been much worse and she needed to be careful around blades. Well, really he had told her not to touch them, though she hadn't listened to that part.]]

[center [Mate+SC Glancing at hers, she sighed. [b "Do you believe I may have to use mine?"] she asked, looking up at him. If so, she'd have to spend some time getting used to having it in her hands. Otherwise, she'd be in quite some trouble in that regard. Anna was accustomed to fighting with words, not with weapons. The damage of a blade was temporary, doing what it needed to do at the moment before the body was taken away to be disposed of. Words, however... those traveled and they could do damage for years to come.]]
bitterdaemon.   124d ago

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “The lighthouse in Old Town burns a emerald green when they call for war,”]] Daemon added in as he was examining his blade. He pushed his sword into the sheath before picking up the one that was intended to Annalise. He carefully unsheathed the blade, it was even more light weight than his own. [i [#FF0000 “Alicent and her kids and her father were all wearing that emerald green,”]] Daemon pointed out as he held her blade up, looking at the hilt of it. It was almost the spitting image of his own sword, but much smaller.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “The High Towers are not one for meeting their enemies on the battle field, they’re sneaky and they like to get under your skin to get what they want,”]] Daemon explained before handing Annalise her own sword. He pointed the hilt at her, holding the blade steady by the middle of it. He urged her to take a hold of it.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “The High Towers will not cause a problem right now, but they might later on in a few years or even ten years,”]] Daemon explained, watching the girl closely as she wielded her blade. He then shook his head, pushing himself from the wall that he had been leaning against. He made his way behind her, shifting her feet into a more solid stance and adjusting her elbows and shoulders. [i [#FF0000 “You are smaller than most enemies, use that to your advantage. Make yourself planted and low,”]] Daemon was used to be the smaller one in the fights. He was used to fighting a little bit dirty to win since most of his opponents were much larger than him.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I would rather teach you how to fight now than have to protect you all the time later,”]] Daemon liked independence. He would slash through crowds of men for Annalise, but he knew she had the potential to be just as good as him. Daemon prided himself on his ability to fight, swing swords, ride horses and dragons, and all the other things that come with being an amazing warrior. [i [#FF0000 “I want my wife to be as strong as me,”]] Daemon carefully guided his hands around the girl’s waist, pulling her back against him with a little bit of gruff force. The wine was definitely getting to him. He leaned his head down, curiously looking over her body from the top down. His hands moved from her waist to her neck to tilt her head upwards to give her a long, passionate kiss. The idea of her being as fearsome as him got Daemon’s mind racing.]]

[center [size12 Carefully, as they kissed, Daemon took the sword from the girl’s hand, placing it against the stone wall. He pulled back for a brief moment to turn her to face towards him. He looked down at her, eyes filled with desire. His cheeks were even a soft, rosy pink. He took a hold of the side of her neck, his thumb rubbing against her cheek before pulling her back in for another kiss.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   124d ago

[center [Mate+SC [i Her father.] That helped solve one mystery. Anna slowly nodded as she looked at her own blade in his hands. [b "I had noticed the color. I must admit, however, that I did not realize that could be what it meant."] And here she had thought they'd been insulting before. A sigh almost escaped her lips. War, whether it was political or on the battlefield, was something she wanted to avoid if possible. Now, she wasn't going to suggest her husband give them what they wanted. That would be the dumbest thing to ever cross her lips and she knew it.]]

[center [Mate+SC Reaching out, she would take the sword from him, a little surprised by its weight. She had expected it to be a little heavier though she wasn't complaining. When she got used to it, she knew she'd be able to swing it without issue. She would hold it out and tilt it, seeing how it felt in her hands as Daemon spoke. [b "That is unfortunate for them,"] she mumbled under her breath. Had they not seen what he had done to the Lannister boy for insulting her alone? She was doubtful he would allow them to weasel their way it.]]

[center [Mate+SC With a puzzled look, she watched him move from the wall. She gasped softly as he helped her adjust, nodding. [b "Planted and low,"] she repeated, keeping her grip on the hilt as steady as she could. [b "I would much rather know how to fight,"] she said, glancing back at him. She was familiar when it came to wielding a wooden sword, but that didn't compare to the real thing, nor did a play fight compare to a real one. If she needed to defend herself and Daemon wasn't around, she had to be able to do it without hesitation. [b "And that you will have."]]]

[center [Mate+SC The words had just left her lips when she felt his hands find her waist. Another gasp escaped her lips when she was pulled against him, sending her heart pounding. The feel of his hands moving up her body made a chill run down her spine and a small fire started inside of her. The kiss did nothing to help. She let the blade go without complaint as he took it from her, looking up to meet those violet eyes of his. She noticed the pink on his cheeks and could only imagine that hers must have looked the same.]]

[center [Mate+SC A little more prepared than she was the first time, Annalise would return the kiss with a fierce one of her own, cupping her hands on both his cheeks. She couldn't say she had strong feelings for her husband at the moment, not ones that she would even know what to do with, but there was something about him that she had definitely been attracted to when they had met and it had only grown in her time in King's Landing.]]
bitterdaemon.   124d ago

[center [size15 Five Years Later…]][center [pic]][center [size15 Daemon Targaryen was still King and Annalise was still Queen, with even a freshly born babe to solidify their position of power. The babe may have been a girl, but Daemon would be determined to seat her on his Throne to follow suit with him.]]

[center [size12 Annalise had her child a four years ago and Daemon loved the babe already. He was constantly holding her as much as he could. Who could have imagined that Daemon could soften himself enough for an infant. It was a girl, but that did not matter to Daemon, as it had bothered his successors before. Women were just as strong, if not stronger than men. When he saw the bright purple eyes and the white hair, Daemon was beyond happy. He did think Annalise was beautiful, but he wanted his children to resemble him the most. He had even named the baby the strongest woman in the Targaryen history books, Nymeria. The Princess who had taken all her people from Valyrian and lead them to safety after the Doom had begun to destroy everything in its path.]]

[center [size12 The Hightowers had still being sneaking around in dark shadows, sitting in Daemon’s court since Alicent’s children were still Targaryen. Viserys wanted his family to stay whole and Daemon was respecting that one thing by allowing them to be in his court, but the moment they step out of line, Daemon was going to be the person to personally cut each one of their heads off, including the younglings. Daemon did not like the snakes even being there. It was a topic of debate between Daemon and Lyonel and even Annalise. He could understand it, it was a bad situation brewing in the back ground.]]

[center [size12 Daemon had also been approached by a man from Pentos, two years back, to finally take care of the Triarchy. The statement that sealed Daemon’s fate in fighting for Pentos and all the free cities was Aegon the Conqueror had had an alliance with the free cities, especially Pentos, to help them with any larger problem. Daemon had to follow through. His ancestors had already sealed his fate a century ago. He hated it, but he would be fast. The longer he stayed away from King’s Landing, the easier it would be for the Hightowers to try and soothe over their claim to the Throne. Daemon did have to thank Lyonel when he got back for protecting not only his seat, but his wife and daughter, even Harwin was owed an even larger thanks for being the Queen’s personal guard.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [size12 Daemon could see the Red Keep in the distance as he flew his dragon home. His men were below on ships that were tailing behind him. The quicker he could get home, the better. It had been two years since he had seen his wife. He so terribly missed Annalise and his baby, Nymeria. He was still filthy from his fight before they got to go home. He was named yet another King in a foreign country. Not only was he the King of Westeros, but he was also the King of the Narrow Sea from his last major battle. And, now, he was known as the King of Pentos. He had a permanent residence in Pentos, almost as a get away home, or if he finally wanted to run away from the politics and bullshit of being the King of Westeros.]]

[center [size12 Daemon’s dragon landed heavy, lowly growling before leaning over to allow Daemon to get off with ease. Daemon felt the solid ground underneath and almost collapsed; he did not think he would return this time. He had gotten a few bad battle wounds, almost lost his life a few times. But he was home now. The caretakers of the Dragons came out, escorting Caraxez back into the Dragon Pit. Daemon was met with Ser Harwin Strong to help Daemon back to the Red Keep.]]

[center [size12 Harwin explained that Annalise had missed him terribly and the baby was doing well. Daemon nodded his head, not wanting to even speak to anyone, but Annalise. He hurried along, feeling heavier and heavier with each step up to the kingdom. His armor felt the heaviest that it had ever felt. He took a sigh of relief as the doors opened and he was greeted by everyone, welcoming him home. He ignored all of them, pushing past to get to his bed chambers.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I want a bath drawn in my chambers, as soon as possible,”]] Daemon sounded gruff, annoyed as he made his way down the hallways before coming to the door. He could hear a soft whisper and a child laughing. He smiled for a brief moment before opening the doors.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “My Queen,”]] Daemon said in a soft voice, beginning to pull his blood-stained armor off his body, his face still caked with soot from Dragon fire and blood. His hair had grown quite a bit since he last laid eyes on Annalise. He had a few scars, one of the side of his cheek.]]

[center [size12 Loud clunks of armor hitting the ground as he made his way towards his wife and child. [i [#FF0000 “Once again, victory,”]] he said proudly before giving his wife a soft kiss. He looked down at his child who was a babe the last time he saw her. [i [#FF0000 “Nothing bad happened while I was gone?”]] Daemon asked in a concerned voice, he knew it was risky for him to leave the Capital.]]
[center [size12 A few handmaidens paused at the door before Daemon motioned for them to enter, they were preparing Daemon's well deserved and much needed bath. He longed for his home, his wife and child, and a good fucking bath.]]
[center [size12 Once the bath was drawn, the young handmaidens were gone and door shut. Daemon took the rest of his clothes off before settling down in the bath with a very loud sigh of relaxation. His body told the story of the time he was away from home. He was bruised, nicked, and cut. Blood mixed with the water that had been dried to his skin and soot from the fire of his dragon. [i [#FF0000 "I never thought a bath would actually feel this good,"]] Daemon muttered, resting his head back against the rim of the tub. His eyes stayed closed for what seemed like an eternity.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   124d ago

[center [Mate+SC To say that bearing a child was a whole new pain that Annalise had expected would have been the understatement of the century. No one had prepared her for the pain, strength, and absolute torture of having the child that she was now so proud of. The day she'd had little Nymeria she'd questioned why she and Daemon had ever talked about having another in the future. When she had seen the king with the baby, however, she had found her mind changing fairly quickly. The way he coddled the babe was not something she had expected right away. There was a gentleness to him that she hadn't seen in him with anyone else. It had made her heart melt.]]

[center [Mate+SC Of course, it hadn't taken long before Daemon had to take care of his own business. The thought of him leaving King's Landing had brought no comfort to her at all. If something happened to him and he was to be killed then she had no doubt that someone would try to marry her off or that the High Towers would take over. It was not something she wanted to think about. He had to go, though, and she knew she would not be able to keep him.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [Mate+SC The two years that passed weren't very exciting, but they weren't too boring, either. Annalise had dealt with a number of people telling her that her husband wasn't going to make it back, had managed through many a night with the fear that she would receive that exact word, or having to discuss with Lyonel what would be done with Alicent and her father if they tried something while Daemon was away. In truth, if it wasn't for the Hand and Ser Harwin to keep her grounded, she would have spiraled completely.]]

[center [Mate+SC The day that the King arrived home, she had taken time out of her day to spend with Nymeria. Despite the many handmaidens that offered to take her for the day just to give the Queen a break or to let her focus on anything else, she had declined. She would not be the kind of mother who didn't spend time with her children. She wanted to raise her daughter to be like she was, something she was sure Daemon would approve of. Or so she hoped. She saw no reason why he wouldn't.]]

[center [Mate+SC Having been preoccupied with the baby, Anna had not prepared for her husband to return. Her hair was surely a mess from the little hands that had constantly tangled themselves in them and she was positive her dress had a stain or two on it. None of that mattered, however, when the doors swung open and she heard the familiar voice reach her ears. [b "Daemon?"] Eyes widening, she scrambled to her feet, staying completely still as he approached her. She couldn't help the grin that spread across her face after the kiss. With a quick glance at Nymeria, she shook her head, her body finally feeling relaxed for the first time in what felt like forever. [b "Nothing bad happened, My Love."]]]

[center [Mate+SC It felt good to have him in her sights again, knowing that he was alive and well, though she had noted the scar on his cheek. She would take it over his head being sent to Kings Landing in a box. Nothing surprised her anymore when it came to enemies, that was for sure. Walking over, she reached down and picked up the child, planting a kiss on her cheek as she watched the handmaidens enter the room. For a moment, she thought about leaving him alone to bathe, knowing that he probably wanted some time to relax while he had the chance. Having missed him as much as she had, though, she couldn't bring herself to leave.]]

[center [Mate+SC Stopping one of the women, she handed Nymeria off, making sure that she was okay before she made her way to Daemon. Getting down on her knees behind him, she placed her hands on his shoulders, massaging her fingers into his skin for a moment. [b "I am relieved that you are home, Your Grace,"] she said softly. [b "It has been quite lonely and quiet without you here."] When she'd first realized just how much she had missed him, Anna had been a little surprised. She had not loved Daemon when they had met, nor had she loved him when they had married. The affection she felt now, however, would probably be classified pretty close if that wasn't what it was.]]
bitterdaemon.   124d ago

[center [size12 Daemon’s eyebrows raised with a soft smile on his lips. He liked to know he was missed; it was a rare thing for Daemon. He was never really missed by his family, or even what people he considered him to be missed. It did make him feel a little bit better about himself. His thoughts did wander sometimes to the idea of no one really liking him, but most of the time, his self-loving self pulls him from those thoughts.]]

[center [size12 Daemon quietly moaned in pleasure when he felt his wife’s hands rubbing on his shoulders. It relaxed his body even more so, he started slipping down into the tub. [i [#FF0000 “I will fall asleep, don’t do that,”]] Daemon chuckled before he actually opened his eyes to look at the woman. He had truly missed her probably as much as she missed him. His face softened a bit from being tensed up, relaxing his jaw finally. His eye lids lowered as he finally unleashed what stress and tenseness that was pent up in his body.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I trust that the Strong family took care of you,”]] Daemon was referring to Lyonel and Harwin, knowing that they did, but he wanted to hear her confirm it. It was rare to find the Red Keeping functioning as it should. No one was fighting and most people could be trusted. Daemon felt at ease leaving his wife alone with who his council was. It was calming to know that he did not have to come back and rip someone’s head off because something bad happened.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I hope Otto and Alicent has been behaving themselves when they are around you?”]] it was more a question than a statement, he raised an eyebrow, waiting for her response. He slightly wanted something to have happened, it would have given him a better reason to finally behead the bastard.]]

[center [size12 Daemon was waiting for the day for his succession to be questioned, his daughter was going to take the Iron Throne whenever Daemon either died and wanted to move on with his life and take Annalise to see what lies beyond the Narrow Sea.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Eventually, I want our daughter to be solid in her position with a noble man by her side,”]] Daemon’s mind moved to the future and what he wanted in his later years. [i [#FF0000 “Once she is settled in position, I want to retire in my house in Pentos,”]] Daemon looked up at the girl with a soft expression. [i [#FF0000 “You could come with, I would pick a trustworthy Hand to guide her before we left,”]] Daemon added.]]

[center [size12 If he hadn’t become King, he would have done exactly that anyway. The idea of a free life always was on Daemon’s mind. He could have ran away before he even met Annalise, but he was too prideful about his family’s line. The Iron Throne had to stay in the Targaryen family.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   124d ago

[google-font] [center [Mate+SC A soft laugh escaped her lips before she moved her hands away, draping them over his shoulders instead so she could give him a light hug. She was truly glad he was home. Nothing felt better at that moment than being next to him, knowing that he had made it back in one piece. She could feel him relax against the tub as she nodded, burying her face into the crook of his neck for the time being. [b "They took great care of me, Daemon. You have nothing to worry about."]]]

[center [Mate+SC They had been the best thing in his absence, dealing with her constant need for reassurance, helping her when the handmaidens could not, and taking care of the things that she couldn't. He had done well putting his trust in them and she hoped he knew that. [b "For the time being, yes,"] she said, placing a kiss on his jaw before moving to his cheek. [b "Of course, Otto has made plenty of mention to the fact that you might not return and how I should really consider that Aegon may take the throne."] He hadn't been the only one, just the most vocal.]]

[center [Mate+SC [b "I shot him down at every turn, though. I will admit that there were days I thought you might not come back, just from whispers from others, but most days I believed you would return."] It wasn't possible to have another take the throne if he was still alive. She frowned a little as he spoke, sitting up and scooting over so she could lean against the tub to look at him. [b "She is still little. While I am more than happy to discuss the future, could it be at a later time? She is still a babe, after all."] She knew where he was coming from, though. It was always good to have a plan in place for the future, but Nymeria taking the throne felt so far away.]]

[center [Mate+SC Pushing her sleeve up, she reached into the water and took his hand, lacing her fingers with his before she rested her head on her other arm on the tub. [b "I am also not quite ready to deal with what people are going to say and think about her being on the throne."] She was not blind to what people thought when it came to female rulers.]]
bitterdaemon.   123d ago

[center [size12 Daemon rolled his eyes when he heard that Otto was all, but harassing the poor Queen over his grandson’s position and the Throne. He hated that man, but if he was to kill Otto or have someone kill him, that would actually start a war. He had to tread lightly with the Hightower family, especially right now when Otto and Alicent picking and poking at the beast that is Daemon.]]

[center [size12 Daemon closed his eyes once more, thinking over what he was going to do with the Hightowers in his court. Alicent was a Dowager, former Queen and her father was the former Hand of the previous King before he lost his position. His grandsons were once the heir to the Iron Throne, in thought, but Rheanyra originally held the position before handing it to Daemon. Daemon hated his position now.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Eventually, we will talk about it. I think you would enjoy seeing the free cities,”]] Daemon added before taking in a deep breath, submerging his head under the water. The crusted blood on his face and neck was starting to make him itchy and uncomfortable. The soot in his eyes was even worse.]]

[center [size12 Breaching the top of the water, he exhaled his breath before going back to his normal position. His hand was soon found by his wife, he glanced at her with a small smile mixed with concern. [i [#FF0000 “I wish I could just kill Otto Hightower with consequence,”]] Daemon stated in a quiet voice. Who knows what little birdies were in the walls, at the windows, or behind the doors. He shook his head, [i [#FF0000 “I wish I could slaughter them off and make the cunts rue the day they tried to cling to anything to use against me.”]] Daemon could not help, but to think about the leech standing around, feeding worries into his wife over his return. He hated that Otto was such a bastard and brain washed his daughter because Alicent was such a sweet and mild mannered girl. Viserys’ children had potential, but Daemon could not trust them either.]]

[center [size12 Daemon then took his hand from Annalise, reaching for a rag that was draped over the side of the tub. He soaked it before he began washing himself. The water was a dark, muddy brown color. He definitely would want a second bath after this to actually get clean. [i [#FF0000 “Could you go get the handmaidens, my Queen, so I can change this awful bath water,”]] Daemon said as he stood. His once soot and blood covered body was now a normal color. He reached for a towel to wrap around his waist before swinging his foot over the side of the tub to get out.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I want steaming, hot water to cleanse myself,”]] Daemon demanded as the girls came into the room. A fresh bath was soon prepared. The water as hot as they could get it. So hot that the water had steam rolling off the top. Pulling his towel off and placing it on the chair besides the tub, he reentered the tub. He exhaled as he sat down in it. There was something in the Targaryen history that said that if a Targaryen possessed true Targaryen blood, the person could withstand the hottest temperatures and even fire.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   123d ago

[google-font] [center [Mate+SC A smile tugged at the corners of Annalise’s lips. [b “I think I would, too, Your Grace.”] She had never been to the free cities, but with the way he talked about them, she had to imagine that she would love them. She had no reason to think she wouldn’t. Plus, despite not wanting to discuss it at that moment, the fact that Daemon had a plan for the future and that she was still a part of that plan made her heart skip a beat. There was something about that fact that was elating.]]

[center [Mate+SC She soon sighed before she nodded. [b “I understand how you feel, though with you back, I do not think they will be as much of a problem. You have proven yourself alive and that you still hold the throne. So long as you are here and Nymeria is named heir, they have no claim and it will stay that way.”] She could understand his frustration. She’d felt it herself many times over the past few years. Otto High Tower certainly had a ton of audacity.]]

[center [Mate+SC [b “Of course, Your Grace,”] she said with a smile and pat on his shoulder. Standing up, she gave his shoulder a quick squeeze before she left the room to get the handmaidens. She hated having to leave him so soon, but she understood his need for new bath water. She couldn’t imagine how uncomfortable he must have been sitting in the blood and soot that had washed off of him.]]

[center [Mate+SC Once she had done as she was asked, she would stand by the door, watching and waiting patiently for the maidens to finish up, looking away when she needed to and keeping quiet until Daemon was in another bath, hopefully, more comfortable than he had been moments before. She made no move to go back to him, not right away. For one, she knew she couldn’t handle the heat of the water as he could. For two, she wasn’t sure if he wanted her to stay or if he wanted to be alone for a while. She had missed him terribly but she wasn’t about to overstay her welcome.]]

[center [Mate+SC [b “Would you like for me to go, Your Grace? Give you some peace and quiet?”] If that was what he wanted then she would go and get Nymeria and spend some more time with her until he was ready for the two of them again.]]
bitterdaemon.   122d ago

[center [size12 Daemon soaked in the steaming water with a soft sigh, submerged up to his neck. He felt comfortable more so now, than before. His shoulders dropped and he laid his head against the rim of the tub. Listening to his sweet wife’s voice, he shook his head. [i [#FF0000 “No, I would prefer you to tell me about all the happenings while I was gone. As my Queen, I want you to take notes and relay anything back to your King,”]] Daemon sternly said to her. He knew she would not like the task, nor enjoy the politics of it. But she was just a young woman from the North, her father probably never involved her in their internal politics, so he could not expect anything from the girl. She was from a family that did not believe in individuality or that women could be just as good leaders as men.]]

[center [size12 Daemon sat up in the tub, rubbing the wash rag over his body. He removed what was left of the past two years. Now, he had to teach his Queen how to properly rule.]]

[center [size12 Once he felt satisfied that he was clean, he pulled himself from the tub to grab his towel once more. This time, he dried himself off before sauntering over to his wardrobe. [i [#FF0000 “I feel as if you were robbed of years of learning how to lead the Realm while I was beyond the Narrow Sea,”]] Daemon started, opening his wardrobe. He moved items of clothes around before picking a pair of simple black trousers and a loose fitting, white shirt. [i [#FF0000 “I should have had Lyonel have you by his side while he lead his council meetings and dealt with the dealings of running a kingdom,”]] Daemon sighed as he pulled his trousers around his waist, tying them to fit more snuggly against his waist. He pulled his shirt over his head; he draped its self loosely around his arms and shoulder. He grabbed a pair of socks and sat on the edge of their bed.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Your father only did one thing wrong with you, not allowing you as the eldest to know about what the happenings were around Winterfell,”]] Daemon pulled on his socks and then boots before standing back up. [i [#FF0000 “I can only imagine what as been going on, I swear if the Faith of the Seven has tried to sink their teeth into the kingdom… We are fucked,”]] Daemon did not really believe in nothing, but old Valyrian ways of any moral or unmoral decision in life. [i [#FF0000 “But I know Lyonel did well, he has always served his King loyally,”]] Daemon approached the girl. He placed his hands on her shoulders with a soft, understanding smile.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “You have the personality of a conqueror, so lets start on working on becoming a conqueror,”]] Daemon gave her shoulders a gentle squeeze before he let go. [i [#FF0000 “But today, I am going to rest and I want you to stay here,”]] Daemon plainly said before calling for a handmaiden. She popped into the room immediately afterwards.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I would like to see my child,”]] Daemon sent the girl off before she came back with the small child. Daemon was already making his way across the room the moment he could hear the girl’s footsteps closing in in the hallway. He took the child from the girl’s hands, smiling the moment he saw her. [i [#FF000 “Oh, my sweet little dragon,”]] Daemon softly spoke at the girl.]]

[center [size12 Nymeria looked exactly how Daemon hoped she would. She had beautiful white hair; it had gotten long while Daemon was away for two years. Her eyes were a beautiful lilac color, soft and hidden behind long, elegant white eyelashes. Her skin was the color of milk, soft and smelt like flowers as he cradled the child against him in a soft hug.]]

[center [size12 Daemon pulled the girl away from his body and looked at her with similar eyes. [i [#FF0000 “You will grow up and do wonderful things, my child. Your namesake was a fearsome, woman warrior. She lead her people from terror at the shores of Dorne to Westeros,”]] Daemon spoke to the girl, who nodded at him with a large smile on her face.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   112d ago

[google-font] [center [Mate+SC There was a certain amount of relief Annalise felt when he told her to stay, despite the fact that she really didn’t want to talk about everything that had gone on while he was away. Personally, she was more content to just enjoy his presence. She knew, however, that wasn’t really an option at the moment. Moving to sit back down, she let out a sigh. [b “I wish I could say I had more exciting news for you. Besides Otto High Tower and his constant claim to the throne, not much has happened. Lyonel has taken great care of everything.”] She’d rather not get involved anyway. Politics were too messy in her opinion and she had a habit of speaking up and pissing people off at the worst of times.]]

[center [Mate+SC Once he stepped out of the tub, she found herself looking away. It wasn’t like him being naked was something she hadn’t seen before, but she still figured she had to be respectful. [b “If I am to speak freely about this? While I do not disagree with you about what I should and should not have learned, I do not feel it was a complete waste. Politics are complicated and far from my cup of tea.”] She glanced back over at him, checking that he was decent before she stood and smoothed down the skirt of her dress. Looking back up at him, she let out a soft sigh and placed a hand on his cheek. [b “You have nothing to worry about. As I said, Lyonel has done a wonderful job.”] Her words, however, weren’t enough to convince him that she was fine without that knowledge. That much was obvious and she knew no amount of convincing was going to sway his mind.]]

[center [Mate+SC She was relieved, however, that they wouldn’t have to worry about it that day. She would’ve much rather he rest, as well. A small smile graced her lips as he asked for Nymeria. If there was one thing that she loved to see more than anything, it was the love he held for his child. It was such a shame to her that he’d had to miss so much time with her right off the bat. In her opinion, he should’ve been allowed to stay behind and be with her. She had understood, however, that he’d had to leave and there was nothing that was going to stop him at the time.]]

[center [Mate+SC Wrapping her arms around herself, she watched the two of them, doing her best to ignore the small put that had formed in her stomach. She couldn’t quite explain why she was feeling the way that she was, or even exactly what she was feeling, but it was there and she couldn’t shake it. At least when Nymeria had been born, no one could claim she wasn’t Daemon’s. For a good portion of her pregnancy, that was something she heard a lot of. It had been frustrating, to say the least, but there hadn’t been much she could’ve done until the day that the babe came into the world. That shut people up real quick. [b “She’ll make you proud. I know she will,”] she said with another smile. Whatever it was that was bothering her would go away soon, she knew it would.]]
bitterdaemon.   111d ago

[center [size12 Daemon eyed Annalise from the corner of his eyes, watching her body language for a moment. He knew she had to interest in the petty politics of the Crown or how she must present herself whenever he was away, but he had to push that onto her plate whether she liked it or not. It was the duty of the Queen and he wanted his wife to be just as knowledgeable as he was. He had confidence in the girl, he just wished she would come around to it.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I am sorry that I had to leave not long after Nymeria was born,”]] Daemon began as he turned his whole body towards his wife. He took a few strides before stopping inches away from her. Their child filled the gap between them, Nymeria looking between her parents with curious eyes. She was not much of a talker, which was understandable. She was most likely stunted without her father being around for her first steps, words, or anything. She was already 3, he missed the prime years of watching her grow.]]

[center [size12 Nymeria settled against Daemon’s chest with a soft, content sigh. Her head buried itself into his chest before she began to fall asleep. At least she knew him well enough to be her father and that she felt safe enough to begin to doze against him.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I know it bothers you,”]] Daemon spoke softly before taking a hold of Annalise’s chin, tilting it up. He looked down at her with soft, lilac eyes before he gave her a gentle kiss. [i [#FF0000 “But, I want to know what your exact thoughts and feelings are,”]] Daemon inquired, releasing her chin. He then cradled their child for a moment before a handmaiden came to grab Nymeria and put her down for her nap.]]

[center [size12 Daemon was still intent on figuring out his wife’s moods and thoughts. She was a curious girl, still to this day. He sauntered over to the table that had a very large, detailed pitcher of wine before pouring both of them a glass of wine. He handed one cup over to Annalise before taking a hold of his. He downed his in one drink and then replenished his once more. He took a seat at the table, gesturing for Annalise to take a seat with him.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   111d ago

[google-font] [center [Mate+SC Annalise was caught off guard by his apology. Frowning, she pursed her lips before quickly shaking her head. [b "You have nothing to apologize for, Your Grace. You did exactly what you felt you had to do and I do not hold that against you."] Reaching out, she placed a hand on top of Nymeria's head, smiling down at the child. [b "It makes me sad that you had to miss so much of her growing up, but I also know that it could not have been helped."] No, his leaving wasn't what was bothering her. She wished she knew how to put it into words for him. The last thing she wanted to do was worry him, and yet she was at a loss for words.]]

[center [Mate+SC [b "She's so perfect,"] she said softly, watching as her eyes closed. It was a relief that she recognized who Daemon was. She had been worried about that the moment that he'd left. Without any idea of when he would return, she had been concerned that the babe wouldn't know who he was. Annalise had been pretty content telling Nymeria all about him. What else was she expected to do? It didn't matter if their child couldn't speak right away. Anna had much hope that she would understand and it seemed she did.]]

[center [Mate+SC The kiss quickly set a small fire inside of her. She'd missed that feeling, that was for sure. Who knew that she'd feel so strongly about the man when he'd only been a stranger a few years prior? It was right then and there that she realized just how much she had missed him. She'd missed his company and speaking with him and just being around him. Perhaps that was because it felt like he was the only one who understood her even a little. It was a nice thing, to be understood.]]

[center [Mate+SC She hesitated for just a moment as Nymeria was taken for her nap, looking away from Daemon as he moved to the table. Running a hand through her hair, she walked towards it, taking the cup from him. She'd been careful not to drink too much while he was away, worried that she might cloud her own judgment on anything in his absence. Not to say she would have done anything to slight him. It was more about any important matters that may have been brought to her attention. Now that he was home, however, there was no pause between her getting the cup and taking a long sip from it.]]

[center [Mate+SC Sitting down, she set the cup down on the table before running a hand over her face. [b "I am grateful that you have returned. I believe the stress and worry may have gotten to me and now that you are back, it is slowly going away, leaving me exhausted."] She let out a light laugh before looking up at him. [b "I hope you are as glad to be back."] Maybe that's what it was. Maybe she was worried that he didn't [i want] to be back.]]

[center [Mate+SC Was she worried about him possibly finding another person while he was away? Not that she could really do anything if he had but he would hear what she had to say regarding that. There were a few things she did not keep quiet about and that was one of them. [b "If you did not want to be here, you would say something, right?"] She watched him for a moment before reaching out and taking her drink again. She wasn't sure why she needed that reassurance but she did.]]
bitterdaemon.   110d ago

[center [size12 Daemon had his cup at his lips, ready to take another sip before hearing her question. He placed the cup down before looking back at her with deep purple eyes. He softly sighed before thinking about how he was going to answer. Of course, he did not want to be the King as much as he was jealous of his brother, but just like Annalise, he was not a fan of the theatrics nor the politics. The keeping up appearance and not being too mean to someone was hard for the rebellious man.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I do not believe the people who get to rule over Westeros ever wants to do it and would wish they were some other place,”]] Daemon explained, picking his cup back up to take a long drink. [i [#FF0000 “But, doing it with you. Someone with the same ideas as me, who has the potential to be just as fearsome as me, makes it more worth being in the position that I am in now,”]] Daemon spoke plainly. [i [#FF0000 “And yes, once one of our children is sitting on the Iron Throne, I would like to travel back to the free cities to live out my years without a name or a title and just gold to my name,”]] Daemon explained, pouring his cup full once more.]]

[center [size12 Daemon leaned back into his chair, relaxing into the plush material. He did hate that his brother had to die before either Alicent’s children became of age or Rhaenyra just taking the throne. He did hate that he was in the position that he was in, he felt semi robbed of what things he could have done or experienced by this point.]]

[center [size12 But, Daemon did see the silver lining and the blessing that came with his ascension into power. He could create a new order on how the Realm would be ruled. He got to met Annalise, who was probably one of the best choices out of all the brides he could have made Queen. Strong, independent, and stern in her beliefs. He appreciated someone to give him a challenge.]]

[center [size12 Daemon rolled these thoughts around in his head, downing a few more gulps of wine. He then leaned forward, placing his cup on the table with a calm expression. [i [#FF0000 “But, if I have to do the politics and theatrics, I am glad I am doing it with a Queen that I actually enjoy the company of,”]] Daemon reassured before pouring his cup full once more.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “So, let us teach our kids to be as strong as us, so that we may retire to a life of luxury and not have to talk about a single problem in Westeros again,”]] Daemon raised his cup before lowering it to his lips to take a sip. [i [#FF0000 “But currently, I am content in where I am, as long as you are with me,”]] Daemon once more assured, feeling as if his absence had put a small strain on their relationship.]]

[center [size12 Daemon then scooted his chair in a slow, floor scraping fashion before he took his Queen’s hand into his. [i [#FF0000 “I feel as if me being gone has caused a small strain in your confidence of being with me or in our relationship,”]] Daemon asked in a soft, concerned manner. Daemon rarely cared about how people felt about him or him being in their life. He came and went in his brother’s life all the time, but with Annalise, it felt different. But the drinking definitely has made his emotions get the best of him.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   109d ago

[google-font] [center [Mate+SC The hesitation in his words and actions was enough to make the knot in Annalise’s stomach tighten. Had she struck a nerve, or was he simply pausing to decide what would be best to say in this case? She watched him closely as he finally started speaking, holding onto her glass but not taking another drink from it yet. She felt her cheeks burn just a little. [b “One of our children?”] She couldn’t help but raise a brow at that part. Not that she had really thought Nymeria would be the last, but she had never been sure.]]

[center [Mate+SC She let the silence afterward hang in the air for a moment as she considered the rest of his sentence. She really had to wonder what it would be like to live in the free cities. She was so clueless about what other places were like due to her own upbringing. She’d never really gotten to visit another city unless it was for something that she was required to attend, and even then, she was usually so irritated by the fact that she was forced to go that she didn’t pay attention to anything around her.]]

[center [Mate+SC A fact she regretted a little now.]]

[center [Mate+SC She finally brought her cup to her lips to finish off the glass, glancing back at Daemon once he spoke again. She felt her heart skip a beat before she nodded. [b “I am glad that you enjoy my company, though I will apologize if that is not the case at this very moment.”] The more she thought about it, the more she realized that this probably wasn’t a conversation he really wanted to have upon his return. However, her concerns were already out in the open, and she wasn’t about to shut it down after she’d already voiced them.]]

[center [Mate+SC [b “Sounds like a plan, then, Your Grace,”] she said as she finally let go of the cup in her hand. Nymeria was already three. The past five years in the castle alone had already flown by. She had no doubt that the rest of her time there would be the same. She could only pray that nothing would happen that would complicate their long-term plans.]]

[center [Mate+SC The scraping of the chair made her jump just a little as she looked up at him. She gave his hand a quick squeeze before she let out a sigh, nodding. [b “I hate to say it, but yes. Your absence was necessary and I do not hold that against you, not even for a second. It has, however, caused my concern to grow some.”] She blew a strand of hair from her face before shrugging. [b “It is silly, I will admit, but I guess I just worry that you might change your mind about choosing me. I made it very clear to my parents that I would not end up in a miserable marriage and while I am not miserable, please understand that is not what I am saying, I do not want it to turn out that you and I both regret our decision.”]]]

[center [Mate+SC Annalise didn’t want to worry him about anything but she did want him to understand where she was coming from.]]
bitterdaemon.   108d ago

[center [size12 Daemon reached in a dramatic fashion for his cup of wine before plopping back into his chair with a huff. His body did ache from battle and being on dragon back for as long as he was. He shifted himself to look at his wife once more, taking a long drink from his cup. With a long drink followed with filling it once more.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I know the idea of having another child so soon is kind of weird for you, but think of it as an extension of you, molding these children to how we want the Realm to continued to be ruled. We were born to continue our family’s lines,”]] Daemon pointed before chuckling against his cup. It was kind of a messed up way of thinking about it, but it was the sad fact of how the world worked.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “But I promise you, the world is much bigger and better than the Seven fucking Kingdoms,”]] Daemon took a drink and then another before sitting up straight. [i [#FF0000 “I mean, even here, you have not probably seen every inch of the Red Keep, let alone the Capital. There is more than your own four walls,”]] Daemon explained before scooting his chair backwards and getting up. He was getting excited, expressive even.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “My Queen,”]] Daemon bowed his head, holding out his hand to the woman with a soft smirk on his face. His intentions were taking her outside of the castle. He could only assume she had been hold up in the castle since he left and he felt better outside than inside the room. He was restless anyway from the long years of being out of his home.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I would like to walk the city, if you would not mind to accompany me on my walk?”]] Daemon asked as he raised his head up to meet eyes with Annalise once more. [i [#FF0000 “If it makes you feel safer, Harwin can come with us as extra protecting, even though I would be fine enough to keep you safe,”]] Daemon added before buckling his belt around his waist with his sword sitting off his hip, weighing his pants down.]]

[center [size12 Daemon picked his cup up once more, downing what was left in it. He poured it full once more, finishing that cup off as well before placing the cup back onto the table. He then half tucked his shirt into the waist band of his black trousers and made sure his boots were laced up properly before he headed towards the door.]]
Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   104d ago

[google-font] [center [Mate+SC Annalise couldn’t help the slight flush that came to her cheeks. She hadn’t meant for it to come off the way that it had. [b “No, no, Your Grace. I completely understand the need for having another child.”] She just wasn’t sure she was expecting them to talk about it so soon after he arrived back. A small smile tugged at her lips before she nodded. She’d been hesitant to leave her comfort zone, especially without him there, but he was right. There was so much for her to see that she hadn’t yet.]

[center [Mate+SC She looked up at him, tilting her head just a little as he got up. She was curious as to what was going on inside that head of his. He was animated now and it made her wonder. Reaching up, she took his hand, standing up as she watched him. Another smile formed on her lips before she nodded. [b “I trust you,”] she said, placing a hand on his arm. [b “Keep Harwin here in case he is needed.”] She wasn’t worried about her safety with Daemon at all. She didn’t see a reason to bring Harwin with them if he was capable.]]

[center [Mate+SC Her only concern was Nymeria, mostly because she wasn’t used to being away from her like that, but she had faith that the handmaidens could handle her without issue. They’d done so right after she was born and had taken care of her when Annalise had fallen ill. Surely she would be fine while she and Daemon were out? [b “May I ask what had brought this idea to mind?”] Not that she was against it. She was more curious than anything.]]

[center [Mate+SC She did think it would be a good idea. She would have the chance to get out and he might be able to relax some. She tugged at her skirt a little, trying to even it out from sitting down before she followed him to the door. She was excited, even if she didn’t show it well.]]


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