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This Is The End

By _Apocalyptic_

The world was going in as normal, people working, kids playing. Soon all of that would come to a screaming halt. Early one moring, around 3:00 am alarms started coming from everywhere, then the screams would soon follow. Some people was able to hear why this was happening this is what the radios and TV broadcasted:

[everyone please stay calm. If you are in your home and have family members wake them up and pack clothing and food.. then make your way to Pennsylvania. As you enter the state borders military personnel will escort you and your family to the nearest Legion founded facility. This will be safe and protected by the military personnel. I know many of you have no clue what has occurred, so let me get one of the main scientist.] Another voice started to talk. yes, thank you for having me. Now for what had happened, many of the newer scientist was doing experiments on some fungus. They ended up combining things they was. Trying to find a way to improve Trichoderma, to be stronger to fungus Ophiocordyceps camponoti-floridani. Yes this is for ants but it can get to humans to act unlike themselves and it will cause many of them to... ]

it would cut off.
People would run and drive trying to get out off the city's would come to a stop. Some of the test subject that escaped. Would run at them biting. The "zombies' face had fungus all over them hair falling out the skin was rotting at a increasing speed. Some was crawling others walking then some running not a slow run but a faster than normal humans. They would attack and bite people. Chaos was all around. You would barely make in to stay but not to Pennsylvania.

Nine years later ( when the rp starts)
You have survived, well so far anyways. You have lived day to day. You now power is still up well in some city's anyways, but no TV. Nature well it has reclaimed city's and every where. Most city's now have armed forces going around checking and guarding the city's. The zombies have grown you've heard that they are other types. More people have died some not even a zombie but just by shooting. You heat that The Paragon I'd working on a so called cure for what they have made.

The towns become full of the invaders out for the blood of whatever I'd living and breathing. It has got to the ponit that in some underground parts like the swears or just tunnels or subway gas spores. If you like your living human life you have a gasmask. Those spore also spreed the infection. It's sad what the US has come too. Hell you have seen young kids that will never know what it was like before this time all they will ever know is barely surviving or watching people they know change. Even the food all you have are rations you hardly ever get real food and you get very few of them. Those cards that seem to give life that is the money now almost. This world is every person for themself.

You have changed with the time so far but can you change even more or vecome one of the dead men or the living dead?

1 this will have gore and cursing and death and overall dark themes so you must be okay with that

2 no one liners I will at lest have a 150 character limit so at lest be able to
Type that please.

3 fill out a sheet like the one below as a bare minimum
Sexuality and romantic (if you would like any romance witch will be pg or pg 13)
Part of any of the clubs below?
Anything else.
Or if you have a better one please use it.

4 you can only be human! No powers.

Groups that you will need to know bit about before the rp well about it.
Paragon- The Paragon is the science facility that created the virus and is trying to find a cure for it but it isn't working.

The Legion- was working with the government when it stood but now it is the government. They are the once who pick when and where a safety building gets made. Among other things

Survivor Republic - is a group of family's that is attempting to almost rebuild a town and safety for them and there kids they invite anyone who wants even for a night.

Others groups you'll find out in the Roleplay.

If you want to see the full photos them you'll have to open them in another tab I'm sorry.
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( you want you can pick one of them to start with or if you have multiple characters one with each. Don't worry you will meet everyone.)

Adrian was walking in some woods. She was on high alert but wasn't crouching as she walked. Some of her red hair would be blown right into her eyes making it fairly hard for her to see where she was going. She had her riffle out and loaded. Adrian would get slightly uneasy as she walked it was to quite it seemed like she could only hear her own footsteps and breathing. With any small sound she would look around thinking a zombie was on her tail yet she would only see forest animal's. [I how weird zombies should be everywhere but I don't see any.]

  Adrian would think shortly after she would eat those words. She would hear multiple foot steps moving farly fast. [I fuck] she thought to herself as she ran. She movered around trees running to a old two story house. In her panick she would try to pull the door nothing happened. She would calm down  and open the door. Adrian would block the door with a old book case then ran up the stairs to try and hide. She looked out a nearby window and saw so many zombies. They was moving in a heard and moving fast if she was lucky they would be gone in a few hours. 

[Pic uploads/93688_4e52fed745d27ca127fbc8b6f4db6238.jpg]
Meanwhile Ashton was in a abandoned town. His short brown hair was blowing in the wind as he walked. He held his gun tightly in his sweaty hands his eye looked from left to right then back again. His breathing was calm and shallow. He moved slowly with his limp. He would go into a old building that read something Pharmacy.  Ashton would look around the pill bottles and put what he needed into a bag. Soon he put his bag on his back and walked back into a Store. He would try and stay quite.

[I where is the food come on please have some.] Ashton would quietly beg as he took what he could into the bag. As Ashton did this he would make sure that the carmas was offline which they was ir he hoped so. The deeper Ashton went into the store more things was knocked over and a mess.

Qunilan was at the same town where Ashton was but not in the same area though, he was in a abandon house looking for some materials to use at his home. He made a home that was near a field that was not far from a river where he can hunt for food, once he was done looking around at this house, he left and started running to the next location which is a hospital. Quinlan needed something from there mostly some bandages to treat his wounds due to him training with weapons and fighting with his bare hands, almost there to the hospital until...zombies was walking around...he stopped in his tracks and quickly hid behind some big trash bin. (sorry for taking so long to type TwT)

Ashton would soon go out the back of the store with the food and medicine that he took and started to make his way to the hospital. He would go to the hospital to get some medical supplies when he needed to this just happened to be that day.  He would make gis way into the hospital then he would hear some sound and then go down and hunker down and took out his quiter wepon and start to make his way around the empty hospital. 

His eyes would look around and land on a zombie, it was luckily just a walker so this one didn't move fast. Ashton was able to quickly walk up and attack it without being seen. After the zombie fell he quickly made his way to the next hiding spot. 

As he would move he  would go to rooms to look for anything that he could use. What he didn't know is that he was walking towards  Qunilan.
( it's okay. But sorry I took so long)

Quinlan got up quickly having his gas bomb with him, he throw the bomb making the zombies having a hard time seeing him. Grabs the bat and starts running towards them when he starts hitting them, also grabs his shotgun and starts headshotting the zombies. It didn't took him long to finish them off so he made a run for it to the abandoned hospital to get the materials that he needed, loosing out of breathe...he made it to the hospital and hid in some rooms that was on the bottom floor for a sec, looking around to see if someone or something followed him. He catch his breath and left the room that he was in and looked around the building to see if anything that might catch his eye but so far there is nothing in the bottom floor that he needed, so he went up to the second floor which was a surprise that he hit the jackpot on finding the stuff that he needed. Quinlan quickly moved some stuff to the side and grabs equipment to take back home with him, "[#ce1414 sweet!]" he whispered to himself when getting material on the ground.

Ashton would look around and find his own jackpot. He would laugh to himself and put some bandges and everyth>g in his bag. He soon just stood up straight and would walk around. He seemed to have a faster past despise his limp. 

He would quickly go up and look in a old closet for some blankets but it was empty.  He lookedbehind him because he thought he header something but saw nothing. He would take out his gun now felling uneasy.  

 He moved up to another floor. He wouldseethe dead zombies and how fresh they was. The gas would still longer form before so he put on hismask insure of what kind of gasification was.

Once Quinlian had everything that he needed he quickly ran down to the second floor even though his footsteps can be heard...he looked around when he was now on the first floor making sure nothing was around him. Walking out of the building having the equipment in a bag that he found while searching, over his shoulder and started walking on the street. Quinlan was caution on knowing if more zombies would come out and attack but...he had a feeling there were survivors out here in the city but was loosing doubt that no other survivor will be here anyway...He sighed when he continued walking on the street having his equipment with him close, looked up at the sky seeing that it was getting late and knowing the zombies would be more active at night...but that won't stop to go on a night run to get food. Quinlan picked up the pace and started running which he was a few minutes away from his home, yet he stopped when seeing more zombies up ahead..."[#ce1414 fucking hell...]" he sighs in annoyance as he grabs his pistol and started shooting them on the head, whiling shooting he heard some footsteps coming to his way so he quickly hid behind a tall brick wall and stayed silent.

Shortly after Quinlan left the building Ashton would.  He was runing not wanting to be left in the dark without a light source of some kind. He would still be on high alert from the Hospital. Soon he would heard fun shots. He would put two and two together and realized whomever was shooting was who he heard in the hospital. He would think for a moment he wanted to keep going but he would sigh realizing that this could be a person to just talk to. 

Ashton would make his way to the zombies. " the hell are they think8ng?" He muttered as he heads hot one of the zombies leading some yo him and he would shot the ones coming at him. When they got close he used his bat to try and be quite. Then when he was done he would slowly back away he looked around to f in d the one who shot the gun to start with. Ashton fixed his shirt still ready to fight. He would stand up with his bat in hand.

Quinlan peeking out seeing Ashton...he was surprise to find a survivor out here but he didn't want the man thinking that he might be a threat, sighs when seeing a ladder that leads to the top of the building so he decided to climb up to get a better view from above. Once he was ontop and started running even though he can be seen running on the building and jumping from building to building, "[#ce1414 just a little further to ho-]" tripping over a pipe as he fell from the building landing on some trash bin, "[#ce1414 AHHH!]" he yelled in pain when trying to get up but can't...he looked seeing a pole that he can use to support himself up, he reach out to the pole and grab pulling himself up, abling to use the pole to walk with. Quinlan thought about it for a sec and just walk the pain out like his father used to say to him, thrown the pole to the side and started walking even though he was in alot of pain...seeing the blood pouring out of his leg and pretty much being broken...he still had the medical stuff with him but rather use it when he gets home. There was a blood trail that was behind him but didn't care if someone follows the trail ended up seeing him but hope the zombies wasn't the one following him instead, he sighed when continue limping his way to home.

" Hey you,-" Ashton tried to get the unknown person attention. He would look up as he was moving he followed then speed up when he heard the blood curdling scream. He would hit a zombie in the head as he ran making sure it didn't get back up. 

By the time Ashton made it to the bin Quinlan had gotten up and walked off. Ashton bent down and saw the blood. He looked back to the sky which was becoming darker he knew if he wanted to follow the trail be better hurry before even more zombies come or before it gets to dark to see. He stood up and followed as he keep his head low to try and hide from the zombies or any wild anmails that might try and follow. As he followed the blood Ashton kicked dirt over the blood to try and hid the sent of it. For her while he went more dirt he kicked up. Soon he was just running for wherever he could. He would fall down getting a mouth full of dirt before running and spiting out the dirt. He would keep following the trail faster and faster as he was racing the setting sun.  His mind was racing but he has to slow down because of his leg. As he paused he rubbed his leg then slowly joged following the trail. He would every so often loom up to the sky to see how much Time he had left.

It was midnight and Quinlan was sitting on his porch of his home, he was catching his breath when grabbing the bag that he had medic stuff in it. He groaned in pain...moving his left leg over treating the piece of cloth off, "[#ce1414 jeez...]" he said seeing a big gash on his leg from the fall from earlier, Quinlan sighs grabbing some peroxide and bandages to ease up the pain. When taking that care of, he looked up at the sky seeing how beautiful is was at night...thinking the good memories that he had with his parent in the past...he hope for one day that there will be a cure so end all of this mess and try to find a better place to live here. Takes a deep breathe and uses the chair that was next to him to help himself get up, continued looking at the sky seeing the bright stars shine in the dark...smiling softly. Quinlan walked inside of his home, layed on the couch in the living room and soon he was getting tired so he falled alseep to get some rest from a long day of escaping zombies and finding equipment. He did wonder if he is not the only survivor out here, seeing that figure from earlier...Quinlan might not be the only one here after all.

[I fuck, Fuck] he would think he would hear zombies all around him. He would quickly climb up the closest tree. Even though he was in the mist of what felt like he'll he looked up to the stars the one thing that staed the same even in the current time.
He thought back to the time when his mother and him layer on the sift green grass. It was  before she went to the safe camp she was one of the last people to make it before they became full. Ashton would force himself to stay awake. As zombies came closer he would try to follow the trail from the nearby trees jumping from one to the next. When a tree branch broke under his foot he stoped. Ashton climbed up higher into a oak tree. Soon the cold air would blow throw making him slightly shiver but he fell asleep somehow, but it was on and off. He would wake up to more and more zombies at the base of the tree at some ponit he would just choose to stay awake. Besides the zombies waves howls would be in the air alone with some other wild animals. 
He would try and keep his breath quite so just maybe some might leave him be.

After a long night...it was morning and Quinlan was on the streets looking for some breakfast, he sighed when he was having no luck of finding anything at the moment. Continue searching for a food market or something that he can find since he is running out of food storage at home...luckily he came across a grocery store up ahead, he started running even though he is limping his way there due to his injury on his left leg but it's healing pretty well. A minute later Quinlan was moving some stuff over to find any food that he can get, checking under shelves,boxes, behind the cash register, anywhere in this store..."[#ce1414 come on...there's gotta be food around here...]" he said anxiously when he looked over and saw a storage room, he thought that there might be food in there so he got up and walked over to the storage door. Opening the door he was happy that there was still food here, Quinlan grab a back that he had with him and started putting stuff in it, he wanted to take all of it but...he thought that it would be best for a survivor that was in the area can have the rest. He left the store and walked on the sidewalk taking a stroll and staying cautious if any zombies may pop up, he sighed when thinking about if...he can try to at least find survivors here, "[#ce1414 yeah...i know there are survivors here, i just know it]" he said to himself in a motivated tone that he will go around the city and find any survivors that are here left and he won't stop, he smiled brightly when continuing walking on the sidewalk.

As the sun rose some of the zombies that was around the tree would go off their own way but some would still be clawing at the tree. Ashton took out his gun and triedly aimed it making quick work [f the Walkers. After he would hop down he was still following the trail of blood to the house. Je would sigh and saw a tree near by and carved a message into the tree:[I I'll be back later today if you need help.] He carved then put some alcohol into the hole in the tree to help clean whatever womb the stranger had. 

After words he would start walking back into town. He held on to his bag as he walked on the side walk. He looked around and didn't see any Walkers or any kind of zombie. Ashton keep his head down as he walked but soon looked up to see tge figure from before in the distances.  Instead of just jumping after who ever this was Ashton walked to a balding and started tojump to grab a latter before climbing it. He would stop as he tried to get a better look at this person. 

" who's there?" He called out from his porch well make shift on anyways.  The wind would start to blow  it was a cold wind the first waring that fall would be happing soon and the hot summers would be at a end. This made Ashton worry more and more about the figure who was walking down tge sidewalk.   He had no clue who this person was but this was the first Survivor in this town he's seen. He knew the others whenever he would get to see them would be so pleased to know that someone else was around. He would look back, to the figure, " Hey you! Are you okay?" He would ask then look around to make sure nothing heard him.

He would look to the showdow now slightly at easy as he saw that the figure was a human form the closer look. Ashton would put his gun in tge house he stays in along with the bag then walked back out and slowly walked down the later. Ashton would slowly make his way to the shadow.

Quinlan stopped in his tracks when he heard a voice from afar, he turned around and saw the figure from before. He was pleased that it was true that somebody else was up and moving in these parts, he waved at the figure when he sees something off from the distance...when he looked closer, Quinlan saw zombies heading to the direction where the figure was. Quinlan waved his arms around to get the figures attension to leave the building that the person was at, “[#ce1414 hey get out of the build, the zombies are coming!!]” he yelled when seeing the zombies change direction heading towards him. “[#ce1414 Shit!]” he said when telling the person to put a gas mask on as he took out a gas bomb and throw it at the group of zombies, he started running away but hid behind the building peeking out from the side. Quinlan say close by and looked around to see if he can see the person but so far he can’t see them, “[#ce1414 Hey you there fellow survivor!?]” he called out once more and stayed quite so he can listen. Only for a few minutes...he heard a fant call in front of him, "[#ce1414 come to the sound of my voice!]" he yelled when standing close by.

He would see Quinlan falling about so he grabed his back and gun. He was confused at first till he heard the zombies, the must of gotten in last night. He would quickly climb down. He put on his gas mask amd hunched down. "  fuck this-" he muttered to himself as he slowly walked. He hid behind bins and cars as he made his way to the sound of Quinlan voice. He would hear the zombies start to get closer and closer he hoped that nothing would see him as he moved. As Ashton walked he picked up a old brick and tossed it as far as he could the other way to distract the zombies for a short time. He would follow the sounds of the other person and soon would see him and quickly ran to the building that he was hiding behind. When he got there he would stop and just stare amazed that someone was in the town. He could swear that he has looked through this town and helped everyone in it. 
" hey your the one I've seen around." He said in a whisper as he took off his mask. He was still unsure of what to say, I mean the last time he saw any one was when he went to a Legion run town but never outside of them especially this far out. 

" oh I'm Ashton." He would tell him holding out his hand for a handshake still trying to be a civil human being even though zombies was around. Ashton stood stirght up still holding his mask in his left hand.

Quinlan smiled brightly when shaking Ashton hand, "[#ce1414 its good to see that thier was a survivor here in the area but Im Quinlan, pleasure to meet you Ashton]" he smiled softly when seeing more zombies but they look different, "[#ce1414 we better get going...I don't like the looks of these type of zombies]" he said when he started running but keeping it in a slow pace so Ashton can keep up, when looking back at the zombies his eyes widen when these zombies spit out acid..."[#ce1414 quickly these zombies are spitting out acid!]" he said when picking up the pace. The zombies were catching up so Quinlan took out a gas bomb and a lighter, he lits up the lighter and throws it to acid spitting zombies. He told ashton to hide behind this brick wall and stayed quiet, Quinlan peaked to see if he can see any zombies but so far ain't none survived..."[#ce1414 lets keep moving...]" he whispered to ashton when staying low and looked around their surroundings and listening. He sighs when he got up and and continued walking, "[#ce1414 soo...how long you survive out here?]" he asked when looking at Ashton.

Ashton would think, " well I stop here for maybe a year. I normally keep moving or attest in a safe spot." He would say then look over, " what about you?" He questioned. When he heard the word zombies He would look to the acid-spitting zombies, " oh, that's what they do." He muttered to himself. As the sounds got louder. Ashton took out his gun ready to shoot but by the time he did that Quinlan had finished them off. Ashton would quickly go to him, " hey do you stay down that way? " He would ask in a low voice as he pointed to the house he walked to and put some alcohol in the tree for whoever was there. As he awaited the reply he fixed the bag on his back for a moment before pulling some food from it and then offering it to Quinlan. " Here have some food." He would state. His hand still slightly shook from the sudden Acid Zombies that attacked. As he offered he would slowly walk trying to get some distance from the sound not wanting to be seen by any other zombies that might follow. The man would study his hand as he got his gun loaded and ready to shoot anything in his way. Some overgrown trees would be seen from broken building windows. Most towns had overgrown greenery backing windows, in the houses, everywhere. Nature has taken over the world and shows some of its Wrath on the structures.

"[#ce1414 oh thx ashton]" he smiled when grabbing the food, he sighs when checking out to see that the zombies are gone. "[#ce1414 ok the coast is clear, we can heading to my home if you like]" said when getting up and walked away, after that he talked to ashton about himself and wishing that there will be more survivors out that...Quinlan listened to Ashton talking about himself as well. For a few minutes later they made it to Quinlan house, "[#ce1414 well this is my house, I known its not the best but at least I have a place to live]" he chuckled nervously as he open the door and walked in, he showed Ashton around the house in case he stays with Quinlan for the night. He went to the kitchen and grabs some food and released on the question that he asked earlier, "[#ce1414 that question that you said earlier about how long I been here, well I been here for a year as well but exploring new areas around the city...even founding new different types of zombies...]" he sighs when he sat down on the couch eating a snack.


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