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FF x P5 RP with Cat22

By Rhya_Reska
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On one of the streets located in Yogen-Jaya a portal had suddenly opened. Through the portal fell a group of strangers who wore funny clothing. It was the middle of the night and the sound of a large bang came from outside leblanc, waking Akira up.

The sound was from these strange people hitting the ground. This is what Akira realized as he and Morgana went out to investigate. He stared at the strangers with concern and confusion.

(Dunno if that makes any sense. Was writing things down quickly)
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Rhya_ReskaMorgana   139d ago

"What the hell..?" the small cat questioned from inside Akira’s bag. To others it just sounded like a soft "meow."

"Hm, are you guys alright?" Akira asked. He pushed up his glasses and had a concerned expression.
Cat22Bartz   139d ago

“Y-yeah… We’re fine for the most part although a little shaken up. We… don’t really know what this place is and the fact that everything is a little unfamiliar seems to frighten me a little too much… However, I’m not sure how the other people that I ended up with will react to this sudden change of scenery.” A young man with short brown hair said. He appeared to be dressed in a rather peculiar outfit that seemed to cause him to stand out a little too much and also appeared to be in his early 20s. There was also a slight hint of confusion as he spoke when he looked over at Akira.

“If you count being alright as twisting your ankle before being stabbed by a Tonberry before being brought to god-knows-where alright then I’m completely fine. I’m just… A little shaken…” A boy with short, ashen blonde hair said. He appeared to be around 17-18 years old and was also wearing a rather peculiar outfit that consisted of a metal vest, pants, gauntlets, and greaves that also caused him to stand out a little more than he would like to admit.

There were around four other odd individuals right next to the two who were currently just sitting on the ground. While these four individuals appeared to be unconscious, the tallest one seemed to have an array of weapons with him with the spear that he had getting a little too close to a boy with short blonde hair who appeared to be wearing an outfit with uneven pant legs. All four of the individuals appeared to be in their late teens as well.
Rhya_ReskaAkira   139d ago

"Uhh," Akira was a bit baffled. Though he does understand the feeling of being suddenly brought to world he does not understand. He is unsure where exactly these strangers came from. Their clothes don’t exactly fit the current timeline.

"That’s a bit strange… Though, I might be able to help. If you two can help me carry the others to a safer location, I could let you stay the night for now. Until we know how to send you back where you came from at least," he suggested.
Cat22Vaan   139d ago

“Bartz will be able to help you more than I can because I kind of… twisted my ankle when I tried to run away from some tonberries back home so I’m not really as agile as I could be although I’ll try to help as much as I can.” The ashen haired boy said before he tried to stand up. However, he quickly stopped trying to get up once he felt a sharp pain in his right ankle which caused him to very quickly sit back down on the ground. This caused him to just remain completely still as the brown haired young man picked him up and slung him over the shoulder.

“I’ll take care of V and also get Fi to a safer. However, I’m much more worried about getting Tidus away from that spear before he wakes up and hurts himself on accident.” The brown haired young man said before he picked up the silver haired male carrying multiple weapons and then turned his attention towards the other three that he also arrived with. There was no way that he could possibly carry more than two people at the same time and as a result, didn’t seem to be too sure about how to get the other three to a safe place all in one trip. He also seemed to be rather mindful of the spear that the one he called Fi had with him.
Rhya_Reska     139d ago

[If Morgana wasn’t a cat, this would be slightly easier..,] Akira thought to himself before taking a deep breath. "I’d ask for some extra hands if it wasn’t the middle of the night… We might just have to come back for the other two, but I can grab Tidus here. Luckily, the cafe I’m staying at is just right down this alley," he said, pointing to the alleyway behind him.

He then carefully pulled the boy back away from the spier before carefully lifting him. Akira wasn’t the strongest, so he couldn’t carry two people, but this’ll have to do. "Morgana, guard these two until we come back," he said. The black and white cat then hopped out of his bag with a slightly annoyed sounding meow. "I’m not a guard dog, y’know!" Morgana said.
Cat22Bartz   139d ago

((Can’t help that he’s a cat, though.))

“Well then, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” The brown haired boy said cheerfully as he started to walk down the alleyway. He seemed to have a rather cheerful demeanor which was easy to tell by the way that he spoke although it seemed like the ashen haired teen that was referred to as V didn’t think too much of the cheerful demeanor.

“You know that it might be a little too dark to see in the middle of the night so I can probably create a light source.” V said before he created a small fireball in the palm of his hand through the use of fire magic. While he didn’t let go of the small flame, he allowed for it to illuminate the surrounding area since he didn’t seem to trust that the location in general was completely safe.

“Also, you might want to be careful with Tidus. He can be awfully energetic when he wakes up which isn’t always a good thing half the time especially when the location just so happens to be a tight area.” The brown haired boy said. He continued to walk down the alleyway as he spoke however, he also seemed to be counting on the light source that V had created through magic to illuminate the immediate area.
Rhya_ReskaAkira   139d ago

((Yeah I know))

Akira was shocked at first by the sudden flame, though he didn’t have time to question it. He just kept walking until he got to the door to Leblanc. He opened the door and held it open for the other to get through. "There should be plenty of space  up in the attic. Hurry up there," he said.
Cat22Bartz   139d ago

“I’ll be sure to bring the two that I have there before going back for the other two. Besides, I can’t just leave Ace and Ramza out there at night. It’s not safe for them whatsoever.” The brown haired boy said before he entered the Leblanc and went up to the attic before placing both V and Fi down on the floor. After that, he went back down the stairs and exited the building. “I got V and Fi up to the attic. Now, to get Ace and Ramza to safety.” He said before he started to walk back down the alleyway to the area where he was previously at. He had also created a fireball before he left so that he could have something to illuminate the dark streets with and so that he could defend himself if necessary.

Vaan eventually dismissed the fireball that he had created and looked over at the unconscious Fi. “I’m guessing that either you’re not a night owl or that actually ending up here do something to you that I do not understand.” V said. While he didn’t seem to understand why Fi wasn’t waking up, he also decided not to ask too many questions about it and instead, decided that he would remain silent for the time being.
Rhya_ReskaAkira   139d ago

Akira went up to the attic and set Tidus down on the couch by the wall. He took a deep breath before sitting by Vaan. He thought now would be a good time to ask about the fire while they wait for Bartz to return. "So, uhh… Hmm… How-… Is fire magic normal where you come from..?" he asked, pushing up his glasses.
Cat22Vaan   139d ago

“Fire magic is a completely normal occurrence where I am from. It’s one of the basic elements of magic and many of those who begin to use magic often start off with a simple fire spell. Also, I’m Vaan but you can call me V for now! I do not know exactly what this place is however, I’m sure that the others and I will eventually get used to being here.” V said as he looked over at Akira. He appeared to be rather calm and also seemed to also be somewhat sleepy as well.

Bartz eventually returned to Leblanc with Ace and Ramza. While he did manage to make it back rather safely, he also thought that he was rather lucky to not have run into anything that could be considered dangerous. “I’m back and I’ve got both Ace and Ramza with me. I’ll bring them up right now as well.” He said before he walked up the stairs and gently placed Ace and Ramza down on the floor. Like Vaan, he also appeared to be a little sleepy although this was due to him not really being a night owl. He would often be the one to fall asleep rather quickly when night came and as a result, wasn’t used to being awake at midnight.
Rhya_ReskaAkira   139d ago

"You look tired. I’ll go get a futon," Akira said before standing. "Oh- Uh, I do have school tomorrow. If I’m gone before any of you wake up, just tell the guy who owns this place that you’re friends of mine who needed a place to stay," he explained before going to grab a few futons. He laid them out on the floor right as Morgana hopped in through the window.
Cat22Vaan   139d ago

“Wait… what’s a school and can I come along?” Vaan said. He seemed to be rather curious about what school was and wanted to go see what it was like for himself despite the current status of his ankle for the time being. However, this curiosity was also noticed by Bartz who also wanted to know what a school was like.

“Can you tell me more about what a school is? I’ve never heard of one before and I want to know more about what it actually is.” Bartz said. He seemed to express a sort of curiosity about what a school was since he never heard of the concept before. He had been taught everything that he knew by his mother when he was younger and also by his experiences in the world that he traveled in prior to meeting to with the small group that he had come to this new world with. It was because of this upbringing and a general lack of a school building in Lix that caused his curiosity about what a school would even be like.
Rhya_ReskaAkira   139d ago

"Well… School is like a place people go to to learn. Learn how to read, write, basic math, history, and more. I guess I’m not against the idea of you coming along. That might be easier anyway," Akira said. "You’d have to change out of those… interesting clothes though," he explained.

((I just realized, the pic I chose for Akira is basically perfect for the current situation because of his expression haha. He looks so confused/curious))
Cat22Vaan   139d ago

“Well, I didn’t really bring a change of clothes with me since I didn’t really have any time to pack before I was suddenly brought here unexpectedly so I don’t really know what I could wear to school. Also, going to school seems like it might be a lot of fun.” Vaan said before he ended up yawning softly. He was still a little sleepy for some reason and as a result, almost fell asleep on Bartz who was also very close to falling asleep for the night.

“V, could you please try not to fall asleep on me? I get that you’re rather sleepy but falling asleep on me won’t really do anything to combat your sleepiness. Besides, you and I are not night owls and need our sleep so that we can function…” Bartz said softly before he slowly started to fall asleep. He still felt rather sleepy which was apparent by how he was about to doze off and soon enough, he had completely fallen asleep on his own without any warning whatsoever as to why he ended up falling asleep.

((Yep and almost all of the Final Fantasy boys are dressed more like they come from a time before modern technology and then there’s Ace who LITERALLY wears a school uniform.))
Rhya_ReskaAkira   139d ago

((Ace just like: "Feck those raggedy-ass clothes everyone else be wearing! I’m an original, bish!"))

Akira blinked quickly before sitting on his own bed. "Well, I guess we’ll figure that out in the morning..," he mumbled before laying down. As he laid there, Morgana hopped onto the bed with him. "What a strange group..," Morgana sighed before curling up.
Cat22Bartz   139d ago

((Actually, Ace himself has gone to school although it was in the midst of a war which explains the uniform.))

Bartz had eventually fallen asleep without warning and as a result, had curled up on the floor. He had been rather sleepy due to having arrived at midnight and due to this, ended up falling asleep without warning after a while.

“And he fell asleep… It’s probably really late and I should get some sleep as well…” V said before he ended up falling asleep as well. Like Bartz, he was rather tired and as a result, ended up falling asleep right where he was on the floor.
Rhya_ReskaAkira   138d ago

The next morning, Akira woke to the alarm on his phone. He shut it off and sat up. He started to get dressed, not even thinking about anyone else in the room.
Cat22Bartz   138d ago

Bartz had already gone out of the attic and was now in the downstairs area of the cafe. He was with V who was also awake at the time and seemed to be talking with him about the events that ended up happening last night.

“So, I don’t know exactly how we got here or where we are but I’m guessing that we’re stuck here for the time being.” He said as he looked over at V.

“That’s definitely what it seems like, Bartz but it can’t be all that bad! Besides, we’re not having to deal with creatures like tonberries or anything of the sort here so in a way, we’re getting some sort of vacation from the usual things that we encounter! Also, I do know that you carried me down here since I can’t really… get around all that well on my own.” V said. He was trying to make light of a somewhat bad situation and then ended up smiling warmly at Bartz.

“I guess you are right about that but then again, you having a sprained ankle is not really a good thing at the moment. However, it seems like you haven’t really let that fact bring you down at all.” Bartz said as he looked over at V. It seemed like he was still a little uneasy about the whole situation that just happened although he also seemed to be trying his best to hide the uneasy feeling that he had.
Rhya_ReskaSojiro   138d ago

Sojiro walked into the cafe after flipping the sign on the door to open. He rubbed his eyes before noticing the two strangers sitting in his cafe. At first he was a bit surprised, but then he sighed, realizing that Akira probably let these two in. He went behind the counter, staring the two down. "You two Akira’s friends?" he asked.
Cat22Bartz   138d ago

“If you count being found in the middle of the night and then being brought back here as being friends then maybe. V and I only just met him yesterday after the two of us found each other in this world instead of Rabanastre.” Bartz said. He had decided to stop talking with V for the time being in order to answer the question that had been asked of him.

“I guess that you could say more like acquaintances of a sort? We’re not really from around here and are in fact from a far off land. We don’t really have a way to get home either so we’re just stuck here for the time being.” V said. Like Bartz, he also seemed to try his best to explain the current situation although he was also oddly calm for someone who ended up in an unfamiliar location less than 24 hours ago which seemed to slightly unnerve Bartz although the brown haired young man decided not to say anything about it for the time being. 

“Oh and there are about four more of us upstairs. V and I arrived with four other people but I don’t think that the other four have woken up yet.” Bartz said.
Rhya_ReskaSojiro   137d ago

"Hm? That’s odd… Well, I suppose there’s no harm in letting you stay until you can get back to where ya came from," Sojiro said. "I’m Sojiro Sakura by the way, though most people just call me Boss," he explained before heading towards the shelf of coffee beans behind him and grabbed one of the jars.

Akira finally came downstairs in his uniform and yawned. He was holding an extra uniform he had found for Vaan, remembering how Vaan wanted to go to school with him. "Good morning," he said. Morgana poked his head out of Akira’s bag, "Mroww."
Cat22Bartz   137d ago

“I’m Bartz and the person right next to me is named Vaan. However, he prefers to be called V for some reason which is why I call him by that nickname. Anyway, it’s nice to meet ya, Sojiro!” Bartz said cheerfully before he noticed that Akira had come downstairs.

Vaan ended up noticing that Akira had come downstairs and looked over at him. He decided to remain completely silent for the time being which one might find as a little unsettling at first glance however, he also ended up slowly moving away from Bartz as well. “Morning.” He said after a while. He had also taken notice of the extra uniform as well and seemed to be rather curious about it.

Tidus had just woken up not too long ago and ran down the stairs although he ended up tripping over his own two feet which sent him crashing down said stairs. While he wasn’t injured from the crash, he was certainly a little embarrassed about it and as a result, ended up laughing as a way to cover up his embarrassment.

“Good morning. I see that Tidus is now awake and tripped over his own two feet again.” Bartz said as he looked over at Tidus who was laughing. He seemed to be a little embarrassed about what had just happened although it was obvious that Vaan was a little more embarrassed about the incident.
Rhya_ReskaSojiro   134d ago

"Carful on those stairs," Sojiro said, glancing at Tidus. He then began making some coffee. "Are you slright?" Akira asked.
Cat22Tidus   134d ago

“Thanks for the warning! I’ll be sure to keep that in mind the next time I go down the stairs and I’m quite alright. Honestly, I’ve been through much worse than a simple stumble but thanks for asking if I’m alright!” Tidus said cheerfully. The embarrassment that he felt beforehand from stumbling down the stairs was almost completely gone as a more cheerful demeanor soon took its place.

“And it looks like Tidus is completely fine. He’s always been someone who recovers very quick from blunders like that and it’s just honestly a part of who he is at this point.” Vaan said. He was glad that Tidus was completely fine after the blunder and ended up smiling at him before turning his attention back towards the other two.

“Tidus is just… a little dumb… He doesn’t always watch where he is going at times which is why Fi almost always has to be the one to get him before he does anything too stupid although on other occasions, Vaan is the one who has to keep a close eye on him.” Bartz said as he looked over at Tidus. Like Vaan, he was glad that the blonde haired teen was alright although he also did want to scold him for not paying attention to the stairs. However, he ultimately decided not to do so at the moment since he felt like Tidus had learned his lesson with the stairs.


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