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Among the Stars [Closed]

By Lovely_Poison
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SoulDreamerstar   146d ago

Maybe this wasn’t the best decision that he had ever made. Scratch that this was probably one of the worst decisions that he made. But it wasn’t like he had any choice. Soren had to get away from the planet he was on and fast- this ship was the first one he saw. It wasn’t too hard to sneak on when the person he saw outside was distracted. 

Soren’s hand gently grazed the wall on the inside once he stepped aboard. Now he had to figure out how he was going to stay hidden until they docked on the next planet where hopefully he could continue to evade the empire. It wasn’t long before he found somewhere to hide out.  

The male collapsed to the ground. It was then that he finally realized just how winded he had gotten running away from the clones that had chased him. That an the small singe on his arm from where he just barely dodged enemy fire. He shoved his own blaster back into its holster on its side. 

There was a soft sort of groan that came from the ship as it left the planets surface. Which was enough to let Soren know he was at least marginally safe now. His hand reached towards his opposite arm to fidget with the bracelet on his arm. Only when his fingers made contact with the wrist did he notice that the bracelet was missing. [+crimson “Fuck…”] he said under his breath. 

There was multiple reasons why his heart started racing. One the leather bracelet was the last thing his brother gifted to him. Two if he dropped it somewhere on the ship that meant someone could find it. Which would certainly raise alarms. 
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[right [pic]] The sound of the ship groaning had woken Cassia out of her nap. She supposed that meant they were off to Onyx’s next bounty. Of which the specific details evaded her- probably because she wasn’t fully paying attention when they discussed it. Surely the other two expected that of her though so she wasn’t entirely worried about it. Cas pulled herself up onto her feet. 

A small grin formed on her lips as she made her way towards where she assumed Damien would be. One of her favorite pastimes while on route to a new planet was to bug their resident engineer. She never let herself really think through why she enjoyed it so much just chalking it up to her chaotic nature. 

In no time the con artist had found her target. [+orchid “Damien,”] she greeted him her voice bell like, [+orchid “Where are we going again?”] As she waited for his response she stretched her arms over her head idly. On the ship she sometimes felt a bit useless- she was certainly not pilot material. And she figured she would probably make a shit engineer. Her skills more lied in using her wits and charm. She wasn’t a bad shot either when in sticky situations.

[+orchid “Anything I can help with?”] she grinned poking his shoulder. She tried to ignore the way her stomach felt as she did. It was nothing, maybe it was because she was hungry. That had to be it. [+orchid “On second thought, I probably shouldn’t mess with anything on the ship. Don’t want to break anything.”] she smirked. 

Cassia started to back up until she felt herself step on something. Her face twisted in confusion as she bent down to pick up whatever it was. In her hand she found a dark brown bracelet like it was made from someone’s jacket. [+orchid “Well either you or Onyx got a new accessory or we have a stowaway,”] she said tossing the bracelet to Damien.
Lovely_PoisonOnyx Lauristen   145d ago

[center Another day, another bounty, another game of cat and mouse.]

[center Leaning against the ship, Onyx let out a sigh, running gloved hands through her hair. Most of the time, this was exciting. The chase was fun, the credits were usually pretty great, and she wasn't having to do it all alone anymore. She had two pretty great crewmates to help her out. So why was she feeling so down today? For some reason that she was unaware of, she just felt... off. Maybe it was because she had noticed how much time Damien and Cassia were spending together. Or maybe it was because it was the same routine, day in and day out. Whatever the reason, Onyx was annoyed by it.]

[center With a shake of her head, she turned and made her way back onto [i The Siren], knowing it wouldn't do her any good to worry herself sick over it all. The best course of action was to just head out, get this one done, and keep going. One day she'd get caught with the bounty that was on her own head or her past would come back to haunt her.]

[center That day, however, was not today.]

[center Once on the ship, she would make sure that everything checked out okay, double-checking over the comms that their engine was good to go before she started up the ship and set course for Coruscant. Not her favorite planet, but it was where she needed to be, so that was where she was going. If the other two complained then oh well. They could pick the next one. Leaning back in her chair, she let out a sigh, pinching the bridge of her freckled nose. She needed something to change... she really did.]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]] [center [b "Son of a-"] The spark that had shocked his hand was enough to catch the engineer off guard, but he quickly bit his tongue, putting the finger in his mouth as the unexpected numbness went away. [b "I'm the one that keeps you goin'. Do that again and I'll make sure you never get to move another day in your life,"] he mumbled to the ship. Luckily enough, the AI inside hadn't been alerted to him needing anything, so she had no response for him.]

[center [b [i "Damien, are we ready to take off?"]] Lauristen's accented voice echoed throughout the small engine room. Standing, he walked over to the comms device next to the door, groaning as his knee popped.]

[center [b "All set, Cap'n."]]

[center She didn't say anything else but the sudden liveliness of the ship told him she'd heard him. Leaning against the wall, he closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. He had to wonder where they were going this time. He thought to ask but decided against it. She'd sounded a bit irritated, though who knew why this time, so he figured the best thing to do would be to leave her alone for now. When she was ready to vent, she'd tell the two of them over a drink. Pushing away from the metal, he moved back over to the board against the opposite wall, triple and quadruple checking that he hadn't lied to her.]

[center [b [i "Damien, where are we going again?"]]]

[center A chill ran down his spine as the familiar voice. Clearing his throat, he turned to face the red-haired beauty, offering a smile and a shrug before he spoke. [b "Honesty, doll, I have no clue. Onyx hasn't been very forthcoming,"] he said, the country accent a bit thick. Reaching out, he swatted at her hand gently, though continued to smile down at her. [b "I'd hate for ya to break somethin' as well. Can't go around messin' up my ship."] Onyx would argue that it was hers, and while it was on paper, [i he] was the one who kept it running. It was just as much his baby as it was hers.]

[center Watching her, he almost didn't notice she'd tossed something before it was too late. He frowned before he caught the bracelet in his hand. [b "Well, it ain't mine, and last I check, Onyx didn't wear jewelry."] Had someone really snuck onto the ship? And if so, where had they hidden? It wasn't very big. Sooner or later, they would be found. [b "Come on,"] he said, placing a hand on her upper back and leading her out into the hall. [b "Let's go let her know. If we have a guest, we have to give them a good ole' [i Siren] greeting."] Miss Lauristen was going to be pissed...]

[center [pic]]

[left [pic]] [center [b [i "Cap'n, is this yours?"]]]

[center Onyx barely had time to move before her engineer dropped the bracelet into her lap. Raising a brow, she picked it up to examine it. [b "No. Where did you find it?]]

[center [b [i "Cassia found it. Must've kicked it in without noticing. Ain't no one been in there but the two of us."]] He paused before he cleared her throat. [b [i "Talkin' of course. I realize how bad that sounded."]]]

[center A smile tugged at the corners of her lips before she stood, gripping the bracelet in one hand and placing her other on her blaster. [b "Looks like we have a friend. Let's go find them."] With that, she left the bridge, letting the other two search wherever they pleased. Or not search at all. Truly, it was up to them and was no skin off her back. She almost laughed, though, at Damien's flustered response. Those two were so oblivious... it was quite entertaining. She had a bet with herself on who would crack first.]

[center Pushing that from her mind however, she focused on searching the ship, checking the dining area and bedrooms before she checked the supply closet neat the engine room. Grabbing the handle, she threw it open, her face far from kind as it had been moments before. Pulling the blaster from its holster, she aimed it at the unfamiliar man, holding the bracelet up. [b "Missing something?"] She dropped it on the floor before she met his gaze. [b "You have exactly ten seconds to tell me what the hell you're doing on my ship before I put you down."] If there was one thing Onyx didn't like, it was strangers popping up in places where they didn't belong.]
SoulDreamerstar   145d ago

It was too risky to try to find the bracelet now. In fact there was a good chance that it already had been found. Which would mean it would be only moments until they started searching for him. In a ship this size it wouldn’t really take anyone that long to find him. 

But life didn’t give him much time to debate about what to do in his situation as soon the door he was hiding behind was pulled open. His hands flew to the side of his face palms open and facing out. 

[+crimson “Holy shit!”] he said staring down the blaster. It wasn’t like he hadn’t expected that this would be the reaction if he was found. But it didn’t make it any less startling. 

[b [i “You have exactly ten seconds to tell me what the hell you are doing on my ship before I put you down.”]]

Soren swallowed hard before opening his mouth to respond. [+crimson “I had to get off that planet…”] he said unsure how much he should tell this stranger. Enough to make sure she didn’t pull the trigger but not so much that if she was aligned with the empire. His eyes started to scan the woman in front of him. 

The gorgeous woman standing before him didn’t give the vibe of empire sympathizer. In fact the reason he picked the ship was the fact that it looked like the ship of someone who was morally ambiguous. Someone who more cared about the payoff then the side. 

[+crimson “I’ll tell you more if you stop pointing that thing in my face,”] he said nodding to the blaster in her hands. He could at least give her a little information. Maybe say he was on the run- but not who he was on the run from. Unless it would be better to do so. Certainly he would not be sharing why he was on the run.

Though he could understand why the woman did not want to lower her guard. He was a stranger on her ship. If he was in her shoes he could see himself assuming the worst. [+crimson “Look I don’t mean any of you any harm. I just need passage to wherever you are heading next. Whatever planet I will get off and go from there,”] he said carefully not daring to lower his hands until she lowered her weapon. 

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[right [pic]] Cassia wondered why she felt a shiver run through her when he called her doll. Maybe she was cold. That had to be it right? Her face still held its smirk though not wanting to show the flips her stomach was doing. Which only increased when she felt his hand at the small of her back guiding her out towards their captain. She tried to force her mind off the sensation of him guiding her as the more pressing issue was finding whoever was the owner of the bracelet. 

Once they were in front of Onyx, the con woman leaned against the wall letting Damien do the talking. The metal interior of [i Siren] felt cold on her hands as she tucked them behind her back. Only pulling one arm out from behind her again to wave once Damien mentioned that she found it. Her ears peeking up as Damien started to trip over his words about them. There was a small spark that glinted momentarily in her eyes. 

[+orchid “Sounds like a plan Onyx,”] Cassia smiled bowing her head slightly to the other woman. She couldn’t help but notice that the captain seemed more lively at the news of the stowaway. Like she was at least partially excited about this turn of events. 

Once it was just the two of them again Cas smirked, [+orchid “Well if you are done thinking about the two of us alone in a room together- we should probably go check for the intruder,”] her voice was teasing as she spoke even though those kind of thoughts made her mind wander. Though he probably would have been just as flustered if he was talking about someone else, she wouldn’t allow herself to read too much into it. 

She grabbed her blaster, [+orchid “You coming?”] she grinned to him before exiting the room to start her search. She wasn’t sure if the male would follow her but she found herself hoping that he did.

The young woman started down the ship in the opposite way she had seen Onyx go. Trying to think about where someone could be hiding and not about the man potentially trailing behind her.
Lovely_PoisonOnyx Lauristen   145d ago

[center Onyx's aim didn't waver once, her eyes staying trained on his as she listened to him speak. She did raise a brow when he told her to stop pointing the blaster at him. She almost scoffed. She wasn't an idiot. It was how she'd survived this long, especially in the early days when she'd been alone. She had no reason to believe that he wouldn't try and kick it from her hand or take it from her the moment she lowered it. Instead, she moved her finger to the trigger, clicking her tongue on the roof of her mouth.]

[center She thought about his next words carefully, realizing very quickly that he was hiding from someone or trying to get away from something. How? She'd been in his position before. Not exactly like this, where she'd snuck onto someone's ship to wait until they arrived at the next destination, but she knew what it was like to have to get away from something, especially in a hurry. With a sigh, she slowly lowered the blaster, taking a step back before she put it back in its holster. She tossed the bracelet at him before she crossed her arms over her chest.]

[center [b "Get up. Any weapons you have on you are to be dropped onto the floor right now and don't try to fool me, because I'm patting you down regardless. After that, you can explain yourself. If I don't like it, I'm sending you out through the airlock."] Perhaps it was an empty threat, but it usually did a pretty damn good job at getting people to do what she wanted. She'd only ever had to actually do it once or twice, though those had been different circumstances. He didn't need to know that, of course.]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]] [center Damien did his best to ignore the young woman's comment, though it didn't stop the faint blush from creeping across his cheeks. [b "Oh, hush, you,"] was all he said before he grabbed his own blaster, waving her forward. [b "Yes, I'm comin'. Be patient."] She was a bossy little thing, wasn't she? Despite that, though, he did in fact follow her, knowing it wouldn't take very long before they found whoever it was that was hiding aboard. It wasn't like they could go very far, after all. They were in space. It didn't get more private than out here.]

[center Despite their searching together, when Damien heard Onyx's voice pipe up behind them, he paused. While he couldn't hear what it was she was saying, he recognized the accent enough to know she'd succeeded in finding the stowaway. [b "Guess we don't have to keep searchin',"] he said, putting the blaster away just as quickly as he had drawn it. He was a bit relieved that it had been her and not one of them to find the person. He had a habit of shooting first and asking questions later. The bounty hunter might be a little more forgiving.]

[center Glancing down at Cassia, he shrugged. [b "Think we should go get a look at our new friend, or do we let Cap'n take care of it?"] He was curious to see who had been brave enough to sneak on board the ship, but at the same time, if they pissed off Onyx enough or managed to screw something up, it could get messy pretty quick, and while that didn't necessarily bother him, he didn't want to be apart of it if and when it happened. Always better to let her do the dirty work. He, however, would change his mind depending on what the woman beside him wanted to do.]
SoulDreamerstar   145d ago

Once it was clear that she would let him stand up without shooting him he made a scramble to his feet. In a slower move he started to reach for his weapon with one hand. Soren unhooked the blaster from his side slowly bending his knees. Once he had gently set the blaster on the floor he stepped forward leaving it behind. 

[+crimson “That’s my only weapon,”] he stated keeping his hands up as he moved in front of her. As he got closer his gaze had to turn downwards as he was a bit taller then the female captain in front of him. Not that the slight amount of height he had on her would help him. Even if he had his weapon on him he felt there was a good chance this woman would have the upper hand on him. 

Soren stood still as he was pat down. Not bothering to even start to explain himself. He didn’t want to startle her, not when she was still likely to shoot him. Once it seemed like she was satisfied that he didn’t have some secret weapon on him he exhaled. 

[+crimson “Look I had to get away from some people who would likely see my head detached from my body,”] he said hoping that she would allow him to stay vague. He hoped that he came across as non-threatening. It was true that he never planned on harming anyone on this ship. If he had it his way he would have been in and out without the crew noticing. 

He did wonder if there were other crew members on this ship. Though he thought he had heard talking while he was hiding so there had to be others around. 

Soren crossed his arms across his chest, [+crimson “All I ask is to drop me off wherever you are headed to. I can figure it out from there.”] He wouldn’t ask anymore then a ride to the next place. It was his lot to do this alone he figured. 
[center [pic]]
[right [pic]] It didn’t seem to take Onyx that long to find the stowaway. Which Cassia didn’t mind as it meant she wasn’t the one who had to figure out what to do about their mystery guest.

She in turn holstered her own blaster before turning to face the male. Her lips pursed as she processed his question. The woman was certainly interested in seeing who exactly had snuck onto their ship. People usually went out of their way to not mess with them. 

But heading towards Onyx and the stranger would mean no more teasing Damien for a little bit. So in the very least she could try to find a way to tease him before they left. A mischievous smile formed on her lips, [+orchid “Sure we can go meet our new friend. Though that would mean that we couldn’t be alone in a room together.”] 

As she spoke she walked up to him. Seeing Damien flustered was always amusing to the con woman. Even if his flushed expression and flustered speech didn’t have any hidden meaning behind it. At least she could pretend that there was a reason why he seemed to get tongue tied around her. Though she wasn’t sure why she wanted there to be meaning. 

She lightly flicked his arm before continuing to saunter out of the room. [+orchid “Just to talk of course,”] she said turning to face him again and stick her tongue out. A light giggle emanated from her as she then said, [+orchid “Come on let’s go see who Onyx found.”]

It was then she started to make her way towards where they had heard Onyx voice coming from. Hopefully nothing would turn for the worst.
Lovely_PoisonOnyx Lauristen   144d ago

[center As promised, Onyx did indeed pat him down, doing her best to focus on what she was doing and [i not] how oddly handsome he was. It wasn't like her to notice such things and definitely seemed unlikely that they would have two attractive men on board. Yes, she was willing to admit Damien was a looker, though she had no interest in him at all. For one, she saw the way Cassia would look at him, and for two, she wasn't looking for a relationship. It was too dangerous to be so vulnerable and trusting with someone like that.]

[center She quickly brought her mind away from that direction, not wanting to deal with the pain that would come with those thoughts. Pulling her hands away from him, she let out a sigh, relieved to find that he had in fact told the truth about that blaster being the only thing he had. Last thing she needed was to be blindsided by a hidden weapon. Walking over, she reached down to pick it up from the floor, though she didn't hand it to him just yet. [b "I know how that is all too well,"] she mumbled, examining the blaster. [b "Alright then,"] she said after a moment or two of thinking it over. [b "You can have this back when you leave. Till then, I can't trust you with it."]]

[center Turning back to face him, she held out her free hand. [b "Onyx Lauristen. Be glad you caught me on a good day. If not, I might have still sent you out into space and kept the blaster for myself."] While her tone was flat, a small smile tugged at the corner of her lips. [b "There's two others aboard, Damien and Cassia. Screw with them while you're here and I really will make sure you suffer."] If there was one thing a person didn't mess with, it was those she considered family.]

[center If she were honest, she wasn't too sure she felt comfortable keeping the stranger aboard. The safety of her ship and everyone on it were her top priority. Even on a mission, making sure that everyone got back safe was her main concern. However, she had no real reason to toss him out if he were being genuine and, despite how she acted most of the time, she [i did] have a heart, and a set of morals. So for now, he would stay until they arrive to Coruscant or until he proved her wrong for believing him.]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]] [center Oh, she was a little witch, the con artist was. [b "We're alone together right now,"] he mumbled, hating the way his stomach flipped. Why did he care so much if they were alone or not? Why had he cared when he said it? They were on a ship together in the middle of space. It was expected that they'd end up alone together a few times a day. Then again, he'd been alone with Onyx plenty and never once had he felt pulled to her like he did Cassia. Maybe it was because she was so much friendlier?]

[center Seeing her approach, he took a small step back, raising a brow as he looked down at her. Why the hell was he so close to her? And why did his cheeks feel warm? Maybe the vents were down.]

[center He narrowed his eyes as she flicked him, though there was no malice behind the expression. [b "Keep it up, doll. See how fast I lock your ass inside a closet,"] he said, a laugh escaping his throat. He knew that she was aware that he wouldn't do anything to harm her or to let anything happen. They were a team, the three of them were, and may whatever forces above help anyone that tried to cross them.]

[center With a roll of his eyes, he followed close behind her, arms crossed over his chest as they followed the sound of the other two voices. He couldn't help but wonder who it was that had snuck aboard. Was it someone that was there to do some damage, or just someone who had snuck onto the wrong ship? Either way, Damien didn't like the fact that they were in this situation, and he was more than ready to start a fight if needed.]
SoulDreamerstar   144d ago

While he was being patted down he couldn't help but notice again the attractiveness of the fierce woman in front of him. Sure she was a bit standoffish and had alluded to offing him multiple times but that didn't mean she wasn't stunning. Though he tried to not think too hard on it, not when he both was unsure if she would let him live or not and while she was so close to him. So close in fact that he felt like he could count the freckles that lined the bridge of her nose. 

When she did step back, apparently satisfied with the fact that he indeed only had that one weapon she grabbed his blaster too. He felt his heart clench slightly in his chest at the thought of being weaponless on a strangers ship. It wasn't as if he had much of a choice in the matter though. With his own hand he reached out to grab the one that she offered him, [+crimson "Soren Aphelion,"] he responded. This time when she threated to jettison him he noticed that there was a small tug at the corner of her mouth. The observation caused his own to lift into a sort of soft smirk. [+crimson "Noted,"] was all he said to her. 

So there was two others on the ship as well. It made sense that there were only a few of them here. It wasn't a large vessel. By the sounds of it, the crew aboard this ship was close knit as well. God, he hoped he didn't accidentally get on anyone's bad side. It was then that he noticed they were joined by two others. The red-haired female, Cassia he presumed, bounded gracefully to Onyx's side. The first thing he noticed about the two newcomers was that both of their faces seemed to have a light flush to them- [i Interesting]. His eyes quickly darted between Cassia and Damien. 

[b [i "Is this our new friend?"]] 

He heard the red-haired girl ask Onyx. Which also caused him again to realize just how out numbered he was in this situation. [+crimson "Soren,"] he gave a small wave of greeting. The man ignored her comment about his looks knowing that she was probably trying to trip him up. Though he was sure his eyes momentarily flashed with confusion at her comment. 

Soren ventured a glance at the other male then who stood with his arms crossed. Though Soren was sure that if he moved in any way that appeared threating the man would have his blaster out and pointed at him in no time. Just who were these people? How did they find each other? What had he gotten himself into now. 
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[right [pic]]

As she lead the way towards their captain she willed herself to not look back. Especially after she heard his laugh. The young woman could feel the heat on her cheeks- she didn't want Damien seeing the color that lay there. Why was she even flushed anyways? She was a flirtatious person- so why did it feel so different when she acted that way around Damien. And why did her heart rate increase when he called her doll. 

Still facing forward she responded to the engineer, [+orchid "Try to lock me in a closet and one I will kick your ass, two I will tell Onyx who will also kick your ass."] Her voice still holding its joking tone, [+orchid "After all I am one of her favorite people."] Damien was the other though. And most likely in that scenario Onyx would just roll her eyes at the two of them and give them this knowing look that she had been giving lately when it came to the two of them. Which in turn made Cassia's stomach flip, did Onyx know why Cassia was feeling all these things when it came to Damien? 

When they reached their captain it seemed like she had already diffused the situation. Cassia immediately made her way over to the other woman. It seemed like Onyx was not at all harmed by the strange man that stood on their ship. Which was good- Cassia was a typically friendly person but all bets were off when it came to her team. The three of them would do anything for each other- they were a family. The only family the young woman had. 

[+orchid "Is this our new friend?"] she asked with her usual grin, [+orchid "Glad he is being so well behaved, it would have been a shame to have to injure that good looking face."] Cassia tilted her head to the side observing the stranger, [+orchid "Cassia Quinlan. Some of my friends call me Cas but we aren't friends- at least not until I know you won't be a danger to any of us."] Through all she said to Soren her voice still held its light tone and a smile still played across her face. 

She then turned to look at her captain. Waiting to be told what the plan was for their little stowaway. Maybe Onyx would be fine with him having free range of the ship, or one of them might have to babysit. Or they would have to lock him up somewhere. Whatever Onyx said the plan was, Cassia would follow it. The dark haired woman rarely led them astray.
Lovely_PoisonOnyx Lauristen   139d ago

[center [i Soren.]]

[center The name tossed and turned around in her mind for a moment or two before she nodded. [b “My ship, my rules. Do as I say while you’re here and we won’t have any problems. Understood?”] At the end of the day, the safety of Cassia and Damien were more important than anything else and she really would do what it took to keep them alive and well. If this handsome stranger did anything to jeopardize that, she really would let him live long enough to regret it.]

[center It didn’t take long for the other two to join them, which eased Onyx’s nerves just a little. She was quick to take a few steps back, putting distance between her and Soren. She was more than happy to let her two crewmates get to know the man. She couldn’t have cared less to know more than his name. The less she knew, the less attached she would get. The less attached she got, the less likely the chance that he would end up staying aboard their ship. Another member was the last thing she needed… She worried too much about the other ones as it was.]

[center She glanced at the other woman beside her for just a moment, only nodding in response. She didn’t quite like the use of the word friend, but she wouldn’t correct Cassia. Let her speak how she wanted to. He wouldn’t be staying long anyway. She did, however, have to keep from rolling her eyes as the woman commented on the same thing the brunette had already noticed. [i Yes, he’s handsome. Let’s] not [i focus on that,] she thought to herself. It would just be a distraction.]

[center The other male of the ship took a step forward, though Onyx could tell by the tension his shoulders carried and the look on his face that he didn’t like this one bit. [b “Damien,”] he mumbled, holding his hand out for just a moment to Soren. [b “Mess with the girls and you mess with me, got it?”] She almost smirked. He was trying to be tough and protective, which she got, but he knew just as well as she did that the two women didn’t need protecting. They knew how to handle themselves. Still, the thought was nice.]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]] [center Damien had decided not to comment about Onyx and Cassia both kicking his ass. Of that, he had no doubt. He knew Cas would enjoy it, though, while Onyx would just be annoyed. She probably wouldn’t even really do anything to him. Just a stern talking to if it was really warranted. She tended to let a lot of things slide when it came to the two of them. He had always wondered why that was but had never thought to ask her. One day he would. Today was not that day.]

[center Coming upon Onyx and the stranger, Damien was immediately on guard, arms crossed over his chest as he took the man in. He seemed non-threatening enough on the surface, though that didn’t mean anything. It was a good sign that their captain seemed unharmed. That would be a good point for him not being so bad right off the bat if it wasn’t for the fact that he knew that anyone could turn and stab someone in the back when they were least expecting it, no matter how harmless they seemed.]

[center Hearing Cassia speak, a tick started in his jaw. The guy wasn’t that good-looking, so why did she feel the need to comment on his face at all? Damien paused. Why did he care so much? Why did her words make him feel a bit angry? Quickly pushing all of that away, he held out a hand to introduce himself. This guy didn’t need to know anything about him outside of his name. It wasn’t information that he would need in the future, that much was for sure.]

[center [b [i “Alright, now that that’s over with, let’s move on. Soren, I’ll show you around. If you’re not with me, you’re with one of them. It stays that way until I say otherwise. Last thing I need is for you to go poking around in places that you don’t need to be.”]] She’d give him a short tour, but that was about it. [b [i “We’re heading to Coruscant. That’s where we’ll drop you off, do what we have to do, and then we’re gone. You don’t know us and we don’t know you. Understood?”]]]

[center Damien only nodded, having no problem with the idea, outside of the fact that he might have to babysit the stranger. He hoped it wouldn’t come to that. [b [i “You two stay out of trouble,”]] she said, pointing to him and Cassia before she motioned for Soren to follow her. Damien tensed a little, wanting to argue that he wasn’t the troublemaker out of the two of them, though he could tell by the look on the woman’s face that anything he said would fall on deaf ears.]

[center So he kept his mouth shut, glancing at Cassia for a brief moment. How was she feeling about all of this? He was curious, though he didn’t bother to ask. He had to assume she would tell him her thoughts sooner or later.]
SoulDreamerstar   138d ago

It seemed that Onyx was still not convinced that he was not there to hurt them. Which he supposed was understandable. He did stowaway on their ship, and he was armed. But also he didn’t feel like constantly being worried that the crew on this ship was going to decide he was a threat. Still he nodded to let her know that he understood that she was in charge of this vessel. 

[+crimson “I don’t plan on messing with anyone,”] he said shaking the males hand that was offered to him. He was pretty sure one would be insane to mess with any of the three people in front of him. They all looked like danger. Last thing Soren needed was more enemies. 

Coruscant. Not ideal- it could be a pretty dangerous place. Especially when on the run from the Empire. Though there were those sympathetic to the rebellion. Soren would just have to find those people. Make it work. 

[+crimson “Yeah I get it. Get to the planet. And go our separate ways,”] he said crossing his arms over his chest. [+crimson “Understood.”] 

Soren did his best to not roll his eyes as Onyx motioned for him to follow. As they left the other two behind. As they walked down the hall he focused on Onyx again. He couldn’t help but feel like there was more to Onyx then she showed. She came across as a no nonsense woman who did not let people close to her. Perhaps there was some truth to that. But he couldn’t help but feel like there was more than that to her. 

Not that he expected her to open up to him. He was a stranger. [+crimson “Thanks for not killing me…”] he said lightly to the woman, [+crimson “How long until we are at Coruscant?”] As they walked he looked around the ship. It wasn’t the most glorious vessel he had ever seen but it seemed to be kept up pretty well. 

Some of the patch work done on the ship was more noticeable then others. All in all whoever was in charge of upkeep was decently talented. Soren couldn’t help but think that it would be nice to have a person like that in the Rebellion. 
[center [pic]]
[right [pic]]

The con woman went silent again as she watched Damien introduce himself. Being part of this crew meant knowing how to hold your own in sticky situations- the engineer certainly knew they didn’t need protecting. But Cassia was far from offended, in fact a gentle type of smile formed on her face.

During the time that the guys were talking to each other Cassia draped her arms around the captains shoulders. Giving a light sort of hug. [+orchid “Glad you are safe,”] she whispered lightly. After all Onyx had been by herself searching for a stranger aboard their ship. Even though the woman was more than capable of taking someone out Cassia couldn’t help but be concerned for her friends’ safety.

The young woman retracted herself from the other woman as quickly as she had hugged her. And they were right back to usual business. Cas nodded as Onyx spoke. Seemed like babysitting duty would be in the books for them. No way could Onyx constantly be watching him. Though she was certain that Damien would hate the idea of doing that. 

Her hands went up in feign surrender. [+orchid “As always captain,”] she grinned knowing that she was always the one that caused trouble when it came to her and Damien. Maybe she was a magnet for it. Though in her defense she was always able to get herself out of it. 

Once the other two had left Cassia let her arms drop to her side again. Her eyes narrowed a little bit watching their backs disappear down the hall. [+orchid “We should probably keep our eyes on him. Make sure he isn’t going to try to pull one over on us,”] Cassia said not sure if Damien was even listening. In some ways she said what she did out loud to make it real for herself. 

Cassia then turned on her heel to face the engineer. [+orchid “So what to do now, my engineer?”] she asked playfully. Though she immediately felt her face flush when she processed what she said. [+orchid “I-I mean our engineer,”] she stammered out quite unsure why she was feeling so nervous all the sudden. It wasn’t out of character for her to be flirty. Flirting was how she got her way sometimes when things went south on missions or in life.
Lovely_PoisonOnyx Lauristen   137d ago

[center Onyx barely moved a muscle as the red-headed woman wrapped her arms around her. She barely even glanced at her, though she did offer her a small smile and a pat on the arm. [b “Thank you,”] she said softly. The last thing she needed was for the crew to worry about her. As fast as it had started, the moment ended, and she had to wonder if either of the men standing before them had noticed. Most likely not. They were too busy staring each other down. The bounty hunter resisted the urge to roll her eyes, despite the fact that not long ago, she’d been threatening Soren all the same as Damien.]

[center She was glad when Cassia acknowledged her words a few minutes later, though the grin was no comfort. She was very doubtful he and Damien would actually listen to her. After all, she was fairly convinced they weren’t having fun if they weren’t causing trouble [i somewhere,] whether it was on the ship or when they were docked on a planet. Trouble seemed to follow the three of them if she were to be honest. She couldn’t put all the blame on them. That wouldn’t be fair.]

[center Finally able to get away from the other two, she felt a little relieved. This way, she could show the man around, hopefully get him to sit quietly in the co-pilot chair when they were done, and not have to really worry about him for the rest of the journey. The problem with that was that the voyage ahead would not be a short one, not like it usually would be if she were on a merchant ship or anything of the like. No, Onyx had to take the long way around to decrease the chances that they would be caught by the Empire.]

[center Or someone worse.]

[center Her stomach knotted as hazel eyes flashed through her mind. [i You have] got [i to find a way to deal with that.] Yeah, yeah, she knew that, and one day she would. That day just wasn’t coming any time soon. Hearing Soren’s voice pulled her out of the dark place that she threatened to fall back into. She waved her hand dismissively. [b “No need to thank me. You didn’t attack me right away so I really had no reason to do so. Just keep it that way and you’ll be just fine.”] She then shrugged. [b “At least a day or two. I don’t stick to the same route. I don’t care how fast or slow it is. Keeps us from being taken hostage or anything like that.”] Surely he could live with that.]

[center After showing him the small bar/dining area, along with where the bedrooms were located, she would finally turn to him again. [b “Why not tell me a little bit about yourself? Anything interesting I should know?”] She wanted to ask him why he was on the run but had quickly decided against it. She didn’t need a reason to sympathize with him any more than she already did, if only because she understood how it felt.]

[center She’d been in his shoes once upon a time.]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]] [center There wasn’t much more that Damien could say to the man standing before him. So long as he really understood that no harm would come to those on board, no matter how hard he might try, then everything should be just fine. He still felt uneasy with the idea of him staying on board the ship, thinking it better that they just jettison his ass out and not have to worry about him anymore, but at the end of the day, whatever Onyx said was final. No point in arguing with her, no matter how much he wanted to.]

[center He would keep his eyes on the two until they disappeared completely from sight, wanting to make sure that Soren didn’t try anything with the dark-haired woman’s back turned. Satisfied when he didn’t, he finally turned his attention to Cas, wondering how she was feeling about the whole ordeal. [b “Agreed,”] he mumbled under his breath. He didn’t trust the man as far as he could throw him, which he had to assume really wouldn’t be far.]

[center With a sigh, he ran a hand through his hair, pausing as the next few words left the woman’s lips. He raised a brow, a slight blush coloring his cheeks. [i My engineer?] Had she meant to say it that way? [b [i “Your] engineer? My my, Cas, you’re getting quite bold,”] he said with a chuckle, reaching out to ruffle her hair. [b “Why don’t you and I play a game of Sabacc? Keep our minds off of our little friend until Onyx decides to pass him off to one of us?”]]

[center A grin spread across his face. [b “We can even play for credits if it keeps things interesting.”] He wasn’t very confident that he would beat her, but there was no harm in trying. She didn’t have to know just yet how terrible of a card player he was.]
SoulDreamerstar   136d ago

As they walked through the ship the male continued to look around waiting for Onyx to respond to him. Soren found himself wondering how these three wound up together. They seemed so close that one might assume they had known each other their whole lives but that was probably not the case. What had they gone through that bonded them so much? Though perhaps that was a dumb question, after all he had people he was inexplicably close to as well. His friends that also had joined the rebellion. Ones who he had gone through some shit with. 

[+crimson “Believe me I have no intentions of harming you or anyone else aboard this vessel,”] he repeated again knowing that there was no reason for the captain to believe him. He didn't have much of a response when it came to the answer to his question. It was a statement of fact and no matter what his response was nothing would speed or slow down the arrival time. Plus he had no real problem with it other than the fact that it meant he would have to spend more time concerned about getting on the bad side of the other two. They seemed just a tad more unpredictable than the Captain did. Not that he could easily read her- more that she felt like the more level-headed force in this trio. Perhaps he was wrong though. 

He was given a small tour of where things were located on the ship. He realized they hadn't discussed quite yet how sleeping arrangements were going to work. But he wasn't exactly tired yet so that could wait. Soren was aware of the question she probably had wanted to ask before opting for the generic one. [+crimson "Well I don't usually stowaway on other peoples ships,"] he said with a small grin. She seemed friendly enough it would hurt to maybe be a little less guarded. [+crimson "I was a pilot for a little bit, I am not terrible at it."] He shared with a small shrug. Soren didn't add that mainly he gathered intel for the rebellion or that he was a pilot for the rebellion in the past. Sharing that information at this point would only put everyone in further danger. 

[+crimson "What about you anything interesting to share?"] he asked Onyx back. [+crimson "Is it weird at all being on a ship with a couple as your only crewmates?"] He figured the other two were probably together. He had noticed the way the other males jaw set when the red-head had called him good-looking. Plus it would explain the flushed faces that they had had when they joined their captain. 

As he waited for her response he fidgeted a little bit with his bracelet securing it back onto his arm. Hopefully this time it wouldn't fall off. In no way did he want to lose the only part of his brother he had left. He was thankful he had gotten it back- not that he had wanted to share that in the moment with a blaster pointed at his face. If Malachi was here with him he would finessed the situation a whole lot better than Soren had that's for sure.
[center [pic]]
[right [pic]]

Of course he was the one being a brat now. Perhaps she deserved it, she was teasing him just moments before when the roles were reversed. [+orchid "Oh shut it,"] she said as she felt her face get warmer still. Cassia reached out and lightly shoved Damien on his chest just before she felt his hand on her head ruffling her hair. Strands of red fell disjointedly around her face. One small strand ended up next to her nose, [+orchid "Hey!"] she exclaimed before brushing his hand away from her head. 

What made her more uncomfortable than the state of her hair was the fact that her stomach started doing tiny flips at his gesture. In a huffed sort of manner Cassia went about fixing her hair, running her own hand through it till everything was again framing her face instead of in her face. Slowly her eyes drifted up to meet Damien's as he spoke of Sabacc. Her own mischievous grin forming on her face. [+orchid "You are on. And of course we will play for credits,"] she responded. 

It was taking everything in her to will her face back down to its normal state. It was something she was not used to. She was not one to feel these sort of nerves, anytime she had ever flirted with a man she was always in control of herself. Never did they make her face heat up, not really anyways, she would pretend sure. But whenever she or Damien made any sort of comment that toed on flirtation her face seemed to instantly turn red. 

Then with a wink she added, [+orchid "Can't wait to relieve you of your credits. It will certainly make my day."] As she spoke she took a step towards him in order to lightly poke his chest with her pointer finger when she said the word you. Though with the step forward she had to lift her head up slightly more to still look him in the eye. Christ this man was tall. Or rather she was on the shorter side. Maybe both. After her challenge to him she turned on her heel making her way towards where she knew they kept cards for Sabacc. Which also thankfully meant they wouldn't be standing in the hall anymore where Onyx and Soren could walk past again and see her flushed face. 

She made her way into the room which housed a bar and also a small table. The cards were usually stored on a shelf on the inner side of the bar. Once she had the cards she placed them in the man's hand. [+orchid "Here you can deal first, don't want you to accuse me of being a cheat,"] she grinned at him. Though she was certain he knew that there were two people in this world that Cas would never try to con. [+orchid "I am assuming we are playing here unless you would prefer to play elsewhere,"] she said making her way back around the bar and towards the table in a fluid motion.
Lovely_PoisonOnyx Lauristen   135d ago

[center The bounty hunter hoped he was right. She didn't want to put some trust in him, to believe him when he said he wouldn't hurt any of them, only to be proven wrong when he turned around and took over the ship or stabbed one of them in the back for the credits on their heads. She'd had that happen one too many times before and she really didn't want to deal with that kind of situation again. [b "I appreciate that,"] she said a moment later. With that, she grew quiet again, continuing to show him around and only speaking when it came to specifying what room they were in or where he could get certain things, etc, etc.]

[center About halfway through, she started to believe she should've told Cassia to show him around. Out of the three of them, she was truly the more talkative one. She was a people person. Onyx was not. If she could avoid interacting with anyone outside the ship, she tried to. Diplomacy was not her strong suit and it showed most of the time. With him answering her question, she would look at him, slowly nodding. She could've guessed that stowing away wasn't something he would normally do. [b "I figured that much,"] she said softly. Her tone wasn't harsh or annoyed. Just a more matter-of-fact tone.]

[center [b "That's good, then. You can help me when I can't pilot the ship."] It was mostly a joke since she wasn't sure she could trust him not to try and crash the ship or hurt it in any way, but at the same time, she knew it would be nice to have someone who could help her when it came to getting them where they were going. If she asked Cas or Damien, she was sure one of them would jump up to help without any issue, but since she never asked, she didn't actually know how much they knew when it came to taking control of a ship.]

[center She would tense slightly when he asked about her. What was she supposed to say to that? She didn't think there was really much she could say. [b "I've been on the run from the Empire, as well,"] she said after a moment or two. She figured trying to relate to something with him would be a good way to break some of the ice. He was going to be around for a couple of days. May as well try and be nice while he was there. She then raised a brow before scoffing. [b "They're definitely not a couple, but they keep dancing around it for much longer and I'm going to lock them in a room together and wait for them to figure it out."]]

[center To her knowledge, her two crewmates hadn't actually made any moves on one another, but the feelings were quite obvious. Onyx had seen the looks they'd given one another when the other wasn't looking. She'd also seen how tense Damien had become when Cassia had commented on Soren's looks. Maybe he hadn't realized he'd done it, but the reaction was there. The two were just awful when it came to talking about their feelings. The captain couldn't blame them, though. Putting one's feelings out there made them vulnerable and set them out for heartbreak and failure. That shit sucked.]

[center With a sigh, she ran her hand through her hair before looking up at him. Now that everything had calmed down, she was exhausted. Maybe it was a continuation of her earlier moment of feeling down. They happened from time to time and she never really knew how to deal with them. [b "I'll figure out a place for you to stay. If push comes to shove, I'll just have Cassia bunk with me and you can stay in her bed."] She paused for a moment. [b "Or she can bunk with Damien. Either way, you'll get a bed, they'll get a bed, and everyone will be happy."] She didn't mind the idea of sharing a bed with the other woman but having slept alone for so long, Onyx wasn't sure she would get much sleep.]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]] [center A smirk tugged at the corners of his lips as Damien stared down at the redhead before him. [b "Okay, okay,"] he said, holding his hands up as she pushed the one away from her head. If he were honest, she looked pretty good with her hair messed up like that. He, however, knew better than to say that out loud, lest she punched him in the face for it. Her huffing and trying to fit it didn't help his thoughts, though. What was it about her that drew him in? He lived on the ship with two beautiful women, and yet Onyx didn't make his stomach flip or his mind run wild the way Cassia did.]

[center He just didn't understand it and it was starting to drive him crazy. In response to her words, he would roll his eyes, nudging her in her arm. [b "I'm so going to kick your ass, little missy,"] he said with a grin. He was very doubtful that was true, but she didn't need to know that just yet. He would quickly follow behind him as she walked away, only glanced down for a slight second before he brought his eyes to the back of her head, where they would remain until they were in the bar room. He quickly moved past her to search for a bottle to drink from. For some reason, a drink sounded really good.]

[center Once it had a bottle in one hand, he would take the cards from her, nodding slowly. [b "You're just lettin' me do it so that [i you] can accuse [i me] of cheatin'."] He smiled at her as he set the bottle down on the bar. He wished he knew how to cheat when it came to cards. He wouldn't have lost so many credits in the early days before he'd met her and the captain. Then again, if he had been good at cards, he probably never would've crossed paths with them. [b "Here is probably the safest option,"] he said, walking over to the table with the bottle once it was open. [b "Only other place would be one of our rooms."] Walking behind her, he leaned over to whisper in her ear. [b "But that would just have us alone in a more intimate room, now wouldn't it?"] He probably shouldn't have, but he intended to get back at her for messing with him earlier.]

[center Quicky moving away, he sat opposite of her, that shit-eating grin plastered on his face. [b "Alright, Cas,"] he started, shuffling and dealing the cards, [b "how much are we bettin'?"] Whatever she threw out, he would match it.]
SoulDreamerstar   134d ago

[+crimson "I'd be honored that you would trust me that much,"] Soren replied at the joking comment about flying the ship. The young man couldn't help the grin that formed on his face. It was like the corners of his face turned up on their own. Usually he tried to keep some distance between him and others, it was easier to not get hurt that way. Or at least that was what he told himself. Though he felt himself tug on his bracelet again at the worry that he would end up getting closer to this crew then he meant to if he kept sharing information with them. 

Maybe asking her the question in return had been a mistake. In no way did the captain seem like a forthcoming individual. Clearly she was a little bothered by the line of questioning. One of his eyebrows did raise at her comment about being on the run from the empire before as well. It made sense- after all these were people who did less than legal things. Or hunted down people on bounties. Well at least thats what he assumed based on the state of the ship and the vibes they gave off. Though none of them had exactly told him that they were criminals. 

Onyx didn't show much expression when telling Soren that her crewmates were not together but Soren got the feeling that the two of them were very important to the captain.  He wondered if the tension between the two annoyed or amused her. Then again he wasn't sure why he cared so much. Why did he feel this desire to know if the captain wished Damien was into her instead of Cassia? He tried to shake the thought from his head. 

He smirked lightly, [+crimson "Ah so they are like that then. Oblivious of what is obvious to everyone in front of them."] For people that seemed quick with a shot, it appeared that they weren’t as quick with their feelings. 

Again Soren left the realm of his thoughts to pay attention to Onyx again when she started discussing sleeping arrangements. He smiled at the woman, [+crimson “Already tired of waiting for them to figure it out?”] he mused. Soren couldn’t help himself from noting that she didn’t suggest her and Damien sharing a bed. Which in turn made his chest feel weirdly warm. 

[+crimson “I’m not too concerned. As long as there is somewhere to sleep at the end of the day. After all I was planning on sleeping in a closet,”] he joked. 

[center [pic]]
[right [pic]]

Hearing the tickle of a whisper in her ear made her breath catch in the back of her throat momentarily. Cassia had not been prepared for whatever line of conversation Damien had started now, payback she supposed. Maybe that was all the flirting was to him some type of game to get at one another. Though why did that thought make her angry. She quickly collected herself, two could play that game. 

[+orchid "Now that's the second time you have made an allusion to being in a room alone with me,"] she mused as she picked up the cards he had dealt looking over what was in her hand. [+orchid "I'm starting to think you would really like the idea of being alone with me like that."] She then looked at him through her eyelashes gauging his reaction to her response. Though the way her stomach was flipping as she spoke was not something she was used to. It was like she hoped he would admit it. 

She took a swig of the drink that he brought over for them. Alcohol would most certainly not help her make level headed choices when it came to their conversation. And if she got anymore distracted by the way the corners of his mouth pulled up when he teased her, he might really win this game of Sabacc.

[+orchid “500 credits on me winning, 1000 credits on me winning and getting you to blush again,”] she said flicking some of her fire colored hair over her shoulder while smirking at the male. God, maybe she was a glutton for trouble. Cassia couldn’t figure out if she wanted him to tell her to knock it off or if she wanted him to push back.
Lovely_PoisonOnyx Lauristen   133d ago

[center Verdant eyes darted to Soren for just a moment. It was a little comforting that he was willing to joke in return. That had to be a good sign, right? She paused for just a moment, very quickly scolding herself for even thinking about how handsome he was when he smiled. [i Oh, you need a cold shower,] she told herself. It had been far too long since she’d even thought anyone was attractive and that was a dangerous line she was not willing to walk across. Yes, he was handsome, but that was the only time she was going to focus on that.]

[center A smile tugged at the corners of her lips before she nodded, relieved to focus on something that wasn’t about the stranger before her. [b “They truly are,”] she said with a sigh. [b “There are some days I wish they would just tell one another and be done with this silly game of theirs.”] Onyx felt as if her love life was over for good, but she knew she would be happy for her two friends if they got to enjoy a life together, happy and healthy. [i Someone] deserved to, damn it.]

[center [b “I am, I am,”] she said with a light laugh. With a roll of her eyes, she shook her head and shrugged. [b “While that’s true, I still intend to accommodate you the best I can while you’re here. I may not trust you with a blaster just yet but that doesn’t mean I’m going to make you sleep on a floor. I’m a little bit nicer than that.”] The easiest arrangement would most likely be having Cas just bunk with her. If push came to shrug, Onyx would just crash on the couch that resided in the bar area.]

[center None of them would have to know.]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]] [center Raising a brow, Damien would smirk at her, despite the fact that his heart would skip a beat. He had truly never thought that being alone with her was such a big deal, and yet ever since it had been brought up, it was, oddly enough, all he could think about. What was it that had him thinking in such a way? [b “If that’s what helps you sleep at night, doll,”] he finally said, hoping he could ease them away from this conversation. He had started it but he needed to end it, too.]

[center The thing was, Damien wasn’t stupid, and he knew Cassia wasn’t, either. Did he really believe he had feelings for the woman before him? It didn’t seem like a possibility, since he’d never looked at her like that, but the more he thought about it all, the pounding of his heart, the warm cheeks, the jealousy, the more he realized it was a good possibility.]

[center [b “Alright, doll, you’re on, but don’t think for one second that it’s goin’ to be that easy.”] That damn smirk of hers… there was just something about it that he liked. A part of him wanted to wipe it off of her face by kicking her at this game. The other part wanted to- He quickly shoved that thought away. He wasn’t going to go in that direction, lest he wanted to get slapped in the face. He was positive that was how that would go down.]
SoulDreamerstar   132d ago

Hearing Onyx talk about her crewmates made it even more obvious how connected this trio was to each other. Soren was sure that the others safety came first for all of the crew. Regardless of how relaxed the red haired woman seemed he was sure that if something happened to the other two she would instantly change her demeanor. 

[+crimson “Well I thank you for that,”] the man smiled at the captain. It was nice knowing he would have a bed for sleeping and he wouldn’t be on the floor. Though he did again miss having a weapon. It was a nice safety net to hold onto. That being said he was sure he wasn’t in danger so that was a good sign in the very least. 

Plus he in a weird way was quite enjoying talking to the woman. He was glad it was her that took in on the tour and not one of the other two. Damien didn’t seem to like him much and Cassia had too much energy for him to handle he felt. 

They continued walking until they were at what could only be the control room where the ship was piloted from. [+crimson “She is called [i The Siren], right?”] he asked taking a look around. Like all the other rooms this room was also well taken care of. 

He wondered what else to say to the woman that made his stomach feel tight. [+crimson “So this is where I’ll be helping with our safe arrival to our destination then,”] he smiled at her again. [+crimson “So uh, how did you wind up meeting the other two?”] he asked figuring they seemed to be a safe conversation topic that she was comfortable with. 

[center [pic]]
[right [pic]]
Cassia was never one to back down from a challenge. At least that was what she was telling herself the reasoning was for wanting to continue to make his face turn red. That there wasn’t some other reason that she wanted to do so- not the frantic beating of her heart. 

[+orchid “Get ready to lose,”] she grinned picking up a card from the draw pile and adding it to her hand. Though the game has started she felt way more concentrated on the man in front of her. The way he seemed to lounge so effortlessly in the chair. The way his mouth looked- how she had this urge to reach out and grab his shirt. No wait, this was a game too- it wasn’t anything more than that right? 

The game continued with mostly silent concentration. Of course some smirks and glances at each other as well. 

[+orchid “You know I’m surprised, you could have bet that if you won then you would get to be in my bed tonight, since you keep dancing around it,”] she grinned at him winking. She knew it was more blunt then the playful exchange of words they were sharing before in payback. In truth there was a chance she would get on his nerves. But she wasn’t going to lose out on credits and this would be a sure fire way to get his blood boiling. 

Finally she had the hand she wanted, [+orchid “ Then again maybe you knew you wouldn’t win. Read it and weep,”] she said sweetly showing her cards. Cassia leaned forward against the table, [+orchid “Seems like I win Damien,”] she bit down on her bottom lip temporarily when she smiled.
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[center The dark-haired woman only nodded as they continued through. She could be cruel and cold-hearted when the situation called for it, she really could. Though she didn’t have to be often, she was quite ruthless at times. Growing up the way she had, before she’d been swept up in the business she had been as a teenager, she had to be brutal to survive. As she got older, she’d kept a lot of that brutality to herself, and only showed it when she felt it absolutely necessary. There were other ways to torture or wound an enemy. Soren, however, didn’t come off as someone that deserved her cruelty, and so of course she would allow him a bed. She wasn’t [i that] bad after all.]

[center The tour had indeed finally ended in the control room, which was a relief for her. There were only so many ways that one could make a ship like hers sound interesting, even though she hadn’t been trying all that hard to do that. She was a beautiful ship and interesting enough on her own with Onyx hyping it up. [b “She is,”] she said a moment later, walking over to the pilot's chair and resting her arms on the back of it. She couldn’t even recall where exactly she’d gotten the name from. She’d had the ship for a good few years now and that was just the name that stuck.]

[center A smile tugged at the corners of her lips but it faded just as quickly as it had happened. She wasn’t sure if she was completely comfortable talking about her and her crewmates, especially when it came to any parts of their lives. She also didn’t know if Damien and Cas would be okay with her talking about it with him. Then again, it wasn’t like he was going to be staying with them for long, so truly, what harm could come of it? [i Don’t be an idiot.] Yeah, no, she was too good at that.]

[center [b “I met Damien first. Corellia of all places. I had made a run at the time and was pretty frustrated when I came back to my ship, only to find that someone had torn something out of the side of it. I had the credits to get it fixed, but [i only] enough to get it fixed.”] She paused for a moment. [b “I wasn’t a great bounty hunter back then. Truthfully, I was only just getting started.”] He didn’t need to know why. [b “Damien just so happened to be nearby when I started kicking the ship. When he approached me to ask what was wrong, I’d told him to leave me alone. Admittedly, I was quite angry back then.”] [i An understatement.] [b “Instead of doing that, he decided to take a look at the part and offered to fix it without a single credit. I, of course, hadn’t believed him at first, but he really did fix it without asking for any payment.”] She found herself smiling again. [b “We talked for a little bit, I found that he’d just left this group he was with and was looking for a way off the planet, and I offered to help him as a way to repay him.”]]

[center She stood up straight again before looking to Soren. [b “I can’t tell you where I met Cassia, though I know it was on one of the Outer Rim planets. Having been through my own hardships and stooping to levels that I never want to ever stoop to again, I recognized some of what she was doing to those around her. She’s a wonderful con-woman, she truly is, but to those who know what to look for, she was easily spotted.”] She shrugged before she looked out the window, staring into the darkness around them. [b “I offered her some credits for whatever reason… I guess I took some pity on her because I understood it. Similar situation after that. We started speaking and before I knew it, I was offering her a place to sleep.”]]

[center Reaching up, she ran a hand through her hair. [b “The two have been aboard my ship ever since. They’re the only family I have.”] Well, the only family she would claim, at least. Taking a deep breath, she would shake off the sentimental feeling that had washed over her before she motioned toward him. [b “So, what’s your story?”]]

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[right [pic]] [center [b “I don’t lose, doll.”] That was a bold-faced lie and Damien knew it. There had been many a time where he had lost, whether it was at a game, a fight, or a bet. A winning man, he usually was not, and he had the feeling that this time would be no different. He truly was not a good Sabacc player. Throughout the game, his eyes would drift from his cards to glance at her. He liked the way she looked when she was concentrating. There was something exciting about it… [i By the stars, Damien, focus.] Right. Card game. He had to focus.]

[center Easier said than done.]

[center He had just picked up his next card when she had spoken up, breaking the tense silence between them. His eyes widened slightly, his cheeks flushing a bright pink as he looked up at her. Now that was bold, even for her, and it was dirty. Surely she knew that as well as he did. [b “You sneaky little-”] He had no cruel words for her. She had played the game and she had played it well. Especially when she laid down her hand. Pursing his lips, he would lay his own cards down before holding up his hands in surrender.]

[center [b “Well played, Miss Cas, well played indeed.”] He had to admit, he was impressed. He hadn’t expected her to be so bold in order to win the second half of their bet, and yet she’d gone there. He knew now not to underestimate the con-woman. [b “Looks like I owe you one-thousand credits.”] He could’ve tried to tell her it was only the five-hundred, that he hadn’t become flustered by her words, but that would have been a lie, and a liar he was not.]

[center Standing up, he stretched his arms over his head before running a hand through his hair. [b “I don't know about you, but I’m starvin’. Care to come with me while I cook somethin’ up? I’m sure the Cap’n and our [i guest,”]] he said the word with some disdain, [b “would appreciate it.”] Holding his hand out to her, he offered her a smile.]
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Soren was a bit surprised that she was so willing to go into details. He figured she would probably share but had assumed her answers would be curt and to the point like all her other answers had been. 

It seemed she did truly have a soft spot for the two. Honestly the stories of the two encounters made him wonder further how he did survive sneaking aboard. It wasn’t like they were used to meeting people that way. It did seem he was indeed lucky they spared his life. 

[+crimson “Seems like Damien would be the type to offer help, especially when it came to ship repair,”] the man assumed that the engineer was the one who had a hand in every patch job he noticed. If one knew anything about ships and quick repairs it was easy to tell how much the ship was cared for. Soren would be willing to bet credits that [i The Siren] was of great importance to the man. 

He hadn’t realized that the other woman was a con-woman. Though he supposed with the level of confidence and charm she seemed to ooze that it made sense. [+crimson “I did sense the closeness you all have to each other. It’s nice to see,”] he said. 

At her question he paused, how was he supposed to answer that. He couldn’t tell her he was a rebel spy. It still felt like that could be too much information, but at the same time she had shared so much. And he had a feeling she would know if he lied. What if she kicked him off when she found out? Well then he would just be where he was when he started, and he supposed she should know what exactly she would be getting into having him on their ship should they be hailed. 

[+crimson “I had an older brother, Apollo, he was everything I wanted to be. And so when he joined-“] he paused for a moment, this was the point of no return, with a sigh he continued [+crimson “when he joined the rebellion, I followed him…”] he let his words sink in. [+crimson “That’s why I’m on the run,”] he said bracing himself for any multitude of possibilities of what her response would be. Most of what he expected was bad. 
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Again her heart was fluttering when he called her doll. There was something about the way his voice sounded when he he called her that, that made her want him to repeat it. She tried to shake away the feeling of it. There was no way she had feelings for this man right? This was just some game right? 

[i “You sneaky little-“] 

Watching Damien’s face start to flush into a pink color was satisfying more than she could have expressed. Just because she won of course not because she liked the way she had an effect on him. She wondered where he would go with that. But it seemed that that’s where the statement would be left off. Cassia smirked slightly her posture straightening as she felt the confidence of winning roll off her. 

Somehow she was able to prevent herself from blushing at what she had said from him. Cassia had not been prepared for how the image of what she said would affect her. 

Though the sight of him holding out a hand to her was enough for her face to start warming, not to mention his smile. [+orchid “As long as I get to taste test,”] she smiled warmly back at him as she took the hand he offered rising out of the seat with his help. Her heart beat faster at the contact of their hands which made her curse at herself internally. [+orchid “You don’t seem to be too fond of Soren.”] she observed, [+orchid “Or should I say [i our guest.”]] she imitated him to the best of her ability. 

After a beat she added with a tilt of her head. [+orchid “Any particular reason why?”]
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[center [b “That should be a good reminder that if something happens to any of us while you’re on board, you will have to face the wrath of the other two. We don’t play around when it comes to one another.”] Onyx had been wondering if she’d said too much. She really did believe that Cas and Damien might be pretty pissed for her saying anything about how they met, yet at the same time, she didn’t think that what she had told him was enough to be used against them. She knew better than that.]

[center Leaning against the chair, she would cross her arms over her chest and watch him. He could have told her he didn’t have a story. He could have told her that he didn’t want to talk about it. She would have allowed him to get away with it, if only because she kept reminding herself that he wasn’t going to be staying for long. He wasn’t a new crewmember or anything, so it didn’t [i really] matter what his story was. And yet, it was obvious by her asking that did want to know. She just wouldn’t have pushed him to tell her if he decided not to.]

[center At the mention of the rebellion, she would raise a brow. Silence hung in the air for just a moment as she tossed that piece of information around in her mind. The business part of her brain quickly told her that she could probably get a good amount of credits if she turned the ship around and turned him into the Empire, credits on her own head be damned. The ones on his would be much more rewarding with him being a member of the rebellion.]

[center The sympathetic part of her, however, knew she wouldn’t be able to do it. When she had first been on the run and trying to survive, she had come close a couple of times to being turned in and those moments had been some of the most terrifying ones of her life. [b “Is there somewhere specific I need to take you, then?”] She didn’t know enough about the rebellion to know where any hideouts or bases or anything like that would be, but if he needed to be there and not on Coruscant then she figured she might be willing to help him out.]

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[right [pic]] [center Gripping her hand in his, he would pull her from the chair, holding onto her for a second or two longer than he probably should have before he smiled down at her. [b “You’re free to taste test anytime I cook.”] He was doubtful the captain would do it and while he had faith in his cooking skills, it was always nice to have a second opinion. He knew Cassia would be honest with him, too, if the food was good or if it needed something extra. Onyx would probably just shrug.]

[center She was a great pilot and decent bounty hunter. She, however, was not a chef.]

[center At the mention of Soren, Damien frowned, turning his back to her as he made his way for the door. Despite the dining area sharing a space with the bar, the kitchen was right down the hall and he would need to stay in there in order to make everything they would eat for the night. [b “He’s a stranger that just snuck aboard the ship without warning,”] he said, glancing back at her. [b “We don’ know who he is. He could work for the Empire or be another bounty hunter, here to trap us and turn us in.”] It wouldn’t surprise him if that were the case. It wasn’t like it hadn’t almost happened before.]

[center Sighing, he ran a hand through his hair before shrugging. [b “Until I know he’s not a threat to you or the Cap’n, I’m not gonna be fond of him.”] Even if Soren wasn’t a threat, he would still probably has a sour spot for him. After all, Cassia thought he was good-looking, and that was something that still didn’t sit right with him.]
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The silence dragged on far longer than Soren would have wanted. It was a calculated risk he had taken telling her. It wasn't as if he was on a ship with those that would have moral compasses that would lean towards good. They were after all criminals in their own right- bounty hunters to boot. Even if there was not a price on his head yet, all Onyx would have to do would be to bring him to the Empire and say that he was a rebel spy. Then it wouldn't be long until he was being tortured. 

A wave of relief washed over him when she started talking again. Especially when he realized that she asked if there was anywhere he needed to be dropped off. Though noe he was not sure how to respond to that. There were planets he could bring them too, but could he trust them not to betray the location. It wasn't as if he knew these three very well or if they would even want to be burdened with that knowledge. 

There was the rebel base on Corellia or the safe house on Bothawui. The latter was probably a better choice if he were to ask to be brought to a world that had a base. Corellia was never a place people wanted to travel too. After a second longer he finally opened up his mouth to answer, [+crimson "I have contacts I could meet up with in either Corellia or Bothawui,"] he said, [+crimson "But I don't want to ask you to go out of your way. I can figure out my next step in Corsucant if needed."] 

As he talked Soren made his way over to the co-pilots chair. It was true what he said, he didn't want to put them out. Especially seeing as he wasn't truly sure how he could pay them back for that type of kindness. Sure it wasn't like they were loyal to the Empire but they wouldn't necessarily be fully opposed to them either. 

[+crimson "You are taking this a lot calmer than I had expected. I honestly was worried that I made a mistake there,"] Soren admitted. He wasn't exactly sure why he had trusted her so readily with such crucial information about himself. But it seemed like it was trust well placed. 
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Maybe it was all in her head but she couldn't help but note how he held onto her hand for a second longer than was necessary. In fact she hadn't even expected him to squeeze her hand like he did. Then again this shouldn't be affecting her so much, she was used to having guys offer their hand to her- whenever she was flirting with them to swindle them out of credits or get them to follow her to where Onyx and Damien were waiting to capture them for a bounty. But none of them were Damien and for some reason it was different when it was him. 

It was also not hard to note the way his face instantly fell when she mentioned Soren. She had gotten decently good at reading people over the years. Which helped a whole lot when it came to Onyx who didn't like to be as forward in her expressions. Looking at Damien it was clear there was more that bugged him about the guy. Though she didn't quite understand why he didn't want to meet her eye anymore. 

[+orchid "Well aren't you a gentleman,"] she teased him at his protectiveness of the two women. [+orchid "I do appreciate you looking out for me..."] she said gently, [+orchid "And the Captain."] She didn't bother to add that they could take care of themselves in a pinch. He was well aware of that. Plus she could relate to being overprotective. 

[+orchid "I'd be surprised if he was a bounty hunter- I don't think he would be a very good one,"] she laughed slightly. The stowaway didn't really seem like someone who would be tied to any criminal element. Still though Damien looked less than pleased about Soren. 

Once they made it to the kitchen she pulled herself up so she was sitting on the edge of a counter. Surely not for long though, as Damien would probably tell her to get down. Until then however she braced her hands on either side of her legs and leaned lightly forward. 

[+orchid "Aw wait, are you just jealous that I called him good-looking?"] she teased knowing that it couldn't be that. [+orchid "Don't worry Damien, you'll always be the most handsome guy on this ship,"] she stuck her tongue out at the man. The only reason she said it was too at least get him to laugh a little. She held her hands up in surrender still just in case he did get fed up with her antics.
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[center The smart idea when it came to this situation would have been to just turn him in and wash her hands of any problems that might come with having him around. The three of them were already at risk enough with who they were. They didn't need the extra stress. And yet, Onyx knew she couldn't do that to him. She knew what they would do if they knew he was a part of the rebellion. Why would she put someone through that? It just seemed to harsh, even for her. She shrugged before she moved around to sit down in her chair. [b "Well, we're going to Coruscant regardless since I have a job to do. Fuel costs credits after all. However, once we're done there, if you need to go somewhere else then I can make the exception."]]

[center It was dumb. It really was, but Onyx had a moral code and that was what she followed before anything else. She didn't care about the rest of the rules. If they interfered with her personal beliefs then she didn't care about them. Leaning back in the chair, she ran a hand through her hair with a sigh. [b "I'm not going to lie to you, you probably did. While I'm not going to turn you in, and I'm doubtful the other two will, we're not the safest people to be around. One wrong move and all of us are screwed."] That was a risk that she took every day but that was why he needed to know.]

[center The good news, however, was that he really was at less of a risk of being turned in with them. When Onyx said she was going to help, she meant it. If there was anything she had going for her, it was that she was honest and when she gave her word, she kept it no matter want. Perhaps that was more because she didn't like to be in debt to anyone but that wasn't the point. What mattered is that she was willing to help him get away.]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]] [center Of course he was willing to look after them. It didn't matter that they knew how to take care of themselves. Damien would always be willing to help the two women when it came to anything. A smile tugged at the corners of his lips. [b "You might be right. He would make an awful bounty hunter,"] he said with a laugh. It was probably a good thing if he wasn't. It wouldn't be as difficult to hold him down  and tie him up if it was needed.]

[center Once in the kitchen, he would start looking for the pots, pans, and tools he would need. He wasn't the best cook ever, but he knew Onyx wasn't going to make anything unless she had to and he wouldn't force the other woman to do it. It was the nice thing for him to do. Of course, he didn't quiet know what it was he was going to make yet, but he would figure it out when he looked inside of the fridge that was built into the wall.  He had just reached, too, when Cas spoke up.]

[center Pausing, his hand on the handle, he would glance over his shoulder at her, a brow raised. With her on top of the counter, she was in the perfect position for him to mess with her. A smirk made its way to his face before she moved away from the fridge and towards her. He placed his hands on either side of her, leaning forward to meet her gaze. They were much closer than they should have been, but he would take whatever he could to make her blush just as he had. [b "Most handsome, huh?"] He watched her face for a moment. [b "Cassia? I'm the only guy on the ship. Of course I'm the most handsome. I don't have any competition, unlike you,"] he said, tapping the tip of her nose before he moved away.]

[center He was simply teasing, of course. Onyx was a beautiful woman, she was, and yet if anyone were to ask him who he thought was prettiest out of the two, it was be Cas without hesitation. Why he felt that way, he didn't know. He just did. He wouldn't tell her that, though. He felt it was safer for him to keep that fact to himself.]
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Soren made a mental note that he should perhaps think before telling anyone on this ship anything else personal about his life. At least not as things were. They would look out for each other over him, that was something he had to understand. He did in a way. After all it wasn't as if he had noble reasons for joining the rebellion. He did it to follow his brother, protect him- though obviously he had done a poor job of the latter. 

[+crimson "I might take you up on that then,"] he said nodding to the captain. [+crimson "Since you are saying you wouldn't mind. Saves me from trying to find safe passage off of Coruscant."] It also saved him from having to deal with people who might not help him evade the Empire. He didn't think that these three usually found themselves around the Empire anyways. Unless they were doing a job for them. But by this point Soren was pretty sure it would have been mentioned if the job had involved the Empire. 

There was a lull in the conversation then. It was expected he did share surprising information. Not to mention Onyx admitted that they might not be the most trustworthy of people. Which of course made it hard to figure out how to continue conversation from there. They both knew that every move made now would have to be careful. Lest they mess up and wind up on the Empire's radar. 

It was then that Soren realized how hungry he was. It's hard to grab a bite to eat when you are actively running away from Empire goons. Hopefully there would be food soon, though in no way was he going to ask Onyx about it. They already were doing enough for him by not jettisoning him or turning him over to his enemies. 
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As the day had progressed it was seeming like the shock of what she said wore off as Damien was starting to just tease her right back. But somehow she still didn't expect him to close the distance between them that much. Why was he so close? He had her trapped too, there was no way for her to back away and gain the upper ground again. Her fingers dug into the counter forcing herself to stay very still. 

[+orchid "Well you aren't the only guy on this ship right now, maybe you do have competition,"] she said as nonchalantly as she could muster. Hoping that he couldn't instantly tell that she was lying. She shrugged her shoulders slightly willing the heat in her face to go down again. [+orchid "Well at least I don't need your validation on my looks..."] she muttered under her breath unsure why it unsettled her so much that Damien might find Onyx better looking than her. 

She didn't want Damien to pick up on her displeasure though opting to bounce back to her usual demeanor. [+orchid "Well what are you making us tonight then?"] she asked sliding off the counter. The woman made her way over to where Damien was standing. She took place behind him raising herself onto her tiptoes as she tried to look to see what they had as well. 

Though truthfully it was hard to focus on what food was available when all she could think about was how his eyes had looked moments earlier when he was inches away from her. How she could see all the different tones of color in his eyes. Why had she focused so intensely on his blasted eyes anyways. She even cursed at the fact that when he had pulled away she had been disappointed.
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[center Verdant eyes would glance over to Soren for just a moment. Onyx’s face seemed fairly neutral, though that was more of a habit she had learned over the years than it was an insight into her mood or thoughts on a situation. She had taught herself at a young age how to keep her face passive. The last thing she needed was for someone to try and gauge how she was really feeling based on a look. [b “I don’t mind at all. Trust me, I get it,”] she said with a shrug. It was the truth, even if it didn’t seem that way.]

[center Leaning her head back, she would run a hand through her hair before placing her arm over her eyes. She needed to get some sleep soon. She had been up for far too long and it was finally starting to catch up with her. Unfortunately, getting sleep lately had been a job all on its own and it was not going well. She’d been up for a full twenty-four hours already and who knew how much longer she would go before she finally passed out. She knew it would have to be soon if she wanted to have a clear head for their mission. However, she wasn’t quite ready to throw Soren at one of the other two just yet. She just wasn’t comfortable with it.]

[center It wasn’t too long after the scent of something caught her attention. She frowned a little, letting her arm fall away from her face. She wasn’t sure if it was Damien or Cas, but it was a bit strange that one of them had decided to cook. Onyx had never made it a requirement that they needed to make anything major. Just eat whenever one was hungry and they would be okay. The only time she ever cooked, for example, was if it was a special occasion. Those were few and far between, though. Usually, she only did it on birthdays, and only if it was for one of them. Never herself.]

[center With a groan, she would push up out of the chair, stretching her arms over her head. [b “Come on. Let’s go make sure they’re not burning my ship down,”] she said, her accented voice holding a bit of amusement.]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]] [center Damien couldn’t help but smirk at her comments. She was just [i so] convincing, though he wouldn’t say anything to her about it. Better to just let her think she was right. His smirk grew just a little. She’d looked just a little surprised that he had moved so close to her. He’d noticed the way her hands had dug into the counter, and for some reason, his stomach had done a small flip. By the stars, what was wrong with him?]

[center Finally digging in the fridge, he pulled out some unfamiliar vegetables and a lump of unlabeled, vacuum-packed meat before shrugging and moving over to the counter. [b “Honestly, doll? No idea. I’m just workin’ with whatever the Cap’n has on board.”] He did make a mental note to go shopping while they were on Coruscant. They wouldn’t last much longer on the ship if they didn’t stock up. How had they survived for so long?]

[center Digging through the cupboards, he picked out a couple of different spices, knowing he’d have to experiment since he didn’t know what it was he was working with. Sauteeing the stuff in a pan would probably be the safest bet. Here’s hoping it all tasted good in the end. [b “Would you like to help?”] he asked, holding a knife out to the young woman beside him. [b “Ma always said cookin’ was better with other people.”] Even though she normally kicked everyone out of the kitchen, but that was beside the point.]
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Soren could tell that the Captain seemed to be shutting herself off again. He knew not to push for more from her. In fact he was equally uncomfortable with how much he had shared with her. 

Not to mention the woman looked exhausted. Which made him feel bad knowing that she wouldn’t sleep as long as it was her duty to keep on eye on him. It wasn’t like she trusted him yet- even with the sharing that they had done there would still be distrust between him and the others. 

For his part Soren kept sitting in the co-captains chair. He leaned back trying not to make a sound, hopefully Onyx could at least rest her eyes then. 

That was until a certain smell seemed to bring the captain back to full alert. [+crimson “Alright, right behind you.”] he said following behind her. They walked back through the ship, Soren tried to recall the tour that he was given. 

Though he was having a hard time trying to figure out what direction the kitchen was in. Thankfully he didn’t have to find it himself. It wasn’t long until they were looking into the room. In it both Cassia and Damien appeared to be working on dinner of some kind. Of course it looked like they were flirting as well, though knowing what he knew now that made him smirk a bit. 

Neither of them needed to make their presence known as Cassia’s head turned in their direction. He offered a small wave in response. 
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The word made her stomach flip again. Though he had to call every girl doll, most likely. It was probably just a word he used and yet it had such an affect on the young woman. Though she was able to shake it off. 

[+orchid “Trusting me with a knife?”] she asked teasingly before taking it from Damien. [+orchid “Maybe that will be your first mistake.”] Cassia grabbed some of the vegetables and started to chop them. 

There was something that made her feel antsy about cooking with Damien. But she continued to chop, [+orchid “Cooking with your mom must have been nice,”] she said hoping it didn’t betray any emotion. The young woman often wondered what it would have been like to experience mundane things like that with her parents. But she didn’t want Damien feeling bad, she made a smile return to her face. 

[+orchid “So… will you trust me with the actual cooking as well?”] she joked nudging him lightly. It was then that she realized they had company. [+orchid “Hey new guy, and Captain.”] she gave a cheerful wave at the two even though she was suddenly more on guard then she had been a moment ago. 

Not to mention she felt slightly disappointed that it wasn’t just her and Damien anymore. That was weird though, why did she care. 

[+orchid “I think we are making some vegetable and meat type dish. Don’t worry I’m not in charge right now, Onyx,”] she smiled at the other woman. She did maintain an eye on Soren though, still not sure if she could trust him fully yet.
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[center Had it not been for the fact that she was a little hungry, Onyx would have probably ignored the smell of food. She would have just pretended the other two weren’t making something and either went to bed or checked how far away from their destination they were. She would have gladly left them to their own devices as she usually did.]

[center She would glance over her shoulder to check and make sure that Soren was indeed following behind her. Not that he would be able to get far if he wasn’t, but it kept her from having to go after him and taking more time out of her day. When they entered the kitchen, she would lean against the wall, giving Cassia a small wave before she smirked.]

[center [b “I would be very worried if you were in charge,”] she said with a light laugh. [b “The last thing I need is you burning down my kitchen.”] Though she was a little worried that the other woman may possibly hurt herself by not paying attention to what she was doing. However, Onyx wasn’t going to bring it up. If she got hurt, she would let Damien fix it.]

[center For a moment, the thought of him acting like a doctor to Cas was a bit amusing. On the other hand, though, she needed them both in tip-top shape in order to make sure this mission ran smoothly. Not that she couldn’t do it alone but she definitely didn’t want to. Things seemed to work out better for them when all three of them could do their part.]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]] [center Damien raised a brow before shaking her head. [b “Better not be, little missy. I will not be babyin’ your finger when you inevitably cut it.”] He was doubtful that she would actually hurt herself and even more doubtful that he wouldn’t jump to her rescue the moment something actually happened.]

[center The silence that settled between them was nice while it lasted but he was glad when she finally spoke up. A grin spread across his face. [b “Cookin’ with her gave me some of the best memories I will ever have,”] he said softly. There was a hint of sadness in his voice and his mind would drift away for just a moment. He missed that woman with every fiber of his being. He knew she would probably be disappointed with where he ended up but had to believe she wouldn’t blame him.]

[center Snapping out of it, he nudged her back before shaking his head. [b “Not in your wildest dreams, doll,”] he said before quickly looking over his shoulder. [b “Glad you could join us, Cap’n,”] he said, giving her a soft smile before his eyes landed on the man beside her. The smile disappeared and he nodded. [b “Soren,”] he said before going back to cooking. He would have been fine with Onyx being present. He wasn’t sure how to feel about Soren being around.]

[center At the comments from both women, he would chuckle and shake his head. [b “I’m not dumb enough to give her the chance to burn down the ship, Cap’n. Have some trust in me.”] As he said that, he would finish cutting off any fat from the meat before he looked over to Cas. [b “Doing good there, doll,”] she said, offering her a smile.]
SoulDreamerstar   122d ago

The crew seemed to fall into an easy sort of banter with each other. It was hard not to become a fly on the wall to their conversation. He didn't interject as they joked around about cooking. Rather he enjoyed hearing the light and joking tone they all held. It made them feel less intimidating in a way. Not that he would test his luck, Soren rather liked his head to stay where it belonged and all of them seemed to be a quick shot. 

Soren was rather proud of himself for not snickering aloud when Cassia seemed to get flustered by her own flirtation with the engineer. Though his hand did raise up to cover his face as a small grin started to form on it. If Onyx noticed his reaction that would be fine, after all they had talked about the two of them. But he felt that Cassia or Damien seeing his smirk could potentially cause some tensions. Not that there wasn't any, it was more than obvious that Damien disliked him. The smile had completely fallen from the others face when addressing Soren. 

That might be a lost cause on getting the engineer to trust him. All he could hope for currently was that there wasn't anything to add to the distrust that the man had. Which meant trying not to piss him off which chuckling at the interactions between him and Cassia might make the male slightly upset. 

Soren locked his hands behind his head as he continued to observe the three of them. His eyes following Cassia as she made her way over to the captain. His eyes did flick over to the woman that he realized he found quite attractive when she was asked about sleeping arrangements. He found himself wondering how the captain would answer. If she would tease them with the two of them sharing a room or if she would take the route of telling Cassia to bunk with her. 

Either way he decided it was not his place to speak yet. Before it was because he didn't want to break the bubble they had and now because it was fully up to the crew with where he bunked tonight. Though most options seemed to result in him taking Cassia's bed while she slept somewhere else. 
[center [pic]]
[right [pic]]
It wasn’t long before both her crew mates were teasing her. Cassia feigned a hurt expression letting her hand rest on her chest and her mouth gape slightly. [+orchid “I’m hurt you two,”] she said to them, [+orchid “I think I could manage saving the ship before the fire spread from the food.”] At the end of her sentence she grinned openly at them. After that she turned her attention back to the task at hand. Now that she had been teased she knew she needed to make sure she didn't cut herself with the blasted knife. She would never hear the end of it otherwise. 

The woman willed her face not to turn pink when Damien commented on her work with a soft smile. Stars, since when could he smile like that? [+orchid "The way you two talk about me, one would think I'm a child,"] she pouted to try to draw her mind away from how she wanted to step closer to him yet. 

Cassia found herself wondering what Soren thought of their banter. [+orchid "At least I finally have a witness to attest to how much y'all bully me,"] she looked at Soren giving a small wink. Then to Onyx to smile at her chosen sister. It wasn't long before she had cut the vegetables he had handed her into appropriately sized pieces for sautéing. Most where in thin slices though there were some more cubed in shape. 

[+orchid "There ya are,"] the red-head pushed her cutting board towards Damien. [+orchid "I would say it's pretty well done... do I get a reward?"] she asked teasingly momentarily forgetting that the other two were still in the room. Once she remembered they weren't alone and that Onyx would certainly give the two a look for their confusing banter Cassia stammered out, [+orchid "I mean like the credits that you still owe me. Or like the first bite of food."] 

Now that there were others in the room the woman found herself feeling more self conscious then she had moments ago. At least even when Damien caused her fingers to curl into the counter they were alone, no one else could see her nerves pick up or potentially hear the way her heart raced. Cassia took the moment to collect herself and draw a smile on her face again before waltzing up to Onyx. 

She leaned against the wall mirroring the other woman before gently resting her head on the others shoulder. [+orchid "How did the tour go?"] she asked trying to change the conversation. It was then that she realized something else, [+orchid "Wait! Where is he going to sleep?"] she asked her head springing up from Onyx's shoulder to look at the captain.
Lovely_PoisonOnyx Lauristen   115d ago

[center Onyx let a small smirk make its way onto her face as she listened to Cassia try and defend herself. It was quite adorable. There was an innocence to it all that made her inner child feel just a bit better. She joked around with the other two like they were family, she did, but there were times when she wished she could feel the embarrassment Cassia felt when it came to them. Maybe she wouldn’t be so high-strung all the time. Plus, it could be quite fun to let loose like that.]

[center [b “HIghly doubtful Soren will take your side if I have anything to say about it,”] she said with a smirk. Witnesses only spoke whenever they were allowed to, after all. She watched as Damien let out a chuckle and patted Cas on the head.]

[center [b [i “Yes, yes, the credits,”]] he said with a smirk and a playful roll of his eyes. [b [i “You did good, doll.”]] He would go back to what he was doing as Onyx turned her attention to the other woman, smiling down at her just a little. Maybe she was feeling the same exhaustion she was.]

[center She shrugged before glancing over at the redhead to glance at Soren. [b “It went well, I think.”] She hadn’t thought there were any issues. She then thought for a moment, noticing that Damien had perked up just a little to listen. [b “I could place him with you, Cas,”] she said with another smirk. The look on the engineer's face was almost priceless.]

[center [b “I kid, I kid. Let him have your bed. You can bunk with me.”] She bit her tongue for just a second. She tried to not say it, she really did, but it slipped out regardless. [b “Oh you can bunk with Damien. Up to you,”] she said with a shrug. She was going to get hit for that one. Whether it would be by the con artist or the engineer, she wasn’t sure. She just knew she would deserve it.]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]] [center Damien bit back a smart-ass response as Cassia spoke. It would’ve been easy to keep teasing her. It really would have. However, he figured he would cut her some slack, especially since she was holding a knife. While her hurting herself wouldn’t be as bad as a fire, he still didn’t want to see it happen ]

[center With the pat to her head, he would step back to the stove, focusing on making sure the vegetables were cooked and the meat was stewing. His eyes darted away for just a moment to watch her walk over to the captain. Now that her job was done, there wouldn’t be anything wrong with giving her a break and letting her relax some.]

[center For the most part, he was off in his own little world, hardly listening as Cassia asked about the tour. In truth, he could care less about how it went. He didn’t see a point in Soren getting used to the layout of the ship. He wouldn’t be around long enough to even need to know where everything was.]

[center He only perked up when their bedroom situation was brought up. Now [i that] was something he cared about. So long as their little stowaway wasn’t bunking with him, they would be fine. Then Onyx brought up the possibility of him sleeping with Cas and for a moment, he felt his heart stop. His hands tensed on the spatula in his hand as he glanced over his shoulder at them. [b “It’s much better if Cas sleeps with you, Cap’n. We can’t trust him with her.”] Sure, Onyx’s tone had been a joking one, but his was not.]

[center The captain held her hands up and let out a laugh. [b “Okay, okay, no need to get your panties in a twist, Damien. Do you really think I would put her in a dangerous situation?”]]

[center His cheeks burned a little before he cleared his throat and shook his head. [b “No, no I don’.”] Perhaps he had been a little quick to interject. Jealousy was a bitch… though he had nothing to be jealous about.]
SoulDreamerstar   114d ago

[center There was an ease that fell over Onyx when Cassia leaned against her. It was brief, so brief that Soren was surprised he had even caught it. Though soon he found himself staring at the captain wide eyed. Was she trying to make Damien dislike him more? When they were talking before she hadn't mentioned any plan of teasing Damien with the idea of him sharing Cassia's bed. The way the other mans gripped the spatula made Soren gulp lightly. It seemed like it might be a lost cause to get along with the engineer. It certainly seemed like he shouldn't be revealing too much to him anytime soon. If Damien learned he was a rebel spy he would probably decide he was too much of a risk. 

Though there was again something amusing by the way the two of them danced around their feelings. He was starting to think they really didn't know why they gravitated towards each other. That they both seemed to be doing there best to not react to Onyx teasing them about Cassia sleeping in Damien's room instead of with Onyx. 

Though what was more startling was the way that all of the sudden the one with the cheery personality suddenly dimmed for a moment. It seemed like something had hit a nerve. It took him by surprise, she had seemed just fine with the teasing before. But now it was like Damien saying they couldn't trust him with her had struck Cassia weirdly. Moments later she was back to her usual bubbly demeanor. 

[+crimson "I just was to say that I wouldn't and don't plan on harming or touching Cassia."] he said running a hand through his hair. It felt weird to have people even jokingly think of him that way. He felt a nervous energy in his stomach as he couldn't stop himself from rambling, [+crimson "I am not trying to share a bed with her either,"] his eyes glanced at Damien as he spoke, [+crimson "She isn't my type."] He said it plainly for it was true. The woman was a bit too impulsive for him, it made him feel uneasy. But he hadn't really meant to say it aloud either, [+crimson "Wait, I didn't mean that in a bad way.... I just ramble sometimes,"] he blurted out. Stars, he was going to shut up now. 

[+crimson "I am sorry, ignore me,"] he said rubbing his arm anxiously. ]
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[right [pic]]
[center The woman was a bit confused as to why Onyx was making jokes about Soren sleeping in her room with her. There was no way that she would have that happen unless it had been Cassia that had wanted it that way. Which even though she could admit that the stowaway was attractive she had no interest in him. Plus she had eyes she could see the way that Soren kept glancing over at their captain. He'd probably more want to share a bed with Onyx than Cassia anyways. 

[+orchid "Yay! Sleepover night,"] she said grinning at Onyx until the woman's next sentence. Cas' face started to turn a shade of pink as her expression turned into one of surprise. She lightly shoved Onyx's shoulder before trying to play off her reaction, [+orchid "I'll bunk with you, it will be nice to have some girl time."] Her eyes quickly darted over to Damien. She found herself curious if he had heard what Onyx said and what his reaction would be. 

It had seemed like hearing the potential of her sleeping in the same room as Soren had affected him. But based on what he said in response to it, yet again it sounded like he felt she needed to be protected. Did he just see her as some kid? She could feel her cheeks burning as she let out a sort of huffed sound. 

[+orchid "Again, I could handle myself in any situation. If he even tried anything I could use my blaster to shoot his hand off before he could even say sorry,"] she crossed her arms over her chest and leaned against the wall behind her. For some reason the idea that Damien might see her as young and weak really bothered her. Why else would Damien be so protective over her? 

Her eyes narrowed slightly as her thoughts stewed in her brain. She needed to get her brain off the topic. She disliked the darker side of her chaotic personality. The side that people usually didnt see of her, and she didn't want Onyx or Soren to see it, and especially not Damien right now. [+orchid "Anyways!"] she said trying to brighten again, [+orchid "Is it time for me to taste test yet?"] she asked moving to peer over Damiens shoulder again.
Lovely_PoisonOnyx Lauristen   104d ago

[center Most people might not have caught the way that Cassia deflated. It was so brief that, unless someone was paying attention, they would have missed it entirely. It was obvious by the look on Soren’s face that he had caught it. Damien had [i definitely] caught it. Inwardly, Onyx cursed. She’d only been screwing around with the two of them. He wasn’t supposed to make it worse. [i Jealousy is a bitch,] she thought to herself. Looking at Soren, she raised a brow. He was just as good at digging himself into a hole as the other man was. [b “You’re damn right you wouldn’t harm or touch her. I’d shoot you where you stand if Damien didn’t first.”] She did her best to ignore the last part. She’d said stupid shit in her life, too. This would pass.]

[center [b “You’re fine. Just be careful about what you say in the future.”] Her tone had shifted, this time more like a mom trying to teach her kid the difference between right and wrong. [b “Damien? Is it?”] she asked, watching him. He’d immediately looked away when he’d seen Cassia, though she wasn’t sure if anyone else had caught that. With her own past, she knew what to look for and how to watch people. She always caught things that others didn’t.]

[center Most of the time, at least.]

[center [b [i “Yep. Just be careful because it’s hot,”] he said, getting another spoon for her. Onyx watched him spoon out some of the broth before holding it up to Cassia. It was painfully obvious that he wasn’t about to let her do it herself. Was he trying to make up for upsetting her? Hard to say. She wasn’t even sure if Cas would let him.]

[center Reaching up, she pinched the bridge of her nose and closed her eyes tightly. If asked, she would just play it off like she had a slight headache. In reality, she was trying to keep her mouth shut. She wanted to see those two get together, if only because it was awful to watch them. Everything was right in front of them. How did they not see it?]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]] [center [i Shit… shit shit shit.] He’d screwed up. The problem with that realization was that he wasn’t sure how. He was just trying to protect her. Why did that warrant the sunshine dimming from her face? He thought about saying something, [i anything] to see that smile return, but with his mind blank and the captain staring daggers at him, he turned away, focusing on what he was doing instead of what he should say. If they were docked on a planet, he’d go buy her flowers. She liked flowers, right? [i You’re an idiot.] Yes, yes he was.]

[center He only glanced back over when Cassia spoke back up. [b “I know you can, Cas. I know…”] He wasn’t dumb enough to think that she couldn’t. He had seen her in action enough times to know that what she was saying was true. Maybe she thought he was saying she was weak? If that was the case then he hated that it was perceived that way. She was far from weak.]

[center Going back to the pot before him, Damien focused on stirring it instead of the look on her face. He’d backed himself into corners before, but it felt different this time. He didn’t like the idea of Cas being upset with him for any reason. When they were joking around and throwing insults at one another, that was one thing. When she was genuinely upset, though… for some reason, he couldn’t stand it.]

[center Standing up a little straighter, she nodded before going for the spoon. He had no idea if she was going to let him feed her in front of the other two, but he wanted to try and be nice. To make up for upsetting her at least a little. [b “Be sure to blow on it. I don’t want ya to hurt yourself.”] Oh, by the stars, it sounded like he was talking to a child. [b “Which ya know, of course,”] he stumbled, cheeks flushing just a little. [i Just…. Shut up.] Yeah, that sounded like a good idea.]
SoulDreamerstar   103d ago

[center Shutting up certainly seemed like the smartest decision that the young man had made. It didnt seem like replying to Onyx would be in his best interest either. Instead he opted to silently observe what was happening. The way Onyx was glaring at Damien made the young man feel very grateful to not be on the receiving end of the stare. It seemed that Damien was aware of the shit he was in with the captain too. Though from what it seemed the other male was more thrown off by the change in Cassia's demeanor.

This woman had quite the power over the engineer. It was hard to say much of anything as everything played out around him. It was strange being the outsider during moments like this. He could only hope that it would not take them long to get to the planet, at least maybe he could be of help on whatever mission the crew was on. Or he wouldn't have to awkwardly stand and try to find the right thing to say.

The feeling didn't get better when Cassia went to take a bite off the spoon. While it seemed like the young woman wasn't upset any longer with the engineer, there seemed again to be an awkwardness between the two of them. Not to mention the way Cassia was looking at the other made him feel like he was intruding on something private. He glanced over to Onyx to see what her response to her two crewmates was. 

Though the moment didn't last a long time as soon Cassia seemed to be finding an excuse to leave the rest of them. Soren found himself awkwardly clearing out his throat with a small cough when she left. He wondered what would happen now, would Onyx still be upset at the situation? 

Mainly he wondered if Damien would step away from the food so it felt less intimidating to go get himself some. As he felt a hunger in his stomach yet again. Perhaps it would be fine for him to ask the other male but right now that seemed like not the best move. He leaned against a wall hoping to not draw attention to himself as he waited for whatever would play out next.]
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[center Cassia wondered just why she was so concerned with Damien seeing her as an adult. It felt that the idea that he could see her as young was bother her the most. Perhaps she was being too sensitive about all of this. Perhaps he hadn't meant to make it seem like he saw her as incapable of handling herself. Maybe it was all in her head. That seemed likely from the way that Damien seemed to be avoiding her eye contact. Then again she couldn't shake the desire that his reaction to Onyx teasing her and Soren sharing a bed be more of jealousy then whatever his reaction had been. But why was she so keen for him to be jealous. 

When he did look at her again it was with spoon in hand. [+orchid "How sweet of you."] she said lightly. Though she felt one of her eyebrows raise as he offered her the spoon. It was clear the way he was holding it that he meant to feed it to her. Her head tilted to the side for a moment as she debated with what to do. After a beat she took a small step forward so she was standing in front of the spoon. 

Her eyes flicked up to meet his as she leaned forward to blow on it before she ate what was on the spoon. For a reason that Cassia wasn't quite sure of herself, she kept eye contact through the whole thing. She had slightly forgotten that the other two were in the room with them. Without breaking eye contact she managed out, [+orchid "Tastes good."] She hadn't meant for her voice to sound so soft. Or at least she didn't think she had. Maybe she was trying to make him feel flustered again as payback, but she wasn't completely sure on that. 

Once she remembered that the other two were there she took a step back. She tried to shake off whatever tension there was just moments ago. Not wanting to think how out of hand their banter might have gotten just then if Onyx and Soren hadn't been present. 

[+orchid "I should probably move my stuff to your room Onyx,"] she said, her voice breaking in a sort of robotic way. [+orchid "Before we eat and I forget or something,"] she said with a slight laugh that was certainly forced. All she knew was that she needed to leave the room before she felt even stranger around Damien. If it had just been the two of them in the room she would have been fine, she could have found a way into their usual game of teasing. She wasn't sure if anyone would come after her but she still made her way out of the kitchen part of the ship and towards her own room. 

It didn't take long for her to get to her room. It was small of course, they were on a ship after all, but she had made it her own. On one of the walls there was a shelf that she put small treasures on. Mostly it was junk that reminded her of different missions that her and the others had gone on. It was silly in a way, but she figured she could leave those, there was nothing there that Soren would likely steal or be able to use against anyone. She did start packing some of her clothes though and anything that was a weapon.
Lovely_PoisonOnyx Lauristen   96d ago

[center It almost seemed that, for the time being, the playfulness in the air was gone. Onyx blamed herself. She hadn't been expecting the joke to be taken the way that it had but here they were. She mentally scolded herself. The young woman was awful when it came to taking things too far. Damien hadn't helped, that was for sure. She wouldn't say anything, though. At the end of the day, it was for the two oblivious ones to figure out. Hopefully, this would get twisted and somehow force the two to realize what they were too blind to see.]

[center She almost pinched the bridge of her nose as she continued to watch them. She resisted the urge, however, instead raising a brow again. It didn't seem to be long before Cassia had left the room, Damien following suit a moment or two later. She cursed under her breath. What was she supposed to do with the food? She didn't cook.]

[center With a sigh, she pushed away from the wall, glancing at Soren for just a moment before she took over stirring the pot, double-checking that it seemed done. Cas had said it tasted good and she knew the engineer wouldn't feed her something that might make her sick. Deciding it was fine, she turned the heat off, setting the spoon down long enough to bury her face in her hands. [b "I swear by the stars..."] She wouldn't finish that sentence. Not out loud.]

[center Turning to Soren, she offered him a small smile. [b "I'm sorry about them. It's almost like having two children on board sometimes."] She let out a nervous laugh before running a hand through her hair. [b "They'll get over it and everything will go back to its normal little game."] But how long until the game ended? Only they knew, even if they didn't realize it.]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]] [center Damien watched the young redhead closely as she took what was on the spoon. In all honesty, he was surprised. He half expected her to kick him in the shin and take it from him. The moment her eyes met his, he felt his cheeks heat up just a little. Damn it, why was it that his body lit up when she looked at him that way? He had it bad and he was just too much in denial to see it.]

[center [b "Good,"] he said a moment later, clearing his throat just a little. He was the first to break eye contact, though the tension was still there. As soon as she spoke, though, his eyes were back on her, watching as she made her way out. He suddenly felt like he'd been punched in the gut. There was something about the way she had spoken that bothered him. He knew right away that he didn't want to hear her sound like that again.]

[center He stole a quick glance at the other two, debating for just a moment if he should just let her go or let the captain go after her. He was sure that she would be able to talk to Cas far better than he could. At the same time, however, he wanted to know that she was going to be okay. With a quick curse, he quickly followed after her, food forgotten about for the time being.]

[center It didn't take long to find her. It wasn't a big ship, after all. Standing in the doorway of her room, he watched her for just a moment, not quite sure what he should or could say. Finally, he sighed. [b "Cas? Talk to me, doll. What happened back there? What did I say wrong?"] If he could bring it back to their usual banter than he would, but he had to know that it was possible.]
SoulDreamerstar   95d ago

[center Soren watched with raised eyebrows as Damien soon chased after Cas. The other male had hesitated for a moment but it seemed whatever force drew the two of them to each other had won out. He couldn't help but watch Onyx when they did leave. She seemed quite unsure what to do about the food that the engineer had left cooking. Though the captain did decide in the end to just take it off the heat. 

Soren smiled back at the woman, [+crimson "It's not a problem. I suppose these [i misunderstandings] happen from time to time?"] The way she seemed confident that everything would return to normal made him feel certain that she had experience something like this with the two of them before. He did believe it would be alright in the end. 

Though he wondered how much longer the two of them could go on like this if even he was noticing the energy between them. Soren was pretty sure that his presence on the ship was causing some of the tension between the two. It was obvious that part of the reason that Damien didn't like him other than the fact that he was a stranger was because of a sort of jealousy. Soren would have no interest in Cassia like that though, not when Onyx was around. He found that he couldn't help but glance at her every chance he got.

The hunger built up again in his body as he moved to grab a plate. He decided that grabbing a serving while Damien wasn't around to glare daggers at him was a better move. Soren grabbed a second plate offering it to Onyx, [+crimson "I think I am a little too hungry to wait for them to sort it out though,"] he said with a smirk.

He put just enough on his plate that he knew would fill him before he looked back at Onyx. [+crimson "Maybe they will figure everything out soon and then you won't feel like you have two children aboard any longer,"] he joked with a smile. ]
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[right [pic]]
[center The young woman almost jumped when she heard the voice behind her say her name. There was no denying that she had wanted him to follow her for reasons she wasn't totally sure of. But now that he was here she felt her heart start racing. By the stars, the color of her face was surely about to rival the color of her hair. If she was being honest the reason she had left hadn't even been about her interpretation of his protectiveness anymore. It was completely because of whatever stunt she had pulled with the spoon. 

[+orchid "I am not weak,"] she blurted out after a moment of just staring at him in her doorway. It was louder than she had meant to be so in a softer tone she added, [+orchid "I don't want [i you] to see me as weak."] 

She took a breath then, the bag that she had stuffed with clothes still in her hand. Gently Cassia set down the bag so it laid on the floor next to her feet. In a random surge of confidence she stepped closer to Damien before continuing. [+orchid "I'm not a kid."] She let there be a little bit of quiet after she said that. As that was what it boiled down to really, not her being weak, but that she was afraid she was a kid in his eyes. Then again she was quite adept at blowing things out of proportion, at least that's what Onyx told her. 

Cassia hated the way her heart raced as they stood there. She desperately wanted to go back to the joking tones and playful banter. To where she didn't have to ponder why he made her stomach flip and could just pin it on the strange games they played. But instead she found herself wondering why this was even bothering her. 

In an attempt to return to normal she said, [+orchid "Though maybe you were just jealous of Soren in the scenario that he share my bed,"] her tone was teasing she she reached out to playfully shove his shoulder.]
Lovely_PoisonOnyx Lauristen   88d ago

[center A sigh escaped the captain's lips before she quickly nodded. [b "Far more often than I would like. Damien is an idiot sometimes and Cas... I think Cas is just oblivious. They'll be fine."] Onyx wasn't worried about the two of them at all, and if she was, she knew an easy way to take care of it. Neither of them would like it, but the card was in her back pocket and she would pull it if she had to.]

[center For a moment, she lost herself in thought. She could easily remember a time when she had tried to fight her own feelings for someone. It wasn't until the man had finally kissed her that she'd allowed herself to fall. Of course, that ship had crashed and burned not long after, but it had been nice while it had lasted.]

[center Soren's voice cut through the painful memories so suddenly that it caused her to jump a little. Reaching over, she hesitated before grabbing the plate, glancing up at him. [b "I'm certainly not waiting for them,"] she said with a shrug. They would either laugh it out, argue it out, or they would be too hungry to care about it at all.]

[center She didn't put much on her plate, just enough to be satisfied with it, before she moved to stand by the counter, leaning against it. A small smile tugged at the corners of her lips. [b "Nah. That will never change."] She paused for a moment. [b "Honestly, I would never want it to. If they didn't drive me crazy then they wouldn't be family."] They weren't perfect, but they were perfectly hers.]

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]] [center [i Weak?] Admittedly, her outburst was unexpected. Not once had Damien seen her as weak. If anything, Cas was one of the strongest women he knew. Sure, Onyx was strong in her own right, but she was strong emotionally. She could handle herself in a firefight but Cas? Cas could stand with the best of them. He had seen that first hand.]

[center After a moment or two of stunned silence, he let out a small laugh and reached out, placing his hands on her shoulders and staring down at her. [b "Ya wish I was jealous,"] he said with a smirk of his own, though it faded just as quickly as it had appeared. He then let out a sigh.]

[center [b "Look, Cas, I don't think you're weak, nor do I see ya as a kid. What I have always seen is a very capable, amazin', and wonderful woman who I know can take care of herself if it's needed. I just-"] He stopped himself short for a moment. Damn it, he [i was] jealous. The thought of Soren in her bed made his blood boil.]

[center [b "I don't want to see anything happen to ya,"] he finally finished softly, looking away from her. [b "I kind of give a shit about ya, y'know?"] Yeah, it was a lot more than that, but facing that truth was terrifying.]
SoulDreamerstar   68d ago

[center The fact that she wasn’t waiting for them to eat made him feel better. At least it wasn’t just him. He wasn’t sure he wanted to to stand out when Damien came back. He did have to admit that Damien was not a bad cook though. Perhaps he was just hungry but he found himself eagerly eating what was on his plate. 

The small smile that played on the captains face was so genuine that it took Soren by surprise. The male hadn't expected that response to the comment he made. Though it wasn't like it didn't make sense. It was more than obvious how much the two meant to Onyx. Even if they did seem to cause her grief from time to time. He imagined that the other woman probably caused more grief than Damien did. The red head certainly seemed like she was more troublesome than the engineer. 

[+crimson "It is really nice how close the three of you are,"] he said hoping that it wouldn't rub the woman the wrong way. He meant it in a good way. He would never use that against her. Though he was aware there was people in the galaxy that would. Especially in the world that these three operated in. 

In the distance he heard voices again, [+crimson "Sounds like they are coming back, they must have made up,"] he joked with a smile. His voice was low though so that Damien would certainly not hear him. He was hoping that he could go the rest of the night without receiving death glares from the other male. 

It wasn't much longer before his plate was empty and now that he was full he could feel the tiredness hitting him again. It was the first time in awhile that he felt like he could let himself relax. Even though he didn't know these three well it was like part of him felt like he could let his guard down. That they wouldn't try anything while he was asleep, and honestly it had been days since he had gotten a relaxing night of sleep.]
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[center Cassia was slightly surprised by Damien grabbing her shoulders. It forced her to look at him as he spoke. Not that she truly wanted to look away. The young woman forced herself to not pout from his response. In no way did she want him to know how much she did wish he was jealous. Was she craving attention that much? It had to be that. She couldn't allow it to be more, not when she knew that Damien didn't see her that way. 

As Damien spoke she felt herself calming down a bit more. It was nice to know that at least he did see her as a woman. That he knew that she wasn't weak. But then he cut off in an almost sudden way. The young woman's head cocked to the side slightly puzzled by the silence. Cassia found herself wondering what he had been about to say. Soon he was finishing his sentence, but she had wondered if originally the sentence was going in a different direction. 

[+orchid "I care about you too."] she said gently in response. Even if he was a bit dense at times. The woman chewed nervously on her bottom lip for a moment before leaning forward to give him a brief hug. Or at least that was the plan. But the hug lasted longer than she meant it to. Cassia hadn't thought about how when she was this close to him that the scent of him would fill her sense. It was hard to pinpoint the exact scent, but she knew she liked whatever it was. Once she finally pulled away from him, she cleared her throat and gave her signature smile, [+orchid "We are good I promise."]

[+orchid "Come on,] she said grabbing her bag before using her free hand to grab his arm, [+orchid "We should get back to the other two before they start to wonder where we are. Or starve from waiting for us."] The con woman pulled the man behind her as she started to walk back towards where they came from. She was thankful that he was behind her as she could feel her face burning as she recalled exactly what he smelled like and how she almost didn't let him go. ]


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