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Watching as the World came crashing down around them. Darkness had swallowed it. Now the creatures that went bump in the night finally started coming out in the daylight and bumping in the blaze of the sun that had sense been covered by clouds. Now humans have been forced back to the age of their ancestors, The Middle Ages, the age of Metal and Magic. Humans have started also showing signs of magic in the world; however it twists their souls slowly driving them mad the more they use it. It is this Madness that causes an outwardly difference between human and the mage kind. Mages were gifted magic not by chance, but by their very own enemies as a way to show the "half breeds" Outcasted by their own kind these new "Mages" are used as the cannon fodder on the outskirts of the human realm to make sure that the creatures don't come in and disturb what little peace humanity has found.

Tired of being mistreated a band of humans went to the otherside and made a deal. Mages would be spared, but humans without magic would not, some mages couldn't take this answer, others full heartedly agreed to it. however, as the mages visited, they learned of a secret. Deep within the different realms the Alters of the sun had been put out, the only one standing lay at the very Capital of the human world.

As a Mage yourself you have the choice now to either Join the rebellious mages who wish to see the rest of humanity dead and try and put out the Fire on the Alter within the human capital. Or you can choose to attempt to relight the alters that have gone out. Just know whatever you choose the path will be dangerous and potentially lethal. Those whom you see standing with you may become an enemy, others won't live while those who do will be changed forever.


1. Each mage is usually affective in one of six types of Magic, or a branch of each one. Many takes years to master the one element, however a few trains into more than one element. Those six elements are Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Death, and Life. The magic a mage is affiliated with usually depends on their "Other" blood type or association with elements. an example of this is an elf is tied to both Water and Earth types of magic. A werewolf is tied to Earth and Air type of magic. There are however a few unknown factors in play as well some of which are still unlikely to be discovered soon.

2. Mages are categorized as half breeds by their "Other" and considered abominations by humans so outcasted by both. they live as the "border" between both races. This is usually known as the condemned area. Also referred to as Elin

3. Humans live South of Elin in lush forests and grain rich farmlands, a few mountains from the Spine Range run in the human areas as well. The "Creatures" live North of Elin in a frosty forest and Tunda that reaches as far north as the eye can see. The "Neutrals" remain on the Isle of Salara as they don't wish to fight, and its where humans and creatures live together, mostly in peace, however its where they can also trade one another

4. Mages found outside of Elin must have a mage's emblem upon their being, be it a tattoo, a pin, a pattern on their clothing etc as long as it's on them they cannot be forced back to Elin. This Pattern is based upon their type of magic. The six basic magics have their patterns and as new magic is discovered their basic pattern is "advanced" to however the first person with the new magic wants it.

5. Magic Police known as Templar are what are found in the realm of Elin, outside of Elin Templar are meant to find Mages and Magic users alike and place them within Elin lands. These Templar are trained in handle mages of all sorts, Complaint and not. Trained to lethally kill if necessary. They do not differ between magic and non-magic users if you interfere with their jobs.

6. Humans are not the only Mages in the world, those who hold magic in the "Creature" world are still classified as Mages and sent to Elin this is because Mages have more human like features instead of their "Creature" family members. An Example of this is that a Mage burn to a vampire won't have the desire to drink blood (at least not when they are first born) They also can be in sunlight, and also don't have the "extra" senses like strength, sight, etc.

Rules and Regulations
1. NO GOD MODING....this is sad as a rule we still have to put this hear. This is an obvious thing... No controlling someone else's character either.
2. I would like for pictures to be Art in style, Anime is okay if you can convince me of it.
3. Post length is not an absolute has to be set, but I would like something to work with and I will do my best to give the same... I understand writers block and get affected by it also.
4. If enough people join I will be putting a Posting order (in order to not confuse everyone in the Rp.)
This also means you have 5 days from the time of me Pming you to post otherwise you will be skipped
5. Everyone must fill out a skeleton for the character and Pm it to me (titled with your favorite childhood nickname)

All characters are mages (this is only temporary and possibly changed if I get enough people)
Photo: What do you look like? (a link to your photo)
Puppet master: Who is in charge of said person? (a link to your profile)
Name: What are you called? Last, First, Middle initial
Nickname: What are you called by friends?
Titles: What are you called by Enemies?
Favored words: What is a quote you're likely to be known for?
age: How old are you? (18+)
Race: We know your half-breed, but what gave you your magic? (This is the type of "creature" do you half breed)
Mage type: What element do you have? (If you have a branch type list that and the main type)
Magic Crest: What Symbol Shows what type of mage you are?
Magic abilities: What are some of the powers you have (3 max, and describe)
Disadvantage: What are some of your Pitfalls? (Match your Magic abilities so if you do 3 there do 3 here)
Other Information: What other Info is in your File? (What other important info is there?)

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