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The Dragon's War (1x1)

By Colorful_insanity

Amvir The Walled City, was once the Greatest Metropolis of the Human Empire Cathoran. It has long sense declined to the statue that it holds today. The Capital of the Phoenix Order who thrive to bring all the human kingdoms under their banner and bring about a new peace within the land. The problem? The harsh treatment the Phoenix order gives out to those deemed unworthy within their borders.

From the very first breath the Phoenix order has held one thing above all others. Magic is to be contained. If one is found to have magic they are to register themselves with the Order guard, Or as many call them the Hounds. Apostates are treated harshly if not publicly executed upon their capture, that or forced within the Tower. Anyone who attempts escape are dealt with even harsher and forced to go through a ritual that removes their magic...and any other human thing to become mindless servants to the order.

Many wish to see the order's fall, but none dare to have an open rebellion upon their overlords for fear they will be fed to the pet dragons each one holds. They couldn't ask for aid from the fair elves or the stout dwarves for fear of a price to high to ever repay, so their only hope is the other human kingdoms or the Apostate mages that follow. That or the bloodline of the true king, rumor has it the true heir will show himself through the transformation from human to dragon and back. He will have magic never seen before in the land, and those who consider him an enemy would best fear him. That the True Heir would also reign all dragons free instead of the pets of the Phoenix order.

The Royals of every country now see the Order as a threat to their kingdoms and have come together to aid the rebellion, but not in open war. They do not wish to loose the little power they do hold still, And yet they hold the biggest secret of them all. That each Royal family is descendants of a dragon aspect. There are in total Eight royal families still in power, each one holding a dragon type. What they also didn't tell you is with this power each Royal family holds a key. A key to the Vault. A hidden place among the World edge mountains and its peaks that Hold the highest prize to the Order. The largest nest of dragon eggs and the souls of the dragons of the past. Guarded only by the keys each given to the Royals.

With the order growing in power, the Dragons have gone into desperation, binding themselves to the forms of the two legs, but for those who refuse they are killed or captured. Forced to work for the order or fight in the Pits for entertainment to the humans. The Dragons that once lead the Glorious race to their golden age have disappeared, those few who are known fight for what they can hold, or are bound to forms and hide until the fall of the Order or until the day they are discovered.

Rules and Regulations

1. No God moding/ Insta killing obviously

2. Be sure no one liners please is all I ask I understand having difficulty being able to type a lot all the time, but I understand that you can do it.

3. Artish photos please if you need help let me know.

4. Send me a Pm with the skeleton

5. I understand that the Chat system is suppose to help keep the OCC's to a minamum, but please as I'm not sure how long the Chat system will be in place, so OCC will go Here

6. I understand real life things come up every now and then or writer's block happens, please try and be active I would like to see no more then 4 or 5 days in-between posts from people.

7. Please follow the posting order

Posting order
1. Dawn Eclipse
2. Nixi Fy
3. Vodurra Twohammer
4. Insae Nellix
5. yui Azi
6. Marius hoyer
7. Nova StarCrown
8. Darien
9. Wither Smirch

Puppetmaster: Who are you?
photo: a photo of your character
Name: Last, First
Nickname: what do those who know you call you?
Age: How old are you?
race: What race do you hail from? Elf, dwarf, human, etc (see Bestiary pages)
Magic: Do you have magic? If so what type?
Registration: Are you Registered with the Order?
affiliation: Are you apart of the Order? Apart of the Rebellion? Or a person who doesn't care for ether?
Occupation: This will be affected by if you have magic and if your registered.
Other info: Some useful Info if necessary, or if you want us to know more info about your character.

Bestiary Pages

Current Cast


Name: Starcrown, Nova
Nickname: The Blood grove keeper, The Vault Guard, The Goddess on High.
Age: Ageless and unrecorded. She was birthed far before mortals could count.
race: Wild aspect
Magic: Yes, several different that will be shown in time
Registration: No
affiliation: Neither, Nova is on the side of survival, she kills both order and rebellion alike to stay alive and keep her grove at peace
Occupation: Guard of the Vault and the lands that are around it.
Other info: Nova being one of the last few Wild aspects is considered a God like creature, but is not so. Once a creature of the wild she can change shape, size, and nature at will copying those she has seen. Her forms range from a single warrior to an entire army of assassins that act on one mind. Her most common form seen is a small dragon like creature or a twin set of war panthers found the night elves ride in the Dreamwoods.
Nova is the original Dragon; she started their kind by shedding her scales into the world. From them the eight aspects of the dragon and their kin. Any would understand her more properly as Queen and Mother. She rarely travels outside of the World edge mountains fully, but only does so with her companion Tasia the huntress.

Name: Eclipse, Dawn
Nickname: The White Blade
Age: unknown, due to no one being alive that does know his age and him not remembering.
race: He is known as a High elf to the Human Order, but his elf race calls him a Pandryl col (in Common it means Dragon Kin)
Magic: Yes, Mostly Shadow and the darker forms of magic.
Registration: Partly, He is registered in some Areas of the Order's lands under some of the Lords that would make up the council of the Order; others he is not registered at all.
affiliation: Rebellion. He is a piece of the rebellion and has been sense its founding. Elves, humans, dragons, and the like shouldn't be forced to fight for human entertainment and the other "lesser" races to humans shouldn't be treated as slaves if not worse fodder for their armies.
Occupation: A Spell blade, this is a special trained assassin that is resistant to magic to the point where it doesn't work on them. Forming weapons out of their affinity. The least likely person could be a Spell blade.
Other info: Dawn is a part of the Elven house Eclipse, his older brothers Anjui and Ado rule the house together, and are slowly bringing the High elven houses of the Crescent isles under their flag, but to make sure humans don't mess it up they have sent their special unit of Spell blades to the human kingdom under guise of being slaves sold to them. Dawn killed his master, and this had brought the wraith of the humans. Sent to the slums of the Human Capital Dawn has been secretly killing Key members of the Order to draw out the regional leader or learn his location.
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