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Adrian Fellstar
[center [h3 The Beginning]] [center [pic]]  [center [b Here a young boy laid on the grass hills beside his home. The young boy possessed a red tint in his eyes with ashen hair. Looking up from his book he gazed upon the Fellstar residence. Beautiful and immaculate a manor with a pure white coat of paint on every corner several stories tall. With gardens adorning it's yard's and acres of land. Adrian Fellstar felt a sense of pride when looking to his family home. Yet he felt this pit of.. Crushing weight all at once. Placing his book down beside his wooden sword he looked down the green pastures near his home. He saw instructors and mentors looking around calling for a name. Though he couldn't hear from the large hill he knew exactly who they were calling for.]] [center [b Taking a deep breath he let himself fall into his thoughts for a moment. This however hadn't lasted terribly long before a woman's face was peering down at him. Looking back at the bark of the tree behind him he lifted his head upward. To see a young girl with ashen hair staring at him. Her legs wrapped around the tree as she hung like a bat with a grin as big as a mischievous gremlin.]] [center [+blue Ahh! Don't scare me like that Veronica!]] [center [pic]] [center [+purple Hey, maybe if you knew how to cast detect magic.. You'd realized I was using pass without a trace.]] [center [+blue Yeah yeah Veronica I know.. Actually I was studying for that very reason ya know.]] [center [+purple Haha is that so? Well I must say I'm proud of you little bro! Though do you need that thing to do so?]] [center [b Uncurling her legs around the bark of wood. She began her decent with an elegant flip. Turning around she flashed a smug smile and a rather dorky thumbs up. Before she turning her long pale slender arm to point at his wooden sword.]] [center [+blue Pfft, you're ridiculous!]] [center [b He chuckled at her little "display" before grabbing the wooden blade. He had a soft smile as he ran his fingers across the smooth wood.]] [center [+blue I don't know it's just.. Relaxing I suppose.]] [center [+purple Yeah I know.. Ya know you worry mother when you run off like this.]] [center [b She had crouched to match eye level with the young male. He offered a somber smile before exhaling softly.]] [center [+blue Yeah.. I'm aware..]] [center [b The soft spoken male held his head low for a moment. Though that was to change when he heard a sharp tone cut through the air.]] [center [pic]] [center [+grey At least you can't embarrass father when our guest are over.]] [center [+purple Silus!]] [center [+grey Well it's the truth isn't it? Today's is the Mark exams among Radiance's Nobles after all. Or have you forgotten to prepare to sister? What good is a Fellstar who can't even use magic. That uses all of his time on this stupid thing!]] [center [b Silus, was a bit taller than Adrian with a more slender frame. His eyes tinted red with white hair just like his siblings. He had kicked Adrian's wooden sword down the hill. Adrian had shot up grabbing Silus by the collar of his shirt.]] [center [+blue Leave me alone!]] [center [+grey Hah! The runt wants a fight huh? You know how that went last.. Don't you?]] [center [b Those words rung out.. Again and again and again. "Don't you don't you.. Don't you... Don't you.. Don't you know I wish you were never born!"]] [center [h3 Awakening]] [center [b Adrian had shot up panting heavily. He was shirtless taking a deep breath. Though he felt a bump and a crash causing him to hit a nearby wooden wall. "Ow! Where the hell am I again?" he recollected his thoughts. Focusing on the bumps and shakes of the floorboard. The sound of hooves nearby and the creaking floorboard. His eyes began scan the area, seeing his pack and large claymore near his clothes. That's right.. He was on a wagon leaving the capital.]] [center [i Hope you're ready to get off lad! This as far as I'll take you for the money ya gave me.]] [center [b The voice was curt and rather course. The man at the end of the wagon was large with bushy facial hair. A human that had more resemblance to a dwarf except for height. Adrian was quick to shoot up. Getting dressed for the day as he placed his blade on his broad shoulders. Looking at his now tanned hands covered in calluses.]] [center [+red Heh.. Time to start a new day.]] [center [b Adrian had left the wagon offering the man a spirited farewell. A large childlike grin across his face.]] [center [+red Thanks! You have a good one!]] [center [b Adrian had turned back around to see a sign on the highway. Grassland covered both sides of the highway. Adrian had peered closer to the sign as he read it aloud.]] [center [+red Glazing Wind.. One mile ahead. All right than.. Not much further now! Another day another job!]] [center [b Adrian took a few steps forward, Adrian would never know the weight behind these steps.]]
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Eclaire Vallière
[center [h3 Adrian entered the town of Glazing Winds]]   [center [b The dirt slowly gave way to mud. Adrian groaned lightly as he came into the town. Though it appeared modest and humble more like a village than a town truly.]] [center [+red What.. Happened here?]] [center [b There seemed to be many beggars and the gear of the citizens weren't of the greatest quality. Many cloaked figures and shadowy alley's. Adrian saw a building in the center of town. "The Wistful Gust" it looked like an old rundown tavern. Creaking floorboards, so worn and yet were it alive the stories it would be able to lay bare. Adrian smiled glad to find the place still had a tavern. Down the street seemed to be two other buildings both with working anvils. One had the symbol of a sword the other? A shield? Blacksmith perhaps? Adrian had entered the tavern. He saw an orcish bartender with a mean mug on his face. A board with a few jobs upon it and a cloaked figure on a barstool. There was a young woman near the quest board peering closey. She had snow white hair and round doe eyes. Though Adrian couldn't see her clearly. The others looked at her the same they were eyeing Adrian. As an outsider, with a look of caution and a wary gaze. "Maybe she's not from around here." Adrian had come up from behind offering a small wave as he spoke up.]] [center [+red Hey nice to meet cha!]] [center [b The woman jumped as he saw a flutter of white feathers. Feathers? She had.. Long white wings upon her back hiding behind her chainmail. Adorned with a longsword and shield she looked at the man with a curious expression. She.. Wasn't human.. Was she?]] [center [+grey Hell..o?]] [center [+red Yeah.. You okay there? You look a little spacey. Have too much to drink?]] [center [h3 OOC]] Quality might drop here because I'm tired and just writing more for fun rather than a hard story. May consider it a rough draft of sorts. This is also to play test a campaign of mine and see if it needs any adjustments balancing wise so.. Yeah


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