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Lost Mines of Phandelver campaign

By ShieldHero-

The world may be edited and changed in some ways.
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ShieldHero-Emila Wellheart   15d ago

[center [h3 Emila Wellheart]]

[center [b Emila was in a wagon with her pack of books near her. Again she was writing into her notebooks. She had a scattered mess spread around, one was a novel she was working upon. Another? Was an Arcana theory she was working on, interacting with other planes. The last? Was simply her daily journal. She placed the quill pen against the notebook though her hands shown no motion she let out a sigh.]]

[center [+orange I could use some enchanted parchment.. Perhaps something that won't wear so easily.]]

[center [b She lets out a soft exhale of air. She held her legs close holding them close to her chest. Her soft features pressed on the side of her knee. Her mind had begun to wander and spiral yet again. Her hands began to shake for a moment before she clenched her small hand into a fist.]]

[center [+orange Gundren.. Rockseeker is it true you've made a breakthrough? Could it be what I need?]]

[center [b She laid her pack on the wooden floorboard before pressing her face upon it. She was sure that she had tracked down his caravan. Perhaps she'd be able to catch up with him soon enough at least.. She had hoped so.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

For any nosy DnD nerds the world will be altered for sure. Though this is just for me so yeah
ShieldHero-Adrian Fellstar   15d ago

[center [h3 Adrian Fellstar]]

[center [b This was Adrian's first job away from his family. Here was.. Leading a wagon of Ox serving as rear guard to a small caravan.]]

[center [+red Gundren you bastard.. Leaving me with the ox that stink to high heaven. It may not exactly be a glamorous job but.. I'll do it my way. Than maybe..]]

[center [b Adrian took his large blade out as he looked into the cold reflection of steel. His face was somber for a moment before he let a cheerful grin out.]]

[center [+red Oh let's be honest.. I'm just grouchy I've got no one to talk to! Heh.. Than again that's more cash for me right?]]

[center [b Before Adrian could find a way to entertain himself on the path he saw.. What was that? A wreck of wood and blood? A broken down carriage with a diseased horse and arrows were scattered everywhere on the scene.]]

[center [+red Whoa whoa! Down down!]]

[center [b Adrian had stopped the Oxen. Jumping off the carriage with surprising agility for his large frame he planted his feet on the firm soil. His blade held tightly in both of his hands.]]

[center [+orange Haha ma look! Look! He can't even learn a simple cantrip!]]

[center [b Adrian had begun to look around for the phantom voice. A bit of frustration in his formerly cheery eyes. Nothing?]]

[center [+red Heh.. I've really gotta stop drinking.]]

[center [b Making his way to the wagon he began to look around trying to find some clues. Maybe he'd Investigate and put together what was going on here.]]

[center [h3 Skill Checks]]

Perception: 17+2=19

Investigation: 18+1=19
ShieldHero-Flint Sparx   15d ago

[center [h3 Flint Sparx]]

[center [b In the shadows and brush was not the source of the wagon's misfortune. However it was trouble brewing all the same. The young would be swashbuckler Flint Sparx had laid in waiting.]]

[center [+yellow The intel should be good.. I'm sure he should have Gundren right..? Damn it no.. Whatever that secret is I'm sure it's worth a fortune. Still.. Maybe he's got some information.. Perhaps even some coin.]]

[center [b Flint grew up a sea loving rogue. Many would call such a man a pirate. Himself? He'd simply say it was high risk trading. Drawing his rapier he crept in the shadow's of the brush careful as could be. Normally Flint was as silent as the grave. However it appeared fate had other plans as his boot cleaved into a branch. Causing a nice and crunchy snapping sound. Adrian raised up toward the direction of the noise with his massive blade drawn. "Crap.. I'd rather not face that brute head on.." Flint had to think and he needed to think fast.]]

[center [+red Who goes there? If you were the cause of this noble beast death! You'll have recompense to pay!]]

[center [b "Recompense? Who talked like that? Was this brute somehow.. A noble? How quaint still.. If I don't think of something I'll be six foot under soon enough. That's hardly fair recompense for a crime I haven't committed! Well.. One I haven't yet anyway."]]


[center [h3 OOC]]
Skill Check: 4+7=11

[center [h3 Eclair Valliere]]

[center [b The young Aasimar woman was running through the thick of the brush. Her blade and shield drawn blood across her blade her white wings looming over her chainmail.]]

[center [+grey I am sorry beast but you must pay for the sin's you've committed.]]

[center [b She was in pursuit of a goblin. She saw it flee from the scene of the crime though she wasn't sure what had occurred. She couldn't let such an act go unleashed upon the world. It may be only one small crime in a world of many blights but she couldn't let this slight go regardless. Her soft features had resembled that of freshly fallen snow. Her ashen hair and pure expression had clashed in stark contrast with the blood upon her blade. Dashing through the forest it wasn't long before the brutish young woman found herself back at the scene of the crime. This time a man with a large weapon was.. Threatening a bush?]]

[center [+grey You weren't here before... You wouldn't have anything to do with what happened here would you?]]

[center [+red What! I'm as confused as you! You can't accuse strangers like that..]]

[center [b Flint had jumped out of the bushes with the nimbleness of a youthful gazelle. With a twirl of flashing steel and flashing white pearls as he offered the young beautiful Aasimar a smile.]]

[center [+yellow An angel to deliver me a sinner? Had I known of such an opportunity I may have attended my sermons more closely dear.]]

[center [+red Hey! What are you doing sneaking around! You can't talk to a stranger like that!]]

[center [+yellow Says the oafish brute who draws steel upon a complete stranger yes?]]

[center [+grey Huh..?]]

[center [b The air was silent with all parties holding weapons drawn. The air was so thick with tension it felt as if it could be cut with a knife. Though it hadn't lasted terribly long. The creaking of wheels and the bumps of wood. Another.. Wagon? An elven woman was thrown out of said wagon? Her frame was slender and her knife ears were long. Her brown hair parted across her face as the papers were strewn everywhere. She had desperately tried to gather them as the man driving the wagon scowled with an expression of both fear and anger.]]

[center [i You said nothing about any corpses on the road lass! I didn't sign up for this!]]

[center [+orange What?! I hardly could foresee such an event could I? Was I supposed to receive a divination before coming than ser?]]

[center [b Her voice was sharp and her tone was rather formal. Though that had hardly mattered to the man as he was already driving the opposite way. As she collected her displaced papers she placed her pack upon her back. Dusting herself off she turned around to see.. Three strangers an a armed standoff.]]

[center [+orange You aren't bandits are you? That would just.. Really be the icing on the cake ya know? Maybe I should have gotten that divination..]]
ShieldHero-Adrian Fellstar   15d ago

[center [h3 Skirmish in the brush]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRMsiR08kVQ&list=RDwRMsiR08kVQ&start_radio=1&rv=wRMsiR08kVQ&t=8]]

[center [b Adrian's investigation was going so well before this interruption. He even had a lead of where to find Gunder but now this? Who were these people?]]

[center [+yellow I see, if such talks of divinity can cause beautiful women to be hurled at me. Call me a devout believer.]]

[center [b Flint had waltzed over offering Emila a rather flirtatious smile and a bow. Emilia had rather awkwardly offered the man a stiff handshake.]]

[center [+brown Emila! Emila Wellheart! You?]]

[center [+yellow Not the welcome I was pining for but-]]

[center [b Before he could respond both Emila and Flint took a sharp turn to the forest. Adrian had lowered his guard rather confused. The angelic woman seemed to be studying this social encounter herself. Adrian was lost in thought for a moment. "Was this guy.. For real?" though that thought was cut off as 4 goblins attacked these pack of strangers! Two with bows drawn the other with shortswords. Adrian was looking around confused he was clearly cut off guard. Eclair had looked around with rather docile doe eyes trying to scan for her targets. She had seemed just as confused as Adrian though she seemed less expressive about the ordeal. Emila had drawn her wand and dagger. Her senses were sharp and so were Flint's they were ready to act.]]

[center [b The archers were quick to draw their bows. In unison they had attacked the surprised parties! One striking at Adrian! The other shot his arrow spiraling through the air toward Eclair!]]

[center [b One arrow Adrian had narrowly dodged even in his panicked state. The other arrow? Eclair never knew for it went hurling into the forest to gods only knew where. Adrian had saw the arrow fly by. Shaking his head he held his sword close recomposing himself. He was in control but he didn't have enough time to move and strike but at least he was focused now.]]

[center [b One of the goblins wielding a shortsword came running in slashing at Adrian! With bestial tenacity the sword came with a direct and forward thrust. Though the goblin had fumbled swiping at nothing but air. Adrian had looked at the beast before he began to sputter out in laughter.]]

[center [+red Haha! Wow you aren't good at this huh?]]

[center [b Flint had used Adrian as a distraction. "Remember.. A foe is most vulnerable when you use misdirection. Let them focus on the big oaf Flint." running beside the goblin fighting Adrian he lunged his rapier forward. However the goblin raised his small buckler parrying the blow back. Flint had cursed under his breath with a flourish of steel upon the air.]]

[center [+yellow Gave myself away for nothing..]]

[center [b And as Flint said the second sword wielding goblin came towards Flint. With unwieldy charge and a flail of it's arm it took it's small blade crashing it's sword across his shoulder! Blood spilled as Flint stumbled a bit. His vison began to blur a bit.]]

[center [+yellow D-Damn it.. Come on Flint stand up straight you damned fool..]]

[center [b Eclair had saw the wounded rogue and blood splattered across the soil. She had slapped her own cheeks looking forward toward her enemies.]]

[center [+grey Ugh..]]

[center [b She grunted under her breath she, Eclair wouldn't let anyone die. Not when she could do something about it. That's why she was here right..? To help others? "No Eclair don't think just focus!"]]

[center [b Emila had surveyed the battlefield. She couldn't use burning hands because Flint was flanking one of the melee fighters. She had taken her wand out with a glint of fire at the tip of the wood had appeared.]]

[center [+brown Fire bolt!]]

[center [b She had attacked the goblin that Flint was attempting to strike. Her bolt had flown through the air at sluggish speeds. The goblin had taken the bolt in it's buckler slinging it back near Emila's feet. She stared down the goblin with frustration in her eyes.]]

[center [b The archers had began to shoot upon the back lines! Both moving ten feet closer. One had shot at the wounded Flint while the other shot at Emila! Emilia had put a magical shield up blocking the arrow at her just in time. The shield would last for a bit longer. (till the end of her next turn.) Flint had pushed his battered body to step to the side with a sharp turn narrowly avoiding the arrow.]]

[center [b Adrian had seen Flint bleeding.. Badly. Again he could hear ringing and.. That phantom voice.. That was no phantom. It was a memory.]]

[center [+yellow "You're a disgrace on the Fellstar's. You-]]

[center [b Adrian took a deep breath "I won't let him die.. Just because of my stupid insecurities!" Adrian planted his foot on the ground. The man with a cheery smile began to let his veins bulge. His eyes gave way to.. Anger and pure rage.]]

[center [+red Raaaaaagh!]]

[center [b Adrian had taken his large blade swinging it upon the goblin that had hurt Flint. Stranger as he was.. Adrian wouldn't let someone die a cold and brutal death out here in the wild. Filled with righteous fury he pushed onward.]]

[center [b The goblin tried to block the massive blade. With a sneer he kicked the small beast in the stomach. As it reeled he raised his blade in the air with murderous intent in his eyes. Slamming his foot firmly on the ground. Putting all of his weight into a downward arc his blade came crashing into the earth fueled by savage rage. The blade easily crushed and slashed through the goblin almost as if it was cutting butter. (Crit 20 damage jeez) blood and viscera could be seen flying as his blade crashed into the dirt sending mud and soil flying. Flint looked rather shocked as did the others. Flint's only thought was "Glad I'm not that pile of.. Whatever that is right now." Flint couldn't let him do all the fighting however. He had moved on over to attack the goblin Eclair was fighting! It was distracted from it's strike against her. He would take this chance to hopefully deal some heavy damage this time. However in his battered state? The goblin had parried him with it's buckler much like the other. Panting and bleeding Flint wasn't sure what to do next. The goblin had twirled it's blade in a counterattack! The blade came slashing down at his neck! Flint saw his whole world flash for a moment. Barely stepping back just in time as the blade barely missed his throat he began to pant and breathe even heavier.]]

[center [+yellow Damn that was close..]]

[center [b Ecliar held her shield up as she gripped her longsword tightly. With a brandish of steel she lifted her steel up. Unlike a flourish of steel her body had spun in one graceful circle. Though looks could be deceiving, behind that graceful spinning strike? Was pure brute force, no misdirection she'd slash right past his defenses if she could manage. The defensive buckler wielding gob however had ducked under her strike with relative ease as she spun a little too far almost clumsily tripping in her strike. Emila had taken the chance to attack the same goblin with yet another fire bolt! Only to have it deflected yet again!]]


[center [h3 OOC]]
Changing Emila's color from orange to brown ^^

[center [h3 Combat]]

Round 1

(5)Flint: 12
(8)Emilia: 6
(7)Eclair: Surprised/8
(3)Adrian: Surprised/17

(1)Archer Gob 1: 22
(2)Archer Gob 2: 18

(4)Shortsword Gob: 13
(6)Shortsword Gob 2: 9

Round 2

(5)Flint: 12
(8)Emilia: 6
(7)Eclair: 8
(3)Adrian: 17

(1)Archer Gob 1: 22
(2)Archer Gob 2: 18

(4) Shortsword Gob: 13 (Dead)
(6)Shortsword Gob 2: 9

Round 3

(5)Flint: 12
(8)Emilia: 6
(7)Eclair: 8
(3)Adrian: 17

(1)Archer Gob 1: 22
(2)Archer Gob 2: 18

(4) Shortsword Gob: 13 (Dead)
(6)Shortsword Gob 2: 9

Will probably do the rest of the battle stat wise than just write the results ^^
ShieldHero-Adrian Fellstar   15d ago

[center [h3 Battle Rages On]]

[center [b The archers fire at Flint and Emila yet again! Emila using the last bit of her magic blocks the arrow again. Flint dodging the arrow yet again, the rogue was now gambling with his life on this battlefield.]]

[center [b Adrian had clashed with another goblin using a headbutt to knock them out. Flint had parried and struggled against that swordsman before Adrian had came to the rescue. Eclaire and Flint had closed the distance between the two archers! Emila had shot one with a firebolt wounding them. Eclair who had been clumsily missing her strikes before finally cut down the archer! Flint had managed to knock out the other himself. Eclair had stabilized them as Adrian tied them up.]]

[center [+yellow Uhm.. Any reason we are saving the lives of goblins that tried to kill us..?]]

[center [+red I don't.. Wanna kill unless I have too.]]

[center [+yellow Says the guy who squashed one like a bug!]]

[center [+grey All life is precious..]]

[center [+brown Yeah I'm not one to act like a brute, besides they may have some info! I need to ask about a Gunther Rockseeker.]]

[center [+yellow Huh? I'm looking for that ol dwarf myself.]]

[center [+grey Is he... In danger?]]

[center [+red Well.. From what I investigated before.. He might be. Here let's rest and wait for these guys to wake up. Seems we all have questions to ask them than. Oh.. By the way the names Adrian.. Adrian Fellstar.]]

[center [+grey Eclair.. Eclair Valliere.]]

[center [+brown Emila.. Emila Wellheart.]]

[center [+yellow Huff.. Huff.. Flint Sparx.. Though the ladies can call me whatever they want.]]

[center [b He said with a wink as he winced in pain. The group had all sat down. Emila had used her natural recovery to regain a bit of magic. With that magic she had casted on herself Mage Armor. It would last for the next eight hours and it sounded like she would be needing it today.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]
I'll probably have the monsters roll for aggro instead of making them target squishies like I have. I'll give the party inspiration of D4 each since I just made them have a super hard battle by solely targeting the squishies.

[center [h3 Resting Up]]

[center [b As the party rested awaiting for the goblins to awaken Elcair had sneezed softly. Rubbing her nose softly she looks up at the others. Adrian smiles offering her a handerchief.]]

[center [+red So I know you are all looking for Gunther but.. Can I ask why?]]

[center [+brown Oh? Asking a lady you've just met her secrets huh?]]

[center [+red What no I.. Well... I just.. He might have been kidnapped. I took a job to look after the stubborn fellow, he's loud but.. He's a hard worker.]]

[center [+brown Hm, you're making sure I'm not here to hurt him than huh? I'll say this.. I need his help. That and.. Honestly I'm curious of this breakthrough he's made in Phandilin. What of you Flint? Any reason to be here? Besides getting yourself killed while flirting with women?]]

[center [+yellow Hey, sorry I didn't have magic to protect me. Why I'm here? I.. Well.. I've been hired to look after Gunther too.]]

[center [+red You have..?]]

[center [+yellow Sure! By his family, they couldn't expect just one brute to protect him after all.]]

[center [b (Flint rolled 20+4=24 deception. No one's insight came close.)]]

[center [+red Oh.. I suppose that makes sense.. But I did more of the heavy lifting that last fight!]]

[center [+yellow Yeah yeah big guy I know.. Trust me I'm just warming up you'll see.]]

[center [b Eclair listened to the group talk bit by bit. She hadn't enjoyed conversation like this since the monastery and even than.. This was more casual than she was used too.]]

[center [+grey I'd like to help you, to save this Gunther if he's in danger.]]

[center [+red Wait.. You're not looking for him?]]

[center [b Eclair shakes her head as Adrian blinks a bit at her. She tilts her head as she looks up at the large male with large doe eyes.]]

[center [+red Heh.. Guess you're just a good person aren't cha?]]

[center [+grey I.. Am?]]

[center [+red Well yeah.. But you're an Aasimar right? I hear you guys are like divine protectors!]]

[center [+grey Not.. All of us.. And not everyone see's us this way. I haven't had my celestial revelation yet.. But I do hope to spread the light of Radiance upon the world.]]

[center [+red The light of Radiance huh? Forgive me saying this but.. You seem rather... Soft spoken. Almost.. Oh nevermind where are my manners! Were strangers after all!]]

[center [+yellow Hey if you're too much of a coward to ask her out I will.]]

[center [+red What?! N-No it wasn't like that!]]

[center [+grey Ask me.. Out? Aren't we going out soon? I recommend we are all ready for combat.]]

[center [+brown No dear what these boys mean is.. Well never mind you'll learn in due time I suppose.]]

[center [+red Hey leave me out of that! It's all Flint!]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

Glad I have a dynamic and characters made. After lost mines of phandelver I have another adventure I wanna run with them. They'll have to reset back at LV 1 for that adventure though
Actually I may run that other adventure instead.
But if I come back here they will have 75EXP when they start that other dungeon.
ShieldHero-Adrian Fellstar   10d ago

[center [h3 Asking a few questions.]]

[center [b Adrian takes the goblin's weapons (two short bows and two short swords and 4 leather armors and 4 shields.) to the side. Adrian carried many packs and such, his large frame and brute force allowed for ease of use when carrying such items. Adrian hadn't bothered tying the remaining 3 goblins up. Without weapons and with 1 dead would they be much a threat? An hour had passed by and beside the initial opening each member was quietly resting.]]

[center [b Flint was twirling a dagger practicing his throws upon a tree. Emlia was lost in her tombs and Adrian had taken a nap himself. Eclaire though had kept watch on the goblins.]]

[center [b They had one by one all begun to stir awake.]]

[center [+green Agh.. Where are we.. Ahh! Prepare to fight! Huh? My weapon and.. Ahh he's still squished!]]

[center [+grey Calm down, I have offered you're friend a prayer. I'm sorry we couldn't resolve things peacefully sooner.]]

[center [+yellow I'm not damn things tried to skewer me!]]

[center [b Adrian had shot awake from his cat nap. Hearing the conversation before he waltzed over. He wasn't sure how to feel.. Had he felt bad? Killing that goblin? He had never killed anything or anyone before. Yet he was in such a rage before.. He could hardly remember. Flint had a point they were going to kill him. Yet Eclaire seemed to treasure life. Adrian couldn't blame her.]]

[center [+red Yeah.. I agree that you shouldn't have tried to attack us like that though.]]

[center [+green Klarg said kill all followers! Loot steal kill!]]

[center [+red Klarg..?]]

[center [+brown Interesting..]]

[center [b Emila had analyzed them closely for a moment.]]

[center [+brown It must be part of the goblin hierarchy.]]

[center [b History roll to understand lore. Nat 1. Emila had... Begun to simply drift off distracted by her own ignorance of the subject. She wanted to know more but it was clear that despite a researcher she knew nothing about goblins!]]

[center [b Adrian's history roll. 13+3=16.]]

[center [+red Is he a hobgoblin? Or perhaps a bugbear? How many of you are there?]]

[center [+grey Please.. Don't be afraid we can help you.. For the better.]]

[center [+red You aren't entirely wrong Eclaire, Goblin hierarchy can be a nasty business with the smaller weaker beast crushed. That.. Isn't fair you should be allowed to grow and choose you're own way of life.]]

[center [b Eclaire's Persuasion 8. Adrian, 6. Though they weren't.. Entirely convincing Adrian's knowledge seemed to have served him well enough.]]

[center [+green Klarg is.. A cruel bugbear as you say. The base has no less than twenty of us.. Cragmaw hideout. If you goes you handle Klarg.. We's be free?]]

[center [+red More free than a kite my friend, as long as you don't follow down this dark path. Fight for what you believe in okay? There are plenty of ways to make money trust me. Head to Phandelver tell them.. A Fellstar sent you (Using Noble background)]]

[center [+green I.. We shall but we's will be careful!]]

[center [b The goblin's had than begun to share everything they know with these strangers. Afterwards Adrian through a pack over his shoulders, ready to head down the trail he had studied before. "A hidden trail.." the goblin's had confirmed his investigation before. Emila had raised a hand.]]

[center [+brown Stop! I wanna find Gunther Rockseeker as well but.. We can't go like this. Flint was badly hurt today and I know he's bounced back but that has to of warn him out. You are doing well and so is Eclaire I know.. But my magic's all out. I can only cast simple cantrips now.]]

[center [+red You're coming with?]]

[center [+brown Of course! I said I needed to find him didn't I? Besides they haven't killed him.. They need his secret whatever it is. I know it's cruel to say we should rest but if we charge in and die.. Who does that help?]]

[center [+red Damn it! I can't just wait here I..]]

[center [+grey Please sir Adrian Fellstar. Let us exercise caution yes? Patience is a virtue.]]

[center [+yellow You heard the pretty ladies big guy, besides I was hired for the same job as you. I won't let my charge die so easy.. Else I won't get paid.]]

[center [+red Coin over character huh? Fine! But we leave first thing in the morning!]]

[center [+yellow Yeah yeah mr hot air and righteous fury.]]

[center [+brown So Flint.. Pretty ladies huh? Is that what you insist on calling me boy?]]

[center [+yellow Don't call me boy! Besides I say it how I see it lass! You're a fine lady, fine enough for any swashbuckler.]]

[center [+brown A swashbuckler's prize than hmm? I should be flattered I suppose? I'll admit though as a scholar I am interested in learning you're way of life.]]

[center [+yellow Oh I can show you plenty my dear~]]

[center [+red Okay good night!]]

[center [b Eclaire takes a rather polite bow to the group.]]

[center [+grey Good night my comrade's it was an honor to fight beside you today.]]

[center [+yellow Sound like you're giving you're final death speech..]]

[center [b Emilia had nudged him hard with her elbow.]]

[center [+brown Quiet! Poor girl doesn't understand! Be a gentleman won't cha?!]]

[center [h3 OOC Flavor]]
Survival for how well each one sets up tent.

Adrian: 10 - Average
Emilia: 14 Moderate Skill
Flint: 12 Slightly above average
Eclaire: 1 (not nat 1 but 1 all together) TERRIBLE and will probably need help from Emila who knows what she is doing best.

[center OOC]
This is more so for fun so the writing won't be up to par but that is okay.


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