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вloody ĸιѕѕeѕ

By Hana_Panda13
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[center [b Closed to Lovely_Poison]] [center [pic]] [center [size10 [i A Beauty and the Beast Retelling]]] [center [size12 The world knows about vampires and werewolves, they have for a while now. Almost twenty years since they've come out of the shadows. Vampires quickly rose to positions of power as soon as the secret was out. Senate's, lawyers, some even became head bosses in the mobs. Most werewolves still tend to stay clear of humans, while others have taken on being bodyguards for the vampires that like to flaunt their power.]] [center [size12 [b Female] is just a regular human with a father that has a bad gambling habit. He owes a lot of people, one of them being [b Him]. The vampire leader of a large mob made up of humans, vampires, and werewolves alike. Her father owes him quite a bit of money, hundreds to be exact, and they've come for payment. She offers herself in her father's place. Knowing full well that this trade could mean her life.]] [center [size12 She now lives in his manor as a maid and blood bank, in hopes to work off her father's debt quickly. While living there, she slowly gets to know her capture and the Werewolf that runs his security team. When she is finally free, will she truly want to leave?]]
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Hana_Panda13{тнe вoѕѕ}   273d ago

{тнe вoѕѕ}
[center [size12 [font "times roman new" Twenty years. That’s how many years it’s been since vampires and werewolves were exposed. Well, they weren’t so much exposed as they came out willingly. Honestly, the exposure was good for Casteel’s business. Now that his clients knew that he was a vampire with an army of werewolves and other vampires at his disposal, they feared him even more.]]]  [center [size12 [font "times roman new" But not all his clients were fearing enough to pay him on time. A simple request, really. Casteel sat at his large, black desk. The reddish-brown rub through made it look as if the desk had bloody splattered beneath the rich paint. He tapped his knuckles on the solid wood as he looked through the small paperwork of men and women that still owed him a large sum of money. [#DE7B0D “Small fee,”] he muttered as he tossed the paper down onto the desk. He muttered the same thing as he tossed another paper and another. After five small fee papers, he came across one that owed quite a lot.]]]  [center [size12 [font "times roman new" Many other loan sharks warned him when this man came to his manor, asking for a loan to help with his previous owed debts. He gives him the money to pay them all off and then he only owes him. Unfortunately for Mr. Lawson, he owed quite a few people and racked up a hefty debt. Casteel had no problem paying off the previous debts, he had plenty of businesses going that he would never hurt for money. What he didn’t have was a warm, fresh blood supply. Something Mr. Lawson was aware of when he signed the agreement. He didn’t pay, he opened his veins.]]]  [center [size12 [font "times roman new" [#DE7B0D “Lukas,”] With the call of his name, a larger man with shoulder-length blonde curls, stepped into the office. The man had been standing outside of the door, guarding, like he always does. [#DE7B0D “I need you to pay this man a visit. It’s been long enough for him to make a payment and he has not so we shall collect one way or another.”] He held the paper out to Lukas who took it and glanced over the name as well as address. [#DE7B0D “Give him the usual, two hours to be here at the manor with either cash or...”] He paused as he looked at the clock. [#DE7B0D “It’ll be dinner time by then.”] Giving a knowing nod, Lukas left the room, another werewolf following behind him.]]]  [center [pic]]  [right [pic]][center [size12 [font "times roman new" Lukas and Ian, the other werewolf to follow him earlier, sat in the car outside of Mr. Lawson’s job site. Neither of them said anything to one another as they waited for the site to start emptying out. It didn't take long for a bell to sound off and then a few minutes later, men started to pile out of the entranceway. Lukas scanned the crowd before locking onto the target. Mr. Lawson was in the midst of the group as if trying to use them as a shield. It made Lukas curious if he knew they were coming. He got out of the car, signaling for Ian to stay, just in case they needed to drive after him. Not that they would need to, even in his human form Lukas was faster than any of the humans here.]]]  [center [size12 [font "times roman new" He pushed through the group, his eyes locking with Mr. Lawson's, who froze in the very spot he stood. Mr. Lawsone opened his mouth to speak and Lukas raised his hand. He's done this dance enough to know what they're going to say. They can pay, they need more time, they were just on the way to Casteel. Same ole dance, the same outcome. [b "Save it, Mr. Lawson. Casteel is done waiting. Be at the manor in two hours. You're paying him one way or another tonight."] Before anything else could be said, Lukas turned and headed to the car, walking to the driver's side. Ian looked up at him through the open window, [b "Tail him. I smell a flight risk."]]]]  [center [size12 [font "times roman new" Ian didn't ask, he knew better than to ask or comment. He simply got out of the car and went ahead to follow Mr. Lawson while Lukas got back into the car and drove back to the manor.]]]
Lovely_PoisonFaith Lawson   267d ago

Faith Lawson
[center Having a day off wasn’t a bad thing, it really wasn’t. It gave someone time to relax, catch up on TV shows or laundry that had been sitting in the hamper for a day too long, or even get in a well-deserved nap with the knowledge that they didn’t have to get up early the next day. For most people, that was pretty great. For Faith Lawson, it was not.] [center Faith, growing up in a household with just her and her father, had learned at an early age that she had to be up early, most of the time by herself, ready to go at a certain time, and when she got home, she had to make sure everything was spotless. Now, that wasn’t anything her father had forced her to do or anything. Really, Mr. Lawson was the best dad that he could be… when he was home. Unfortunately, her dad had always been out doing who knew what to get who knew what and usually wasn’t home till late at night. She’d become pretty accustomed to it, being in bed before he would ever return, and would do it all again the next day.] [center She liked a clean home, having always been someone who didn’t like messes being left for any amount of time, and she liked to keep to a schedule. It was why her job worked so well for her. She went in early, did what she was supposed to do, with hardly any late reports turned in, and went home to take care of anything she had to take care of. She was organized, liked a routine, and couldn’t stand when things weren’t planned out.] [center That was also why she’d been able to move out at a fairly young age, having been preparing herself for college and to live on campus when she was around eleven or twelve. She had known she wouldn’t be able to take care of her father his habits for the rest of her life, and when she’d turned about fifteen or sixteen, she could never really remember the details, she’d told him as such. He’d been upset since it had always been the two of them for as long as she could remember, but he hadn’t argued or tried to sway her into staying with him. He’d helped her as best he could and when she turned eighteen, she was gone.] [center None of that had ruined their relationship, however. Not really. They stayed in contact with one another fairly often, talking at the end of almost every night to discuss their days and see about going to get dinner sometime soon or to go see a movie. Despite his flaws, and he had a lot of them, she was a daddy’s girl through and through.] [center On this particular day, however, she was already debating calling her father to ask if he was busy or if he wanted to catch up after work. Her routine was already thrown off with the message that she didn’t need to come in today. [b [i “You have a ton of vacation days, and due to the policy, I need you to start taking some so that I don’t have to take them away, so take the day to relax. Go to the beach or see a movie. Maybe go on a date. I don’t want to see your face today!”]] Her boss, Angelica, was great, really, but it would’ve been much better if she had called Faith into the office the day before to tell her. Not let her wake up to an unexpected message.] [center Groaning, she leaned against her kitchen counter, drinking her second cup of coffee before she grabbed her phone, unlocking it. She definitely needed something to do before she lost her mind. She’d already cleaned up the house, which didn’t need it, had watched a good few episodes of [i Grey’s Anatomy,] and cried a lot, and had run to the library. She’d done a good bit since she’d been up and now she felt like she was going stir crazy.] [center Noticing the time, she hesitated, wondering if she should go ahead and just give her father a call. She knew he’d be getting off work pretty soon, which was perfect. They could talk, possibly go to dinner, and it would be a better ending to a nerve-wracking day. As if he knew she was thinking about him, her phone started to ring, a picture of her father popping up on a screen. Smiling, she answered it and brought it up to her ear. [b “Glad you called! I was just thinking about-”]] [center [b [i “No time to really talk, Faith. I’m in trouble.”]]] [center She froze at the tone of his voice, which turned her blood cold for a moment. [b “It’s all finally caught up to you, hasn’t it?”] While it was indeed a question, she already knew the answer. She wasn’t dumb. She knew her father was pretty deep in debt, to a vampire no less, a fact she hated with a passion, but he had always insisted that everything was going to be okay. It was obvious now that had been a lie, even if he’d known he was lying when he’d said it or not. [b “What can I do?”] She shouldn’t have asked, she knew she shouldn’t have. She didn’t have the money to help him, because if she did she would’ve dragged him out a long time ago, but she knew she couldn’t just let him drown. He was all she had.] [center [b [i “I don’t think there’s anything you can do. I’m done for. I truly am.”]]] [center Her throat constricted as she bit the nail on her thumb. [b “Tell me where you have to go. I’ll meet you there. Just send me the address. We’ll figure this out.”]] [center [b [i “Baby, no. This isn’t your-”]]] [center [b “I don’t care. Tell me where to go and I’ll be there. I won’t let them have you.”] He was hesitating, which meant that he was considering it. After a moment or two of silence, he gave in, telling her he loved her before he hung up and sent her where she needed to be. She didn’t have a plan, could barely think of what she was going to do or even offer to help get him out of the mess, but she would do whatever was necessary. Dumping her drink out and washing the cup, she rushed to her room to get her shoes on, grab her keys, and hurried out the door.] [center The one thing she knew for sure was that she was going to get him out of this no matter what.]
Hana_Panda13{тнe вoѕѕ}   247d ago

{тнe вoѕѕ}
[center [font "times roman new" If there is one person you don't make wait, it's Casteel Candou. Even before he was turned he was an impatient person. Adding on the constant hunger for blood only intensified that emotion, along with any other emotion. Being a vampire causes all of the emotions to be like that of a hangry human on steroids. The emotions were the hardest for him to get into check when he was turned. He did eventually get it under control but his impatience did not.]] [center [font "times roman new" Casteel tapped his fingers on the top of his desk as he continued to go through more files. It had already been an hour since Lukas reported back with spreading the message to Mr. Lawson. An hour too long for the human to not already be at his front door. Many others try to get here as soon as they possibly could so they can beg for another extension. Or skip town by now but according to Ian, that was not the case yet.]] [center [font "times roman new" Either way, he was annoyed and hungry. Pushing his chair back, he stood from the desk, tossing the papers on top. Mr. Lawson was really taking his sweet time and it did not bode well for the man as Cas will only get more irritable as the minutes passed. Pulling his cell phone out, he dialed the number to his chef. The man answered at the first ring, "Sir." See, this was the service that Casteel expected from everyone. Was that so hard?]] [center [font "times roman new" [#DE7B0D "Go ahead and prepare my dinner, I will be having it in the dining hall rather than my office."] The man on the other side of the call grunted an agreement before hanging up. Fixing his suit, Casteel began the stroll to the dining hall. The dining area as well as the rooming for the non-supernatural beings were all in the left wing of the manor. While Casteel's chambers and officer were on the far right wing of the manor, with a few rooms on either side. Each room housed his more loyal guards, all with the hearing to know if someone is trying to make their way to Cas.]] [center [font "times roman new" Lukas walked ahead of Casteel, while another guard walked behind him. one would think this is excessive to have guards walking with him in his own home but being around as long as he has, he's learned that his enemies always assume that he is at his weakest when in his own walls. Phone in hand, Casteel was going over digital documents as they passed the large foyer and front door. All of them passed from the sound of a small rap on the mahogany wood. The door didn't need to be open for Casteel to smell the sweet smell of a young female human. Interesting. He didn't take his eyes off his phone as he motioned for Lukas to open the door.]]
Lovely_PoisonFaith Lawson   244d ago

Faith Lawson
[center Faith was not the kind of person to risk breaking the law by any means, but she cut it pretty close as she sped through the streets, barely staying stopped when she came to a stop sign and practically begging the light to change when it was red. She didn’t know how much time her father had in between their phone call but she had to get to this man’s home before he did in order to do something, [i anything] to keep him from dealing with it.] [center It was dumb, really. If Faith were smarter, she would let her father suffer the consequences of her own actions. Unfortunately, he was all she had, and she was more than happy to jump to his defense when needed, even at the expense of herself. It was just part of who she was. She had always known it would come back to bite her in the ass one day. Perhaps today was that day.] [center When she arrived at her new destination, she grabbed her phone, half-tempted to message her father, to let him know that she had already made it and she was going to figure it all out before he could even get there. Why he wasn’t there already, she had no idea. She knew better than to keep someone as powerful as the men that he dealt with waiting. Changing her mind, however, she would put the phone in her back pocket before she slipped out of the car.] [center The walk up to the door was probably the tensest thing she had ever done since she had no idea what to expect when she knocked. Part of her was screaming at her to turn around and leave. To just let it all go and forget that this was even happening. Before her legs could move, though, her hand was on the door, giving it a knock or two before she took a step back. There was no turning around now.] [center Taking a deep breath, she waited patiently for the door to open. When it did, her voice caught in her throat for just a moment. The man who opened it was not what she had been prepared for. If she were honest, she’d been thinking someone in a suit and tie, more a butler figure would answer. Clearing her throat and doing her best to shake the shock away, she held her chin up a little higher, meeting his gaze. [b “Hello there. My name is Faith Lawson and I’m here on behalf of my father.”]]


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