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тнe вodygυard

By Hana_Panda13
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[center [b Closed to Lovely_Poison]] [center [pic]] [center [font "times roman new" The Bianchi family is not only known for its wealth but for its side businesses. Because of the money that they have, no cop will testify against them. Antonio Bianchi is the head of the family, the godfather if you will. His wife passed fives years ago from cancer and due to her loss, he has become very protective of his only child, Valentina.]] [center [font "times roman new" Valentina is a bit of a party animal, constantly going out and causing trouble. Unfortunately, her recent incident placed her behind bars. Thanks to daddy's money, she was able to get off with nothing put on her record. Not so thankfully, her father isn't very happy with her recent stunts and ends up hiring a babysitter(bodyguard) for her.]] [center [font "times roman new" Val isn't too worried about it, at first, she's always been able to charm men into doing what she wants. But this one is different, this one is immune to her charms. Now she'll do whatever it takes to get this guy out of her life.]] [center [font "times roman new" After being discharged from the Army, [b Male] had been at a loss, he didn't have a purpose anymore. Finding a job was hard and he was fighting to not have to live on disability. When he was at the end of his rope, Antonio Bianchi comes to him with a proposal. Keep his daughter safe. Seemed easy enough until he meets the firecracker. Now he has to keep her safe and protect his job because this girl is out to get him.]]
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Hana_Panda13     275d ago

[right [pic]][center [font "times new roman" Leave it to Penelope to hand Val shot after shot. As she fumbled with her keys, she continuously tripped over the air on the way to her car. [#EC55D9 "Sucking tea,”] she slurred as she tried to focus her blurry vision on finding the right key. Once she finally found it, she literally ran into her car, giggling as she stumbled back. Gaining her footing, she tried her best to press the unlock button that just continued to circle in her hands. After many failed attempts of pressing the air, she finally pressed the unlock button and was able to get into the car.]]   [center [font "times new roman" Hiccuping, she pressed the start button and began to speed out of the parking garage, not that she made it far. She was speeding out of the exit, just as a cop car was passing. The impact instantly sobered her up as her airbags exploded in her face and the sound of the sirens filled her ears. [#EC55D9 "Oh, fuck."] She let out a groan as pulsing pain shot through her head and face. She was bound to have a bruise or two in the morning. Not that she had much time to think about it because her door was being yanked open by a very angry-looking cop. Here we go. Rolling her eyes, she put her wrists out for him to handcuff. ]]     [center [font "times new roman" As she was being escorted to the police station, she couldn't help but smirk. These cops really thought they were doing something. They were just giving her a place to sober up, away from her father, until he paid her bail to get her out and then have the whole thing expunged from her record. So she went with them with no problem and no resistance. When they made it to the police station, she took her pictures and stamped her prints like a good little criminal. It took them about an hour or two before she was finally allowed her phone call and she reached Martin, her father's assistant and one of the many people she enjoyed bugging.]] [center [font "times new roman" His mouse-like squeak when he realized that he would have to tell her father that she was in jail, again, was music to her ears. She gave a chirpish goodbye before hanging up the phone and practically skipping back to her cell, officer in tow. Her cheerful demeanor slowly drained away when hour after hour slipped by and she was still in her cell. Other women left, others came and went, and she was still in the damn cell. Where was her father? Was he punishing her by making her sit in this cell longer than usual? What was taking so damn long!? She had finally gotten to the pacing point of her small breakdown when the cell opened and her father was standing behind the officer that opened it. [#EC55D9 What the fuck, dad!? What took you so damn long? I had a mani-pedi appointment hours ago and now I have to reschedule. Marco does not like no-shows and he hates to reschedule even more."]]] [center [font "times new roman" She was stomping out of the cell, arms crossed, and paused mid-rant when she noticed the man standing with her father. She knows everyone on his guard and this one was new. Cute and very, very new. Which meant, impressionable. [#EC55D9 "Who's the new guy?"] She gave the man a flirtish smirk as she took a step closer to him. Her father quickly put an arm up to stop her from getting any closer. "This is your new personal bodyguard." She turned her attention to her father, jaw dropped. [#EC55D9 "The fuck he is!"]]]
Lovely_PoisonHunter   273d ago

[center Admittedly, being approached by a mafia head honcho was the [i last] thing Hunter Walden would have expected in his life. It wasn't every day that such a thing happened, especially to guys like him. Hell, he didn't even know what it was that he had done to have caught Antonio Bianchi's attention, but he'd done it, and now here he was, sitting in the man's office, listening to the offer that was being dropped into his lap. It didn't sound like a difficult job, but he still seemed hesitant about it.] [center Hunter wasn't a babysitter, that much was for sure. He'd done enough of that when he was in the service, and that had been to grown men. He wasn't certain that he wanted to watch over some bratty kid who was probably used to having the world bow to her feet. However, despite not necessarily being afraid of the man, he knew that it was wise to not say no to him. It wasn't like Hunter had a lot of ties since he'd come back home. If he did, he wouldn't be sitting in that specific chair, now would he? No, he knew if he declined the offer, his life would probably get worse.] [center Or just end right there on the spot.] [center He knew then, too, that this was the big break that he needed. The money would pay well, more than he could've hoped for, and saying no to that would be one of the dumbest things he could ever do. It didn't take him long to weigh his options before he'd reach across the desk to shake the man's hand. [b "She'll be safe with me, sir."] No, he wasn't a babysitter, nor did he really feel like the bodyguard type, but his training from the army would come in handy if anything happened. She wouldn't be able to get around him easily.] [center It wasn't too long after that they were heading to the police station to go pick up the little princess. On the way, Hunter had tried to tell himself that he was probably overreacting. That she might not actually be that bad. It was only in movies and books that the only daughter of a mafia boss had a terrible attitude. Then they arrived and got her from her cell. Any hope he had that he was wrong quickly flew out the window.] [center Crossing his arms over his chest, he looked her up and down with a raised brow. It was kind of amusing watching the flirtatious look drop to one of shock. Was this one of those rare times when she wouldn't get what she wanted? It was obvious she wasn't used to that. [b "Quite the mouth you have on you,"] he said with a smirk. [b "I'm afraid I am, princess. The name is Hunter. Am I free to call you Val? Or are nicknames off the table?"] Okay, so he was teasing just a little, dancing on a thin line he was sure, but only so he could try and break the ice. This was a big change for both of them.]
Hana_Panda13{вodygυard}   273d ago

[center [size12 [font "times roman new" Valentina scrunched her nose at her “bodyguard”, as he mentioned her vulgar language. He had not seen anything yet. Growing up around her dad and his lackeys, she had heard every way you can use a curse word. She knew so many that it would make a pirate blush, but she was not about to waste her time saying that to this guy. Why he was even here was a total loss to her. Her father had lost his mind if he thought for a second that she would agree to be a bodyguard.]]]    [center [size12 [font "times roman new" She glanced at the guy called Hunter and put a finger up to him. Indicating that she was more interested in talking to her father right now than him. [#EC55D9 “Dad, this is a joke, right? He’s just one of your new lackeys?”] Her eyes pleaded with her dad’s, hoping he truly was joking, and this new guy Hunter was not actually her bodyguard. “Sweetie,” her father said with his hands held out in front of him like he was trying to calm a bear or something. She couldn’t blame him; she lashed out at people for smaller things.]]]    [center [size12 [font "times roman new" “He is your bodyguard. I need someone to look out for you. Your partying has gotten worse and there is only so much my reputation can do before they make an example of you.” Valetina couldn’t shake the feeling that there was more to it but the thought only lasted a second before the anger struck. He hired a glorified babysitter for her! A hot babysitter but a babysitter nonetheless. [#EC55D9 “That is bullshit. I don’t need a babysitter, send him back where he came from.”] With that said, she turned on her heels and started towards the door.]]]     [center [size12 [font "times roman new" Her father always did what she wanted. It was one of the only benefits of being an only child. Everything else was forced playdates and tea times with grown men. Her childhood was that. Her mom was gone so she didn’t have a female to look up to and no siblings to lean on. Her father was always doing business so giving her what she wanted was his way of parenting. So, she was sure that he would do this for her as well.]]]    [center [size12 [font "times roman new" She grabbed her things from the office before leaving. When she made it outside, she noticed they had come in two cars. Great, she’ll go into one with her dad and Hunter, she grimaced at the name, could go into the other. He could be dropped off at whatever rock he crawled out of. The driver got out of the car in the back and opened the back door for her. He nodded to her as she slid into the seat and pulled her phone out. Penelope had been blowing her phone up as well as Marco. Shit. She had so much damage control to do.]]]
Lovely_PoisonHunter   267d ago

[center Hunter couldn’t help but raise a brow as she held her finger up. A spoiled brat he had absolutely expected. Not a straight-up disrespectful little shit. He smirked. [i Okay, okay, so she’s going to be an interesting one.] Why had he signed for this again? [i No need to remind yourself. You know exactly why.] If it hadn’t been for her father asking him to do this, he’d still be at the end of his rope. He knew he should be a little bit grateful, he did, but he had a feeling that was going to be difficult around the girl.] [center He bit his tongue as she spoke, doing his best not to practically laugh in her face. Whether she liked it or not, they were going to be stuck with one another. She may as well just suck it up now and deal with it, though it was obvious it wasn’t going to be that easy. Reaching up, she placed his hands on the back of his head, lacing his fingers together. Was she always like this? So whiny about everything. Christ, he was going to have his work cut out for him.] [center Regardless, he followed her father outside, letting out a low whistle as the wind blew across his arms, which he soon brought down to cross over his chest. If it wasn't for the fact that he was getting paid a good deal, he would tell her father that he wasn’t going to do this and would get the hell out of dodge. Problem with that, however, was that it wasn’t smart to piss off a well-known man. He didn’t need that kind of hell in his life.] [center He waited to see what the man would do, wondering if he really would change his mind and let Hunter go before any work had really started. One motion to the car, however, told him this wasn’t over with. Another smirk tugged at the corner of his lips before he slid inside with her, refusing to look at her, but the smugness was there either way. He could hear the tantrum already.]
Hana_Panda13{daddy'ѕ gιrl}   266d ago

{daddy'ѕ gιrl}
[center [font "times roman new" Valentina was so invested in her phone, she didn't pay any mind to who got into the car with her. She honestly thought it was her dad so there was no point looking up because she was currently pissed at him for thinking she needed a bodyguard. So she gets in trouble a lot. So she goes missing for a week or two with her friends to Mexico or something. He was overreacting way too much about this needing protection thing. But she would get onto him about it in a moment, she was currently texting Penelope back about everything that happened.]] [center [font "times roman new" Going to jail, missing her nail appointment, her dad taking forever to bail her out. She ignored the bodyguard portion because that was done and over with, she no longer had to see the man. She finally looked up and her stomach dropped. He was in the car with her. He was in the car with her wearing a smug ass smile. She looked up at the driver who was trying to avoid eye contact with her in the rearview mirror. [#EC55D9 Um, why the hell is he here?"] She asked the driver before looking at the babysitter, who's name she already forgot. [#EC55D9 "Why are you here?"] She said with so much venom, a Cobra would be jealous.]] [center [font "times roman new" Honestly, she did not want to know, she just didn't want to be around him. [#EC55D9 "Forget it, I just want out. Leo, stop the car."] The driver finally met eyes with her in the mirror, nervously looking at her and Hunter. "Mr. Bianchi said-" She quickly cut him off. [#EC55D9 "I don't care what my dad said, I want out of the car so pull over, [b now].] One more nervous look, Leo turned his turning signal on and pulled the car over. She opened the door and got out before slamming the door behind her. She had no idea where she was but she can just call an uber to get her home. Aside from last night, it's what she usually does more nights.]] [center [font "times roman new" Honestly though, she needed coffee right now and there had to be a shop nearby. There's always a coffee shop on every block, that's one of the best things about the city life. Placing her phone into her purse, she started down the street. It didn't take her very long to find a coffee shop, she followed the smell and went in the direction where a meek little intern with her hands full of coffee came from. The coffee shop was a small one with botanical plants everywhere and a cute photoshoot wall.]] [center [font "times roman new" There was a bit of a line so she went ahead and stood in it. She took a deep breath in, filling her lungs with the smells wafting through the shop. She looked at the menu, curious what might give her the energy she will need to face her dad later after spending an entire night in jail. Their Rocket Fuel Ice Coffee looked like a good start. A dark roast, brewed double-strong for a maximum boost.]]
Lovely_PoisonHunter   259d ago

[center Watching the young woman with a raised brow, Hunter had to wonder long it was going to take her to figure out that he was the one sitting so close to her. Was her phone just that much more important? He almost chuckled at how fast her fingers were flying across her screen as she messaged whoever it was she felt she had to message at that moment. It was quite amusing. Maybe he shouldn’t have been enjoying it but he was. It was always a little satisfying watching someone of her stature get a dose of karma. The harmless kind, of course.] [center When she did finally look at him, his smirk only grew, especially when he was the confusion on her face. Oh, he was going to have a field day with this one. That thought was only solidified when she spoke to him. Damn, if words could kill, he’d have dropped dead right there in the seat of the car. [b “Bodyguard,”] was all he said in response, though it was obvious she didn’t care nor want to really hear his answer. She was [i mad] mad. How did her father deal with this kind of tantrum? Hunter would only be able to do so much.] [center The next few seconds played out almost like a movie. Her demanding they stop, the driver actually listening, a dumb man if he had to say so himself, and her so dramatically actually getting out of the car. The slamming of the door was a nice touch. [b “Is she always so moody?”] he asked before he opened the door on his side. He didn’t give a damn what it was the little princess wanted. She hadn’t hired him, her father had, and so long as he was being paid to watch her, he was going to do just that. She was just going to have to get over it.] [center He spotted her fairly quickly but hung back as he followed her, not wanting her to catch onto the fact that he had indeed followed her from the car. No point in pissing her off more just yet. Or worse, having her run away. While he figured he could catch her, he didn’t want to have to deal with all of that. Better to just keep his eye on her from afar for the time being. Once safely inside the building, he stopped outside it, wondering if he should give her some time to cool off.] [center Despite his attitude to the entire thing, he could see where she was coming from. He could understand her being pissed. He paused for a moment as he leaned against the wall, crossing his arms over his chest. If he tried to talk to her from her point of view, would she continue to be so hostile, or would they be able to come to some sort of agreement or understanding? He honestly had no idea, though found no real harm in trying. Running a hand through his hair, he sighed before he made his way inside, knowing it was better to get this over with sooner rather than later.] [center Finding her in line, he hesitated for just a moment. If he walked up next to her, he’d most likely be accused of cutting. On the other hand, he had to ask himself if he really gave a shit. With another sigh, he made his way over to her, placing his hands behind his back instead of on her shoulder, an idea he’d only entertained for a second before deciding against it. [b “You can be pissed all you want. I get it, trust me, I do. I’m not the biggest fan of this idea either, but the least you could do is [i try] not to be a little shit about it.”]] [center [i Smooth.] Yep. He regretted those last few words the moment they left his lips. Such a charmer, he was.]


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